Citizens For Trump – JMT interviews Bryan Stevens! host of Survival On Purpose. – JMT #385

Citizens For Trump – JMT interviews Bryan Stevens! host of Survival On Purpose. – JMT #385

Welcome to John Martin talked where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show as you can see my psychic sidekick Billy Bob Bass has been replaced today and we got a special guest in the uh in the studio today and we’re gonna talk about him in depth here in just a moment, but he has a big. YouTube channel It’s called survival with a purpose and his name is Brian Steven say good morning to everybody. Brian Good morning everybody. Well, I’ve got. of course I have uh a few housekeeping issues. I always have to address but we’ll get into Bryan and survival with a purpose in just a moment. but first, we always have to talk about our sponsor here. Big Daddy Unlimited otherwise known as B, We come to you live from the big Daddy Unlimited studios everyday Monday through Friday. 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In addition, you can go directly to John Martin to see all episodes and continue watching our show. We’re not broadcasting live on there right now, but we’re archiving to show up there everyday so you can check it out. We’re. Determined here to stay in the public square and to be your voice of freedom here at John Martin talk so remember Www.john Martin Alright, Now, That was a mouthful and I appreciate the patience of my good old Georgia buddy here right now, he told uh Bryan tells me and he spells it Bryan with an R Stevens. He is a Georgia fellas, so you know one thing about it. I don’t I didn’t get a chance to ask him that he was Bulldogs or Georgia Tech. Everybody knows I’m a die-hard gator, so you can bring I mean if. If Georgia boys and Florida boys can come together for freedom, then we can come together for just about anything. Don’t you think So without further ado I want to introduce you to Brian Stevens. He has a YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of subscribers now, it’s called survival own purpose, so I’m gonna give him a chance to introduce himself tell you a little bit about what he does. and then we’re gonna expand on that and I’m gonna ask him a few questions. Imagine that the floor is yours first welcome glad to hear. thank you for having me. it’s um I don’t think I’ve ever been. In Hollywood, I’ve never been a professional setup here so um um if you’ve seen any of videos, you know, I don’t have quite a professional setup, but basically my elevator speech is that um I do um I’m your home for information and gear reviews related to camping revival in general preparedness for regular folks and I stress that regular folks because I’ve never been in the military. I’m not a special operator. I’m not a Swat member. You know, I’m I’m I’m the closest thing I’ve come as a Boy Scout right so but I’ve been playing in the woods all my life. I’ve been I’ve been shooting and using shark. And just having I like it, I like that kind of thing I always have been so I decided you know there’s probably navy seals aren’t watching YouTube to get to get advice or anything else right. They’ve got they’ve got other. They’ve got other sources of information so, but I know that when I started looking at trying to figure out what to buy stuff online, you never really know who to trust you don’t know you all you see is a picture and that obviously the description on the manufacturer site is gonna make it seem like the best thing since peanut butter so you have to kinda you know when I started looking for people. It would give me some honest reviews on stuff everything was a sales pitch. so I’ve done my best. I do mostly gear reviews. I do some training and information stuff too, But I’ve done my best to as much as possible if I’m testing something let it speak for itself and then not interject my own opinion as little as possible. Obviously, we’re human. We’re gonna have an opinion about stuff but um I’m trying to be as unbiased as possible. Um what I’m doing reviews and stuff and then when I tell you I’m just more and more in the last few years, I’ve I focused a lot more on fire stuff than I ever did before because I think people. Understand how important it is just whether even people that don’t wanna have a gun should be supporting the second amendment because that’s the only thing that they’re really protects us from tyranny It protects it kind of undermines and protects all those other under guards and protects all those other rights. so but that has anyway that’s probably off topic a little bit. No absolutely there’s there’s really nothing off topic today. What you know I was thinking about it as you were speaking and you mentioned um guns. Yeah II grew. With guns me too, I mean in my little town of Hawthorne, I’ve said this on the show many times that I didn’t, you know. I never really thought about the second amendment per sale. I mean I knew the history. I’m you know, I’m I come from a long line of school teachers, so I was taught fairly well and uh but I never thought about it in the sense of protecting it and fighting for it because to me, guns were just a part of life. Uh I’ve said this before I remember the first time I took an NAI think based uh honey. Core set gun safety course we had to get it. They change the law to get our license and I remember I was only about fourteen or fifteen at the time and been hunting all that time and I remember all the guys in my and we were in this class on a Saturday and we kept wondering what the heck are we doing here. It’s like we already knew all this stuff