Citizens For Trump – Pelosi, Victory In Ga Would Give Dem’s Super Majority Powers! – John Martin Talks #366

Citizens For Trump – Pelosi, Victory In Ga Would Give Dem’s Super Majority Powers! – John Martin Talks #366

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily of growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you had a glorious Great Christmas weekend. I know I did it was a lot of fun spending uh time with family. my grand kids all that kind of thing, so I was truly blessed over the Christmas holidays and I hope you were as well. Now there were a couple of big. Stories that that over the weekend and we’re gonna talk briefly about them in just a moment. Nashville bombing situation and of course, uh President Trump signing a couple of bills over the weekend. So we’ll talk about that, but the main focus we’re gonna talk about today actually is Georgia what is happening in Georgia? What needs to happen in Georgia and what the ramifications could be if the Democrats actually win either of. Let on both of those seats in the runoff Senate election, so we’ll start with the article. Pelosi she came out over the weekend and she said victory in Georgia would give Democrats a essentially a super majority and she’s in uh believe me Democrats will always act as if so, we’ll explain exactly what she means and what that could mean for America going forward and then, of course, uh part of that and we’ve talked about this before but believe me it’s gonna. The Democrats now have come out and said that they are going to promise you that that you the taxpayer will be paying directly for abortions your taxpayer money will go directly to abortions. That is a promise and I believe them before we go any further. I always have to admit or talk about our sponsor. Big Daddy unlimited otherwise known as B, We come to you live everyday Monday through Friday 8 O’clock eastern, or as close as we can get to it from big Daddy Studio. 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Alright. we’re gonna start talking about Georgia but I mentioned before that there are two big stories that happened and I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring them. First of all the uh what happened in Nashville on Christmas Day that bombing man what a tragedy that was how blessed we are that it could have been a whole lot. worse. We’re not gonna really talk about it because it’s literally an unfolding situation they uh they have a person of interest or at least that remains of that person of interest and uh there’s all kind of speculation going on out there as to what the motivation what the target was all of that. so we’re gonna let that play. A little bit before we actually make a whole lot of comments, my only comment would be that it could have been much worse. I love the city of Nashville, Tennessee such a great state such a beautiful state. I got relatives up there as well still uh it’s tragic no matter where it happens but in Nashville, it is a crying shame so well if things change on on that story, we’ll uh we’ll talk about it in the days to come also over the weekend. President Trump had threatened to veto the Corona. Package and the stimulus package and the uh government shutdown the Omni bus funding bill he ended up signing them. Both now we could get into all kind of debates about whether he should have. I think he did us a good service and bringing he being the president. bring it to light what we probably already knew or uh are expected that there were there’s all kind of fraud or not you know all kind of uh perk shall we say. Things that had zero to do with the United States of America, let alone its citizens. Let me just say this in order for us to change something we’re gonna get into this a little bit and what’s happening in Georgia. We’re gonna have to wake up as a as a country. We’re gonna have to wake up and I’m not just talking about a lot of people that listen to this show. I know that you are aw and getting woken as they say by the day, but we as an American people if we’re gonna change this crazy spending, it’s going to take a Hercules. I guess it’s how you would say an effort by the American people cuz these politicians cannot help themselves they simply cannot and that they should be able to and I’m talking about all of them. Republicans Democrats, whatever Washington is a corrupting place power corrupts and absolute power corrupts. absolutely the only shot we have, and it’s not even term limits and I’m not opposed to term limits. term limits are something I used to be opposed to, but I’ve come 180° and I’m all for but they’re not the ultimate. Solution. Because if if you have term limits and that’s all you do then you’re gonna have the uh the the ones that have all the power. The know how the ones that never leave there the bureaucrats, the lobbyist that kind of thing. so it’s not the solution. It’s a part of the solution, but the only real solution is for us to be energized activated motivated citizenry once again, we really have to do we have to take what we did with President Trump and magnified. Bob Factor maybe of ten we’ve got to educate motivate and activate people who are sitting on the couch and not doing any who don’t uh are not plugged into our republic who actually think we have a democracy and not a republic. We’ve got to educate them My commitment to you is that as long as I have this microphone and disability thanks to people like big daddy Unlimited recall TV and I talked about uh Patriot And you the listeners at the top of that list. I’m gonna keep trying to motivate educate and activate people bad battling ignorance and apathy on a daily basis, but we have got to clean