Citizens For Trump – NYT , Biden Should Start “Truth Commission”! – JMT #390

Citizens For Trump – NYT , Biden Should Start “Truth Commission”! – JMT #390

Welcome to John Mark, where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, I know quite a bit of the country is living under some pretty brutal winter conditions. It’s like 26° down here where I live some of you Yankees out there and I mean this with all affection turn the dad gum fan off. We’ve had enough here in Florida man when it gets that cold here. This bone cracking cold and bad was it cold coming in to work this morning, but I am glad to be here, Ladies and gentlemen battling as I say, ignorance and apathy daily and let me just tell you the show we got for you today is truly a battle against ignorance. I’d call it beyond ignorance. I’d call it stupidity because you know know there’s a between being ignorant and being stupid and the best example I can give you is that you know if you can’t read. Then you’re ignorant it just means you’re ignorant. you don’t know something ignorance is not a a bad It just means you don’t know something like you don’t know how to read. So if you don’t know how to read you’re ignorant but if you don’t care, then you’re stupid trust me on that and this story we’re gonna do for you today is pretty much stupidity and I’m not sure how to actually battle it, but we better actually try to battle it. We better not be apathetic cuz really I’m making a little. Of a joke about it, but it is a serious deal and it is scary. We’re gonna talk about a New York Times uh opinion piece that was written a couple days ago and essentially it is saying that Joe Biden, president Biden should start a truth Commission a Truth commission and have a reality to cabinet and supposedly the administration is actually considering something like this, You know the Democratic Party is basically opposed to anything that is not locked up in link with. Their political agenda is at any given moment, but we’ll get into the details of that in just a few seconds. But before we go any further, I always have to talk about our sponsors here because as I tell you all the time everybody can support those of us in the fight. Not everybody can actually be a fighter and me and Billy Bob my Psychic sidekick who has a Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks. We’re determined to stay in the public square, no matter what and not only do we need. 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Are you you you may be tempted as I was when I first see the headline to laugh it off. but when you look at what’s really happening right now and what is being proposed and what this article is talking about is actually frightening. So let’s get into it. This is a bright Bart story about a New York Times call New York column urges Biden to a point reality are established Truth Commission to solve reality crisis Basically, ladies and gentlemen, let me just cut to the bottom line and then we’ll get into it. They’re trying to figure out what to do with you. Sons of guns The. You know that let me just put it this way. There is one person of course they’re trying to go Donald Trump. They’re trying to make it like he didn’t even exist, but there is one person they fear out there more than Donald Trump one person that terrifies the establishment swamp rats the progressive leftist that never Trumpers the mainstream media that terrifies these people more than Donald Trump. you know who that is, it’s you. It’s you the American people you drugs of society you basket full of. Portables you mostly bad people that put Donald Trump in office, They fear you more than anything else more than Trump because there’d be no Trump and President Trump admits this without you so believe me they’re out to get you know. it’s it’s one thing you know. are you paranoid If people are really out to get you are you really paranoid now do we know the Democratic Party is I talked about a few days ago is becoming extremely paranoid like Ocasio Cortez and we’ll hear from her in just a few moments. so I give you a little warning there Ocasio Cortez is. She’s coming, but she’s she’s paranoid. she choose Ted Cruz of attempted murder from the House floor. She yet there’s no repercussions against her. I don’t know if you saw this or not, but we’re not really get into it, but but Liz Cheney has exonerated by the Republican Party. No surprise there she’s gonna hold on to her position and uh I’m not surprised but the but the swamp fears you more than anything else The New York Times published an essay on Tuesday, detailing a range of recommendations for the administration to adopt to. The reality crisis the reality crisis is you if you’re watching this show right now and you actually supported Donald Trump. then you are living in a fake universe, according to the left right here to fix the reality crisis and radicalize citizens, including setting up a reality and a truth commission. Well, I’m a little bit confused by this because they’re worried about they wanna de radicalize you, but I thought. The leader of the Democratic Party now you know one of the Twitter what they call him the squad. I call him the Twitter twat ocasio Cortez You know she actually praised radicalization. check this out. Let this moment radicalize you let this moment. Really put everything into stark focus because this election has always been about the fight of and for our lives and if anything tonight is making that more clear to more people than