Citizens For Trump – Hillary, Cuomo Accusers Deserve Answers! – JMT #408

Citizens For Trump – Hillary, Cuomo Accusers Deserve Answers! – JMT #408

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, We got a great show for you today. We’re gonna start out with Governor Cuomo Governor Cuomo is coming under fire and I haven’t talked to a whole lot about it, but when Hillary Clinton. Comes out and questions someone about sexual deviance uh it’s hard to ignore. so we’re gonna talk about that and the whole episodes uh and the whole scandal surrounding mister Cuomo in just a moment and if we have time, I’m gonna talk about one of the greatest governors in the uh United States, our own Governor Ron DeSantis man his star is rising and rightfully so cuz he’s taking on all the major issues and he came out yesterday. Day with a uh a press conference and some leg proposed legislation to basically stop Chinese influence on uh on our uh college campuses. and when I say Chinese, I’m not talking about like history. I’m talking about the Chinese Communist Party basically uh running rough shot on our campuses and stealing all kind of research and everything else. Ron DeSantis is stepping up to the plate so we’ll talk about that. but before we really get too deep, we always have to talk about our sponsors. Big Daddy Unlimited, otherwise known as BD If you wanna check out our sponsors and we really need you to because as I tell you all the time not everybody can be a fighter like me and Billy Bob. He’s my psychic sidekick by the way he’s got a put her hand. It’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks but not all of us can be fighters but we can all support those people that are in the fight like me and Billy Bob cuz I think if you watched our. 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Alright, let’s get sorry about that. Let’s get on with the show. We’re gonna start with a Breitbart article and it um they do a great job at bright bright. I use them quite a bit Hillary Clinton Cuomo’s accusers deserve answers allegations. To read now, there’s a picture a very recent picture actually of Hillary Clinton couple years ago, I think at the gay Pride parade in New York and she’s with her friend Andrew Cuomo but uh Hillary man of all people to call somebody out for having uh inappropriate connections or conduct with subordinates women’s subordinates. I mean Hillary uh she knows no shame. I can tell you that former Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton released a statement on Monday, where she announced support for an investigation into allegations of sexual assault that have been waged against Governor Cuomo. she said. This is what she said this is Hillary. now these stories are difficult to read. I wonder if it was difficult to read ones but Juanita Broderick and you know the the list of people miss flowers. I mean the list of people that accused of President Clinton is pretty long these stories she. This is Hillary are difficult to read and the allegations brought forth raise serious questions that the women who have come forward and all New Yorkers deserve answers too, and I don’t disagree with her in any way shape or form. I just find it a bit ironic that she’s the one calling it out. She went on to say I’m glad to see that there will be a full independent and thorough investigation a thorough investigation now do you remember what Hillary? Clinton said in 1998 in part in response to the Monica Lewinsky deal, but basically she was talking about this uh whole lineup of accusers of Bill Clinton, including he was actually accused pretty credibility of rape by Juanita Broderick. Do you remember what she actually said about that? we’re gonna play a clip from uh that in 1998 and listen to what Hillary Clinton says. Her husband’s accusers check it out the president, but his political foes The great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president in private conversations later notes taken by a long time friend, say Hillary Clinton dismissed Lewinsky as a narcissistic Looney tune and while she called her husband’s. Grossly inappropriate, she said the affair was consensual and hinted it was spurred by the political pressure He faced it was a lapse to his credit. He tried to break it off tried to pull away, but it was beyond his control earlier this year campaigning at a church, Clinton appeared to talk about forgiving good enough. We’ll move on, but think about what she said, and that what they talk about that bill was under tremendous pressure. tremendous pressure. So I guess Monica was pressure relief. You know if the thing about it with Monica Lewinsky, if she just kept her mouth shut, none of this would have happened. What did Bill Clinton say I was just standing there basically, and you know I did not have sex with that woman. I was just standing there and you know something happened. Somebody did something somewhere. I mean the things these Democrats will say, but uh Hillary said that it was a vast right-wing conspiracy. So uh you know what what did uh uh Oh, I’m trying to think of a guy from Louisiana. I lost my train of thought here in a minute but uh he, he said something to the effect that uh that that’s what you get when you’re uh real when you roll it to $100 bill through a trailer park talking about um the various women that uh that accused Bill Clinton man, it’s unbelievable. but she said it’s a vast right-wing conspiracy but Cuomo. Not so much, I mean you see the the the irony