Citizens For Trump – President To Spend Final Moments At FL Home! – JMT #382

Citizens For Trump – President To Spend Final Moments At FL Home! – JMT #382

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her ladies and gentlemen, I tell you today is a day of mixed emotions for a lot of people across this great country and around the world and certainly here at J Mt, I was trying to think of which uh shirt to wear today and uh cuz you know some. I don’t normally channel a particular thing on a shirt, but some people do they look at what a tie somebody’s wearing and trying to determine what it means I picked up and one of the first shirts I picked up was one that looks like this, but it’s kinda blue checked and I started to put it on and I said no some people may interpret that as I’m welcoming the Blue Democrats in the office and then yesterday, I did specifically where this uh red checkered shirt I have because when I’m feeling really Trumpian, I like to wear that shirt. So I just kinda picked this shirt. I went through and I said, well, people have commented on this one They like it. So maybe it’s uh won’t try. I’m not trying to convey any particular message. I’m I’m not that complicated. Let me tell you that right now, but we got a great show for you today in spite of what is about to happen We’re gonna be talking about President Trump and where he’s gonna supposedly spend the final moments of his presidency because uh if. Things go as planned, I suppose Donald Trump will no longer be president after the clock strikes twelve noon today and Joe Biden, God help us will, and we’re gonna talk about that. but I’m gonna use this article to kind of get to some points here but uh before we go any further, I always have to mention our sponsors. Big Daddy Unlimited is our key sponsor, otherwise known as B. We really appreciate them if you wanna check out our sponsor, no matter when or where you’re watching the show and I’m was uh was a remiss. When I didn’t welcome actually a couple days ago, a new Facebook site to our broadcast network, Trump America First Good morning guys. Howdy. How are you This is John Martin talks and we’re here everyday Monday through Friday at 8 O’clock Eastern time, or as close as we can get to it, but I’m glad to have you here but no matter where you’re watching the show or when you’re watching it look above the video and you will see not only a description to the show. 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To see all episodes their archive there and to continue watching my show we are determined not to abandon the public square. We’re gonna stay on all these different platforms as long as possible, but we are your voice of freedom like my good friend at Patriot always says the true stock starts now so remember Www.john Martin to see all of our shows there. We’re also arch. On America’s voice news, you can go there where we’re in their archive look at their list of shows. Download the free app on your Android your iPhone Roku Fire stick Apple TV channel 219 Dish Network and the Pluto channel man. That’s a mouthful. Alright, let’s get in to the meat of the stories today. This is a today template story. I’m using Donald Trump plans to end his presidency at Mar Lago as Biden takes the oath of office Here there, you go, I was looking at a bunch of different pictures to post and I can’t find one really any better than that. That is the first family the president and the first lady there and people tend to forget that not only are we losing President Trump in the Oval Office, but we’re losing one of the greatest first ladies in this country has ever had one of the sharpest people. You’ll ever see in that office. I mean I challenge anyone to tell me any first lady that has been more impressive than Melania Trump. So we’re also losing that and I think that needs to be said alright into the article if he sticks to the schedule, President Donald Trump will spend his final minutes in office at his Mar Lago estate in Florida. He’s now a resident of Florida. so I guess I should welcome the president and say welcome home sir. We are glad to have you. In Florida, I wish you were still in the White House after noon today, but uh not to be at the moment but uh Joe Biden, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this cuz I’ve been preference it. God help us Joe Biden appears to be going to be the forty-six president of the United States and I love that picture right there because that to me, Pinocchio Joe is the best possible representation I can get for Joe Biden, he is going to be. The forty-six president of the United States, at least it appears so I know a lot of people are holding out all kind of hope I get it. I understand believe me I take no pride in saying no joy for sure in saying this cuz I gotta tell you I never thought this day would come and I’m not even talking about Donald Trump and the voter Mod. We can’t say the F word here on the show. We can’t say the f word so I call it, Mod voter Mod, So we’re not saying any f words here on the show, but. Voter mob outside of Donald Trump and a separate issue, I never thought Joe Biden would ever be president of the United States. I know this is like the third time