Citizens For Trump – The Devil Went Down To Georgia! – John Martin Talks #372

Citizens For Trump – The Devil Went Down To Georgia! – John Martin Talks #372

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, we got a great show for you today. I mean it’s not looking too good in Georgia, the Devil’s going down to Georgia and we’re gonna talk a little bit about that in just a moment and then we. Give up that’s kind of a theme of my show not only today, but it’s been the theme of my show for weeks and it’s going to be moving forward and we’re gonna talk a little bit about a story about doctor Ben Carson and he is not giving up the fight and I’m gonna tell you what that’s all about. but before we go any further, I gotta talk about. Oh let me back up 1 minute in case you were trying to tune in to the show yesterday we had a great show I would strongly encourage you to seek it out We had some technical difficulties and we only were able to broadcast live. Over one particular Facebook network, hopefully we have that resolved today I would encourage you to go back and look at our show from yesterday. there’s a couple of ways to do it is posted up on all the Facebook sites that you normally look at but also probably the best way to see it is it is now up on our YouTube channel spell it all the way out. John Martin talks I would strongly encourage you to look at it because it talks a lot about what is likely and. Hopefully to happen today in the stock, the steel movement and Josh Holly and Ted Cruz and others what’s happening January 6, which is today in Washington, DC. So check it out. John Martin talks YouTube spell it all the way out, probably the best way to see our show from yesterday and it was uh I’m a little biased, but it was a good one. alright before we get any further. I always have to mention our sponsor Big Daddy Unlimited and I wanna say a special hello to big daddy himself, Tony and Sherry with an e McKnight. My producer who uh are in Washington, DC literally as we speak they’re going to be covering the rallies today in DC and the events up there and we uh we will do a show on them. I don’t know if we can pull it off before the end of the week depends on when they get back and what actually happens up there, but we have a lot of people up there. Big daddy unlimited is up there in force and uh true Patriots and I pray for. All of them, including the people that I don’t even know because I know that you’re up there standing for America and I certainly appreciate that but big daddy Unlimited is our sponsor the way you find them is to look above the show no matter when or where you’re actually watching it above the video you will always see a description of our show. Scroll down on that. click on our sponsorship link It will take you to B Big Daddy Unlimited. Second Amendment headquarters where you will get all things Second Amendment from guns, ammunition tactical gear even swag delivered directly to your door at factory direct pricing and tremendous discounts. Check it out our sponsor. Big Daddy Unlimited. Also we uh have to mention Patriot if you wanna be decked out in all American tight gear. Check out Patriot With a purpose, remember the J mt promo code John Martin talks J Mt Promo code for 20% off. Check it out and of course another great place to see archives of our show is on our other YouTube channel. Yes, we have two channels now you can watch the show live Good morning. How are you guys on YouTube but you can also check us out on recoil TV, a YouTube channel called Recall TV and they are. All about the second amendment as well, showing you the latest products how to use them issues that have to do with guns and the second amendment and we are certainly honored and privileged to have a channel on that site. John Martin talks Check it out All of our shows are archive there as well. Alright let’s get into this business. Insider article about what happened last night in the Great State of Georgia. Democrats in it in a devastating blow to Trump and Republicans as I say this is a business insider article. Let me tell you this. it’s not officially over but it doesn’t look very good. I’m not gonna sugar coat it there there. There just doesn’t seem it looks like Lawler is definitely gonna lose. I’m not saying she is there are she is not conceded and I wouldn’t expect her to they’re still counting votes in Georgia Purdue. Is almost in a statistical tie with uh with and he has a chance to pull this thing out much better. I believe than law firm does it’s still not over but if I told you that uh that uh it looked good, I would be lying to you and I’m never gonna do that the Democratic Party let’s get in this article Democratic Party one control of the Senate following the projector results of two crucial runoff elections in Georgia held. On January 5th well, let me tell you as I said, it’s not quite reminds me of saying I had that people kind of appreciate I call it The pessimist story. You know the awesome the optimist said they can and that’s kinda what’s happened in Georgia man It does not look too good now before we go any deeper. Let me just give you the bottom line on what appears happened in Georgia. I’m not saying there’s not cheating fraud all that I know the male imbalance all that stuff is tricky and we definitely and they stop counting. In some places and there’s suspicion and I’m not saying it doesn’t need to be looked at investigate challenged or whatever but the bottom line from what I’m seeing so far and I looked at it pretty close