Citizens For Trump – Texas Gov. Abbott, Biden Freeing Corona Positive Illegals Into Texas! – JMT #410

Citizens For Trump – Texas Gov. Abbott, Biden Freeing Corona Positive Illegals Into Texas! – JMT #410

Talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, We got a great show for you today. We’re gonna start out. We’re gonna start out updating you actually on a couple of things, but the main topics of the day are Texas Governor Abbott is claiming and I think rightfully so that Joe Biden is freeing Corona. Test In other words, covid nineteen illegal immigrants coming across the border testing positive for Corona virus are not only being freed into the United States, but actually taken deep into the country and we’ll get into the details of that in just a moment and then a course the gift that keeps on giving Cuomo Andrew Cuomo is now come out and said he’s not going anywhere He doesn’t care what happens he is going to be the governor. Of this great state of New York for some time to come and he doesn’t even rule uh running again for another term. So there’s no shame in those guys, but we’ll talk about that before we go any further. We always have to talk about our sponsors in this case. Big Daddy Unlimited BD as I tell you all the time not everybody can be a fighter but everybody can support those of us in the fight and BD Big Daddy Unlimited supports us in many many ways. We Greatly appreciated and they’re a fighter themselves, but if you look above the show above the video no matter when or where you’re watching it, you’ll see a description of what we’re gonna talk about today, then scroll down on that and you’ll see various links and among those links to our sponsor. Big Daddy Unlimited where you will get factory direct pricing on guns and ammunition delivered directly to your door. Now, I know there’s been all kind of problems in the gun and that especially ammunition business because of back orders. 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First of all, you know what what all have we been called over the years if you’re a Trump supporter, everything but a child of God we started out being. A basket of deplorables then, Biden said we were drugs of society. then he took it a step further and said, we’re mostly bad people right. and then, of course, Trump jumps that came out but now Joe Biden has is calling us Neanderthals Yes Neanderthals with their lives matter too. Apparently he’s come out now and said, basically the Midwest, which I have a real, you know a lot of my audiences there and II am a kindred spirit down here. I guess I’m. Neanderthal count me in that too, so uh what all are we Billy Bob Billy Bob Bass is my Psychic sidekick by the way he uh he has a Twitter handle. It’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Mark talks, but he’s pretty much a deplorable. I’ve kinda lean towards mostly the drag and that but uh you know uh of of the uh like pre hoed pre home sapiens. What in Neanderthal supposed to be the smartest of all of them. So you know if I’m a Trump champ, which I definitely. Am now I’m a neanderthal, I guess we’re all in good company, but I’ll let you know what they think of us. not they, you know one thing they never call us just patriotic Americans. basically, that’s what we are. Trump champs all the way up to basket full of deplorables and everything in between ascension. We’re just patriotic Americans, but now we’re Isis terrorists or or the like and everything else I wanna update you on two quick bills that passed the house yesterday. One was at HB one. We talked about it in depth yesterday. We’re not gonna get in depth today, but if you wanna check out our podcast, you can look at us on YouTube spell it out. John Mark talks scores Recall TV. We’re on America’s voice News. We’re not on there live but we’re archived on there every day if you America’s voice News is a great alternative to the mainstream media can download a free app on your Android your iphone or on Roku Fire stick Apple TV channel 219 Dish Network and Pluto If you wanna see our show there just go on their streaming service and you’ll see a shows tab. Click on. And you’ll see John Martin talk so check it out. We’re honored to be there, but we talked about it yesterday about this HB one and it’s is all encompassing a federal housing of the presidential election basically the bottom line like I said If you want the details of it, check out our show yesterday but uh it essentially would make it to where no conservative. No Trump ever or anybody like him assuming there was somebody like him would be elected again, No conservative probably no Republican period the National Office. Would ever be elected again Now the good news is it looks like it’s dead on arrival in the Senate assuming they don’t find a way to do a way with the filibuster because even some Democrats and one Democrat actually voted against it yesterday, all Republicans did, but one Democrat actually voted against it. so check that out Hopefully uh it lets you know what they’re trying to do and secondly a bill that passed yesterday and I don’t remember the exact number but you can