Citizens For Trump – Does Impeachment Trial Matter? – JMT #392

Citizens For Trump – Does Impeachment Trial Matter? – JMT #392

The John Mara, I can hear myself now sorry about that. I couldn’t hear myself for a second there. Welcome to John Martin talk where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, I gotta tell you sorry about that little glitch at the beginning. I was mainly. I guess I’m still working my way out of a fog man. I was out fishing this weekend wasn’t too good a trip. I want to snap a jackpot but uh it was a really foggy out there and it kinda so uh so I’m coming out of the fog and Kansas City apparently was in somewhat of a fog yesterday at the Super Bowl and we’re gonna talk briefly about that in just a moment, but we got a great show for you today, you know to tomorrow the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump is set to begin so we’re gonna talk about an opinion piece about whether or not the trial actually matters and I have a slightly different take as you may imagine of from this AP writer But We go any further, I gotta talk about our sponsor. Big Daddy unlimited, otherwise known as BD no matter when or where you’re watching the show look above our the video and you can see uh a link not only to what we’re talking about today but our sponsor in this case, big daddy Unlimited. 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We’re not gonna get too much into the actual game itself, but a few things first of all congratulations the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for winning what was it Super Bowl 55 the first thing out of the gate I wanna say and is this idea of the goat the greatest of all time you know they have this debate and all kind of sports like an Nba. They’re always talking about is LeBron the greatest of all time or is it Michael Jordan and those kind of things and there’s. In certain sports, but I gotta tell you there is no debate on the go now in the Nfl if there ever was one leading up to this, it’s over right now. Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. I don’t see how you can dispute that and I’m not like a huge Tom Brady fan. I wasn’t a huge Patriots fan, but you got to admire the guy. It’s amazing what he’s been able to do, especially at the age. He is just simply fantastic. There’s just. Other way around it and I will say I have become a Brady fan over the last few years, not the least of which is because he’s been attacked for uh apparently liking Donald Trump so that made me take a look at him and everything else. But Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. I think that case is closed for some. I mean how could anybody get the records? He’s got right now. I mean they’d have to play for a long time and uh I mean he’s rare but as far as the Super Bowl itself, let me. Say and this is taking nothing away from Tampa Bay are two critical of uh of Kansas City, but I thought that the key thing in that game was right before half when the coaches made a decision to call those timeouts uh when Tampa Bay got the ball back, We’re like a minute and something to go. I actually thought that was brain dead. I was like what the heck are they thinking about because Kansas City was only down one possession and they were gonna get the ball to start the second half that look pretty. To me and made no sense, but let’s talk about the things around the Super Bowl cuz actually to me as a political junkie that was probably more of interesting than the game itself. First of all this was the Pcs Super Bowl in history. The Super Bowl has been moving to PC for a long time by that I mean politically correct it was the completely a PC show that was it if you’re not in the PC. It’s unbelievable, I was talking to my wife a little bit this morning about it, but she didn’t watch all that stuff, but we were talking about it and uh what’s a fast. To me is the and I think a lot of sports leagues fall this but especially the Nfl they seem to be marketing to people that watch the game, the least because let’s face it the vast majority of Nfl fans are gonna be male. Now. I know there’s a lot of women that watch Nfl, but it’s mainly male driven it just is and I don’t have any science to back this up mister algorithm. Don’t ban me yet. I’m just giving you my. Opinionated fact, but it’s probably a fact nonetheless, I bet if you broke it down that probably at least 70% of the audience, Maybe eighty is male dominated right. That’s why they advertise beer and trucks and stuff like that and I would venture to say that, at least half of that is probably white males and probably another 30% is probably black males. You know, I mean, it’s just the way it is and the rest is a hodge podge of all kind of people and I. Making a critical statement about that one way or another, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to be trying to target and drive people out cuz I can tell you if you were a white dude, you are not portrayed very well in any of the commercials around the uh I mean the one commercial they fit they and I’m not gonna get too deep into em, but they had the one commercial where the little