Citizens For Trump – Trump’s Energy Independence Gone Under Biden! – JMT #402

Citizens For Trump – Trump’s Energy Independence Gone Under Biden! – JMT #402

Where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her. Well. I hope you had a great weekend ladies and gentlemen, I know people are trying to fall out across the nation. We may talk about some of that in just a moment uh I uh spent the weekend pretty much at home. I didn’t get to go fishing cuz uh it was too much wind out. But I did get to go to the grand opening of Big Daddy a guns which is part of big Daddy Unlimited in Ocala, Florida, and I’m gonna talk to you about that in just a moment, but we got a great show for you today. We’re gonna start out with the energy issue you know do under Donald Trump, we became not only energy independent for the first time in like 50 years, but we were a net exporter of oil and we were on the path if Donald Trump had actually gotten what he deserved and that was another term. In the White House that uh we would have dominated the oil industry the energy industry worldwide and that is all gonna be gone under Joe Biden. so we’ll talk about that and then the Democrats keep pushing this minimum wage of $15 an hour we actually have one of the California congressman talking about how we just don’t want business if you can’t afford to pay $15 an hour well, we don’t even. To exist and we’ll talk about that before we go any further, I have to mention our sponsors. Our number one sponsor is big Daddy unlimited at 8 o’clock Eastern Standard time, or as close to as we can from big Daddy Unlimited studio if you were looking for Friday show there was a little bit of a glitch. Let me just tell you it’s up. there was a little bit of a glitch. We only went over John Martin talks Facebook page so I reposted. To to other Facebook pages that you’re used to watching it. so if you didn’t get to see the show, it’s a good show. Check it out We’ve been having some issues with Youtube their technical issues. We’re trying to resolve them. we may or may not have them resolve literally as I’m speaking, but we will soon so don’t give up on that. But big daddy Unlimited is your Second Amendment headquarters. They are all things related to Second Amendment guns and ammunition at factory direct pricing delivered directly. To your door and literally 100000 other products that are second just swag items all the way to protective gear survival stuff all of that kind of stuff everything can you can imagine about amendment and be found at big daddy on limp and they also are defenders and boldly. So as I told you, I wanna tell you how to get to him. how to get to the link look above the show no matter when or where you’re watching it look above our the video and you will see a. Of what we’re talking about today and then you will also be able to scroll down on that and see links to our sponsors. Click on the big Daddy unlimited. Uh one. I gotta tell you I’ll tell you a little bit more about some sponsors. Big Daddy Unlimited has had a store for several years now they sell guns. I say big daddy Unlimited. They’re an umbrella organization but one of their stores is called big daddy guns if you haven’t check them out, they’re big presents online one of the dominant players now. Online in gun sales, but they have a uh a regular store a storefront customer to come in to in Gainesville now for enough for I’ll be five or 6 years. Well, they just opened up one a couple of months ago in Ocala, Florida, they actually had the the ribbon cutting actual official grand opening uh Saturday, and it was pretty amazing. I got to go to it, The mayor of little community was there and they talked about it but a couple of announcements that they. Dare I wanna pass on to you cuz they’re pretty exciting. First of all we heard from the proprietors uh Tony and Sherry Mcknight, Tony is known as big daddy. He is the big d behind big daddy and he announced that they have plans to open fifty stores, not just in Florida. I can’t give you all the locations but probably throughout some of the southeast but fifty stores, I’m as my son was and I were talking about yesterday, I don’t know of any dealerships to have like fifty stores, but he’s planning that they announced something that I knew and I hadn’t been saying it because I didn’t know it was for. Public but they publicly announced it They’re actually building and it’s well underway now and ammunition factory in Ocala, Florida. so big daddy guns and big daddy Unlimited is going to be able to produce their own ammunition, which is a big big deal and they were showcasing all kind of guns there. I have to admit to you, ladies and gentlemen that although I’ve had firearms my whole life, I’m not what you would call a gun expert. I’m more of an expert if anything on the second Amendment itself than guns, but they shows that I didn’t even know existed and was legal, but apparently it is and that was uh it was AA Semi-automatic rifle with it actually has a grenade launcher and they’re making their own explosives now to only legal got all the license for it. I say all that to say you really need to check out big daddy unlimited. Cuz they are growing and they are going to solve