ever before and I’m gonna tell you it’s gonna get more and more and more clear to up until election day. Things are gonna happen. Things are gonna happen. It’s amazing how I guess the twitters as I call it some, you know somebody did something like I said and how we ocasio Cortez she’s saying right there. let this moment radicalize you she’s talking actually to give it to to it the context. uh it is she’s talking about the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the on the day. Her death was announced. Let this moment radicalize you and what did she say there? Billy Bob what she said she. That we’re in the fight for our lives talking about the the fight for our life. Now. That is not I mean, is she talking about insurrection? Really? I mean think about this Donald Trump is being impeached next week or at least being held on trial citizen Trump with the timing and peace in President Trump and he said something along the lines of and it’s hard to find this video by the way unless you took the whole thing we just you know, go down and uh. To the capital and patriotically uh peacefully protest, but and that he’s being impeachable but Ocasio Cortez and say you know that we’re in the fight for our lives now if you truly believe that if you wanna take it literally if you believe your life is on the line, what would you do to protect that or to protect your family’s life yet go to big daddy Unlimited? I can help you with that, but uh think about that. You do cuz I’m gonna take him at work. I take these progressives at their word. I think she truly she accused head Cruz attempted murder right. I believe the ocasio Cortez truly believes that your life is on the line so if your life is on the line, what would you do pretty much anything right? if you’re a human being and you wanna protect yourself and your family anything. so I don’t know how why is that not insight to violence and radicalization cuz she literally says. Let it radicalize you, I mean to me that’s more about than anything Donald Trump has ever said the essay pinned by the Times New York Times Technology come Kevin Ross Ross as ROSEI, don’t know anything about him other than he is uh a bit crazy. He might be the trot of our times. He’ll understand that reference more in a minute accuses millions of Americans of embracing OS lies and collective delusions before questioning how they’ll unite a country where these millions. Chosen to create their own version of reality, so he’s saying that people that voted for Trump basically, I mean let’s make let’s just cut to the chase on this, they’re talking about Trump supporters in this they when they hear they say white supremacist. They put it all in this, they’re still talking about Trump supporters racists. I mean you can be a woman. You can be black, a black man black don’t matter if you supported Donald Trump, then you’re some kind of is. For sure, there’s no question about you’re definitely an so they talk about their own version of reality I wanna play you a little clip right now of a reporter. I think he’s think Msnbc’s believe should be DMs DC right, and he’s literally talking about peaceful protest while everything is burning around and check it out III wanna be clear in how I characterize this is the mostly a protest. Uh it is not uh it is not generally speaking unruly but fires have been started and there’s a crowd that but fires have been started that what if that was your business or your home in the background there, I mean that’s not a little bonfire That’s actually businesses burning to the ground. Somebody’s American dream is burning to the ground and we saw this across the nation yet that yet that is a uh don’t wanna mischaracterized. You don’t have to say a word. Look, you know, don’t believe your lying eyes that the place is burning down, but it’s mostly peaceful protest and they talk about their own version of reality. I mean I guess they got a point there, but they’re not focusing none of this truth commission is about the truth of America being burned. It’s not the truth that uh when black lives the only lives that don’t seem to matter are actually black lives when they’re being gunned down in Chicago when just this past week, a baby was. Uh in the in its uh it’s uh infant car baby car seat in Manhattan was shot in the car seat. You know I mean this is reality, but it ain’t real to them the only time that violence matters is if it fits the bill with which uh they their agenda. It’s just crazy man. Maybe we do need a truth commission. I don’t know but Roose writes this says. I worry that unless the administration this is from the New York Times. Column the administration treats conspiracy theories and disinformation as the urgent threats they are is that really what you’re concerned about right now, if you’re if you’re not out of work and you’re trying to figure out how to pay the rent how to put food on your table Are you simply worried about your family in this pandemic that we have out here? Are you really worried about this information? is that really what you wake up? Boy. I hope I’m not the uh I hope I’m not. Exposed to disinformation, Is there a mask for that? I guess it would be put it over your entire head cover your eyes. I don’t know, but it’s but this writer says. I worry that unless unless Abd treats conspiracy theories voter, we don’t say the f word hereby they try to trick us into saying it, but we’re not we’re determined not to say the f word here and this information is the urgent threats