last night and this morning early the bottom line is Republicans apparently did not turn out for whatever reason in a high enough percentage turnout to push those two Republican candidates over the top. So what I’m saying is despite the. For fraud and cheating, we could have won this thing if people had turned out to vote and uh you know kudos to the millions that did, but apparently and it I could be proven wrong, but it looks like right now that Republicans did not turn out in the sufficient numbers to win this thing and you know there’s no excuse for that there may you may come up with one, but there’s no excuse. I just gotta say it like it is Democrat John. And Rafael War are projected to win their respective races against incumbent Republican senators. David Purdue and Kelly Lawler. I say it’s not over, but it’s not looking good. The Senate will now consist if these results hold up the Senate talking about the US Senate will now consist of fifty Republicans and 48 Democrats and here’s the clincher two independence. who caucus with Democrats. One of them, of course, is Bernie Sanders resulting in a fifty. Fifty split if that happens that won’t happen on every vote, but some of the major ones certainly will, but Democrats will effectively control the chamber because God help us if this becomes reality Vice president-elect Kamala Harris I had my uh my associate my assistant producer cuz my main producer is actually in DC right now. Good morning. Gabe Howdy. How are you man? hope you’re enjoying yourself keep your head down, but he asked me to. Morning up in Washington, Of course, there’s no way to really predict all of that. Now I am hoping and praying that something happens that will give this election to the rightful owner of it and that is Donald Trump and the American people. That’s what I’m hoping I don’t know if that’s going to happen my ultimate hope beyond Donald Trump, which is very obvious, is that we get a thorough investigation. This election even if it does not produce the results we want for Donald Trump we need to have it to change and make a certain that our election is as uh sought our election laws and our actual elections are solid as they can be now it could come down to uh to a Vice President Mike Pence He’s in a tough situation. I know people just wanna automatically say Oh, this is what he should do. We gotta let this. Out and see it I have a lot of faith in Mike Pence. I like him, I’m a huge fan of his but uh you know he uh he may not be up to the task. I don’t know I mean no really no of certainly no modern vice president has been in the situation that he is in so we gotta see how this goes and you know I don’t know how I just there’s just no way really to predict it cuz we are certainly in uncharted but. Unconstitutional waters everything that they are doing up there right now the challenge let’s put it that way is constitution. Alright, let’s get back to this. What happened in Georgia, You know I got a text from uh used to be a friend of mine. I’ll let him remain anonymous, but for some reason and he’s a Bernie supporter and I’m not criticizing it. but I’m just kinda you know and uh I didn’t I got I got a text from him in the middle of the night. I didn’t really. It till this morning asking me if I’m tired of losing now, he has been he’s called me everything but a child of God uh in the last few months in the last year, basically since Trump won election and that has the strangest as I’m sure many of you have experienced similar things. so I thought I would answer him. I started to answer him back. I thought a lot about it this morning and I thought I would answer him live here on the air because I think this. Is something that maybe you can use uh if people are attacking you cuz it’s not easy to be a Trump supporter. It’s never been easy to be an openly Trump supporter when I say that it’s easy for me cuz I love the guy and I feel like I’m in the right and I’m defending this nation and I believe in the agenda in America first so in that sense, it’s been easy but what’s not easy is taking the hits from uh people family. I’ve actually been a strange from some family members because of you know my support for Trump and I’m sure many. Of you have experienced the same thing I’ve definitely been defended on Facebook and I’ve been trolled and attacked and my friend unfortunately has basically become a troll out there. I don’t know if he’s being paid to attack me or not but well, I know what he’s trying to get at he’s trying to get at the fact that it looks like Republicans lost and that Donald Trump is ultimately going to lose two Joe Biden God help us if that’s true. but I thought about this and the youngest one is about 3 months old. And the oldest one I just took to of one of the greatest private schools in our area and uh she just turned thirteen and I and they all the little one kinda looks at me. She’s not really talking up, but all the others are talking and look and they all call me Big Papa and they their eyes get wide and the smiles on their face and they come running when they see me. I mean that’s pretty good. It doesn’t really get a whole lot better than that no matter what happens in politics and I’m and I’m just. For myself, I am surrounded by love. I really am I got a lot of friends that love me and I love them. II got family that uh loves me and I love them and I’m a big part of it and I feel it in my heart and my head and in my soul. so I’m and I’m exactly and this is another thing cuz I wrote this down cuz I wanna