check it out. it didn’t get a whole. Of attention, but this bill in many ways is even worse than the HB one bill about the elections if it’s possible and that is basically defunding the police they passed a comprehensive bill yesterday and uh they’ll never tell you it’s defunding the police but they’re reimagining and the biggest thing that passed in that bill. Hopefully it’ll be dead in the Senate as well is the idea of implied immunity that type of thing. Doing away with it for police officers if you’re not familiar with that term, you need to get familiar with that because implied immunity makes it to to kinda simplify. It makes it where individual police officers can be sued without the umbrella of protection of the government agency or whatever City County whatever they’re working for now, you may say that sounds fair but if that’s the case think about this police officer literally would be sued on a daily basis. You talk about defunding the police, no one would ever want to be a police officer ever again if that happens now the legislative people the uh the members of the house they have implied immunity and they didn’t take theirs away, but police officers in this bill, they’re taking it away and it would be the end of police departments as we know it if it actually became law, but I just wanna put that on your radar screen. Alright so um this. Guys gonna get on with the show. This is a Breitbart story. Greg Abbott, who’s the governor of the Great State of Texas, Joe Biden recklessly freeing Corona virus positive illegal aliens into Texas now what’s happening Essentially there is people are coming in being a now. This doesn’t count the people who aren’t apprehended, you know, which we know there’s a huge number of people that never get apprehended. This is just of the people who are are apprehended at the border by border. Agency. That’s what we’re talking about they’re being tested for covid and they’re doing doing it at the state level and then they’re being freed into the United States and beyond just being freed like in the Texas, they’re actually as you will see in a minute, they’re being transported deeper into the United States, Texas Governor Abbott says President Joe Biden is recklessly releasing illegal aliens into the state of Texas after they have tested positive for the Chinese virus. so they’re tested they. Are tested positive for the virus and they’re being released into the United States. Are you okay with that? I mean you those of you who are like terrified of the Corona virus and I’m not saying you’re wrong about that, of course, many states uh Alabama supposed to be joining today. I think after today there maybe fourteen states that have uh released the uh the mask mandate. Let me just say something very quickly on that. I’m not even gonna get into where the mass work or what or whatnot I have never. Had a problem with mandates if they come from business and and and uh our free society. I don’t like it when they’re these little Napoleon dictator governors wanna put it out there. I don’t like that at all, but if, for instance, you have a say, let’s just say a grocery store or a restaurant that says you know, we’re gonna be very protective. We’re gonna require mass. We’re gonna clean our shopping carts or we’re gonna social distance at the tables and all that, but then you have another restaurant or. Our grocery store that says you know, hey, we’re gonna let you choose whether you wanna wear a mask or not whether you wanna social distance or not and we’re gonna serve people at capacity. you know those would be opposite sides of a coin right well, you can make a choice as to which supermarket you wanted to go to or which restaurant you wanted to go to. I’ve never had an issue with that period, but when government does it, it takes away the very essence of our freedom. I was listening to the radio coming inside a lot actually I will I’ll give him credit where credits do I was listening to bright bar and they got in a little bit into a story coming out of England, where like 70% of the people surveyed in this poll in England said that they would miss Miss. I’m sorry miss mandatory shutdowns they would actually prefer mandatory shutdowns. That’s kinda scary if you stop and think about it and it also shows a difference with. In the United States of America, our students citizens who are about rugged individualism, you know freedom comes with a price freedom to be a free person in this in this society, you have to take personal responsibility and a lot of people don’t wanna do that. I hope it doesn’t come that way here but uh but think about this they’re tested positive these illegal immigrants illegal aliens and then released now my question to like mister Biden if he would actually take a question is uh. Covid this great menace cuz remember he basically ran on fact that if you didn’t elect him, we’re all gonna die tomorrow. right, I mean that’s pretty much the campaign that Joe Biden was Donald Trump’s biggest vulnerability right. I mean that’s the way it is and Joe Biden was supposed to be the Savior right now. there have been more people