white boy is like inspired by the black female athlete and he goes in there, he can’t even lift up. Can of paint, you know, I mean it just made him look. I’m like what the heck are they doing but most of the commercials were just over the top PC advertising as I say to people that probably are all that keen on watching the show and a lot of and this was not widely reported, but a lot of normal vendors didn’t put their normal commercials they would put in the uh in the advertisements in the Super Bowl because they were worried about offending people, so there was all of that. The other thing I thought what was interesting and actually I heard on a show coming in. I’ve already put this on my notes and I was. At the time, but apparently Dan rather tweeted this out overnight about where are the people wearing mask on the on the commercials, and should they even be allowed to put cuz that was one thing that jumped out at me. they had all these social interaction commercials people partying in their backyard with obviously more than just their family people watching in bars and all over the place and no one’s wearing a mask. You know these Hollywood spokes people I kinda in a way and I don’t normally feel sorry for Hollywood people, but they’re gonna have to make one. Heck of an adjustment if we continue to have all these mass mandates because how are you gonna be a star? if it’s your face power that makes you a star if you have to wear a mask and if the only people live life on a regular basis or without mask or Hollywood people in the movies and in these television productions, then aren’t we gonna be not relatable to them in any way because if we have to wear a mask everywhere we go and. Don’t even if it’s a fictitious account, it’s some way there’s gonna be a cross over there that I don’t. I don’t know it just struck me as really odd that while we’re all being told to be locked down as I reported on our Friday show even out in la, they banned televisions from bars and restaurants during on Super Bowl Sunday cuz they didn’t want people gathering up but everybody in the commercial kinda like Facebook, I guess where everybody is like enjoying the heck out of their life. No matter what I mean. How about this is a side note, but how many times have you looked at somebody on Facebook that you knew you know pretty well personally and they look like they’re having a time of their lives everywhere they go, but you know him personally, you know that they’re some of the saddest sons of guns. you know, it’s just weird, but the other thing that’s uh really popped out at me is like I was just referred to that commercial with the scrawny white kid inspired by this black woman athlete, and then, of course they were portraying strong women throughout this thing like they did a little feature on the female referee. that was there and. I’m not knocking it in any way. I don’t really have an issue with it one way or another, but they made a big deal over she was the first you know and how she’s inspiring other young women, which I’m sure she is. I mean I’m all for it and then they showed the uh the woman. It’s a true story. The woman is an Olympic swimmer and she doesn’t have uh she both her legs are are amputate she was adopted from the Ukraine. I think uh both of her legs are amputated from the knee down and I thought I mean it’s terrific but. Kept getting me and maybe it’s just me chime in on like Facebook since I’m out of jail or always go to our YouTube channel and chime in but uh I’d like to hear your opinion cuz what I’m thinking there is uh what difference does it make I mean so why would you portray strong women as athletes when Joe Biden is just signed an executive order? Apparently, it’s all the rage that men can compete against women in sports period. so you you’re touting a woman who is uh. Amputee, who is an Olympic swimmer but any old man. I mean, I don’t doubt that I could, but uh, but a lot of men could beat her and uh you know so you got this woman. That’s the first referee in history A woman in the in the Super Bowl, but who cares I mean, so I mean, why not just put the man up there. I don’t understand it man and so strong women. I’m I’m 100% for strong women and role models. I believe we need more of them not less of them, but what. Does it make if men and I’ll say this and I’ll shut up and we’ll move on that Uh II talked about this a week or so ago, Her name escapes me, which tells you a lot right. There’s a woman. That’s like the fastest woman in the world. I can’t think of her name right now, but she’s won all kind of records at the Olympic level. She’s just by far the greatest woman runner track athlete in history, but the reality is they are like 400 men in America right now not the world, but in America that can. Shatter one of her records today and be an Olympic gold medalist if they allow that to happen so you know, I’m just saying, do strong women really matter anymore. Is it gonna I mean I was worried at one point we were coming, You know, basically the feminine of men now, I’m actually more worried about the men of women’s but if there is such word anyway, we’ll move