Citizens For Trump – Senator’s Hawley And Cruz To Be Tried In Secret! ! – JMT #387

Citizens For Trump – Senator’s Hawley And Cruz To Be Tried In Secret! ! – JMT #387

Welcome to John Martin talks We’re revital, ignorance and apathy daily and growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the empathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you had a great weekend I did I’m still kind of recuperating from and I had a very uh intense fishing trip uh it was kinda cold, but the fish were biting good, so I was out there on the G. From Mexico all weekend and uh I wouldn’t say I’m rested. I’m definitely battle tested so we’ll do the best we can right now. I usually do it. those of you who knew the show quite often. I’ll show you some fishing pictures and I’ll post a little report, but I’m in Facebook jail. Still, I’m locked up. I’m still waiting for people to go out to California and protest and say you know free John Martin but I think I’m supposed to be out by February 7th, but we’re still able to get the videos. Out so I’m grateful for that cuz we’re not gonna abandon the public square as long as we don’t have to. we’re gonna fight to stay on the air, but we got a great show for you today. We’re gonna talk about a secret trial. Yes a secret trial Senators Holly and Cruz to be tried in secret. Those are my words, but you’ll understand what they mean in just a moment But before we go any further, I always have to talk about our sponsor. our sponsors. I should say because as I often. Tell you not everybody can be a fighter but everybody can support those in the fight and it is more important now than ever that if you wanna hear an alternative to just uh the uh basically the slobbering over Joe Biden now and the and the left and the mainstream media, if you wanna actually hear some media that cause you to critically think and maybe be seriously entertaining at the same time like our show is then you’ve got to search us out you got to. 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We are your voice of freedom like my friend Craig that founded Patriot says. You know the truth starts now and so to watch our show no matter what happens you can always go to www.john Martin Alright, let’s get into the show we’re gonna use a political article as a template here and this is the title of it, says Secret Ethics panel will judge Holly and Cruz. Talking about Josh Holly and Ted Cruz, you see them pictured there. Josh Holly is a freshman senator from the Great State of Missouri. He actually knocked out what is her name Claire uh was it. I can’t remember exact name but uh he knocked her out she’d been there forever in a day and then Ted Cruz is uh serving in his second term now as a great senator from the state of Texas and they are at the forefront because Josh. Was kinda leading this and basically Ted Cruz had his back in challenging the election. uh the certifying of the electoral college back on January 6 Now Ted Cruz was taking it a step further and essentially saying he was willing to certify the elections if they had a 10 day hold on it while they investigated any kind of election and we can’t say the F word here on John Martin. Election Mod so something that rhymes with an f word with so election now, we know there was no Mod possible but Ted Cruz wanted to put a hold on it and actually do an investigation. Keep in mind when you hear people say Oh it the election has been debunked and investigated the the actual truth of that is it has not that is part of the big problem here. Ladies and gentlemen is there’s been no real investigation. I’m gonna get in the middle of the article. Just a moment, but I wanna get this little rant off my chest at the top cuz I someone chimed in on Facebook as I say I cannot respond to you right now. Facebook I can see your comments. it’s kinda frustrating cuz I pride myself on responding and we literally get about a thousand comments on every show across the various Facebook networks and I can’t respect even hit like on it. I can’t even wish somebody a happy birthday these days. I mean Facebook jail is tough man but uh I can. What you’re putting out there, but by the way if you want me to respond to a comment go to our YouTube channel spell it all the way out. John Martin talks you can comment on there and at least for today, I’m still free uh on YouTube to respond to you and I will but uh somebody popped on a response on on uh Facebook that kinda hit me they were talking about and he was knocking me a bit, which is okay. You don’t have to necessarily agree with everything I said a matter of fact. If we all agreed on everything, then, at least a couple of us would be uh unnecessary right, but this guy was saying that uh he didn’t particularly he didn’t dislike what I was saying, but he wanted to hear more about uh the way Trump supporters were actually feeling. In other words he was feeling kinda uh depressed about what was happening. This is my translation of it to Donald Trump and I get you so I wanna I wanna kinda respond to that before we