he’s really kinda run four times I actually saw him speak way back when at the Florida Democratic Convention, I went to that. Yes, I used to be a Democrat. I was born like a lot of people in the south, you know to a Democratic family, but the first person I ever voted for President when I was first vote. Was Ronald Reagan so that probably tells you a lot about me, but I was down there uh at the convention in South Florida and I heard Joe Biden give a speech and it’s kind of the first time I’d really. I mean I heard I knew about Joe Biden but the first time I really remember actually seeing him put on a speech and I gotta tell you he was fairly impressive. He gives a pretty good speech. This was a long time ago. You know, not the Joe we see now. He’s not that impressive anymore, but he. Good speech, Little did I know at the time that he plagiarized quite a bit of the speech, but uh I guess that’s another story but Joe Biden backed out before he ever announced he was running for president and let me tell you the reason why you would come to the Florida Democratic um convention is to run for president so everybody was pretty much talking about Joe Joe Biden being the nominee back then but subsequently Joe Biden has proved that he is. Worst candidate in the history of running for president in spite of the fact now that there’s overwhelming evidence if you wanna call evidence that he’s the most popular president our president elect our candidate in the history of the world because how else did he get it cuz it could have been voter Mod. We know that no no f word here that it couldn’t have been about it had to be that he was the best choice carried a message like no one ever has to become president he. Popular that no that no one is gonna up for his inauguration except the military and my son pointed this out to me yesterday that he was saying that it looks like it’s something from Star Wars stormtrooper where they’re talking to the storm. troopers out there and it’s funny, but it’s a bit scary true at the same time, but I never thought that Joe Biden would ever be president and I’m not even talking about this election cuz he was a lousy candidate. He’s always been a lousy candidate. He was a lousy candidate in twenty remember he was literally left for dead coming out of New Hampshire and it was if it wasn’t for the resurrection uh of Clyburn in South Carolina, Joe Biden, I mean he’d be in the dust bin right now and uh probably it ends up that he was probably the best choice for them. I mean he won I guess depending on the issue but uh yeah he uh he absolutely was a is. Said earlier on in the campaign, he’s a blank slate and we know what Joe Biden’s gonna do whatever they tell him to do so. I just never thought this day would come. I gotta tell you Trump is expected to be at the Palm Beach Club, which he dubbed the Winter White House. Talking about Mar Largo when the clock strikes noon on Wednesday, ending a contentious. these are their words not mine contentious presidential term that close with days of seclusion after a riot in the US capital. And will be kept with a final military send off at the joint base Joint Base Andrews. So they say here that Donald Trump’s presidency is ending a contentious presidential term that close with days of seclusion. Well, I got a couple of issues with that first of all that is not a news item. It’s an opinion right. I mean the the media is pretty much dead the straight media, but this is really an opinion because the only reason that Donald Trump has a contentious presidency is because he was under attack even before got sworn in, let alone after remember the Washington Post actually up. Out an article 19 minutes after Donald Trump was Donald Trump was sworn in and I was there by the way one of the great things I’ve participated in my life. I I was at Donald Trump’s inauguration in the various balls that happened after my wife and I and uh tell you a little bit about us. We got married on the tenth of January and basically our honeymoon even though he had been together quite a bit of time before then, but our honeymoon was at Donald Trump’s inauguration. so I guess. As you get, but the only reason Donald Trump’s presidency is contentious, like I say to Washington post literally 19 minutes after Donald Trump got sworn and put out an article about impeaching Donald Trump. so you know he’s uh he’s been under the gun for a long time. The contentious did not really come from Donald Trump. not from my perspective, not from the millions of people that turned out to vote for him on November 3rd. Think about this ladies and gentlemen. It doesn’t seem to get mentioned very often. That’s why you gotta watch shows like J mt. That’s why you gotta support as I say those of us in the fight. not everybody can be a fighter but everybody can support those in the fight like me and my psychic sidekick here. Billy Bob Bass. He’s got a Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks. So yes, I’m a fish whisperer. Make fishing great again. you know, so I used to be a commercial fishing captain and I still work on. Boats right now, so I go by every weekend. I’m going this weekend. I’m very excited but uh you you know I was up for the