Citizens For Trump – Pentagon “Rooting Out” The Ranks? – JMT #381

Citizens For Trump – Pentagon “Rooting Out” The Ranks? – JMT #381

Welcome to John Martin Martin talks we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, We got a great show for you today. I tell you right now it looks like this is the last full day of the Trump presidency the last 24 hours, I’m just telling it like it is it’s a sad day for. Me and many other people out there, but it looks like uh basically 100 pardons getting out mister Trump. If you’re listening, I’ll take one. I’ll take one. I don’t have any money to give or anything like that, but I am a big supporter, but we got a great show for you today and it the first story out the gate and probably take up most most. If not all show is the Pentagon is rooting out the ranks. In other words, they’re trying to get rid of anybody who is not now loyal and bow down to president elect soon to be God help us President Obama. I mean not it might as well, be Obama. He’s got the entire Obama administration appointed apparently, but Joe Biden is poised to be the forty-sixth president of the United States and there are troops. I mean Washington DC is totally shut down and we’re gonna talk about that. But it appears that the Pentagon is trying to make sure under the guys of white supremacy, even though there was a guy arrested yesterday who happened to be black who had a Trump had. It went inside the Capitol. Apparently I mean, I didn’t think those people exist kinda like uh kinda like the uh the the uh Bigfoot or something you know a black Trump supporter even though more black folks voted for Donald Trump than any other Republican in history, basically black Trump supporters are are there a myth right but not so fast, fast, but anyway, the Pentagon is rooting white supremacy is what they’re trying to say, but basically when you do. A little deeper, it’s anybody who might actually have supported Donald Trump or just isn’t in the tank for Joe Biden, we’ll get into that. but before we go any further, I always have to mention our sponsor Big daddy unlimited otherwise known as B, It is very important now more than ever that that if you see programming like ours and others that you support those of us in the fight like I’m always telling you not everybody can be a fighter but everybody can. 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Distant future, But as I say we hear are determined to be your voice of freedom and we need your support. Remember www.john Martin Alright, let’s get into the story. This is a New York Times story and it is a bit scary to me. And I actually hope it is to you to me what’s happening before I get the story. Let me just say this to me what is happening in our country right this minute with the squealing of all of our rights free speech at the top Second amendment, which we don’t have any rights without that the basically our first ten amendments, otherwise known as the bill of rights are inalienable rights protected by the Constitution, but not given to us by Donald Trump, R Joe Biden. By our heavenly Father inalienable rights. That’s what it means God given rights, which is important because what God given no man can take it away and the constitution is our check on government trying to take our rights away, but right now as we speak all of our rights are being away and it to me it shouldn’t matter whether you’re in favor of Joe Biden or Donald Trump or or to Z, it doesn’t matter to me if you look at what is happening. Our rights to free speech to participate are being taken on a daily basis, so you better get truly woken. It’s it’s frightening to me and it should be to you. Let’s get in this article. Pentagon accelerates efforts to root out far right extremism in the ranks and New York Times article as you probably have heard by now there are approximately are there will be by this time tomorrow. Twenty-five. 25000 I’ve even heard figures it might go as high as 35, but just for the sake of. As accurate as possible, 25000 armed yes, I said armed National guard troops, I say armed because quite often when the national guard is deployed in this civilian way, they’re not armed. But in this case they are armed to the teeth. I’ve seen the pictures of it and I think you might even be able to see those are actual us troops in Washington, DC right there in that picture. The Pentagon is intensifying efforts to identify and combat white. That’s the goal and other far right extremism in the in the ranks any other other extremism white supremacy? I mean, I think there are, but maybe not combat white other far right extremism in its rights as federal investigators seek to determine how many military personnel and veterans join the violent assault on the capital. so they mentioned white supremacy and other far right extremism. Now, I’m not down. The KKK and white extreme neo Nazis, However, you wanna label em. They’re all kind splinter groups. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but even the Southern poverty law Center, which is no friend to a mainstream America, let alone the far right puts the number of K in the low thousands not like tens of thousands or millions of people in the K and other groups. It’s a small number group. I remember when that Spencer fella came here to University of Florida literally shut the university. Down in Gainesville, his actual number of followers was only about twenty that showed up and no Republican that I know of or nobody really even promoted that I wasn’t even aware of the dude till I heard about it on the news. Maybe I’m more out of touch than I think but uh they shut this city down Gainesville cost the city over like and universe Florida about a half a $1000000 and the twenty that showed up were as far as I could tell tell peaceful, they were outnumbered by people on the other side that were committing violence. To one not ten to one but thousands to one and I say all to say how big a problem is white supremacy in this country right now, How big a big a problem I just don’t get the sense that it’s that big a deal now. I’m not downplaying to what extent it exist and as I’ve told you many times before, But if I say that bears repeating you can pass all the laws you want to, but you can never legislate at least not right now. what’s in a man’s heart. So I’m not saying that racism doesn’t exist. of course it does I think systematic racism is essentially been eliminated in our government. does that mean that there aren’t soldiers that are racist? Probably I’m sure there are the military to a certain extent in some ways is and I’m gonna give you some statistics here in just a moment is somewhat of a microcosm of who we are, but I don’t think there’s really any evidence that there are a higher percentage of white supremacist in the military. I’ve been. Data that shows this in the military, then there are society in general. Maybe there is, but how big a problem is it and I gotta tell you and I hope you take this the right way. I mean I’m a southern boy. guess what you know you have an accent. I don’t, but this is an old southern Florida cracker accent that I have it’s a dying accent and of course crackers don’t mean white crackers like sometimes crackers was the name given to Florida people because in the old days they used to drive O cuz the roads were just pure sand here and when they would take the goods up to say like Georgia, they had these team of auctions and these professional drivers that would crack this. With They wouldn’t actually whip the oxygen it would crack behind their ear and it would drive them forward so they turn here comes the crackers. That’s how the name Florida cracker got started just the historical fact tidbit there, but I’m an old basically, This is a North Florida old Southern accent. You’re hearing here pretty much a dying breed in the state of Florida, but I’ve come from about five generations of people. We got property. We did we sold it just a while back it would that my ancestors actually. Claimed Florida was still a territory, that’s how far back I go, and I say all that to say you know, I’m from a really small town. A little place called Hawthorne, Florida. It’s got about 1500 people that live in it. another 1500 that have an address and think they do and I used to be mayor of that town. I say all that to say this I’m about his old self as you get you know, I just think and I’m not trying to boast about it or brag about. I’m just stating a fight, but I gotta tell you. All the times that I’ve been around, I have never got the official invite to my knowledge. I’ve never gotten a handshake. I don’t know even what it is, you know so must be that somehow if this white supremacy is so big in our area, which it’s not by the way and we used to see KKK members out at the uh what they call a gator Nationals drag strip when I was a kid and uh they would be out there in their white robes passing out their literature. I remember I took one of their. And read it and I said, well what idiot would believe any of this stuff? Maybe that make me maybe I’m giving off some kind of aura or whatever but uh I’ve never been invited to any of these things. I’m not saying I wanna be I’m just simply saying that I don’t even know how you know if I if I’m not aware of the of white supremacy, then how big a problem is it actually? I don’t know if you if you listen listen to the it’s the dominating factor. It’s the grave threat The nation currently faces is a resurrection of the old Democratic Party. Maybe the new one that created the clutch clan in the first place, but we’re not supposed to talk about that in the days since of pro Trump Mob breached the capital on January 6 back to the article senior leaders, I guess they’re talking about the Pentagon of the 2.1. 2.1000000 Active-duty. Remember that figure 2.1000000 active duty and reserve troops, so that’s the entire military have been grappling with fears that former our current service members will be found among the Lord. So if I’m reading this right, they’re worried that a large portion of military either current or former members were driving the attack on the capital and uh but it seemed to be that way now are they really that the military and I’ll give you some statistics here in a minute. you really believe that the military is a threat to the nation itself. I mean really are we so we’re now concerned about the loyalty. Our troops is that is that really where we are is that where we’re going, I mean you would think that the military and I guess they’re happy to a certain extent and we’re gonna talk more about this in a moment, but they’re happy that Joe Biden is going to be God help us the next president of the United States because the one thing the military needs to thrive in the military industrial complex is what they need endless wars. Now I don’t know about our soldiers and arms whether they need endless wars but the military. And the industries that they all work for after they retire they need endless wars and uh Joe Biden is definitely for that without a doubt the FB investigation into the capital C still in its very