Citizens For Trump – Trump Responds, Calls Out Turtle Head Mitch! – JMT #399

Citizens For Trump – Trump Responds, Calls Out Turtle Head Mitch! – JMT #399

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, We got a great show for you today, but before we get started, I wanna continue to send out special prayers and hope and consideration for the people who are up against it with this winter storm, especially like the great State of. Texas but basically it’s affecting much of the United States of America and I can’t even imagine being without power or days on end and uh almost 0° and lower teens and single digit temperatures. Uh man my heart goes out to those people so we’re pulling for you here in Florida, we’re actually doing pretty well here and we’re we’re gonna talk about that in our second story but our first story is all about the the fight man there is a battle royal brewing between Donald Trump and old Turtle head. Mitch McConnell. Yeah. They are are my words back and forth are not mint and I guess I should say, but Donald Trump has officially responded to the old Turtle Talking head of Mitch McConnell. We’re gonna get into that response in just a moment and then hopefully we’ll have time to get into a rising star in especially Republican politics, but here in Florida he’s rising above just party politics in general and that is our great Governor. Ron DeSantis. His name is now being banded about as a possible. Contender in 2024 and so we’re gonna get into that a little bit and introduce you if you haven’t to mister Ron DeSantis our great governor, but I always have to mention our sponsors cuz what I always tell you not everybody can be a fighter but everybody can support those of us in the fight and we got a few sponsors that I need to mention on a daily basis, The first in our major one is B Big Daddy Unlimited If you look above uh where our show no matter when or where you’re watching it and I hear we had a couple of problems. On Youtube, where we’re trying to address that we we’re looking into it spell it all the way out. John Martin talks That’s our YouTube channel, but no matter when or where you’re watching the video you can Oh and by the way I meant to say welcome back parlor where we have a parlor account. 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In other words our initials John Martin talks you get 20% off Gmt, They can help you with charity events. so if you’re interested in selling T shirts safer a motorcycle run, check out. they can help you with all that recoil TV on Youtube Recoil TV on YouTube. Of course, we have our YouTube channel John Martin talks but we’re archives on recoil TV. They are all about the second Amendment as well. Check them out because you can see all kinds of video about the latest guns, ammunition anything like that related to the Second amendment, you can check it out there and uh as I say it said earlier about uh big that. Unlimited be your Second Amendment headquarters. They’re not only can they furnish you products at factory direct pricing, but they are defending your second amendment on a daily basis, and that needs to be mentioned because it is under attack. Alright, we’re gonna start out with a bright bar article and this is about President Trump responding to a several things one. No turtle head Mitch McConnell. You know he threw President Trump under the bus quite a bit during the impeachment trial and then he wrote an op. Earlier this week um and II wanna say uh the New York Times, but it might have been the New York Post Don’t hold me to that, but uh Donald Trump has now come out yesterday and responded directly to the turtle head and so uh you can see the picture of what somebody asked me to post it on uh on Facebook so they could copy it and I did Denise. I hope you look at if you’re listening, but she she listens pretty much everyday. Thank you so much but uh check out. Uh your comments from yesterday and you will see the picture of a turtle head himself now before we go any further and get into the meat of the story I wanna play a brief snippet of Mitch McConnell on uh during the impeachment trial literally on the equip acquit of President Donald Trump he throws Donald Trump under the bus even insinuates up in in part of this clip that his family could be. But uh this is why President Trump has is a bit upset with Mitch McConnell and many other Republicans. There was a poll that just came out of pupil that basically shows that Donald Trump is is way above with Republicans and his actual poll numbers. His approval rating is gone up tremendously since he left office when it went to AA low during the last few months, the last month of his presidency and that. Mcconnell is like below water man he better be uh a water turtle cuz he is underwater. so I wanna play this video which uh is kinda edited a little bit, but it basically shows Mitch McConnell throwing President Trump under the bus in the Senate Chambers and given their Democrats all they’ll need to try to run against Donald Trump or any other Democrat. I mean a Republican for that matter in either 2022 or 2024. Let’s listen to Mitch McConnell in