Citizens For Trump – King Joe! – JMT #384

Citizens For Trump – King Joe! – JMT #384

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is an empathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her ladies and gentlemen. We got a great show for you today. We’re gonna start off with King Joe Biden is becoming King now because he is setting all kind of records about about a president official decree. You might call him executive orders but basically. Biden is running the entire country right now from the White House because the fact they’re having impeachment, which is gonna start a couple of weeks and we’re gonna talk about the trial here in just a moment all of this stuff. Joe Biden don’t worry Joe Biden is in full command, maybe not of his faculties but of the facilities of the United States Government will explain that if we have time, we’re gonna talk about the impeachment process that is. Up the manager of the impeachment Congressman Raskin he is the impeachment manager of the house. They delivered the one article of impeachment to the Senate Chamber yesterday, but he says that Trump president Trump must be impeached to save the republic. Well, I didn’t even know Democrats who toward republic. I still not sure about that, but we’ll get into that. but before we go any deeper, we gotta get into big daddy unlimited otherwise known as B our sponsor here. We’re very grateful to come. Live everyday Monday through Friday 8 O’clock eastern, or as close as we can get to it most times, but in B Studios Big daddy unlimited the way to get to them and access them. They are your Second Amendment headquarters is to no matter when you’re watching the show or where you’re watching it look above the video and you will see a description of our show. Scroll down on that and you will see a link to our sponsor. 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Now, of course, John Martin talks spell it all the way out and by the way if you wanna get a direct response from me, then uh put a reply on something or comment on the YouTube channel and I will get back to you usually within about 10 hours of doing the show just depends, but I cannot respond now we we had over a thousand comments on the various uh Facebook sites we were on yesterday. I’m not ignoring you. I’m locked up man. I’m in jail, I’m in Facebook jail and uh I still I’m waiting for the people to stand out in front of the Facebook headquarters in California, say free John Martin. But II can see what you’re saying. I appreciated a great deal, but I cannot respond to it. so if you’re looking for response from me, go to our YouTube channel but Recoil TV is everything to do with the second amendment as far demonstrating the newest weaponry coming out even older stuff. To use it they they have all kind of video and they archive our show on there and we greatly appreciate it, but I wanna read you this because we are determined here at John Martin talks with our sponsors like Big Daddy Unlimited. We are determining determined I’m sorry to stay in the public Square and to keep this show going through thick and thin because believe it or not a lot of shows like ours If you are a conservative voice out there let alone some. Who supported Donald Trump you are under the gun and they are trying to wipe us off the air and we need your help to do it, but what you’re gonna have to do as a patriot is you’re gonna have to put a little extra effort into supporting shows like ours like I tell you all the time not everybody can be a fighter, but everybody can support those of us in the fight. So here’s how you can continue to watch our show no matter what due to the move by big tech to the platform. Conservative free speech we’ll be moving John Martin talks to a new secure platform so that we. Continue to broadcast that is literally being built as we speak, please download the recoil TV app found in the same link as I told you about our sponsorship right now, it’s available on the Apple Store and Google play, but you never know how long that’ll be. in addition, you can go directly to John Martin John Martin to see all of our episodes archive. We’re not currently broadcasting live there, but the show is up everyday and you continue to watch our show as my friends here say we are the voice of freedom so remember. Www.john Martin, now let’s get into the meat of the show here. This we’re gonna do a couple of bright bar articles here. they’ve been doing a pretty good job rule by decree Joe Biden sets record for executive orders in his first week. I think he’s actually up to 33 executive orders by this time. he signed a couple yesterday and we might talk about them uh but the article is it’s hard. It’s hard to keep an article updated with Joe Biden and executive orders cuz he’s literally signing him in his sleep. I think but there you have it. look at that picture right there. that is Joe Biden. That was on his very first day in office right after he got inaugurated, he had a stack almost high there of executive orders he was signing. That’s literally his first day and I mean when it comes to champions of executive orders there is there is no I mean Joe Biden is literally in a class by himself when it comes to that, and I’m not saying that’s a good thing. President Joe Biden has issued more executive orders in his first week. Not yet complete as of