get too much deeper in this and it ties him. This voter Maha, as I say, we can’t say the f word on here. let me just tell you how I feel and I think there are literally millions. I’d be willing to bet Americans that feel pretty much the same way or at least certainly similar. There are many people out here that love Donald Trump beyond just voting for him. They love the guy. Uh I’m I tease about it, but I got a man crush on him and that’s just I’ve always been a big fan of Donald Trump and once I realized that he was serious about running for president. I’ve been 100% on board with the Trump campaign the Trump election and the Trump presidency and the Trump reelection I’ve been on board 100% If there’s any higher percent, I was there as well So III love me some Donald Trump so there are a lot of us out there to be on just voting for the man actually have a we feel like we’re connected to him in some way you can call it a cult personality. If you want, I’m not gonna deny that there are many people that just really have a strong emotion. Attachment to Donald Trump and to a certain extent I would count myself in that now, I say that to say this a lot of us feel like there has not actually been a investigation into there’s been all kind of talk and everything else, but even the Supreme Court, which we hold Dear Patriots like us hold our institutions actually much higher standard and reverence than you might think and we were really excited and I talked in depth about this and I’m still glad that Amy. Conan and that Donald Trump got her on the Supreme Court and two others got three of the ones on the Supreme Court and I didn’t necessarily expect them to rule in favor of Donald Trump but uh I actually did my only real expectation is that they would give him a fair hearing and if you look at the Texas case, which to to me all other stuff, Dominion everything else is difficult to prove now do I think that the uh ultimately the uh the the. Vote by mail deal Sealed Donald Trump’s faith Yes, and I do think that Texas do I think that there was voter Mod probably yes enough to over to over to turn the we don’t know cuz it never really got investigated, but I was very excited about the Texas Supreme Court challenge that other states like Florida joined in with because I said, at least the Supreme Court will do its constitutional duty and actually hear the case they did not. They refused to hear the case and they were the Supreme Court was the only court that was constitutionally qualified to actually hear that case and they wouldn’t do it so there are many people who are very not only disappointed but downright frustrated and a bit suspicious I might condoning anything violence that happened. I’ve never condone violence and I never really will here. I’m just trying to explain it and I can tell you this right now there are millions of Americans that feel like they’ve never. Had their day in court, they’re they’re they’re being told they’re being told to a really mixed message on the one hand, they’re being told, Oh what we really need to do is unify you know Joe Biden’s theme was what America Unified Unified that yeah, but at the same time you’re impeaching President Trump. We’re gonna talk a little bit more about this in just a moment for the second time in this case, it’s citizen Trump, which is unconstitutional period now I’m gonna get into the media story in a minute, but I wanna get this out of the way and respond to this Facebook. Uh post a person put up so you shake all that up and people love Donald Trump They feel like that. Tim. he got 10000000 more votes than he did in 2016, the most of any sitting president in the history put Biden aside for just a moment if I told you that was going to be true election day, I guarantee you snowflakes out there listening that even if you hated Donald Trump you’d have to say well, he definitely gonna win and he didn’t and it. Shocked the heck out of many of us, we don’t understand it, but we’re being told to unify well at the same time you’re impeaching President Trump not President Trump but citizen Trump and we’re being also at the same time told that because we supported Donald Trump, we’re actually domestic terrorist. It’s not just the ones they’re talking about insurrection that climb the capital walls and breach the capital if you basically support Donald Trump, you are cut off of you have no free speech they wanna take your base. Six Enable civil your rights away from you’re a God given rights away from you. They come on here and say you shouldn’t even have a job that kind of thing I mean so you combine all that together and yes, there are millions of Americans and probably even more than what voted for cuz I guarantee there are a lot of people that sympathize with Donald Trump that didn’t vote for him didn’t vote for anybody so there are literally tens of millions of Americans that feel in some form of fashion that there’s no place for. In the current America and we’re not going anywhere like uh like mister, Maximo said that the Republican convention