you know and uh so you mentioned something about focusing on guns and all and uh one of the things that troubles me is that there’s a lot of people and I guess I say all this is. Winded on this, but let me get this out. I uh one of the things that I’ve been more involved with people who are what I would call gun enthusiast um and people maybe like yourself, I don’t know about you individually. We’ll find out here in a minute but uh it’s surprised me how they weren’t that political you know and and I’ve been telling people that if you believe in the second Amendment, for instance, it doesn’t matter what your party is you better get as they say, truly woke and start getting. Because our fundamental rights, including the Second amendment are under attack right now, like never before and the worst is yet to come wonder if you had any thoughts on that so II, I’m kinda like you. I just I was I’ve grown up always had guns around. um when I was a kid, I remember my daddy had guns you know and um and I’ve but I’ve really probably when I was eighteen or nineteen. I’ve really started shooting a lot. I had a friend of mine that works at a gun store. We did some reloading. We were shooting everyday and that’s when I I’ve I joined. And I don’t know if you’re if you ever get going n you’re gonna get some by godly information. so you know that it’s like they’re under attack. Yeah they are but uh but I really started paying more attention to the um to the political side of it just because um I just realized that maybe maybe it’s cuz I was in the boy Scouts when I when I was a kid and we we focus a little bit of some of the badges and stuff and boy Scouts are about you know the citizenship in the nation and you learn some history and stuff, and I realized that what you know. These rights that we have are not granted to us by our government right the specifically that’s lined out in the constitution that these are enabling will rise from our creator and we’ve seem to have developed this consciousness as a society that there’s this government some big separate entity that we’re beholding to that rules over us and that we’re that has the authority to control us and we seem to lost of the people by the people for the people things. So that’s how I kinda anyway that just really str. Me at an early age and I’ve always been really passionate about that Second amendment because a some of a selfish cuz I like guns guns are fun. shooting is fun. You know, it’s just good clean fun um and my guns are not gonna hurt anybody anybody in I’m I’m a zero risk to the population so so nobody else has the right to tell me that I can’t. I can’t do what I wanna do, but you know when I when you were talking made me think of something that I’ve talked about a little bit on the show but uh you know back. Growing up with guns like we did we knew what they would do. I mean if you’ve ever hunted if you ever target practice when we used to shoot a watermelon kinda thing, you know bottles all that kind of target practice or if you’ve actually hunted, then you know what guns will do right but a lot of people now get their information about guns from these video games and I don’t think they understand cuz I mean I never even thought about you know taking my gun out and shooting a person unless I was maybe defending my life and that hadn’t come up there. but I think part of the problem. Is people are watching these video games and they don’t really realize like what we did growing up that guns aren’t poised and you don’t shoot them like this. You know that kind of thing and I believe it actually leads to gun violence more than uh people like uh that grew up like us with guns in our life. We’re not into gun violence because we know what they they will actually do and you can’t restore your life either. It’s like you know this video game as much as you get my kids play those games sometimes and you know you get shot. Come back to life, They’ll work like that. so there’s there’s a certain amount of reality you have to take into account well before we go any further. I wanna play a your uh intro video. That’s gotten I think over a million views now to lose all your viewers lose all my view. This is a video that I thought was pretty I looked at the comments and people were really appreciative. They thought it was pretty catchy and they actually ask you technical questions about how you did it and all that kind of stuff. But this is the intro video you will see if you go and you should go to survive on purpose. Check it out. So far on purpose, if you watch this video so what gave you? I mean you talked about reviewing gear and all that kind of stuff, but what really made you focus focus on idea of surviving essential I guess in the wilderness in this case, so you know actually I think that’s what a lot of people essentially think when they hear survival, they think wilderness survival and um I try to um that’s certainly is a huge part of it cuz as a boy Scout, you know in my that was my initial focus was in the woods right cuz I’ve spent so much time. The woods, but as as as um things have progressed as it’s kind of I kinda realize that survival is means staying alive at the very bottom of it when you boil it all down survival means staying alive wherever you are so I think that’s um I was kinda always in the back of my mind but um I’m trying to be brief. I tend to ramble if you’ve seen any of my videos. but so I’m a plumber by trade. I’ve been a plumber for 3540 years and um probably was an electrician by trade, although I had work so we got A.. Yeah, but anyway, I am uh I made a