Citizens For Trump – Senator Hawley To Contest Election! – John Martin Talks #369 Part 2

Citizens For Trump – Senator Hawley To Contest Election! – John Martin Talks #369 Part 2

We’re live. Hey we’re back and we’re live ladies and gentlemen in case you’re just tuning in our are holding on hoping we what the bottom line twenty baby. I mean that’s what happened, but what really happened is we’re we’re in a complex where there are other businesses and offices next to us and they were testing the fire alarm in the another business and somehow it triggered the alarm here in our studio. so we’re safe and sound Billy Pops my Psychic Psychic, who has a Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass one and Mine is at John Martin talks. I’m glad to report that the rumors of our demise like Markin said, have been exaggerated. We’re still here and I’m gonna try to pick up where we left off but is anybody shocked. I mean we’re laughing about it here that uh twenty man. This is our last show in 2020. Maybe I better get through it while I still can’t but what I was talking about was Josh Holly, the great young freshman senator from the state of Missouri. Is going to now join with Mo Brooks from Alabama in the House of Representatives and they are going to challenge election results on January 6 and force basically, and I’ll get into the details in just a moment some more uh they’re challenging the election of Joe Biden is basically what it said and Imma read this paragraph again cuz this is kinda where we were and I need to explain this situation So without this is an AP article without giving specifics or evidence, Holly said he would object because some states, including notably Pennsylvania. Did not follow their own election laws lawsuits challenging by victory in Pennsylvania have been unsuccessful well the idea that the uh states violated their own election laws is clearly true, very few people actually that and they can’t really the problem is and gentlemen, we can’t get the courts to do their dad gum job, but I was already explaining this but let me give you a quick synopsis. essentially what we have is. Fifty statewide elections we don’t really have a national election for president. We have fifty individual state elections and the constitution is very specific about this and it is allows the states to run their own show where the Constitution comes in and what mister Holly is challenging. here is that this, according to the US Constitution, the only entity that can change a state election law is the state. Not the governors not the Secretary of State, not the uh the courts and certainly not not Stacey Abrams could set decree in the Great State of Georgia and so Texas finally a lawsuit now there’s multiple other challenges matter of fact, President Trump just put one up this morning before the Supreme Court about Wisconsin. Those details are still to be worked out, but uh Texas essentially challenged the biggest case and the Supreme Court didn’t even take it up, saying that what. Georgia Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania those four states and there were others actually violated their own laws by not by changing the election law outside of the state legislative process. so clearly what mister Holly he didn’t have to present evidence. It’s just there to see no one really in their right mind disputes that there’s other reasons they disputed but how he said in a statement at the very least Congress should investigate allegations of voter fraud. And adopt measures to secure the integrity of our elections now, ladies and gentlemen, this has to be done. I mean I am with you believe me in wanting President Trump to prevail in holding out hope and praying and everything. If you tuned in my show, you’ll know that I want President Trump to prevail but beyond whether or not President Trump actually does prevail, we have got to fix our election system and Georgia are you listening because the key could be whether or not Georgia actually votes for Purdue and laugh in this runoff, the two Republicans. But there is another side of this and people are always asking me. What can I do beyond just voting? Well? There are a lot of things and I’m gonna get into a few of them. one of the things to keep in mind. uh this is doesn’t really have anything to do with whether or not Donald Trump is successful in his challenge. but if we gonna move forward, we have to fix our election laws and we have to do it at a state by state basis and you may say, oh man how you gonna get California you don’t have to worry about California. Because primarily of President Trump we right now and this is even after the final results come in 35 states 35 states. Remember there’s only fifty not like fifty-seven like Obama, said Thirty-five states are in the hands of Republican legislators period. Thirty-five of em so way over the majority right so in those 35 states you as a citizen can challenge your local representatives your local congressman or state legislature and your local state senator to fix these laws to make it let me just give you really quickly what we need to do is get back to day of voting period and to make absentee balloting really what it’s supposed to be an exception rather than the rule and you should have to provide a reason why you cannot attend. On Election day, we need to get back to election day voting and counting the votes on Election day and that can be done in one of those states If that is done, then we have a sense fixed our election law, no matter what California or New York do Thirty-five state legislator So if you’re in those states then you can make sure and challenge your local representatives to do exactly what I just said get back to day of voting cuz what we ultimately have to. And this is gonna be a message of mine going forward. I’ve been saying it for the last couple of weeks we have to educate people we have to motivate people and we have to activate people we cannot sit back as great President Trump has been are as great as Josh Holly’s doing right here We can’t sit back and leave it to just individual elected