this ammunition problem in the not too distant future. Check them out. We also have Patriot and you can tell I’m excited to be a part of it. apparel with a purpose use the promo code Gmt, for 20% off. They have all kind of items you can imagine they have a patriotic theme and they can help you with charity events as well. Recoil TV and we’re growing partnership when I say we I’m talking about. Big Daddy Unlimited Recall TV is is growing everyday. There were some people represent recall at the grand opening. Check out their recall TV Youtube channel. Of course, we have a YouTube channel. It’s about it all the way out John Mark talks but our show is archived on there. Recall TV is a great resource to go to if you’re looking for videos on the latest weaponry at grenade launcher that kind of thing the guy was showing me this weapon it actually had and they say I’m not an expert, but I had this laser sight on on there that you can program it in for up to 25. Different guns so that basically you can take the side off of one gun flop it on another somehow, it reads that and uh it automatically sites in for that gun and you can switch it quickly it. I mean the technology is unbelievable. Big Daddy Unlimited recall TV right here at John Martin talks I had to get all that out cuz it was exciting times. Ladies and gentlemen, I gotta tell you a quick story too. So I was I decided I’d ride my Harley. There is that written in a while. So I’ve rode my Harley beautiful day Saturday and I pulled up. As the mayor was about to speak and I got a slightly loud motorcycle, it’s probably not surprised and so everybody was like shut it down shut it down. Alright. I’ll park it right here as I parked it right in front of the grandstand anyway, I guess nothing like making a great entry. Alright, let’s get on with the show today. I’m pretty excited pretty well rested and battle tested this is we’re gonna do a couple stories from bright Bart actually, but it’s a story. Steven Moore. I don’t know if you know him, We got a picture of him. I think later on my. But Biden’s climate change policy erase US energy independence lock down trillions of natural resources Now if you haven’t seen this picture, this is it’s a mean, but it’s reality. The last time Biden was anywhere sniffing the White House as vice president. This is what gas prices were, and it’s not a stretch to see that they’re heading right back in that direction. How much have they gone up since Election Day in my area? Thirty 40s, maybe 50¢ a gallon for. And it ain’t over yet and that’s that’s on purpose by the way they wanted to go up. They’re trying to drive you out of their cars out of your cars anyway the body administration energy policy essentially pushed to combat climate change will erase American energy independence and prevent the development of multi $1000000000000 domestic resources, said Steven Moore and he’s an economist. He worked with Trump and a co author of Trump. Trump inside the America’s excuse me our economy. Well, we do have a. Bit of good news came out over the weekend and that came from Nug expert on everything bill Gates, Of course, his wife is the secondary expert on that I guess if you make a big and $2000000000 you all of a sudden become an expert on everything but apparently, bill Gates knows everything he is the sage of the world, but he came out you know and gave us a little bit more time. Remember how Ocasio Corp is she gave us like what uh 1012 years to live something like that. Uh bill Gates has stood out a bit and he says it basically we have until 2050 to get our act together on climate change or that’s the drop dead point to be too late. So bill gave us a little bit of good news. He also was talking the other day while I’m on the bill, Gates subject about the subject of cows and he said that uh we need to stop eating meat. You know they always tell you what they wanna do and of course cow farts al farts ladies and gentlemen, we’re supposed to be they’re destroying the world right. We gotta stop the. Well, all I can tell you about cow farts. It didn’t help Texas very much did it. I mean think about it if they’re right about cow farts uh Texas and I look this up Texas has between eleven 11000013 million cows depending on how you count them in Texas that many the most I think of any state. now, it’s not the most per acre, but the most overall number so let’s just use the low figure of 11000000. I mean that’s a. Dad gum cows and I can tell you cuz I raised cows they fart quite often and apparently it didn’t help Texas or if it did can you imagine what it would have been without the 11000000 you know I uh III would 1 day a while back, I was at one of these uh holistic food stores or whatever I think whole foods I think it was and I was listening this pretty obvious college professor I live in a university town Gainesville, Florida. Well I broadcast here live in Hawthorne, Florida and this young woman. She was up there and she they happened to for some reason they were talking about cows and cow farts at the cash register so um I got up there and uh and they had their little conversation and she said. Well, what do you think of that? And I said, well, apparently you were all in favor of the