video and it did pretty well back in 2008, I think um cuz I don’t know if you know if you remember but 2008 was not a good year for construction industry, Everything kinda went down tubes and I’m I’m trying to figure out some other business ideas and I see many of these people. These gamers are making millions of dollars on YouTube. Maybe I can make a YouTube video and the video did pretty well. I thought maybe I’ll make some more videos and at that time, you know Bear grills was really popular on this man versus wild and and and got him Dave Canterbury had been off of um survival He had big YouTube channel stuff and I really kinda. Watching some of that stuff and I thought man that’s that’s that’s what really where my heart has always been. I just when I was a kid, I spent all day I would be in the woods all day and building forts and stuff you know and then come home when it’s dark um or my dad whistled he had the loudest whistled to anybody. I’ve ever met man. I could like you could hear him from a mile away and it’s time to come home, but anyway I um I just decided you know how to make a video about something that’s just fun. instead of plumbing right cuz I do enough plumbing and um so I just kind of um decided that if I started out just doing like I wanna do some boy Scout skills stuff and just kinda and then as I was looking for. Geared to use I realized you know I’m looking at this gear online and I can’t tell if it’s good or not you know. so maybe so I started buying some gear to review and just to check it out and try to do it actually use test on it and it just kinda progress from there but pretty so I told you I ramble, but the short answer is I just really like um I enjoy that wood stuff you know and I’ve like, I said, I’ve tried to expand it beyond that now because rally is. Most of us we have a lot a lot greater chance of needing some skills in everyday urban or you know in the city than we are. We’re gonna get trapped in the wilderness summer cuz most of us spend a whole lot more of our time in the non wilderness than we do in the wilderness um unfortunately, so I think it’s I decided you know it’s important to try to expand that into all those skills. Well, the cities are becoming a a jungle now anyway, man I don’t know if you saw that video the other day where the guy literally got off the bus coming from Georgia. I don’t know if you saw that in New York, he uh a New Yorker, but he was coming from somewhere in Georgia. I remember now and uh got off the bus and got attacked by twelve people and beat of his life and also survival in the city the city and plus, of with the pandemic or some of of my listeners, call it the pandemic. I mean you never know, but you mentioned for instance, that construction was at a downturn in 2008, I got a feeling it maybe a downturn in 2021 and there’s a connection. There somewhere between what was happening in 2008 and now I’m just saying just for whatever you know whatever purposes you might wanna check that out. but there’s a coincidence in there somewhere between maybe who’s in the White House. I’m not sure I’m not sure, but you mentioned the boy Scouts and uh you know I was a boy Scout although uh I probably majored in getting to merit badges. If there is such, I think we learn it was a crazy time, but I have fun memories of it. But uh I mean I saw in your in your bio that one of your sons is an Eagle Scout, which is just incredible two of them now two of them now okay, but you got three sons so I want you to talk a little bit about if you could because I’m not trying to put you too much on the spot but kinda that’s what I do sometimes the boy Scouts right now are just in political turmoil being sued and everything else for really some pretty ridiculous things, but I wonder if you had any thoughts on what is happening. Currently with the the Boy Scouts think it’s nonsense, but I’d like to get your perspective on so I’m honestly uh I uh my youngest son Greg, He turned eighteen last year and got out of scouts and I’ve I’ve I kinda retired about a year ago, so I may not be up with what’s happening today. I can tell you that, for example the last big thing they did before I left was they let let girls in and my initial reaction. That was that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life um. But as I thought about it more and more, I am and I’m I’m about to make some people mad and I’m I’m sorry but you know I do it everyday. I had a lot of people tell me that um with Girl Scout, the Girl Scouts, but I don’t know if you’ve know anything about the Girl Scouts officially their organization but at a national organizational level, they are extremely liberal and extremely fit very feminist oriented at the top, and I say that in the negative context that word Fein, I don’t mean women are equal, but it kinda anti male sort of um and. So I decided there certainly certainly needs to be controls there. I mean I don’t think boys and girls at 14 years old need to be hanging out camping together cuz stuff’s gonna happen and it’s bad, you know if nothing else, then just it alters their behavior because they act differently around each other. They don’t maybe they don’t they’re not focusing on the right stuff, but I think the boy Scouts traditionally have created a program that has done a very good job of creating young men of character and and still in character young men and I think as a nation, we need both men and women of character. so. So the concept I think is good in theory, I think if if they can do create the officially the program is supposed to be the boys and girls don’t they’re