inauguration and Donald Trump gave one of the better speeches. I’ve heard one of the best speeches of his presidency was his initial speech, but do you remember the coverage of it was like it was dark and sinister go back and listen to Donald Trump’s of speak and it was everything but dark and of course, they argued about the crowd size and everything else they were still talking about Donald Trump’s crowd size even a year ago. It’s crazy man wonder what Biden he won’t have a crowd. There really barring is schedule change The White House has invited hundreds of supporters to a a pop circumstance ceremony at the Air Base. Andrews Air Base one expected to feature a red carpet and a military color guard and perhaps a preview of another Trump presidential run. You think he’s gonna of course. that’s what this impeachment is all about. It’s. About trying to prevent Donald Trump from being able to run, we’re gonna talk about that in a minute, But what do you think Donald Trump citizen Trump? What will President Trump do now? I’ve been saying this for a while now he has every right to absolutely call it a day and say look I’ve served my country. I’ve been out front. I did my best and now I’m gonna gonna spend my time with children, my grandchildren and building my business and playing golf as much as he’s criticized for that, even though Obama played as much if not more golf remember. Obama actually crashed somebody’s wedding out in Honolulu playing golf people forget that we played a lot of golf as well, which I’m not. I don’t have a problem with the president relaxing myself cuz there there is a lot of pressure in that job, but what will citizen Trump do as I say he has every right to ride off into the sunset and enjoy his I don’t think that’s what he’ll do. I think Donald Trump loves the America loves country and let’s face it the PT bar in the guy, which I say that would praise he likes the attention. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. So what will he do well? First, he’s gonna have to probably deal with this impeachment mess in fiasco because you know it looks like that of course the house already impeached him and it looks like Mitch McConnell and Schumer are gonna agree to bring this on and have a trial. Not I mean, in spite of of the that it’s unconstitutional as Alan said, Just the other day unconstitutional to impeach a citizen not. President you can’t try a citizen in the the Senate actually unconstitutional. It’s called the attainment clause. it is actually illegal to try a citizen in Congress. People don’t know that, but they’re apparently they didn’t really care about that. Now. some people are talking about that. uh Donald Trump is going to potentially form a third party. They call it the Patriot Party. There’s some rumblings and gummies about it. I understand that I certainly understand the desire for doing that, especially when you see how. Most of Republicans are running for cover right now and quick they’re gonna be quick to participate with Biden, Of course, they’re attending a church service today with Biden, some of the leaders like McCarthy and Turtle head himself. Mitch McConnell, You know, I say that because of what was that movie uh the spy movie comedy movie, I got a turtle head poking out that to me when I hear that term, that’s when I think of Mitch that turtle head poking out if you if you’re new to the show. I try to be seriously entertaining. hopefully uh I uh I make that mark here. so we’ll see it’s hard to be funny in these dark times as what did Biden say, we’re gonna have a dark winter. Well, you know promises made promises kept for Biden cuz it seems pretty dark right now, but this idea of a third party I’ve I’ve explained this. but of course, if I say that bears repeating, I’m not necessarily opposed to a third party and if they actually impeach Donald Trump, I don’t know how I could support Republicans uh so I’m gonna put that. Out there right there and I would support getting rid of all of them, but my problem with a third party is I’m not sure how it affects my number one goal and my number one goal is to stop the progressive takeover of this country by the progressive left now, at least slow it down cuz we haven’t been doing a very good Donald Trump definitely slowed it down. He has not stopped it obviously cuz Biden’s own words, said he’s gonna be the most elected the most progressive president in history and I take all these. Progressives at their their word, that’s one active you don’t have to wonder what they’re thinking just take them at their word when Chuck Schumer told you that if they take Georgia, we’re gonna change America I take him to I trust everything he’s telling me about what he’s gonna do. I don’t like it, but I trust that he’s gonna do exactly that. but Donald Trump and so that third party, here’s the thing as my as I stated my goal and I’d love for someone to explain it Chime in on YouTube, John Martin talks about it all the way out and let me know because. My view on it is I don’t see how a third party stops the progressive takeover of this country. In fact, I could make a case that it would actually help it. My idea is to take over the Republican Party from the grassroots up. really, you