buffalo’s going extinct right and she said No I’m II didn’t want animals to go and think I said, Well, you know there were. Like 120000000 Buffalos at one point in in the United States, she said. Yeah, What’s your point? I said, Well now there’s basically 120000000 cows in the United States are just a little about 110 made a little less than that, I said. Can you imagine if the Buffalo had to basically gone extinct with your theory with the cows and the buffalo between the between all of them, fart and Bos we’d literally be on fire. And she looked at me like I said, so you must be all in favor of the Buffalo going to thing because if it wasn’t for the the cows, it would have been the buffalos, but it didn’t seem to help Texas too much and uh there’s a lot of stuff happening in Texas right now, I’m I’m praying for them. I hope they can pull it. I know they’re having some water issues now and everything else. it’s kind of a mess there and they do need to figure out exactly what happened and everything else and uh you know they talk about the winter rising of the uh of the gas lines. And supposedly the wind turbines and all that kind of stuff and I got mixed feelings about have this cold of weather in Texas right so when you start talking about winterizing, something it’s kind of the same thing. Atlanta found themselves in a few years ago when they had this ice storm hit that’s like once in 100 years and all the roads were frozen over they don’t have the same stuff like when I used to go skiing in Vermont and they could have three foot of snow in the next day. The roads were completely clear cuz they knew it was gonna happen. And they were ready for it. It happened all the time you can’t be ready for a once in 100 year story on us uh uh storm on a daily basis because there’s no way to budget for that. so my heart goes out to him. People have asked me so I mean just I’m getting a little rambling. but while we’re on it, let’s just talk a minute about Ted Cruz cuz he’s been all over the news and everything lately. Let me just give you my bottom line on Ted Cruz Do I think he’s being treated a little unfair? And they’re exploiting it. Yeah, but Ted Cruz made two big mistakes, My son and I were talking about it last night at dinner. One of them was he shouldn’t have gone out of town, no matter what out of the state period. That was a huge mistake. I mean, you know, I’m sure a thousand of other people with the means did the same thing, but he’s elected leader he volunteered to be elected for that position was given that position it You have to be different so he should never have gone. Out of the state during a crisis time, I can’t imagine any major elected official, leaving Florida after a hurricane hit a certain area or something like I mean that’s an equivalent kinda way. so he made that mistake the second mistake that Cruz made is what politicians always make the cover up is worse than the deed. he should’ve just come out and said, Look I screwed up I screwed up. I admit it. I should have been here. I’m here now let’s move on Instead he started. Talking all this and just gave the media gonna attack him anyway, but he should’ve just come clean. I don’t care what his plans were. he screwed up. He made a bad decision and he should just it should’ve just admitted to it. Now. it’s too late. so we’ll see what happens, but it’s much to do about nothing. Just one more distraction the real issue is the cow farts and how they did not save the day. That’s the real issue, but mister Moore went on, he said he remarked in Donald Trump’s last month in office. Do you know how much oil we imported from Saudi Arabia zero zero is the answer that it was the first time that happened in 50 years, and it’s because of Trump. see Donald Trump was president till almost the end of January. right, it’s amazing, he said. Moore said, isn’t it, it’s an incredible accomplishment accomplishment We’ve waited 50 years to become energy independent folks. We’re finally independent Trump did it so by the very nature of it, Trump Derangement syndrome. It has to be gone. It can’t be good if Trump did it right so Trump made us energy independent was on the verge of making us the dominant player in energy in the world. But of course, because Donald Trump did it even though it’s a great thing. It has to be gone. It must be gone, but more we’re called in 1973. I mean he tells this story it really hit home because uh I grew up in the in the 70s basically and came of age of driving during uh gas ration and if you haven’t experienced that let me tell you, it’s something else man you literally have to plan your trip as to uh how they gonna love it. I know I went on spring break one time down to Fort Lauderdale and it didn’t look like we were gonna be able to get back because the stations closed. While we were down there whose father was well connected and there was a guy that owned a string of gas stations and he had one of them full of gas and he only opened it for his friends and family that one the rest of them were closed and we were able to guys in my fraternity were able to go there fill up and get home cuz once you got on the turnpike people don’t believe this, but this is the way it was once