not together except maybe how it provides activities who knows how it’s gonna happen in the real world. but I think if they can make that work, I think it’s a good thing that we can help instill some character in some girls. We need perception to do that. I don’t think the I think the girl Scouts has abandoned that role in my opinion and so I know there’s a lot of good girls. Leaders and I know Girl Scout people at local levels, but I mean at a national level just like the Boy Scouts at a national level, I think have made so many stupid mistakes they’ve out to political correctness and to the um different interest group lobbies to change their stance so many times over the years when they um a few years back, they want a Supreme Court decision allowing them to um I think allow them to bar non heterosexual. Right um and the next year they revert himself because the financial influence from people like ups and other financial sponsors have got to understand we’re we’re gonna put your financial sponsorship if you don’t change that and I had a long conversation with one of the Atlanta area like the top dude in the Atlanta area and so look you know the reality is you and I both know this is about money because if whether whether whether you would that grant or not whatever your thoughts are on that particular policy as far as sexuality, if you say something once. If you go to the Supreme Court and fight something win a battle in the next year yourself, what kind of message are you sending to those young men about character that characters fluid that um you know if something’s right today, if you think something’s right today and tomorrow, you think it’s wrong and you change that because of money you’re you’re sending the message in my opinion that if you didn’t believe what you believe are you are you willing to compromise your beliefs for money? And so I mean if you if you believe something you need to stand up for well, you agree with everybody or not you and I can disagree on something and still have a conversation, but we but that. That we need to be willing to just bend our will to somebody else cuz they said. Imma Imma keep your money If you don’t you don’t do that. Tell you well conservatives gonna have a conversation but uh with between each other but you can’t talk to some of these liberals right now because they just wanna shut us down here. exactly right. We’re gonna talk about some of that in a minute. I don’t know if you can answer your question. Sure little rumbling. no. no you’re doing it. Alright. so we’re doing fine um you’re doing fine our audience will ultimately tell you about that but you’re doing fine. But uh I don’t know if you saw this or not, of course, President Biden and that he is unfold. I mean it is a reality ladies and gentlemen we have to deal with. That’s just the way I see it. I’m not uh I believe that uh that we only have one president at a time and I’m not asking you this. I’m just making I hadn’t, said this statement a while some people may get upset with me uh and we just have to deal with we have to deal with the reality as it is not as we wish it to be. and if we wanna change it, then we need to work at changing it but president. God help us he is the president. he signed a bunch of executive orders, but one of me just signed kinda ties into what we’re talking about. He essentially has assigned it where no states have control over this anymore, according to his executive order that uh men who claim to be women, they’re not their biological men now can compete directly with women’s sports and I think that to me you mentioned feminism but if someone’s a true feminine. In other words, you believe in and women are equal like you said, and should be treated fairly. I actually think this executive order he signed is just the opposite of that because men competing directly in women’s sports is going to destroy things like uh like even the girl scouts. I think you know I just wonder if you had any thoughts on that because it’s it’s really troubling to me. uh so you better open this big old can of worms. I just think it’s detrimental to women to be honest. Yeah my first. My first gut reaction is. How what kind of a compliment would it be if you were a biological males? Look? I’m sorry. I’m not sorry but there there’s there’s it is medically in biologically there. There are two. There’s a wild chromosomes and X chromosomes as far as determining whether somebody’s a biological male or female. I think what has happened. I’m I’m off track just a little bit. What’s happened is they’ve we’ve we’ve we’ve Orwell said in his 1984 on a. Read that book but he uh I’m a big fan of mister he uh if you control language you control people’s thoughts and by changing this using this word gender to mean something other than this always meant you know as far as biological sex, then we’ve kinda blurred some lines there and um so I think I think that I think important to make a distinction between those two. There’s biological sex and there’s somebody that’s that identifies as this okay. that’s fine. You can identify whatever you want to identify with, but you’re either in or in my opinion, you know. But I don’t understand what a guy I’m also a guy that what kind of accomplishment is he gonna feel proud about that. you know, I just I just beat these people who are biologically physically That’s just they’re they’re that that there’s some exception but generally males biological males are stronger and more. I give you a great example of that. uh I was watching. I’m pretty sure it was Tucker Carlson last night and I forgive