died since Election Day than before Election day, but that maybe another story but is covid the great menace or. And I’m not necessarily downplaying. I’m not saying it’s not the great menace, but if it is the menace that the Biden administration and the Democrats are putting out there, how can you justify allowing people who are positive for covid just coming into the country with no quarantine whatsoever? Uh it just doesn’t make any sense to me now this question about whether or not Biden would take questions. I gotta play this video for you, it says a lot really let me just set it up. real quick. There was a some type of like zoom type of conference if you will and Biden participated in it and when it was over. I’ll play it and you will come back. talk about check this out. Thank you. Thank you and I’m happy to take questions. If that’s you. I’m supposed to do whatever you want me to do. Did you catch that did you catch that right there? Biden was participating in this virtual thing and then there were some I guess reporters there or maybe they could do it over the zoom or whatever they were doing and he said, Oh, I’m willing to take questions now and I guess he was talking to one of his aids. If that’s what you want me to do and they cut off the feed they we’re not about to risk. Biden taking questions man. I mean think about that. What is that say I mean people. Donald Trump but one of the things Donald Trump would do he would do the the shout line where he’s walking out in the Marine one and they shout out questions to him and he stop and do an impromptu press conference for like thirty or 40 minutes sometime. Do you realize that Joe Biden has not done a press conference in over 40 days since he’s become president longest in modern history, No one has ever done that I don’t know I guess uh like I was talking to my producer before we start the show. He was watching that video we talked about how unbelievable is, but Joe Biden’s base they don’t care about his his uh taking press uh questions cuz as long as the policies are going down the progressive rat hole that they are they’re fine with it. They don’t put you know they don’t Joe Biden don’t need to ask questions as long as he’s implementing the policies that the hardcore progressive left wants they’re good with it. Man a report by NBC News this week confirmed that Biden’s Department of Homeland Security DHS is releasing border crossers illegal aliens into the US interior who then are testing positive for Corona virus even after border crossers test positive. They are not required to quarantine not required to quarantine. So how do you explain this ladies and gentlemen? How do you explain the fact that Joe Biden and the Democrats basically said that we’re all gonna dive Corona virus if you don’t if you don’t uh get rid of the trumps we can, but. Biden is turned around now and let these people come in of course, he told us during the campaign. what he thought of people coming here illegally and I guess the fact that they’re bringing Corona with them. I maybe this video explains it cuz it’s hard to understand. Check it out We can afford to do this in terms of this is a big country. The idea we can accommodate more people in the interest of the United States and by the way guess what they’re the reason why? The legal, as well as undocumented the reason why our society is functioning the reason why our economy is growing. We don’t talk about that. We stand up and act like it’s a burden. It is not a burden. It’s a gift. It’s a gift think about that. He’s saying that people coming here illegally. It’s a gift so if your child or your loved one your grandfather, your grandfather are you yourself catch covid from one of these people just consider a gift. Oh thank you. You know, please can I have another one I mean unbelievable a gift illegal immigrants are a gift now. as I told you yesterday, we got into this story and oh by the way did you see they updated the number of people that were packed in that Suv, they said Twenty-five now they’re saying it’s twenty-eight people that were packed into that Suv. If you don’t know what I’m talking about. Check out our podcast from yesterday but couple of days ago a Suv apparently crashed across the Mexican border, went through a part of the fence that’s falling apart with the Suv that had only it’s supposed to hold. Six people, but they took out all the seats except for the driver and passenger side and put twenty-eight people in something that’s supposed to hold six people and then they ran through an intersection and got t bone by a semi and they’re like thirteen or fifteen people have been killed and there’s quite a few seriously injured and all that kind of stuff. I mean I guess this is the gift what a gift they got and like I said yesterday, I don’t necessarily blame the people for trying to get here I blame. Democrats the people like Joe Biden, I literally believe they have blood on their hands because they are encouraging desperate people to take a desperate journey. Keep think about this, I said yesterday, how desperate do you have to be to climb in to be the twenty-eighth