along. Alright, let’s get into this thing about uh President Trump’s trial, which is supposed to start tomorrow. This is a story. The gentleman’s name is. Political editor for the AP, His name is Steven Sloan, I know nothing about him, but he wrote this opinion piece so we’re gonna use it as a template analysis. Trump’s Senate trial matters regardless of outcome. Now this picture was showing right there. This is Donald Trump in front of the White House at the rally on January 6th that he supposedly inspired an interaction. Everything else that’s that picture, But we’re gonna talk about this. Steven Sloan comments here. he said This he starts out the. By saying this matters talking about Donald Trump because I guess the press the the perception he’s trying to set up. Is it the uh the Democrats are saying Trump you know is uh is uh basically Benedict Arnold is citing uh and if you don’t know who that is look it up snowflakes but uh that Trump is Benedict Arnold, the greatest trader in the history, United States and you know he’s all this kind of stuff and that uh that the Republicans are supposedly mounting their their defense that is unconstitutional and the verdict is. Say in the article here is pre ordained and all that so it doesn’t really matter and then, of course, this writer is trying to say that it does matter and I think it does matter although I don’t necessarily agree with his conclusion back to the article, says the outcome may seem seem preordained in the unprecedented second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. so it’s preordained so he’s basically saying that the Republicans are not gonna vote in enough. You gotta have like three quarters of the Senate to convict in an impeachment trial, and you know we had that vote Rand Paul put forward to basically saying. Is unconstitutional and I think it was forty-five Republicans voted that it unconstitutional and shouldn’t happen. and of course five. I think five Republicans voted with the Democrats and that is being looked at is saying that there’s no way and don’t hold me to the math on this. I wanna say that has to take like seventeen Republicans would have to go with all the Democrats assuming that they all voted to impeach Trump and that there’s no way that’s gonna happen. Let me just say this ladies. I agree that’s unlikely to happen, but I don’t trust the Republicans. do you if you’re a Trump supporter out there do you really trust the Republicans to uh to do the right thing here. I actually believe it it matters now I do think that there are enough people who actually appreciate what President Trump did during his time on the Republican side there probably some Democrats like Joe Mansion. Although I doubt he has the courage to but the system that actually. Not necessarily the man, Donald Trump or the personality Donald Trump, but the policies to that to make sure he doesn’t get convicted on this, but I can tell you this the main thing that’s will keep Donald Trump from being convicted. is they there’s one person I’ve been telling you for a while, and I’ve been telling you this for the last 4 years, there is one person in this country that they fear the swamp rats on both sides of the aisle and they literally are on both sides. There’s one. And they fear more than Donald Trump and it’s you. It’s you a hat wearing sons of guns you drugs of society as President Biden when he was candid, Biden said. You know you 15% that are mostly just bad people. Yeah you the ones that put Donald Trump in power, the ones that gave him the most votes in the history of a sitting president, not saying there’s any mud because we can’t say the f word on here at all they try to trick me into saying it. I’m not saying it. I’m not saying there’s any. But assuming there was Mo then uh you know you’re not gonna get your day in court. We know that but uh they’re afraid of you the American people that put Donald Trump in office. They’re not afraid of Donald Trump. They’re afraid of you. I say that to say that that’s the only thing that keeps the Republicans in line, you know the only guarantee if we’re such a thing is they’re worried about you and we’re gonna talk more about that as the choke things back to the article, Democrats prosecuting the former president again. This is an opinion piece one more time by a gentleman that writes for the AP political editor. Steven Sloan The Democrats prosecuting the former president for inciting a deadly insurrection at the US Capitol, will struggle to persuade at least and I was right seventeen Republicans to convict Trump and bar him from office. Is the main purpose of this forty-five to fifty Republican senators back they did last month to dismiss the trial. sensory telegraphing how the final vote will play out. Well. I just kinda went over that so I won’t rehash it, but I keep hearing this term in and I mean this is a picture of the Buffalo hat guy and some of the people inside the cap. they’ve already breached. I’m not condoning any action. There’s a video out there. Cross a plate of when they actually went into when this dude and some of the people with him went into the house