Citizens For Trump – Sen Blumenthal Calls For 9/11 Style Commission to Stop Future “Trump Tyrants” – JMT #398

Citizens For Trump – Sen Blumenthal Calls For 9/11 Style Commission to Stop Future “Trump Tyrants” – JMT #398

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her ladies and gentlemen, We got a great show for you today. got a couple of big topics here I wanna try to get to first is about Senator blooming, you know blooming. Is man he is a guy from Connecticut and you’re gonna know a lot about him before we’re done today if you haven’t heard of him, but he’s kinda got a plastic face and it looks like it’s melting about half the time anyway he has come out now and calling for a 911 Type commission to investigate the January 6 capital riot whatever you wanna call it, but he mainly what is all about and we’ll get into the details as he wants to stop anybody whether it be. Donald Trump himself or anybody who wants to try to claim kind of the Trump mantle and Trump supporters in general he wants to shut us down period and he’s doing it in the name of terrorism and national defense. So we’ll get into that and then one of my heroes who is a rising star in uh in Republican politics, I’ve known about him for a while. I’ve been blessed to meet him a couple times. maybe we’ll try to get him on the show 1 day but Matt Gates. One thing about that God has is fearless and uh he is come out now. Full-throated blasting Mitch McConnell for that speech he gave during the closing of the impeachment trial and ultimate acquittal of Donald Trump. so we’re gonna get into that before we go any further, We gotta talk about our sponsor BD otherwise known as Big daddy Unlimited B they sponsors we’re in their studios everyday Monday through Friday 8 O’clock Eastern Time live and then. You can catch us rebroadcast on a lot of different places. 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They can also help you with charity events a full what they call fulfillment center so they can help you design a shirt they can produce it. They can ship it anywhere you want and they can help you direct proceeds to charitable organizations so check them out and we have a recoil TV. We’re partnered up with recall TV. They have their own YouTube channel recoil on YouTube. Remember our personal channel is John Martin talks at least our talk show channel but recall TV is a go-to place for Second Amendment as well because they have all kind of videos on the latest gadgets, let alone weaponry ammunition everything like that, you couldn’t have a better friend in the second Amendment then recall TV and combine that with big daddy unlimited and we got you covered. On the second amendment, but our show is archive there. We have a channel there. We appreciate it. Alright, let’s get into the show today and we’ll start out with a bright bar article about blooming Blooming says. We need 911 commission to stop future would be Trump terrorist look at that plastic man. I call him plastic faith. Ladies and gentlemen in case you have not heard of mister Bloom and I wanna play a quick little video here before we get into the story that will kinda sum up some controversy surrounding this guy when he first ran for Senate, I think he’s subsequently been reelected, which is I would say shocking, but it’s nothing shocked me, especially when it comes to the Democratic Party But this guy is the very definition of the term stolen valor, which essentially means you claim uh some type of. Record that you don’t have so let’s listen to this news report at the time that senator Blue and was actually running for Senate. He was the attorney General of the Great State of Connecticut and let’s just listen to it. I want you to know who we’re talking about if you didn’t know already. check it out just in 2000, was it a slip of the tongue or an outright lie when Richard Leal Connecticut’s likely Democratic candidate for Senate told Veterans 2 years he had served in Vietnam. We have learned. Very important since the days that I served in Vietnam, that statement was the basis for a New York Times report today, saying Lumen Connecticut’s long time attorney general had distorted his military background lumen claimed it was human error on a few occasions. I have been spoken about my service and I regret that and I take full responsibility responsibility for holding on to the Democratic seat being vacated by Christopher Dodd Rest. Some bloom and fall shoulders the popular attorney general has been considered a but he’s facing an aggressive opponent in Republican Linda McMahon, whose campaign says it provided the New York Times with video of lust and posted it on YouTube Blues serves 6 years in the Marine Corps Reserve Stateside enlist in 1970 when he worked in the Nixon White House after receiving five draft deferments, the state attorney general. Considered by many to be squeaky clean claims he didn’t even realize he had Mischa his background. absolutely unintentional a few misplaced words in instead of doing totally unintentional, I was unaware of those misplaced words when they were spoken, political analyst say the Democrat has suffered a setback but not a fatal one there significant damage, but abundant probably not overwhelming. Probably not enough to prevent him from from winning. That’s good enough and he did win a big no big surprise