me. I don’t remember the lady’s name, which shows you a lot right there, but she’s the fastest. Woman on the planet or was and she’d won all kind of she’s actually won more gold medals than Hussein. That’s how you know and but they pointed out that there are over 400 men in America right now that could be one of her times you know at college level competition and stuff. So here you have the greatest sprinter your greatest track athlete maybe in women’s history but 400 men. Right off the bat have run faster times than her best time so time. so to it’s just ludicrous but uh and as far as all this uh II put I put Bryan on the spot as you guys know I try to be seriously entertaining. I hadn’t said this in a while we got a lot of new listeners, but let me just tell you when it comes down to all these issues and I’m not asking asking you to comment on brand. so don’t don’t worry but my policy is really simple. I got an open mind and a close behind. I don’t really care what other people do and think or whatever. Just do it, you know, but this idea of men competing with women is just ridiculous on its surface, but uh you uh I wanna play a video cuz you talk about you talk about the new pieces of gear and things like that. I wanna give people a sample now. Most of your videos are what about ten to 15 minutes long, maybe thirty sometimes just depends on what your team uh I shoot to keep him under 20 minutes and most of them are around ten to fifteen. so we’re just gonna play a very brief snippet of a video that I think was just out a week ago to give you some. Of what survival on purpose is actually about. check it out here on the channel. We’ve taken a look at a few different tactical pins last time was a few years ago when I actually asked the question, is it stupid to carry a tactical Pen and I got a lot of lot of comments about that a lot. A lot of lot of topics were brought up. so what I thought I do in this video is gonna reads this the subject we’re gonna try to uh give you my take on some of the comments that have come up over the years on that particular video and take a look at. Latest Tactical Pen that I’m carrying every single day from the folks at Gerber gear. This is the gerber impromptu Tactical Pen and it is made in the US A that’s what’s coming up next year on survival on purpose, I tell you when I first watched it I first started and I gotta admit my ignorance on this, I’d never heard of a tactical pen, so I don’t really even know what it is so give me uh a 32nd on what a tactical Pen is well just so I’m not just a faker. I have I didn’t. I didn’t even know you were doing this. so this is absolutely so. Basically what this is and um I’ve never heard of until a few years ago. It’s just a solid something that if you needed to uh have a non lethal defensive weapon that maybe you could um you know if you’re if you’re like I carry a gun everyday but if you’re feeling a little threatened, maybe you’re you know whatever the case, maybe maybe you’re in a public place um but you know you’re elevators to make a song whatever it’s probably not good manners to whip out your old and just hold it ready but you can you can. A pen in your hand if you needed to poke somebody with that, I mean just feel it you you probably wouldn’t wanna get poked with that. No so and I pin all the time. I don’t know about you, but I’m always finding something or needing to write something so something you’re gonna have with you anyway. It’s not just uh not just a weapon so and so basically the purpose is beyond just the idea that it’s a reliable pin is to use it to uh in a sense of uh a minimum self-defense Yes because uh interesting. Legal ramifications If you use excessive force when you’re not, you know you don’t have justification to do so and look I don’t wanna see anybody ever ever you know so if I could poke somebody in chest with that, who’s who’s just being uh being a kind of uh a butt, you know, I can maybe fill him out at that time, so I can run away cuz one of the baddest dudes in the world um said the best defense is to run away and I think that’s uh that’s a paraphrase from Bruce Lee and I don’t think he had to run away from anybody. It was also a paraphrase from Big Sid, My dad used to say that a wise man walk. Away from a fight, but uh you know and you gotta pick your grounds and all that, but sometimes you get in a situation to where uh there’s really no choice and that seems to be happening more on a daily basis and you know I think it’s only gonna get worse because you’ve got now people in power that have real power, they actually have real power and and uh Bryan mentioned uh before the show that uh he was a little upset about Georgia. What happened? And George, we’re getting maybe to talk about that in a minute, but people have real power right now that uh wanna defund the police you know and wanna do things or doing things that actually are gonna make you need survival of on purpose more than ever I do believe but uh since I brought it up you uh you did bring it up before the show about what happened in Georgia. How do you think? And of course? I gotta say it ahead of time. We can’t say the f word on here so we don’t say voter if we say voter. Mod I just try to get her. It’s voter Mod, but uh what happened in Georgia. How did Georgia turn blue so to speak and do you have any thoughts on that? BA Native Georgian. I got so many confused. They’re kinda conflicting thoughts um one uh if you look at any map of either one of either the runoff or the recent election, you’ll see that even the votes, which were counted, We’ll say those votes