chambers and he’s going like hello and II can’t get the video up. I can’t seem to pull it up. Maybe you could send me a link to it. If you can find I can’t get a clean shot of it. I’d like to have that from my archive and I’m not condoning the violence that happened there, but these dudes are far from insist man. I mean really are you do you really think that you’re running for your life from that you’d if I saw that. Think I was in some weird recreation of the village people or something you know. I mean, I’m not condoning this dude but it to keep calling it like a violent insurrection and let me just say the violence was wrong. the people people who breached the should be prosecuted. Apparently they are being and the deaths that occurred no matter matter how they occurred are inexcusable and tragic and people should be found out who killed it, those people and absolutely prosecuted but to continue to hammer this is some kind of big. To the overthrow the government, United States actually de legitimize with some of this cuz it’s just crazy, No one who can actually watch like the video and I wish I could have it. I’d love to show it to you, Tucker cross and show to give him some credit can say these people were like you know if anything they’re like stoners man if anything not condoning a thing, but the trial set to begin Tuesday is ultimately a test of whether a president. But he’s not a. Donald Trump holding an office that may that many of the nation’s founders feared could become too powerful in the wrong hands is above the law. You keep hearing that term with Donald Trump. we heard it in the first impeachment above the law. I’m not about to say that anybody in the United States of America is above the law not does appear that there are quite a few people that are, but you know what Donald Trump. It’s never been that he’s above the law. I’m not saying that at all, but one thing is for sure he. Beneath the law because that’s what the Democrats are say, go back to the first impeachment they basically impeach the dude for nothing. I mean call I wouldn’t necessarily say it was perfect. He didn’t have to know such thing as perfect, but Donald Trump go back and look at the transcripts of that call. There’s nothing in that call that is impeachable. Nothing. no high crime or misdemeanor no quit. pro quo quit pro quo Joe boasted about it our current president and God help us. He is our current president. I don’t like saying it either. But I gotta live with the reality and deal with it as we come the only way to defeat the dude right Islam. I guess that you’re going back that controversy remember when Old head Mitch McConnell said. I wanna make Barack Obama a one-term president and he was just blasted as a racist and everything else for that. There’s nothing wrong with the leader of the Republican Party at that time, saying we wanna make uh a Democratic president, a one term president what the Democrats are did was trying to make Donald Trump. A no term president and they’re still doing it with this impeachment. They’re trying to go the dude man they’re trying to basically you know like something from ancient Egypt where to go back and like scrape off the face of the people inside the pyramid or the temple of the Kings or whatever that’s what they’re trying to do to Donald Trump. So it’s not about Donald Trump being above the law. It’s about Donald Trump being beneath the law and he has every right not to that as well. Senators will be forced to sit still listen to evidence and. With elemental questions about American democracy by the way just for you know you snowflakes out there that don’t get a education in school. We actually have a republic, not a democracy. There’s a slight difference. Check it out there will be there will be a test later there will be visual visceral evidence and the American people will also be sitting in their own form of judgement as they want. Own form of judgement as they watch, let me just tell you cut to the chase here that’s the whole purpose the whole purpose of the second impeachment is to try to sway the American people enough that they will never support Donald Trump whether he actually runs for president again or support somebody else they’re trying to go Donald Trump and they’re trying to erase him from the political memory of the people of the United States. I don’t see that happening now there maybe some people. That are you know, turn away from Trump for various reasons. probably the the main one would be just fatigue. They just don’t wanna go through it cuz there’s a lot of people that are just fatigue about it. They just wanna you know go along get along kinda thing. not too. many of those are Trump supporters, but I get that I get that that’s probably the biggest criticism that I might agree with that. Trump can wear you out man because he’s in your face and he doesn’t give a hoot about the medium a lot. Things I love about Donald Trump but I can see how for some people could tie them a bit. So there’s always that but as far as uh the core people the people that went to rallies by the tens of thousands if not millions that literally chanted, We love you the people that still have their Trump signs in their yard like yours truly here. there’s nothing you’re gonna do you can call us whatever you want cult followers, Isis members. You know whatever you wanna call us, I call us patriots that love this country and believe that Donald Trump was a God sent to us. You know, but hey, God sends get crucified sometime and I’m not saying that he’s Jesus by any stretch. So don’t go there. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m simply pointing out that if they’re trying to drive a wedge between hardcore Trump supporters and the president, former President Donald Trump. what breaks my heart to even say that right now. Happen, It’s just not gonna happen, but that’s what this is about it is about what is this line here? The American people also be sitting in their own form of judgement as they want. That’s the whole purpose of this trial, the the back to the article, the verdict and the process itself will be scrutinized for generations. That’s what mister Sloan is saying I don’t know I got mixed feelings about that because first of all people’s political like attention span is. Is less than the size of a Nats brain for the most part in general and so the people that are probably gonna pay the most attention to it for the longest time would actually be Trump supporters and they may be talking about it and concentrate and reprogramming camp somewhere. you know they maybe talking to the why we have to do our own version of Hogan’s heroes or something like that. Trump what we call instead of Hogan’s heroes may we have a new show where we’re all in a camp BD program where we’re called Trump’s Chas. Like that, I can see that man I’ll probably end up there. maybe they’ll let me fish in the retention pond or something there, but the verdict and the process itself will be scrutinized for generations. I don’t know about that, said Carol Anderson, a professor of African American studies at Emory University. Don’t know anything about her but what she says, here is kind of interesting, she says For historians what that child does is to provide additional evidence. No sign they’re gonna actually present the evidence and documentation under oath. It also gives us a sense of strength or weakness in American democracy. ascends are confronted with this evidence it, she says. Here. everybody’s always give a sense of strength and you know what it gives me a sense of how desperate the left is. How desperate the Never Trumpers are how desperate the progressive that control the Democratic Party are how desperate the media is how desperate the establishments of both parties are to make sure, as I say that public enemy number one and public enemy number one is not Donald Trump public enemy number one is you are public enemy number one you’ve gotta be programmed liberated you know removed. Identified Bank of America, you know putting out thing now uh putting your financial information out there and tracking you without your permission. all this kind of stuff they are desperate to stop you from ever let I mean not to mention voting for Donald Trump again, but for you to ever be a political force again because the idea of draining the swamp, the reality of that just scares the hell out of them, I don’t know how to put it man the military industrial complex everybody got to hand out. They are terrified of you. Did you see We’re Romney. Oh god. I mean if you ever thought Mitt Romney was conservative, he’s actually put out a proposal now to give guarantee and I’m not talking about the child tax credit. That’s a whole another thing but to actually give direct payments of like 2000 a month to parents with children for every child they until the pandemic is over, which could literally be forever. There’s new article. I just heard about on radio that basically says and bright bar was putting it out there. I listen to them in the morning quite a bit pretty good show and uh they uh they’re put this article came out that basically says that we’re probably gonna be dealing with Corona virus for the next five to 7 years, maybe seven to 10 years and uh the host of that bright Bart show Alex Marlow give him credit, he actually said, and I agree with you 100% that when they say over the next five to seven to ten, I don’t remember the exact figure what they’re really saying is they have no clue they have no idea how long. Gonna be dealing with this man. I think he’s absolutely right but to me the sense I get is not a sense of weakness in American democracy, although we have a republic, what I get is a sense of desperation from that conglomerate that I was telling you about the swamp dwellers those that have a strong connection to maintaining and refilling and overflowing the swamp because they got the hand in the till back to this article. The record is starting to be grizzly because that they’re talking about this uh evidence they’re gonna present against Trump is mostly videos of people. In the capital and things, he said in the past about fight like hell and you take the fight to Washington and all that kind of stuff, but it’s saying here to record a certain