ever. listen to what the dude is actually saying there, I mean, like to quote Biden come on man, I mean this guy is say, oh, a few misplaced words like the difference between doing and in I mean I didn’t serve in the military. Let me put it. Let me just say I’ve always been a strong supporter of the military. You gotta keep in mind. I’m not making excuses. I’m just trying to explain it. I thought about it. Um but two factors one when I graduated from high school in 1978, Vietnam was fresh on the memory, a lot of people and quite frankly serving in the military wasn’t really something that most of the kids my age thought about matter of fact, we thought about just the opposite you combine that with this, I’ve been very open and honest with you if you’ve been listening to me for any length of time, I had my own personal demons to deal with and I uh I didn’t serve now. I’ve I’ve actually. Felt guilty about that over the over the course of time I’ve actually felt like I missed out on some things that could have benefited me personally as far as growth and all that kind of stuff and I don’t let it beat me up. but one of the things I have made AA uh kind of a mission of mine is to support military active duty people veterans and their family at every chance I get I’ve not only thank them for their service, but I’ve been involved in. Things that various organizations and all we won’t get into too deep, but uh I did not serve. I’m not gonna say play words but I can tell you this. I got a lot of friends of mine, including my late brother who served in a mass unit in Vietnam did uh there there is a difference between people who just served in the military and those that were inactive combat in Vietnam and I’m not criticizing people I would not critic. Blooming, for instance, for being a part of the service, I would commend him on his service, but I can’t because he lied about it. There’s a big difference. I don’t say everybody has to go into combat to have my respect and honor of their service. a matter of fact it to me to commit to service at all is a huge deal and deserves our respect. But when you say that you were in Vietnam and and there’s actually video of him saying he was in combat, he was a combat marine in Vietnam that. Ladies and gentlemen is a bridge too far because I’m I’ve known some combat marines, a matter of fact, I had a dear friend of mine that ultimately committed suicide. I want too deep in that story that served multiple tear tours of duty as a combat, Marine and Vietnam, and basically was scarred so bad from it that he just could not live in normal society and II actually attended his funeral up in New York when I was working there in the mid 80s. I attended his funeral and there were only two people there. the priest that did the service and myself I will never ever forget that and uh so I just say that you know this stolen valor deal man is just it’s beyond the pale so to speak. so anytime I see blooming I discount pretty much anything, he says. But I say that but I wanna say this, I think he’s very serious. I think in deadly serious. He talks about something like a 911 commission, but uh he has no credibility, but I think he will do things that say anything for his own personal benefit. What more proof do you need than the video? We just showed you and we’re gonna talk about more of that is the show goes on, but Senator Richard Blumenthal let’s get into the article. Bright Bart story Senator Richard Blumenthal said on Monday’s broadcast of Msnbc’s otherwise known as the Ms Dnc, The beat That show called the beat that. Independent Commission investigation into the deadly riot at the US Capitol would help to stop any future would be Trump tyrants would be Trump tyrants. Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen it goes back to what I’ve been saying to you the last several weeks that you know even before the election, there is one person out there right now that the mainstream media the hardcore progressive leftist that have taken over and own the Democratic Party, The never. And and you can fit quite a few others into it that want to make sure that Donald Trump never gains credibility to run again. That’s what all this impeachment was for, but there’s one person they fear out there more than Donald Trump and that is you the American people you mug a hat wearing sons of guns you drugs of society, you basket full of the Parables and I say that with affection cuz I’m always wondering whether I’m a drug or deplorable. I’m definitely a Trump Trump. Put me right in the middle of that pie, but they wanna make sure that you never have the courage to vote for someone like Donald Trump, let alone Donald Trump himself again. They fear you. and that’s what this is all about, but blue and said we need to reverse the rising tide of extremist violence in this country, the rising tide. See they’re trying to paint a picture at what happened on January 6. They’re trying to label every Trump supporter with that that somehow, it means that Trump supporters that they’re that they literally want you to believe that there’s 75000000 people the people that voted for Donald Trump that are actually just chomping at the bit to have AA wave of violence. It’s just not true. It’s a big lie. It’s just been that way for a long time they never talk about the violence against Trump supporters