Citizens For Trump – Dem’s Want Citizen Trump To Testify At Impeachment Trial! – JMT #391

Welcome to John Mark talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, We got a great show for you today. First of all congratulations to you if you’re working or waiting for the weekend, it is upon us. It is Friday at least in most places and I’m going fishing right after the show. so life is good and it’s warming up for a change a little bit. It’s been frigid. Last couple of days, but a little bit better more like a Florida winter. so when I told you Yankees up there to turn that fan off, I really appreciate it. I do, but we got a show for you today. We’re gonna start out. We got a couple of stories. I hope we can get through both of them. Democrats want Trump to testify citizen Trump that is at his impeachment trial. The impeachment trial is supposed to start next Tuesday in the Senate and the Democrats have written a letter to President Trump and his lawyers requesting that. Actually give testimony sometime next week, actually they’re fairly specific about when and where they want it and then, of course Super Bowl Sunday Ladies and gentlemen Super Bowl Sunday unlike any Super Bowl ever basically cuz there’s not gonna be very many people there, but I would assume there would be tens of millions of people watching it because what else we got to do if you’re locked down it should be uh I’m hoping for a great game. It’s certainly historic in many ways. 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We’re working on that, but we are determined and we need your help to do it to be the voice of freedom so remember Www.john Martin put it in your list of things to do. Alright. We got a great show for you. We’re gonna start with this political story House Dems as Trump to testify at next week’s trial his impeachment trial. That has never happened before we’ve had several impeachment trials now are we’re getting ready to have another and I don’t believe any president has given testimony before and uh so it always a first for Donald Trump. I don’t think he’s gonna do it. He’s not required to do it, but we’ll get into the meat and potatoes of that in just a moment that’s a picture of uh and the guy right there. dead sinners Jamie Raskin He’s basically running the show or the House of Representatives, but you’ve gotta buy. About nine I think uh trial guys from the house, including uh a guy who is literally sleeping with the enemy and uh sleeping with Wayne. I think she’s a Chinese spy literally sleeping with the enemy in that group as well, the house on Thursday asked Donald Trump to testify under oath next week as part of the former president’s second impeachment trial in the Senate second base. Time he’s been in peace in less than a year and they’re trying to bait mister Trump. There’s no question about that what they’re trying to do is is they wanna do they don’t care if he testifies or not cuz if he doesn’t testify and we’ll get into more of this in a moment, they’re gonna say you know he’s guilty cuz he won’t testify and if he does testify, they’re gonna try to uh try to trap him at best and at worst use uh sound bites to work against him and other Republicans. so this has nothing to do with finding the truth. it has nothing to do with uh stopping in. Or anything like that, it is simply a piece of the puzzle for the show trial. that is they just won’t sound bite in a letter to Trump, the house lead impeachment manager Representative Jamie Raskin, Democrat of Maryland, said Trump’s testimony was necessary because his lawyers first official response and peace impeachment charge denied this is, according to Mister Raskin denied many factual allegations set forth in the article of impeachment so there there are. Say they set this eighty page of document and basically Trump’s response is large response. I believe we talked about this earlier this week If you wanna check out our podcast, you can go to John Martin talks YouTube spell it all the way out of course, recall TV www.john Martin talks dot and we’re on America’s voice News as well. We’re not on live right now, but we’re actually archived on their streaming channels. just go wherever you see America’s voice news. Click on it go to their shows. You can find John Martin talks America’s Voice News is a great alternative to the mainstream media. They’re on fire stick Roku Apple TV They got uh download free apps on your Android or your iPhone or on channel 219 Dish Network and the the Pluto Chandler America’s voice news and you can check out John Martin Show archive on streaming service, but here’s the thing here. Donald Trump what they want him to do what they’re saying in this the translation of this is cuz let me reread this cuz it’s very important, does an alert to. The House led impeachment manager Jamie, said Trump’s testimony was necessary because his lawyers first official response and like I say I talked about that on a previous