don’t take it over from the top you take it over from the bottom cuz it’s the bottom that votes for the people up the food chain and ultimately who heads to party and has is the nominee right so I that to. I can make a count. I’m not saying Republicans will do that by the way, but I think it’s our best chance to reach my goal now, people have said that the president might start a media empire and you know people are questioning all about the parts we might get into them later, but there’s some why is he pardon this person that person? It’s crazy and all that kind of stuff some of it maybe that he’s looking to them to help him build an empire. I don’t know somebody’s entertainers somebody’s big money Don. People I mean there maybe breezes behind it’s gonna be very difficult and certainly tremendously expensive to create a new media empire now, as I said earlier in our show we hear with the help of our sponsors. Big Daddy Unlimited are trying to create are not trying. We’re going to uh cuz I have total faith in the people at big Daddy Unlimited, especially the owners who are friends of mine as well that they’re gonna do what they say they’re gonna do. They’ve never let me down before and I anticipate that they and they’re they’re very determined to be not only. Second Amendment headquarters, but basically the voice of freedom around the world, they’re actually determined and we’re determined to play a role in that. so check it out Big daddy unlimited above the video where you’re watching it. check out our sponsor support those of us in the fight. We absolutely need you to do that, but it is going to be very expensive and very difficult, not impossible certainly not impossible to create viable alternatives, but we got to do it. We have where Trump does it or not is a separate question, but we have to create. Viable alternatives in all aspects from banking right on up to social media, because believe me we are under attack and it is only going to get worse under the Democrats. You know this idea that what is uh Biden’s theme today and Inauguration America United. Yeah really, and we’re gonna I’ll probably talk more about that. but the one thing that Donald Trump has going for him beyond his great abilities and his financial abilities is he’s got seventy. A man and change people that backed him more than any other president sitting president in the history, United States that voted for him and they’re probably other tens of millions of people that are now wishing that they had actually voted. It’s always baffled me how about half the nation doesn’t even bother to vote, but I guarantee you they’re gonna get woke in a very raw way. See how we say they’re gonna meet mister Dover uh when uh Biden becomes president or Kamala Harris whoever it actually ends up being, but Trump said in a farewell address released Tuesday. if you have not seen. It’s getting clouded by all this coverage of pardons and all that stuff, but Donald Trump did a fantastic farewell address yesterday. you really ought to check it out. but here’s what here’s a couple of lies from it, he said. As I prepare to hand power over to a new administration at noon on Wednesday, I want you to know that the movement we started is only just beginning. Amen sir. And I believe that’s true now. What does he mean by that? we’ll have to wait and see but let me tell you I got you wanna talk about an idea now. this probably isn’t gonna happen but let me put something out there that it is a possibility and I hadn’t heard too many people even mention this. what about speaker of the house I know who the current speaker of the house is Nancy the Wicked Witch of the West Pelosi man The plastic face man she’s melting or whatever, but a lot of people Don. Know this, but the speaker of the house does not have to be a member of Congress. the majority in the House of Representatives can pick whomever they want to be speaker of the house. So what if Donald Trump spent the next 2 years working to take over the House of Representatives not only knocking out the Democrats, but getting all those swamp rats out of there, those turn coats the the rhino. You know the term rhino, I began to rethink that term. I know it means Republican in name only but a lot of these people are actual Republicans in real, the old establishment guard before Donald Trump came along before the tea Party kind of the foundation of what became the Trump movement came along there are you know I don’t know that. Mitch McConnell is a rhino. I think he represents the old guard alright, but think about this Donald Trump. Wouldn’t this be something if he were cuz he’s already said that he’s gonna work remembering that Georgia rally said. I’m coming back here and punished these people at people at work against What do you think he’s got in store for those ten that voted to impeach him, he said. I mean Donald Trump. I don’t trust that he will come back and nail them to the proverbial wall. You know me when I’m dead, Fred and that kind of thing. so we tended this hide when he died, Clyde and that’s it hanging on the shed. You have to be old school to know that reference man chime in let me know if you know that is from a certain. But anyway, uh Donald Trump