his own words, Check it out. There’s no question done the President. Trump is practically and Marley responsible for provoking the event of the day. No question about it. The people who started this building believed they were acting on the wishes and instructions of their president. And having that belief was a foreseeable consequence of the growing crescendo of false conspiracy theories and recklessly, which the defeated president kept shouting into the largest megaphone on planet Earth. As just a story, explained the Senate upon conviction is bound in all cases to enter a judgement of removal from office. Removal is mandatory upon conviction. Clearly, he explained. That mandatory sentence cannot be applied to someone who’s left office. The entire process revolves around removal. If removal becomes impossible conviction becomes in sensible. Impeachment conviction. And removal. Are a specific intra governmental safety valve. It is not the criminal justice system or individual accountability is the paramount goal. We have a criminal justice system in this country We have civil litigation and former presidents are not immune from being accountable by either one uh uh. Are we back yet God almighty you talk about inspiring? Not? I mean, let me just tell you that I probably mention it again during the during the show if that dude old turtle head becomes the face of the Republican Party, there is no Republican party. I mean that guy I mean stale bread watching paint dry would be exciting, but no he is so full of crap first of all notice that there’s no one behind it. so he’s anytime you watch people’s. From the house or the Senate chambers and there’s no one behind them, It’s just for show it’s just to get a clip on the news and try to influence maybe voters or supporters or donors or something it has nothing to do with policy or with the vote. That’s about to be taken because if it did there would actually be members there and and notice also when we talk about full of crap how he talks about and he’s right about this, Let me say this first. He’s right about this constitutionality of of impeachment and removal from office being the constitutional standard. He’s absolutely right about that that they can’t really impeach Donald Trump and convict him if he’s already out of office. That’s what he’s talking about, but where he is totally full of crap and this is not gotten much coverage is that if he wanted cuz it sounds to me like he wanted to vote to uh impeach Donald Trump well if that’s. Like the Democrats say and Mitch McConnell probably adopts more of their policies than anybody if true, then he could have single handedly made sure that the impeachment trial went forward before Donald Trump left office. now a lot of that has been blamed on Nancy Pelosi and people and the other Democrats, But the reality is that Mitch McConnell wants the House Democrats passed and with ten other turn coat Republicans. The impeachment against Donald Trump, Mitch Mcconnell and Nancy had the obligation to quote in the house managers to walk the charges across but they could have done that at a moment’s Notice. Mitch Mcconnell was the one that kept the Senate adjourned up until the time that Biden was inaugurated, making sure that the President Trump could not get impeached now at the time people were thinking that that was a good move on McCollum supportive of Donald Trump. I never believe that. A moment because I’ve never looked at at uh Mitch McConnell as being a Trump supporter period. He’s a swamp rat brew and through he is the very epitome of what is wrong with uh with Washington, I mean him and Chuck Schumer flip sides of the same coin. I showed you that pigs trough we’ll play that again. uh I’m sure over the course of the next few months for my good friend Ted Yoho. but that’s what they are pigs at the trough, one of my mentors in this business. Tom. Morrison told me a long time ago that when it comes up the higher up the trough, there’s only one party. There’s not a Democratic party or Republican Party. There’s a party of big government and it has a left wing and a right wing and uh they’re just waiting for their turns, I added that myself and I think he’s absolutely right and Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer uh show that perfectly because they uh you know that they’re they’re very they. They just know that all they have to do is wait president’s come. They stayed there forever and think about this Mitch McConnell has been there almost 40 years almost 40 years, but I just wanted to see wanted you to see what just a turtle head douchebag. I’m just gonna call it like it is that Mitch McConnell is and if he is indeed the face of the Republican Party, I’ve been asking this question for a while does a Republican party have a future without Donald Trump? I don’t think so, but I know. Thing they certainly don’t if that dude is the head of it. so let’s get into the story itself and pieces of President Trump’s response, I would encourage you to look at his entire response. Maybe I’ll I’ll try to get uh of a copy of it and post it on my Facebook page so you can check it out. We’re