show first official response to the impeachment charge denied denied many factual allegations set forth in the article of impeachment. In other words, he didn’t admit he’s guilty. He didn’t just say, Oh, I’m guilty. I’ll do what you wanna do. I admit that I’m the worst so that ever live and uh you know I am. Leader of the insurrection and yeah, it’s all my fault. You know he didn’t fall on a sword in other words and uh for that uh he uh he needs to testify right. It’s just crazy. bras went on to write, he said. You have thus attempted to put critical facts at issue, not an issue not withstanding the clear and overwhelming evidence of your constitutional offense. What constitutional offense Sir Donald Trump didn’t invite you. Guys are violating you’re the whole impeachment trial is a constitutional offense or an offense to the constitution cuz cuz it is guess unconstitutional what you’re doing? you’re trying. President Trump the constitution specifically speaks against is called the affirmation cause. I believe it’s specifically deals with the fact that the Senate cannot try an American citizen impeachment is specifically to remove a sitting official. A federal official from office, it’s been used for judges Presidents senators all that kind of stuff it was used for Al Hastings. We talked about that him earlier this week, Allie Hastings from the Great State of Florida, who was impeached impeached for being a money launder a bribe taker and corrupt as you could possibly be as a federal judge in Florida and his punishment was to get elected to the House of representatives and sit on multiple committees. Had been up there now for like a couple of decades, but he was impeached, but you know Democrats don’t mind they uh they exalt their impeach people, but they talk about constitutional offense. I’m offended that you’re even presenting this cuz it’s absolutely unconstitutional, but that’s never stopped them before they call themselves. the defenders of the Constitution. I tell you what if the modern Democratic Party is defenders of the constitution, It’s done. It’s done. it’s gone and he went went on to say in of of your disputing factual allegations what factual allegations there are no factual allegations in this they there’s only one thing that Trump is basically charged with and that is excitement to violence and insurrection. There’s nothing that he said on January 6. absolutely nothing that was insightful. Are anything about in he literally said cuz he could Donald Trump could really for his defense could literally just replay his speech from January 6 cuz the strongest language he used in that when it came to the capital was go to go to your page, go and peaceful protest patriotically or something to that effect. I mean it’s just nuts, it says here. but I write you to invite you to provide testimony under oath either before or during the Senate impeachment trial concerning your conduct on January. Twenty 21. What was his conduct? he gave a rally outside the White House and then that was it and the attacks on the capital is bad as they were and I’m not condoning it anyway, shape or form actually started before he even finished his speech. so there’s no way and there people were attacking it, but some in some aspects before even started his speech, New York Times actually did a timeline on this check it out. I’m telling you the truth, but it’s unbelievable, you know. The so what we’re finding now, ladies and gentlemen is is the Democrats they talk about defending the constitution, but with every turn they’re destroying they’re having an unconstitutional trial against a citizen, not a city official and the main goal of this is to try to prevent mister Trump from ever running for office again, which they cannot do when he’s not an office holder. He can’t be be and convicted and removed from office when he no longer has. It’s just like it’s just crazy man, but think about this what the Democrats have been doing. I got a little litany here of things where uh they have challenged the constitution so to speak, certainly the bill of rights and all how about going back to the the Kavanaugh hearing we learned in the Kavanaugh hearing that you know many of us, including myself and Billy Bob. Here is my psychic sidekick by the way Billy Bob bass. He’s got a Twitter handle it at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks. We’re trying to. Stay in the public square, no matter what we’re also on me we we were on parlor, but you know we’re waiting for power to come back. We’re on rumble bitch you we’re on a lot of platforms on Facebook and Twitter, but we’re determined to stay in the public where they may boot us out, but we ain’t running for nothing. Let me tell you, but he keeps me straight on the show and uh he reminded me about in the Kavanaugh case cuz you know Billy Bob and I both were on the same page. We thought that the Constitution said. That you were innocent and the state