the Cuban American the Florida now Florida Citizen and American citizen when there’s nowhere nowhere else to go and so you’re pushing us in a heck of a corner and now two people that we said, Finally, someone has the courage to step forward and stand up. You’re gonna put them in a secret trial and so let’s get into that. but I had to get that off my chest. So this is a political story, former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial will be conducted on the Senate floor live on TV The Senate, what ratings that will get right the Senate investigation in the Senators, Ted Cruz and Josh Holly will take place behind closed doors by one of the most secretive committees in Congress so now, ladies and gentlemen, and this is the Senate ethic Committee by the way, so we’ll to get that out of the way and then we’ll talk about it. but here you can’t have a. Of opinion cuz at the end of the day, Ted Cruz and Josh Holly simply add a difference of opinion with other senators and other voters and everything they didn’t come out and say there was absolutely fraud They questioned Oh and I said the f word I’m sorry They questioned it, but you cannot allow to do they’re elected representatives at the highest chamber in the in really the world. But the US Senate, the most exclusive club there is yet they’re not allowed to ask questions. in fact, they’re gonna be put on trial cuz believe me that’s what a Senate ethics investigation is you can be expelled from the Senate from that, which is the ultimate goal of all this nonsense, but you know what else is really on trial and if you don’t believe this ladies and gentlemen, you need to take your head out from under a rock to me, this is troubling period cuz free speech. His own trial on trial in the United States, I thought we settle that a long time ago that our birthright as Americans was life liberty the pursuit of happiness and free speeches right. This is the first amendment for God’s sakes the bill of rights. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, It’s the very first one for a reason yet it is free speech is literally on trial right now and and then hear this stuff and we’re gonna play a uh a video here just. A series of videos actually, but this term the enemy is within and there and some of these Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, which I’m gonna play. I give you a warning. We’re gonna play Nancy Pelosi and in a few uh in a trifecta, I think here but the term the enemy is from within cuz we are they quote the constitution to protect us from both uh when they when they take their oath office from enemies, both foreign and domestic well if you’re listening to. Show There’s a good chance you’re a domestic enemy now and if you are not you might soon will be cuz what’s the old saying when they came for such as such, I said nothing and finally uh when they came for me, there was nobody left to question it. basically, that’s where we’re at but listen here and I’ll tell you kinda why I’m playing this after the fact. Listen this is Nancy Pelosi and she’s basically accusing President Trump of treason in my opinion and on the threat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tonight saying the enemy is within saying members of Congress. Guns out of the floor and have threatened other members and the newly sworn in Congresswoman and the videos now what she said to a survivor of the Parkland shootings and what she said about the Las Vegas massacre. Abc’s Rachel Scott back on the Hill tonight tonight 3 weeks after the the storming of the capital House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling for greater protection for members of Congress insisting they now face an enemy within we will probably need a supplemental uh for uh more. Security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives, when asked who she was talking about Pelosi saying this we have members of Congress who want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened a violence on other members of Congress. She didn’t mention names, but Pelosi’s words likely availed reference to newly elected congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia and a widely shared video from 2019. Green declaring Pelosi a trader implying she should be. Executed it’s a crime punishable by death is what treason Nancy Pelosi is guilty of treason. It’s not the only video coming back to haunt the congresswoman. She also posted this one questioning whether the mass shooting at a country Music festival in Las Vegas was a set up by Liberals to rally support for gun control. so I am really wondering if there is a there’s a bigger motive there and does it have to do with the second Amendment. That, of course is. Authorities determined the shooter Steven Paddock acted alone a motive was never determined. Green also shown on this 2019 video chasing David Hogg, a teenage survivor of the Parkland school shooting hog, was on Capitol Hill lobbying for tougher gun laws, but yet you’re tracking our our second now Congresswoman Green sits on