just gonna hit the highlights so former President Trump is and this is by the way a bright bar story, former President Trump issued a statement in rebuttal to Senator Mitch Mcconnell calling him a business as usual politician with status quo policies and a do so and un. Political hack Well, yeah, mister president, but what do you really think I love Donald Trump man. He tells it like it is Trump went on to say the Republican party can never again be respected are strong with political leaders like Senator Mitch Mcconnell at its help 100% agree Mccall dedication to business as usual status quo policies together with his lack of political insight wisdom skill. And personality as rapidly driven him from majority leader to minority leader, and it will only get worse. Donald Trump is spot on as usual and he is right we need to ditch ditch today and contact with the the Senate leadership and I don’t think they will do it, but if they had one ounce of courage they would get rid of Mitch this afternoon I don’t expect them to do it. But that’s what they should do and President Trump also said in his uh statement he talked about that Mitch McConnell was trailing by one point in Kentucky when he begged when he be Mitch be President Trump to endorse him. President Trump endorsed him won by like double digits and uh that’s probably true certainly uh if he come out against the Mitch would have been through. There’s no doubt about that. A statement by Mister Trump also included Trump’s thoughts on the Georgia Senate races. This is what President Trump said in his statement about the Georgia Senate races. It was a complete election disaster in Georgia and certain other swing states. Mcconnell did nothing and will and will never do what needs to be done in order to secure a fair and just electoral system in the future, He doesn’t have what it takes never did. And never will I-100 percent agree with the president on this Mitch McConnell will not be the one to carry out any type of investigation, let alone corrective measures when it comes to the uh the voter we don’t say the f word here the Mod we don’t say the S word we’ll call it the squeal uh that happened to President Trump and Mcconnell is never going to look into that never never was going to. I don’t know that he would even. If President Trump had prevailed, but he’s certainly not now cuz Mitch if nothing else is a go along get along, He is the king of bipartisanship, which means Republicans cave, but it’s easy in the easy way about what happened in Georgia is to blame Donald Trump. That’s the easy way out and I’m not saying that President Trump might not have some culpability in that he could have potentially been a bit more forceful about it. You know there were people that supported him that uh basically. Said you know not vote and everything else now, President Trump to his credit went to Georgia. I believe a couple of times and was very clear that he thought that Purdue and law firm were great candidates and deserved reelection. so so he’s he’s on par with that. Could you is there some criticism for the president quite possibly but Mitch McConnell be in the face cuz President Trump even said that uh that uh Mitch McConnell put his face in some of the ads for them, which is pretty bad. But here’s the thing that really upsets. There, Mitch McConnell is ready to blame Donald Trump for what happened in Georgia and that’s the easy way out, but no one on the Republican side seems to be ready. Maybe maybe Rand Paul and certainly President Trump to actually deal with the frustration that people in Georgia and throughout the country may have had because it’s very clear from the numbers and I was very concerned about this at the time and pleaded with people in Georgia to get out to vote. Regardless, I felt about the election and but it’s very. Now looking at the results that there were quite a few Republicans that simply did not turn out to vote period, they did not turn out to vote and those senatorial elections could have been one had to turn out been higher now who’s to blame for that. I don’t think you can blame Donald Trump whether or not you should blame Mitch McConnell could be debatable, but one thing is for sure I think the blame of this is there’s a frustration among people that supported the president Seventy-five. More 10000000 almost 12000000, I think now they’re saying more than that he died in 2016 the most votes in the history of any incumbent in in United States history incumbent president, and of course he’s still supposedly lost. No no mud involved, No squealing, none of that kind of stuff, but what about the frustration of those voters that feel like the election was uh stolen shall we say. I can say that s word or what there are people that feel that way. That’s all I’m saying algorithm most powerful person on the planet algorithm There are people who feel like there was some shenanigans in the election. The biggest frustration is they don’t believe that there was any coverage as far as actual investigation and I’ve talked of a nausea maybe about the uh Texas case where the Supreme Court with Florida joined we’ll talk