early stages. Think about that. let’s let that resonate. Imma read that sentence again cuz I wanna make a critical point here the FB investigation into the capital siege still in its very early stages. This is. New York Times saying this right so if the investigation is in its early stages, how come they’ve already they’ve already impeached voted to impeach Donald Trump. I mean how much have they impeached Donald Trump basically before they even start an investigation? have there been any witnesses that testified in the dungeon of the capital like there was in the first impeachment? I’m waiting I’m waiting to hear that I know Congressman Mass of great congressman from the. From the Great State of Florida, ask that question in the uh procedure when they were voted to impeach Donald Trump decided this riot have we heard from anybody who’s been accused of being part of the insurrection into the I mean, really and think about this. I guess I’m sick of hearing this term insurrection. I get that’s a catchy phrase and I’m not that’s capital at all and those that participated in it. I got no issue with them being arrested and prosecuted. It all matter of fact, I support that idea, but the language of the left right now and some Republicans is just crazy over the top and certainly not in the spirit of Joe Biden’s America United theme for his inauguration. I mean what’s that uh when Senator from uh from the Great State of Tennessee, uh can’t think of his name right now, but he was the guy that ate fried chicken during the impeachment hearings. Made a big thing of it right there, but he came out and basically said that this was there been several other members of Congress. I think even maybe Nancy close to yourself, but don’t hold me to that have come out and said that this was this attack on the capital was like Pearl Harbor a little perspective is neat. I saw somebody posted this I couldn’t chime in on it by the way if you wanna comment on something, we’re doing you. I’ve I love what you’re commenting on Facebook and everything else. please feel free to do that I just can’t. Respond to it right now, so if you want me to respond, go to my YouTube channel John Martin talks spell it all the way out. you can watch the video live Good morning. Heidi. How are you guys and you can even back it up as I understand on YouTube while it’s live. but the replay of the video or the posting of the video takes a few hours to come by. But if you wanna comment on that and you want a response, I guarantee you I will respond to it but these Congress men and women are calling what happened at the Capitol on January 6 as bad as it was Pearl Harbor. Keep in mind, Pearl Harbor killed What was it like 1800 sailors and marines and all and out in uh in uh in in Hawaii, just basically decimated our Pacific fleet potentially made the uh the the West Coast vulnerable to Japanese attack, and yes, it was Japanese attack. It was a foreign government that officially sneak attack declared war on us. it thrust us into World War Two a date which I. Live in, according to the Democrat, Fr. What happened when the dude came to the capitol with the Buffalo Hat on is the same thing as sinking the Arizona in uh in in Honolulu, really have you been out there? I would strongly encourage you if you ever get a chance for Hawaii’s great period but to go to the uh the Pearl Harbor, especially the Arizona Memorial and tell me that in Hawaii is the same as what happened in the capital I mean as. Say I’m not defending what happened in the capital but to put that kind of language on top of it, especially when you consider probably about half our population, don’t even know what Pearl Harbor is. they think it’s probably somewhere where you go to buy some good jewelry and say that what happened the other day compares to Pearl Arbor you talk about reckless and insight to me that is capitalized and they’re doing that on a regular basis And then they’re also saying that what happened on January 6 is a racial riot basically. Which it’s not racism wasn’t involved in the attack. Whatever you wanna call it on the capital of it all in fact, if anything they were looking for white folks weren’t they supposedly they were looking for and uh and Pelosi or anybody else you know I hadn’t heard that they were actually a Lynch mob out for people. so it’s just crazy man. what the the rhetoric and they want us to be America Unified all men to that Yama Lord Joe Biden coming in. But the FB investigation of the capital, C, is still very early stages. Keep that in mind as identified at least six suspects with the military 2.1000000 people in the active military and reserve, and they have six suspects right now really okay, but that is like the whole military needs to is dominated by white supremacy really, but only six people so far and they say links. More than 100 people have been taken into federal custody are the larger numbers still investigate so they’ve arrested basically 100 people and six of them have military ties. Some of them are retired by the way not that makes a difference, but somehow the military can’t be trusted to defend Joe Biden’s inauguration. They’re gonna have what do you think they’re gonna have a moment where the military turns in the parade and just fires upon the president. I mean, did they really? That is going to happen. God help us I mean, maybe they’re right. I don’t know but the more than 100 people who have been taken into custody or the larger numbers still under investigation, they include a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel from Texas, an army officer from North Carolina and an army reservist from New Jersey another person with military service was shot and killed in the assault and that was unfortunately that lady that uh was she was shot in the Capitol building so six out of I’m gonna give these statistics here you need to pay attention. To do this, okay six out of 2.1000000 is what I said that’s active duty and reserve so six people are under investigation. The military right now. let me tell you this is the general makeup of our current US forces. It’s mostly and I did my research on this mostly young men and women from the middle class serve the American military force, It says fewer people come from poor and wealthier families. I was on the wealthier. I understand I was surprised cuz you know military is a good way to. Career and all that so I was a little surprised at that statistic military recruits usually tend to be highly educated more so than the general public did you know that the men and women that volunteer to serve in our great military in general are more highly educated than the average American that that’s pretty interesting to me um military in general public military demographic report show that around 75.8. 75.8% so basically about 76% of all the recruits. Usually white now that may include what they call some uh of Hispanic whites as well. I’m not 100% sure 21.5. 21.5% of those who are active duty in the US Army are African-Americans 21.5. 21.5% now why that makes is an issue and it’s not really an issue, but it’s interesting the US population. How many people do you think in the current United States when it talks about all over the country. How many people citizen of the United States are what you would call African-American or black people. I mean what you think the actual number, according to the Census Bureau is 13.4. 13.4% thirteen. 13.4 only bring that up to say debt by people that serve in the military are black 21.5%. so verses 13.4% so the military is got a higher. Percentage of black people in it than the general population. I’m not saying that’s good or bad to me. It’s all good anybody who’s willing to serve our country is a very great thing. I think service men and women all the time by the way if you don’t do that you should cuz they really appreciate I go up to police officers and our service men and women and I thank them for their service all the time and to me, it’s just something we should do but I just don’t see I guess I’m so these statistics where I don’t see that the problem. They’re trying to describe here really exist that much do you how many of the thirty I mean the 25000 troops that are gonna be in DC are gonna be black. I would say, probably the way they’re supposedly uh you know doing political stuff but be careful be careful about the vetting process because one of the things that came out in the 2020 election. now there was no election. I can’t say the f word do I say right election if you knew to the show, so there’s no election right no election. So if you believe the numbers black American men voted for Donald Trump in record numbers record numbers so if a higher number and most of the military men a higher percentage of men of black America is a higher percentage than the general population are actually in the military African-Americans and a and a higher percentage of the military is male then if you use. Logic of the left they better call out some of the black dudes because some of them might have actually voted for Donald Trump. I mean it’s just insane man the military’s examination of its ranks marks a new urgency for the Pentagon, which has a history of downplaying the rise of white nationalism. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but the New York Times sets must be true right and right wing activism, even as Germany and other countries are finding a deep strain embedded in their armed forces. I think there’s a slight difference in the history of the German military than the American. I’m just saying now, I’m not observing the US military over the years has had an issue with prejudice against African-Americans. There’s been no question about that. There’s no doubt about that. II think you’ve it pretty much resolved. Do you really now? I’m not saying individually it’s been resolved cuz as I keep telling you and the military is no exception to this, you cannot. What is in a person’s heart, but I don’t think there is systematic racism in our US military. I don’t don’t see any evidence of that, but uh I wanna tell you so they’re worried about this and they’re attacking they’re to me. It sounds more like they’re trying to weed out Trump supporters in the military ranks, or at least in the in the inauguration. uh safeguard and why would that be if I’m right and I usually am could it be? Because of some of the things that Donald Trump, who is still your president for at least another 24 hours or more is still your president. check out what Donald Trump himself said about the military industrial in Iran. Well, I’m the one that talks about these wars that in 19 years and people’s have a military industrial complex, they do like war you know in Syria with the caliphate. so I wipe out a. Percent of the caliphate that doesn’t mean you’re not gonna have these crazy people going around blowing up stores and blowing up things. These are seriously ill people. I don’t wanna say, Oh, they’re you know Isis but I wiped out 100% of the caliphate. I say I wanna bring our troops back home to place went crazy They wanna keep you have people