could he come back and work and nail these house members and be voted in as speaker of the house. Could you help me? Could you imagine that it would just be fantastic to me? but you know, I’m not saying it’ll happen but um you know my new slogan by the way and feel free to use this we we need to make our own hats is make America first again because I guarantee you after the first day of Joe Biden, we’re not gonna be first anymore. He’s already gonna make us energy. Dependent where Donald Trump made US energy independent, he’s already signaled that he’s okay with Iran getting a nuclear bomb. I I basically that’s what they’re working on. He’s already gonna do he’s already putting us back to the stone age with the Flintstone cars cuz he wants to join the Paris accords even though we’re already got emissions lower than what they’re doing, We’re leading the world in a mission reductions under Donald Trump. did you know that you never hear that from the media, but we’re gonna be in the Flintstone. Cars of Ocasio Cortez and rest of the Twitter twitch. Yeah. That’s what I call em the Twitter twits have their way. I think that’s better than the squad. It’s actually much more descriptive of what they truly are if they have their way. We’re going to be back in the stone age, so we need to make America first again and I certainly uh believe Donald Trump can help us in that cause whether he chooses to or not it’s certainly up to him and like I say he deserves to ride off in the sunset if he wants to and don’t think that’s gonna happen but back to this article says there are questions as to how many people will travel to joint base. Andrews. Basically the drop off let me tell you this sir mister Trump millions. I think I feel free to millions of us will be there in spirit with you sir, I know I will Billy Bob says he will too I will be there in spirit with you sending you off because I do believe that history will be much kinder to Donald Trump than the current bunch are and that he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents this nation ever had and may have again who knows we’ll see, but I think I can. Speak to use snowflakes out there cuz if I say something that you probably deserve to be melting but a lot of Americans are very supportive of Donald Trump, the polling there’s polling. I started to talk about it, but I’ll just casually mention it right now, the only poll that has been very accurate over the last few years is Rasmus and the latest tracking poll on as Donald Trump in spite of all the crap, he’s basically been accused of being a traitor right that Donald Trump. The insist the worst racist in the history of the world. you know, here’s the thing. Donald Trump is the worst racist in the history of the president. You know you’re going what do you mean and because Hes suck at it, I say he’s the worst racist ever cuz he sucks at it. I mean all you gotta do is look at the numbers for African-Americans before the pandemic hit to see and look at the pardons. I mean he’s a racist but he pardon what I think Kodak and one of my kids told me that they’re all excited about that. I think it was good but they. Lil Wayne I went to a Lil Wayne concert. Yeah. I’m a little bit. Hi I can’t move all that much but uh you know and I’m like Snoop Dogg man. I’m living my best life and I’m telling you so I’m very grateful but Donald Trump is the worst racist in history cuz he sucks at it. I mean Obama he wouldn’t even pardon somebody like like little Wayne that seem like I don’t know man but uh anyway, let’s get along with this Republican congressional leaders, Mitch and Kevin McCarthy boot. Of Trump in the wake of the capital insurrection won’t be there. What an interaction man? it’s uh it’s crazy. Pearl Harbor, January 6 will go down as Pearl Harbor. That’s what that’s what Democrats who wanna unite us are telling you that basically that uh. People who supported Donald Trump are like Isis terrorist. That’s what we are, but yet we’re gonna unify so us Isis terrorist out here that supported Donald Trump. We’re being called back into the fold man, but they plan to these uh Republican leaders plan to attend church service with President elect Joe Biden less than an hour after Trump is scheduled to depart and Andrews for one last ride aboard Air Force. one maybe he’ll do a fly around the country while he’s up there. but what I’m and May say this is controversial and you know far be it from me. I’m not politically correct. That’s true by the way if you’re looking for political correctness, she tuned in to the wrong place cuz you’re not gonna get it here but what in the world will they be praying for at this service? I’ve been wanted cuz Nancy Pelosi said she prays for the president all the time right to wonder what they’ll be praying for. they maybe those two right there Turtle head and McCarthy and one of he may have a good name cuz cuz that’s what be happening. McCarthy is seems to rear its ugly head back in the uh in the capital. If you don’t know what I’m talking about Snowflake look it up get a little education out there. What I’m talking about so you know you gotta actually I mean I went to when they actually taught Americanism versus communism and so uh it’s just