of Hillary Clinton say it’s not lost on you with my poor annunciation there last week a former Cuomo aid public with accusations of unwanted sexual advances from Cuomo Lindsay Bolin Let me first say that uh uh these women’s, I’m not I mean everybody deserves their day in court so to speak but these women sound fairly credible to me. so uh we’re just. About a little bit of the case and see what you think Lindsay Boylan, the former deputy secretary for economic development and special adviser to Cuomo, said Cuomo repeatedly touched her body attempted to kiss her on the mouth invited her to play strip poker and overtly objected her uh objectified her documenting her experiences with screenshots of emails and text in a medium post, so she actually has. Of the Cuomo came on to her now, here’s the thing and and I gotta be kinda careful when I say this cuz I don’t want it to be misconstrued. I am not in any way, shape or form downplaying sexual assault and uh or certainly but even sexual in the window and when you have someone here’s the thing about Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky, he was heard not. I don’t think about this shit and I’m not excuse her necessarily either, but she was like an early twenty something intern and this guy was. Of the United States of America and in a big time figure and she idolized him that was pretty much proven true and he took advantage of that situation to me That is the textbook of of you know a man overstepping their power and and using their power for intimidating and procurement of sexual favors. There’s just no other way around it. so I am not when I’m about this will make sense in just a minute so hang in there with me, I am not. Downplaying the accusations of these women at all in any way, shape or form, but I find it curious as to why now, why is it coming out now? And why is the press because from what I’m hearing this was a uh not a very well-kept secret open secret if you will about Cuomo’s behavior for decades, I mean the guy has been involved in politics for a long time and a lot of people, said this. Nothing new and we’re gonna play a video from a few years ago that kinda proves that point here in just a moment, but why now and I think there’s two reasons. I’m gonna go over the first one right now. Think about this Cuomo and I say I’m not forgiving downplaying sexual stuff with women. I’m not but to me the bigger story is the 15000 elderly people that died in nursing homes because of the. Because of governor Cuomo’s policies when it’s coming out more and more that he knew that it was a death sentence to these people so killing people outright putting them in areas where he knows that they’re gonna come into harm’s way and die and then to cover up behind that is a ten times bigger story than you know, overly flirtatious talking even touching a woman, which I’m not downplaying that but women dying men and women dying in nursing. Is a bigger story so I ask myself. Why is it that this story about the sexual stuff is gaining traction when the other story seems to be off the radar screen already, I think it is because if you look at the policies that Cuomo push forward to kill all these old people that Democratic governors were doing the same thing and democratic officials all across the United States, there’s evidence that. Thing happened out in California under Newsome. We know that the uh lady or I guess she’s uh that lady that that lady that’s a he or whatever you wanna call her that is uh coming up. I think she’s like the under health secretary or whatever from Pennsylvania, she put people in the nursing homes at the same time, taking her mother out her own mother out knowing that it was a death sentence and there are governors across in New Jersey. They basically did the same thing. Governor Murphy and that did the Cuomo did so I think that one of the. They’re not going after Cuomo for this uh covid deal where he put these people in nursing homes and they are prosecuting so to speak even though he hadn’t been prosecuted. The sexual stuff is because they don’t wanna throw multiple governors under the bus if they went down that road. That’s just a theory I have, but according to boiling, this is the the one of the women accusers Cuomo’s top female staff members normalize the governor’s behavior and she was reprimanded when. He chose to speak up after Cuomo kissed her without consent and what and wrote so they normalize this that the female staffers around Cuomo basically told her you know get in line if you’re gonna accuse him of this cuz it’s it’s nothing new normalize the governor’s behavior so once again why now. Why is this coming up now and why not the coveted killings in the nursing home? Well? I think that the second part of this is why this is coming up now is because there’s no Donald Trump. There’s no Donald Trump in the White House to be the foil and so you remember for a year last for literally all of last year, Cuomo was propped up as uh being the uh the the the Last-ditch candidate if uh if it became clear that they couldn’t do any voter. Are stopping the squeal you know we don’t say the f word here we call it, Mod and we don’t say that when we say an S word but it it rhymes with squeal, you know we don’t say that word the other word you can kinda figure it out. You gotta be careful with all. We’re under a lot of attack here. That’s why you gotta search us out spread the word appreciate everybody’s loyal listening but push this show out far