house in Washington DC all of them if I could if I could pull a lever and it would just flush them all out even some of my friends, I’d flush them. I’d I’d vote to get rid of all of them, but we’re gonna have to primary everybody. It’s gonna take a lot of work. I’m not gonna sugar coat it. We’re gonna have to weed these people. We’re gonna have to take over the both parties American people are gonna have to take back the Democratic Party from the progressive leftist and we’re gonna we conservatives hat wearing sons of guns. We gotta take over the Republican Party from Stem to stern. We really do top to bottom, we have to and it’s some of that starts right here in Georgia, so let’s get into it but the bottom line ladies and gentlemen if we want things to ultimately change in Washington, we’re gonna have to do. More than what we did getting President Trump elected, it’s just the fact we’re just gonna have to face it or we can just go home and live out our lives and uh watch the country go down that virtual toilet. I mean toilet. I mean that’s really our Alright. we’re gonna start with with a bright bar Nancy Pelosi, Georgia Senate victories would give Democrats super majority like ability to pass legislation so Nancy there, she is super Nancy look at her. She’s so happy. um she’s you know gonna. Be the house, she didn’t care. you know she doesn’t care if she wins by one vote or 100 votes She’s gonna act as if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during a virtual so joiner of truth project event last week that ousting Senators Kelly Laughlin and David Purdue. Those are the two Republican senators that are in a runoff in Georgia will give them significant power to pass legislation because they can pass bills with a simple majority in the Senate. Reconciliation. So before we go any further, let’s hear Nancy in her own words. So we’re gonna hear we’re gonna play a video where she talks exactly about what we just what we just mentioned in the opening. Check it out. Do you know how I’m about numbers when we win these two seats plus Kamala Harris is breaking the charm. It’ll be like getting sixty votes because once we have even a simple majority, we can vote for a reconciliation, which means you only need 51 votes to pass certain. Legislation wow, I mean just here in the term Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie I don’t know about you, but it makes me a bit queasy, especially early in the morning. What Nancy is talking about is avoiding the filibuster and the sixty votes needed to overturn. you know to end the filibuster. What she’s talking about is this thing of reconciliation and so what what that means? Is basically the house would pass a version of a bill the Senate would pass a version of the bill and and then they would in a reconciliation kinda predetermined committee to hammer out the details of that bill and get on the same page and then it could pass by simple majority, especially if it is a budgetary issue which they can make everything a budgetary issue. one thing about the Democrats now Republicans and we’re. In just a minute have used this same tactic as well, but let’s just face it when it comes to pulling the levers of power within the uh government, The Democrats are better at it. One thing they’re more committed at it. They don’t worry about what their own voters even think let alone the people across the aisle. They have no worry about that. It’s raw power and we will see it absolutely abused under Nancy Pelosi let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this. The Senate typically needs sixty votes to pass legislation through the chamber. However, some bills in. Compass with a simple majority to a budgetary reconciliation kinda what I what I was just talking reconciliation allows Congress to pass bills affecting spending revenue our deficit levels. Now, that is a pretty broad area and they can believe me they can manipulate it in multiple ways. Republicans actually did this during Trump’s uh first couple of years here. Let me give you a couple examples. Republicans use reconciliation to pass the Trump tax cuts and the Jobs Act. As they tried to use records and they and they tried to use reconciliation during their failed attempt to repeal and replace Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, Democrats use reconciliation to pass bills at similar scale The tax cuts bills are the Aca repeal bills now let me just tell you it shows you the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, the Republican is talked about Obamacare, repealing it for like 8 years. did they not and then president? Comes in here and we tend to forget this some that President Trump in his first 2 years in office had both the Senate of the House and the Supreme Court. and yet he was fought at every turn by people like Paul Ryan in the house and of course Obamacare, They weren’t they the the Republicans cast all kind of votes about repeal Obamacare when it was for show when they knew it wasn’t gonna have any effect when push came to shove and they could actually do something about it. What happened. Well, we were victims of what I call the two Johns and I’m not talking about. J John Martin talks here. I’m talking about John McCain, God rest his soul who will now go down in history as the greatest senator that the Democratic Party ever had Yeah, I said it he is going to go down in history as the greatest senator the Democratic Party ever had so John McCain came in and saved Obamacare and the other John Roberts. The chief justice of the Supreme Court is the reason why we even have Obamacare in the first place he actually carved out a big wide hole for Obamacare in