about that more so and in just a moment but uh there was. Supreme Court through an act of cowardice in my own in my humble opinion, opinionated fact nonetheless, punted the ball because they didn’t wanna get involved in the presidential election. they should have, but they didn’t so there is a tremendous frustration and it’s spilled over into these Georgia Senate races that nothing’s gonna be done. What is the point of voting if they’re just gonna have a bunch of mud and and uh and squeal it anyway, you know so. I get that, but they don’t wanna look at that and Mitch McConnell is absolutely not going to look at that period. Don’t even think for a minute that he is and let me back up and say this cuz people ask me all the time. How come you don’t talk about like Lindsey Graham investigations and you know all this kind of stuff the reason why I’d rarely ever talk about all of that like the Durham probe and all that kind of stuff is cuz I believe it when I see it cuz one of my axios here at John Martin talks If you’re new to show you hadn’t heard this but if you and if you are first of all. How are you welcome where you’ve been you’re in the right place? Now you’re not gonna get political correctness. That’s for sure, but I’ve been maintaining all along that the reason why I don’t talk about things like the Durham stuff and all that is because the rats don’t wanna convict the rats. That’s right the rats on either side of the aisle, usually give the others a pass cuz they don’t wanna convict the rats rats convicting rats because they know that sometime they’re gonna rise to the top and uh they might have. Heads chopped off so if you expect the swamp to drain itself and rats to convict the rats, it ain’t happening it wasn’t happening before Donald Trump, Donald Trump exposed it tried to drain it and got kicked to the curb for his uh for his efforts and we now have God help us Joe Biden and so the swamp and the rats are happy as they can be the former president reiterated that he received the most votes of any sitting president in history just talked about almost 75000000. 75000000 concluded with this this. Is a big moment for our country and we cannot let it pass by using third rate leaders to dictate our future. You got enough President Trump he is straight forward right on it reminded me you know, II used to be a huge fan of wrestling wrestling as they say back in the day man and that right here is dusty roads at Terry Funk. I don’t know if you guys remember this but Terry Funk called. You’re an egg sucking dog and that’s basically in my opinion. what Donald Trump and I don’t know if he knows about that or not, but he basically said, Oh Turtle head is an egg sucking dog and I’d like to see I’d like to see that Come up. You know Billy Bob Oh, if you hadn’t met my psychic sidekick, he’s Billy Bob bass. He got a Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks. We’re determined to stay in the public square, no matter what and that’s where you live. And gentlemen, come in as I say about fighters supporting those of us in the fight because that’s what we need you if you want to watch programs like ours, you’re gonna have to be a bit more vigilant and proactive search us out. Share this with others support our sponsors when you can that kind of thing cuz we’re under attack believe that man, but Billy Bob. he’s my Psychic Psychic. He tells me that we have a video here that shows Donald Trump preparing to settle the score. With none other than Mitch Mcconnell, check it out fears competitor but you’ve never seen Donald Trump fight like this. It’s Trump the thumper. Don’t take on this McMahon we’ve uncovered lost footage of the presidential candidate back in 2007 at WrestleMania Twenty-three taking on Wwe boss Vince McMahon It is time for the battle. The billionaires the live paper view of event took place in front of 85000 screaming wrestling fans, including Trump’s beauty Queens, Miss Teen Usa, Miss Usa and Miss Universe wrestler Bobby Lash. That’s that Trump he is a player and I love Bishop Donald Trump man. I tell you what I uh I think Donald is a player extraordinaire man and I don’t say that with any negativity, I mean think about this some people may take this wrong but Trump is the only person I know that has the stripper paying him. Right, I mean he’s supposed settlement with that gal and then you turn around and found out that the affair was a total made up bogus whatever and now she’s owes him money. I mean man he, he gets total credit from for me, but Donald Trump sir if you wanna take on Mitch McConnell like that, I’d love to be your manager cuz we need to ditch bitch and I’d be happy to go in front of the cameras and say Mitch Turtle head Mcconnell you egg sucking dog. I got a. After cry man and there’s a lot to cry about right now, but let me just cut to the chase again There is no way in the world that the Republican party will ever win another election if two things happen, one that Donald Trump decides to pack it in or goes the other way, which he certainly has every right to do as I’ve said before, but the main thing if Mitch McConnell stays the face of the