you got on the turnpike if you weren’t below half full, you could not put. Gas in your car so you and and prices were super high at least for that time, but that’s the way it was. It’s coming back. III predict It’s coming back but uh mister Moore said, op and bar and all experts in the US. he’s talking about in 1970s, Saudi Arabia had a knife at our throat. You had all sorts of gas shortages every time they raise the price of gas. The economy went into recession and that is true basically Saudi Arabia was a controlling the. Economy of the world, let alone the United States is that really what you want those of you out there actually cast a ballot for Joe Biden is that what you want, I mean to me people talk about uh you know like Donald Trump’s mean spirited tweets I care more about what the man actually did energy independence. I don’t care if you love hate despise Donald Trump, whatever having America. Independent is a very very good thing unless you want people like Saudi Arabia and Iran calling the shots in the United States of America. If that’s what you want, then hey, that’s that’s great. but if you want us to be productive economically if you want us to see and this is very key. What I’m about to say here if you don’t wanna see us be at war all over the world, especially the Middle East and energy independence is the key to that. but. Is one of the reasons why uh the the military industrial complex that Donald Trump, the only president I know, is really ever taken it on actually is uh that we’re paying a price for for that because they don’t want us to be in they’d be in the military industrial complex does not want us to be energy independent because then we wouldn’t have anything to fight for right so all of this stuff is connected man. Former President Donald Trump this is what mister Moore is saying here former President Donald Trump that breaks my heart to say that went beyond domestic energy independence and pursued global energy dominance. Mister Moore calls his tenure as economic adviser in the Trump administration. Global energy dominance ladies and gentlemen that I mean, can you imagine if we were calling the economic shots of the world if we were the Saudi Arabia the world, I think we would do a much better job of it but energy dominance. Man all of that is gone. Are we gonna dominate when we’re shutting down our plants and China’s wrapping them up. I mean people don’t, but I guess I guess it only makes sense if you believe in like leading from behind, it’s one way to make sure you’re leading from behind is to be energy dependent on places like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Russia. Then we will definitely be behind leading from behind and I don’t know if you heard the news about the Iran deal, I just got. I gotta mention it uh the Iran deal. We’re getting back into it and Iran is essentially come out and said there’s gonna be less monitoring under the new deal than there was with no deal. so we’re getting into a deal That’s even worse than the deal that Donald Trump got us out of if that’s possible. but it seems that way and I was listening to uh one of the uh Iranian officials. I wanna say he was the energy minister our minister of the interior, something to that equivalent in Iran. And uh on the show I only caught part of it, but one of the things he said, just jumped right out out at me, he was talking about nuclear war about nuclear weapons and Iran getting the bomb and he made the point that hey most people accept the fact that Israel has a nuclear bomb and they nobody ever talks about their nuclear capability, but they’re all worried about ours and I’m thinking yeah because you’ve really, I mean, Iran says. To America before they had their first cup of coffee every morning and they wanna drive the pigs talking about the Jews right out to the sea they want to annihilate Israel when’s the last time you heard. Israel say they wanted to annihilate anybody are the United States for that matter. You know they don’t say that so it’s it’s just moral equivalency deal that the left puts out there The bugs the heck out of me. I’m gonna play a video right now. I played it on Friday, but because of the glitch we. We didn’t get as many views as we normally get so a lot of you did not get to see this video. It’s somewhat relates to this, but it certainly relates to this moral thing. This is I gotta set it up a bit. This is Joe Biden at the town hall. I believe it was in Wisconsin last week on Cnn and he was asked about China in general and I want you to hear what he says now he mentioned specifically Hong Kong where people are being arrested simply for wanting freedom. Taiwan, which is the uh it is an island over there that is China still claims we should have recognized them long ago, but there are democracy the left always talking about fighting for democracy well that Taiwan is a democracy and prosperity. so he’s talking about Hong Kong. He’s talking about Taiwan and then he mentions the weaker Muslim population in the mountains of China, very casually and keep in mind. I wanna really focus on the weavers cuz this really when you hear a set this up cuz when you hear this understanding the consequences of it if it don’t