are the continuous violence in our street that you know they’re still. Riding out in Portland every single night and even burned up and destroyed the Democratic headquarters out there. these people have no shame but uh, he said, reverse the rising tide of extremist violence in this country. He’s talking basically about Trump supporters, the fact that you still, if you’re like me, have a Trump sign in your yard every vehicle I have even even the little buggy I pull my supplies to load the boat when I go fishing. Yeah. I’m a fish whisperer and they call me the salty dog. If you hadn’t tune in my psychic sidekick Billy Bob bass, he’s got a Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks. We’re determined by the way not to leave the public square so uh we’re gonna hang in there through Facebook. Twitter all that stuff with your help as I’ve been telling you not everybody can be a fighter in this but everybody can support those of us in the fight. That’s why you gotta check out our sponsors and those types of things. That’s why you gotta search out our show and. With other people and that’s why you gotta go to places like America’s voice news where our show is archive, We don’t have a live broadcast on there right now, but we’re archived there go to their uh streaming service. Roku Fire stick Apple TV channel 219 Dish Network or the Pluto channel and go to the show tabs and you’ll see us there. It’s America’s voice news is an excellent alternative to the mainstream media, but make no mistake about it. They are trying to destroy the entire. Movement I don’t see how they’re gonna do it, but they’re gonna try to and that’s what this 911 Style Commission excuse me is all about back to the article the mob that Donald Trump mobilize this is what this is what uh bloom and I decided I would break down is uh paragraphs here, but he says, uh let me get to the said we need to reverse the rising tide extremism. I went to that cuz then he went on to say the mob that Donald Trump mobilized was armed the capital police. Metropolitan Police recovered firearms on that day and I’m not disputing that many Trump supporters are armed by the way go to our sponsor. Big Teddy unlimited if you’re needing to buy arms factory direct pricing, but there’s no evidence that any Trump supporters let alone even the the people out there that may or may not have been Trump supporters actually discharge firearms at the Capitol. in fact, the only evidence and please show me where I’m wrong. I can’t be if I’m wrong. I just haven’t seen it of a firearm. Was when a capital police officer shot an unarmed Trump supporter who uh was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m not defending her, she was killed and she was a veteran so uh you know that’s the only thing a lot of lies about this and they really need to investigate what actually happened at the Capitol. I don’t expect that to come because it uh it’s better to have the it’s better, for instance to have this visual if you will or narrative that a police officer was beat to death with a fire extinguisher, we now find that that is. Absolutely categorically untrue. There’s no evidence that that happened, There’s still sketches about how that police officer died and I’m not taking anything away from the fact that he died in some form of fashion during this riot at the Capitol, but there is zero evidence of him getting beat to death by Trump supporters. They just didn’t, but they put that out there and they don’t retract it man He went on to say the mob This is what uh mister uh blooming said. he said the mob is still out there and still dangerous He talking about Trump people and part of the reason that I. We need a 911 commission that type of commission, I’m drafting a bill that that I hope will be bipartisan, which if told you bipartisan means Republicans cave, it always means that if you’re new to show you may not have heard this. but I say that bears repeating I know what the definition of the textbook is a bipartisanship, but when it comes to politics and Washington every time that phrase is used, it means Republicans cave in to Democrat demands. That’s what it mean. He said a draft and a bill that I hope will be bipartisan to uncover the causes and impose accountability and provide more protection against that kind of mob that violence extremism. So I’m with you blooming in the one sense that uh we need to investigate what happened to Capitol and anybody who uh you know was violent, there needs to be prosecuted. I got no issue with that. I don’t know that we need uh a 911 style commission, but what about? Antifa violence and Black Lives matter violence I mean blue has been uh an active supporter of the Antifa movement and Black lives matter on multiple occasions and there’s violence the you know I guess maybe when you look at it, I mean they wanna make that they they’re saying that the January is some grand conspiracy that Trump basically led he watched that Hollywood produced videos. That’s the best thing come out of Hollywood in a while I guess but uh when. Look at that kind of stuff and they produced all of that for the impeachment Sham show trial it it makes you think they’re trying well. they’re trying to paint a picture. Let’s put it that way of the Trump supporters as being just an angry mob of as essentially white supremist. That’s