had to prove your guilt. You were assumed innocent, but oh, no, we found out that you’re it’s just the opposite. It’s bizarre where they talked about yesterday, We talked about the parallel universe where we’re actually in bizarre. We’re we’re the opposite of what you think is actually true The real Patriots are the ones that are burning the flag not the ones that are in the flag. It’s just crazy the world we’re living in but in the Kavanaugh case, we found out that you’re guilty. Are assumed guilty and you have to prove you’re innocent and that’s what happened in the Kavanaugh case. Thank God uh cooler heads prevail and then in the impeachment hearings when they impeached Donald Trump in the dungeon of the White House, I mean the uh the People’s House the capital they impeach him in the dungeon there. I don’t know if they put Donald Trump wouldn’t allowed to go to his attorneys weren’t allowed to go there and they weren’t allowed to listen to the witnesses that were brought forward. They couldn’t face their accu. Right because I once again, I guess I’m in bizarre world of a parallel universe because I thought you know, I guess I’m just a big old country pumpkin cuz I thought that uh that not only did you have you were innocent and until proven guilty, but I thought the constitution actually guarantee you your right to face your accusers, but no not when it comes to Donald Trump, he didn’t get the face his accusers. They were anonymous and then when we finally found out who some of his accusers were, there was only one person that gave First-hand testimony and he. He didn’t have the conversation with Trump that they said that Donald Trump didn’t ever ask him to you know uh put pressure on the Ukraine and everybody else was third person at best and many of them were anonymous. I mean good Lord ladies and gentlemen, I guess we don’t have the right to over here and then, of course the pH that resist to all of this came from none other than the sage of the Democratic Party. I call her one of the Twitter twat Alexandria. Ocasio tortillas. I’m gonna give you warning that I’m about to play a video of her so you can take small children by the hand or don’t change the channel. just you know, close your eyes and ears or whatever but Ocasio Cortez will we learn this when you when it comes to crime in America? Check it out all of this is game for investigation, but we also need to move quite quickly because we’re talking about the potential compromise of the twenty elections and so this is not just about something that has occurred. This is about preventing a. Disastrous outcome from occurring next year Future crime future crime its minority report. It’s a Tom cruise movie you so let me go down this again from Kavanaugh. We learned that you’re guilty and you have to prove that you’re innocent from the impeachment hearings with shifty shift. We learned that you’re not allowed to face your accusers and you can be found basically guilty and from Ocasio Cortez the sage that wants to I started to say. Sage of South, but she wants to liberate the south. We talk about that yesterday, but she says that you we’ve got to impeach Donald Trump. This was his first impeachment for future crime, but that’s what his second impeachment is about his will. It’s not about excitement of violence. It’s not about insurrection. It’s about the greatest crime that Donald Trump could ever uh commit, which he did. you know Donald Trump had said this in a while. But if I say that bears repeating Donald Trump in 2016 committed the greatest. In the history of the presidency, there is just no if answer, but there’s not a close Second. Donald Trump committed the worst crime in history. Hang on you know what the crime was EE and that is against the law, according to the Democrats and the never Trumpers in the mainstream media. so ocasio Cortez said last year they were impeaching Donald Trump for what might happen In other words he might win again in in 2020. I don’t know. Went There’s some people say he did, of course there was no election. Remember if you’re new to the show, you might not know this. We can’t say the f word on here. we don’t say the f word so we say and you can figure out so there was no voter Mod. Obviously that never happened. You can’t question it even if it did, but now Ocasio Cortez in the first hearing, she said that we’re impeaching him for what might happen and it’s the same thing now in the second impeachment, they’re impeachment he not because of. Violence or any of that kind of stuff they’re impeaching him cuz he might run again and he might likely actually win this time If you uh get rid of like the Mod, let’s put it that doesn’t show up Trump probably wins but future crime man. It is just insane. We are living in a parallel universe bizarre world no doubt about it, but Raskin Jamie Raskin is the like I say he’s cheering the uh the attack squad so to speak of the house on Trump, he specifically