They are parallel universes will only further apart and the potential for violent unrest and civic dysfunction will only grow I love it, says here our. Parallel universes will only drift further apart you mean, like maybe impeaching a president for insurrection when he said, go to the capital and patriotically and peacefully protest while this so that guy the guy that said that President Trump now patriotic and peacefully protest, he actually said that is being impeached for inciting violence, whereas I showed you earlier Ocasio Cortez while you know so President Trump. Trump is impeached or patriotic and peaceful. Those are some really inspirational words right while this guy right here in the video, I’m about to show you has been elevated to the Senate Majority leader. Check it out. And they’re taking away fundamental rights. I wanna tell you I wanna tell you kavanaugh you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions The bottom line is very simple. We will stand with the American people we will stand with American women, We will tell President Trump and Senate Republicans who have stacked the court with Right-wing logs that you’re gonna be gone in November and you will never be able to do what you’re trying to do now ever. You hear that over there on the far right you’re gone in November, you’re gone. We’re coming to get you you’re gonna reap the whirlwind well. There’s some peaceful stuff. I mean if your neighbor comes to you and shouting over your fence and said, yeah, I’m coming for you. You’re gonna reap the whirlwind. I’m sure you’re gonna think that was mostly peaceful You’re probably gonna see see if you’ve uh got some ammunition, which is to go to big daddy. I get that. This guy Chuck Schumer is exalted to majority leader. There’s no talk of impeaching him now what is more insightful? We’re you know we’re coming for you. You’re gonna reap the wall when can you imagine if Donald Trump had said, let’s go to the capitol and make them reap the whirlwind what the heck would have they’d probably tried to execute the dude before as he was walking out of the White House. I mean it is crazy. Yeah, we’re living in a parallel universe, but it’s not the one this New York Times clown is writing about but think about this when. Seventy 75000000 people that’s roughly the amount of people that voted for Trump 74, plus million people more votes than any sitting president in the United States. Now I’m not talking about you know Joe Biden, Joe Biden is our president. You can argue whether he should be could be whatever he’s in the White House. It’s just a reality we have to deal with and he definitely got more ballots than uh Donald Trump. I don’t know about votes and I’m not saying there was voter. I’m not saying that but when. Five 5000000 people cuz you know there’s more than just the people that voted for him that like Donald Trump when that many people feel this way about a president, check it out. This video about Especially when you have a grad like this, but they’re like this, they have such spirit in this country. People love our country so much I went to Texas. I went to Ohio went to Florida. It’s always it’s always like this. They love they love our country and we’re not gonna disappoint anybody. We’re not disappointed again. For years, you had a president to apologize for Americans. Get the point there’s some Trump love in the country out there right people love Donald Trump. now it doesn’t look to me like he’s he’s an there. It looks like he’s trying to put America first Make America great again. my new slogan after seeing what King Joe has been doing the last few days, you know he’s basically doing it everything by his phone, His pen not a phone cuz he probably not very good on the phone, but by the pin I mean Joe Biden man is just turning us into a monarchy and but Donald. Trump they’re trying to go to do 75000000 people literally love Donald Trump and probably more certainly those at the rallies. There’s they’re chanting. We love you. I’ve never heard that for any political figure. Have you have you ever heard especially a presidential figure? Now this guy was running for reelection and they’re chanting. We love you now that dude absolutely is got to be impeached. He’s got to be stopped cuz he’s obviously people are chanting love and he says I love you too. and that is. For interaction is it not but this dude who said this while he was running for president, check it out and we’ll come back and talk to him and so before I end that’s my call to action here, Please don’t just come here today and then go home go to the Hill today. Get up and please get up in the face of some Congress people. Yeah get up in the face of some congressman that guy has not only. Been not been impeached, but he’s gonna voting to impeach the president for violence inciting violence on the capital and Donald Trump. I remind you said, go there and patriotic and peacefully protest Corey Booker says. When you leave here now, this guy was running for president as city US Senate senator, who is still a city US senator and will be voting whether or not to convict Donald Trump says go up at the Capitol when you leave here. And get up in their face There is more interaction and insight to violence in that 30 seconds of Corey Booker that Donald Trump did in 4 years combined. It’s just insane. So yeah, maybe we are living in a parallel universe. It does seem to be that way the author of then states he contacted several experts seeking what