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CNN gives DeSantis softball questions while they root for the Biden regime to throw Trump in prison for 450+ years

CNN gives DeSantis softball questions while they root for the Biden regime to throw Trump in prison for 450+ years

Title: Unveiling Biased Questioning: A Critical Analysis of CNN’s Treatment of DeSantis and Trump


Welcome to the realm of unbiased analysis, where we dissect the folly and foibles of the mainstream media. Today, we delve into CNN’s recent interview with Governor Ron DeSantis, uncovering their decidedly softball approach and their seemingly insatiable desire to see former President Donald J. Trump metaphorically locked away for eternity. Sit back, grab your popcorn, and let’s embark on this journey through CNN’s biased agenda while channeling the spirit of conservative pundit Tucker Carlson.

CNN’s Softball Questions: A One-Sided Affair

During the CNN interview, it soon became apparent that Governor DeSantis was treated with a remarkable degree of leniency. The questions aimed at him appeared carefully curated to avoid any meaningful scrutiny. One could almost hear the invisible cheerleading squad rah-rahing in the background, rooting for DeSantis to solidify his political standing. Yet, one question remains: where are the tough questions, the real challenges to his political ideology?

Finding Balance in News Reporting:

As a conservative voice, it is my duty to point out the stark contrast between this gentle interview with DeSantis and the hostility faced by former President Trump throughout his tenure. CNN’s unabashed support for President Biden and their desperate desire to see Trump imprisoned for over 450 years cannot be overlooked. Let’s call a spade a spade – this is not journalism; it is blatant bias in action.

Trump’s White House Accomplishments:

Now, let’s take a moment to reflect upon the achievements of the Trump administration. Among its accomplishments, the economy thrived under his watch, pre-pandemic, demonstrating record-low unemployment rates and robust job growth. President Trump championed criminal justice reform, took a bold stance in renegotiating trade agreements, and fostered peace agreements in the Middle East that seemed unimaginable before his tenure. These accomplishments should not be overlooked, regardless of how the media chooses to portray his legacy.


While examining CNN’s treatment of Governor DeSantis and their unapologetic bias in favor of the Biden regime, it becomes clear that their purported objective reporting is marred by a transparent political agenda. This softball interview approach only serves to widen the ideological gap and undermine the trust placed in the media for providing balanced information. As responsible consumers of news, let us demand unbiased journalism that challenges all politicians fairly, regardless of their party affiliation.

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