what they want you to believe the fact that Donald Trump got more votes from black Americans than any Republican in history, they you know they don’t wanna talk about that the fact that he increased his overall. Performance with the people of color in general, including Hispanics, they don’t wanna talk about that the fact that Donald Trump got 10000000 more votes than he did in 2016, the most votes in the history of any incumbent running for president they don’t wanna talk about that, but what they and and I mean, that’s all all they wanna talk about is linking Donald Trump’s supporters to be Nazis basically that are trying to overthrow the government now when it comes to question. Any of these people about something like Antifa, you get something like this. That’s happening in Portland right now. that’s that’s that’s a myth that’s being spread only in Washington, DC about the Antifa Portland. Yes, sir. there’s there’s videos everywhere online. There’s fires and riots. There’s they’re throwing. So what happens in Portland, according to Jerry Clown Nadler there, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee that what happens in Antifa beating people over the head, You know, hitting Andy know of the reporter with AA concrete milkshake and fracture in his skull, All of that is a. Taking over parts of the of our great country and declaring a no go zones, all of that is a myth, but this idea that there’s good people on both sides. Donald Trump supposedly said about the Nazi skinheads and Antifa, which was a lie that Joe Biden started his campaign with and accepted his nomination with the same life. You’re out there believing that let me just tell you flat out Donald Trump never said there were good people on both sides when it came to the Nazis. And Antifa and the skin heads and all that he said there were good people on both sides of the issue of removing the statue of uh of Lee General Lee in Charlottesville, there were good people on both sides of that and immediately after he said that he specifically condemned white supremacist. so it’s all a big lie but uh Antifa is just a myth right and then you got this idea of lives matter I hadn’t talked about it in a while, but uh I’ve seen. So much, I saw saw a guy a Truck II didn’t take a picture cuz you know I don’t wanna pick on individual people, but there was a guy in a brand-new pickup truck here in Gainesville, Florida, the Communist Center if you will of of of Florida, even though we are the we are the free state right now, man come to Florida. Don’t bring your politics, but he was driving and he had an army sticker on the back and he is he had veteran tags or I respect he was an older look like somebody probably from the Vietnam Era but on the. Of his truck, he had a big black lives matter made out of tape himself that he supported Black lives matter and I’m thinking to myself if you’re all of these things that you’re showing why in the world are you supporting Black Lives matter? Do you actually know and I’m not talking about everybody who wears a t-shirt. There are a lot of people who got suckered in by black lives matter, but the organization itself the core of the Organization of Black Lives Matter is a communist Marxist organization. Doesn’t give a who to buy any lives, let alone black lives and actually want to destroy this nation that picture right there is the founder of Black Lives Matter is founded by women and they are hugging Maduro of Venezuela, The dictator the communist Socialist dictator of Venezuela. They are huge fans of his so make no mistake about it that black lives matter is a communist Marxist organization with their main focus to destroy America and they definitely wanna destroy. Black community They don’t want the black community in the America to to have any pride whatsoever and anything that’s ever happened in the United States of America. That’s why they tore down. you know, Douglass statue. That’s why they desecrated the the black uh soldiers memorial in Philadelphia that served in the continental army. You know in the revolution all that kind of stuff that actually the ones that served in the uh in the civil war, the uh the movie glory was about. destroyed that monument in Philadelphia. It’s just crazy. Uh you know you’re not supposed to talk about that. so I gotta be careful what I say here I suppose but I’m gonna keep being honest with you as long as I have breath in my lungs where they give me this microphone or not, he added. Bloomberg added. There’s a need for more. I’m sorry blooming fall any credit where credit is due. There’s a need for more truth telling. He’s the arbiter of truth, man, the only thing you know for sure when in these democratic politicians are talking and a lot of Republicans do that when their mouth is moving, they’re probably lying, he said. There’s a need for more facts. That’s why 911 Type commission will be important to uncover the larger causes the individuals who should be held accountable and unsuccessful coup attempt without accountability is a dress rehearsal. so he’s saying that what happened was a attempt. Really believe that I mean, is anyone really believe I’m not saying individually there might have been some people up there. that would just be whatever crazy and would have done anything but they focus for instance on the guy with the Buffalo hat, I’ve