Citizens For Trump – SCOTUS Majority Afraid To Take On 2020 Election Issues! – JMT #403

Citizens For Trump – SCOTUS Majority Afraid To Take On 2020 Election Issues! – JMT #403

Welcome to John Martin talks I can’t hear myself. Testing sorry, if you’re uh no, the mics didn’t even on down there at all. There we go uh sorry about that ladies and gentlemen, you know it’s always the challenges of life stuff but welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, We got a great show for you that we might have started off slow but we’re gonna go in with a bang. We’re gonna talk about the Supreme Court and uh what they. Used to do yesterday and really, it’s pretty sad but majority another word some of the because we’re supposed to have a conservative majority right so some of the conservative judges in fact, two of the judges that Donald Trump appointed and got confirmed to the bench and and Kavanaugh and Amy Baron Cohen voted with the Liberals and we’re gonna talk about that, but basically what they did yesterday is they refused. Take up any of the 2020 election issue cases refused to take up any of them and we’re gonna get into the specifics of that, especially justice Thomas uh descent. We’re gonna talk in depth about that and then hopefully we’ll have time because the Democrats are literally wanting to be masters of the universe. now they want to control what you want when you watch it and where you watch it at all times and they want to eliminate people like us based. 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John Martin talks we should have those resolved hopefully by today, if not already people are literally working on it as we speak but recall TV is your go-to place or second Amendment issues videos like the latest equipment and everything else and we’re just going to be expanding. I can tell you there’s uh I had a meeting with our marketing team yesterday and there are a lot. Things in the pipeline that I will break to you over the coming days and weeks the show I believe with your help of course, it’s always dependent upon you our listeners, but we’re gonna skyrocket. I firmly believe that our time is coming. Alright let’s get on with the show. We’re gonna talk about here. This is a bright bar. Article. Clarence Thomas descent on election cases our fellow citizens. This is mister Thomas saying deserve better and there is justice. Clarence Thomas. I tell you. He’s a pretty quiet guy overall, but he has becoming more and more a hero and he there’s been rumors that uh that he’s been talking about retirement and I certainly understand that at some point you wanna enjoy the golden years of your life and everything else, but my god pray and hope that Justice Thomas stays on there throughout the whole administration cuz I can’t imagine what would happen to the Supreme Court if we lost Clarence Thomas cuz He is the he is the man he’s the best there’s no question about it, but uh let’s get into some of the things that uh mister, Thomas said. And and there were couple of other judges that cited in the descent and wrote actually fairly blink the uh descent. We’re mostly gonna feature Justice Thomas but I would encourage you to read this bright bar story because it’s longer than most that they do and they hit they have the descent of the other. Judges as well, so let’s get into this our fellow citizens deserve better and excuse me and expect more of us. Clarence Thomas declared Monday when the Supreme Court decided by one vote to hear none of the 2020 election cases right raising issues of voter and they they’re trying to get me to say the f word I don’t say the f word here. so I just say Mod, but they’re saying something else voter, Mod and illegal votes. I guess I can still say that you know we gotta play the game. Because algorithm is always watching, Oh wow man he is the most powerful man in the world algorithm and you don’t wanna get on the wrong side of old GR. God man. he’s something else, but just Barrett. I’m sorry. Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. These are two of the three cuz go side with the descent, but two of the three that that mister Trump appointed voted with the liberal justices to deny review of the lower court decision. Now, John Roberts is just a flat out liberal. We have it’s it’s it’s just come down to that. John Roberts is not even a moderate. uh I think it’s pretty safe to say he is firmly in the liberal camp and we were sold a bill of goods on that day and I’m not even blaming uh you know President Bush that appointed him Bush junior. I’m not blaming him but apparently he was hood winked and we were wink because I don’t think there’s any doubt that uh the chief justice is just a liberal but why the. Other two why the two appointee Kavanaugh and Barret now Kavanaugh, I will say I was always putting him cuz I know he’s a bush as well. I always thought I was skeptical of him period, but I went out on a limb like a lot of people and Amy Coney Barrett II mean I if you if you’re new to show you might not know this but go back and check our podcast. Check out our YouTube channel John Martins. Our shows are archived. Weight going all the way back on uh on recall TV site as well and they’re also in America’s voice News, America’s voice news were not on their live right now, but we’re archived on there Day. Check out America’s voice news You can download free apps on your Android on your iphone but they stream on Roku Fire stick Apple TV channel 219 Dish Network and the Pluto channel go on their streaming service look