and wide cuz shows like ours are under attack, but there’s no Donald Trump cuz like I said remember last year. Was seen as the potential savior of the Democratic Party if Biden continued to flounder, he was gonna so they prompt him. The guy got an Emmy, an Emmy. We forget this sometime the man got an Emmy Award for his press conferences about how great he was doing with Covid nineteen at the same time he was covering up the fact that literally 15000 elderly people were killed on his watch directly due to his. Policies for the most part, so it’s just unbelievable and they and Cnn my god man Chris Cuomo just came out yesterday or day before and basically said Well, you know uh II know what’s happening with my brother. I can’t cover it, you know because it’s basically you and you understand why he said and Cnn has to cover it well. that sounds reasonable but Chris Cuomo was covering it all the time last year him and his brother were mocking people about what was happening with Covid uh and and the Corona. In in New York, why be why was that okay and not now it’s because they were playing a role and they were trying to one not Donald Trump and elevate Cuomo in case Biden failed. I mean you tell me if you disagree with me if there’s another explanation, please let me know Chime in on Facebook, YouTube I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can a second former aid came forward with a sexual harassment allegations. I think there’s a total of three right now against Cuomo on Sunday, Charlotte Bennett, a health policy adviser in the Democratic governor’s. Until November told the New York Times that Cuomo inquired about her sex life and asked whether she had had sex with older men, this actually seems to be like normal behavior for these Democrats I mean, can you imagine if a Republican did this? what would happen for public if Ron DeSantis had done something like this man, they would be like lining up, they would literally be trying to burn the governor’s mansion down right now. Be riots in Tallahassee man, but this is just seems like par for the course for Democrats. man. Remember, I’m I’m just gonna give you a few examples. How about our vice President Kamala Harris. You know I call her Kamala. Where’s my Willy Harris now she knows all about sexual favors and playing the game because Billy Bob tells me we actually have the vessel that she used to rise to the top man and this maybe putting it in the Smithsonian that might actually be the couch that she used to get Willie Brown’s attention. You know because he elevated her if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you could probably figure it out, but Kamala Harris man she had an affair with a guy like twice her age. Willie Brown, the uh former uh speaker of the House of the State of California and Mayor of San Francisco, but I wanna play you a clip. This is Kamala Harris during the campaign before Biden became the uh the nominee and she became the vice presidential nominee. This is her being. Ask about the accusers of Joe Biden cuz there were multiple accusers, but one in particular accused him credible and she spoke to it. I think she was honest about it then but I don’t know about now, but this is Kamala Harris candidate Kamala Harris talking about the woman that was specifically accused and Joe Biden of literally sexual assault when he was a senator. Check it out, I believe him and II respect um them being able to tell them. Story and how to do it Do you believe that the vice president should this? Oh, he’s gonna have to make that decision for himself. I wouldn’t tell him what to do, she said. Right there. It’s hard to hear it, but she said she believed the women that accused Biden and when asked, should he drop out of the race, she said. Well, he’s gonna have to make that decision now think about this if you actually believe if you had an ounce of integrity if women’s issues matter to you if the me too movement mattered to you wouldn’t. How in the world could you become the vice president with someone you believe sexually assaulted a woman so either she was lying, then or she’s lying now or she doesn’t care, which is the most likely thing because she just about getting what she wants. but think about that just let that sink in she accepted being the vice president candidate and now she is the vice President. God help us from. That she believed was guilty of sexual assault. I mean that’s hard to compartmentalize, but apparently I guess power is uh a great aphrodisiac in itself a video resurface on Sunday of Cuomo, saying to a female reporter. I want to see you eat the whole sausages during a 2016 New York State fair. So I’m gonna play you this video. It’s a couple of minutes long and as I say this is. Ate like a luncheon at the New York State Fair, a couple things I want you to kinda pay attention to one is Cuomo’s daughter is sitting right next to him. Young daughter and I want you to watch her reaction as she’s listening to what her father is saying to this and then the reporter herself who uh starts out off camera, then comes in and says how she is just laughing up Governor Cuomo man. She is just absolutely fawning over this dude and we’re gonna play that and we’re gonna. Come back and talk about double standard if there is such a thing but check out Cuomo and I think this video is about as much sexual innuendo as you can have without saying you know, hey whatever anyway, check it out when you eat the whole I don’t eat the whole sandwich. Who