person? let alone the twenty-fourth person to climb into that Suv. How desperate do you have to be and think about the statistics of women getting attacked, raped and assault? And attacked and even killed like 70%, some statistics show of women who make the the crossing from like Guatemala all the way through Mexico are victims of sexual assault, rape and even murder 70% yet the Democrats encourage these desperate people to do desperate things and I put that they actually have blood on their hands. I stand by that, but they’re a gift. It’s a gift. What a gift to those families? A. Talking about the governor of Texas, he wrote in a post, he said the Biden administration is recklessly releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants who have covid into Texas communities The Biden administration must immediately this is what the governor said immediately in this callous act, and that’s exactly what it is act that exposes Texans and America’s to covid Well, you know I agree with the governor, 100% I wanna play a video. We play this the other day. this is not directly to be fair. It’s not directly related to this particular topic. But it was taken about a week ago when Joe Biden was in Texas visiting and maybe this is why he won’t take any questions. Listen to Joe Biden in Texas and how bet he actually is check it out Uh I think he’s getting on a plane, he told me last he came in to see me last event and representatives uh Shirley Jackson Lee al Green Sylvia Garcia, Lizzy Pinel uh. Excuse me for now and uh what am I doing here? I’m gonna lose track. That’s a good question. sir. What are you doing here? I mean good God man they they think about this ladies and gentlemen they tried to talk about the Twenty-fifth Amendment that Donald Trump was unhinged. I kept waiting for him to be reelected and be unleashed. That’s what I wanted to say, but can you imagine if during the oppressor? Donald Trump said. Well, I don’t even know what I’m doing here. What am I doing? I mean they would have been unmerciful to him, but Biden just gets a free pass. I mean uh you know the the video. We showed you earlier where he says, uh I’ll take questions. That’s what I’m supposed to do and I cut him off man. This is who we have in the highest office of the land. It is terrifying if you now you may hate Donald Trump, you may love Joe Biden. That’s one thing I have not. I’ve never still to this day. I haven’t found anybody who is passionate about Joe Biden, I still had now there’s people who are anti Donald Trump. I get that I get it, but still I’d love to see somebody make a case of if. Mentioning Donald Trump that they’re passionate about Joe Biden, I haven’t found one about that, but the like we said earlier, the left doesn’t care that Joe Biden is incoherent incompetent. maybe on the the verge of being totally seen now, they don’t care because all they care about is the policies being implemented. They’re actually I started to do a story on this. there’s actually a bipartisan group of Senators Republicans and Democrats that are looking to take Joe Biden’s war powers away and. Some Democrats that want him to be removed These are Democrats don’t that Joe Biden doesn’t have the nuclear codes think about that we have a commander in chief that they don’t want that they don’t wanna have the power of War Powers Act and they don’t want him to have sole access to the nuclear codes Yet this guy is in the White House. I mean we’re in trouble, ladies and gentlemen in Brownsville, Texas Department of Homeland Security is sending border crossers into the community. Where local health officials then must test them so they’re they’re not even testing. they’re making it to local officials. so they’re paying Texas is paying the price for all of us the border crosses, which are illegal immigrants, are allowed to continue traveling get this into the US interior, Not just Texas many heading to Maryland, New Jersey and North Carolina. I guess they have processed senators. So is this what you voted for if you’re in Maryland? New Jersey and North Carolina, of course, North Carolina voted for President Trump but did you vote to have people who are infected with covid taken into your area and release is that what you voted for? I mean think about that and Mario I mean I always Andrew Cuomo and and Governor Murphy in New Jersey. They put all folks into nursing homes cuz it wasn’t just Cuomo just keep that in mind. That’s one reason why they don’t talk. We’re gonna talk about Cuomo in just a minute but uh they. People in the nursing homes with covid knowing that it was a potential death sentence yet these illegal immigrants are brought to New jersey if you’re in a new Jersey resident are you okay with this if you voted for Biden if you voted for Governor Murphy are you alright with this that they’re bringing people in and it’s not one or two. It’s hundreds of people in and I’m gonna give you the statistics of how many of them have tested positive in just a moment and you’ll be frightened but. Did you vote for that chime in on Facebook? Let me know is this what you voted for cuz I can’t believe it is since Brownsville officials started testing release board crosses. Listen to this. hey, if you’ve, if you’re you know, put your coffee down and listen to this statistic since Brownsville officials started testing release border crossers about six point. 