the House Education Committee installed by the Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. What let’s get enough couple things. first of all I wanna give Abc News. For that video and uh is she Nancy Pelosi and we’re gonna play somewhere she talks about President Trump just a minute, but she’s talking about that Congresswoman Green and in that story they play a couple of snippets from then citizen dream when she is questioning what happened out in Las Vegas. Now you could say that uh that was out of place and you could debate the merits of what she said. But the Abc reporter when that when a citizen green now Congresswoman Green said that uh that. Some people question whether or not it would this shooter was trying to draw negative attention to the second amendment and inspired by leftist and not those on the right, she said that the Abc reporter said that’s not true but right after that, she she says that there no conclusion about the motive of the shooter and so how can you say? it’s not true if there was no conclusion. so it’s if you have an opinion the free speech. Now, this is something a lot of people don’t understand free speech in order to really be free speech is not agreeable speech You have to be willing to listen to speech you totally disagree with you can change the channel you can debate that person that used to be the way we would do things or you could just not say a word at whatever you wanna do. but what congresswoman and then citizen Green was saying there was open speculation and opinion that was being pushed that was even. On mainstream media, so you may think what she said was controversial, but it was certainly within the confines of free speech. it maybe a reason not to vote for her, but it’s not a reason to expel her from the Congress. You know that’s totally different cuz people voted her in and then the second part when she when citizen now congressman Green was questioning the guy from Parkland shooting well that young man put himself at the forefront of attacks on our very second Amendment rights. He be Clinton. what was his name? Hog or hog, or something like that, he became that basically the poster child for all things anti Second amendment So in that sense he was fair game. She wasn’t attacking him as a survivor of Parkland shooting She was attacking him If you wanna call it, she was questioning him about his turning that into a basically a campaign against the second amendment and so I think she was every bit in her right to do that and the citizens of. Rightly or wrongly they elected her to Congress and Nancy Pelosi is talking about the enemy from within I’m telling you that is a very scary if you know history that idea that of the enemy from within that is what communist say all the time that is what the worst dictators in the history of the planet have used as a means to destroy people. I mean they keep talking about Donald Trump being a Nazi and everything I don’t necessarily like to go to play the Nazi. But what did the Nazis do to the Jews they declared them basically the enemy of within and literally sent them to the gas chamber. So now we’re supposed to be de programmed reeducate Ocasio Cortez says that the South needs to be liberated. I mean they use these terms and I’m telling you part of the problem. Ladies and gentlemen is we we no longer know history is we don’t have real educations, We’re told what to think instead of. Thing and if you had a uh a uh like, for instance, uh I heard a friend of mine posted on Facebook a while back he’s probably in jail for this too. I can’t we can’t talk to each other on Facebook but uh he said that you know that January 6 was the worst violence on our capital in the history unless you’ve actually read a history book and then you would realize that it wasn’t even close but uh the I say say that with the problem, we’re not educated anymore. Not we don’t know our history. Don’t know world history and so we believe all this nonsense and we don’t know that terms like enemy from within like liberating the south like reprogramming camps are language that has been been used to do the worst atrocities that man has ever perpetuated on another person. Alright, we’re gonna play another video here and you know talk about. we always talk about standards. They say this double standard if you need to show first of all welcome Heidi, How are you glad to have you you’re in the? Place now you’re not gonna get political correctness here and uh I will uh sometimes give you definitions and try to teach you things here but Pelosi is talking about basically Donald Trump is an insist and uh in that other video and I wanna point this out before we move on Nancy Pelosi talks about violence between our threats of violence. The lady Miss Green was talking about that Nancy Pelosi had committed in her opinion and this is when she was a citizen. The Nancy Pelosi had committed treason and treason was punishable by death. She did not say that and it’s a fine line. I realized she didn’t say Nancy Pelosi should be put to death, but