thinks that it wasn’t like this 1520 years ago, it was when Rick. Oh, thank you. Thank you. You. I don’t know if I should eat the whole sausage in front of you, but I’m definitely gonna eat it. no excuses. You know everyone County executive I do to see you now, you’re gonna nominate me to do my daughter Mikayla Hello. I think we’re gonna be here a long time. Yeah, it might be here A while this is just a lot of pressure on me. Oh yeah be on this side. Selfie with you while you’re my favorite, Oh there you go. That’s I think it’s a fair trade. I don’t know. Yeah, there’s too much sauce. You came to the inside of the. Got my my golden taste. It’s not as easy to eat. It’s in front of all these cameras well, that’s right. That’s not only do you have to eat the sausage. That’s all it’s part of the the the government right Well. There is a course where you get elected into office They have a course called eating on camera and then eating on camera while talking to I haven’t passed that. Alright. I need to make sure that I don’t know you got it. Don’t get it on you don’t be like Monica Lewinsky and get it on your dress. Young lady. I mean, did you hear? it’s you really need to watch that again. We’re not playing. maybe I’ll post it up on my Facebook site but he I mean the sexual innuendo is just over the top and then she gets to the table. This kinda shows you the press how they deal with these Democrats man She’s basically uh the one woman comments on there, she says. Well, you got inside the cage here and uh then she. Is yeah, I guess this was talking about the salt is my golden ticket and he keeps saying you got to eat the whole sausage you know and all that and don’t get any on you and earlier in the video did you notice that Cuomo is like looking around he’s looking for his like sausage procurement guy. I suppose it gets over here over and get there. you know, bring her over here. man I mean wow these these Democrats and this idea and I’ve said this before. but if I say that bears repeating if you need to show first of all howdy, how are you welcome? you’re in the right place now, but if you’re looking for. Correctness you’re in the wrong place, but let me tell you one of my axiom. I got a few axios out there and one of is this idea of a double standard. There is no double standard cuz a AA standard implies there’s one standard for the left and one for the right but in reality, there’s only a standard for the right. Tell me what standard there is look at this right here. This is Gillibrand the senator who is coming out all about sexual stuff he ran about president for about a day. But here she is hugging up with Weinstein hugging up with Bill Clinton when the Democrats in the new Clinton was no open say we have no secret of whatever bill Clinton was, but Harvey Weinstein was known to be a sexual predator by the insiders in Hollywood and the Democratic elite for a long long time. but here she is sucking up to these guys trying to get their favor. What is it with these? There is no double standard by the way I’m gonna let me get back to that and finish on that. there’s only a standard for the right. Tell me what standard that the left is held to really, I mean President Trump they try to derail him for actually saying what he could do not what he did. You know the bush sex tapes, the all that was named Billy Bush or whatever his name was where but if you go back and actually listen and I’m not condoning what uh what been candidate. I actually citizen Trump at that time, said. I’m not condoning it, but if you listen to it, he’s talking about being a wealthy powerful person and a personality and what he could do. He didn’t say he actually did it and he was raped over the Kohl’s and they tried to make it the October surprise and defeat him and everything else right and and and that’s fair to a certain extent but on the left nothing happens to these people think about it. Bill Clinton was elected. Twice the president of the United States when he had multiple women, you remember was at the flowers lady that uh before the Clinton’s first got in the White House, they had to go on 60 minutes and talk about the affair him and Hillary did with uh miss flowers back in the day they had to come out and admit it and talk about it yet The Democrats forgave them for that they don’t care about that and me too movement means nothing man. We talk about Biden here in a minute, but think about it his accusers. We talked about that earlier, I wanna make a quick point on that he had the ability to release his records from the University of Delaware that covered all of this stuff and he refused to do so and the press just let him go on and on and on and they’re worried about Trump’s tax returns when there’s evidence that Joe Biden sexually assaulted a woman inside the capital building talk about feeling threaten. At the Capitol, but yet they don’t they don’t even talk about it now I have shows like mine, the only one you’ll even bring it up. man you probably get cancelled if you try to bring it up on Sunday, Cuomo issued a statement saying he was truly sorry if some of the things I have said have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation mis so it’s you think about that. he’s truly sorry. He’s let me read this one more time cuz you there’s a suddenly in here. I want you to get on Sunday, Cuomo issued a statement saying he was truly sorry. He’s not. I’m sorry did I ask that woman to eat the sausage? He’s not saying. I’m sorry that