writing that any of his forty-five predecessors in fact in the last like couple of decades, he signed more executive orders than all of them combined literally on their first couple of days I mean in a way I guess you could say that Joe Biden is doing what he said he would do promises made promises kept it’s just not quite as good for us as the promises made promises kept of uh President Trump and boy do we miss him. Already we miss you Dawg. I’m sorry sir. I just gotta tell you J mt Missus DJ man. I hope you’re watching the show now you might have time to watch the show. Check it out. I’d love to interview you sometime. I’m serious about that. I try to be seriously entertaining but when it comes to President Trump Trump man, I love to interview so you’re out there watching anybody that has connections tell him about OJ mt and Billy Bob Bass my Psychic sidekick here he has a Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass one and At John Martin talks and as I say, we’re determined to uh keep into the public square, We’re all places like me We rumble bitch. you all kind of stuff we were on par. I guess we still are, but it’s out there in the ether land right but promises made in a sad sense by Joe Biden promises kept nobody should be surprised that Joe Biden is so aggressive because he told us I tell you all the time take these progressives and Joe Biden is not a moderate He never has been, but he’s certainly not one now for sure and I told you back. Twenty field when they had like 150 uh you know uh candidates up their its, It was more like thirty but uh when they had them up there, I told you it didn’t matter who won the that primary. One thing we knew for sure that whoever came forward and was Democratic nominee and I would not have been it would have been Joe Biden, but it is that person would be the most progressive candidate ever put forward by a major party and I. I’ve been proven right without a doubt, but Joe Biden told us in his own words and we’re gonna play that video right now. I think that not withstanding the fact I think I have laid out the most detailed plans on the economy and on issues related to health care and arrest of any president in modern history I mean it’s awful detail if I’m elected this passes uh I’m gonna be good to go down as almost progressive President American history most progressive in American history. I still say the hardest job in America, the most most underpaid person is is interpreting for the hearing impaired for. Joe cuz you can imagine trying to keep up with him and go well well should I interpret what he said, or what I think he meant because they can be two different things. Joe Biden gave a press conference yesterday by the way and one thing you gotta say about old Joe man He is a politician with a lot of doubt. I mean that’s the only job he’s really ever had go back and listen to you. Well, you can wait till his next press conferences. I don’t think he’s gonna give that many but his answers are total politics. Completely different, I mean he can’t answer a yes or no question it is impossible for Joe Biden to answer question without just tons of platitudes and everything else he was asked a question yesterday about the teacher’s union, which voted to stay out of work and get paid. they get paid. It’s easy to vote. I’ll just stay home and get paid in Chicago even though they were asked or ordered by the mayor to go back to work, they voted to say Heck no, but Joe Biden was at. A straightforward question about that yesterday are do you think the teacher should go back as ordered and he went into this diet tribe about the schools need to be sanitized and safe and mask, and I mean it was just a total political answer and the press doesn’t ask him a follow-up question and they just go. Wow. We’re back in the establishment swamp again and we’re loving it. I mean it’s just he’s just not gonna answer a question, but think about this. Joe Biden when it comes to his uh, you know if you’re a mentor situation when you have a mentor if you’re a mentor to somebody isn’t it your pride and joy when you’re mean who your mentoring actually exceed your expectations does not give you a sense of pride if you’re like a father and you’re raising your son and he ends up being a better student or athlete than you are does that give you a certain sense of pride? Well, I tell you what if that’s the case, which I think it is Barack Obama should. Just beaming right now, man he should be on cloud nine because his protege Joe Biden has learned well from the master because remember when Obama said this. Uh I’m gonna be working with Congress where I can to accomplish this, but I’m also gonna act on my own uh if uh Congress is deadlocked, I’ve got a pen to take executive actions where Congress won’t and I’ve got a telephone to rally folks around the country uh on this mission. Yeah, I could see Biden doing the pin thing because you don’t know what he’s writing down there. It might be anything but he can write. I don’t know what he hold him up show his signature like uh like a present. Used to do I mean I don’t know the pin thing I get but to be honest with you. I’m suspect of that because Biden can’t even be straight forward on a teleprompter he have remember when he had that call to ask Kamala Harris whether she would be as vice president. are you ready? He literally