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CNN Employees Furious With Don Lemon – “Everyone’s Annoyed”

CNN Employees Furious With Don Lemon – “Everyone’s Annoyed”

In recent weeks, CNN employees have become increasingly frustrated with the network’s primetime anchor Don Lemon. The veteran newsman has been criticized for his handling of a number of controversial topics, including the Black Lives Matter movement, President Donald Trump, and the 2020 presidential election. According to insiders, Lemon’s on-air commentary has left many employees feeling “annoyed” and “furious”.

The discontent among CNN employees has been simmering for some time, but it reached a boiling point in the wake of Lemon’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election. On November 4th, the day after the election, Lemon declared that Joe Biden had won the election, even though the results were still being tabulated in several key states. This decision angered many of Lemon’s colleagues, who felt that he had jumped the gun and was trying to call the election before all the votes were counted.

The situation was further complicated when Lemon hosted a controversial segment on November 5th, in which he accused President Donald Trump of trying to “steal” the election. This sparked outrage among many of Lemon’s colleagues, who felt that he was being overly partisan and was disregarding the facts.

Since then, Lemon has been the target of intense criticism from his fellow CNN employees. Many have accused him of being biased and of using his platform to push his own political agenda. Others have argued that Lemon’s coverage of the election was irresponsible and that he should have waited until all the votes were counted before declaring a winner.

The criticism of Lemon has been so widespread that it has even reached the network’s top executives. According to insiders, many of the executives have expressed their displeasure with Lemon’s handling of the election and have made it clear that they expect better from him in the future.

The discontent among CNN employees is not limited to Lemon’s coverage of the election. In recent weeks, the network has also come under fire for its coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement. Lemon has been accused of downplaying the movement and of failing to give it the attention it deserves. This has angered many of his colleagues, who feel that Lemon is not doing enough to highlight the issues facing the African-American community.

The criticism of Lemon has been so widespread that even his own colleagues have taken to social media to express their displeasure. One employee tweeted, “I’m so angry with Don Lemon. He’s not doing enough to cover the issues facing the black community.” Another wrote, “Don Lemon needs to do better. Everyone’s annoyed.”

It remains to be seen if Lemon will be able to turn the tide of public opinion and regain the trust of his colleagues. For now, it appears that the veteran newsman is facing an uphill battle. If he is unable to win back the support of his fellow CNN employees, it could have serious consequences for his future at the network.

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