at the shows tab. Click on that and you will find. Our show archived on their daily, but I went way out for Amy Kona Barrett. I really thought that she was going to be the most conservative judge on the court and don’t misunderstand me. I’m glad she’s there. I haven’t totally you know, said that uh that we can’t rely on her. I’m hoping that she will get her uh wings under her so her her legs so to speak cuz she needs to get her seas cuz she’s wobbly right. But I’m most surprised about her not being the steadfast conservative that we all hoped and prayed and quite frankly thought that she would be. but why did they not? why did these two Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett side with the Liberals? Well? I think it’s a couple things. I think first of all I just gotta say it like it is I think they’re cowards III do believe that they actually. Lean more towards what Clarence Thomas talked about we’ll get into the details of that in a minute, but I really believe there are cowards in the sense that they didn’t wanna upset the Apple cart. the the the the three justices that actually started with uh a lot. I mean there was three total, including Clarence Thomas that were in the descent, they wrote lengthy paragraphs multiple paragraphs of why they descended the uh the majority opinion was basically a one paragraph and essentially what that. Paragraph said was that it’s a mute point that there’s no reason to take up the 2020 cases because the election is over, It’s been dually Certified and Joe Biden, God help us as the president of the United States of America at me, No joy gives me no joy to say that matter of fact, it breaks my heart, but that’s basically what they said. So I get that I get that it’s over, but it’s as you’ll see as we get into this. What Clarence? Was saying, is that that doesn’t matter that we absolutely in order to form this more perfect union in order to be a whole country, we have to have confidence in our election system so even though the election has to me and a lot of you are not gonna like me saying this but the election is over it’s over and I don’t like it. I’d I do believe there was Mod in it. I do wish we could have stop the squeal. you know. we can’t say that other S word as well but the fact is. I don’t see anything, including the Supreme Court taking this up that’s gonna overturn the election Uh we just gotta deal with reality believe me I wish and hope that I’m wrong, but I think I’m right. I gotta deal with the reality as it is so I think that this majority and I’m not talking about the liberals, including Justice Roberts cuz they do what they do right, but the two Coney Barrett and Kavanaugh, I believe that they’re worried about the unity of the country, but I think they’re not. A fundamental there’s a fundamental flaw in their logic because I don’t think they I think they saw taking up the 2020 cases and somehow overturning the duly elected in their mind. President Joe Biden and I don’t think they wanted to rock the Apple card and I and I think they’re they’re worried and I was talking about this with my son the other day there is a thin veil and we learn this in the Rodney long case with the riots that happened out there and also the blackouts. Years ago in New York that their New York City specifically, there is a very thin veil between you know the world we live in and utter chaos and lawlessness and that veil is thinner now than it’s ever been We could literally be burning the house down in in just a second in in in this country, so I think it is very thin and I think they’re worried about that. but the the the. In their logic, ladies and gentlemen, I get on with the rest of the story in just a moment, but the flaw and their logic is that by not taking up these cases, they’re actually beyond just the legalities of it, They’re actually creating more frustration more anxiety and making that thin veil even thinner because there are growing number of people that just believe that the whole thing was mad. The whole thing was the. Word you know so anyway, let’s get into it for justices must vote to hear a case to put it on the court’s docket, but only three justices Thomas fellow conservative Samuel Alito and for some reason they describe Neil Gorsuch as libertarian. uh you know, I’m I’m okay with that I guess voted to take at least two of the four of the key cases from November 2020, but by not taking their cases like I said all they really did ladies and gentlemen was add to the voter frustration because I. And now, I’m not I don’t pretend to speak for everybody, but I believe that a large portion of Trump supporters people who voted for Donald Trump, let’s put it that way we’re willing to accept grudgingly so a Joe Biden president or let’s put it this way the defeat of Donald Trump if we felt like it was a free and fair election and you could debate all of that but without any investigation because see here’s the big lie. Out there, it’s like they said Okay, well, uh Donald Trump had like sixty cases in a Republican party and they were all turned over for no evidence There is a kernel of truth in that, but the broader story is that there was no real investigation done no real evidence was looked at no. The cases were thrown out without even actually having a trial and the biggest one of course, is the Texas case, and we’ll talk more about that in just a moment, which was. In the per view of the Supreme Court and they didn’t rule, they refused to take the case and that ladies and gentlemen is why most people that