here in Washington. They never wanna leave. I say you know what I’ll do. I’ll leave a couple of hundred soldiers behind but if it was up to them, the thousands of soldiers in someday people. Explain it well this is but if you do have you do have a group and they call it the military industrial complex they never wanna leave. They always wanna fight no. I don’t wanna fight but you you know what’s interesting that Donald Trump has been. I mean he is questioned the military industrial complex and our Cia and intelligence services each question them like. The president probably since JFK and we know how that turned out for for him, I and I’m not advocating for that. I’m not downplaying it. I’ve always been a fear of Donald Trump’s life for his life from radical leftist to people that don’t wanna see that have. I mean you’re talking about not only not millions not billions but trillions of dollars exchange hands to the military, industrial complex and Dwight Eisenhower, who knew more about the military than anybody in history, especially the military and And all that combined and he warned us exactly what has happened so Donald Trump questions the military industrial complex and now you have them wanting to. I mean nobody wants to get rid of Donald Trump more than the upper bras. so they’re worried about they’re worried about the rank and file soldier who the one that die in these endless wars who lose limbs in these endless wars, They’re worried about those guys. but you know it. Not worried they’re not worried about the upper brass cuz they love them. Some Joe Biden man they can’t wait to get rid of Donald Trump because he actually openly talks about what most Americans don’t even know about anymore. the military industrial complex I’ve played the video before I’m not gonna play it right now. go back. It’s easy to search it out. Search it out you can use Google but Google is of the devil and you say I said that in a while go whatever check out the farewell. Address of Eisenhower, It is one of the most uh prophetic is that the right word he prophesies exactly what is happening in our country right now, but uh Donald Trump man he love him hating whatever he has the courage to question pretty much everything General Mark a Millie. I hope I’m saying that right am ILEY Millie Miley the chairman of the joint chief staff, didn’t get much higher up bras that said in an interview, he said these people talking about white supremacist. I guess these people are. Representative of our country’s military most active duty troops and veterans continue to serve honorably and uphold their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution so I would ask general is this a problem or not? I mean if you’re saying that military I would say probably 99.9. 99.9% are more than that if you’re only investigating six people, it’s pretty simple to say that the military is pretty straightforward right, the rank and file people. Military are straightforward, of course, people like Jake Tapper can question the patriotism of a vet that lost both his legs and congressman mass. We talked about that the other day if you wanna see our show archive, you can go to several places. The YouTube channel John Martin talks YouTube is a good way is a good way. John Martin Www.john Martin You can also check us out on America’s. News where archive we’re not currently being broadcast across their TV system as a regular show. I’m in negotiations willing to change that as we speak, but they do archive our show everyday. so if you wanna watch it on America’s voice news, which is an excellent alternative to the mainstream media, All you gotta do is click on You can download the free app on your Android your iPhone they’re streaming on Roku Fire stick Apple TV channel 219 Network and the Pluto channel, but if you go to their streaming site on on any of like Roku and stuff like that, click on it, click on shows on the menu and you will see our show all of them archive there so check it out. We would appreciate that. So is this a a problem or not? it’s confusing for more than a week now General this joint chief staff head of has listened to analyst Read reports and viewed videos of the riots. There was some indication that an unknown number of veterans associated with the insurrection as I say it’s not Pearl Harbor ladies and gentlemen, it’s not uh you know even the dude and I’m not defending him or whatever a dude with the Buffalo. How did you see how he go back at least a little harder to search cuz it doesn’t fit the narrative. I mean this dude walked into the house chambers and like you know was joking with one of the capital police officers. I don’t know how much of a. This dude really is I’m not defending him. I’m just saying and I was watching Tucker crossing last night who was one of the last real voices of freedom. He is really bringing out in a very great way, so I would encourage you and he’s about the only one really question at all this and how it impacts our country, but he pointed out that this dude and I can’t think of his name right now is facing a 25 year prison sentence. You may think that’s justified. I’m not even saying whether it is or not but if. Getting 25 years, how much should someone who ran over a police officer in the streets of New York City during the Black Lives Matter movement? how much should they get how much should people who are bomb Russian and uh throwing up Molotov cocktails at police officers and rocks like they did in Chicago and basically just drive in and openly stores in the miracle Mile. I think