officials cuz if we do we are our responsibility as Patriots. Because a republic, which is what we have, we it’s hanging on by a thread I would agree with that depend on an educated motivated and activated individual citizens Our republic is not going to survive without that no matter what happens with President Trump cuz I’ve been saying this but if I say it certainly bears repeating if the America first movement if the agenda all of that kind of stuff was only depend. On Donald Trump, which is great as he is only one individual person at the end of the day and people come and go presidents come and go no matter what if it was dependent on one person, it was doomed from the beginning and Donald Trump knows this and he’s told you in no one certain terms that he is in front of the movement, but the movement is you the American people and if we can get seventy what was it 74000000 people I think voted for President Trump if we can get. AA few million of those to actually take responsibility and become educated motivated and activated citizens. We can say this republic no matter what happens in the coming days back to this article. Uh Holly also criticized the way Facebook and Twitter handle content related to the election, characterizing it as an effort to help Biden and he is absolutely 100. 100% correct on that there is no. About it that social media and and I’m all different to algorithm. you know we’re gonna try to stay on this social media as long as we possibly can we’re not giving up the public square and we need your help to do that and expand. Thank you very much. I’m gonna play you a video you’ve most likely seen, but you won’t won’t see it if Msnbc’s really not even much on Fox News, you know Donald Trump was impeached for something that God help us if Biden gets to be president that Biden actually. Did and social media doesn’t play. they haven’t banned it yet. so as far as I know, but this is Joe Biden before he even was running for president admitting that he used his power as vice president with the blessings of Obama to stop the investigation of his son in the Ukraine and used your taxpayer dollars over a $1000000000. As a leverage to keep his son from being investigated, Joe Biden admits it at the Council of Foreign Relations and we’re gonna play that video right now. Check it out. Corruption they made I mean I gotta give you one concrete example II was not I, but it just happened to be. That was the assignment I got. I got all the good ones uh and uh so I got Ukraine and uh um um I going over convincing our team our others to convincing that we should be providing for loan guarantees now over uh guess the 1213 time to keep and uh and I was going. To announce that there’s another billion-dollar loan guarantee and I had gotten a commitment from P and from uh yacht and that they would take action against the state prosecutor and they didn’t so they said they had they’re walking out, the Prescott said. Nah, I said I’m not gonna we’re not gonna give you the $1000000000 they said. You have no authority. You’re not the presence the presence of I said, call him, I said, I’m telling you you’re not getting a billion of dollars, I said, You’re not getting a billionaire. Be leaving here and I think it was about 6 hours. I look I said believe in 6 hours if the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money Oh son of a bitch you’re fired and they put in place someone who was solid at the time. well, there’s still they so they made some that’s good enough. Yeah right there. Joe Biden admits to more than what President Trump was even accused of and impeached for right there. so you don’t see that. Enough to what I’m telling you to do is you got to start your own like video library. You can tune challenge people to watch our show for instance, is something you could do but we’ve got to become educated motivated and activated and we have got to tell the truth. We gotta put it out there even if we’re annoying people cuz remember this and I’ve posted this many times but George Orwell said that the more society drifts away from the truth The more. They will attack those that speak it so understand if you do what I’m asking you to do, you’re gonna be attacked but in that part of being a patriot if people can go shoeless in the snow at Valley Forge to create this nation can’t you do that if people can storm the beaches of Normandy against the Nazi? can’t you do that? can’t you activate educate motivate people really I mean. It’s not asking that much Biden transition spokesman Jen dismissed Holly’s move as antics. He’s just antics that will have have no bearing Biden being sworn in on January 20th, it could be true, but I like how this progresses they always accuse people of exactly what they are doing. It’s like that old saying you show me somebody didn’t trust anybody and I’ll show you somebody who can’t be trusted but the Democrats, especially these progressives that are running the show and she’s right there in the middle of it, they always. Are doing what they accuse us, so they’re saying that Holly is full of antics and I’m not saying it’s not a ploy but think about listen to the definition of antics and you tell me if this applies more to Republicans than our Democrats antics foolish outrageous or amusing behavior. What have the Democrats actually done that they’ve had the House of Representatives for now four well 2 years, I guess cuz we started it’s hard to even remember. When Republic has had control and didn’t do anything, thank you Paul Ryan but in the last 2 years and really the last 4 years, what have the House Republicans and senators to a lesser degree done has their action been foolish outrage and I guess amusing they have done nothing but try to hamstring President Donald Trump. They have actually done nothing and president Trump actually gave him multiple chances to do the right thing by this country and they never. But this ask, he said the American people spoke resounding in this election and 81000000 people have voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Now I don’t believe that’s in that. Biden