sad what’s happening If you know one thing we need to take over our educational system. I hadn’t said this in a while, but uh if you want to run for office, one of the first things I would encourage you to do is run for school board man. We need to take our schools back but what would they be praying for Mitch Mitch McCarthy out there. They may be praying for forgiveness because especially on McCarthy cuz he’s gonna run for reelection in two more years, You know, Mitch McConnell was set now he’s gonna be out there unless Y’all recall him in Kentucky for another what 6 years just got reelected and he’s got a pretty cushy deal and him and Biden could maybe exchange war stories because you know Mitch McConnell is tied directly in the communist China with his wife, who’s a shipping magnet over there and uh so maybe him and him and uh miss. Uh mister Biden can compare family albums. You know that kind of thing, but I wonder what they’ll be praying for they better pray for forgiveness if they wanna get reelected McCarthy because uh retribution could be coming and no I’m not advocating for any kind of violence. What I’m advocating here and I will continue to as long as I have this microphone and even on the street. if I have, I had I advocate for us to educate ourselves and educate others. Motivate ourselves and motivate others activate people to do something and get other people activated and if necessary, and I don’t I mean by voting eliminate these people that are taking over our nation from the rhinos to the wanna bees to the progressive leftist get rid of them. all we need a movement to do that the air Force one ride to Lago will end a presidency like no other in a transition like. No other, I played this video yesterday, but I thought about it. It’s a snippet from one of Donald Trump’s campaign rallies earlier this year before the election cuz it kinda sums up to a certain extent. I think this 1 minute or so video of what we’re losing today. Check it out. See if you agree. Plan will destroy 5000000 jobs eliminate $2.6000000000000 in wealth and hurt lower and middle income families the most of all I will deliver optimism opportunity and hope Biden will deliver pessimism poverty and decline. For the last 47 years, Joe Biden has been outsourcing a job opening your borders now by the way our border is closed. That’s why you never hear about it you ever notice you don’t hear about that. you don’t hear about our vets anymore cuz we take such good. Remember every night you hear about vet before me ninety. 91% approval rating with our vets, our vets voted 91%. We never never had anything like and sacrificing American blood and treasure in endless foreign wars in countries that you’ve never even heard of and are all coming back. You know that right, I mean, I hope anybody. I hope nobody objects. I think 19 in Afghanistan is enough when you say well, like a police force over there, we have the greatest soldiers in the world, but over there, we’re like a police force 19 years isn’t enough. You think it’s easy getting out with all the military industrial complex right. Dwight Eisenhower’s the military beware the military industrial complex that right, but we’re all coming home. They’re all coming home. Yeah. I tell you what we’re gonna miss that Dude Man III don’t know how to. You’re gonna be missed I mean think about it right now The military is basically uh the only crowd in DC right now supposedly and uh the military brass. I talked about this yesterday the best place to watch our podcast you can go to John Martin Remember that go to our YouTube channel John Mark talks go to recoil You can go there. You can also go to America’s voice news under the show tab and check it out, but I talked about yesterday that the uh. Industrial complex that mister Trump just mentioned they’re tickle to death. They love Joe Biden man remember when the Democratic Party was the anti-war party, I know if you’re just graduated from high school in the last 10 years, you can’t probably believe that, but there used to be a time when the Democrats were supposedly the Anti-war party even Bernie Sanders when Donald Trump talked about moving fifty troops in Syria was like you. we can’t do that. So now, everything is on its head The Democrats and the Republican establishment They’re all about getting rid of Donald Trump. The Pentagon is cheering today. Get rid of Donald Trump because they want to keep the fight. They have a lot of money on the line. man you know, who’s probably not cheered the soldiers that have to pay the price the rank and file support Donald Trump overwhelmingly and the brass is scared of them. We’ve seen that this week, they’re scared of the under the uh the uh the province and the sergeants. And that kind of the corporal and the captains they’re scared of them because they believe that Donald Trump actually had their back the vets actually Donald Trump as he spoke about their had their back who has their back right now Biden is gonna stab him in the back. That’s for sure because uh you know it just is what it is. We’ll talk more about that as time progresses number one to to respect political norms and talking about mister Trump for that’s one of the reason I vote for