seen a video of him entering the capital chambers. I’m not or the House Chambers. I’m not defending him in any way, but it was hardly there for a military coup publicity stunt probably, and I’m not forgiving him but military, he said here that attempt without accountability is a dress rehearsal and there’s more attempts to come the would be Trump. Iris waiting to mobilize that Mob again must be stopped so you would be tyrant out there. Basically Trump supporters here’s the thing ladies and gentlemen, and I’ve told you before, but maybe you’re new to the show. First of all howdy. How are you where you’ve been in the right place now? but there’s certain words We don’t say here because we don’t wanna give the uh algorithms of the world the chance to hurt us and take us off the air. so we don’t say the f word here and I’m talking about a word rhymes with Mod. so we say Mod so there’s been no mud investigation and uh if we need. If we ever needed a 911 type commission it, we should be to clean up our election system who could say that they would not want our election system cleaned up there was whether or not there was enough Mod to actually prevent Donald Trump from winning who knows. Okay, I mean, I’m willing to maybe entertain that there’s no question that Joe Biden got the most ballots he got the most ballots for sure there was uh you know the the stop the squeal so to speak. We can’t say gotta be careful with that S word as well. Think you know what I’m talking about. But uh to act like there was actual investigation into the system is just not true. It’s just simply not true and who has to go back to my question. I started to try to ask Billy Bob says. Get back on Track II was gonna ask you who would not want our election system cleaned up and I can answer that those that are benefiting from it mainly the Democratic Party as the way and they’re in power right now. And of course we keep hearing about unity. We wanna. Unity with what Biden’s thing is uh America Unified or something to that extent and I keep asking what are we supposed to unify behind? Are we supposed to unify behind the US Constitution? We should we should, but they don’t believe in it anymore they be in the Democrats they don’t believe in a lot of Republicans at least the seven or whatever that voted to convict Donald Trump don’t believe in the constitution cuz the whole thing with the impeachment trial was uh a constitutional but they don’t believe that the. Doesn’t believe in the first amendment they don’t believe in the second Amendment. I’m not sure what Amendment they believe in they might believe in the Twenty-fifth Amendment because they’re probably want to get rid of Donald Trump, but they might use it on Joe Biden if he’s not progressive enough III still think that’s out there. but what do they want us to unify behind? We can’t unify behind our constitution. They don’t believe in it can we unify behind like making the baby comfortable after it’s born and then deciding whether they be off with its head. We supposed to unify behind that are we supposed to unify that I don’t have the right to defend my home, my family or my business and the Florida is still do by the way uh that I don’t have that right in in uh in Saint Louis like the Mccluskey are the uh prosecutor out there in California, their husband had to run the uh the Black Lives matter the peaceful protesters off of his doorstep that came for his wife. Their black lives didn’t. So I can’t defend my home are we supposed to unify behind that? are we supposed to unify behind the fact that uh Donald Trump got as I say the most votes in any presidential uh uh incumbent in history and still lost by millions of votes. are we supposed to unify behind that? I mean what are we exactly supposed to unify and I guess we’re supposed to we’re supposed to unify now that you want to investigate people that support the. America first and compare them to Isis terrorist cuz that’s what they’re doing are we supposed to unify behind that? so I ask you mister Bloom. What are we supposed to unify Now? I wanna play another video for you that uh you know Chris Matthews remember who he was of course he got booted out probably for asking the wrong question or whatever. I’m not a big fan of Chris Mathis, You know, Captain tingle the man that said, uh Obama and a tangle down his leg, but he did a. Show on his on his show about Bloom when all this came out and he was still running for election to the Senate at that time, and I really respect Mister Matthews at least this time for saying it and these are questions that should have been asked and answered and I guess the voters in Connecticut. I guess they have a right to vote for this Yahoo if they want to, but listen to Chris Matthews describe who we’re dealing with in um in. Lumen and he also touches on what kind of people would support someone like this. check it out. Let me finish tonight with with the story of someone did the unspeakable whenever I meet a guy my age who served in Vietnam. I ask him that direct man to man question. were you in it? Then I look and often see that so not of the head and the sad knowing but sure answer. there’s no more powerful question. No more important answer for those men my age, those who were in the fighting a walk to the jungles and open fields who rode in the helicopters drove the trucks