asked that Trump testifies. Time next week between Monday and Thursday the trial is slated to begin on Tuesday, so I guess they’re gonna allow him to do written test if nothing else to and expected to last around 1 week, week, and how long would this really, it shouldn’t even happen? let alone last a day, but it could last longer. I talked about this earlier in a week too, It’s really up to the Democrats, not only do they control the show because remember John Roberts, the chief justice who’s supposed to pre. Over impeachment trial said, I don’t want nothing to do with it, which I gotta give him credit. I don’t give him credit much. I give him credit for that and the lady who’s been up there since he got off the ark with Moses. He’s gonna be fair and impartial uh adjudicated or the judge in this case here come the judge Lady man, How would you like to face him but uh you know this so they’re asking for Donald Trump to testify either. Are in writing response to questions I spoke and as far as how this thing blows, it really depends as I said the other day it’s about show versus dough. Do they wanna keep putting on a show and call witnesses, which could drag this thing out for weeks? are they are they more interested in uh taking your dough your hard on hard-earned cash and just giving it away bid by the way coming up with some of the most creative ways to waste money, one of his latest proposals is to mail mass to everyone who actually mass. Male a mask to everyone, I guess it worked mass mailing to get him in the White House. So maybe he figures it’s it’s about mass mailing is uh got his dream to come true. You know that I hadn’t said this in a while, But of course, like I say bears repeating I gotta tell you I never actually thought that Joe Biden would ever be present and not even talking about this latest election because he’s run you know like every week since he’s been in Washington, he’s been running for president for like 40 years right, I never thought he would. I mean he was the worst candidate in history and he got the most votes in history the most ballots and no mud, no more but anyway, so uh it’s just crazy. so it depend on how long it last, but Billy Bob tells me Let me read this again cuz Billy Bob is telling me that we actually have a response from Donald Trump to this letter and I wanna make sure so let me read this again and then we’ll play mister Trump’s response. Raskin specifically ask that Trump testify sometime next week between Monday and Thursday. sounds like a cable. Repairman right that it could be there between Monday and the trial is slated to begin on Tuesday and is expected to last around 1 week Will Billy Bob tells me We have an official response from the president himself. let’s check it out. Now decide whether they will continue to fraud the public with ridiculous bullshit Donald Trump man. he has responded all the way and that’s you can say that about so much that the Democrats do they got to decide whether they wanna keep doing ridiculous bullshit. I mean, I don’t think he can set up any better. of course that was President Trump talking at a rally after the first impeachment, but I don’t see any reason to change that response. one bit. Do you Trump is not likely. Accept the house manager’s invitation if he declines, Raskin wrote We reserve any and all rights, except his of course, including the right to establish at a trial that your refusal to testify your refusal to testify supports a strong adverse inference regarding your actions and in action on January 6, twenty-one So let me get this straight. This is yet another inalienable, which use snowflakes means God given rights, another of our inalienable rights and other the first hand called the bill of rights First ten amendments that the Don’t believe in now, we know that they don’t believe in the first Amendment cuz free speech is under attack. No matter what and remember what Oh uh Chris Cuomo said. What is that a protest has to be peaceful? It’s called the first amendment. I mean there’s so many educated idiots out there. It is unbelievable, so they all the Democrats the Liberals, the progressives they don’t believe in the first amendment. I mean, don’t even get me started on the second amendment. My god they’re they’re proposing a national registry. All guns for what purpose do you think that is so they know where to catch him. so they know where to get you who the go got the guns you know they’re gonna come and take your guns. Hell. Yeah what it all up be Roy. His name hadn’t been mentioned even though Biden promised he’d be the guns are I mean yesterday we talked about Biden potentially important at a reality are and all that check that out from yesterday. it’s it’s just unbelievable. It’s it’s funny but it’s scary at the same time but Beto and know as I call him a guy that is so ashamed to what he does. He don’t he don’t take his mop. The name is mama gave him Robert. Remember, Biden