remember when Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin, which every president basically since the Soviet union came to power has met with the president at some time of Russia was accused of being a traitor which treason. The ultimate punishment for treason is death and literally hundreds of members of Congress and political figures and pundits in the media called Donald Trump a traitor flat out a trader multiple times yet that’s not inspiring violence anyway, let’s listen to miss. Pelosi. You may get sick of it. so Pelosi Warren. I got this one and one more to play. Check it out so help us God. Know that we face enemies of the constitution. We know we experience the interruption that violated the sanctity of the people’s capital and attempted to overturn the dually recorded will of the American people and we know that the president of the United States incited this interaction disarmed rebellion against our common country. He must go. He is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love. Since the presidential election in November an election, the president lost he has repeatedly held about the lied about the outcome so self-serving doubt about democracy and unconstitutionally sought to influence state officials to repeal reality and then came that day of fire We all experienced the president must be impeached and I believe the president must be convicted by the Senate a constitutional. That will ensure that the republic will be safe from this man who was so resolute determined to tear down the things that we hold dear and that hold us together. That’s good enough. It gives me no pleasure. It gives me no pleasure. you think you think that’s true. She’s prayed for him and it breaks her heart that Donald Trump is gonna be impeached for the second time. Think about everything she’s saying, and there’s a ton to unpack in that comment. That was her comments from the floor during the vote. I’m sorry to impeach the president for the second time she talks about the constitution but the constitution clearly states that you can’t impeach a citizen that you can’t have a trial in the house in the Senate for a citizen It’s called the attainment clause in the Constitution. Check it out. You can’t do it. The cost. it’s clearly unconstitutional, but they’re going to do it anyway now think about the picture that she is painting of. Trump that he’s got to go that he’s tearing down the very fundamentals of the nation and that we must protect ourselves from this threat of Donald Trump. She’s saying that Donald Trump has essentially what is the term like you existential threat that Donald Trump is a threat not only now but to the future of the nation, remember Ocasio Cortez back in the first impeachment, so we got to impeach president for what might happen future crime. Mean think about it, ladies and gentlemen, now they’re very good professional politicians. They may not be as polished right now as like miss Green or they, you know Miss Green may not be as polished as they are, but they’re threatened violence against the president. They’re calling him for armed Andre, which I don’t remember the armed part of that they’re saying that he’s the worst thing that’s ever happened and we got to protect the fate of our nation, the very future of our current state and our future state depends on. Being able to get rid of Donald Trump, it’s not enough that they vote him out of office whether there was or not, but now they gotta make sure he never rides his head again. I mean it sounds an awful lot like that they, you know, we ought to do some violence to that man. I mean I don’t know maybe I’m wrong, but it is more a one thing is for sure there is more excitement to potential violence and what Nancy Pelosi just said on the house floor. What we showed you, she said that anything Donald Trump said on January 6 at his rally outside the White House. I mean you can read into it. What you want go back and look at the transcript and tell me where I’m wrong. Alright and as far as treason, This is Nancy Pelosi talking about Donald Trump meeting with Vladimir Putin remind you that when it comes to professional politics, there’s no one more uh studied in the craft than Nancy Pelosi so she doesn’t quite say that he needs to be put to. Yeah, but it don’t take much to connect the dots. Check it out. Morning on Monday at the entire world Witness President Trump co in the presence of Putin I sadly beseech President Trump to apologize to the American people for that his disgraceful dangerous and damaging behavior with with in Helsinki. I call my Republican colleagues in Congress to join Democrats in that request for an apology. President Trump obviously seem frightened uh in the present. Putin, What was he afraid of what is Putin blackmailing President Trump with personally politically or financially whatever it is it is a level of blackmail that the American people cannot afford Putin appears to be President Trump’s puppeteer and that day in Helsinki, he shine the light on the strength. That’s what about the