face the enemy by day and night in the heat of the China, there were two answers. Having with meaning and morality and yes my life for those who served who were in it, I don’t know how a person can lie about such a thing. I don’t know how you I anyone can look into the face of another and say that they were in Vietnam that they were a marine in Vietnam with all the murdered attached to that claim If it were not true, I don’t know how a person could do it today. We learned that the attorney General of Connecticut, a man with the power to indict, has made such a claim that he was in Vietnam when he was not, he said he was in the viet. When he never was never was, he says he misspoke, but how many times did he have it written in the paper that he served how many times did he let the record stand he had served in Vietnam, how many times did other men face a man man and ask him were you in it and let that other man believe that other Americans think that he deserves such honor when he knew every instant that he did not if he stays in the race. That’s his call justice. It was his all this time to say he was a courageous combat veteran who returned from Vietnam, but for anyone who lives. To put this man in the United States, Senate for that, I find no way to accept the United States Senate Cannot take on the morally dead weight of this candidate without honor, ladies and gentlemen of the Great State of Connecticut. Wake up Get truly woke. How can you vote for this guy the first time let alone reelect him, and I’m sure he’ll run again. How can you do that? How can forget Donald Trump? I’m not told my party politics right now? I’m asking you specifically in Connecticut. How can you vote for a man like Chris Matthews just described and I think he accurately described it. How can you do that? But apparently we’re so confused now we have such a deep sickness in our country that people can actually support and vote for a guy like rum and not not even bashing him cuz he’s a Democrat. I’m bashing because he’s a liar. a man of stolen valor, which has no honor whatsoever. Yet he is seen as the big big now he is a major player in Democratic politics, so let me explain it a little bit beyond just Connecticut. How can you support a party and I’m not saying Republicans are absolved if we’re getting ready to criticize a few Republicans here in just a moment, but how can you support this guy in leadership when he is a at every level when he is a man to me, there’s not much worse crime you could commit than stolen valor. I mean I understand murder and all but you’re think about it you are taking away the honor of people who laid down their lives for this country and you’re trying to take credit for that. I can’t imagine I mean Chris Matthews you need to look at that again. I think he summed it up pretty well now people ask me. okay wise Guy Wisdom Sage of the South is one of my friends called me. What should we do? I can’t I’m hearing that a lot and over the course of the last couple of weeks and even days and months to come, I’m gonna tell you what we should. Do And and one of the things we need to do is exactly what Winston Churchill said at at the height of World War Two, we must protect our island The island of Liberty here our island of democracy are our Republic Island. We must protect it from enemies, both foreign and domestic. I’m not we don’t have enemies domestic enemies, but we need to do exactly what Winston Churchill we need to fight him on the beach. Whether they be the beaches of Connecticut or the beaches of Nebraska like Ben Sass get rid of him, people like that we need to fight him in the fields, whether it be the fields of Florida, you know, don’t let Charlie Chris run for governor here again We need to fight him on the planes. We need to fight him in the mountains. We need to fight him in the air. we need to fight them at every single level and I’m not talking about violence. I’m talking about with our vote and our passion and when it comes people always. Up to me, Francis oh well how you gonna you know overcome the Mod in the election. Well, you need to do that in the state by state basis look at the state, for instance, if you live in those states where uh you know, Texas sued, for instance, as we the one two of those states, Donald Trump would still be president and it was some there. I’m pretty sure but we need to go back to our state legislatures and make sure they clean up this and stop the squeal so to speak. we need to make sure that. We need a 911 investigation at every state level to to get our elections cleaned up. That’s what we gotta do so we have to you know get off of our backs off of our butts. I’m not saying, don’t enjoy your life. Don’t have the pursuit of happiness. Absolutely II live by that all the time no one tries to enjoy and I’m blessed. I love my life and I’m grateful to be a citizen of this nation and it is very. To just go back and just play out my life cuz I think I could probably live long enough. We probably got enough time left that I can live pretty comfortable for whatever time. God grants me to be on this earth but then what would I be doing? I wouldn’t be doing my duty as an American patriot to pass on. why battle ignorance and apathy on a daily basis. so you ask me what you can do you can get involved and in your local school board. we need to