well um the ones that they actually counted whether they were real or not who knows um, I don’t think anybody can. Can definitively say II will say this if there’s like if everywhere you look you see smoke, There’s probably some fire somewhere but the part of my point I was getting like if you look at the map of which who voted what they are always little pockets around urban areas and pretty much it was Atlanta The Atlanta metro counties, which I live in one of them um and maybe a couple of counties like near Albany, I think in South Georgia and those are the ones that they counted that they said carried the election. um. I’m really disappointed in it. I think that it is a danger for America to have a one to have a single party either one honestly in charge. uh I don’t think that’s the way I found in father’s intended they intended to be checks and balances. That’s why they set the government up the way they did in three different three different groups um but I think when you have this the any either party able to control all three there, there, there’s a risk that somebody’s gonna rights are gonna get trampled on and what I’m really disappointed in those when we did have the Republicans. I say we I’m not a Republican by the way I’m a confirmed anti Democrat. I hear you. But I think the Republicans had all three houses all three for a little while and they didn’t accomplish the thing that they said they were gonna do they were they politics as usual, So you know, I’m really disappointed. I think there’s certainly my. I guess my thing was that during this time up to the runoff, they’re they were there was a lot of news stories about people moving in there, people were being urged from California different liberal places to move to Georgia, so they could vote right and. I think if you’re doing a runoff, the only people who should be able to vote in the runoff, first of all are the people who voted in the general election if you didn’t vote in the general election, you shouldn’t be able to vote for the runoff in my opinion because you shouldn’t be able to move in somewhere and and and and vote for a runoff election cuz you weren’t in in a general election. Uh I don’t know what the laws say about that. but I just I think there’s a certain certainly certainly a great likelihood. In my opinion. there was some voter as you say, um, that’s what I know but obviously I don’t I don’t. Evidence for that, I can’t prove that, but I saw a thing after the general election and this guy had a Facebook post and he was his post was essentially designed to refute all the different allegations of voter and it was like six pages long. I’m like dude if there’s enough issues that you get it takes you six pages to refute them all there might one of two. there might be a little bit of a little bit of something there to look a little closer at yeah. Well, you know one of the things that the problem really in the in this last election and it’s so frustrating for a lot of people like myself is and you know. President Biden is talking about theme and inauguration was like America Unified or Unified America, something he keeps talking about unity, but the problem is in my opinion. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this Bryan that the reason why we can’t unify cuz we were having unity issues before Trump came on the scene, Trump just exposed the problems in America to a greater extent than actually then that he didn’t create the problems in my opinion he exposed exposed him. But the problem that I see is that the thing that we used to all agree on was the constitution. Now we might not agree on, you know which road to pave, which this or that, but we had a basic fundamental agreement on the constitution that that was the constitution. people don’t seem to understand you know we’re talking earlier when I would hear you talking, I thought about the term rugged individualist because that’s what we grew up being rugged individualist. We learn where I came from and I’m sure where you are, but the problem is I see it is we don’t agree that the. Constitution is violent and all of these things like you mentioned in Georgia and the things that Texas was suing about and that the Supreme Court in my opinion, it’s just my opinion you serve their duty, you know did away with their duty is that all of these votes in Georgia is a great example if they simply followed the US we wouldn’t have all these problems in Georgia and other states because the problems that happened in Georgia were from that consent degree because the constitution is. That the only entity within a state that can change its election laws on the federal level is the legislature, but in Georgia, you had a consent degree between the Secretary of State, the governor and this Stacey Abrams, who had no elected position and it really by by its very nature, is unconstitutional. So I don’t know if you wanna get the weeds of that. but to me the problem we’re having unifying in America right now is because we no longer seem to agree. With the fundamentals of the Constitution and I think that potentially that’s because many people no longer even know the fundamentals of the constitution Um I don’t know like we talked earlier we we we we grew up. I went to public school. He went to public school. We grew up in in that era and you know we went to school in 60s and 70s and they were teaching still we still had basic. I mean I knew when I got out of high school that there was there was the uh legislative The. Um administrative and the and the judicial branches of the government, people. a lot of