think about that ladies and gentlemen, what that last like 1015. That she talked about her, she’s saying at that moment that Donald Trump the president, the dually elected president of the United States of America, is literally a double agent Our secret agent for Vladimir Putin and the Russia that he’s that Vladimir Putin is controlling the White House through Donald Trump that he has some without evidence you know they never say that in anything that the left said you talk about standard as I said there is no double standard. There’s only one. Standard and that is everybody to the right is held to the left is held to no standard and that without evidence to me is a perfect example, when was the last time you read a story where somebody like Pelosi was spouting off and they said without evidence or if or it’s not true but everything Donald Trump could literally say this. you know this. The sun came up this morning. They go without evidence and the sun would be shining in the background so that. Shows that there is no double standard. There’s a standard that the right is held to tell me which ones please tell me what Standard Nancy Pelosi is if she was held to standard at all, she wouldn’t even be up there. but we all know that, but she is saying that Donald Trump is being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin without evidence that Putin is the puppet of Donald Trump. Now you talk about treason and a reason for insurrection. if there ever was one that would be it right and so there. So here you have the speaker of the House, The person is third in line for the presidency, saying that the dually elected president of the United United States is trader. I don’t know how else you can read that and treason is ultimately punished by death and let me tell you this if we actually had a president that was doing what Pelosi was spouting out there. I’d be the first one to be calling for treat for treason and the death penalty cuz that would be the ultimate betrayal. I’ve never understood. Now anyone who actually looks at the facts, not the emotions, but the facts could any way shape or form say that Donald Trump was in the pocket of Vladimir Putin If anybody was in the pocket, it was like Hillary Clinton with the P dossier and all that, but they don’t wanna talk about that. but Donald Trump if he is a secret agent for Russia that he like many other things, I tell you that he must be the worst one in history cuz he absolutely sucks at it. Donald Trump killed Russians. Yeah, he actually had Russians blown to Smiths in Syria. Now that’s a funny way for a Russian agent to act. I’m only saying just you know you, I just reported out there. you put the pieces together after multiple leading Democrats call for the two Republicans to resign. This is Ted Cruz and Josh Holly because they and the challenge to President Joe Biden’s electoral College win is now tied up in the opaque Senate Ethics Committee We. Will last forever and they can pull it out. The Democrats will use this to hang over the heads of Holly and Cruz and anyone else that dares challenge. There’s all I mean it’s intimidation and see the uh they know they be in the Democrats that are now controlling our beloved US Senate is beloved and their friends in the media, their allies that they can tar and feather crew any little way kinda try to reign them in. I predict they’re gonna have a difficult time cuz I think both these guys are men of courage, but that’s the attempt but. What they’re really trying to do is not necessarily shut up cruise and Holly but make sure that no one else on the right stick their head up. That’s what is really all about and while Trump’s impeachment trial will conclude quickly the probe, it should conclude like yesterday and not even have it and Ted Cruz and Josh Holly that another reason to get rid of him right the probe into whether the two senators played a role in his citing the violent capital attack will unwind over an. Terminal Time table with little hint of where it is going so now, ladies and gentlemen, what we’re doing. With impeaching Trump and you combine this with dually elected senators that were exercising their constitutional duties are certainly their constitutional rights as elected senators. They are are the enemies the enemies from within and so now we’re gonna hold trials and investigations on our political enemies. We’re gonna use the power of the state to hold trials against. Our public enemies are political enemies. Remember Donald Trump now you can love him hate him some people only that love Donald Trump were pissed off about this, but when pushed about Hillary Clinton, he said she suffered enough and he he may have regretted that, but he said, we’re not gonna try to investigate Hillary Clinton. You know that’s kind of the way things are done in this country. now, maybe we need to have more investigations but make no mistake that. Democrats are opening up a can of worms here where you investigate intimidate and try your political enemies. What are the countries do that? I mean