take our school but we need to hold cuz my goal ladies and gentlemen. I’ve did tell you this but I wanna make sure you understand it my goal. Right now politically from the out house to the White House and everything in between is to stop the progressive takeover of this country, it maybe too late, but I’m gonna fight it with every inch I can we gotta stop the progressive takeover of this nation and we’re never. I’m not saying Republicans have all the answers We know the Democrats are bankrupt of any kind of morals or principle. That’s pretty obvious when you look at they still got blooming at the top and leadership that tells you all you need to know but we have. To stay in the fight, we must defend this island. We must never ever surrender. So that’s my goal. Alright. We got a few minutes left I wanna break into a Florida man here. A true patriot that uh is helping me with this goal and everyday it seems like I mean I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Matt Gates uh uh but I am it seem like everyday. This is a news week publication Article Matt Gates goes after dangerous Mitch McConnell are trying to purge Trumpism there. He is Matt Gates smiling young man sexy dude right I’m very comfortable in my mash clinic Congressman Matt Gates of Florida called out Senate Minority leader. Mitch McConnell on Sunday following the second impeachment acquittal of Donald Trump, so he’s calling out old Turtle head Mitch McConnell cuz Mitch McConnell just beat up Donald Trump and really his family and we’ll get into that in just a moment I mean if anybody needs to go, it is all turtle head. I got a turtle head poking out if you know what I mean because that’s exactly what he is and Kentucky if there’s any way to get rid of this dude, you need to do it you. To do it cuz Mitch McConnell, you’ve done us no service the Republican appeared to Matt Gates on Fox News on President’s Day to discuss the future of the Lincoln Project Lincoln Project. Well, you know the Lincoln Project is there is uh never trumper bunch that uh has been in the news a lot lately for pedophilia of all things while predicting the group’s future. he also took aim at Mcconnell for Lamb basing Trump after the Senate impeachment vote. so the Lincoln Project ladies and gentlemen, is the epitome of swamp rats gathering around the trough and the reason they hate Donald Trump and they’re supposedly Republicans is because they they want the swamp to refill. That’s what they want and they’re just waiting like like rats at the trough and the swamp is filling up and they are absolutely tickled with it. Mitch McConnell is a happy You don’t think he’s happy that Trump is out he’s trying to push. Trying to purge, I think Matt Gates has got it. absolutely right there. There is a wing of the Republican establishment that Mitch McConnell is the leader of that is trying to purge the party of Trump supporters, but this Lincoln project you know, I keep hearing this. I see see it online and not a big conspiracy guy but it is kinda interesting and that that a lot of these groups in Washington have some type of connection to pedophiles this guy who was one of the co-founders. I can’t remember his name. My head did uh of the of the Lincoln project is now and they’ve been saying to people like Carro said he’s known about it for 20 years, but this dude is a pedophile he picks on young boys and he promises them like helping their careers for sexual favors is pretty much is so much smoke that there’s gotta be fire there and no one is really even denying that it’s even happening, but that’s uh you know you take it for what it is when ask about the. Political Action Committee Gates, called the Lincoln Project the past I don’t know about they are not. He also pointed out that there are new in incarnations of the Republican Party from those trying to purge Trumpism from our movement and I’ve been asking this question for the last few weeks now is there a future for the Republican Party without Donald Trump and Trumpism. If you wanna use it that phrase, I don’t think there is now I’m not necessarily saying that Donald Trump has to be the next. Candidate for President, I’m not saying that it’s up to him. I think he’d be hard to beat if he did it. But as I’ve been telling you Donald Trump has every right to ride off into the sunset and say I’m just tired of all the BS I wanna play golf, I wanna invest and work on my business and I wanna enjoy my family. He has every right to do that. He’s earned it, but I don’t suspect that he will do that. I think he’s going to remain very active so that begs the question. Is there a future if they purge if let’s put it? this way is that forget Donald Trump for a minute? Is there a future for the Republican Party chime in on Facebook? Let me know I’ll try to respond to you. I’m out of jail now temporarily anyway, who knows what the future will hold, but is there a future for the Republican Party? The go if they actually do what Gates is suggesting Mcconnell. I think he’s absolutely right purge the party of Trump’s supporters and Trump ideas I don’t. It’s possible I just don’t, but Gates continued, he said, Frankly, the most dangerous was Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mcconnell, who took the floor and essentially gave the Biden Justice Department cover to prosecute the president his son and even his supporters who didn’t engage in any violent contact on January 6 a spot on Mitch Mitch McConnell basically set up that Trump is to be held liable. This is family and everything else. This is Mitch Mccall, the so called leader of the Republican Party. He’s not by the way not the one that I’m in and if he is then we need to get rid of him. and if we can’t then we gotta do something I saw a thing saying that like sixty-seven. 