6.3% nearly 110 people have tested positive for the Corona virus and are sent on their way six point. 6.3. 6.3% of the people. Tested and these are just the ones they got. They apprehend. These aren’t the people like we’re in that Suv that crashed across the border, not that you know people that get in the way all the time but 6.3% have tested positive for Corona virus and they don’t even have to put them in a quarantine or anything and they’re shipping them out to Maryland, New Jersey and North Carolina and releasing them right across the border in Texas. Are you okay with this? I got maybe it’s just me. I got a big. With this unless unless you’re telling me that Corona virus isn’t the menace that we’re thinking it to be you know if it’s like the common cold or something. but according to the Democrats, it’s the scourge of the earth and if we didn’t elect Joe Biden, we’re all gonna die so which is it? I don’t know similarly, Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama. He’s becoming a hero of mine called Biden’s catch and release policy and anti America first and Anti-science initiative. Yeah, he don’t believe in. Science dude, Brooks wrote in a post illegal aliens with Covid nineteen are being caught and then released into the United States. He went on to say this is an anti America first and anti-science Socialist Dems have built a wall around the capital to protect themselves, but won’t protect you and that is an excellent point that uh did you see by the way that Congress is dismissed for today cuz I guess they’re worried about Q and on and this. March 4th deal and everything else we’ll keep you posted, but from what I’m hearing and it’s much to do about nothing but uh yeah so they barricaded the capital you know and and to keep them safe but for you not so much they don’t really care They don’t care at all and and you know, maybe there’s a reason why Biden only holds virtual meetings. You know he just met. he’s not going down to Mexico and he’s not letting the leaders of Mexico come to the White House. He’s holding virtual meetings so he you know you. Exposed to these the 6% of illegal aliens that have been tested positive. No problem, Biden and Congress do man you can’t get close to them as bright bars, Breitbart News noted. Millions of Americans remain under business restrictions mask mandates and quarantine requirements due to Corona virus crisis so they’re getting the Americans are being held. You know prisoners basically by the state but illegal aliens and not so much even as coronavirus positive border crossers are not held to any requirements except public mass mandates where they are enforced and not only that. but the. You know they have Biden’s putting them in cages. We talked about that a week or so ago, but these children, which right now there’s over 170000. I wanna say children that have crossed the border illegally with without parents some crazy number like that since Biden opened up the borders and and did away with everything that Trump put in place these people though their children have teachers actually have teachers, they can go to school your children if you’re in Chicago or a not so much. did you see where? The head of the teachers union out in California was caught on video taking his daughter to private school while at the same time saying that public schools cannot be open. I mean these people no no shame whatsoever, but let me just ask you do you have a problem with this that that illegal alien children can have teachers, but yours can’t that illegal aliens don’t have to be shut down can go to work or whatever, but you can’t do you have a. With this, maybe it’s just me Biden’s catch and release policy has proven unpopular with Americans and a Harvard Harris poll conducted last month of nearly 1800 registered voters 67% said Border crossers should be returned to Mexico. That’s what by the way Donald Trump was doing as they were under the remaining Mexico policy that Biden ended so Donald Trump had this situation under control and Biden in it while just 33% said they should be released into the US interior so 33%. Of the people pulled said that these illegal immigrants should be released into the interior. I guess knowing that they’re positive for Corona virus, so I wanna put a challenge out there right now, if you’re one of those 33%, could you please give us your name and address so we can make sure that he’s Corona positive people go directly to your house and not mine. I mean, give me your name and address man but uh it’s please tell me where this makes sense. Where does this make? Sense what is happening at our border? Where does any of this make sense with the Corona virus being you know? we’re all gonna die now. they’re letting these people come in testing positive over 6% and taking them into the interior of the United States. Please tell me where this makes