be you know upfront with you. I’m exactly right now this morning exactly where I want to be. Now, there’s been many many times my life when I couldn’t say that and I’m sure there’s many times when you couldn’t but to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say you know I am exactly where I wanna be doing exactly what I want to do how many people can really say that you know and heck, I’m going fishing this weekend. Lord willing in the weather is right so and I’m I’m born in the United States of America. I’m an American citizen in the land of the free and the home of the Brave and the greatest experiment that humankind. Ever put forward and I am honored and blessed to be here Born in the Usa and here’s something that a lot of us don’t really think about that often, we’ll say it sometime, but we don’t really think about it in this content. I am truly a blessed man. I’m a truly a blessed person. I’m not saying everything is perfect in my life because I’m human and I fall short of the glory more often than not. There’s a book out there that pretty much guarantees that we’re gonna do. maybe we need to read that. but what I. By that truly blessed man, the you know what’s really a blessing beyond all the things I just listed is that I realized that I’m a blessed man. I realized how good I have it. I realized that my life hasn’t always been like that mostly because of my own bad choices and I’ve talked about that before, but I am truly blessed and I realized that I am and I’m very grateful if I get teared up about it there tears of joy and gratitude cuz I’ve had tears of sorrow many times most of itself. And uh I know where I’ve been, I know where I’m at and I hopefully know where I’m going and it is a glorious feeling I am concerned all of this society. I’m very blessed, but I’m very concerned for my country. I don’t apologize for that I’m not saying that I’m 100% right, I can only tell you what I believe and what I see happening excuse me. I get a little choked up but I am I am very. For my country, I’m not bitter about what’s happening in Georgia. I’m not bitter about what’s uh potentially going to happen today in Washington and whether or not President Trump is ultimately successful at this, I’m not a bitter person I can understand why you would be cuz I am angry but I try to use. I’m sorry about that I try to use my anger as a motivation because living in anger and resentment is not a healthy place for anyone to be and definitely not. Me but I am concerned about my country I am still willing and able to to fight now. I’m much. I don’t know. II don’t have any choice but to stand my ground these days because I can’t run very fast anymore. so uh you know whether or not I’m ready to be a active soldier is probably uh uh passed time microphone and I thank the people that are listening and the most but certainly my sponsors like Big Daddy Unlimited in Patriot We got a few more coming on board in the next couple of weeks here more. About that later, but um you know I am still willing to fight and I tell you all the time we have man the political ram parts. we still even though it looks like we may go down in Georgia the devil may win in Georgia. I like the song says. Of course he didn’t win in that particular Charlie Daniels song, and maybe he won’t yet let’s keep the hope alive man, but we got a man the political rampart, so we’re gonna have to man the real ones again and that. Has been paid it looks like we’re on the verge of outright socialism in this nation, and as I’ve told you many times you can vote your way into socialism, which is what it seems like is happening in Georgia but you always gotta fight your your way out. Look at happens in Venezuela I’m praying again for the people in DC, not only our leaders, but the great Patriots that are there today. believe me I am there with you in spirit. It is today a defining moment for not only our country, but as I said pretty. Yesterday, as I say, if you didn’t catch the show go to our YouTube channel John Martin talks and I went in depth about uh what I think about what could or should happen today in DC. Check it out John Martin talks too, But it’s a defining moment for the go and we need this vote to happen today regardless of the outcome of it cuz we need to know who our friends are and I’ve said to them and Democrats, you know we know where we are with. They’re just Bs crazy man. I mean when you can’t say mother father daughter brother in the House Chamber and you in prayers with a woman when Amen has nothing to do with me, then they can’t get a lot crazier than that. really now. they’re gonna do some crazy things if they have the power as I say I trust Pelosi I trust Chuck Schumer. I trust that they’re gonna do exactly what they say and more if they get ultimate power. In this case, Chuck Schumer becomes the men the majority leader God help us if that happens, I don’t necessarily trust the Republicans to do the right thing today. I don’t I don’t necessarily trust Mike Pence to do the right thing today. I’m hoping that he will. it’s gonna take a lot of courage on his part and he is in a tough situation. So I pray for Mike Pence man, I pray that he has strength, but this is a defining moment for the go and our country and. I want I want every single member of Congress to vote their conscience if you can look me in the eye and tell me and I talked about this about Rick Scott yesterday. So check it out, say I think I did a good job on that, but I would ask you to ask your senators if they can look you