actions to bite what do you have to do to be an expert by the way? is there like a college major in expertise? I mean, is there like a. Randy Can you go to like the institute or whatever you know and get a degree in 6 months or one of these uh internet universities as well and expertise, I don’t know I don’t how experts probably get paid a good bit. Maybe I need to become an expert. That’s what it is man. I’m gonna look into that. John Martin the expert John Martin talks. That’s what we needed to me. We gotta think about changing the title, the author of the states he he contacted several experts seeking what actions Tob administration could take to help fix. Our true our truth Challenge information ecosystem. let that sink in for a minute. What the heck is it to help fix our truth? Challenge information ecosystem. So it’s like an ecosystem in the ecosystem like the environment. So I guess we’re living in some kind of like lack of truth deal I don’t know to me. it’s interesting because it’s like I should’ve put this up but like or well, famously said. You know the more society drifts away from truth the more they hate those that speak it I. Believe that Trump supporters are more, but I’m not saying they have a lock on the truth, but they actually have more truth in them than uh than abiding people ever cuz like II. It’s like I see more bidding signs now than I did. It’s it’s interesting. This is very interesting debate and I’m not scientific. I’m not saying I’m an expert on. I’m just making the observation I’ve never. there’s two things that have happened post election that in all my years of politics running campaigns and everything I’ve never seen this one is. Donald Trump signs still proudly up, I still got mine in my yard. I had one on my piece of property four by eight somebody took it down. Yeah, they couldn’t take it away, but I see Trump signs all over the place I drive down the interstate just about every weekend going fishing to about a three-hour drive to where I go to Tampa, Saint Pete and I see Trump stuff all over people on the interstate and everything else. So I’ve never seen that for someone after an election that’s out of office space never seen it. And the other thing is in some ways there’s it seems like there’s more. maybe maybe I’m wrong on this seem like there’s more Biden signs up now than there was leading up up to day. so I don’t know what any of that means, but it is very interesting times alternative reality, but but it says uh to help fix our truth Challenge information ecosystem, or at least prevent it from giving so we talked to these experts. so I thought I’d look up the word expert and see if it uh had meaning here’s one of the definitions. Of an expert having our involving authoritative knowledge, so you have knowledge and you involve it your authoritative with it. I told you that this was gonna be a little bit of ocasio Cortez Day. She is clearly an expert on the south She is is expert on the if you don’t believe it this New York Gal who uh you know, is supposedly in tune with poverty who’s basically lived in one of the most cushy lives you could possibly live. She is an expert. On the south, if you don’t believe it just listen to her. Aren’t you is a really good example with black women leading the way with multi racial and multicultural organizations leading the way Um we they proved that Southern states are not red states They are suppressed states, which means the only way that our country is going to heal is through the actual. Of Southern states the actual liberation of the poor, the actual liberation of working people from social and racial oppression, but that’s the only way the only way deliberate. I like that last part where she talks about the poor and the working people to be liberate liberated from what liberated from their jobs. I guess that’s what Biden administration is doing. they’re liberating people. Uh their jobs on a daily basis now man and they’ve already they’re securing your replacements. So if you’re getting if you’re having a hard time finding work, how’s it gonna get easier by letting tens of thousands if not millions of illegal immigrants come up here open border and a welfare state. That’s what Biden and his crew are for. That’s what they’re implementing Signing day. I mean, yeah, they’re liberating working people and poor people on a daily. Liberating work people for their from their jobs and ensuring because the Democrats champion they always say we’re the party of the poor and so what do they need more poor folks more people. that’s what they need, but she’s talking about liberating The south My god do you not. I mean I guess part of the problem my producer and I were talking about this is people just have no education these days now, they may get all kind of alphabets after their name, but they don’t they. Teaching you what to think not how to think cuz they talk about like I heard somebody talk about the insurrection as they call it at the Capitol was the worst day in the history of United States, or you know other than maybe Pearl Harbor, which which we were attacked by the Japanese and like about 2000 people were killed at Pearl Harbor destroyed the Pacific fleet, but a guy in a Buffalo helmet is worse than here or whatever I mean, come on. It is the worst day in history if you’ve never actually studied history. Yeah, I mean that’s the only way you can actually say that but she’s talking about liberating the sound does that not scare you. I mean, I can understand