go, we’re done, I can we’re toast. I don’t I don’t think we can overcome that. Alright, let’s move on to uh someone else who might be able to overcome a lot has overcome a lot here in the state of Florida and that is our great Governor. Ron DeSantis. That’s him pictured there at a Trump rally it. This is a political story, it says Covid Wars launched Desantis in the go top tier and I don’t think there’s any doubt about it if you haven’t heard of our governor, then you better ask someone. This guy is a force to be reckoned with in 2 years into his governorship man. He is everything you could want and then some and uh II maintain he’s the best governor in the United States of America right now period end of story in my opinion, but I’m a bit biased, let’s get into the article. Ron DeSantis once drew national scoring for his stewardship of Florida’s covid nineteen response, critics took critics took. Referring to governor as deaf sent for his resistance to restrictive measures in other words, he didn’t go along with the uh the shutdown and here’s the thing too. I hadn’t talked about this in a while. But of course, I say that is repeating. I’m still hope we get to a point in our country where we ask the question who gave these little Napoleon the right to shut us down now, I’m not talking about Desantis. He was just the opposite, but you know from Gavin News. Who’s been a recalled, hopefully in California to uh Cuomo in New York who by the way his poll numbers are still up pretty high, which shows you all you need to know about the voters there. Of course, the smart ones are fleeing there but uh who gave these little t pot and wanna be Napoleon dictators the right to shut us down in the first place. I don’t think anyone I’ve been asking that question for a long time but this. Excuse me this idea that that uh Desantis drew national scoring not in Florida. He didn’t. It’s it’s interesting how the media portrays all of this stuff if you don’t tow the line if you don’t fit with no Republican possibly can except maybe Mitch McConnell, they’re liking him now, you know that kind of thing they the mainstream media likes bipartisanship Republicans at cave and they love dead Republican. You know they love to to uh talk about John Mccain and all that if you’re a dead Republican. They like you and if you’re whatever you wanna call Mitt Romney, they love you that kind of thing but uh other than that they don’t give you the time of day, but uh they they if you don’t tow the line if you don’t drink the kool-aid if you don’t get locked there, then you’re a scoring nationally. Ron DeSantis has not been scoring nationally. He’s been touted nationally certainly here in Florida by the people who actually uh know what he what they’re doing. Ron DeSantis and I’m not. To take credit from this, although maybe I could, I have good friends of mine matter of fact the principles behind big daddy Unlimited. Remember our sponsor your Second Amendment headquarters They are good friends with the Desantis and in fact, took him and his wife and some others up when that I believe it was Hurricane Dennis wiped out a lot of stuff in the panhandle. This was during the campaign They took him up there on a tour of it all and uh one of the things I told my friends, I said, Look you need to. Ill and sent that if he really wants to take a big stronghold in Florida across the board, he needs to take on this water issue about the red Tide and the algae bloom as I told him, I said, look, I’m telling you down, especially in South Florida They are all talking about this around the clock and most people have ignored it and if if Ron will simply take that up as a championship cause, I think he’ll win now, I’m not saying. They did pass that on to him and he did take it up whether or not it had anything to do with me. I don’t know, but it was something he did early on with the help by the way of President Trump and uh I think it shot uh Ron DeSantis up to the top now make no mistake Ron DeSantis and we’ll get into this in just a minute probably couldn’t have won without the full-throated endorsement of President Trump so President Trump did us a big favor there as well but the but back to this. But that very blowback talking about him being called death sentence that very blowback marked by predictions of doom and widespread criticism for being divorced from science cuz he went up against the norm has made Desantis ascended in the go divorced from science. Could it possibly be that he’s actually his Florida success the success of our economy the success of keeping the covid manageable in spite of us being open. Couldn’t that actually be evidence scientific evidence that he was right They don’t wanna even give him any credit. He’s lucky I suppose or whatever, but they wanna say he but I don’t know if that’s true or not. There’s a lot and I know you can’t talk about it. so I’m not gonna get too deep into it, but there are scientific studies that show that some of this stuff that’s being pushed is bullshit everybody else to put it. It’s just is man his position by. The article is strengthen among the Gop grassroots and elites heading into