clearly won the ballots. There’s no question he got more balance actual living real voters. I’m not too sure about, but here’s something you have to accept in order to accept this result. Now we we like. People like me like Billy Bob here, we’re gonna have a hard time accepting the election of Joe Biden because we haven’t even had our day in court really right, so it’s gonna be really difficult but in order to accept Joe Biden as the next president of the United States, Here’s a few things that you have to accept whether you’re a Trump supporter or not you have to accept this that if I came to you on November 2nd the day before the election and said tomorrow president. Donald Trump will receive 10000000 more votes than he did in 2016 and have the most votes of any sitting president in the history of the United States. If I told you that you’d say well, there is no way in the world that he could possibly lose yet. he’s on the verge of losing right so you’d have to buy that first of all 10000000 more the most votes in the history of the president, then you’d have to turn around and buy Joe Biden pox. Joe. Hiding in the basement job Pinocchio wouldn’t answer questions Joe that guy yeah, that dude got the most votes in the history of the world that he is the greatest candidate in the history of the United States that he got more black America’s to vote for him in places now, check this out. you don’t hear this much there are votes in inner cities places like Milwaukee and stuff like that there are people supposedly and I’m not saying he did. Love to meet some of these people and talk to them, but they are supposedly black Americans that turned out to vote for Joe Biden, who did not were eligible to but did not vote for Barack Obama twice so I would love to talk to and they may exist, You know Sasquatch maybe real, I haven’t met him yet. I’d like to interview him, but I’d love to interview a black American that could explain to me how they were motivated to vote More by Joe Biden in his message than Barack Obama. And his message I just don’t you know and with no investigation, ladies and gentlemen no investigation all the Supreme Court you serpent its duty They want us to accept this and consider that the Democrats ever accepted Donald Trump’s election period even though they spent investigation 4050 $60000000 is what we’ve been told to come out with the report that. Uh that uh the Mueller report when he said that no American citizen colluded with Russians, we found that out and they spent millions they be in the and impeach the president for nothing and yet we’re supposed to just lay down turn the other cheek and accept this I don’t think we can do it. White House chief of Staff Mark Meadows Praise Holly on Twitter for unapologetically standing up for election integrity. He is he is definitely a bright light ladies and gentlemen in a flicker darkness man. There’s a lot of darkness. Never keep this hope alive. Let me tell you I used to be a commercial fisherman. Yes. Some of us are sicker others. I’m you know an old salty doll and especially during this time of year, there’d be rare occasions where you know you have the clear skies and flat calm seas out there be 100 miles offshore, and I would turn all my lights off on my boat and you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face. It’s that dark, but if there was a boat within twenty miles of us, you could see that. Flicker piercing all of that darkness and there is always if there’s long as there’s delight of one out there then there is hope if we educate ourselves if we motivate other people and we activate other people, we can turn this thing around now. uh I love this part where they say um that uh what Holly is doing is going to destroy America destroy our democracy. See everything in our. With this and we’re gonna move on cuz we’re running out of time everything that Trump does is supposed to be extraordinary, never been done before. but what how is actually doing has been done not too long ago The last time such an objection was considered was 2005 when Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio and Senator Barbara Boxer from California, Both Democrats, no joke object to Ohio’s electoral votes by by claiming were voting irregularities both chambers debated. The objection and rejected it was only the second time such vote has occurred yet they were touted as heroes and Saviors of democracy, but how is called everything but a child of God so um we’re running out of time. I’m gonna skip forward to uh to this next story Is I wanna talk about a little bit about the show and stuff, but this representative Kenzie. This is a bright Bart story. The base is starting to turn on Trump now I’m. Right now, I never like this guy and he is a never Trump you and Illinois need to know what you need to do get rid of this, but representative Adam Kissinger said Wednesday on Cnn’s new day that President Donald Trump’s base was starting to turn on him based on what I don’t see it. but he said it or on Cnn’s said, I think we have to step back and understand you know people that feel very disaffected. Donald Trump spoke to them. Yes he did, but here is the problem. It’s up until the election. you know. it’s an election. It’s. It’s just a competition of ideas, probably true, but after an election, it is turned into into an undermining of democracy so Donald Trump exercising his constitutional rights is democracy. No he’s not he’s doing everything that Donald Trump. you could say that what he’s doing is not the right thing. You can argue that but it is not anti democratic. It’s not anti the republic not seeing the. The case hearing the case like Texas brought for the the uh the rejected and wouldn’t even look at the evidence that in my my opinion itself unconstitutional, but let but mister kit. I just wanted to speak directly to you. Why don’t we just in the charade sir because you should just cross the aisle and become the Democrat that you truly are cuz this guy and I’m not even talking about Trump. If you look at what he has talked about, he is a rhino. Is a moderate at best