had Cliff notes he had like ask her a book for dummies or whatever you know, so I don’t know if Joe Biden would be very good on the phone I remember and I don’t say this with any but I remember when my mom began to slip God rest her soul. She made it to 90.8 man but uh we had to take the. Out because basically, she would just that would ring and ring and ring or she’d pick it up and just go uh yeah and put it back down and just leave it off the hook so we knew right then that uh we need to have somebody with her all the time, but that was one of the first indications, but can you imagine Joe Biden having a phone conversation with that dude man? it probably just be a lot of heavy breathing one of those maybe maybe if that president thing don’t work out, maybe he could do some of them 900 numbers or whatever where you just hear the heavy breathing. So I. Ho so, I’m told as of January 25th Twenty-one Biden has issued thirty-three executive orders, and he may be issuing one as we speak so that number could be coming up actions proclamations Miranda and agency directors, according to Cnn’s has to be true right 21 of these, according to the White House website are executive orders so he’s issued decrees. basically he’s issued and so my thing my first question about the box would be to Joe Biden exactly sir how many jobs have you killed? In the last four 5 days since you’ve been president, it’s probably in the hundreds of thousands now right, but he signed this one he’s bragging about about you know by America. We’re gonna he’s gonna create a new post in the White House about by American only the federal government can do that kind of any government I suppose just create presenter and uh and they’re doing that they’re expanding government literally inside the White House, but how many jobs have you killed? Sir? I mean this by American. For instance, what good and I’m all for by American believe me, but what good does it do to have AX American Act There ain’t nothing to buy all the factories are shut down. You can’t even get a meal in a restaurant in places like California and all that kind of stuff what is their American to buy? It’s dying all the time and what about America’s energy cost because he killed the Exxon pipeline, which is from eleven to 60000 jobs, are depending on it and the fact that fuel prices. Already going up, let alone how much they’re gonna go up and that oil they’re still gonna sell that oil snowflakes. It’s not like Canada is gonna go well. We’re just uh we’re just gonna sit on this stuff. They’re gonna sell that all it’s gonna go to China to make their economy better and they’re gonna have to ship it over there, which creates potential for uh for uh you know catastrophic environmental disaster if we have uh a tanker, you know as I said yesterday, you watch our show by the way podcast several ways. Do it uh YouTube our YouTube channel it takes about 10 hours for to repost the show. Check out that John Martin www.john Mark Also we’re archived on America’s voice dos. They are a great alternative to the mainstream media. America’s voice news. You can download free apps on your Android your iPhone they uh they’re on Roku Fire stick Apple TV They’re on Channel 219 Dish Network and Pluto Network. We don’t currently have a live show on there now we’re working on that, but you can see our show our. I’d alone near streaming service and we’re greatly appreciated of that, but how many jobs as Biden killed what again promises made promises kept right because none other than President Trump warned us in the campaign after the last debate, I guess they had President Trump warned us what would actually happen if Joe Biden God help us and God help us has become president. Check it out. One of the most stunning moments last night was when Joe Biden admitted that he wants to abolish the oil industry that wasn’t too. did you see him this morning this morning. I didn’t really mean that I didn’t mean that was the last question they talked about that. I said. Well, you wanna get rid of oil and gas is that Oh, I wanna face it out. I said. Thank you, Texas. Are you watching Pennsylvania Oklahoma, Ohio. Are you watching going around Kamala Kamala is going around saying? no, no, no, we wanna keep it. This woman is a super radical left. She’s against fracking if they get in to lend your energy independence. We have energy independence right now, they will end it very quickly now they’re going. Yeah. I tell you what man do we miss. I think I speak for me as Americans we miss you President Trump already man We miss you. I miss seeing him on TV talking at those rallies and I’ve been to like five of them myself. uh it just. Love Fest I look forward to 1 day going to another one so President Trump you are sorely missed my friend. You really are, but he, but he’s telling the truth right there and he said, you know call out those states are they listed. I think they were listening. You know he won most of those states. He didn’t win Pennsylvania. Now I believe he. I can’t even say it that I gotta be careful cuz you know we can’t say the f word on here and I’m not talking about fracking. I’m talking about that f word. so I say Mod. we know there was no voter Mod in Pennsylvania without the Mod. Donald Trump might have actually been the forty-sixth president. I don’t know you are you forty-five If