I ask a young woman if she had sex with older men. He’s not saying that he’s sorry about forcefully kissing someone uh are asking him to have strip poker. He’s not saying he’s sorry about that. He’s sorry that the women took it the wrong way. so he’s not apologizing at all. In fact, he is blaming the women for misinterpreting. What he was saying it was friendly deal and making it sexual really and the left is gonna let him get away with that my god man. It’s just unbelievable. Como went on to say to be clear I never inappropriately touched anybody by whose definition and I never proposition anybody and I never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable, except maybe his daughter who is sitting beside him in that video while and there’s some other shots her kinda just going like you know, really pop you know. I kinda look I mean these people have no shame. he went on to say I now understand that my interactions may have been insensitive are too personal and that some of my comments given my position made others feel in ways I never intended again. He’s not taking responsibility for anything if you listen to what he’s saying he’s blaming the women he’s blaming. It’s it’s like Bill Clinton. I was just standing there. You know I mean. Good lord man, but but they let him have a pass on this, he says. I acknowledge some of the things I’ve said have been misinterpreted again, blaming the women as unwanted flirtation to the extent anyone felt that way I am truly sorry about that about ten times here, he’s basically blaming the women and he gets away with it by basically saying I’m sorry that you took it the wrong way uh uh I mean, Oh my god now I mentioned double standard. I wanna play a few videos that will show you right now that prove my point that there is no double standard. There’s a standard for the right. There’s a standard for Donald Trump. There’s a standard for somebody like me, but what standard I ask you please chime in on Facebook or YouTube spell out our YouTube channel John Martin talks Let me know where I’m wrong cuz I don’t see any standard for the left. I’d like to know where they’re healthy to one but here we have the the. Famous May crazy mayra of Hawaii talking during the Kavanaugh hearings and oppressor about who should be believed and who should just shut up. Check it out. Yeah proceedings if at all. Of course, it helps that there are women on that committee, but you know what I expect the men in this country and the men in this committee and many of them believe me because we all signed on to this letter to uh demand an FBI investigation, but really guess who’s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions. It’s the men in this country and I just wanna say to the men in this country just shut up and step up. Do the right thing you may shut up so Joe Biden should just shut up and been investigated by the Fbi so Cuomo should just. Up and be investigated by the Fbi. Yeah, Bill Clinton should have showed up a long time ago and Hillary by the way and just been investigated body Fbi here we have Brett Kavanaugh being accused of something from high school when the woman that was accusing him at basically zero credibility and yet Mayra is saying that uh you know Kavanaugh should shut up just listen to these women and you know. I might be able to say hey, we should believe accusers if it were held to the same standard but there is no standard for the left. think about it. They just elected Joe Biden Okay. I mean my God man and here is Bill Clinton. I wanna play a little. This is a famous clip from him when talking about his accuser in this case, Monica Lewinsky and keep in mind that. Dude would have probably been elected for a third term if they could remember there was a woman, the head of now at the time, I think it was, I can’t remember her name who actually said about this Lewinsky affair that if it meant abortion would stay legally in United states that she would give Clinton what they call a Lewinsky now, she actually said that I should have pulled that video. So I mean these Democrats have zero shame and are held to no standard but keep in mind. Bill Clinton. This is one of the most famous. Videos of him talking about and just looking talking about they talk about Trump lying or whatever Bill Clinton is looking straight at you in the camera and lying and Hillary and all are right there and they all know that he’s everybody in that room knew that he was lying and he got an ovation for this. check it out people. I want you to listen to me. I’m gonna say this again I did not have sex. Relation with that woman Miss Lewinsky I never told anybody to lie not a single time. Never this allegations are false and I need to go back to work for the American people. Thank you. Listen to that ovation he gets look at his face. He is so sincere. I mean this dude is a sociopath If you think he is a professional liar. It reminds me of a episode when uh Jerry Seinfeld asked George on there. How do you pass uh a lie detector test and he see, he said. Remember that it’s not a lie If you believe it, I mean my god. he’s sitting there just adamantly knowing that he’s lying everybody in that room pretty much probably even the Jared. Behind the closet door knew that he was lying and they still give him an ovation. Tell me where there is a double standard because they’re in one, there’s one standard and then, of course when we talk about me, check my time doing pretty good here when we talk about double