you may say, okay. Well, we’re gonna liberate it from racism and all that kind of trust me on this ladies and gentlemen that ain’t gonna happen. Alright racism. I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist. I do believe Doctor King’s dream is dying if it’s not dead already where he talked about judging people on the content of their character rather than the color of their. Cuz see I don’t care if we got the first LGBTQ Alphabet City guy in the cabinet, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m I’m assuming he’s not the first by the way he maybe the first to come out and say yeah. I’m this but uh I guarantee you there’s been more than one or two gay folks in the White House over the years, I’d be willing to bet money on that. we know there was one or two EF, but that’s a whole another story, but I don’t really care what your alphabet is II. Don’t I only care like. In the transportation deal can you get the roads paved? Can you fix the bridges so they don’t collapse. Can you modernize our airports? That’s the only thing I care about. you know. I don’t really care. I mean to me it don’t matter what color you are. uh I just don’t care. I really don’t when it comes to those issues. I got a real simple policy open mind close mind I don’t care what you do. I just as far as who you are. I care about what you do, you know I if I’m going. For uh, you know some kind of surgical procedure or or I’m getting get on an airplane. I don’t care what the pilot or the doctor looks like I don’t care what their sexual preference is I care can they fly the dad gum thing and do can they heal me? That’s all I care about. I don’t know about you. Maybe I’m wrong chime in and let me know by the way if you want to uh try make a comment that I can actually respond to, but the only way you can do it right now is go to my YouTube channel spell it out John Martin talks go there make. Comment I’ll try to get to it as soon as I can. I used to respond all the Facebook comments and we literally sometimes have a thousand of them after the show and I still want to, but I’m in Facebook jail. I’m in jail. I can’t I can’t act. I can see your comments. Luckily we can still get to show out there by the grace of God. We need you to keep spreading and some people have chimed in and said something about why are you still on Facebook as I told you before we’re determined here to we’re not giving up anything it may take it from us but. Ain’t giving up nothing They may take it, but I’m in this fight for the long haul. Need your help support our sponsors spread the show all of that, but we’re determined to grow and be on every platform possible, including the ones they don’t want us on. so if you wanna help me spread the show go out if you’re out in California, go to Facebook headquarters make you sign up, say free John Martin. I got about a week left and they’ll probably kill me again when before it’s all over but liberate the sound. It’s scary to think about that about racism. Let me tell you this let me finish up on that cuz I started something Billy Bob tells me to get back on track. You can’t let. Racism away it can’t be done. I think we’re I think this is why differ with some people when they talk about systematic racism, I think we’ve largely eliminated systematic racism. No words I do believe that by large people have a fair shake at the American dream, at least they used to uh it’s it’s fading right now in our society and we have the right to life. Liberty not to guarantee but the pursuit of happiness now I think that by government standards has largely been eliminated racism as. You may never eliminate that and it’s it’s right. I mean we’re seeing growing racism sanctioned by the left now by the way but uh you can you can legislate make all kind of rules but as of this moment you cannot legislate what is in a person’s heart if someone has hate in their heart, the only thing that can alleviate that to me is their relationship with a higher power. That’s just the way I see it uh people. I’m not saying people can’t change, but they’re not gonna change. The hammer of legislation they’re only gonna change who actually looking at themselves and it’s difficult to look at yourself without the grace of God. That’s just my opinion, but I think it’s an opinion a fact nonetheless, but this language they’re using scares me. Let’s get on with this article. Joanne Donovan, a research director of Harvard, so she’s gotta know everything right of Harvard University Shereen Center on media, politics and public policy, where there’s a mouthful suggested that the administration set up a truth Commission a truth commission. You know we’ve had those in the past. They gave them different names. You know like the Spanish Inquisition stuff like that. I mean, you know those were truth commissions tell the truth. I mean you put him in the rack. That’s what we need right, but don’t think that didn’t coming back cuz it’s coming, but we’re already being put in a rack uh you know Metaphorically through like social media man, they will attack you brother if you say the wrong word man you are done uh uh I wasn’t gonna get into the store but I got him and I know none of the characters and I don’t even know the guy’s name, but apparently there’s this top country music performer like real young guy I guess. He’s leading the chart or he was and everything I don’t know anything about him, but apparently and I don’t even know the context of it. he used the n-word somehow to a friend