in the eye and say that they honestly believe that there was no fraud in this election that they honestly believe that Donald Trump would get. Million more votes on Election day than he did in 2016 and still lose any sitting president and still lose a few believe that and on top of that believe that Joe Biden, you know Joe Bunker Joe, that guy of the world and got more votes than Barack Obama did two times even inner city black neighborhoods got people to turn out to vote. For him that did not vote even though they were eligible to for Barack Obama if you honestly believe all that, but we make it debated. but if you also believe that then vote your dad gum conscience if you don’t believe any of that and you believe this election was fraud and stolen, then vote that content as well We need to know where you stand and then we’re gonna make our decisions and some of us may get mad. Take our toys and go home and some of us. May stand and fight That is me that is me cuz I’m reminded of one of my favorite movies and they won’t allow me to play movie clips. You know when I first started the show I started playing movie clips and cuz I’m a big movie buff but now because of copyright stuff and I’ve been now that I’m on nationwide and got a bigger audience. I can’t do that anymore. I miss it, but one of my favorite movies and I just watched it over Christmas again is the outlaw Josie Wales Clint Eastwood movie, and there is a there’s so many great scenes and lines in that movie one of the greatest If you hadn’t seen it, you need to see it, but he’s talking. About how when when you’re facing overwhelming enemy overwhelming odds and I’m gonna paraphrase it a bit, but he said if you if you get if you’re given up hope if you think you’re gonna lose talking about this fight, he said. You gotta get plum mad dog mean I don’t know if you’ve seen that thing, he says, cuz if you give up if you give up you need to live or when and I think that is where we are right right now we facing overwhelming odds and we can eat. We you know we gotta get plum mad dog meat and we got to fight no matter what we have cuz if we give up if we just go home, which AI could easily do, I could easily do that. I don’t actually now my ego probably needs to show I really enjoy doing the show. I think we’re making a difference here. so I’m not saying I’m about to stop this but I could ride off into the sunset. Certainly Donald Trump could no matter what happened, and this certainly earned that. Right, I don’t think he will do you regardless of what happened, Let’s face the reality. Joe Biden is the truth, but Donald Trump said the other day in his Georgia rally, one of the things I love the most about it, he told uh the governor of Georgia and the Secretary. That’s his name, RA, something another anyway, he told him. Hey, I’ll be back here in a year and a half come excuse got a little frog in my throat, he said. I’ll be back here and probably from screaming at the TV last night. He said I’ll be back here in Georgia in a year and a half campaigning against you and I trust Donald Trump. no matter what happens I believe he will be in Georgia in a year and a half campaigning to against those guys when he could easily just let and has earned every right to just live and enjoy his family and everything else. So I could do that. I could do the same thing I could go back. I mean my wife’s got a good business. I help her a little in it. that kind of thing. I’m very blessed that you know my bills are. And my house paid off all that kind of stuff I could just ride off and you know gotta start with is uh oh uh Jimmy Buffett say you know gotta stop wishing got to go fishing. You know I could just do that and I’m gonna do that as far as going fishing this weekend, Lord willing but I just can’t do that with a clear conscience because of all the blessings that I’ve been given see and I’m only talking about me if you don’t feel this way and I’m not trying to put pressure. On you, I’ve talked I’ve been very honest and upfront with you guys you, you know that have listened to the show for a long time if you need to show first of all, how are you glad to have you where you’ve been as my buddy from Patriot threads? Remember J mt J mt 20% off, but as he says the truth starts now so I welcome you to the show, but I’ve been very upfront and honest with you guys man there was a time in my life when I was in some really dark places. I was with seem hopeless and uh I was a drug addict and I and with a lot of help and mostly the grace of God and a little bit of work and honesty on my part, you know I celebrated Thirty-two. I’m almost 33 coming up in March, Lord will and I get there 33 33 years, clean and Now I don’t say that to brag about it. I say it to explain this I personally feel like I have a debt to pay a tremendous debt, not only for all the crazy stuff I did and I’ve made amends to people I’ve directly harm. Stuff like that, but I’ve been so blessed in this life. my family, you know my growing up the way I was raised. I mean I went against all of that stuff and it didn’t work out too well for me but like I have a tremendous debt to pay society, but I don’t feel burdened by that because the my understanding of the my belief system is and I’m so grateful for this. I believe I have a god that lets me make payments on my debt and one of the reasons I do the show is making a payment on that debt. I don’t know that I’ll ever get it paid off. you know once I do maybe there won’t be any. For me to still be here, so I’m eager