promised him to be the guns are basically well, he said. Hell, yes, I’m coming for your guns. I mean he just that’s one thing about these progresses. You don’t have to wonder about where they stand. They will tell you and you need to understand this if you believe in the Second Amendment believe in the First Amendment believe in any of the amendments it they’re under attack and they are definitely you people cling to your bibles and your guns you better cling like you never have before cuz they’re coming for you now they may come looking like clinger from mash and a dresser. Um I don’t know cuz it’s getting bizarre up there but uh they’re coming for you and those people. This is one of the things that I’ve really learned about people who are quote gun gun that I didn’t really know I’ve I’ve lived with guns all my life never even thought about the second amendment cuz it was just part of our daily life in a small little town that I grew up in. We just guns were just a tool like a shovel or or anything else we they were always around. there was one literally on pretty much any closet in the house at that time had a gun, so I never really gave. A whole lot of thought, but apparently people who are really into guns haven’t given it near enough thought as well because they’re not that politically active well to use a coin a phrase from the left you better get woke cuz it’s real and they absolutely are coming for your guns. That’s not a threat. It’s a promise man, but so the Democrats don’t believe in they don’t believe in the first they don’t believe in second now they don’t believe in the fear that you and I’m not saying it President Trump would take the fifth. That’s what they’d love to have by the. He’d love to have Donald Trump up there. I’ll take the fifth. I’ll take the fifth, but you don’t have to testify against yourself. It is in the US Constitution for God’s sakes yet they are trying to put Donald Trump on the spot. They’re trying to say they don’t believe cuz this Ras listen to what he’s saying again here. you have a few question. I say we reserve any and all rights, including the right to establish that trial that you refusal to testify supports a strong adverse inference regarding. Actions and inaction on January 6 twenty-one. In other words, you’re guilty and if you until you’re until you uh prove your prove your innocence and you don’t actually testify, then you’re absolutely guilty cuz you haven’t proved you’re innocent and oh by the way we’re gonna convict you for what might happen down the road a future crime. they’re pulling all stops out on Donald Trump. They want a ghost to do they wanna make sure that Trump just disappears and that no one like him not that there is one whatever come up again and what they really are terrified of. I keep telling you this, but I’m telling you this proves it. Right here, there’s one person out there that they are terrified of they when I say they I’m talking about progressive left is never Trumpers the swamp basically, including the mainstream. There’s media. There’s one person they are absolutely terrified of and it’s not Donald Trump. It’s you. It’s you the American people you drag the society you basket full of pros you mostly bad people like uh president by I don’t believe me I don’t enjoy saying that we gotta deal with reality. He’s in the White House at least for now and uh but. They fear you greatly and and so trying to make you ashamed that you ever supported Donald Trump and they don’t understand the love people have for Donald Trump, the respect they have for how hard he has fought and so they’re actually doing the opposite. But of course they wanna identify us as the terrorist that we truly are man talking about that so they don’t believe this in any of these amendments. It’s a sham and show trial. Think about Benjamin Franklin always go back to our fathers I. Can still say the word fathers. Yeah, you can’t say fathers, I guess in Pelosi’s house used to be our house. now it’s pelosi’s, but Benjamin Franklin told you all the time that citizens duty of basically and right is to question authority. remember when the Democrats actually had that as kind of a slogan question authority now is we shall not be questioned, You know it is what it is that kind of thing I mean, basically Biden is governing like he’s the of Egypt like he’s a bad uh. Of Brenner from the ten Commandments, so let it be written so let it be done. I mean that’s what it is and no wonder they feel that they need armed guards around the capital and I’m noting our troops anyway, but they need armed troops around there cuz they’re absolutely ashamed of what they’re doing they know at some core, they’re being they gotta know it’s not fear and paranoia is it are they that paranoid that people are gonna rise up. I mean it’s just absolutely nuts man. What should we do? what should we do about it? Well, of course, we gotta wait and actually see what happened, but what