people don’t even know that um and I kinda understood about who knows how much of it was left out. I mean, I know that you can always talk these revision to say this or that, but the reality is this nation was founded on the We were the we were the first ever former government rude There wasn’t rule by somebody who decided. I’m who who who either decided I’m in charge or who was handed down from their from their ancestors to my kings. Or monarchies or their dictators, We’re the first former government that ever say, okay. We’re gonna you just do what you do and I’ll do me and as long as we don’t hurt each other, we’re gonna get together. We’re we’re gonna take care of the basics and the basics are outline in Section eight of the Constitution That’s that’s the responsibilities and the functions and rights of the government. what the government supposed to be is allowed to do and we are so far beyond that. now, it is unbelievable. Yeah. I’ve been saying all along and now I was saying this before Donald Trump even ran for president that we’re living really in a post constitutional age and it may not be too late. But uh we need to get back to it, so I want to get into this because you know and I’ve talked with you a little bit before the show on this that there’s a lot of censorship starting to happen and I think it’s going to get worse and there are a lot of people out there like the obvious thing say somebody like me who’s political taught they wanna stop us cuz I maintained there is no double standard. There’s a standard for us people like you and me we’re held to a standard. the left I still challenge people what standard do they actually help to none they can say or do. Whatever they want, but, for instance, you might not think right off the bat. Of course, you mentioned guns, which put you targeted for sure but uh when I was looking at your videos, I was thinking about how somebody on the far left might think about it. They may ask you for instance, survival from what like they may put you into a prepper category now, I’m not knocking preps. I’m just simply saying that everybody who’s into survival is kinda being labeled as someone who is like preparing for the end times or preparing for. Help us a civil war so I wonder do you worry yourself about being censored on cuz you know you make your living off of YouTube and you know at least partially and uh do you worry about being labeled and what’s happening with censorship in general is that a concern about absolutely you know like you said. Um, I make it finally after 7 years, I’ve I’ve I’ve generated got to the point where I can generate some income on YouTube. I mean I’m. Like these big gamers, I’m not making millions of dollars, but but it’s it’s a part time income and like we’re down here at big daddy Unlimited right and big daddy Unlimited has been become well known in the gun community for a good place to buy firearms and that kind of stuff see they’ve got a lot more stuff that we hear about more on my channel soon, but they’ve kind of they’ve hit their wagon to the Second Amendment star too. You know they’re they’re big supporters in the second amendment so my association with some of these other companies that right there puts a target on my back because YouTube. The way YouTube is and my focus mostly on YouTube and that’s all I have time to do is I got a little bit of Facebook stuff, but they’re Facebook and it even more restrictive than YouTube, But if I do a gun anything to anything to do with their algorithm immediately um I heard you’re talking about algorithm this morning algorithm he is by far he’s the strongest person in America. your chocolate covered cherries are coming out. I promise you uh we’ve always gotta give go ahead they um but yeah they uh. It automatically flags it like this, You can’t monetize it and the the monetization is the issue because you don’t make that much money anyway right unless you got millions of millions of views, but what it means is that if Google doesn’t monetize your video cuz cuz Google owns YouTube so they don’t monetize your video. That means they’re not putting ads on it, which means they’re not making any money on it. So that means that they’re not they don’t have as much of a financial incentive to promote it to other people cuz most if you ever watch YouTube most of the views for everybody comes from those suggested videos they’re algorithm to say. Watch this. how about watching this one and my? Out too, So. But like yeah, I’ll worry about it because they can shut. It’s not my platform. I don’t I don’t need that and that is they’re right. They can say you know what we don’t like you anymore. Bam. you’re done. Yeah. I don’t explanation nothing. I don’t know if you saw this or not but like uh just to show you how crazy it’s getting of several big time sponsors that usually advertise on the Super Bowl Budweiser Coca Cola and Pepsi now have come come out and and Budweiser, I think it’s gonna be the first time since like 1980 or something like that they haven’t had a commercial and it’s not because the. The that uh the Nfl’s. worried about becoming controversy so they don’t wanna put an advertisement on because they’re worried that it be controversial. So you know this censorship or censorship, it is kind of uh the other it has a trickle-down effect as well as you were describing it and it’s just great. I wanna play a uh a video I gotta set this up cuz you may or may. Seen this and that the whole video is about 5 minutes. We’re only gonna play a minute or so of it, but this is a guy named Alex Stamos. He was a big-time executive at