of that’s what they’re gonna present his evidence. The record is starting to be grizzly a reminder on a human level of the horror at Capitol Hill on January 6, and it was horrible. I’m not disputing that at all, but you know and I’m gonna play a video for you that I’m surprised, I was even able to find it because they’re taking. This stuff down from like YouTube and everything else, but it’s not censorship. It’s not censorship. It’s uh you know limiting your reach is what they’re saying now they just you can say whatever you want. We’re gonna limit your reach as the official position. it seems like but check out this video. It’s a little hard to see but it is a police officer in New York City City at the of the George Floyd protest literally getting just barreled over. check it out. See that guy in the middle there and there’s no sound to it. That’s that’s that’s the way it is that they’re running out. that is a police officer that literally got run over in there and yet that’s not the grizzly thing. That’s not you know something that is that’s not insight to violence. That’s not I mean the idea that Donald Trump on January 6 when he said to go peacefully and patriotically protest they they wanna point. He said fight like hell where they all say that I’ve shown you the videos of other Democrats just literally inciting violence like Corey Booker saying, go up and get in their face, you know, and of course, uh the majority leader. I breaks my heart to say that as well, Chuck Schumer, you know Gorsuch, you know we’re coming for you. You’re gonna reap the whirlwind you and kavanaugh all that kind of stuff that’s not running over a police officer and just leaving him for dead in the street. You know no problem there. As long as the guy was wearing a mask, I’m sure it’ll be alright Senators will review Trump’s call that morning to fight like hell here they go before the mob of Lo showed up to the Capitol Hill the mob of loyal see that’s key phrase right there. They’re trying to make sure that everybody who you know went to the Capitol represents the Trump supporters. I can tell you for a fact as I know some people out there and I know this because I’ve been to Trump rallies that 90.9. 9% of Trump’s supporters would never do any of that now. not saying there weren’t some loyal Trump supporters in that some of them may have been instigators. There’s more evidence would say might not want to come out in this so called trial, but there’s more evidence that there were instigators that weren’t necessarily anything to do with Donald Trump, but I do think there was some loyal Trump supporters could have been investigators not saying they’re not, but we’re caught up in the moment. That’s Bob rule is. Really scary thing what happens when mobs happen, but the vast majority of Trump supporters the ones that uh basically you basket of deplorables that Hillary called drags the society uh by double down with saying you’re mostly bad people most of these mostly bad people that are Trump supporters the last thing they would do is what happened there because they’re not my people. plus they know that would just be played into earning Donald Trump and love you can’t. A cult follower and try to harm your cult leader. Can you can’t have your cake and eat it too? It’s before the cap to do just that senators will be reminded of the riots chance now they won’t be playing. You know what do we want when do we want now? you know our pigs in a blanket Fry like bacon are down at the border, saying no borders, no Walls, No Usa at all. Not that won’t be no chance will ever be played. We love you, Donald Trump will never be played. They’ll be playing. you know ones that fit or chance calling for the Vice President Mike Pence hanging house prosecutor reached had reached surface the image of police officers crash between doors blood trickling from his mouth as the violent crowd moved in a horrendous, but has nothing to do with Donald Trump there might be additional evidence of how another officer Brian Sick before defending the bill building well, Donald Trump. Actually said. That it’s that go down at peace and patriotically protest Now I tell you I believe you might wanna pull of police officers right now would reveal I still think the vast majority of police officer one I’ve talked to of every creed color are die hard supporters of Donald Trump because they believe he’s the only president we’ve had in quite some time that actually had their back, no matter what but this idea of uh I wanna play another video for you. I wanna set this up a little bit. This is Canada. Joe Opening up his presidential campaign now, I’m not gonna I’m gonna spare you the like 4 minute video where he literally opens up his campaign, but I wanna play this part that to me is the big lie that Biden opened his campaign up with the media continues to this day to say it and Biden literally accepted the Democratic nomination with the same lie. and that is that Donald Trump actually said that there were peaceful protesters uh that I’m sorry. There were good people on both sides of the Nazis and Antifa and he categorically did not say that he