support Donald Trump and not accept what has happened without it say that there’s definitely Mod going on and uh and so to me by not taking up these cases, the Supreme Court has created more frustration as then that thin veil even more and if we are having a challenge to our constitutional republic. I think you can now lay it right on the doorstep of the Supreme Court, all three descending justices took the unusual step of writing opinions as to why the court should have taken a minimum of two of these cases and we’re gonna feature justice Thomas cuz I think he did the most broad one and the others basically incurred with what he’s saying I would encourage you to read the entire article because I don’t have time to get into each one of these justices. So we’re gonna stick with Justice Thomas this is how he began his descent The constitution gives to each state Legislature authority to determine the manner of federal elections. In other words we our federal election is basically fifty state elections and the states have a lot of leeway on how to run those the biggest issue, and this is what that Texas case was all about that many other states joined. that’s that the Supreme Court refused to take on that the only entity. Constitution is very clear about this the only entity within the states that can change and make election law is the state legislature Not the governor’s Secretary of States Attorneys General, not the the state Supreme Court. None of those have the right to do that, all of which happened during the 2020 election and should have been declared unconstitutional. But that’s where we get the real problem. Let’s keep going the back to uh. Thomas is a justice Thomas’s remark said yet both before and after the 2020 election, non legislative officials in various states took it upon themselves to set the rules. Instead, I just said as a result, we received an unusually talking about weed, the Supreme Court received an unusually high number of petitions and an emergency application contesting those changes the petitions here present a clear example. So what he’s essentially saying, and I use this with the Texas. I love that mean the thank God for Texas but about twenty some other states, including my great State of Florida, joined in with them, essentially saying exactly what justice Thomas is saying here that election laws were changed outside of the legislative process in those states and therefore by their very nature unconstitutional and the uh one of the big arguments in. All of these different election cases was yeah, there may have been some Mod here or there, but none of it was enough to overturn the election. The one case that was for sure that could have was that Texas case and the Supreme Court was the is by constitution is the arbiter between disputes between various states goes straight to the can at least go straight to the Supreme Court and they refuse to take it and that was big. To have overturned are certainly affected the outcome of the election. so that’s what justice Thomas is talking about and and guess what he’s arguing is even though you know the the majority are saying it’s a mute point. It’s not because it can happen again. He gets into that detail here at Thomas explain referred to one of the rejected cases, he said the Pennsylvania legislature established an unambiguous deadline for receiving mail-in ballots. 8 PM on Election Day so the legislature. In Pennsylvania established the cut-off time for receiving ballots. Was the election law under the Constitution dissatisfied the Pennsylvania Supreme Court extended that deadline by 3 days these cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority non legislative officials have to set election rules and to do so well before the next election cycle the refusal to do so is inexplicable, he said, and man and not to mention in my opinion, even though it’s a Supreme Court. I don’t believe they’re following the constitution. I’m not sure what they’re following. maybe their conscience, but it’s clearly not the constitution, but he continued, he said for more than a century, this court be in the Supreme Court has recognized that the Constitution operates as a limitation upon the state and respect of any attempt to circumcise the legislative power to regulate federal elections. In other words, there’s a very specific way you can change election law in the states under the constitution and it clearly was. Followed in 2020 and it doesn’t have a clause for a pandemic pandemic. You know that that basically what the argument in the past was, he said, because the federal Constitution not state constitutions give state legislation authority to regulate federal elections petitions presented a strong argument that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision violated the constitution by overriding the clear. Expressed intent of the Legislature ladies and gentlemen, that is just spot on plain simple straightforward. I mean you couldn’t say it any better than than justice, Thomas said. But he continued with elections enable self governance only when they include processes that give citizens, including this is very important, the losing candidates and their supporters confidence in the fairness of the election as I said, I believe the vast. But that’s all we’re asking for the fairness of the election and by not taking up these cases, they’re basically saying that our frustrations of 75. 