where you find dead, skunks and possums in the middle of the road. So I’m gonna add one little thing that we can apply to guys like this uh kit singer we need to educate people we need to motivate people we need to activate people and we need to eliminate and I’m not talking about violence. I’m done my vote these bums out we need to eliminate some of these people man but uh he talks about, he says. This is a difference between you know people that say, well, Adam, you know that’s his first. You know a support of the president in the past. Yeah, really the difference. here is what is doing to undermine our democracy and the fact that people that work work hard for their money taxpayers is basically full of crap, but maybe we could eliminate you in 2 years I wanna I wanna read this part right here cuz this part of the article is to the truth cuz he’s insinuating in the headlines insinuating that the Trump base is leaving him. Here’s what he’s act. Saying here anchor a said from where you were sitting where you sit, are you seeing Republicans distance themselves from President Trump. I mean, for instance, voting to override the veto are you seeing them still cater to his demands such as Mitch McConnell, McConnell loading up the bill with President Trump’s demands, which is it well. I can tell you what he’s talking about is not Trump’s base. That’s leaving him. It’s the establishment swamp rats of the Republican. Party Mitch McConnell, like Mitt Romney, who was never with him to start with like Kissinger himself, they’re the ones that are pulling away from Donald Trump and we should reward them for that. Getting educated ourselves being motivated, activating people letting people know who really is. That’s just why they don’t want that vote by the way that Josh Holly is putting up cuz they don’t wanna be exposed and that if nothing else we need to expose the rats really are Republicans Democrats, it doesn’t matter expose them educate people motivate people activate people and eliminate these people vote them out of office. That’s what we need to do. Alright I only got. Couple of minutes left, and I just wanted to reflect we might go over a minute or two, but I wanted to reflect a little bit on 2020 to show what it’s meant for me. Twenty has actually been a good year for the show and for my family, I mean everybody in my family work through the pandemic pandemic we had a new granddaughter. I got the youngest member of our family is healthy right now do a little Armani right there. She is that’s when she was about a week old. She’s now about 3 months old. So it’s been a good year for me, man and the show continues to grow through all kind of challenge. you know we actually had a few shows that on Facebook alone with over 200000 views now Facebook squash us down. We’re starting to pick back up. Thanks to you. We got a permanent sponsor here and big daddy Unlimited. check them out lot of things you know. check out our show. Um you see a scroll down on above the show no matter when you’re watching it go to big daddy Unlimited our sponsor. Factory direct pricing in all things Second Amendment delivered directly to you. We got patriot threads I guarantee t 20% off code go to Patriot I’m supporting one of those shirts. We’re on multiple new platforms. We just started a channel on Recoil TV, so it is on YouTube. check that out and I’ll give you more details but it looks like we’re actually going to do the show live in February of 21 from Cpac. An actual cpap so uh uh it’s still some details to work on that but uh we’re moving in the right direction. thanks to all of our sponsors, but especially thanks to you, the listeners. I’m truly blessed no doubt about it a little bit squirrelly activity at the beginning of the show if you didn’t see that but uh this is our last show for twenty and I just wanna say at the end of the day. Thank you I wanna play one last video cuz to me this video sums up. Everything that’s good about this nation and what we need to do to educate activate motivate people. This is maximo Alvarez at it’s a compilation of what he said at the twenty Republican convention and he is everything that’s great about America. He’s a Cuban immigrant. Check it out. Has read totalitarian communism but my family don’t go away by the grace of God I live the American dream the greatest blessing I ever had my dad only had a situated education for me. Don’t lose this. You’ll never be as well against me. I’m speaking to you today because my family don’t abandoning where we rightfully earned, I have seen people like this before I’ve seen movements like this before I’ve seen ideas like this before and I am here to tell you we cannot let them take over our country and I can never forget. All those who grew up around me who look like me who suffer and starve and died because they believe those empty promises they swallow the communist poison pill You can still hear the sounds of those broken promises. It’s the sound of waves in the ocean carrying families clinging to pieces of wood families with children who can swim but willing to risk everything to reach this blessed land. Promises spread the wealth free education free health care from the police to the socialist state more than your family and your community They don’t sound radical to my ears They sound familiar my parents only wanted one person to beside my faith me in America. I would decide my own future. I am so grateful to America the place where I was able to build my American dream through hard work and determination, and I said this before if I gave away everything that I have today, he would not equal 1% before I was given and I gained great country of ours. I still hear my dad. There is no other place. To go, thank you and may the good lord Bless America. no other place to go. I get teared up if anything sums up what we need to do is maxim Alvarez. There is no place else to go Happy New Year to you. We’ll be back Lord willing on Monday, Peace be with you but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours have a blessed day.

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