said there were good people on both sides of the of the statue issue Those that were warned to see Robert e Lee statue stay up and those that want to take it down and he specifically condemned white Supremist and Nazis and Antifa, but he gets no credit for that whatsoever, but I wanna play this because this is what they want you to believe ladies and the indoctrination. The education the indoctrination of our people they want you to believe all kind of lies that there was no voter and other things like that. Also listen to this because Joe Biden at the beginning, I think of the clip that I’ve got pulled up talks about you know some things that he did before. he went. you know you know the deal that kind of thing when I was watching this, I was wondering how many takes did it take to get to look this good but check it out. On August of 2017, we saw and white supremacist and neo Nazis come out in the open. Their faces illuminated by torches veins, bulging and burying the Franks of racism chanting the same anti-semitic bio her across Europe in the 30s and they were met by a courageous group of Americans in a violent clash center. And a brave young woman lost her life and that’s when we heard the words, the president of the United States that stunned to the world and shock the conscience of this nation he said. There were some very fine people on both sides very fine people on both sides, but those words the president of the United States assigned a moral equivalent between those spreading hate than those of the courage to stand against it in. Moment I knew the threat to this nation was unlike any I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, I wrote at the time they were in the battle for the soul of this nation. Oh, that’s even more true today we are in the battle for the soul of this nation. I believe history will look back on 4 years of this president and all he embraces as an a moment in time, but if we give Donald Trump 8 years in the White House, he will forever. Fundamentally alter the character of this nation. she’s good enough that last part, ladies and gentlemen is what it’s all about 4 years was enough to expose the swamp if you gave the man another 4 years he might actually drain the swamp as he didn’t drain it too much. He exposed the heck out of it. That’s when probably the greatest single achievement that Donald Trump did in his 4 years and I don’t this is this is no small thing. It is a matter of fact, it is a quote. Donald Trump. It’s. The biggest thing that I think President Trump did to fold one of course underline at all, he restored a belief in a lot of people of America’s greatness and what we could do again. That’s for sure, Make America great again, but I also believe that he exposed just how rotten our tree of Liberty has become how hollowed out it is how deep the swamp actually is how big it is on both sides of the aisle, and that is what. Must be ghosted for he must be be impeached at unconstitutionally. However, you wanna look at him. He’s got to be taken out of the American psyche because there’s one thing they cannot allow and that is for the swamp to be drained because where would Joe Biden if it weren’t for the swamp the best he could possibly hope for and I’m not knocking hardware salesman is maybe to be in Scranton, saying How can I help you find the hammer or something at ace hardware? I mean, and that’s not. I mean that’s a stretch for him to do that What would? Think about this, what would Joe Biden be and where would his family be if he weren’t sucking the political tit? uh uh I doubt he would be anywhere man but Joe Biden he’s he started his campaign out with an absolute lie If you don’t believe me if you think I’m just pulling for Trump have the courage to actually go back and read the transcript cuz things get lost in video sometime Donald Trump never ever once. Said that and also notice how Biden says in that you got all these people. I hate and brave Americans, which was Antifa stand up to them. That kind of thing total hogwash total malarkey is and he talks about the anti-semitic thing like Donald Trump is an anti semi well as the Israeli people Donald Trump is hero worship over they have named cities after Donald Trump and Israel now. I mean it is just so it just it just irritates me. I don’t have a problem with not agreeing on things, but when you just put lie out there and you start your campaign and accept the nomination with that lie, I just it just it just irritates me. I’m sorry. Alright. Bye. Let’s have a chat with time. We’re doing. okay. I got a few minutes left nearly two thirds of Americans believe Trump bears at least, according to this, at least a moderate amount of responsibility for the riot, according to a poll. And uh, and that’s probably true but think about this ladies and gentlemen, I can’t if you look at the power of the media and what they’ve been showing and what I mean, not only what they show, but what they won’t allow to be shown it’s hard to even find Donald Trump’s speech out there that he gave that day. It’s it’s just unbelievable that anybody would even have any positive feelings about Donald