you double, I don’t know it’s interesting to know that but uh I believe they were listening but they got overcome by Mod. You know is a tough old gal man and uh you know somehow we got to overcome the mud but I do believe they were listed. but he said that you know, he told us what was gonna happen and it happened at lightning speed. You know Donald Trump and Warby created. Uh that with his warp speed program created the the uh the uh combining the virus with a vaccine, but uh he’s nothing compared me what is beyond warp speed like ultra war. I gotta get back to my Star Trek roots and uh transport because I guess what Biden is doing is creating one of those time things cuz man he is moving. I didn’t know that old dude could move that fast, but he is moving to destroy the country at a rapid rate. President Donald Trump signed four in his first week talking about executive orders in 2017. President Barack Obama signed five in 2009. President George W Bush signed none in his first week at 2001 and President Bill Clinton signed one in 1993. Perhaps between you know Lewinsky or whatever but uh basically if you look at what Biden is doing, it’s pretty obvious that we now. No longer American citizens because he is bypassing the Legislature and the Legislature is controlled by all Democrats and basically the Supreme Court. If you look at the Texas case, which gave us the approval of voter and put Joe Biden in the presidency is I’m not so sure we can rely on them. Can we be and you wonder why people might be just a weed bit on edge or upset just a weed bit. I’m just saying I’m not justifying anything. I’m only you know, but we’re subjects of. The dad gum realm, We’re not rugged individuals. We’re sheep look at that. I mean if that doesn’t pretty much say what uh you know cuz like II think it was Tucker. I know it was uh Sean I gotta give credit where credits do Sean Hannity, which is him and Tucker, but the only thing I watch on Fox anymore, but uh the news Maxx is pretty by the way a message to news Maxx people out there you need to put us on your Facebook channel at least give us a try. I know you’re looking for shows we’re gonna recon you contact faith. And if you wanna see us on some not only let us know but how about if you contact them say, hey, why don’t you put John Martin talks on your show? Here’s a good old boy down here that you really need to hear from so I could use your help when it comes to that. but we’re subjects of the realm but uh anyway, Sean Handy had this guy on there last night that was just laid off from the Excel pipeline. He a union guy and uh Hannity kept trying to bring him to talk about. Union actually spot actually supported Joe Biden and he didn’t really wanna go there, but I’ll go ahead and go there if you’re a union worker and this guy was a welder. How do you feel about Joe Biden killing construction jobs now, maybe if you’re part of the teacher’s union gets paid to stay home one thing about it these public unions these government use they get paid sometime to stay home not so much if you’re an iron worker a meal right or an electrician in. Construction union you don’t get paid to stay home they might have little rainy day funds, but they don’t last very long, but we are we are becoming we the people. So if you’re one of those unions out there that supported Joe Biden to kill your union member jobs, well, you have to question that if you’re one of those union members and I’m not a big anti-union guy, I’m just saying, look at what your union people did to what they gave us. They gave you no jobs past presidents have defended the aggressive use of executive orders they have when the opposing party controls one or both houses of Congress, but in this case bids, Democratic Party controls both the house and the Senate, leaving few obstacles when there was news that came out that. Have maybe saved the filibuster I’ve got mixed feelings about filibuster. I kinda like it now, but uh I don’t trust the Republicans. I don’t I think they’ll ultimately cave in. they’re pretty good at doing that certainly uh turtle head himself. He got a turtle head poking out if you know the movie reference to that Mitch McConnell, I call him turtle head, but here’s here’s one of the things that I see happening and Joe Biden, they’re in a hurry. They’re in a hurry and one of the reasons that they’re in a hurry to get all this done is because they know. That the American people aren’t paying a whole lot of attention now because let’s face it, the average person well half the country don’t vote anyway, right so they’re like ignorant and apathetic, and I’m battling that day. Hope you tune if you got somebody who doesn’t vote tune in to the show and I’ll give him a good reason to but uh and don’t do this thing. You’re never gonna vote again kinda deal because all you’re doing is making the rest of us suffer under socialism. We’ve got I’m not gonna sugar coat it. We’ve got maybe an impossible mountain to. But if you give up if like my hero, Josie will said Outlaws with Josie well said if you give up you either live or win, you know so I I’m I’m with that all the way, but they’re they’re in a hurry because they realize that even the voters wanna break from politics. I get that and I believe politics, 24/7 and I’m probably obnoxious to some of my friends cuz you know, I don’t let them get away