75000000 people that voted for Donald Trump, the most in the history of any sitting president don’t mean that make a hill of bees don’t matter I mean what are we supposed to do and I’m gonna talk about that in just a minute but by God when you can’t take your grievances to the supreme. When they won’t even hear them somebody please tell me what is the next step? I mean I don’t know do we need another declaration of independence? Uh I’m not advocating for violence, but think about that when you can’t even get your grievances addressed by the Supreme Court, you don’t have to rule in your favor but to not even take them up. I mean it sounds like what we were dealing with under King George. As the declaration of independence for all the language we talk about when you get down into the meat and potatoes of it was a list of grievances that were not being addressed by King George and thus we had to declare our independence well if we’ve got a list of grievances that aren’t even being addressed, see it’s one thing to come and say you know I looked at your stuff. I just don’t agree with it. boom you’re out and I’ve lot of people still be frustrated, but at least you got some thing, you say well. Tried I went under I I got my grievances address. It didn’t come out my way, but to not even have them taken up, which is what was happening at the time of the decoration of independence. Will you fill in the blank man? Thomas added, quoting a recent Supreme Court case that held confidence in the integrity of our electoral process is a essential to the functioning of our participation democracy. Now I show you this picture this mean if you will of Martin Luther King talking about the content of character versus the color of the skin because that’s all the rage. Now, right, everything is about race color of your skin. The reality is Clarence Thomas Love him hate him whatever and I’ve I admire the guy greatly is the absolute epitome of doctor King’s dream is he not because I mean who cares what color Clarence Thomas is. He is a man of extreme least uh a character high integrity and a man, sometimes a few words so when he writes something this. Uh you better pay attention to it, but to me it’s Thomas is the epitome of what doctor King was hoping for and I’m definitely judge him on the content of his character. I care I don’t care what color people are. I really don’t. I mean my family is kind of a rainbow but I guess uh we’re a bunch of mutts anyway man, but you know that ain’t a bad way to me but uh Thomas went on to explain, he said. Unclear rules This is a very important stuff. Unclear rules threaten to undermine this system now they’re talking about interaction on January 6th and everything else, but listen again to this line. What Clarence Thomas is saying he is absolutely spot on right unclear rules threatened to undermine this system They sow confusion and dampen confidence in the integrity and fairness of the elections. So this is not. What happened as far as overturning the election? That’s not what Clarence Thomas is talking about. I’m sure he was a big supporter of Donald Trump, but what he’s talking about, you know Ocasio Cortez in her group wanna wanted it they impeach President Donald Trump for future crimes right so, so I guess the Democrats are all about that. but what Claire’s Thomas is talking about is what happens in the next time if we don’t do something about it this time, How are people gonna have confidence in our elections ever again? if we don’t take up these cases and Absolutely right, he said to prevent confusion, we have thus repeatedly not as consistently as we should block the rule changes made by courts close to an election so he’s saying that to make changes in an election year is bad and and it’s unconstitutional and in the past the Supreme Court has overturned those but not only would it not overturn. They didn’t take it up now you could talk about voter. And stop the squeal and everything else. Let’s just say that for the sake of conversation, I’m gonna be fair overly fair that uh Joe Biden would have won the election anyway, I don’t personally believe that but who knows but the reality is there’s no question that all these changes done in the name of the pandemic pandemic that were done outside the legislative process We’re done that. Actually helped Joe Biden, there’s no question about that how much would he have won anyway, You know, we’ll never really know right, but there’s no question that the uh the vote by mail system that was expanded without the proper uh of securities that were in place for for absentee balloting all of that type of stuff extending of election time to count the ballots taking away you know uh identification. Had all those kind of things they absolutely had an overwhelming impact on this election. There is no doubt about it. Keep in mind that Joe Biden got the most balance of any president in history he if you if you look at the election and just base it on the results or the accept them or not to know the story then Joe Biden was the greatest candidate in the history of the world because he stayed in his basement literally did not. Except maybe on TV spending millions of dollar Hollywood dollars and all that and uh and one the most votes in the history of anybody ever he got like 10000000 more votes or whatever than Barack Obama did he got black people if you wanna believe this to vote for him that never even considered apparently voted for Obama twice, they were registered could have voted, but he did come out now. Do you really II? Still wanna meet this black person that was so inspired by Joe Biden that they came out to vote for him when they didn’t come out to vote for Obama, I would love that. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but I’d love to me to explain what Biden’s message motivated you to vote when Obama didn’t so you gotta accept all of this crap in order to accept the election really and without the Supreme Court willing to take up the case not only is it. Basically impossible for people given human nature to accept that when they haven’t even had their day in court. Doesn’t bode well for the stability of our nation moving forward, which is mainly what justice Thomas is talking about here. He’s not talking about trying to overturn the 2020 election. He’s trying to stabilize the election process and give us confidence going forward. What is wrong with that? And the Supreme Court is uniquely qualified to do that, but uh the basic if they’ve done their job if the Supreme Court, what he’s saying here is if the Supreme Court had done their job and tossed and heard these cases and tossed out all that stuff that was not done in the legislative process then uh we’d have a free and fair election and you know Joe Biden may still have one who knows but to not. That leads to frustration and and there would have been no January 6. I’m not condoning it not excusing it, but there would have been no breach of the capital if all of these uh things had been tossed and people felt like it was a free and fair election, but Thomas and excuse me, he said. That is not a prescription for confidence by not taking up these cases changing the rules in the middle of the game is bad enough such rule changes by officials who may lack authority. Do to do so even even worse when these when those changes alter election results, they can severely damage the electoral system on will set on which self governance so heavily depends That is what it’s about. It’s about moving forward and it’s gonna be hard moving forward now that the Supreme Court has uh shown cowardice and I don’t know how to put it if state officials have the authority they have claimed. This what Thomas is saying we need to make it clear so if they have the ability to do what they did, then they need to rule and make it clear, he said. If not, we need to put an end to this practice now before the consequences become catastrophic and some people I’d probably be with you Billy Bob probably we have met my Psychic sidekicks Billy Bob bass. He’s got a Twitter Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass, one and minus at John Martin talks. We’re determined by the way ladies and gentlemen stay in the public Square from Facebook. Twitter all we’re gonna do all of it. We’re trying to get on every social media platform. There is so bare with us as we grow and expand share us far and wide. Email people a links to it. We need you. you got you and we’re gonna talk about the story. Let me check my time in just a second. we got enough time you guys are gonna have to be proactive if you want to support and find conservative talk cuz. Are under the gun, so you’re gonna have to search us out and you’re gonna have to share as far and wide shows like mine or others, but that he says that the consequence become catastrophic as I say many of us feel they already are but as many of you my listeners have have indicated that you’re absolutely right without changes in this system, The Republicans are conservative candidate is never gonna win again. let alone President Trump as great as he is if he actually decides to run again in 2024, it would probably be a major. Siding factor I would think it would be if the uh if we have faith in the electoral system or not right now, I don’t see how anybody would put Donald Trump aside, I don’t see anybody who looks at this with an open mind could see that I forget if you’re a party one if you look at our system with an open mind, I don’t say anybody could have confidence in it as far as being fair, You know whether or not it, you know, promotes your. That’s a whole another story, but what he’s saying here is absolutely spot on now as I mentioned before, but I wanna play it again. Read the rest of this article. We’re gonna talk a little bit more about it, but Samuel and libertarian Neil Gorsuch, what they’re saying. listen to their opinions cuz I’ve basically been giving you just just as Thomas and there’s Mi his but there’s some key points. They make that I just don’t have time to get into so people are always asking me and this is a big question on this right here. What do we do well? First of all? Let me just tell you this right now This is bigger than Donald Trump much bigger because it is about the future of our nation way beyond anyone present and if I’m with you on this if we don’t restore election integrity, then they’re really not a whole lot of reason to vote for any party and I’m a big believer in voting if you watched our show any length of time, you know that is something I stress all the time you must vote. It’s it’s the least you can. There’s a lot more but uh as I say, this is bigger than Donald Trump. It looks to me like and we’re probably gonna need to do this anyway, but obviously we can’t rely on the Supreme Court on this issue at least for now, but we’ve got to go state by state. I wanna show you this map and uh I’ll try to maybe post it up on the site so you can look at it more in depth but basically it shows I wanna say it’s the states in red is where the legislatures and the executive branch in those states is totally controlled by Republicans. The. Democrats do and