the US Constitution and uh John Roberts is a piece of work. He is an enemy in my opinion to conservative. He doesn’t have a conservative bone in his body from what I can see Senate Leader Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York and Presented Ocasio Cortez of New York have noted that gaining control of the Senate majority would enable Democratic leftist agenda and if you don’t believe me you take these people at their word and now you’ve probably seen this or we’re gonna play a snippet cuz we’re gonna talk about Georgia now what needs to happen in Georgia and I let me just back up. It’s like I’m not even saying that hey, I’m a huge fan of Purdue, our left our law firm Kelly. I don’t know them that well at all. I know the. Side and I know that the Schumer would be empowered and let’s take these progressives cuz I’ve been telling you this is if you’re new to show first of all how the hell are you welcome. We are so glad to have you here. Secondly, you need to know this progressives take them at their word. You can always pretty much take them at their word cuz they will tell you they certainly have been affected now with Trump arrangement syndrome so they don’t hold anything back. They tell you exactly what they are going to do and what is. And Chuck Schumer said this immediately after the November 3rd elections. check it out. Change the world. I’m sorry. Now we take Georgia and then we change America. How about that the two things that really stand out to me on that is for is how he was in that crowd of people in New York with all that crowd of people, we know that New York is supposedly like the like the epicenter of and yet he’s out there with no mess. He doesn’t put a mask on until he says it a second time he talks about changing the world. then he puts on a mask cuz he’s gonna be on TV that just shows shows you that they don’t believe a thing that they’re saying about all this to me. Have you heard this term American exceptionalism American exceptionalism. In other words, America is not only exceptional, but we are unique in the world and there’s just really no question about that. There’s no other place on this planet like the United States of America, never even really been dreamed of like United States of America and if you look at our constitution, if there a constitutions all over the world, even some communist countries. Our constitution, but our constitution is unique and special because it empowers the individual it protects the individual from the overreach of a bloated government. It’s not the some people think just the opposite. Some people think that the constitution empowers the government it actually does not it is our consent to the government to govern us under certain restrictions. it limits the power of government. Of course, it’s been ignored, trashed and everything else. So I’m not saying that we are currently living under a Constitution republic. We have the right to we should expect to when people fought and died for us too, but I’ve been saying long before President Trump came on the scene that we’ve been living in a post constitutional era and Donald Trump actually slowed put the breaks on that and expose the rot in the tree of Liberty like no one has before. but American exceptionalism is real and people. Like Chuck Schumer don’t like it, they don’t like American exceptionalism. They not only do they not like it. They wanna destroy it. They feel some kind of guilt behind and I believe that the world is a much better place with American exceptionally and so I’m always going to it. I’m going to fight for. I’m gonna speak about it but make no mistake what we’re up against these people like Chuck don’t believe in the. America that people like myself believe in they simply don’t they actually want to change it. They you heard what he said in that video we first we take Jordan and we change the world and then he says. Of course, we change United States of America cuz if the changes that they’re talking about happen in the United States of America, then the world will be changed in a very bad way. If you don’t believe me if you think, Oh Chuck, she was just spouting out. Keep this in Governor Cuomo of New York But Andrew Cuomo, right, he is supposedly up for attorney general behind the scenes. They say that he’s on the top of the list to be the next attorney General God help us if Joe Biden actually becomes That’s what we’re dealing with now. Remember what Cuomo said about America just a couple of years ago, Check it out. We’re gonna make America great again, It was never that great. It’s good enough to have. I mean I don’t even wanna hear anymore. America was never that great, not that it was great. We can make it great again. What if it was never that great now what pisses me off about that every time I play it beyond just the obvious that America has it has been great is great can be great and we can make it even greater again cuz we are. There is an that doesn’t make us perfect by the way I’m not saying that but when it comes to anything man is created to govern over man, there is nothing that has ever been like the United States of America. But what really irks me about what Cuomo said there about America was never really that great flies in the face of his own family story. Love him hating whatever it doesn’t even have anything to do with Cuomo himself. but if you look at the quo and there are thousands if not millions of Cuomo stories. Like this only in America can you be an immigrant very impoverished families with diplomas were not you know back in their generation and rise Think about this his immediate think about the success of his immediate family? I was