any logical sense at all. Well, you know, Biden said. It was a gift right that these immigrants are giving so if you get covid just considered an early Christmas present or birthday present or whatever it’s a gift well, at least I guess there’s one. Thing that is there is bipartisan support for this idea cuz remember that Joe Biden said it was a gift but Jeff wanna be I mean, but uh Jeff wanna be President Bush. remember what he said about illegal immigrants. Check this out. Yes. they broke the law but it’s not a felony. It’s kind of the it’s its a. It’s a it’s a it’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family. It’s an act. Of love, man think about that an act of love so you got Biden on the one hand, saying it’s a gift Jeb Bush who thank God he never became president never will is saying it’s an act of love so if you get the gift of covid from an illegal immigrant, just think about the fact that it is an act of love how ridiculous is this stuff? It’s just tell me where it makes any sense whatsoever. Can you please If you you don’t have to be for for Donald Trump? but can you please? Me where any of this makes sense unless you’re trying to destroy the United States of America, then I guess it makes sense, but even then it doesn’t make sense because it could be taking you out of the picture out of the equation that gift that act of love could put you on a respirator. Alright. We’re gonna move along here. We’re gonna do a Politico story and this is about Andrew Cuomo. He’s come out now and said, Don’t worry about me man. I got this. I am not gonna resign. I mean. Inappropriate touching look at the look on this woman’s face. This is the picture by the way where she had just gotten a or this was a reception after the wedding or something like that And’s putting her hands got her in a lock grip and all that but uh nothing to apologize for but Cuomo. Here’s what he’s this is a political Cuomo. I’m not going to resign an emotional New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that he would not step down in the face of multiple accusations of sexual harassment He. I’m not going to resign, Cuomo said in his first public appearance since the accusations surface last week, His comments came at the end of a briefing in Albany devoted to an update on covid nineteen across the state. Now I talked about this in depth a little bit yesterday and but I wanna reiterate something I said yesterday, Why is this coming out now and and to me the sexual stuff and I’m not downplaying it. please understand. I’m not downplaying it, but there’s also. Scandal about 15000 people he pushed in the nursing homes that he’s basically responsible for their death. Cuomo is why isn’t that the biggest story well? the reason that’s not the biggest story is because there are multiple governors, including in New Jersey, for instance, that did similar type things and they don’t want that to be taken all of their governors out. so this sexual thing for some reason they believe that they can take him out. The other thing is keep in mind that there is no Donald Trump foil Now they remembered that. Cuomo was propped up during all of this past year in 2020 the election year as being the Savior if Biden actually fought so they had to keep him they gave him an Emmy for God’s sakes about his response to Corona virus when people were dying, He was probably the worst governor in the United States when it came to Corona virus, but he was the alternative to Donald Trump if Joe Biden altered so that to me. And and I hear people talking about he’s gonna resign when he’s certainly said he’s not gonna resign but talking about a recall and they’re talking about impeachment in uh in New York, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’ve done a little research on this. It’s pretty much impossible every state has different rules regulations law to recall him are to have him impeached is almost impossible. It’s it’s definitely a long hard slog so if he wants to stay there and fight this thing to the bitter end, he probably. Do that and uh you know who knows so maybe he’d be shamed, but there is no shame. but here’s the other thing they don’t want uh Cuomo really to resign if you think about it if he resigns because of accusations, then shouldn’t Joe Biden resigned. I mean Joe Biden was accused credibility of sexual assault. They wouldn’t even release his records from Delaware, where it talked about this but shouldn’t Biden resigned and remember I’ve played this before, but if I say it deserves repeating or replaying here is Kamala. Back during the early stages of the 2020 campaign when this came out about Joe Biden and sexual assault this is what she said. Check it out. I believe them and II respect um them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it. do you believe that the vice president should enter this race? Oh, he’s gonna have to make that decision for himself. I wouldn’t tell him what to do. Did you hear what she said she said she believed Biden’s accusers of sexual assault. Now I ask you how could you if you have one ounce of credibility one ounce of dignity, integrity