should we do and I don’t think we we should bomb rush the I don’t think we should I mean right now, I wouldn’t even advise in going to DC and I’m telling you man our our national capital is one beautiful place when they scrub all the graffiti off of it. I guess, but what should we do? well? I keep going back to this frog in the pot, You know the story about where you put the frog in the pot and turn it up slowly and he’ll just sit there and simmer and cook to death, but if you throw him in bowling water, he’ll jump out see. I always thought that I was out of the pot. I really did Donald. Showed me that I was in the pot in some ways certain things you know and I’m I’m telling you now and I thank God for Donald Trump and I thank him both as the president and personally if I could that uh I’m out the pot and I am not getting back in it. So that’s what I want you to do. I want you if you’re in the pot get out and I don’t want you to go home and rest on your lord. Uh we need to spend time with our families and enjoy the freedoms that we have, but we also need to understand that freedom has never. Free, I gave that person a slogan they were talking about something to put on T shirts and hats, and I said, well, that’s always a good one and one of the people responded back. Well. It’s an old one, but a good one, and I said, you know the truth should never grow old and that is a standard thing. Freedom has never been free, Thomas Jefferson said. If you wanna be both ignorant and free, you want what never was and never will be, which is one of the main motivators of this show, battling ignorance and apathy on a daily basis support those of us. The fight not everybody can be a fighter, but you can support those of us in the fight and man I am froggy for a fight, but I’m not trying to hurt anybody. I’m talking about a political fight man we have to man the political parts is one of the things I say all that if you need to show welcome, Heidi, how are you glad to have you where you’ve been but you’re in the right place now as my friend at Patriot, says the truth starts now so spread this out far and wide cuz it sounds a little bit egotistical to say it maybe, but I believe this. Voices like that need to be heard now more than ever, so I say, man the political parts cuz if we don’t, we’re gonna have to man the real ones again and that price ladies and gentlemen has already been paid doesn’t mean we’ll have to pay it again, but to be a dad shame if we do and one of my phrases that I’ve been telling you, I’m gonna keep saying this over and over and over we have to educate ourselves. Listen to the show and help you to educate ourselves and educate others. share it. We have to act uh we have to educate ourselves and remember saying something that educate ourselves educate us motivate ourselves. We gotta get pumped up not to bomb us the capital but to do things like uh support candidates when the time comes, maybe run for office yourself, God knows we we need good out there and it doesn’t have to be to Congress all the time people ask me well, I’m thinking about running for Congress or state legislation. I tell them hey that’s great but why don’t you start with the school board? We absolutely need to. Our schools back to educate and educate others motivate yourself, motivate others and then very important activate do something actually do something we have to fight for our freedom. Ladies and gentlemen, and I’m not talking about violence. I don’t wanna see that happen, but if we don’t man the political parts, we’re gonna have to man the real ones again and I don’t wanna see that happen. Alright. I got a few minutes left and I gotta get into the spirit of the weekend coming up ladies and gentlemen the weekends here’s to you. I’m going fishing. I’m a fish whisper as they say, like this hat here, says make fishing great again my new slogan by the way and you can put it on the hat. maybe give me some royalty to do. I say make America first again because man we’re already trailing bad uh with the King Joe up there in Queen Pelosi up there man so uh you know which one of those monarchs are ruling. the most is it King or Queen Nancy. I’m not quite sure yet, but I try to be seriously entertaining here at John Martin talk sometimes it’s hard to do given the political environment we live in now, but we got a Super Bowl coming up so I thought I would. Read over this, It’s a bright Bart article. There’s several different versions of it, but basically the CDC centers for Disease Control has come out. Let’s just read the title and we’ll get into a CC issue Super Bowl party guidelines limits cheering and alcohol so they’re they’re telling you cuz not too many people will be at the game. You’re such a little tidbit for you. The game, of course is in Tampa. They’re obviously limiting the number of people, but here’s something that I think. Good but it’s a little scary, they’re giving away tickets. I don’t know how