saying, I’m not even saying you need to like it, but you have to admire this is father was governor of New York prior to him and almost became president of the United States was under serious consideration by uh. Hang on I got to get my notes back up by uh to be the and I think he gave the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention. He’s did now God rest his soul, but he was governor and within a whisper of being potentially president of the United States, then passed down his sons. You got Andrew Cuomo, who is the current governor. God help us could be the next attorney General and his brother Cris Cuomo, CI mean I don’t like the guy but you gotta admit. He’s one of the top paid personalities in the news so their family history shows that America is the greatest country on earth when you can do what the Cuomo family did yet, he can stand up in front of the cameras with all the blessings that America has given him and his family over the decades and the years even maybe centuries, I don’t know prior to the immediate Cuomo family, but they must have done something right to get there. But America gave them all of that. he could stand there and look us in the eye and the camera and say America was never that great that. Sick man That’s a sickness. I guess it’s part of Trump Arrangement Syndrome as well but to me American exceptionalism and I guess I guess I get on a little bit of a rant here, but I believe that America is exceptional and I know for a fact cuz I’m a student of history. I actually have a degree in it. believe it or not. Yeah. I’m an educated fool I suppose and I know just how special this place we call on really. Is and for them to just discredit it so cavalier like poo never really was that great again and to realize what people like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have in store for us if they get any majority, let alone a super majority it scares me. It breaks my heart and it, but it also activates and motivates me cuz I ain’t going down without a fight. I’m telling you right now. And so I’m not gonna go back and lay on the couch. I’m going to fight until I can’t fight anymore and then Imma fight a little bit more until I’m gone and I’m gonna try to pass this down like Reagan said into the It’s not in the bloodstream. we gotta pass it down and so I’m trying to live up to Ronald Ronald Reagan by the way the first president I ever voted for was Ronald Reagan. I’m trying to live up to that legacy as well, You know and pass it along help me out supporter. As I tell you all the time not everybody can be a fighter, but everybody can support those of us in the fight so please go to above our show. 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Voice news, but uh America was not that great man Ocasio Cortez said the Democrats need to win in Georgia to make sure that we don’t have a Republican Senate majority that we this is ocasio Cortez. She said that we win these races in Georgia that we secure a. Senate majority and check this out so that we don’t have to negotiate We don’t have to negotiate nowhere they can push their agenda through cuz she knows that Biden’s gonna sign off on anything that uh they have God help us if he becomes president and uh they’re just gonna push it right through and you know what really worries me beyond the fact that I take her at her word. That’s what they do that they may not have to negotiate anyway. I’m not even saying. That uh that elect and reelecting in the runoff these two Senate candidates, Purdue and Lawler is going to keep us from having to deal with these Democrats and that Republicans aren’t gonna cuz what really worries me is that hey that the Republicans, especially if uh Biden becomes president God help us are likely to cave anyway. Mitt Romney is relishing this. You know, here’s the thing Mitt Romney and I love that picture. Yes, it’s Photoshop Facebook. I’m pretty sure I think it is, but it might not be he was down at some of those black lives matter rallies. remember that but Mitt Romney is hoping I bet he is hoping and praying for a slightly different reason that laugh and um at least lawler and our Purdue one of them win because this guy not because he wants Republicans to have any kind of hold on power. what he’s hoping to be is the swing vote in the Senate. That’s what this dude. To be he wants to be the star of the show Think about that cuz I guarantee you. it’s true. He wants to be be that man and bipartisanship in case you’re new to the to the show. Let me explain I know what bipartisanship is supposed to be, but let me tell you what it really means in Washington, It means without a doubt Republicans cave bipartisanship means Republicans cave cuz I challenge you. I’ve I put this challenge and no I’m not saying it doesn’t. I just can’t think of it, so maybe you could help me out name me a time when Republicans were adamantly for something and Democrats were adamantly opposed to it and the Democrats change their mind and said, you know those old Republicans are right. would that go? That’s working for Biden say a bunch of efforts that those efforts are right and that we’re gonna change our mind and come over to the Republican side. It never happens but I could give you a laundry list of times when Republicans said. Oh, we’re never gonna vote for that and turned turned around cave so bipartisanship means Republican. Cave There is no question about that and so I am not saying that if we if we reelect, Purdue and law firm and hold on to the Senate that that is the end of our troubles, I just know what will happen if we don’t, I can’t guarantee you what will happen if we do hold on to those races, but I know what’s