to make payments on that debt and one of my payments on that debt is I ain’t going home? I’m not giving up. I’m not jumping back in the pot, You know I President Trump has shown me that I thought I thought I was out the pot all along, but I realized now through Trump’s presidency that I was in that boiling pot simmering away like nothing was getting my goose or my frog legs cooked I’ve jumped out and I’m not jumping in. it doesn’t matter what happened. With Donald Trump, it doesn’t matter what happens, ultimately here in Georgia cuz if this America first movement and I say this and some people don’t like it when I say it, but I gotta be true to myself and true to you if this movement if this in the movement was only about one man as great as that man is Donald Trump then it was doomed to failure from the start it We have grown fat and happy and slumbering in our hammocks so to speak really since World war. And maybe be before that and the country is not gonna be saved our republic if we can keep it is not like Ben Franklin said, is not gonna be saved by one person One person at one senator as great as they may be it is always been up to rugged individualist the American Patriot to save the day. I don’t that hasn’t changed we kinda. Gotten that’s why I want you to be educated motivated and activated and help other people. That’s why I battle basis here because we need to understand that the country is always been about the individual citizen and their willingness to serve this nation in some cases give their life for we we talk about that a lot of times but we don’t I don’t think really understand that you know um a friend of mine reminded me of this yesterday. George. Lost his own house down. I’m not advocating that you do that. We’re not at that point yet we’re moving in that direction, but we need to man the political rampart we cannot give up. Alright. Alright. I’m talk now. so that’s kinda how I feel let me check my time doing pretty good on time I wanna talk about someone who obviously is not giving up and that is somebody that I am a huge fan of. And that is doctor Ben Carson. You know I uh originally before Donald Trump down that escalator and made it pretty clear that he was actually gonna run. I was pushing putting myself behind Ben Carson cuz I think he is one of the most outstanding people in this country has ever produced period. I mean I put him up there with many people A when when when I’ve always been a big fan of Donald Trump and I. Unsure he was serious about running when he first came down that escalator, but once I figured out that he was absolutely serious, you can ask friends of mine. I jumped on board in a big way and I was all Trump from the day. I made that decision, my wife actually got there before I did so uh I gotta give her credit as well, but this is a bright. Bart article. Ben Carson charges 1776 Commission members to fight coordinated attack. On our history and make no mistake, that’s right, there is a fact there is a coordinated attack against our history and against our country. Now, I’m not saying that everyone who voted for those crazy dimmer think about the Democrats man the worst possible candidate. This is what baffles me uh I got back up a minute starting with Joe Biden, Joe Biden is the worst candidate in the history of president. He was a lousy candidate the other times he ran. He was a lousy candidate in twenty until they got desperate and figured that Bernie was gonna win if they didn’t all drop out and get behind Biden and let me just tell you did Joe Biden run the worst campaign in the history of the nation and got the most votes in the history of the nation and you tell me that there’s not some shenanigans in that but Joe Biden. Is a terrible candidate He’s still a terrible candidate, and he’s probably gonna be a lousy president and hopefully he won’t get there, but these two people that ran for office on the Democratic ticket in Georgia are God awful and I’m not just saying that because of their politics this John o guy and I mean what is he ever done ever done? I mean I can’t find anything in his record that remotely would prepare him. Qualify him to be a US senator now the people apparently are voting for him and if he gets there, he gets there, but this war up fella, I mean even his own wife said he was phony and a fake and was you know committed domestic violence against her. not me, she said that on TV, all you gotta do is at the news media won’t hardly report it. maybe we’ll actually play that video and may not matter now I suppose but Tucker and go look at him. He played it. A bit in the last month, she literally called her husband a phony a fake and a great actor, and that he’s full of whatever and acting and she’s in tears and said that he ran over her with the car yet he got the most votes of anybody yesterday. so you know, maybe it is maybe it is too late. I hope not alright, let’s get into this article as I’m gonna repeat the title cuz I got a little sidetrack there my my psychic side here. Billy Bob Bass tells me. Get it back on track boy. He’s my psychic sidekick. Yeah. make fishing great again. I am the fish whisper the old salty dog. He’s got a twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks. We’re we’re trying to get on every social media platform that is and we are not abandoning Facebook. They may cancel us who knows I hope algorithm you don’t and we’re gonna stay on YouTube. We’re not giving giving up the public now we’re gonna expand. Square but we’re not giving it up so don’t