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CNN: Biden has a demagogic trick up his sleeve to scare and distract you…

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There are certain things career politicians are known for, especially dinosaurs like Joe Biden. Of course, there are the traditional “baby kisses”, but other tricks tend to be more cunning and sneaky. Faced with a mountain of scandals and the need to distract from their alleged criminal misdeeds, clever and crafty politicians reach into their bag of tricks to divert public attention from the things they all we should be talking And of course, that’s precisely what Joe Biden is doing right now, as the prospect of his impeachment looms and his son’s legal troubles continue to mount. So Joe, being the career politician that he is, has decided to give a speech about “threats to democracy”. In fact, it’s hard to argue with a straight face, considering the Biden crime family is the biggest threat to our democracy.


President Joe Biden plans to deliver a speech focused on threats to democracy in the coming weeks, according to two sources familiar with the plans.

Democratic donors gathered in Chicago for a fundraising retreat learned of the plans Wednesday, a source familiar with the talks said.

Biden plans to deliver the speech after the second Republican primary debate, which is scheduled for Sept. 27, sources said. One site under consideration for the speech is the McCain Institute, said a source familiar with the discussions.

A major focus of Biden’s 2020 campaign was preserving democracy, and he has continued to discuss the issue throughout his presidency.

Biden previously gave speeches on the threat to democracy at Independence Hall in Philadelphia and in Washington. But he has not given a speech focused on the issue since former President Donald Trump was impeached on charges related to his attempts to cling to power after the 2020 election.

The White House declined to comment on the upcoming speech, which was first reported by the New York Times.

We all remember Biden’s last speech about “threats to democracy.”

The speech of the “Red Hitler”, as many called it at the time.

Joe Biden is an old-school establishment politician who still believes he can use cheesy political tactics from the 1990s to divert attention from himself in 2023. Biden seems to think he can pull off a speech about phantom “white nationalists” that he claims are endangering the very soul of the nation, all in an attempt to make everyone forget their lies, their criminal activity, their war in Ukraine, our cities dying Americans and their disastrous economy. While this approach may resonate with some of his die-hard Twitter followers, most Americans are not swayed by such laughable, manufactured diversions. If anything, it makes them angry.



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