there’s like 23 or 24. I think it’s twenty-four states that are red. The yellow ones are very important, too because in the yellow the legislature is controlled by the Republicans say like Louisiana, but the the executive branch is held by a Democrat so that tells you that if you could overturn if you could vote in a new governor, then and keep the legislature, then you can add dramatically to that. I show all that. To show this if we can show up the election rules in those states right there, especially the Red states, but pick off a couple of those yellow ones and make them where you have voter ID and everything else then we still win the presidency right there. There’s enough votes enough electoral votes in those states to win the president. so we don’t have to change California if we show up all these other states, we don’t have to worry about New York We don’t have to worry about mass. Illinois We can still win so that’s the first thing we need to do and a lot of the legislatures are in session right now we also have to try and stop SB one. I think it is which is supposed to come up next week in the house, which basically finalizes elections and would make it to where essentially none of it would matter to Democrats win. so keep that in mind and we’ll we’ll talk more about that as it comes on the scene but uh anyway, check that map out another thing we could do. And I’ve never been a fan of this is it’s to me is the absolute last resort, but we could hold a constitutional convention. I’ve never been a fan of it because it’s open ended and literally could throw the entire constitution out. I know people would start it based on certain things Mark Levin talks about a lot. I’m I’m I’m a little weary of it or weary of it, but but it is becoming clear like I keep showing you this mean that it it is literally. Come as a struggle between freedom versus tyranny, so we may be in the Supreme Court lack of of courage actually pushes us closer to having to do by any means necessary we met but the bottom line ladies and gentlemen, I always say we got command the political parts are we’re surely gonna have to demand the real ones again. That would be a dead gum shame because that price has been paid but we may have to. It again, alright, let’s get into this story. We got a few minutes left should be time enough and it goes back to what I’ve been telling you that if you’re conservative programming like ours, we are under the gun you so if if Fox News is under gun, you can imagine what little JM ears under the gun, but here’s an article from Politico. It’s very lengthy. We’re only gonna cover the highlights so if you wanna get more in depth in it, check it out. Democrats question TV carriers mainly talking about cable TV decisions to host. OAN Newsmax, citing misinformation and and and I would thrown right into the mix of this but America’s voice news. I talked about them earlier two House Democrats pressed a mix of table and satellite streaming providers on Monday about their decisions to carry Fox News One America, which is uh OANN and Newsmax, accusing the right leaning outlets of serving as misinformation rumor meals and. Conspiracy theory hot beds that produce content that leads to real harm and I say what a joke that is, I mean if you look look at Cnn Msnbc, I mean they are absolutely ridiculous in their what do they say here uh that uh misinformation rumor mills conspiracy hot beds that produce content that leads to real harm. I can guarantee I guarantee you this Msnbc, which is Msd and C as far as I’m concerned, Cnn and others. That they’re exactly what they’re accusing the the right of being exactly that which is pretty typical but uh I would say what a joke but they are doing real harm. See what I don’t understand. uh I guess I do understand it, but why can’t we the American people? forget what side of the political spectrum you fall on? Why can’t we make our own decisions about what we we wanna watch and to our own conclusions about what to do and and separate the wheat from the chaff. Why can’t we do that? I think we can do that, but there are absolutely afraid that the more you are truly woke the more you will see how crazy this progressive takeover of our country literally is and what is truly at stake here and they’re afraid of you actually getting really woke. That’s why they don’t want you to watch shows like crossing a line the letters from members of the energy and Commerce committee reflect continued. Congress about the January 6 attack on US capital by supporters then when your homes under attack when your business is under attack, it was a bit. you know it ain’t that big a deal. It’s mostly peaceful but when you walk into the capital and and invaded their little ice cream social, they were having there that ladies and gentlemen is a problem and I’m not at. I’m not downplaying anything that happened there. It’s terrible but uh then President Donald Trump as well as Democrats concerns that misinformation Fe in the riots spread and conservative news outlets in addition. Through social media, this total BS, they’re basically saying that it’s conservative news media that inside the violence if anything inside of the violence is what we talked about in the previous story when you don’t have a way to address your grievances, what do you do when you when you when you? it’s one thing I keep saying this. but if I say it bears repeating it’s one thing to have your day and if saying, look I heard. Your arguments I looked at your evidence I just don’t think I agree with