Facebook. He’s no longer there and he’s being interviewed on Cnn’s Brian’s uh show and they’re talking about targeting uh I don’t I don’t know if he mentions this in this part of the video they’re talking about knocking off things like O and news and cable TV. But then he goes a step. And he talks about potentially people like you the people they call Influencers on on uh YouTube. now he’s talking about people who may have a little bit bigger reach than you at the moment, but if they knock them down who’s next but I wanna play this cuz to me. this is very frightening to me and it’s not about my views. It’s about the idea of just getting one man cuz you mentioned or well and one of the things I talk about with or well. A lot is how he says that the more that society. Drifts from the truth, the more they hate those that speak it. That was one of his famous quotes as well. So I wanna play this and uh and then get your comments after check it out of these conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences. There are people on YouTube, for example, that have a larger a larger audience than daytime CN and they are extremely radical in pushing extremely uh radical views and so it’s up to the facebooks and YouTubes in particular to think about whether or not they wanna be effectively cable networks for disinformation and then we’re gonna have to figure out the O. And news problem, you know that these companies have freedom of speech, but I’m not sure we need Verizon ATandT Comcast and such to be bringing them into tens of millions of homes. Um uh this is you know, allowing people to seek out information if they really want to but not pushing it into their faces. I think it’s where we’re gonna have to go here. I mean it’s actually what do you say is we are the ones you should look thanks for making me so mad this morning that. Yeah, I’m not I have not seen it that it really encourages me that the arrogance of these people that think that their views are the ones and we gotta shut this. We have to shut these people up cuz we we have my man. it, you’re right, they would be our masters if they could. that’s what they wanna do. well. We only got uh a couple of minutes left I wanna show two quick memes here people. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Alex to he Ray was a Frenchman, wrote about America in the eighteen. 30s but the first one here put it up the socialism mean if you can. Well, we may not be able to get it well basically while while they’re doing it said is, democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word equality but but notice the while democracy seeks equality and Liberty socialism seeks equality in restraint and St, which to me was what he was basically doing in that video. So I don’t know if we can get that up, but the other one I want to put up and we probably can’t this is what I’d really love to hear your comment on. He said that nothing is more wonderful than the art. Being free, but nothing is harder to learn how to use than freedom to uh you know to me. It’s pretty profound. It makes me think I remember there was a clip that was probably about 15 years ago that Tom the actor was on Rosie O’Donnell show and talk to Tom Movie right and then they she brought up his support for NA and just got laid into him and one thing that always remember from that was, he said. Look, you know we have made decisions in this nation that we wanna live as a free people. We wanna be on a certain level of freedom and Liberty and says, so if you have that certain level of freedom and liberty, there’s certain risk in that that that go along with that, you can’t have complete total safety and have liberty right so we have to be willing to accept certain risk and I think that’s something when you said, that’s what I thought of and I don’t know how it is, but that yeah we need to we need to learn to be comfortable if you’re gonna be free, we need. Learn to be comfortable with a certain level of risk and not expect everything to be taken care of for us you know cuz you have to be responsible for protecting that freedom and I think what we’ve become a society. we’re far too many people just want somebody else to take care of it. You want somebody else to do that. It’s not my job to be the sheep We’re citizens of the somebody ought to do something right. Nobody is responsible for anything well. I really appreciate you being on the show. I wanna give you a minute or so here to any closing thoughts you. Might have but tell people how to reach you and your videos and if they wanna ask you some questions cuz I saw you had that in one of your things too, but uh tell people how to get in touch with you and how to look at your video. Well. Thank you first of first of all. Thank you for me. I hope I haven’t destroyed your entire audience here today um but I am survival on purpose on YouTube um survival on purpose on Facebook right now. Um you can go to I have an email setup so if you wanna stay in touch with in case, they kick us all off everything you can go to survival on slash. Subscribe and every week I’ll send out like a newsletter um with just different stuff in it and um, but yeah that’s survival on purpose. Well. Thank you so much. Brian I appreciate you being here well that’s gonna do it for us today, Ladies and gentlemen as I say each and every day I’ll pray for your family. you pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great nation cuz she certainly deserves it. but as I always say from my heart from my family to yours have a blessed day.

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