with a lot of BS. They put something I tell people don’t ask me. Unless you actually wanna hear it because I’m gonna give it to you and don’t just put spew something out and don’t expect me to respond to it. So you know that’s just who I am man the truth as my friend at Patriot says starts now remember Patriot, One of our sponsors. Go to J mt for 20% off. check it out, but a lot of people just wanna break from politics. I get it. you know we just went through a bruising election. we it was extended because of all the conflicts and whatever I get it. I understand that you’re raised just you know, take a breath but. Me on this progressives never ever stop they never ever stop now. I’m not saying you got to match people like Ocasio energy and everything else. I’m not saying that but you gotta stay plugged in period because if you don’t then we’re gonna fall and we need to remember we always a lot of people on the right, especially if you wanna call it that a conservative they to the founding fathers quite often as they should and I tell a founding fathers. But I’m gonna tap one right now. Thomas and I’m paraphrasing it but right there, but basically, he said if you wanna be both ignorant and free you want what never was and never will be and I translate that to me that if you just think you can ignore policy, see people all the time say Oh, I’m not interested in politics and my first response to him. Well, you know what politics is very interested in you and they are trying to control you. so there’s a reason. Why they’re going with lightning speed transport? speed on all this stuff under bid because they realize that once you wake up and pay attention, you might not be so in favor of it, but by then you could be like the excel pipeline and be out of work and out of luck. So I’m telling you to listen to the founding fathers and we still say fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters here at John Martin talks If you want what if you wanna be ignorant and free, you want what never was as t. I said, and never will will be so battling ignorance and apathy on a daily basis. you need to stay woke get woke and plugged in truly woke not that artificial nonsense well earlier this month while previewing Biden’s first days in office, incoming chief of staff Ron you talk about a swamp rat that dude is to reporters that the new president planned executive orders would be check this out a restoration of the appropriate constitutional. For the president it it he don’t he don’t look like he’s got a he’s creating a total new role, something that we fought against there. It is King Joe Sergio all you know, Hell King Joe Long live King Joe Man but ladies and gentlemen we do have some choices to make we absolutely need to make some and we need to realize that our founding fathers once again, I go back to him. Oh Benny Franklin their old Benjamin Franklin. You know he basically when. Ask what did you give us, he said a republic If you can’t keep it if you can keep it and let me tell you it is never been. I mean our republic. we’ve been post constitutional for a while before Donald Trump even came on the political scene, but he actually exposed just how deep in it. We are and I’ve been saying this for a while now about you know the frog in the pot deal where the frog is like simmering, you put them in and simmer They’ll bowl and never jump out you throw them in boiling water. They pop out what Donald Trump exposed to me for me personally is that I was in the. Boiling and I didn’t even know it and I’m out the pot. I’m totally out the pot now. Thank you. President Trump and guess what I’m not jumping back in it and don’t you either If you don’t realize you’re in the pot wake the heck up you’re boiling you’ve been bowling for a while. If you love this constitution, you love the republic. We’ve been bullying you better jump out the pot and now more than ever this. Ben Franklin me is true than it’s probably ever been, and he said this with the declaration of independence, he said We better. Together are we surely gonna hang separately and if you don’t believe that man that you had been paying attention cuz they’re trying to hang us all separately right now, literally and figuratively they are trying to do it. They be in the mainstream media The progressive leftist the never Trumpers the swamp rats on both sides of the aisle They don’t want the American people to wake up or let alone stay awake. They want the everything that Donald Trump exposed to. Hidden back the rock, they don’t want to see the rot that is inside the tree of Liberty cuz it is rotting right now and if we don’t take it if we don’t step up, no matter what Donald Trump does cuz I’ve been telling a lot of people don’t like this, but I just got to speak the truth and this is not a criticism of President Trump as I told you he has every right to ride off into the sunset and enjoy his life. His grandchildren his kids, his great well he has. he has earned that right and then some I don’t predict that he will not sure what he will do, but I will say this. If the movement, if the America first movement was based solely on one man, no matter how great that man is cuz remember what Charles de told us you look it up snowflakes. He said when he was asked about How’s France gonna live without you when he was retiring as president after World War