him. By the way never want to respect political norm, Trump spent the last 2 months protesting his election law to law to in an unprecedented manner, a filed unprecedented everything Donald Trump does is extraordinary, not to mention the fact that the last three Republicans that got elected to office the Democrats challenged them or they charged with insurrection. They challenged the election result of the last three Republican elected presidents were challenged in Congress. They weren’t successful, but they were challenged, but you know Donald Trump is the first one to ever do that. Baloney man. Don’t you believe please don’t believe the malarkey and I wonder if Biden will say the word malarkey today is there a drinking game to that? I don’t know never want to respect political norms. Trump spent the last 2 months protesting his election Biden an unprecedented manner he filed lawsuits pressured lawmakers and repeated baseless claims of widespread almost said it got this cuz I’m reading the article, but I can’t even read the article in this part. I can’t say the f word so let me start back in. Repeated claims of widespread Mod well, let’s call it that in the election basis claims based on what based they’re saying that claims are baseless. well. let me just tell you first of all God bless Texas. I haven’t said this in a while, but God bless Texas man with his own hands because Texas actually tried to do the right thing. They did the right thing and they had twenty some out of the states, including my great State of Florida, joined with them and we can talk about all these. Other things that happen and merits of it, there are people signed out for David’s all that kind of stuff uh but to me the case that breaks my heart and it’s not because Donald Trump didn’t prevail that what breaks my heart cuz I’m a constitutional first and foremost beyond Donald Trump. I love this country and I believe that our country’s greatness and our future depends on the US Constitution and it is being torn under and ignored, which I tell you many times is even worse than doing away with it. but the Texas case. Breaks my heart because the Supreme Court the last place where we’re supposed to be able to regress our grievances wouldn’t even hear the evidence even though the Constitution says that they are the arbiter of disputes between state, they would not even hear the evidence and everybody knows and then I’m talking about. I’m talking about unconstitutional cuz the constitution is extremely clear on this point that this. Yes, we have basically fifty state elections for president, not a national one, but the only entity within the state that can change election law is the state legislature not governors not consent agreements between secretaries of state. none of that and so anything that changes election law outside the state legislature is by by its very unconstitutional and all these judges know that yet they would not even hear the evidence it breaks my heart. God bless Texas, though you know, I actually believe that we’re gonna see a movement and people are talking about succession and all that kind of stuff Uh I’m not saying that’s not possible what I think you’re going to see during the term that God help us Biden as President Kamala Harris for that matter, you’re gonna see states like Texas and Florida move towards independence of a different nature not succession per say, but they’re going to be economic islands and they may partner up places like Texas and Florida. And they’re going to be a lot of lawsuits that probably rise to the Supreme Court. It’s gonna be very interesting to see how the majority supposed conservative majority we have now in the Supreme Court thanks to Donald Trump period in the I mean bottom line how they’re gonna react to that because I think that’s what’s going to happen. I think you’re gonna see Texas and Florida and places like that actually form alliances, both individual and independently uh and become economic islands and play bass of freedom for things like your Second Amendment free speech in Florida is already. Challenging about taking a divesting any pension money any state moneys from these big giant tech companies, so they’re already starting down that line. So it’s I think that’s what you’re gonna see the link back to this article the Lame-duck president hasn’t made a on Donald Trump appearance since January 12 trip to South Texas to deliver an immigration speech near the US border. Now they they, they say he’s isolating himself while at the same time, they’re cutting him off from every kind of social media. They won’t even a press conference if he tried the whole. Would be a circus. We already know that, but uh Donald Trump is down at the South Texas border, You know touting the wall right, but apparently people are trying so hard to get to um to Biden’s Billy Bob tells me that we have a video of people trying to get to Joe Biden’s inauguration. Can we play that? Yeah, that’s Billy Bob. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. That’s actually people down in Central America bomb Russian across the borders to get here cuz they do wanna celebrate Joe Biden’s cuz it means that tens of thousands if not millions of immigrants are going to illegally cross our border. keep in mind that the UN yeah that sacred organization to you in so it’s gotta be true put out something a few years ago that I first report on this show that 84. People in Central and South America want to come to the United States if they have the 84. 84000000. that’s from the UN, not me along the way Trump has ignored Biden in ways without parallel, you know that’s probably true, but you know who else is ignored Joe Biden, the Democratic Party people forget this video. Check this out. People say all the time Oh, we gotta get the vice president of the basement. He’s fine in the basement. Two people see him a day, his two body people that’s that was a zoom conference between leaders of the Democratic Party. That was Terry McAuliffe, who was used to be chairman of the National Democratic Party, basically saying Biden is great in the basement. Let’s just keep him down there yet. Trump is ignoring him. It’s crazy man the incumbent president has not met with his successor. It’s doubtful that Trump will write the traditional note of encouragement that ongoing presence leave for successors as president. Obama left Trump Obama. Yeah. He is such a fake man These guys Biden in Obama, they’re sitting there welcoming Trump to the White House in 2016 or 2017, by he got inaugurated when they were stabbing him in the back. All you gotta do is look at this James Comey, the former director of the FB Obama’s boy. Check it out what he said. I mean I can’t make this up. Check it out you look at this White house now and it’s hard to imagine two FB agents setting up in the sit room. How did that happen? I sent them. Um something we I probably wouldn’t have done or maybe gotten away with in a more organized investigation and more organized administration. The FB wanted to send agents into the White House itself to interview a senior official. You would work through the White House Council and then be discussions and approvals and who would be there and I thought it’s early enough. Let’s just send a couple guys over the hit with anybody’s rights constitutional rights. We’re just do it cuz we can the FB director. This is what Donald Trump was. Up against I mean they they talk about hearing this article about Donald Trump breaking the norms about inviting the bids over and all this kind of kind of stuff these were conspiring against him from day one yet they’re sitting there in the Oval Office. All we like to welcome Donald Trump Trump and Melania Trump. I mean I don’t know about you man. I don’t like the fake BS. I’d rather you look me in the eye and slap me upside the head and put your arm around me. Stabbed me in the back man. It’s all fake and they talk about Donald Trump. you know should ride like they normally do up to the capital with uh with the president-elect to the capital where they’ve impeached him now twice man and it said afterward, new presidents and first ladies usually pose for for pictures at the Capitol with their predecessors, the new president typically sees the new new off to a helicopter for the ride to Andrews Air Force base. Now, I wonder why Donald Trump. Not wanna meet with Joe Biden and Joe Biden could it be something like this video It’ll call super Tuesday for nothing. By the way this, my little sister, Valerie and I’m Jill’s husband, Oh, no. This is not I mean, could it be it? Donald Trump would be worried that old Joe Biden might wanna do more than sniff Melania’s hair he might try to drag her out where we’re pretty much out of time. I was gonna play a few things for you but uh let me just tell you this ladies and gentlemen, you know people are wondering we’ll close with this. What will Donald Trump do but the real question is not what will Donald Trump do? we’ll just have to wait and see the real question ladies and gentlemen is what will you do? What were you doing? I’m not advocating violence? Anything are we just gonna go back and just rest on our laws and say you know we had a good run. Donald Trump did this and we were there are we gonna get mad at him for what he’s done in the last couple of days, we may address that at another time or are we gonna get educated motivated activated and try to save this country cuz if we don’t if we just sit back and say, Oh, it’s a lost cause. then we as I’ve been saying if this whole. If this whole America first movement, but my agenda was based on one man as great as that man is it was doomed to failure from the start, Donald Trump told us in his farewell address. It’s only just beginning so the real question is what will you do Tune in to our show on a daily basis and I’ll give you some ideas and I have no problem with being straight forward with you, honest and give you my honest opinionated facts hope you’ve enjoyed the show today as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you, please go to our YouTube channel. Check it out all the. Support the fighters in the fight support our sponsors. I’ll pray for your family. We got one more day to pray for our current president. who’s your president’s snowflakes Donald Trump cuz they both deserve it, but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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