Citizens For Trump – Senator Hawley To Contest Election! – John Martin Talks #369

Citizens For Trump – Senator Hawley To Contest Election! – John Martin Talks #369

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and Gentlemen II. guess I got some good news for you if you if you’re troubled by twenty you got less than 24 hours left in it and twenty-one comes here but the bad news is twenty turns. Twenty-one and is able to drink so that makes you legal drinking age. I guess at every pub or bar casino in the United States of America. So I’m hoping that 21 is not a drunken version of twenty but who knows but anyway, Happy New Year to you. I know it hadn’t officially happened but we’re here at J Mt. wanna wish you a happy New year? Let me just tell you this is the not only our last show for twenty the Lord willing will be. On Monday or twenty-one, but we will not be doing a New year’s day show tomorrow we’ll uh allow you to uh be at peace. I mean I may post a few things who knows I might even cut a video from my house or something like that. but GT and our production staff is going to take a break tomorrow and ring in the new year tonight and celebrate tomorrow or probably sleep in right as we get up at like 4 o’clock in the morning to get ready for this show. So. Most like I’ll ring in uh I’ll be surprised if I actually see the new year officially come in to about 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, but we got a great show for you today. Some big breaking news Senator Holly Josh Holly This great freshman senator from the State of Ohio has come out and said that he will vote with Mo Brooks uh the congressman from uh from Alabama and contest the election or at least. Election results in several states on January 6, which is the day that Congress officially certifies the election for the next president of the United States and so we’ll give you details about that. And then there’s a congressman that uh we’re gonna talk about in our second story that essentially is uh come on CA Republican congressman from Illinois and we’ll identify who he is in just a moment you could probably guess if you follow politics. Very closely, he’s a never Trump, but he’s come out now and said that uh that Trump is losing his base challenging this election and everything that he is beginning to lose his base and I don’t think it is quite what he uh the headline makes it out to be. and then if we have time, we’re gonna do a little bit of reflections on 2020. I don’t don’t get all you know teary-eyed whatever we’re not gonna get into a lot of political stories. I’m mainly gonna reflect a little bit on my own life on J mt. What what happened with the show during twenty? Twenty and a few big announcements that uh are coming in twenty-one so hang in there, we’ll get to it, but before we go anywhere or any further, I wanna talk about our sponsor Big daddy unlimited otherwise known as B we come to you live everyday Monday through Friday or as close as we can get to it as I like to say live from Big daddy Unlimited studio somewhere hidden in Gainesville, Florida and there our sponsor. In order to find out more about big daddy unlimited and then take advantage of factory direct pricing cuz they are your Second Amendment headquarters and I’ll explain that in just a moment no matter when you’re watching the show or where you’re watching the show look above the video and you’ll see a description to each show. Scroll down on that and you will see our sponsor link. Click on it takes you to big daddy Unlimited. I call him your Second Amendment headquarters cuz not only can you get guns and am. 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Basically they can create any type of american-made beauty like this T shirt, it looks look even better on you than me and they do specially great work with charities and that type of thing so check it out. Patriot Remember your 20% off code J mt We keep announcing to you and we’re gonna keep on recoil TV. We now have a channel on recall Tv’s YouTube channel. Of course we. App John Martin talks spell it all the way out John Martin talks YouTube channel Check it out, but we’re excited to tell you that we’re on recoil TV if you’re not familiar with them and you have any interest in the second Amendment whatsoever you need to check them out because they identify new products they have videos about how to use new types of weaponry and all kind of things anything Second Amendment related And now we have a channel on that. All of our shows are archived donors so remember, recall TV Alright, let’s get into our first story here. This is a story. Missouri Senator Contest Biden’s Electoral College win and this is Josh Holly. There’s a great picture of him there. He is a freshman senator from the Great State of Uh I said, I think I said Ohio and I meant to say Missouri he’s actually from Missouri Senator Josh Holly, Republican, Missouri, said Wednesday he will raise objections next week when Congress. Meet to affirm President of Black Joe Biden’s victory in the election, forcing house and Senate votes Now this is the AP, saying this not me that like that are likely to delay but in no way alter the final certification of Biden’s win well, we’ll have to actually see what happens when that time comes and let me just tell you before we go any further. Let me admit my bias cuz, of course, I’m certainly hoping that President Trump prevails. I think that probably goes without saying, but I am a. Fan of Josh Holly He has really made a mark and impressed me in a couple of years that he’s been up there and should uh President Trump not prevail and not and I’m not wishing that God help us if Joe Biden becomes president, I’m saying I’m just giving you some food for thought that if President Trump decided for whatever reason not to run in 24, I’m telling you right now this young man Josh Hollywood rise up to the top of the list of people that I would certainly consider. Supporting uh it because he has been a stallworth, not just a supporter of Donald Trump, but beyond that he has supported the whole idea and the concept of America first and the agenda and uh we’re grateful that he’s not only doing that. But he’s a young guy. He’s an up-and-coming fella. you need to keep your eye on Josh Holly along with the story President Donald Trump has without evidence they can always say that right, we’re gonna get into that just. Second without evidence there was widespread fraud in the election. You know, let me just say this if Donald Trump were to say tonight, hold a press conference and say you know that in twenty-one the sun will come up tomorrow morning they would somebody at CN or something would say Donald Trump says the sun is coming up tomorrow without evidence. I mean they would always say that but he has pushed talking about Josh Holly pushed Republican senators to no. I’m sorry. President Trump let’s start over President Trump has without evidence claim there was widespread fraud in the election. He has pushed Republican senators to pursue his unfounded charges even though the electoral college this month submitted Biden’s 306 to 232 victory and multiple legal efforts to challenge the results have failed well, first of all why should President Trump even have to push these Republicans he’s had to push drag pull these guys across the finish line multiple times in in the Senate they Mitch McConnell wouldn’t even have the majority. In the Senate, if it wasn’t for one