and was caught on on video by Bbc’s Well he’s been stripped now of being able to be on the radio at all, they’ve taken his head. the number one album not anymore, but they’ve taken him off the air and I’m not condoning it at all but if using the n word meant taking your music off the air, I don’t. With hip hop even exist, it’s just crazy to me man. We’re just we’re just let the people decide you could change the channel you can quit buying his records. I got no, but just a blanket ban people. I mean good lord you make a mistake and I don’t even know if it was a mistake. I’m not saying maybe it it is as I you can’t legislate what’s in a person’s heart, but II say let the people decide I’ve I believe in freedom I believe in freedom of speech, I believe in freedom to change the channel, you know I mean. Me and we just have gotten to this point and by the way free speech is not agreeable speech, but let’s get back into this, but they wanna set up a truth commission led by those familiar with extremist factions right. okay. So if you’re for me external extremism, but it’s a one-sided thing the extremist factions, including white supremacist groups and far right malicious behind the January 6 capital riot in order to investigate the event translation ladies and gentlemen, you know what that means Trump supporters it don’t matter what color you are. You got the red hat on you are six six and you need to be. Reprogrammed and uh you know, liberated and everything else man. That’s what they’re saying here. I mean, let me just tell you when they’re saying all this stuff and I’m not condoning white supremacist. I’d actually don’t know anybody who condos white supremacist. I’m sure they’re out out there are certainly white supremacist out There are people sick from all kind of things out there, but I can tell you I don’t see it as a huge problem. Maybe I’m wrong but to me what they’re basically saying is and I’m all for rooting out white supremacist but let’s root out all kind of supremacist violent. On both side, but they’re really just talking about Trump supporters, but so they wanna root you out if you’re a Trump supporter but these guys like pictured right here and not so much. There’s a there’s a mostly peaceful protester and I’m not trying to necessarily pick on people who actually support Black lives matter, but let me just tell you and I’ll probably get banned for saying this black black lives matter a communist organization. That’s just the truth. I’m not saying everybody who has a sticker wears a shirt or even with I’m not saying that but make no mistake about it. Black. Matter is an admitted communist organization founded by Marxist it just is it’s just a fight. now, you know, it’s a reality. I hate to break that to you, Snowflake so black Lives matter burn it down. It’s okay where these guys I’m about to show here Of course they only as Jerry Nadler, said a myth but play this video. Nice language. Yeah. Alright. that’s mythological creatures like the tooth Fairy are Bigfoot man. They’re that’s Antifa by the way attacking for probably the time the courthouse in Portland that particular video they’re setting fire on the federal courthouse, throwing Molotov cocktails and stuff you can hear things blowing up in the background. guess what the courthouse was occupied at that time by uh us. And uh and other federal agents were in that building that these mythological creatures were actually setting fire so all of this stuff here now we don’t need an investigate them cuz they’re a myth We don’t need to investigate Black lives matter cuz they’re mostly peaceful, even though they’re going in the neighborhoods they wake up. get the hell up all that could burn stuff down. what about that video and we hadn’t played in a while. We’re not gonna play it today. We’re basically said we didn’t get it burn it down when we were talking about Brianna uh Taylor I think was. Name of when when they they came down with no grand jury we didn’t get it burn it down so they can say that pigs in a blanket fry like bacon bacon are no justice, no peace and burn it down and how about uh no borders, No Walls. No Usa at all. I mean that sounds like Biden Chandler, right, cuz that’s what he’s doing No border No wall. guess what you’ll have No Usa at all. That’s okay, None of that needs to be investigated, but if you’re wearing a maga hat, it don’t matter what color you are. You gotta be you gotta be investigator. Donovan describes such an effort as similar to the 911 commission so they wanna appoint a 911 commission that investigated the worst terrorist attack are the worst attack should I say in our country since Pearl Harbor killed over 3000 Americans and so we need. We need a 911 commission to investigate Trump’s support. I mean, I’m just telling you like it is which provided recommendations designed to guard against future attacks. so they need a 911 style commission that was designed to protect us Muslim extremist, which are now you know no. they just did you know that they just captured or just I shouldn’t say captured they just caught like eleven Iranian nationalist cross from the Texas border, or maybe Arizona. I don’t remember that coming across the border just like this week. Now, I’m not saying they were terrorist but there’s a good chance. They were you know what wouldn’t bet against it, but so that 911 commission well, I you know when you stop thinking about it. Billy Bob kinda mentioned this to me a minute ago. It is my psychic sidekick by the way