gonna happen if we don’t now I know that the real fight is on January 6, of course, the the uh the runoff in Georgia, January 5th. Back-to-back days we got January 6 is the beginning and the end of whatever is gonna happen with President Trump. We know that right, I mean he’s either gonna capture the presidency. get what rightfully is his or he’s not on January 6, So I get that and President Trump is exposed. That’s why we need that vote. We need at least one US senator to join with the MO. Uh what is his name? Uh I can’t think of his name now, Moe and uh he. Not a food by the way uh in Alabama, I’m trying if I can’t think of his name. I should have written it down but congressman from Alabama is trying to get the electoral college to swing for the president He needs one Republican senator for be pressed to a a vote of people like Mitch McConnell don’t want that to happen because they don’t wanna have to vote and he says, Oh it might affect their outcome in Georgia, which which is nonsense odor nonsense. What Mitch McConnell doesn’t want to happen and what we need to happen is for the right to. In the tree of Liberty to be exposed, we need to know who these people are in the US Senate in the US house, where I’m talking about Republicans cuz we need to get rid of all the Democrats let me just make the Democrats need to be voted out period until you guys out there in the Democratic Party. Take your party back from the hardcore progressives. we can’t trust any of them. One thing. I’m not saying trust the Republicans. I know we can’t trust Democrats cuz locked up behind Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer. They just don’t but. Republicans need to be exposed so we can get them out between 22 and 24. all of them. we did replace all them. That’s our challenge, ladies and gentlemen, that is our challenge as Patriots can we hang in there? Can we be awakened enough? Can we get out of our slumber? Can we get over our resentment and let me just say this. I’m just gonna say it. I know a lot of you aren’t gonna like when I say let’s just for the sake of conversation assume that President Trump does not make it January 6 and that Joe Biden becomes God help us present. That doesn’t mean we I we I mean, obviously gonna be heartbroken If that happens, I know I will be resentful everything up. We’re gonna have all kind of emotions going on the one thing we. Not do is quit and go home. We can’t do it because as I’ve said before if this fight was only about Donald Trump if the whole agenda of America first make America great again was simply about one man as great as that man is it was doomed to failure from the very start as human beings come and they go. That’s just the nature of life. I went to a funeral over the Christmas weekend with a very dear friend of our. It was saying and it was uplifting at the same time cuz this person died as a true believer in a Christian and so I was surrounded by a lot of people who were heartbroken and uplifted at the same time and you can be that way you can be heartbroken and uplifted and inspired at the same time because life has to go on our country deserves to go on the sacrifices that was that were made for us to be free in this nation in spite. The problems cuz the problems we’re facing now are yeah, they’re tough. are they too tough to handle well? tell that to the people that storm the beaches in Normandy tell that to the barefoot soldiers in the snow at Valley Forge, tell them that we got it way too tough to fight. I just don’t believe it so this is our challenge. This is our challenge regardless of what happens with President Trump Our challenge is to get activated educated motivated somewhere in all those three words and get. And it starts right in Georgia so if you’re in Georgia, obviously you need to get out and vote for these two Republicans, you cannot give o to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. You just can’t so it it starts but it doesn’t end there. Ladies and gentlemen, we have got to take our country back, but you know what we gotta take it back not from Barack Obama Not from Nancy Pelosi Ocasio Cortez We have to take our. Back from our own ignorance and apathy because Thomas Jefferson told us centuries ago that you cannot be both ignorant and free If you do you want what never was and never will be so we have got to educate ourselves, motivate ourselves and activate ourselves as a country once again and so tune in to this show, I think helps that. Get others to tune in wake other people up because the very fabric of our nation, whether we’re gonna exist, you know and I’ll say this and I close out this story and we’ll move on to the next next one which is kinda. related. I don’t there’s two people, I said if you need to show you may not have heard this man, they ain’t crazy and I probably am I’m a fish whisper by this is my psychic sidekick by the way Billy Bob bass. He got a Twitter handle. Let’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks You make fishing great again. I’m kind of a fish whisper as you listen to the show you. Figure out how crazy I am It’s almost sicker than others, but I trust two people, maybe even three in Washington right now I trust Donald Trump I trust Donald Trump I actually trust Chuck Schumer and I guess I trust to a certain extent, Nancy Pelosi say what do you mean you trust? I trust them to be just as vile and change America as they said, I take I take Schumer at his word if he gets to be the. They’re gonna change America and change the world and they don’t believe in American exceptionalism, but I you know if you’re if you’re unmotivated in Georgia and you care about the agenda at all if you