or honor if you actually believe that Joe Biden was guilty of sexual assault? How could you be his vice president? To me, that says all you need to know about Kamala Harris, She is all about power and Kamala Harris. That’s it period because I ask again if you truly believe that the man and she sounded pretty sincere there that the man was guilty of sexual assault. How could you be his Vice President II? don’t get it man, but they’d know no shame here while the governor repeated to my Cuomo repeatedly expressed contrition. did he really? I don’t know if he did, he made it clear that he has no intention to step aside and expects an investigation by state Attorney General Tish James. Will ultimately vindicate him he wanted her fired by the way this attorney general before this investigation, but he kinda gave in, but he said, I do not believe I have ever done anything. This is Cuomo, he said. I do not believe I’ve ever done anything in my public career that I am ashamed of. hey. I’m with you. I believe that that is a true statement. I believe that he believes that absolutely that he believes he’s never ever done anything wrong period. He’s. Wrong for sending your mom into the nursing home and getting killed dying of covid, he’s not wrong for never using the uh the boat that uh Joe that uh Trump put up there for the covid patients that could have put them in for the Javits Center Multi-million Dollar Hospital conversion that they never used. I believe that he believes that he’s done nothing wrong. nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to apologize for uh I have no doubt that he believes that 100% reporters called. Question him via Zoom did not ask if he still plans to run for a fourth term next year cuz he set up the people that were in that meeting the governor’s office controls who is selected in the virtual format and none of the members of the Albany Press Corp who cover Cuomo daily, was among the handful selected on Wednesday as I say Biden hadn’t done a press conference in forty over 42 days, man never so I guess you gotta give. A little credit that he actually did uh a press conference, even though he picked the people, the governor told my Cuomo said he fully supports a woman’s right to come forward so he supports supports her right to come forward and apologize for acting in a way that made people feel uncomfortable what he’s actually saying there is this the women’s fault. I you know, I’m just Cuomo. I do what I do and and I apologize if they were offended so he’s not apologizing for what he did. He’s apologizing for them taking offense to what he did not and there’s a big difference. He said state attorney General Tish James should complete her investigation into allegations and so they got the right to come forward. a women do but what he’s really saying there, ladies and gentlemen is hey. Do you not see the d here? I’m a Democrat, I can do whatever I want and as long as I’m a Democrat, I get away of sexual assault all that kind of stuff Democrats as I say there is no double standard. I hear people all the time say. Oh, it’s a double standard and there’s no double standard. There’s a standard. That people like Donald Trump are held to conservatives are held to what standard is is Andrew Cuomo Hilton cuz people knew this stuff was going on for a long time when the first woman came forward, she was told to get in line by one of his chiefs of staff. a woman cuz this is something that he does on a routine basis, but he went on to say this is what I want you to know to my Cuomo and I want you to know this from me directly. I never touched. Anyone inappropriately, he said, I never knew at the time that I was making anyone feel uncomfortable and I certainly never ever meant to offend anyone or hurt anyone or call anyone any pain so once again, he’s basically saying I did nothing wrong. You just took it the wrong way translation. It’s their fault. It’s the women’s fault man, but this is nothing new for the Democrats at all cuz remember Bill Clinton. When he said this about Monica Lewinsky knowing that he was lying the whole time everyone in that room knew he was lying and gave him an ovation. Here is Bill Clinton telling you whether or not he actually had sex with Monica Lewinsky. Check it out to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I’m gonna say this again I did not have sexual relations with that woman Miss Lewinsky, I never told. To lie, not a single time, never this allegations are false and I need to go back to work for the American people. Thank you. I mean I guess what Clinton is saying is I didn’t have sex with her. I was just standing there and she walked by and they’re saying you know you know I had a Lewinsky and we played with some cigars. I mean he’s he knew he was lying everyone in that room knew he was lying. his wife knew he was lying all of his Aids knew he was relying all of the reporters There knew he was lying. remember the the head of now at that time came out not too long after that and said that if if abortion was kept legal, she’d basically give him a Lewinsky for that. The base of the Democratic Party, the