expect us to pack our bags and go home um but here’s the article Ben Carson charges 1776 Commission members to fight coordinated attack on our history and this is bright, Bart housing and urban development, which is secretary Ben Carson spoke at the opening meeting for President Donald Trump’s appointed 1776 commission on Tuesday, urging members to work together to restore the importance of America’s heritage in education. Well, God’s. I hope that uh you know that he’s successful at this as Lord knows we need to take our education system back. you know we’ve we’ve let it go what was that saying we had when Obama was president, you know, take our country back like we need to take it from Obama and I said to I had a radio show at that time. I said we don’t need to take this country back from Obama. We need We need to take it back our own ignorance and apathy cuz it is apathy that is let. These people went cheating aside when I’m not disputing any of that, but if you look at the numbers of people who simply don’t even register to vote, let alone what happened in Georgia yesterday when we didn’t have basically 100% turnout, we had less turnout percentage wise than we did in the general election. and that’s why we lost no matter what you wanna say about the cheating. Ultimately we could have one and maybe we still will, but I wanna talk a minute here. I’m kinda on this. Tangent and so we’ll keep going with that about I hear talk about like God’s will and I’m not saying I’m an expert in God’s will I’m not a theologian. I don’t claim to be you know I can only talk about my own experience my own understanding and what did everybody tell you that you need a personal relationship with God right people tell you that all the time and so all I can talk about with any authority is my own personal relationship and people are always. Well, it’s God’s will that Donald Trump win this thing and all that so would that mean that if he loses, it’s God’s will I can only look at it from my perspective. Let me tell you what I know about God’s will very little now what I do know and this is what I had to figure out through a lot of pain most physical mental and spiritual is that it didn’t really matter what God’s will for me was as long as I was doing what I knew was not his will. you know how am I? Possibly going to get to what God’s will is for me if I knowingly do things that are against his will and I’m just talking about me. I did it on a daily basis. It got to the point in my life where that’s all I did was my own will III remember very vividly the last day that I used drugs almost 33 years ago, I was everything I was at the point in my life to every single thing I did I knew for a fact was wrong was wrong. I remember taking. The last little bit of money that my dad had in this hiding place and he knew I was taking it. You know, I kinda borrow it put it it back and all that like think I don’t know he just want to see how far I would go. God I love and miss that man I tried to that. you know. that’s another thing the best thing you can do for people who’ve who’ve gone on is to live your life the way they would want you to that to me is another thing that I’ve learned cuz I can’t bring him back but I remember taking the last like 300 bucks. I’m just telling you that. From my dad’s little kitty there and I was literally my hands trimming and I was crying like a baby because I knew that what I was doing every fabric of my being knew that what I was doing was wrong, I could not do it. That’s what powers by the way means to me, It means knowing everything I’m doing is wrong and I can’t stop myself through God’s grace and the help of other people a little bit of work on my part. I haven’t had to feel that way in a long time so to answer my friend am I tired of losing I haven’t lost in a long time, It doesn’t matter what happens in politics, I can only do my part, However, Big God lets me be or however, small, I can just responsible for doing the best that I can on a daily basis. I still fall short of that on a daily basis, but to to conclude this thing about God’s will what I had to learn was that I needed to. All the things in my life that I knew for a fact were not his will and since I’ve been able to do that more or less, you know imperfect as I am, it really doesn’t matter my life has been so much better and different than um you know why do I need to know what God’s will for me is get rid of what I know is not and live. That’s that’s been mine, but let’s get on with this article. I didn’t mean to get too much. Ret. Let me check my time doing okay. This is what doctor Carson said in opening up this uh. Commission that Donald Trump did with executive orders so I realized it could go away and I’m gonna discuss that in a moment but doctor Carson said today as America faces new attempts to redefine the date of our founding our national story is being rewritten and integrated within in flawed descriptions. No question about that. what it reminds me of ladies and gentlemen, something that George Orwell said. Remember, he said that. Basically, I’m paraphrasing here, but Orwell said that the more society drifts away from the truth the more they will resent those that speak it the more they will resent those that speak. it does that not kinda define what’s happening to Trump’s supporters. what’s happening to the president himself the more society drifts from the truth, according to mister O, the more they will. Hate those that speak it, but I would say you have you need to speak it