it’s called the Chicago how much time should they get they’re getting. Do you know that in New York City and Tucker pointed this out that there was there were hundreds of arrest of people during these protests, mostly peaceful protest on gun charges either direct possession or gun violence charges in New York City several hundred arrested at all of them have been set free without any prosecution whatsoever. I mean a little bit of you know quit, I guess I don’t know it just I question it, Man general said he saw riots curing military flags at the rally and later at the Capitol breach riots were seen with Marine Corps flags Army patches and special forces patches, and I don’t deny that now not everyone who wears that necessarily in the military. We know that for sure, but it sounds to me like their basic. Looking for anybody who supported Donald Trump is it’s I’ve been hearing some pretty scary reports some of these I don’t know if they’re true or not. but I heard that they’re using cell towers to track people who made calls from the rallies from that day, January 6, and if you made a phone call from a certain block area in uh in DC, I’ve heard I’m I’m not able to totally verify this. I wanna say that upfront I’ve heard, but it certainly sounds reasonably true when you consider what we do know is happening that those people. Being trapped. We’ll see but the hat man that’s what this is all about all of this every bit of it and this is not to anybody of anything but all of this stuff calling it Pearl Harbor Harbor impeaching Donald Trump without even completing an investigation and no testimony and it looks like he’s gonna end up going to trial in the Senate. We’ll see is all designed for one thing really kinda too, but they’re they’re tied together one it is designed to disruption ever again that it they’re saying that out loud period. It’s also designed to not to unify but to identify anyone who supports Donald Trump period ladies and gentlemen, I hate to tell you this cuz I don’t wanna see it happen and I’m taking a risk even saying this kind of stuff not in the least risk. I’m taking is deep platforming trust me now, I don’t mean I don’t want that to happen but they’re gonna target and they’re already doing it. They’re already calling for this targeting people. That if they support certain political ideas, you might not be able to get a mortgage on your home, You might not be able to do banking if you’re actually making any money off of doing something like I’m doing, they’re gonna make it hard for banks to actually have you an account I know for a fact cuz I’ve heard people talking about it that are personalities that they don’t even use their name anymore when they’re making uh reservations at a restaurant. Because they’re afraid of being tracked by social media goons that’s actually happening, ladies and gentlemen, we talk about a dark winter like Biden said. We are entering a very dark time and you know this hat. let me I got a series of Maga hats. I wanna show you so the first one here is I think that Meme says it all right now right now. It’s not the hat that is about violence. it triggers your violence against them. It’s just a hat. And there are people of all walks of life that wear this hat or have right now. There’s another hat. I wanna show you because I think this one here make speech free again. This is something we all need to get behind. Maybe we need to make it a different color or something, but let me tell you ladies and and gentlemen and talking to you snowflakes out there see one of the things that really saddens me about what’s been happening for the last few decades in our country with the education system, everything I tell young people all the time I feel for you cuz you don’t even know. How many rights you’ve already lost this way before Donald Trump is accelerated right now and let me tell you this and this has been proven true for centuries. Eon. When they come after one group and you don’t say anything eventually they will come after you, they will come after you so free speech is at and what I hope to see and I guess we’re not gonna see was this one here make them cry again. I was really hoping to see them cry and you didn’t notice it and I’m not too many Trump supporters that actually were like you know now, some of us are pretty upset but none of us are just sitting. And Donald Trump has addressed his supporters. Remember what did Hillary Clinton, who by the way? Did you see Hillary Clinton You talk about somebody who won’t let go Hillary Clinton now has come out, said, And there’s a bright Bart article If you wanna check it out that she would love to, she believes that Donald Trump was talking to Vladimir Putin on the phone, she’d like to see the record cuz she believes that Donald Trump was likely talking to Vladimir Putin while the attack of. Capital was going on and he just tossed that out and no double standard that is no double standards. One standard. What standard by the way is way is Hillary Clinton held I mean if that’s not inciting violence to say that the sitting president of the United States was on the phone with Vladimir Putin orchestrating people going in and being killed in the capital that didn’t get much more insightful than that. There’s no insight in it other than the fact that they’re just back whatever crazy, but it’s just. Let me check my time doing okay. I got a few minutes left. I wanna keep going to defense department officials say they are looking into stepping up the monitoring of social media postings from service members in