can’t say you’re a Trump supporter in my opinion and not vote in Georgia. don’t take my word for it. President Trump. This is what he said just before he went down and did a rally in Georgia about the importance of this Senate seat. Check it out. Just for a second, so I’ll be going there on Saturday night and maybe I’ll go twice. It’s very important that we win those races. These are two great people I know both very well. They’re both great people and uh I think the two people you know I beat uh the one gentleman he ran against a congressional candidate who is an excellent person frankly, and he didn’t even live in the right community and that’s how we won. So now I have to beat him again. He loses a congressman he was going for as you remember and now against Karen and now. And now he’s running against David, he doesn’t deserve to be there. He’s a lightweight and the other one is uh either a communist or socialist. I can’t figure that one out yet, but he’s either a communist or socialist, probably a communist. This is not for Georgia and I just wanna tell my people don’t be disappointed yet because this race is far from over but I’m going on Saturday night I’ll be in Georgia. We’re gonna have a tremendous crowd. They’re looking for the right site, probably would love to take one of the big stadiums, but you can’t because of the covet so we’ll have an. Outdoor uh form of probably an airport most likely it’s an airport they’re looking for the biggest space and we’ll have you know tens of thousands of people show up, but I think it’s very important and then I may go a second time depending on how they’re doing. I make a second time, but they’re too they’re too got got to vote. Donald Trump’s word. He’s telling you got to vote in Georgia so get out and vote early voting. I think goes through there’s 8 days to the election as of this broadcast. There’s early voting, I was listening to a show coming in this morning. I think there’s early voting on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Check your local laws in Georgia this week if you don’t live in Georgia and you have people down there, call em email em You can donate money to them to the candidates all that kind of stuff there’s multiple ways to help. I know people in our area are doing it and Donald Trump himself just announced last night that he is going down. Day before the election, so I guess that would be January 4th considering all he’s got on the line he is still going down to Georgia to get out the vote for those two Republican candidates, Purdue and laugh So I trust Donald Trump. That’s good enough for me. It should be good enough for you in Georgia, so please get out and vote and if you’re wondering what what could if Nancy Pelosi gets majority she’s talking about cuz one thing about Democrat. They’re gonna act as it doesn’t matter Nancy Pelosi has acted as if she controlled Washington since Trump became president has she not now imagine what she would do if she had real power. I take these people out their words. This is one of the issues and I pick this one specific because it’s a very emotional issue for a lot of people but understand this if Pelosi get retains her speakership, which is gonna be tough but. Like she will and Lawler and Purdue lose in Georgia, you are going to be paying whether you like it or not doesn’t matter what you believe and have all the believe in the world, but trust me on this, you’re gonna be paying with your own money right out of your pocket for abortion. Check this out. This is from Nbc News Democrats promised Biden era abortion showdown. Over High Amendment House Democrats have spent 2 years passing government funding legislation without picking a fight over abortion, but with President Donald Trump leaving office, God help us. that’s true party leaders say Twenty-one will be different man. I tell you what has there ever been a present now we’ve had a lot of presidents who were anti-abortion, but I wanna show you this picture of Donald Trump. Now it’s a meme I realized but does it not? It all Donald Trump has cares more about life the sanctity of life and openly professes it it unapologetic proponent of life regardless of how you feel about the issue. you have to admit that Donald Trump man has been out front in his support for baby, both born and unborn and uh, of course the other side I played that Cuomo video, we said. America was never that great if you wanna know what we’re. Against I got to play this video of Andrew Cuomo signing an abortion bill that basically extends abortion rights in New York as always pray with Russia when I say his name, but it’s it’s a bill signing of a couple of years ago that Cuomo did that extends abortion right abortion out to what rush Limbaugh would call the fourth trimester and look at how gleeful they are to sign this bill regardless of how you feel. About abortion, they’re happy about the death of an infant. check it out. In a signing ceremony earlier tonight in Albany. The bill was first introduced in 2007 and removes abortion. whoop Whoop. Yeah. We’re all for baby. Yeah, I mean, I’ve said this before, but if I say that bears repeating, I don’t even care what side of the issue you’re on it. I can tell you that for a fact cuz I work at a drug treatment center for like 15 years and during that time, one of the saddest duties I had is I had to was my my job actually accompany some of our clients to abortion clinics. It wasn’t whether I was for or against I was there to support them. Emotionally and I had to mom from jail, some of that kind of stuff and I can tell you this and I’m not saying they’re not out there but I have never ever met a woman that celebrated having an abortion. It was always a cheerful gut-wrenching thing for them both physically mentally and spiritual. I’m not saying it. I’m just telling you I’ve never seen it. I’ve never seen it yet you have these Democrats like Cuomo literally cheering like you know. They just won the Super Bowl. I don’t get that I don’t get that no matter what side of the issue someone please explain it chime in on Facebook, YouTube, Whatever you’re watching, I will answer I’ll respond to everybody’s as quickly as I possibly can I’m a little behind because of the holidays, but I’ll get to you but let me know where am I wrong on on this? What is there celebrate? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it back to the article. Representative Rosa Dolores Democrat from Connecticut, who is set to share the. House Appropriations Committee said next year the house will eliminate the So-called High Amendment, a decades old policy that prohibits federal programs like Medicaid from paying for abortions. So what this is the High amendment and they think it’s after a representative from uh Illinois former Republican Oh, I don’t think he’s even still alive anymore. I’m not sure but don’t hold me to that. but anyway the amendment basically prohibits federal funds for paying directly. Abortion the reason I say directly is because indirectly we already pay for it because that we give right, we be American people through our tax dollars, whether you’d like it or doesn’t seem to be relevant. That’s why we need to wipe them all out really, but we give like $500000000 annually to uh Planned Parenthood just as one example, now, they say they don’t use any any of that for abortion. We know that’s ridiculous because it’s like you want to put the money in a pool. It just means you yeah, Okay. I’m not spending this money on vacation. I’m spending this money. Car repair It’s ridiculous so we already do it what this if they drop the hide Amendment. It’ll just be open piggy bank right in the check directly for abortion and they’re only gonna go up to me. It doesn’t matter once again doesn’t matter what side of the issue you’re on, I shouldn’t have to pay for someone’s abortion. I just shouldn’t the Lord said on December 8 hearing. This is this congresswoman hearing about the adverse effects on the amendment adverse effects. What? Adverse effect about keeping taxpayer money from paying for abortions, I don’t I still please help me help me understand this as I say I’m not even trying trying to get on the merits of abortion One way or another. I just don’t see how it’s adverse to not take my money and pay for someone else’s abortion. I don’t get it, but this is what the Congresswoman said. This is the last year talking about the amendment. the time is coming to current moment to reckon with the norm with the status quo reckon with the norm. With the status quo are you okay with that? Are you okay with this just normal status quo that uh uh taxpayer money should used for abortion? Why Should II don’t get it? why please explain it to me? Why should I have to pay for your voice? The High Amendment is a a discriminatory. is what the Congresswoman said The is a discriminatory policy, she said, arguing that it puts politicians between a woman and her doctor and it’s particularly harmful to rule and low low income women. How is it? How I don’t get that either you know and how does it put a politician between the patient and the doctor if anything using taxpayer money? does that done? why not take the politicians out of it? What do they have to do with it? Anyway? I don’t get that I don’t get that. but that is a guaranteed but this this doing away with the amendment is guaranteed to face Republican opposition. According to Richard Shelby, the chair of the Senate appropriations from Alabama, I’ve never been a big fan of his by the way the Republican caucuses would resist it. This is what mister Shelby said. We’ve had to hide Amendment a long time and I think it’s pretty clearly embedded in the fabric of our legislation I support the amendment well, Amen to you sir, but I can tell you if we don’t get out and vote. In Georgia, if you’re listening up there, they’re gonna do away with the high amendment and taxpayer money is going to be spent directly on abortions. It’s just a fact it’s just a fact The High Amendment is named after the original sponsor, former Republican congressman Henry Hyde. It is not this is interesting. It is not a permanent statute and doesn’t require repeal it exist by being added every year since 1976 to central legislation passed by Congress to fund the federal. So it’s just something they stick in probably in this omnibus bill, they just did just to go along and get along, but let me just tell you for a fact. It’s an opinion, but it’s an opinionated fact if the Republicans don’t win in Georgia, you are going to be paying for abortions with federal taxpayer money. whether you like it or not take that to the bank, it is just going to be a fact. Yet my time we’re pretty much out of time, so I’ll disclose on this ladies and gentlemen we have cuz Biden has already come out and said that he supports this doing away with the high God help us become present We’ve got to fight if not now when if not us who hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you, please go directly to John Martin talks Facebook page like it Share it with others. I’ll pray for your family you pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great nation and our president, which is still Donald Trump they. Deserve it but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours. Have a blessed day.

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