turn your stomach, then you don’t have a heart or a conscious but keep in mind in the weaker section of the Muslims in the in China are being put in concentration camps. This is not just my opinion. This is pretty well documented fact they’re being mutilated and and tortured the women have now. Out some women have escaped from there got away and said the guards in China are routinely using electrical projects to rape them with electrical pros and basically gang raping them. They’re forcing sterilization they’re actually harvesting organs from the people there. so, in other words the life of these wer and these concentration camps is pure hell and torture. so keep all of that in mind when you hear Joe Biden say the reason why he. Criticize China check it out. You know Chinese leaders if you know anything about Chinese history, it has always been the time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven’t been unified at home. so the central of of overstated the central principle of XJ is that there must be a united tightly controlled China and he uses his rationale for the things he does based on that I point out Tim No American president can. Be sustained as a president if he doesn’t reflect the values of the United States and so the idea I’m not gonna speak out against what he’s doing in Hong Kong. what he’s doing with the Wes in Western mountains of of uh China and Taiwan trying to end the one China policy by making a forceful II said, And by the heat, he said he he gets it culturally there are different norms in each country and they their leaders are expected to follow. You hear that ladies and gentlemen, right there at the end, he’s saying that it’s a cultural norms that are different. The reason he doesn’t speak out against people being gang raped, but with electrical pros having their organs removed, which is probably not too good for you having people who are literally begging United States to help them freedom in Hong Kong and Taiwan, who is under a constant threat from communist China. I mean to say that that just look at the weavers alone now I mean III said the same thing on Friday, but it just tears at me to think that we have forget Donald Trump. what that we have a president, whatever you wanna call Biden, a president that gives a moral equivalent to the United States having to be a tight-knit country, which don’t seem to be right now and China, that is literally torturing people for. God sakes what the heck up America I mean, Don’t you don’t like Donald Trump. I get it. You don’t wanna vote Republican. I get it, but we have now put a man in the White House that literally is saying that it’s he’s not gonna criticize China for torturing people for actually harvesting their organs for gang raping women and pushing uh electrical pros up their vaginas. Let’s just put it out there and that is just cultural norms. God. Have we done you talk about our moral compass? We don’t have one if that’s the case if Joe Biden actually believes what he just said in that video then God help us cuz this only thing that can because I don’t know that God’s willing to help if that’s what if that’s to the majority of American people won’t leading it. then we are becoming a godless nation. There’s just no doubt about it, but I it just bothers. I mean, calm down and get. Store anyway, but mister Moore went on to say talk about energy policy more shared Trump would say to me would say to me say I don’t wanna be able to be energy independent. I wanna be energy dominant and we can be energy dominant. We have more coal and more gas than any other country in the world and uh it’s very true. and that’s why I say if Donald Trump wins to get runs again and wins again, his slogan could be make America first again because right now under. We are not only not first not putting Americans first, but when you look at what we’re doing with our policies and when you’re looking at what he just said a cultural norms man, I don’t know where we rank anymore because I can tell you one of the things I hadn’t said in it, I just kinda connected these dots in my head so give me a second here, I’ve said many times talking about like our military and our police force One is our military is voluntary right so. That’s a great thing. I’m not knocking it anyway, but that means that people are willing to to protect and defend this country right and then police officers are public servants that are willing to serve this nation and protect and defend to a certain extent. but what if we become a nation that is not worth defending if you are a nation that says that uh it really doesn’t make a difference whether Iran has a bomb or whether uh uh Israel has a bomb. There’s no difference there. I don’t see how you defend that and if we become a nation where it’s just cultural and oh, it’s just a difference in cultural norms between sticking a of a woman and harvesting someone’s organs. Then we are becoming a country that is not worth defending and if if we get to total lawlessness like what we’re seeing on a regular basis here, we may be you think about cops. We’re gonna talk about minimum wage here in just a minute, but you can’t pay cops enough right. you know really think of. They literally