his 2022 reelection of Florida and accompanied by an increasing conservative chatter nationwide about a presidential bid. a presidential bid well, it’s more than just the water issue as I said earlier. I agree that his stance on covid and keeping Florida open and maybe he was a bit lucky. I don’t know, but the reality is it’s working. There’s no place people wanna be more than Florida right now, especially during this storm situation and so he should get some credit for that and he is supposedly. but there’s other things that Ron DeSantis did early on You know what happened during during the past year, We learned two things one. Don’t matter what color you are, You’re not allowed to defend your person your property your home and I say that because in Saint Louis we had this happen to a white couple there check it out. I think you get the picture. most of you have seen that. let me just tell you ladies and gentlemen think about that that couple the McCloskey were arrested for defending their own home with legal guns that they had keep in mind. they did call the police. The police did not come until as Billy Bob tells me a couple of weeks later, the police finally did show up, but it wasn’t to protect or investigate what happened to the McCloskey it was to take their guns from them. Yes, that’s. Happen so in America now you cannot it is actually illegal to defend your home. Your life your family your property, your dog like they were saying from an angry mob in that case, Black lives matter that broke down their gate to come in there had attacked people the day before yet the McCloskey were arrested for defending their home so in Saint Louis, at least you’re not supposed to find your home now, I said people are both cars because at almost the same time. Literally within a month or so of each other, I don’t have my time frame down Pat, but I think the point could be well made Jackie Lacey, who was the attorney general uh or Los Angeles. I’m sorry District attorney Jackie Lacey, who is blocked by the way, was having issues with black lives matter over some decisions she either made or didn’t make out there in La County and Black Lives matter showed up to her door. Said they were looking for her they wanted to call her out and her husband another black man in this case and a retired law enforcement officer met them with this. check it out right now. Get off good morning. Get off of my porch I will shoot you get off of my porch. Jackie Lacey that we’re here. I don’t care who you are get off of my porch. Right now, we’re calling the police right now good. Wow but you don’t see in that video is it that’s like late at night like 123 o’clock in the morning There’s like 100 black lives protesters on the opposite side of the street and a group of them go up to his door there and call out for his wife and he defends his home his heart, his wife with his second amendment rights and what happened to him. He got charged. He got charged not the people that trespass on his property, not the people that were. To drag his wife out in the middle of the night, no not those people, but the law abiding citizens exercising their second amendment right they got charged well. Let me tell you to uh to the McCloskey are to miss Lacey if you wanna be able to stand your ground and protect yourself you need to come on to Florida and I don’t bring your politics from California with you, but we are proudly the gun state cuz Ron DeSantis. now he’s not responsible. For this cuz we pass the stand your ground law, which basically means you don’t have to retreat of someone’s attacking you or you feel threatened but Ron DeSantis expanded that to your business. he came out and put forward a uh legislation that said if someone is uh setting fire threatening your business, you can shoot them period in the story and if uh someone is blocking the road and won’t let you pass and you feel your life. Threatened you can run over them in Florida cuz you have a right to drive down the highway and I tell people all the time that uh you know that what is the memory few years ago, they had that crazy clown stories where these people dress up like crazy clowns and like terrorize neighborhoods, I can tell you where I live, I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating and it’s absolutely true that wouldn’t last but about one or two house cuz the cops would come around and say, hey man have you have you seen them crazy? Cloud? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I saw where are they well? You see that out here in the backyard. That little there, that’s where I planted them cuz that wouldn’t last but about one or two houses where I live so come to the gun state where you have the right to defend your home still period and and think Ron DeSantis for that. so he is a rising star. There’s no doubt about it back to this article by scrapping with reporters and President Joe Biden’s White House who’s been challenging him, which is signal out Florida and the governor. We talked about Joe Biden literally came out and talked about is. Florida, which is the most successful economy basically in the country right now and isolate them from any trouble putting travel bans on Florida while at the same time letting people rush the border without any covid test or anything, but to come to Florida, you’re gonna have to pass all kind of legislative malarkey as Joe Biden would say it’s crazy what’s happening, but thank God we have governors and I’ve been telling you and Imma get into it more in just a minute. It’s going to be up to the governor’s of our states like Texas and Florida and other places to stand up to this tyranny as it is exactly what it is. but it says uh here by scrapping with reporters and President Joe Biden’s White House, which is signal out Florida and the governor in recent weeks the wonky I don’t know why they call him that but combative I would agree with that governor has elevated his profile at a time when other big state governors have been laid low. I’m not surprised. About Ron DeSantis the fighter cuz uh I remember how he went in the primary. A lot of people don’t know this and I before I say this, I wanna tell you that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Adam put Adam Putnam uh it was a rising star and I really thought that if he became governor he might end up being President Adam Putin was one of the youngest people to win the at the uh to represent Florida in Congress and then he became a. Excellent agricultural secretary at the cabinet level for the state of Florida two terms he was running for governor before Desantis jumped in and that it was rumors of Desantis to be fair. but everybody thought that Adam Putnam was a shoe and I mean he is a conservative. He was well funded he had tremendous name recognition in the state of Florida. Keep in mind he had won two statewide elections in a row This guy was on his way. Ron DeSantis decided to run against him so first of all that shows he’s willing to fight now in fairness. what put Desantis over the top and crushed mister Putnam Mister Putnam decided early on to be I don’t wanna put him totally as a never trumper but back during the presidential primaries, he basically bashed President Trump so President Trump and candidate Trump once he became President Trump got a little revenge and he came out with a full-throated in the primary, which doesn’t normally happen endorsed. Of one and only Ron DeSantis and Ron DeSantis absolutely crushed, Adam Putnam and no one would have bet that at the moment that Ron DeSantis put in there so I give him a lot of credit give President Trump a lot of credit I actually like Adam Putnam. I did not like what he said, and it cost him. I think the election against Donald Trump, but hey, you know you have freedom of speech, you don’t necessarily have freedom of consequence right but uh I’m sure Adam Adam is doing well as I say I have nothing but respect for. But II think we got, I think we did make the right choice. I don’t see anybody could be better than Ron DeSantis and that’s not a criticism of mister Putin with the covid death count over a cover up consuming New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his poll numbers are still still high. Don’t get it and a pandemic related recall effort. Haunting California Gavin Newsom God. I hope that really could happen. Republicans are embracing desantis as a red state exemplar like a Knight’s Templar, maybe. Explore pointing to rates of covid death vaccinations unemployment in the most populous of blue state. So, in other words, he’s doing a lot better at keeping our people working than uh these big blue states that are looking for bailouts with the Corona virus thing from Joe Biden right, it says here. but it’s the fight in Desantis that has animated conservatives, pointing to a recent press conference. Desantis held to announce a proposal to crack down on big tech now see he’s leading. As well, big tech, we’re trying to keep us from being censored. We’re in accusing the news media having double standards a total reporter at one point that you can whistle my leg, but don’t tell me it’s raining now. I’m telling you this man is is strong what I’m proposing and I’ve been talking about this for a while. We’ve talked about success and everything else. I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I’m not saying it’s not possible. I just don’t think it’s gonna happen What I think is more like is you’re gonna see something like this A golf alliance. And it could include more than that, and I’m not talking about succession compares. I’m talking about states like Florida and Texas and Louisiana, Mississippi realizing they have mutual self self interest in defending each other, You know right now. Texas is uh is suing by administration over there bomb rush the border laws. they passed basically they were no longer criminal. You can just bomb rush the border and Florida is taking on big tech and those issues. I see states like Florida and Texas joining together and they’re gonna be a series of Supreme Court cases about this in the coming in the next 4 years, I think and I so I really believe that you’re gonna see stuff like the golf alliance you’ve you’ve heard it here first and check the time we’re getting close to