standards keep in mind that the Democrats just elected this dude to the office, the highest office of a. Thank you ma. And by the way you know, I got a lot of I got hairy legs that turn that that that that that that turn uh um blonde in the sun and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again. They look at him, so I learned about roaches. I learned about kids jumping on my lap and I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap. There is so much in that that’s the popcorn video now and they did animation, but that’s actually Joe Biden’s words. He was saying that speech and they did some great animation behind it, but that’s from the whole popcorn deal when he was dedicating that swimming pool. But he says you know, kids love Molly and and think about this, he says in that video and I don’t think he ever got questioned by this one single time by any presser or in the debates at all, he says. And I learned about roaches. Do you know what he’s talking about there and you. He’s talking about black children. he’s talking about black children, He’s calling them roaches yet Donald Trump is the racist. I mean there’s so many examples of this. I mean think about children love rubbing the hair on my legs in the pool Really I mean there is tell me where there’s a double standard. There’s only one standard and it’s a standard that the right as hell too. This guy is now sitting in the White House and think about it he’s being his vice president says she believes the accusers amazing, says all these women are be to believe, and it should be an investigation. Fbi but not for Joe Biden, no not for Cuomo, maybe now because under all of this was known about Cuomo inner circles and he’s killed 15000 old people and they’re not even talking about that anymore all of this because. Was going to be the pitch hitter if Biden struck out so to speak, I mean wow and you can you see this but this is not even being portrayed accurately in the news at all if you’re only gonna find that places like here at JM T, that’s why we appreciate and need your support more than ever. Alright. We got a few minutes left I wanna get into a different story about another governor, a great governor. Ron DeSantis. I mean this guy has. Man we need we need 100 Ron DeSantis is not only fifty in the governor but another fifty up there in the Senate or hopefully maybe 1 day in the White House. This is a political story. DeSantis and Florida Gop target China after Cpac, according to Politico that uh was mister DeSantis who opened up Cpac by the the way Governor Ron DeSantis and top Gop lawmakers unveiled legislation on Monday to create new guidance for. Adversities the public universities state agencies and even local government working with foreign governments like China as part of a push that the the war theft of intellectual property, Let me say right away on this ladies and gentlemen this cuz we’ve talked about China a lot and sometimes we get confused. It’s easy to get confused between people who are ethnically Chinese and the China government There are a lot of students. I can see I see em here every day at the University of Florida. Are Chinese descent are actual citizens of China. There’s a large contingent and I there’s some are part of these confusion organizations that actually are probably working for Communist Chinese party. but I think the vast majority of them are trying to get a great education. We’re one of the agricultural University of Florida has a tremendous. It’s called is a tremendous program and agriculture and the Chinese man they are over learning about our agriculture cuz we’re second to none and that so. Wanna make sure you understand that I am not knocking Chinese people per say, but the Chinese Communist Party, which is one of the most evil things on the planet and especially to their own citizens. but. Mister DeSantis is doing here is something I’ve been talking about now for the last few months, you know we’re talking about leadership who who’s gonna lead the Republican party who’s gonna do this who’s gonna be the leaders and it’s primarily focused on Washington right, but I’m here to tell you that I think we’re gonna move into an era of state. not I’m not talking about states rights but the negative way to use that but you’re gonna see leadership is going to be coming from the states on every issue, especially conservatives. And Ron DeSantis is leading the way I put this map up there because I believe that I’m not talking about succession that could happen. I’m not advocating for violence. It could happen. People are pretty frustrated, but I think what’s more likely to happen and I think you’re seeing this and DeSantis is taking a lead on this, you’re seeing states take the lead on issues like, for instance, Texas is taking the lead on the border issue, Florida, under Desantis is taking the lead now with China but big. Tech and some other things and we’ll talk about more of that in a moment, but I think you’re gonna see like minded states actually not declaring their independence but join together to challenge the the what’s coming out of the Biden White House and the federal government. I think that’s what you’re gonna see you’re not gonna see leadership. It’s gonna be decentralized down to the state level and uh that’s actually the way the constitution was supposed to be in the first place states were supposed to have the power in Washington was not supposed to be the all powerful Desantis uh moved to. Back policies