hardcore progressives, they don’t care what their people do at all as long as they pass the policies. Everything goes but uh this is what Cuomo went on to say, he said. I ask the people of this state to wait for the facts from the attorney General’s report before forming an opinion The dude is crazy. I mean everybody who knows Cuomo in the inner circle. From what I’m here and knows this is typical behavior and he went on and he said at no point did Cuomo attempt to refute the specifics of any allegations against him cuz he can’t other than to deny any Milan intent. It’s their fault and instead said his actions were out of step with evolving social norms. He promised to change his behavior in light of the women’s experience evolving social norms. Let me check my time. We’re doing good on time where am I? Heard that before didn’t we just recently hear this when it came to the atrocities that China was was it is doing why uh, of course, Cuomo says. It’s just evolving social norms but Joe Biden, the leader of the free world God help us says when it comes to like cultural norms are just cultural differences. It doesn’t really matter that people are having their organs harvested or put to death sexually assaulted with electrical pros. None of that stuff really matters. It’s just a difference of what well. let’s hear what by now. I had to say, check it out. You know Chinese leaders if you know anything about Chinese history, it has always been the time when China has been victimized by the outer world is when they haven’t been unified at home. so the central of to vastly overstated the central principle of Xi Jinping is that there must be a united tightly controlled China and he uses his rationale for the things he does based on that I point out to him, No American president can be sustained as a if he doesn’t reflect the values of the United States and so the idea I’m. Gonna speak out against what he’s doing in Hong Kong. What he’s doing with the weavers in Western mountains of of uh China and Taiwan trying to end the one China policy by making it forceful II said. And by the he, he said he he gets it culturally there are different norms that each country and they their leaders are expected to follow. That’s good enough man that is so sickening to think that he talks. A president of the United States, so we now have a president of the United States of America that says that that people had committing genocide is just cultural norms. It’s just a difference in opinion and and and you got Cuomo literally saying, Oh, it’s uh you know what do you say here evolving social norms? What is it with these Democrats? Do they not have any moral compass at all Really? I mean, is it okay that we’re all gonna die from covid, but it’s okay to let people come. That test positive and just spread out to the country from uh South America and Mexico. Central America is that’s okay. Is that okay with you is it okay that it’s just cultural norms difference between people being attacked with the women being uh assaulted with electrical fraud Is it just cultural norms that uh you know that that Cuomo is talking about that you can grab a hold of women anyway you want. It’s just it’s insane man but to conclude this. This is what uh. Cuomo went on to say said you can go find hundreds of pictures of me kissing people men and women. Uh I guess he’s equal opportunity. It is my usual and customary way of greeting, he said. However, what I also understand is it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter my intent. What matters is if it anybody was offended by once again, it’s their fault. So maybe he’s taking his lead from Joe Biden because Joe. I’m sniff maybe you’ll get that I don’t know if you get that but uh but Joe Biden well, I gotta give Joe Biden credit. He is a believer in equity. I don’t know about equality but equity cuz uh he’s an equal opportunity offender have do you remember this one and this is real. These aren’t doctored pictures. Joe Biden look at that tooth face man Joe Biden’s uh so uh I guess we should be. The cultural norms cultural differences, but at least Cuomo left on a high note, this is what he said at the end of his presser, he said, Have a good day covid numbers are good. still be smart. Thank you so he left on a high note, Your mom might have died in the nursing home and these women just misunderstand my real affection for them. I’m sorry that they were offended. I mean these people know no shame well. I hope you enjoyed the show as. As I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you, please go directly to John Martin Facebook page on Mark talks Facebook page like it share it with others. Remember our YouTube channel John Mark talks spell it out our sponsors. Big Daddy Unlimited recall TV and uh and patriot threads Check em out but above all else I’ll pray for your family You pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great nation cuz man she deserves it and needs it more than ever with the shifting cultural norms. but as I say. Each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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