Trump. It’s a testament to how strong he was as a candidate as a person as president and how he was able to reach a core group of Americans. It’s a testament to that. That he’s even pulling above 1%, I mean because the onslaught is unbelievable and you cannot question it. you you can’t question it whatsoever. I mean Lou Dobbs is now been fired from the number one rated show on Fox Business abruptly. I guess Friday I was I was all weekend, so I didn’t really get to meat and potatoes of the story, but basically because he was too much of a pro trumpster, I suppose but it. Is uh you know this we’re about out of time it talks about some people like Lee Hamilton here, former Democrat under Bill Clinton, He says. All of this is gonna be a distraction and he’s advocating censorship and he’s talking about forming a 911 style uh commission to investigate this. It’s a distraction. alright, but you know it’s not just it’s not they’re not trying to distract you from Donald Trump. they’re trying they’re trying to ghost him. no doubt they’re trying to distract you from. King Joe is doing I mean basically Congress is at a stalemate to this is over and in between time King is running the show, although I think it’s people behind him man but uh they want a terror attack on September 11th basically they’re saying and Isis because they’re both four letter words are one in the same American people need to be investigated like we did for 911 terrorist. It’s crazy. And then, of course they’re wanting to uh attack him because they’re saying that Europe is watching and everything else. I’m going through this pretty quick they’re about out of time what Europe is worried about is that and they’re so grateful because Donald Trump simply wanted them to live up to their agreements and pay their fair share and for that, you know we had that famous gseven post. They’re you know, we’re they’re all staring Donald Trump down. I mean they’re so grateful they would never be that man they would be out at a bar party. With Joe Biden man but uh I wanna read this last little bit here and we’ll close the show out because this ladies and gentlemen is total hogwash. This is our this kinda to me just crushes his whole opinion here because he’s quoting cave of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Russia’s Opera House of Parliament, said after the democracy is obviously limping on both feet America no longer. Course and therefore has lost all rights to set it and even more so to impose it on others. Wow. So now we’re quoting Russian oligarchs as the basically saying that we don’t have a leg to stand on because of what happened on January 6 and and he talk about Russia, Russia, Russia. I mean they’re gonna be more empowered, China and Russia. Our enemies are getting more empower. Let me just ask you this and we’ll close the show. Do you think America’s position in the world is stronger or weaker since Donald Trump left uh I just don’t think there’s any doubt about that and there are people having buyers remorse. I can tell you that I’ve been talking to a lot of people. I talked to him on these trips. Not everybody is like wants Trump to come back, believe me some people that might have voted for him, don’t necessarily cuz they got Trump fatigue, but they’re looking at bid. And those guys is just selling us down the river because the rats ladies and gentlemen, and this is why I don’t trust the Republicans and this is why I trust you the American people to hold their feet to the fire cuz the rats are just waiting for the swamp to refill as I say the biggest thing was that Donald Trump tried to uh expose it so so much more I could talk about on this but uh basically let me just say this and we will absolutely I’m cutting all the way to the last picture. I wanna tell my producer this cuz there’s been a lot of talk. And I’ve heard it locally and our Republican party is that we need to appeal to moderates We need to reach out to people with not so much of a harsh message, and I remind them that Ronald Reagan said. We don’t need to paint and pastel colors. We need to paint in bold colors, but they’re moderate. I got a picture here in new animal rights people may be offended by this, but they can tell you in my neck of the woods. The only thing you find in the middle of the road. Is dead skunks and possums so if the Republican party wants to go middle of the road, they’re done, there is no let me just say this. there is no Republican party without Trump supporters might not have to be Donald Trump, but if you push all the Trump supporters out and put us in the middle of the road and end up with dead skunks pity you fools anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you can now go directly to our Facebook page like it share it with others and all of other stuff we said. Remember our sponsors, Big daddy Unlimited uh. And Patriot threads support them. I’ll keep praying for your family You keep praying for mine. Let’s both pray for this great nation cuz she needs it and deserves it more than others. but like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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