many but quite a few thousand to first responders nurses police officers. you know paramedics that type of thing first responder and they’re calling them heroes, which they are. There’s no question about it. but here’s the catch in order to qualify for the ticket giveaway You have have to present that been vaccinated some type type proof of vaccination in order to. Get into the football game to get your free ticket now, I’m not saying I’m anti vaccine. I’m anti mandated vaccines and we’ll talk about some of that more of that kind of issue in a minute, but that’s just a little tidbit here but the CDC issues this about it. so let’s get into it here in centers the Centers for Disease Control has posted its latest guidelines to regulate your Super Bowl and cheering an alcohol are on the outs so they’ve even gone. So far, ladies and gentlemen as you know, CDC is very creative, but they went old school because you know a lot of times at these games cuz you’re not supposed to shout and all that kind of stuff you gotta be quiet. so if you wanna argue a call, you know and say, hey man that guy was that was pass interference in your buddy Who’s for the other team goes. Oh, no man it was and you get an argument The CC has come up with solution, but they gone old school. They want you to use this old device. have you seen it in a while there it is. Cone of That’s a different variation. There’s several variations of the cone of Silas and I used to love that show get smart. so there you go if you have to argue with it get yourself a cone of silence put it on and see how it works cuz remember before there were smartphones there was get smart and I think oh Don Adams he’s going on now if you never seen that show, it’s actually quite funny but Don Adams actually was born in New York, but a lot of like a lot of New Yorkers. he moved to Florida. He actually lived in Tampa for a while I. Saying he would have been for the Bucks right now, but who knows probably got other things to do the guidelines for large God rest in peace done the the guidelines for large gatherings sets out to offer the safest way to celebrate events is at home with the people you live with, but what if you’re alone here is guaranteed to be. I mean think about that you can’t go anywhere you’re supposed to party with the people you live with, but what if you live by yourself, you know, I don’t know man maybe can you get an inflatable friend or something you know they they’re talking about all this artificially intelligent. I can tell they ever invent sex robots like the ones on that uh on H Bo, I can’t remember the uh Westworld the West House ever again, My wife gives to so I’m gonna force her to watch it. I’ll be me her and the dog of course. I got a lot of people live with me. I’m surrounded by love. I’m truly blessed but uh I guess it depends but you can’t go to your neighbor across the street. You can’t go down. I think in here and I don’t know if I say this part or not but out in California to give you example, they are banning Tvs and bars and restaurants during Super Bowl Sunday cuz they don’t want people to show up there to actually sit around and cheer and watch the Super Bowl, but no they they want you to be successful recall that dude. Newsom right now, but among the recommendations, the CDC wants you to keep your mouth closed during the big game. Avoid chanting our cheering Stomp clap our brain handheld noise makers instead, but if you did not create some wind or if you stop, I mean you let alone other ways to create wind, but don’t make any note. I mean you can only make like uh noise makers. So anyway, I thought I’d look about it. so it says you keep your mouth closed. The big game well, if that’s gonna keep you safe, You know what would really keep us safer is if we if we put that rule on the US House of representatives that they had to keep their mouth shut at all times shut up, sit down and shut up like Mayo said. So that’s what we need the CDC guidelines for the House of Representative just sit down and shut up. We’ll all be better off. avoid chanting or cheering well, that clearly is aimed at Trump. Right, chanting and cheering because we know that Trump supporters are the one they’re probably trying to stop chanting and cheering like this. Been treated fairly Hillary called called them They’re not deplorable. Yeah, they they don’t want any chanting from you. Trump supporters that like we love you let alone don’t buy by no means, say like Usa You, you can’t do that. No. you you can’t say you lock her up. You can’t say voter Can you say go bucks? I don’t you know our go chiefs. I try to be neutral here. I am from Florida. you figure it out. I just wanted to be a good game. It’s it could be very interesting game. I mean you have like one of the oldest and the youngest quarterbacks. I mean it’s just is there so many. Stories in this, I hope it, I hope it lives up to its billing, but then they say bring handheld noise