and only DJ T argue with that, tell me is that say you know, tell me where I’m wrong on that chime in on Facebook, YouTube or the various other platforms we’re on and let me know where I’m wrong. I’ll tell you right now. I don’t believe that uh Mitch McConnell he would be minority leader right now if it weren’t for that guy Donald Trump but beyond that man, I mean this thing without evidence well, there’s tons of. Evidence the problem is we can’t even get a judge to look at the evidence they dismissed the cases without even probable cause to do it. I mean, God bless Texas and the other I think eighteen or maybe twenty some states that are ultimately including my great State of Florida, signed off on their challenge, The Supreme Court, which has constitutionally supposed to take up any type of issues between the states, wouldn’t even look at the evidence. Texas and the other attorney generals were putting forward so how can they talk about without evidence when they won’t even look at the evidence? it is just it just shocks in no uncertain terms when they talk about without evidence when they won’t even look at evidence and what difference does evidence seem to make to the media and the mainstream media, The never Trumpers and the Democrats cuz there’s been plenty of evidence and we’re gonna show you some. Just a minute that they just ignored totally, they absolutely do but let me just Imma play a video from the counting on the November 3rd election in Michigan, You’ve probably seen this, but I think this video of all the different videos out there and I’m not saying that it is hardcore evidence, but I think it kinda sums up the problem that a lot of Trump supporters that a lot of Americans that certainly I feel this way have with. The November 3rd election the results and the lack of actually not the lack of evidence, but the lack of investigation I think this video kinda sums up how a lot of us feel it certainly does me check it out. I think you get the picture in case you’ve not seen that is an actual video from where they were counting votes in Detroit, Michigan and there you see uh I’m assuming government workers putting up sheetrock and boards up against the window to keep people from looking in and seeing what they were doing, including Po Watch now is that evidence of fraud, no not necessarily. But does it pretty much sum up? What’s happened here? Nothing to see here move along. There’s nothing to see here and that video I think pretty well sums up why A lot of us are frustrated. A lot of us are plain and simple pissed off while we cannot accept Joe Biden, God help us being elected president because it’s not because we’re saying necessarily that Joe Biden didn’t win. I’m not necessarily I don’t believe he did and I’ll explain that more in just a minute what you have to believe in order to believe that. But let’s just assume for the sake of conversation. God help us that Joe Biden was the greatest presidential candidate in history, which is what one of the things you’d have to believe the problem is ladies and gentlemen, We’re not allowed to even question the results. We’re not allowed to present evidence the Supreme Court for God’s sake the highest court in the land, which is constitutionally obligated to to settle disputes between states wouldn’t. Look at the evidence that Texas and the other attorney generals were presenting so how can you say without evidence if you don’t even look at it? And that’s the that’s the thing that just gets me and if they would look at the other, even if I’m not saying the Supreme Court should have cited with President Trump but to not look at the evidence makes me wonder what is the point and you talk about lack of faith in your institutions when they won’t even do do their What is our recourse? Imma give you some recourse? Go forward, a group of Republicans and Democratic majority House have already said they will object on Trump’s behalf during the January 6 count of electoral votes and they had needed just a single senator to go along with them to force votes in both chambers. Now there maybe some others. This article is probably right. I don’t expect I would I would like to hope but I don’t really expect other words. I would be shocked if the majority of the senators, including. Republicans actually side with Donald Trump, You know why because they’re rats, they’re swamp rats. That’s what they are. Josh Holly. He’s not at least he didn’t appear to be now after he’s there a couple terms who knows cuz it is you know rats carry infections and they carry that swamp disease with him, so I’m hoping he can hold out no matter what but they’re swamp rats. That’s what they are. Mitch McConnell is a big. Swamp he just simply is and there are dead gum that aren’t and I don’t know that any of the Democrats are not just playing rats or at least rat pups in the making without giving specific evidence, Holly said he would object because some states, including notably Pennsylvania, did not follow their own election laws. That’s basically what Texas was saying lawsuits challenging Biden’s victory, Pennsylvania have been unsuccessful well, ladies and gentlemen. It’s clearly true that what mister Holly Holly. I’m not sure exactly I think it’s Holly. uh what is he is saying that states like Pennsylvania did not follow their own election laws is simply true. There is no one is really even questioning that if you think about it because the constitution just in case you’re new to the show, I’ve said this before, but if I say it bears repeating let me give you just a quick constitutional class here. The Constitution uh basically me back up our presidential election process is in essence, fifty separate state elections. I know there’s territories and other things involved but for the sacred conversation, it’s fifty separate state elections. We don’t have a national presidential election in that Senate and so the rules and regulations within the states are set by the state. but the constitution is very clear that the only. Legislative body that can change the election laws or set the election laws in the states is the state legislature. not the governors, not the Secretary of states, not the Supreme Courts. None of that, and if you go back and look at the cases that are being challenged, go back and look at the Texas case where I think they challenge what Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania uh maybe there was one other uh that they challenge it. In those states was Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and uh oh Georgia the election laws were changed in those states and many others by the way, but in those states by governors like in Georgia, which we have a major election coming up on the fifth, Georgia please get out and vote they were changed by what they call a consent decree by the Secretary of State, a Republican by the way the governor I guess is well. But the secretary of State, he’s and the governor is Republican and Stacey Dadgum Abrams, who has no elective position at all and there was a what they call a consent degree changing the way they handle absentee and creating mail-in voting. No, I don’t know there has been a report of an emergency to the nearest. We’re in the studio and we just had an alarm go off for all handicapped occupants to use the building evacuated. I guess we have to evacuate and start over right. Well, hopefully uh we’ll come back.

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