Citizens For Trump – Eyewitnesses To History! Interview With Friends That Were In DC On Jan 6th – JMT #374 Part 2

Citizens For Trump – Eyewitnesses To History! Interview With Friends That Were In DC On Jan 6th – JMT #374 Part 2

Go to another state and you’ll be so thankful for the ground We are walking on in the state of Florida. Let me tell you because in d to be rude, you know people don’t say hi to you anymore. You walk into an establishment like put your mask on. Do you have a mask? Where’s your mask? we dealt with that in nicest hotel um in DC they’ve been just stop you there at the door. Where’s your mask? No. Hello welcome to our establishment. You know it wasn’t until we left last night and went to Virginia to a Holiday Inn where we got the. Service and the nicest waiter that actually treated us like we were still America, but. Talk about yeah and talk about uh a big daddy unlimited and uh I know you got a lot of big plans but uh we talk about some of that. first of all. I’m really grateful to have your support and to be able to be here everyday grateful for your friendship. Most of all, we’re happy to do it and happy to have you but talk a little bit about uh big daddy unlimited. uh what you’re what you’re doing now and what your vision is and all this, but however, which way you wanna go with well so. We launched big daddy unlimited and like I said March of 2018 we’ve gotten into the firearms business back in 2000 1213 um right around the time time that we had awakened into politics and part of our awakening, her first and then me was that once we got into the firearms business, we knew right away. Wow you’re automatically in politics cuz people either like guns or they don’t understand guns and think you shouldn’t have them and so immediately. We realize if we’re gonna be in this, we’re gonna have to kinda stand up for certain principles and but when we first got into the firearms business, we got into it as being novice. Same as politics we you know politics was sort of a hobby that then we got deeper and deeper into same with guns, but we realized we wanted people to have the opportunity to own guns, gear, ammo and more at a price that they could live with and basically big daddy. Limited the next iteration of what we did to the firearms business and it’s access to hundreds of thousands of what we call shop related The shooting hunting and outdoor trades related items with and what we do is We have a membership model. We’re basically it’s like any other buying club, but what we do is it’s a little bit different cuz like like I tell it’s a concierge buying service because what we do is we have a whole bunch of live. Service agents who help you find what you’re looking for at a price you can live with sometimes it’s the lowest price. sometimes it’s close to the lowest price, but the idea is it’s always something that you say that’s a really good deal and a perfect example. right now is that a lot of people are scared. A lot of people are running around not not wondering what’s or wondering what’s gonna happen with their personal security. So we’ve had a huge uptick in new gun ownership, but with that uptick gun ownership has been picking ammunition consumption and so a. Of our uh I don’t wanna say let’s say competitors in this industry have decided to take advantage of that shortage of ammunition and raise their prices. Accordingly, we have not and so that’s one of the things that endures us to our members as we go forward is that we’re not there to take advantage of the people. We really are there to say hey, if you’re passionate about firearm, shooting, hunting and outdoor stuff like we are then we wanna continue to provide you access to those goods and services at a price you can live with and part of what we’re. Is we’re always looking for more ways that we can give value back to our members and one of those is something that’s about to be finalized here and it’s it’s a partnership between big Daddy Unlimited and a company called Recall magazine and also their brand recoil TV, and basically what we’re doing is we’re providing a conservative platform or video choice So there’s a lot of people that have tried this in the past and they haven’t been successful because they haven’t had a way to monetize it and we believe. We have a way to put this together and it’s a great platform for quality content that’s available on all your set-top boxes, plus all your mobile devices and it’ll be announced fully uh I believe in what’s today probably 3 weeks at the end of this month, We’ll have a big press release about it and we’ll really start in launching recall TV and the partnership with Big Daddy Unlimited. but there’s a lot of different things coming uh in that genre. Uh and also with our platform as we go forward in terms of value for members cuz we’re all about hey, we wanna give you more than what you’re expecting for the price that you’re paying the cart from all other companies in the firearms industry is our amazing sales and service teams because what I’m telling you if you’re out there inland and you can’t get somebody to smile at you. be nice to you can call big daddy unlimited and even if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the site call in and speak to somebody in. Customer service, or if you want a specific firearm or something like that, you can go to our sales team, but we have real people and people are so excited to pick up the phone call and have someone answer and help them get what they want at that price They can live with so we do have a trial membership for 99¢ so you just get in the door with your 99¢. come in and check us out. It’s not that we have a low price guarantee but you’re gonna find probably the very best deals that you can find on big daddy unlimited but again being able to have somebody. At the ready on the other end of the phone call to help you find that thing that you’re looking for that you couldn’t find anywhere else or solve an issue with your account or with your order. whatever it may be, we have those people and I think that with our you know our new little #that we’ve created in customer sales and service is #members and that’s how we feel about you members first, so all of our decisions should be filtered through that comment members first so if you are in the The market, or some guns and ammo or you wanna support um Patriots like us cuz we’re out here. Um you know just trying to make it happen or all of those who support the uh Second Amendment. It’s important and we’re here and we’re putting this platform together so that we can also help monetize those who have been demonetize, you know voices are being lost all over social media soon. It’s just gonna be that vacuum of where only the Liberals will allow the Liberals to talk and the progressive. So where are you gonna go where you gonna get your message across this is gonna help us do. And just to tell you how crazy it’s getting. I didn’t tell you this story, but uh I had a bank teller mass show me the other day asked me where my mask was and oh by the way I was at a drive-thru. Oh I was in my car and she was behind about three inches of glass. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. please go directly to John Martin talks Facebook page like it and share it with others. I guarantee you if you’re thinking that people like Patriots like the McKnight and John Martin talks are going away. We’re not we’re gonna double down. Uh hope you have a great weekend. I’ll pray for your family. you pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this nation and our president They both deserve it but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours have a blessed day. Bye.

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