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Claim: In 78 years, funeral directors who never had a 15-year-old die of a heart attack now have ONE A WEEK

Claim: In 78 years, funeral directors who never had a 15-year-old die of a heart attack now have ONE A WEEK

Yes, it really is happening as we predicted before the release of the “vaccine”, which is a poisoned vaccine. Steve Kirsch highlights the fact that funeral directors are seeing at least one teenager a week die of a heart attack, and the Mockingbird media would have you believe that the shooting had nothing to do with it.

Kirsch writes:

Since vaccines were launched, deaths have increased, especially among young people.

I spoke to the owner of many funeral homes in the United States; collectively they handle over 3,000 funerals a year. He asked that his name be kept confidential for fear of retaliation.

Overall their business has increased by 50% after the vaccines were launched and it is not proportional… young people are a bigger part of the deaths.

For example, pilot deaths at Southwest Airlines increased sixfold after vaccines were made mandatory.

My source said they would usually see it 1 stillbirth/month before the vaccine. After the introduction of vaccines, they were seeing as many as 12 deaths per month. But they noted that many hospitals will dispose of these cases directly and NOT involve the funeral home, so they are only seeing a portion of these deaths; the actual increase could be much larger than the 12-fold increase they observed.

In the 78 years they’ve been in business, they can’t remember ever seeing a 15-year-old die of a heart attack. In December 2022, they had 1 a week for three weeks in a row.

A very experienced nurse I consulted had never heard of a 15-year-old having a heart attack in her entire career. Now, you hear about these cases on a regular basis.

These funeral homes are also seeing the strange rubbery clots they’ve never seen before.

The medical examiner was called and verified, but no one says anything publicly for fear of being fired.

Basically, since 2021, they have been seeing very strange things: stillbirths, numbers of “found dead”, healthy people having heart attacks and strokes, blood clots, etc. They had never seen anything like it; it’s a “noticeable” difference.

Like most funeral homes, they don’t count the statistics but remember the anecdotes. Most notably, the events happen disproportionately to younger people (ie, those under 65).

Thus, if deaths of the elderly increase by only 15%, but younger age groups increase by 100% or more, overall all-cause mortality for all ages will increase only modestly (since younger they rarely die).

Also, CDC statistics for 2022 say data is not fully reported due to reporting delays. This means that consulting with funeral directors is a way to estimate what is happening in real time.

Bottom line: Everyone knows what’s causing this, but they’re all afraid to talk. For the few who do speak out, their stories are never covered in the mainstream media.

It’s simple…kids under 16 dying of heart attacks before vax is almost 0. So even after a 100x increase, it’s still a tiny number compared to total child deaths for all causes (accidents, cancer, etc.).

So that’s why you can have dramatic increases in key categories of death, even though the all-cause mortality rates in the largest category don’t increase significantly.

However, despite this, the most important thing is the all-cause mortality figures for everyone, and they are still up, which is very unusual as noted here.

Pilot deaths on Southwest Airlines used to average 1 or 2 per year. They are now dying at a rate of 1 per month.

Mike Gollins tried to get signatures on a petition to the FAA to investigate these deaths, but found that even though people agree that this is important to investigate, they were too afraid to sign the petition:

Mike Gollins trying to collect signatures. People agree, but are afraid to sign.

I hope to have something in the next few days. I want to make sure the data is reliable. Stay tuned. I’ve been at this job for a long time and that’s why I haven’t posted new content in a few days.

We have anecdotal evidence that vaccines are causing great harm:

Stillbirths have increased more than 10x post-vax launch. Pilot deaths have increased by a factor of 6 or more. Young people (such as 15-year-olds) dying of heart attacks have increased more than 100 times above normal.

The mainstream medical community will continue to remain silent to keep their jobs. Not a single one will ask for data transparency (which exposes correlated vaccine-death records) that would reveal the truth.

Basically, the medical community believes that we should keep data hidden and kept from public view; otherwise, they would be fired (or lose their medical license).

Also, if the data were made public, people would discover the truth and lose faith in the medical community. If people lost confidence in their doctors, they would no longer follow their advice to get vaccinated. We can’t have that!

This is how science works today.

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