67% of Americans now this is across the board support the formation of a third party now whether that means conservative versus green or whatever who knows, but I judge it based on what I told you my goal. Say again, my goal is to stop the progressive take over this party. I mean of this country and Mitch McConnell is part of that so I wanna get rid of anything that helps to progressive continue to destroy this country. I wanna get rid of that. I mean right that helps them do that. so the third party I still not convinced that it is the way to go because I don’t see how it helps me with my goal, but you know you can tell me but Mitch Mccall went on to say this man I gotta take. Sip for a reason. I know he say acting like he’s talking about the people that storm the capital, but really it truly if you watch what they’re doing, he’s talking about the American people that supported Donald Trump. listen to what he says these criminals were carrying his banners to Trump and his flags and screaming their loyalty to him Who does that sound like a lot of people that are Trump for it was obvious that only President Trump could end this so he’s blaming the whole thing on President Trump former Aids publicly. Beg him to do so loyal Where’s the proof of that loyal allies frantically called the administration The president did not act swiftly. He did not do his job Of this is Mitch Mcconnell instead, according to public reports, he watched television happily as the chaos unfolded kept pressing his scheme to overturn the election. This is supposedly the leader now of the Republican party cuz he’s the. Ranking officer we have right minority leader of the US Senate been up there forever in the day but scheme to overturn the election. What he say you know know what this speak to this little excerpt for his speech is translation of We’re back baby We talking about the rats that control this thing. We’re back. That’s what he’s saying, Man the rats are back and what it what it basically is cuz I’ve been telling you that when when we’ve lost the Georgia elections, they don’t feel sorry for the Republicans out there like Mitch McConnell cuz they are quite comfortable. Being in the minority, they’ve been at many times and they’ve actually like it. Sometimes I think they prefer it because they can talk to talk not have to do a dad gum thing and raise tons of money with no accountability whatsoever. Mitch McConnell is perfectly at home being the minority leader he thrives in it, but that’s what they’re saying they’re back. I wanna play this ad from you. I’ve played it before, but it definitely deserves one of the greatest political ads in history. It’s from my good friend Ted Yoho. Kept his word and did not seek, he said he would go up there for four terms and call it a day and that’s exactly what he did, but he used this ad to defeat a 26 year swamp Rat Republican in uh Cliff Stearns come out from nowhere was totally unknown and beat him but this ad pretty much sums up DC like no other political ad I’ve ever seen check it out career politicians. They’re like pigs feeding at the career. Politicians got us in this mess, but all they do is throw mud at each other. I’m Ted Yoho. I’m a a conservative businessman and a veterinarian The career politicians have given a $16000000000000 in debt. It’s time for new leadership. I’ll repeal Obamacare and balance the budget and after 8 years in Washington, I’ll come home. Let’s put the mud slinging aside run the pigs out of the and put America first. I’m Ted Yoho and I approve this message. How about you God? do we need more? Ted Yoho man. I appreciate that guy but again people ask me. Do we do I’m gonna put up? I don’t do it too often, but I put to put up a meme again that I put up early in the show We gotta defend this island man I republic is under siege under attack. We gotta fight everywhere. politically, We got a man the political parts. I’m not calling for violence. I’m not but if we don’t man the political parts, we’re gonna have to man the real ones again and that would be a dead gum shame because that price. Has already paid, but not by scumbags like blooming that kind of thing I appreciate our Veterans II. just thank you so much I would not be here without you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. please go directly to John Martin Facebook page like it. Share it with others. Check out our YouTube channel. We need more subscribers there. remember our sponsors like big Daddy Unlimited and uh Patriot Check them out. Not everybody can be. Fighter everybody can support those of us in the fight, and that’s what I need you to do up as I say each and every day I’ll pray for your family. you pray for mine. Let’s pray for this great nation cuz she deserves it and needs it more than ever, but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours have a blessed day.

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