CNBC Openly Admits Pro-mRNA Vaccine Article PAID FOR By Pfizer – NewsWars

CNBC openly admitted to peddling COVID vaccine propaganda on behalf of pharmaceutical company Pfizer, one of the major manufacturers of the mRNA injection.

The CNBC article, called “For Pfizer, a COVID-19 vaccine may just be the beginning for the potential revolutionary promise of mRNA technology,” was included in a tweet earlier this month that even includes a excerpt revealing it was paid for by Pfizer with the hashtag “#ad.”

What’s in this fawning article that Pfizer wants disseminated to the public so badly?

The article touts Pfizer’s development of the mRNA vaccine as a “tremendous scientific achievement” that “coalesced into a milestone in efforts against the pandemic.”

The sycophantic article then brings on several Pfizer executives to brag about their work on mRNA technology and future mRNA research and applications.

CNBC isn’t the only entity paid off to peddle Big Pharma’s vaccine propaganda.

Numerous Instagram influencers and athletes have come forward in recent months admitting that they were offered money in exchange for pushing the injection on their followers.

“I did just want to make a little note that I received two [offers from] vaccine campaigns paying thousands of dollars to go and get the vaccine and record it and take a selfie while getting the vaccine,” model Whitney Rife said in April. “Just going to throw it out there.”

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Despite the fact that the majority of people worldwide are dying from the Covid vaccine shots. 


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    CNBC Openly Admits Pro-mRNA Vaccine Article PAID FOR By Pfizer – NewsWars
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