much the way companies as I’ve been telling the companies are doing do what their employees you know what that’s called, it’s called internal spine. Social credits is another word for it. Check it check with Google and chat They don’t have to once I’ll let I’ll save the military a lot of money. you don’t have to do all this. all you gotta do is get with Google, Of course they wouldn’t work with the Pentagon before and they were working with China. They’re helping them develop artificial intelligence software that tracks everything you do from Jay Walk to you know what you’re eating I mean my. Man so they don’t have to look very far just contact Google and China and they already got this system. I think it’s called social credits in place to track everything everybody does and punish those who don’t walk our to the company or the Chaco line, and we already know that Biden’s heavily invested in China soon. good time. Let the good times roll last Tuesday, General the joint chief of Staff man and the rest of the joint chief staff. Listen to this letter sent an extraordinary. Letter to all military personnel reminding them that mister Biden would soon be their commander-in-chief. so they’re doing this before he ever gets sworn in Commander in chief and that they were duty bound to defend the Constitution. Yeah, they are they are AM II. gotta am I the only one that has a problem with this is it just me comment on my YouTube channel. It’s spell it all the way out. John Martin talks you can go to Twitter as well. We are car show there at least we do for now. It’s at John. Martin talks and my Psychic sidekick Billy Bobs. I’m a fish wish me as a Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass one need to check it out, but am I the only one that is troubled by this letter that you know swear basically, he’s saying you gotta Fidelity to uh Joe Biden, right, but President Trump one thing about it man. He really apparently shook the swamp up. He may not have drained it, but he shook the swamp up. There’s no question he should. Pentagon now the rat the swamp is up quick Man Biden is more this is gonna fill up as quick as the rats are circling the wagons without a doubt I wanna show you another video here. This is a for election and I think it kinda shows us he talks about the military industrial complex, but I wanna play this cuz I really believe this shows us what we are about to lose when he leaves office. check it. His plan will destroy 5000000 jobs, eliminate $2.6000000000000 in wealth and hurt lower and middle income families The most of all I will deliver optimism opportunity and hope Biden will deliver pessimism poverty and decline. For the last 47 years, Joe Biden has been outsourcing a job opening your borders and by the way our border is closed. That’s why you never hear about it you ever notice you don’t hear about that. you don’t hear about our vets anymore cuz we take such good. Remember every night you hear about vet before me 90.1. 91% approval rating with our vets, our vets voted 91% We never had anything like it and sacrificing American blood and treasure in endless foreign wars in countries that you’ve never even heard of and are welcome back. You know that right, I mean, I hope everybody. I hope nobody objects. I think 19 years in Afghanistan is enough. wouldn’t you say well like a world? but over there, we’re like a police force 19 years isn’t enough. You think it’s easy getting out with all the military industrial complex right Dwight Eisenhower’s, a military beware The military industrial complex that right, but we’re all coming home. They’re all coming home. Boy, I tell you we’re we’re gonna miss that voice on a national stage. I know I am um I think he I think the media is gonna miss it too and they’ll be seeking Donald Trump out here from him whether he wants to talk to him or not. We’re gonna skip all the way to the end of this article and I wanna show you one more picture the very last picture. I missed a few things cuz there is so much to cover but I ask myself this question when I was putting the Where are we going with this? Where is this leading us and I thought about this I. Picture from China and I call it man you remember this picture and we pull that up. The tank man Picture. I screwed up our producer when I do a jump around in anyway. Yeah there. it is right there is that what we’re coming to right now where you have to have the courage of that guy who’s probably been disappeared to actually face I’m not accusing our military of anything so don’t misunderstand me I rank and file people, but is that what we got to do we have to pledge loyalty to the state Almighty is that what they want are they, you know what is? I have to do with America Unite. I just don’t see it. That’s Biden’s theme for tomorrow, America United I don’t see anything they’re doing that is about Uniting America anyway. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. Please uh go to our YouTube channel. basically what you need to do is listen to what I said at the top of the show. Check it out Www.john Martin support those of us in the fight our sponsors, please cuz it is gonna take effort on your part to keep our voices. Which I believe is more important than it’s ever been. I’ll pray for your family. you pray for mine. Let’s all pray for the United States of America and our President Donald Trump while he still is he’s still your president’s snowflakes but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours have a blessed day.

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