walk out the door, not knowing where they’re coming back that day. What if we become a country that a man or a woman is about to leave their house and turns around and looks at their their spouse and their kids and says you know it just ain’t worth it ain’t worth putting my life on the line anymore and and I might not come back to that and I but what if we become that country cuz that’s the country we’re becoming and it scares the heck out of of me it frightens me it. Me and it upsets my soul I don’t know about you, but that’s it just bothers me but anyway, let’s back to to this article more noted the geopolitical implications of halting fossil fuel resource development, Moore said one of the biggest pipeline projects in the world, which is the Russia is between Russia and China to take all that oil and gas up in Siberia pipeline it to China is there any same person who actually thinks China is going to stop using. Fossil fuels Do you think the be Beijing Communist government cares about climate change? Well, maybe they don’t have to worry about that because they hired hunter right they got and you know what comes with Hunter the entire family right, so maybe China is on to something there, but you know I wanna I wanna say something here about this uh pipeline of Russia pop cuz they got you know a pipeline going into Europe as well, You know the most disingenuous thing was when somebody like Andrea Merkel in Germany and I’ve. This has been a while since I talked about this, but if I say it bears repeating talk about uh uh Russia and Trump early on and how they had some agreement how he was popping up, Putin and everything else. What infuriated me about that is Merkel in Germany and the EU are the ones that were propping up of Vladimir Putin with their their gas pipes. Russia is the gas station for most of Europe and especially Germany and so for her to. That it you know Donald Trump is pumping him up when all she got to do is turn off the spit and that would devastate Russia and Putin more in that EU and Germany leading the way give billions with AB dollars to Russia every year. But yet Donald Trump was pumping him up anyway, you probably don’t hear that on the mainstream media but ask more of you. It’s it’s still bothered me. It’s what Biden said. and I played it I. It’s still is a country, people say still in my man cuz it just does it bother you comment on whatever medium U you’re listening to Facebook. Let me know am I am I just crazy. Am I the only one or is this not even if you’re a Biden supporter, doesn’t it sicken you to hear that crap? I don’t know maybe I’m maybe I’m just over blowing it. I don’t think so ask more of us colon natural gassy ass, he says. Why wouldn’t we use it talking about our energy sources? We’ve got this. Chest of trillions of dollars of energy, trillions and the left doesn’t want America to use it, He said. That makes no sense and I agree with him. And when I say he’s missing something he knows this but the progressives wanna take over America they want to destroy America and it would make it much much harder for them if we’re energy independent if we can’t call our own economic shots, it makes us easier to run and people are getting more ignorant all the time about. That’s why I’m an ignorance and apathy daily my goal ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna keep telling you this my goal politically is to stop. The progressive takeover of this country period and I don’t care if you’re running for dog catcher from the out house to the White House. I’m gonna judge you fairly or not based on whether I think you’re you’re capable of trying to prevent the progressive agenda from taking over this country. That’s how I’m gonna cast my votes, my money and my support regardless of party or whatever behind that issue. I’m judging everybody rightly or wrongly. I’m just telling you that’s the way I but more put out a warning. He said thousands would die and millions would be without electricity in Texas if the less climate change plans are imposed. Ladies and gentlemen, I saw a story last week that said at 1.70. 1.73% of the country was covered in snow and this is an accurate map. This is a map of a few days ago uh when it was at its height in the United States Notice, Florida is doing pretty well. I mean, so I don’t know global warm. It don’t seem to climate change I saw this article and I started to cover it, but you gotta pick and choose it talks about climate change and how uh Texas and California had different solutions to climate change, but both of them fail with their electrical grid well in in California, they had fires right burn up places and that was one of the reasons in Texas they had record. And snow, so which is it in I don’t know just pointing that out. Alright. We got a few minutes left. let’s get into this next story. There’s all kind of talk about the minimum wage. I’ve talked around the edges of it, but uh this story jumped out at me. It’s a bright bar story but when this representative said this it just hit me right where I live so to speak Democratic representative uh I guess that’s how you say his name Conor from geese from California, he said. We don’t want small businesses that can’t