two, he said the graveyard is full of indispensable men and that is exactly true and women if we’re gonna be politically correct, It’s absolutely a fact. I say that to say this if Marga and America first and everything that Donald Trump, the movement and he even said this himself if it is dependent on one man and this is my caveat to it, then it was doomed to failure from the very start. He’s awakened us. I’m out the pot I for one and not getting back in it. Stay with me and we got to keep fighting cuz America is worth fighting for and my greatest fear hadn’t said this in a while. but if I say that beers beers. My greatest fear when it comes to like the military is the fact that what if we become a country that is not worth fighting for, we have an all volunteer force and they’re they’re great. I’m not knocking them in any way, but what if we become a country where it’s just not worth it, then what happens and you talk about our thin blue line. what if we become a country that’s not worth serving anymore. What if a police officer looks at his wife or husband and kids and say you know cuz they put their life on the line. They never know if they gonna come home what if they? Wake up 1 day and say you know it just ain’t worth it anymore. I mean we’re not too far from that and with these executive orders and decrees from King Joe, we’re gonna move down that drain faster and faster and faster and if you’re okay with that, then hey, by all means just go get back in your hammock and get comfortable. but if you’re not then you gotta fight and you gotta support those of us in the fight. You gotta spread this out far and wide, you gotta share it everywhere you can you gotta contact different. Platform to say, hey, you need to put John Martin talks on there, you know and you gotta support our sponsors like big daddy Unlimited, I told and if you wanna sponsor our show, oh remember the promo code 20% off on Patriot contact us because we are in the fight and you know we need people that are willing to support fighters but uh one of the things that uh I tell you all the time is that we’ve got to educate motivate activate ourselves and. And in some cases we need to eliminate people and I’m talking about by voting them out of office. Did you see how many Republican senators have announced Portman the latest one out of Ohio that they’re not seeking reelection. You know why because because they know they’re trouble and I don’t know if you saw this, but Donald Trump pretty much came out and said he’s not gonna form a third party. I’m not necessarily holding to him that but he’d send a message to the Republicans that basically if you screw me. Screw you twice as hard cuz Donald Trump is a counter puncher, and I’m putting words in his mouth. He He didn’t actually that so don’t fact check me you know. I’m just giving you my opinion that Donald Trump is a counterpart. you hit him to Trump prepared to prepared to be you know cuz that’s what’s gonna happen. Alright. We got a few minutes left here in the show. We’re gonna move into another story here and this is about impeachment. Raskin, who is the impeachment manager. This is a bright bar article is that one of those mask men up there in the dark suit I do believe Raskin impeachment, he said This impeachment is protect the republic from Trump prevent him from holding federal office in the future, but one thing about these swamp rat progressives. I’ve told you all the time just take em out the word and one thing about Trump arrangement Syndrome. They have been in bold and especially now after the election who would blame them. They just tell you. Gonna do take em out their word you don’t have to get when Biden told you months ago that if he was elected, he was gonna be the most progressive president in history. I never doubted it one time when uh Chuck Schumer said that uh you know first, we take Georgia and then we change the world and change America. I never doubted it one single time and when Nancy Pelosi said, well, we’re likely to impeach the president, she said this even before January 6 again, I never doubted it one moment. Take these progressives out there where you know I’ve been telling you there are certain people I trust absolutely I trust Donald Trump. Absolutely. I trusted him when he’s president I trusted him. We were citizen Trump before and now citizen Trump again candidate Trump II have a strong trust in Donald Trump, but I also trust a bunch of wags. you know, sometimes you could trust me because don’t we all have friends that uh we know, specifically what they’re gonna do we won’t load of money because you know what’s gonna happen. That kind of thing I trust, I’ll give you a little list of people I trust I trust I trust Chuck Schumer. It’s hard to say that three or four times it’s hard to even get that out of your out of your mouth. I trust Chuck Schumer 100% I 100% I do trust Nancy Pelosi 100% I trust this Redskins fell. I trust the ocasio Cortez 100% cuz I know they’re gonna do exactly the vile things they said They were gonna do you know I really believe. When Chuck Schumer gets up on the Supreme Court steps and say we’re coming for you go, I believe that now is that a threat is that in no, I guess not cuz there is no double standard. If you need to show you may not have heard this

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