didn’t talk much but uh we got a connection, he says. You know it makes sense to have a 911 commission to investigate Trump supporters because you know mag MA and Isis I. They’re both four letter words. So yeah, I guess from that that’s logical as anything I can come up with investigate American citizens. you know 911 style toga and Isis. There’s probably no difference Another recommendation claims to have received from these experts is for the administration to create a task force to tackle disinformation and domestic extremism and be led by something like a reality. Z realities are somebody you know, I think we’ve already tried that I don’t know that they call these dudes at but uh it the last time we had a bunch of realities are running around the planet. It didn’t work out too. Well. Here’s like three the three amigos their realities are you got mouse, say tongue Joe Uncle, Joe Stalin and Adolf Hitler. They created their own realities right and I and they. They what happened hundreds of millions of people were killed over. I mean between style and Hitler and Muse like 100000000 people killed and that basically at the same time I don’t know about these realities are man it just maybe I’m wrong, but tell me where I’m wrong Chime in on uh on our YouTube channel right this, he says it sounds a little dystopian, he said. I’ll grant, but let’s hear them out so let’s uh let’s act. Here from our fearless leader now President Joe bid to be rooted out how many Americans might need to you know they just will I let him speak for himself. Check it out and probably anywhere from ten to 15% of people out there who just not very good people, but that’s not who we are vast majority of people ten to 15% of like 350. 355000000 people. That’s how many United States think about that number. It’s basically the number. People that voted for Donald Trump coincidence maybe alternative reality parallel universe I don’t know but Joe Biden running for the president of the United States literally says that 15% of the American people are just bad just bad, but he won. I guess there was no voter Mod. nothing. uh you know he is the president. We that’s one thing. I know people don’t like it when I say it, I don’t like it when I say it either. but we gotta deal with reality. We got I’m not living in a para. Universe but the parallel universe that 15% elect that 15% by the way and I’m not saying everyone elected President Trump in twenty 1670. 75000000 people voted for Trump in 2020. That’s 10000000 more than he got in 2016 and more than any sitting president in the history of the nation. but ladies and gentlemen, it is treasonous treasonous to even question the election results. That’s why I say, I’m not saying there was voter. I’m not. But to even question it is now treason is we have King Biden up there but uh so basically if you question his rule, the fact that he is our president now if you question that then uh you know, but here’s the thing Joe Biden himself said this while President Trump was in the White House like three or 4 years ago, check it out. He is an illegitimate president in my mind. That’s it II think all the talk about impeachment and what the Democrats should do. That’s fine. It’s theoretical at this point, let let them let them subpoena. let them go to the Supreme Court. He’s illegitimate and my biggest fear is that he’s gonna do it again with the help of lad his best pal and we’re gonna be stuck for six more years of this guy and that is terrifying. it’s terrify. would you. Vice president folks look, I absolutely agreed one of the things we have to do here. Absolutely agrees think about that She’s saying that President Trump is an illegitimate president. Now this was like couple years into uh his ministry and Joe Biden says he absolutely agrees so impeached right now because because he the legitimacy of the election but you if you’re part of that 75000000 people that chanted we love you to president if you’re somebody with manga hat are you have A.? Trump uh you still have a Trump sign up in your yard if you question that they’re mod if you question that the Supreme Court refused to even do their duty and take up the case, then you’re a traitor, you’re a traitor and you should be reprogrammed. you should be putting in some type of camp you should be liberated. you should be investigated like Isis by 911 commission all of that stuff, but King Biden can question the legitimacy of. Donald Trump and be exhausted exhausted and elected to the highest office in the land of the world moving towards ladies and gentlemen, you know I fear for this nation, but you know what I’m starting to fear more and I joke about this, but it’s becoming more real all the time we’re moving towards the the mediocracy uh mediocracy if you check it out these experts so-called if you haven’t seen that movie, you should check it out, but we are moving towards what and instead of saving democracy. We’re gonna. Mediocracy. That’s why battle ignorance and apathy daily and please support our show. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. Please check out our YouTube channel recall TV Our sponsors, Big Daddy Unlimited and uh patriot threads and others that we’re lining up. I’ll pray for your family You pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great nation cuz she deserves it and needs it now more than ever, but as I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours. Have a blessed day.

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