afford $15 minimum wage Bright Bar store Representative Rona Democratic, California declared Sunday on Cnn’s inside politics that we should not. Low-wage businesses when pressed on small businesses who would struggle under a federal mandate to pay employees $15 an hour well, let me tell you flat out ladies and gentlemen minimum wage at the federal level makes zero sense. I’m not really for minimum wage government in general dictating minimum wage, but if it’s going to happen it should happen at the state level and and Let me tell you I don’t think you have to be a rocket scientist to understand this are an economist cuz clearly this guys know if Democrats believe they always talk about believing in his son, they don’t believe his side, but we don’t believe his son well one thing that Democrats have never believed in is the science of economics and it is a science. they do actually give out a Nobel Prize for it right it is considered a science the science of economics. They don’t seem to believe that because let me just explain this on a minimum wage, federal level let’s. You’re gonna set the minimum wage at $15 an hour in New York and then say in New York City the last I’ve worked in New York in New York City back in the mid 80s and I was making at the time 2575 an hour as an elect, a union electrician in New York in like 1984 2575 and and it was hard to make it on that. It was you had to make sure you were living in the right place and everything so a lot of us were overtime fifteen. $15 an hour in New York City is not a livable way and I don’t think first of all that that basically minimum wage should be they say, Oh, you can’t raise a family on minimum wage. Well, you never were supposed to. is supposed to be an entry-level wage right so minimum wage in $15 in New York City probably not enough probably not enough. But I can tell you if you’re in like Tuscaloosa, Alabama fifteen. $15 an hour ain’t bad It makes no sense to say that the minimum wage is the same for New York as it is in Alabama, our California compared to say Wyoming. It makes no sense, Please tell me how that makes any sense so the whole concept of a federal minimum wage makes no economic sense whatsoever now you could make. A case that if it went down to the state level and I should say, I’m not really for government mandates, but let’s say Florida, which borders uh Georgia and Alabama, we have a more common border with them. Let’s say that Florida decides that it’s minimum wage is gonna be ten bucks an hour but Georgia decides it’s gonna be fifteen in Alabama somewhere in the middle well if all of a sudden everybody is. Alabama Georgia, to come to Florida cuz the business are open in here then pretty soon Alabama Georgia gonna think about well, you know, maybe we should uh lower our wage or if the flip side of that, if say Georgia is booming because they’re paying fifteen bucks an hour and people are leaving there because you know you can get a higher wage and it’s more competition or whatever then Florida’s gonna look and think about that competition actually works so a minimum wage at a federal level is idiotic in my opinion. If you’re gonna do it, it should be done on a state-by-state basis and the market will determine that I think it will go up to a certain extent naturally, but the bottom line on minimum wage ladies and gentlemen, let me cut to the chase on this minimum wage. I don’t care what you raise it to will always be minimum wage and minimum wage sucks. It’s supposed to suck It’s supposed to be like what my dad did in the summer, he told me when he graduated high school, he was undecided about. Is going to college or not so he worked for the whole summer. Imagine that in Florida on the railroad, which his father was a section for he worked for a dollar seventy-five a day a day, he said he didn’t take a few weeks to realize that one thing is for sure he was going to college. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. Okay. It’s supposed to work that way on this this article, the partisan congressional budget office predicted raising the federal minimum. Wage to $15 an hour by 2025, could cost 1.4. 1.4000000 Americans their jobs over the next 4 years. Well, that’s one thing we got plenty of jobs right, not so much. I’m and also I mean by what is Bidens job plan to eliminate as many of them as possible and bring as much competition, Bu rushing them over the border as possible. Where does that shake out to the working people if you’re working for minimum wage right now? II applaud you, I don’t I don’t downplay any job period every job has bigger. And every job, and that’s one of the things I didn’t like about during the covid thing here where we talked essential work and that don’t misunderstand me my wife’s a nurse and what she does is incredible She goes into nursing and police. There’s a lot of people. I get it. I get the idea but if if your job is frying hamburgers at Mcdonald’s, but it’s feeding your family. what could be more essential than that? So I’ve never ever liked that term. And I don’t think I ever will, but Biden’s job plan is to make no jobs essential as he’s basically eliminating the higher paying jobs and inviting people to come in to compete for