think about what other countries do that? There’s quite a few that do it, but they all fall into the same category Their communist are their dictatorships are their fascist is that what we’re becoming cuz that’s where the Democrats are taking us the committee says nothing. Business talking about this uh Senate ethics Committee until actions are taken so they could drag this on and keep these guys punished down in there and basically say anything they want and it has a lot of business before talking about this, I wish it was actually you know a real deal It’s being used for all the wrong reasons seven Democratic senators filed a complaint against the two go senators who led the effort to cruise in Holly to object to the election results, arguing that they invade that they lit legitimacy. To the cause of those who invaded the capital C fired back with a counter complaint alleging improper conduct for partisan gain. Now, I wanna play you something here now. this goes all the way back to 2004 slash 2005 This is in the House of Representative at the same time are the same function that highly and crew were doing as senators when they had a joint session. You know they have the house and the Senate meet together uh they did on January. Six, I’m not sure if the dates the same or not to go back and look, but it’s basically the same and they have this joint session to certify the electoral college results This happened in 2004 when Bush w Bush junior was running for reelection and one check it out. Mister President the certificate of the electoral vote of the well known and Great State of Ohio, seems to be regular form and authentic and appears there from that George W Bush of the State of Texas received twenty votes for President Dick Cheney for the state of Wyoming received twenty votes for Vice president or what purpose does the member from Ohio rise. And I can. As a signed the injection. An objection presented in writing and signed by both a representative and a senator complies with the law chapter one of title three United States code. The clerk will report the objection. We a member of the House of Representatives and the United States Senator Object to the counting of the electoral votes of the state of Ohio on the ground that they were not under all of the circumstances regularly given signed Stephanie Tubbs Jones State of Ohio Barbara Boxer State of California That’s good enough so there you have it. ladies and gentlemen miss. And Senator Barbara Boxer actually did Barbara Boxer did exactly what Josh Holly and Ted Cruz did to AT exactly No if answer, but there’s can really be no debate in this now they’re motivations could be questioned certainly but their actions and her action Barbara Boxer as a US senator, was exactly what Josh Ollie did was there an ethics investigation into her? absolutely not. Is in control, then you saw Denny has in the background. He was the speaker of the house. You saw the president of the Senate Vice President Dick Cheney did they call for investigations? No Dick Cheney as president of the Senate, did exactly what Mike Pence did. He just referred it back now there wasn’t rioting in the streets and all that I get I grant you that but the actions by the the and the Congresswoman were exactly the same exact things that happened on January 6th yet. Somehow it triggers an ethics investigation. all we were doing. is you you don’t have to agree with them, but they were simply doing what they allowed under the constitution with the office that they were elected to there is no double standard. I’m telling you back to this article. The panel is led to the Senate Ethics Committee is led by chairman Chris Coons, Democrat of Delaware. He’s a guy that took Biden’s spot when Biden uh became vice president who called for cruise. Texas and Holly to resign so this guy who’s chairing this committee publicly calls Ted Cruz a call for Ted Cruz and Josh Holly to resign as I remind you for doing exactly what the Democrats have done more than once they’ve done it the last three times a uh a president has been elected on the Republican side the Congress and Senators on the Democratic Party have challenged at the same way and Holly did, but it’s not an insect. And it’s not treason is when they do it. There’s no conflict in this thing when you have this guy publicly calling for for them to and now he’s gonna be the chair of the committee. that’s gonna try them basically and believe me it is a trial in secret while Trump will learn his faith in a much anticipated public vote at the conclusion of his trial, the debate over what punishment if any the panel recommends for Holly and crews are the Democrats will grind away behind closed doors. Well, I guess we. Be surprised because Donald Trump was tried behind closed in the dungeon by shifty shift in the dungeon of the capital was he not and they weren’t allowed to cross examine the witnesses or anything but this time when they impeach Donald Trump he they they didn’t even have the uh the courtesy to give him a trial in the dungeon. They