nonetheless and I’m blessed to be here and I’m gonna continue to do so. Carson charged the members with the task of the task force for preserving American history at a moment when leftist are trying to tear it apart with revision revision education, he went on to say every sin and this I really love this paragraph here every sin from my past is highlighted and every triumph. Buried he’s absolutely right, It’s like we’re trying to do an inventory of our country and just showing the inventory of all the things we’ve done bad and our country is not perfect by any stretch. just the greatest experiment that mankind humankind woman kind. Amen, a woman whatever you wanna say it brother sister, I’m gonna say it, you know I might call Nancy Summit. We need to refer to her as Madam Speaker anymore. What do we just call? Hey? Gal from or he can’t even say I don’t know it’s just crazy man but every sin from our past, according to Doctor Carson is highlighted in every triumph is buried he’s bought on there this historical vision amounts these are doctor Carson’s word this historical revision amounts to nothing more than a coordinated attack on our history our heroes and very inheritance. Amen. He is absolutely right and when he when I was reading these words. Morning I thought about Frederick Douglass I am a huge fan of our great hero. Frederick Douglas If you don’t know who he is get yourself educated cuz you really need to know who Frederick Douglas was. he was a black man who was a Republican during the civil war. He lived up in New York. He actually met with Abraham Lincoln and he was a extraordinaire and think about this in all this craziness with burden and terror. Statues and everything else these idiots tore down Frederick Douglas, who was a champion for Black America who was one of the greatest American Patriots of any color, let alone the fact that he was black who was adamantly opposed to slavery and one is one of leading evolutionist of his time yet his statue was torn down Now, you may ask why I think it’s two reason one of it is just pure ignorant. stupidity. people don’t know if you wonder what the difference between ignorance and stupid is let me just tell you real quick. The best way I can put it if you don’t know how to read you’re ignorant cuz you just don’t know how I’m not saying you’re a bad person if you’re ignorant in that particular field if you don’t care, then you’re stupid, I mean that’s the best way I could put it but Frederick Frederick Douglass statue was torn down by by ignorant and people that didn’t know what he was doing, but it was also torn down by people who knew exactly what they were doing because they don’t want Black Americans, which looks like was the. Difference in the voting yesterday in Georgia haven’t looked at detail of the results totally, but it appears that way but black Americans they don’t the left does not want Black America to be proud of anything in the United States of America, and that’s pretty obvious when not only did they tear down. Frederick Douglass statue in the name of Black Lives Matter, which is a communist organization. That’s not my words. It’s the truth. It’s their own words. Remember they also desecration the uh the black soldiers. Up memorial in Philadelphia the ones that movie um what was the name of that movie. I can’t think of it at the moment uh right now, but uh about this black soldiers that fought in the in the civil war for the side of the union that actually uh turn the tide in some cases. and so they tore that down and the reason is because they don’t want black Americans to be proud of anything in this country and black Americans have. Tremendous amount of things to be proud of Are we a perfect nation? No never have never will be you know why cuz we are basically a nation of people and people always fall short of the glory. It’s just the way it is, but if you know your history, the good, the bad and the ugly of it, there is so much more to be proud of than to be ashamed of in this and I think that’s what doctor Carson is referring to members of the commission. Sworn in and met in person on the phone Tuesday afternoon to speak about their mission to restore America’s heritage in education The commission meeting was led by Matthew Spalding, the vice president for Hill’s college operations in DC. if you’re not familiar with Hillsdale College, you need to get so and I’ll tell you about that in a minute who reminded the commission of their charge from the president’s executive order. Let me tell you Hillsdale college man and I’m not being paid to say this I should be. I know they sponsor some people so Hillsdale if you’re listening, I. Certainly accept your sponsorship here, but I’m gonna give you a free plug if you’re interested now, they have a campus out in California but they’re online a lot and they offer at least they used to and I’m pretty sure they still do a free course in the Constitution. You have to sign up for it and all of that and it’s all done online. There’s not like you’re gonna get a pass fail. I don’t think I took the course I already knew a lot about it, but I took the course I highly recommend it. I’m assuming they still all. Check it out. Of course, you could just listen to OJ mt here and Billy Bob My Psychic sidekick Twitter handle at Billy Bob Bass. One mine is at John Martin talk because uh you know this so I’m edd and uh I’m a big time believer in the US Constitution The reason ladies and gentlemen by the way that we can’t seem to agree on anything and to the sense that