it or you just don’t have enough ace close. That’s one thing and there gonna be some people that can’t accept anything. but the vast majority of Americans, including the vast number of Trump supporters. I believe I can speak for this would have grudgingly possibly accepted all of this and they felt like their grievances were duly heard, but they didn’t even have the chance to ponder that because they. Hurt at all and yesterday, they weren’t hurt either. So what do you do with that? you can do. I guess you just sit out and cuss at the TV but some people are gonna go beyond that and I’m not advocate. I’m just explaining it but the Democrats question who also Democrats questions also represent a rare effort by members of Congress to intrude into company’s decisions to carry specific news networks in they want to literally control. You see who does that communist fascist governments do that. In some ways it parallels this is what polio is saying in some ways it parallels the years of complaints Republicans have raised about the content of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but extends that fight in a way that could raise broader free speech issues. well the Democrats. No longer believe in the bill of rights, I can’t find I’d like to interview somebody’s Democrats and I’d ask him a question. Please tell me specifically what of the tenant first ten amendments in other words, the bill of rights you actually still believe in cuz we know they don’t believe in the first amendment. we can see it right here and of course the second amendment I mean they’re under attacked by the way if you don’t get if you’re a second Amendment person out there if you’re quote a gun enthusiast, I don’t care if you love hate Donald Trump that none of that’s relevant to what I’m about to say you better get truly woke as I hear a lot of people. They say, oh, I don’t really wanna talk about politics. I’m not interested in our government well believe this you may not be but government is very very interested in you and I’m just saying if you don’t wake up, you’re gonna lose it all but I wanna give you a quick example. Let me check my time. I got couple minutes. Let me tell you what’s happening here locally where I live just I don’t talk about local that much but man do I live in a cess pool of progressive is not everybody, but the. Emission City Commission Our Governor Ron DeSantis You could agree or disagree with this decision He has declared that that we’re gonna lower the flags across Florida the half mask in respect to one of our residents mister limbo rush Lim now love him hating whatever the governor has the preview to do that. but our local government is literally arguing about whether they have to obey that rule or not. I mean that shows you how liberal they they don’t believe it They only believe in government that one way you either walk lock step with them or you don’t walk at all, Which is what this is all about almost at a time and I got a few minutes left the letters represented from any and Jerry MC. I know nothing about them, except guess where they’re from sent letters to ATandT for basically everybody an Apple the whole Alphabet here, the Democrats ask and listen to this man. We’ll close the show on this listen to. What they ask in this letter uh I mean it just it’s just unbelievable the audacity says. What moral our ethical principles, including those related to journalistic integrity, is the Democrats now Violence medical medical information of public health. Do you apply to deciding they’re talking about these TV networks apply and deciding which channels to carry or when to take adverse actions. The channel they also ask to curious if they’re planning to continue carrying Fox News Newsmax and OANN Aloha. Let me I got more. Let me read this first part again. These are Democrats and they’re asking what moral or ethical principles, including those related to journalistic integrity. I mean these people know no shame. I mean when you think. Democrats do you really and and and the mainstream media you think of morals and integrity Those are two words that jump up in this unless it’s immoral but anyway, it is absolutely crazy. So I say all that let’s say this and we’ll close the show if you want to see content like we have here at John Martin talks are where it’s ONN and newsmax and any any conservatism even a hint of it you better. Get busy cuz we’re under attack progressives never rest on their laurels. I’ve told you that many times they never rest. They never stop. They fight all the way and they’d always take everything to extreme. They can’t be reason with can’t be dealt with can’t be negotiated with an only be defeated and the only shot we have outside of violence which I’m not advocating for is to man. Political Ram parts with every fiber of our being that’s the time we live in that is the burden. our generation is we can’t just go back and rest on our laws and just enjoy the freedoms we gotta fight for him in some form or fashion on a daily basis. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. please go directly to our Facebook page John Martin talks like it share it with others. YouTube spell it all out. Remember our sponsors some. Them in every way possible I’ll pray for your family you pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great nation cuz man does she deserve it and need it now more than ever? But like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours have a blessed day.

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