just didn’t call any witness whatsoever. I mean I can’t imagine think about this. you are found guilty at least by the house without hearing one. Peace of testimony Take my time we’re about out of time. We got a few minutes left here the committee’s rules talking about the Senate Ethics Committee keep all actions that the panel’s secret without approval by majority of the committee. The last press release the committee released was in 2017 confirming an inquiry into former Senator Al Franken al there. He is faking like he’s grabbing a hold of that’s a reporter by the way that this was in Afghanistan Tour Al Franken, but let me. Tell you before you start going Oh about al Franken, how they you know he resigned from the Senate, the only the only reason that they hammered algo the Democrats got Al Gore. I mean not al Franken al Franken to resign is because they wanted to be able to attack Donald Trump on the bush tapes. You know the old tapes that were released and they realized that they couldn’t push this idea of Donald Trump being a uh a molester of women. If they let al Franken that they had documented proof cuz remember Donald Trump never said he did that, he said he could have done that, but I’ll admitted that he did all this this stuff. so that’s only reason they wouldn’t because they were. you know all of a sudden had a bunch of ethical behavior that you know they had some conscious of conscious they just want to get the seven Democrats who launched investigation, said they considered various options on how to address highly and Cruz. After several Democrats call for their college recommendation well, let me just ask you ladies and gentlemen is it too early for this this meme about Biden being impeached? Do we need to impeach because are we and here’s the other thing talk about double standards? are we gonna have people because we there’s a talk about the Democrats losing the house seats and the Republicans taking over Congress. Do you think there’s gonna be any members of the the go that are gonna campaign like this. Check out this video from Rashida. Infamous famous I jumped ahead on my producer and you win and when your son looks at you and says mama look you want bullies don’t win and I said baby they don’t because we’re gonna go in there. We’re gonna impeach the motherfucker there you go, you think anybody’s gonna run their campaign a go, God say we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna impeach that old crusty right man right man, but I wanna tell you one more video and then we’ll end the show. This is a skip ahead, my producer The Chuck. Cuz we’re we’re talking about double standards and threats of violence and Donald Trump inciting violence and now we got two senators that are gonna go under health ethics for for uh inciting violence. Remember this just a little bit late last year when Chuck Schumer, who God help us is now the majority leader of the Senate was on the steps of the Supreme Court, saying this and they’re taking. Away fundamental rights I wanna tell you I wanna tell you kavanaugh you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions The bottom line is very simple We will stand with the American people that’s we will stand with the there is more excitement to violence. I mean when someone can you imagine Donald Trump saying you’re gonna reap the whirlwind you’re gonna rule the day We’re coming to get you. I mean he maybe putting a dude up in a fiery squad. would they not? but here you have. Schumer saying to the Supreme Court right on the steps that we’re going to come and get you we’re coming after you’re gonna rule the day where you’re gonna reap the whirlwind, Where’s the if the Senate ethics investigation in the Schumer he should be called to resign cuz I’m telling you he doesn’t have the freedom of speech there you go freedom of speech, but he doesn’t it’s not part of his constitutional obligations to attack the US. Court Josh Holly and I was gonna play it again, but we’re out of time, Josh Holly and Ted Cruz You don’t have to agree with what they did, but what they did was totally legal totally constitutional has been done by Democrats the last three times a Republican has won the White House and you compare what they’re accused of to what Chuck Schumer actually just showed you on that. I mean this tell me it is crazy times We live in alright. Well we’ve uh. This will come to the end of the show today and uh I appreciate you watching. I appreciate you spreading the word. Remember our sponsors. check out them in the links that we showed you before cuz like I said, not everybody can be a fighter but everybody can support those in the fight. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. Check out our YouTube where I can make comments John Martin talks I’ll pray for your family You pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this nation cuz man she deserves it and needs it now more than ever, but above all else. Like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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