makers instead and every time I think about the handheld noise makers, I gotta tell you this story. man. I guess I don’t know if this is good or bad or child abuse or what. but I gotta tell you one of my big Sid stories my dad used to call him Big Sid Martin. He was a political figure in the in Florida for many many decades, and I went when I was really young, maybe about 10 years old eight and something like that we went on a trip to the Bahamas. Just my mother me and my aunt, my dad stayed at home. And it was great. I mean I got a picture. I should baby I got one of them Big. I got a light blue suit on with a white tie must be bigger than my head coming down and anyway, sitting with the captain of the ship. But one of the things I brought back from the Bahamas, the one that you ever seen in there on a handle and you turn and they got strange with the beads on the ball and they hit and the faster you turn it. I got pretty good with that. so I got that toy. I’m like 810. I don’t really remember and I’m going around and ask that thing and my dad sitting in the lazy boy and he said, Hey, let me see that. And like he was excited about it and I said, okay, he took it and he did like that and he looked at it and he smashed it on the side of the dresser right there and gave it back to him and said sounds a lot better than that Uh I mean my dad said If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough and I was dumb enough to give it to him. I’m is that child abuse. Thank God for the child abuse that I had man, but I had to tell that story. Alright, let’s see how much how much time we got a minutes. Leah let’s get some more into how you can be politically correct at the Super Bowl. Agency Talking about the CC, adds the outside parties are better, but even in cuz it’s pretty frigid at some place, Cold weather medical mass should be worn under scars or ski ski but they’re violating federal statutes now are they’re violating you know the decree from Joe Biden explaining in a minute so worn under scars or and regardless to CC, warns folks not to invite people with whom they do not live with to their party. Now this ladies and gentlemen. Is part of what I’m about to read you is from King Joe’s executive orders so let it be written so let it be done. It says this is about mask wearing in public transportation. so if you’re using this to go to a party, this is the CC order also says it’s not enough to simply wear a mask It has to be need to be a bubble boy. I guess it has to be a certain kind of mask It can’t be a bandana you’re riding the subway can’t be a bandana a scarf a ski mask or a. Lover It can’t be any of those it can’t fit too loose. It can’t be below your nose. You know all that kind of stuff or two art can’t fit too tightly. You know it can’t do that. it can’t contain any exhalation valve or be made from knitted fabrics leather plastic or vinyl. I mean there are a lot of you guys that are absolutely violating mister Biden’s executive order as we speak even a CDC guidelines, Super Bowl, Violet or Billy Bob. Me that we actually have a photo of the proper way to wear a mask, according to CDC and buying guidelines. let’s check it out. I think we got a picture there. it is there. She is the great Marjorie Green the new congresswoman that is all the rage. now they’re obsessed with. I love her mask, it says Trump won. I don’t know if you could tell, but she’s wearing that on the house floor, I doubt that’s legal anymore. You can wear the. Uh but not the Trump one mask but I-0 hell, Marjorie Green man. I love the fact that she’s wearing that mask kept my time. We’re pretty much out of time, but I gotta read this one part and then we’ll we’ll close. I gotta play one more video for you. They say that um avoid crowding and creating congested areas and avoid using the restroom during high traffic times. so as to further social distancing, so I think we have a video that. The proper way to be politically correct when you’re using the bathroom, check it out. There you go now, you know how to handle yourself in the bathroom, I said. We’re gonna, but we got time for one more quick video cuz the main thing ladies and gentlemen in the spirit of unity. We’re all supposed to be in be a good winner and not a a sore loser cuz the one thing you don’t wanna do when you lose is this. I think you get the picture be a cheerful lose except defeat if it happens to you and rejoice in your victory. Hope you have a great weekend. Hope you’ve enjoyed the Super Bowl. We’ll be back Lord willing on Monday to talk all about all these various things I’ll pray for your family You pray for mine. Thank you so much for watching it. let’s pray all pray for our great nation because she deserves it. remember to support those of us in the fight support our sponsors, but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart. My family to yours have a blessed day.

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