me uh that bad ass DeSantis is still relatively unknown among the broad base of go voters, according to early nationwide primary polls in the 2024. Republican ratio privately with polio in a hypothetical race against a crowded field DeSantis is in the middle single digits. That’s gonna change well behind Ted Cruz. I don’t even know if Ted Cruz is actually going to run, Would he be a formidable person? Yes, But II just don’t think Ted Cruz has the personality to project out there for president. I just don’t see it and Mike Pence. I gotta tell tell you without getting into a controversy. I think Mike Pence has done. I don’t think he has any chance. In the world right now something could dramatically change to actually win the Republican primary. I don’t see that unless Donald Trump didn’t run and came out and gave him a resounding endorsement, which I don’t see that happening but in Florida recent poll of Republicans show him talking about Desantis with higher net ratings than Donald Trump that could be true notable findings in a populous battleground state cuz DeSantis is is actually running pretty good, even with uh you know, moderate Democrat. If there is a to think battleground state where the former president just won by the biggest margin of any presidential candidate since 2004, Florida got it right by the way those numbers also suggest DeSantis is more popular than the state’s two senators. Wow. There’s a surprise right not. Stage two senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, both of whom, and this is true, have presidential ambitions as well. Well. Rick Scott has a legitimate shot to be president. He is a well-known political machine. Rubio Rubio’s done people may forget this, but you remember this video here this debate between uh President Trump and Marco Rubio. let’s play it for all. Say cuz it’s an oldie, but a goody check it out my hands Nobody has ever hit man. I’ve never heard of this one look at those hands are they small hands. And he referred to my hands if they’re small, something else must be small. I guarantee you. there’s no problem. I guarantee parents watching last night your kids watching too. So I just know he labeled him little Marco. Now you can put that where you want to, but I love the hands thing. I still hadn’t figured it out. so this is something I still need your help with maybe you could chime in on Facebook or somewhere like that when you talk about the hands and the measurement do you measure it like this or do you measure? Like that, that’s an age old debate this or this. I’m not sure one thing. I’m sure is the hands debate has ended Marco Rubio’s chances to be president. That’s for sure, I still get a kick out of that Republican Charlie Chris. We’re gonna end the show talking about Charlie a former governor who switched parties and is now a house of Representative member and Congress for Florida. God help us a former governor who’s milling whether to run against Desantis, said the governor. To answer for a hiding covid that data to align with spin from the Trump White House, I don’t know about that. Charlie Chris Billy Bob tells me We got an early campaign picture of Charlie there, he is starring in the game You know Charlie Chris man. Oh my God. Do you think II guess he’s a better choice than the last one. The Democrats put up a hotel room. gillum Andrew Gillum, who was he came with us. About this, this guy came within an eyelash so to speak or something of that nature of beating mister DeSantis and becoming our governor. That is a picture of Andrew Gillum lying in his own blood and feces in a hotel room after Odin on methamphetamine and cocaine that guy came close to being governor. so I guess anything’s possible, but Desantis told after a recent event in Miami, he said what we. Show in Florida is you need to lead? I got a lot of blowback. A lot of that was Bs quite frankly, he said. We we led on schools, We let on putting people back to work. We would not have a Super Bowl in Tampa if it was not for me if Ron DeSantis wins reelection, which I’m sure he will or I know he’s gonna run. I don’t wanna take anything for granted, but if he wins reelection and President Trump decides not to. Then Desantis the leader that he is, I think would jump to the top of this, he would certainly have my support cuz my goal. remember my only goal right now politically is to stop the progressive takeover of this country and I believe Desantis is up to the challenge for that and he gets it. It is now about freedom versus tyranny. it is bigger than party politics. It is literally about that. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. please go directly to John Martin talks Facebook page like it share it with others spread the show far and wide check. YouTube channel John Martin talks Remember our sponsors. We really need your help in that regard but above all else. I’ll pray for your family You pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great nation cuz she deserves it and needs it now more than ever. But from like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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