we’re divided. of course, there are people like Joe Biden, God help us if he becomes present that are intentionally trying to. Cuz that’s what the Republican I mean the Democratic Party does they divide people into groups and they get them all gender and mad as heck and hating, and then they rejoin me together behind the common Boogie man. In this case, it’s been Donald Trump. That’s theirs the new mantra of the Democratic Party. I hadn’t said this in a while, but if I say it bears repeating is America sucks. It’s always suck. This is why they tear down statues of people. Like Frederick Douglas America sucks It’ always sucks it sucks for some more than others and if you vote for the Democrats, they’re gonna make it suck for everybody equally. That is exactly what is going to happen if they get control of everything, but you can listen to J mt because I am an artist supporter of the Constitution. getting back to what I was about to say the reason why we can’t seem to agree on anything is we have forgotten as a nation, which I think the seventeen. Seventy-six Commission is really about we have forgotten what we used to agree on period, no matter what your politics and that was we were a republic under a US constitution and that the purpose of the constitution was not to empower a big federal government. but the opposite to protect the people and their God given an alienable rights from the overreach of a big federal or monarchy government. That’s what it was about. it was about empowering the the people government if you don’t understand that. Then you don’t really understand the basis of the constitution and our founding principles my time again here the goal of the Commission Spalding, this is the guy from uh from um and they get that right again from Hillsdale College and I wanna make sure I give them credit the goal of the Commission, Spalding noted, is to revisit the importance of the founding documents of the American Republic and restore a common appreciation for the principles in shrine in them. Amen the question. Yes, cuz you know Biden’s gonna do away with his commission. I think, but is it too late and what they’re trying to do is it too late? Have we lost the generation too much to our corrupt educational system? You know, is it too late my answer to that? Is it can’t be it can’t be too late. It cannot be. I’m not saying it really hit, but it can’t be think about that. What do we saying if it’s too late or we just saying it’s over the great. An experiment was over and we’re just gonna sit back in our bunkers and enjoy whatever life we have left. I told you at the top that one of the great blessings I have is five grandchildren that I love me one of the prayers I have is lord I just pray that you give me the wisdom and the help to see these kids grow up. That’s all I really want. There’s other things that I want, but the only thing I really need is that and I don’t know that I’m gonna get that uh nobody knows nobody has promised tomorrow so you gotta live your life. The best you can today because ain’t none of us getting out of here a lot, but I just hope and pray sincerely that I get to see these kids grow up and my job is not to just sit back but to make every choice I can on a daily basis that will help me get there. That is the will where I need to exercise my will I gotta leave the rest up to God, but I know I can do things make lifestyle changes I can enjoy every moment that I have with them. No matter what I can do all of that. The question is will I try to on a daily basis? but is it too late to educate and motivate and activate people and if we have to eliminate by voting these rascals out of office that that are gonna have that defining moment today in DC, I it can’t be for me cuz I don’t I don’t wanna believe that I’m not gonna believe that doctor Carol Swain is a member of this if you don’t know anything about her man, you really ought to check her out. Talk about a great patriot in the mold of a Frederick Douglass doctor, Carroll says people like her that give me a tremendous amount of hope you really need to check her out. Doctor Carol Swain, a retired professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University, she said. I’ve listened to what she’s saying here, she says. I believe we can become a much greater nation. We’re moving in the wrong direction and the way back starts with those founding documents. In exactly she’s absolutely right, we’ve got to return to the constitution. It is the solution of our problems to me and it’s in the way of these progressives that wanna destroy the country. That’s why they wanna get rid of it. shreds are in worst case, I think actually ignore it, but it’s exactly what she’s saying. I gotta read that one more time we’re almost out of time I guess we pretty much are in a tamika anyway. We’re pretty much out of time. Let me just tell you that uh we have to battle ignorance and apathy daily. You have my commitment. it is. The challenge of our time not to give up. I promise you that I won’t as long as I have breath and this microphone before me, I hope you enjoy the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. Please go directly to John Martin talks Facebook page like it and share it with us. I’ll pray for your family. Let’s all pray for our nation the president and all of those great Patriots in DC today cuz they certainly have earned that right but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours. Have a blessed day.

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