the lowest paying jobs. It’s just crazy, but no one’s talking about anchor anchor. This is the new I start saying baby. This is the anchor for the Cnn program. Abby Phillips said. I know talking to uh talking to mister Conor the representatives. I know that you feel very strongly like many progressives. About the minimum wage issue, see it’s about progress. It’s aching over the country. It’s the same idea as eliminating our our uh energy independence it helps with the progressive takeover of the country All of this stuff makes sense when you start thinking about their goal is to take over the country and my goal is to try to stop it I need your help That’s why I need you to spread the show far and wide. I need you to like I you all the time me and Billy Bob. He’s my psychic sidekick here if you haven’t met him as a twitter handle Billy. At Billy Bob Bass, one and mine is at John Martin talks and I can tell you all the time not all of us can be fighters but everyone of us can support people in the fight. Remember our sponsors Big daddy Unlimited uh you know um hatred promo code Gmt, 20% off remember going to America’s voice News where you can watch our show There are good uh support if you want uh something besides the mainstream media or on Roku fire stick Apple TV, America’s voice News Our show is streamed. There under the show tab or not live stream, but they’re on Pluto and channel 219 uh on dish network. You can also a free app on your Android or your iphone, but we need you to spread this word far and wide but mister uh mister uh the the uh the I’m sorry the uh commentator went on to say right now. I mean this question is so long winded you think Biden could even answer but uh he’s probably pretty smart but uh miss uh this. Cnn reporter asked right now at the same time businesses, both large and small are struggling in this pandemic economy. More than 9000000 jobs have been lost in the last year and they still aren’t back so the solution is raise the wages and put more people in competition. That’s Biden solution right and the problem is particularly acute in industries like retail and food service, which are more likely to pay minimum wage. Now, I told you this a few minutes ago I have I have nothing but the utmost respect for anybody willing to work at any job doesn’t matter. There is no job that is beneath me there, maybe some that are above me, but now I’ve worked at all kind of things I respect people willing to work, but the sad reality if you wanna call it, that is that there’s only so much value in cooking French fries you could be the greatest French fry cook that ever lived and there’s only so much value to it and what you’ve exceeded that value then they can’t afford you anymore and you’re gonna be replaced one way or another. It’s just uh you got to in order to get more money you have to increase your value. You know so you’re only gonna be so much value in actually cooking a hamburger period. I think the question this report. this is still part of the question by the way that the reporters putting out, she said. I think the question that a lot of Republicans are posing and perhaps some moderate Democrats is timing is now the right time to increase it to fifteen. I should say the bill has, she said. I should say the bill has stages of course, but immediately it would go up about 30%. Think about that. so if this bill passes the cost of the Entry level workers for your business is gonna go up 30% overnight that is going to be one heck of a blow to small businesses, but this guy kinda don’t care listen to his answer in a minute so right now about 30% right, it is now the right time to do that. Listen to what he says have to take a drink. Not Dean Martin of John Martin, so it’s not what you might think, Conor said Abby. It’s absolutely the right time to give working Americans a raise. let’s look at the facts. Amazon raised their wage to $15 nationally, not regionally see he said They have more jobs today it didn’t hurt job creation our business business target. I guess Target store followed they also did did it nationally and it created more jobs. Well, images Amazon and we’re gonna conclude with this Amazon has a unique ability because they had that right there working in their favor, the brick that’s how most mom and pop businesses were opened up during the pandemic. throw a brick Amazon is taking advantage of the situation that mom and pops are under attack and then, of course you know with the Amazon deal uh ocasio. Said they didn’t want them jobs anyway right so um let me just show you one more quick me and well. I got a meme here, it says. Right look at this one right here this goes back to that $15 an hour to cook French fries. There’s only certain value to your job at some point. you’re gonna be replaced by that anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. Please go directly to John Mark talks Facebook page like it share it with others. Remember our sponsors. all of that. I’ll pray for your family. You pray for mine, We all need to pray for this great nation cuz she deserves it and needs it now more than ever, but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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