Citizens For Trump – Is There A Future For The GOP, Without DJT? – JMT #397

Citizens For Trump – Is There A Future For The GOP, Without DJT? – JMT #397

Welcome to John Mark talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her ladies and gentlemen, I hope you had a great weekend mine was a bit saggy. I know that a lot of the country has been going through some pretty heavy storms winter and it’s winter weather and even some of it’s moving down here pretty heavy in the south to my thoughts and prayer. Are with you guys, I just had what a version of Florida snow basically rained on me all weekend in the Gulf of Mexico. while I fish, I got real tough problems don’t get the fish about every weekend and ain’t no rain and what can you say? But anyway, we got a great show for you today. of course, uh it’s all we’re gonna talk about the impeachment acquittal Donald Trump is uh two and oh baby two and oh and acquit and I don’t know I guess they can they impeach him a third time. I mean impeach him. We started impeaching him basically before he became president he’s been impeached out of office again. I don’t know I wouldn’t put anything past him, but we’re gonna talk about that in the in the future of the go whether or not they have one without Donald Trump cuz uh the establishment of both parties, The swamp basically wants to be done with Donald Trump. That’s what this impeachment was all about, but we’ll get into the details of that in just a moment Big Daddy Unlimited yes BD. Daddy Unlimited is our sponsor our main sponsor We come to you live here from the big Daddy Unlimited studios everyday Monday through Friday at 8 o’clock Eastern. We’re greatly appreciate that check them out the way you can see the link to our sponsors is look above the video no matter when or where you’re watching it and you will scroll down on that and see AA uh link to big Daddy unlimited. Click on that they are your Second Amendment head. Orders and believe me the Second amendment is under attack. We may cover if we have enough time but uh probably wait till later in the week, but Joe Biden has come out with some new initiatives if you will about gun control that are just the beginning of taking your guns. I mean that’s as simple as I could put it but big daddy unlimited you go there you get factory direct pricing at delivered directly to your door for guns and ammunition, including thousands of. Other items like even swag but a protective gear survival type equipment but certainly guns and ammunition you get a discount factory, direct price and ship directly to you and they are your Second Amendment headquarters cuz they defend your second Amendment rights on a daily basis. Of course, we have patriot apparel with a purpose. Remember the promo code like John Martin talks just the initials J mt at Patriot for. 20% off they have AA line of shirts that are just incredibly beautiful and uh also just make you handsome the handsome look and beautiful for the ladies and everything else, but they can help you with charity events as well. Check em out Patriot, Of course we’re now connected with recoil TV Recall TV has its own YouTube channel recall TV Youtube. We also have our own YouTube channel John Martin talks spell it all the way out but recoil is. Also a go to place for Second Amendment type issues like if you wanna see videos on the latest equipment out there that type of thing recall TV is the way to go and they archive our show. We have a channel on there as well, but they’re also helping us to uh assure you that you can see our program in spite of all the censorship, the attacks things that are happening from uh social media and everything else due to the move by big tech to the platform. Free speech will be moving John Martin talks to a new secure platform so that we can continue to broadcast. please download the Recoil TV app

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