aimed at China is part of a broader pattern of endorsing legislation sparked by conservatives and former President Donald Trump that plays well with the base man. I saw this picture and I just love that this came out right after Cpac. The hat is one of the best memes I’ve seen it doesn’t say a word, but it says so much to me, I mean it’s just uh yeah and the answer Donald Trump’s question It begins Cpac a lot of us. You very much sir the the Republican governor Desantis seen as a potential 2024 contender for president No question about that has also called on legislatures to crack down on tech companies Basically he set up a thing where you can’t censor that they’re trying to do that he’s trying to take on big tech here in Florida he’s revamp the state’s election laws He’s trying to secure things like voter ID and make sure that the absentee balloting is uh really the way it’s supposed to be used. Florida actually got it right in the 2020 election. I’m not just talking about the fact that Trump won if you look politically at the coalition that was built here with the Republican Party of Florida, Donald Trump. Ron DeSantis. I played a small role as a member of the party myself. We got it right and we should be mimic across the United States of America. I really believe they need to take a look at that, but that’s not to say that we can’t tighten up our ship a little bit and Ron DeSantis is trying to make sure that what happened in places like Georgia, Michigan does not. The norm here because the house under Nancy Pelosi is trying to do this uh house bill one. I think it’s called that basically federal election and would take the power of running the elections in a place like Florida way if that bill passes, we’ll never get a conservative elected to the White House again, let alone just a Republican but uh he’s an approve a contagious bill to increase criminal penalties against violent protesters. I put this up and I’m actually proud of this. some people give me a hard time we are in the guns, Shine state ladies and gentlemen. Stand your ground here you you know you can as I tell people all the time about this crazy clowns. I use this example remember when they had the crazy clowns going around and uh like uh terrorizing neighborhoods where I live that would last about one, maybe two houses and the sheriff would come out and say I heard it was crazy clowns around here you see. Yeah. Yeah I saw well. Where are they? Oh he buried back there in the garden. We got corn planted over him right now cuz that don’t try that kind of stuff here in Florida, but Ron DeSantis. Expanded to stand your ground to actually say you know you have a right to defend your business against it being burned down and looted. you have a right to drive down the highways that you paid for you can keep on driving. I mean come to Florida. Don’t bring your politics I call Florida the free state of Florida now because that’s exactly what it is. Let me check my time pretty close out of time, but speaking of event in the capital Tallahassee on Monday, DeSantis said the proposals are. To ensure tax dollars don’t end up in the hands of the likes of Maduro. that’s Venezuela Kim Jong Un, North Korea are the Chinese Communist Party. He said. We need to take action stand firm against Chinese Communist Party and foreign influence in an interference in American research education and public affairs. What he’s talking about is that you know these research universities like the University of Florida, have all kind of different. From crop type stuff to to even nuclear type stuff that the Chinese are infiltrating, they’re given tens of thousands of dollars. He’s saying anything that over $50000, they’re gonna take a direct look at if you take it from a foreign national or foreign government, but basically what he’s trying to do is keep them from pitting stealing intellectual property and research that should be for the benefit of the citizens of Florida and the United States of America and not the benefit of communist China. So thank God for governors like Ron DeSantis. I think you’re going to see people inspired by the president inspired by what Ron DeSantis and people like the great governor out in Texas and other places and they’re going to come together and form an alliance and you’re going to see lawsuits going all the way up to the Supreme Court cuz the leadership is not going to come from the swamp of Washington if we have any chance to save this republic, it’s going to have to come from the state level and that’s where. Can have a major impact if you get truly woke if you man the political rampart, so we don’t have to man the real ones again. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. please go directly to John Martin Facebook page like it Share it with others. Remember our YouTube channel spell it all the way out. John Martin talks Remember our sponsors BD uh our sponsors uh of 20% off on uh on Patriot and of course the great. Support that we get from recoil, check them all out. We’re also America’s voice news. Check them out. We’re glad to be a part of that as well. look for all of these above the video no matter when or when or where you are watching it, I’ll pray for your family. You pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great nation cuz she needs it now more than ever and has deserved it always but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours. Have a blessed day.

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