Citizens For Trump – Dem’s Trying To End Constitutional Elections! – JMT #409

Citizens For Trump – Dem’s Trying To End Constitutional Elections! – JMT #409

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, We got a great show for you today. We’re gonna talk about this house bill called SB one or HB one. I guess it’s a house and Senate and it basically has to do with eliminating constitutional elections going forward. Basically they’re trying to remedy a situation with for the Democrats means codify the uh cheat by mail. I don’t know how to put it and we’re getting into some of the details of that in just a moment and then if we have time which I’m gonna try to make some time there was a horrific crash in California yesterday that left I think thirteen people dead and many seriously injured and I’m going to make a case that basically it was Joe. And the Democrats fault that they literally have in a way blood on their hands. So we’ll talk about that. But before we go any further, we always got to mention our sponsors our primary sponsor is BD otherwise known as big Daddy Unlimited, no matter when or where you’re watching the show look above the video you’ll see a description of the show and you’ll see links to our sponsor and various other things. Click on the big Daddy Unlimited the BD link and you will go. To where you can get direct pricing on guns and ammunition delivered directly to your door, including over 100 thousands of other items uh related to the second Amendment from guns ammunition down to tactical gear and uh even survival gear, all of that kind of stuff, as well as just swag headquarters cuz that’s exactly what they are cuz not only can you get factory direct pricing as I say on guns and ammunition to to your. 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Recoil is also all about the second amendment and that they produce videos topnotch videos about all issues from to actual guns and ammunition are surrounding the second Amendment Recoil TV. Check it out. Alright, let’s get into the show here we’re gonna start with a Washington Post article The voting wars come to Capitol Hill Democrats. National elections overhaul amid Gop crackdown basically ladies and gentlemen, what would any better than that? The constitution is on fire and I’m gonna get into details well, let me just give you a broad overview essentially the way that the that the federal goes if you wanna call it that for president we don’t really have a federal election. we have in a sense fifty state elections, and of course there’s some territories in that and each state parameters of the election laws They don’t set the date, although they can do with early voting in that but the the date. Set in the constitution, but the election laws are actually passed by the individual states, and this is the most important part of this only the state legislators. in other words, the house and the Senate within the states. some of them call them different things. They’re the only entity that is allowed to change election law within the state, not the governor, not the Supreme Court, not Stacey Abrams down in Georgia with consent decrees for the. State No one but the state legislature can change the election laws and that was the cracks of major complaints were uh by Texas and of course, several other states, including Florida, join with them to say that essentially that the uh any changes that were done outside the legislative process is supposedly around the pandemic so to speak we’re unconstitutional and they were and we’ll get into some of that in a minute. So what the uh what the Congress is trying to do under the Democrat. Leadership and Joe Biden in the White House who’s already basically signed off on the bill. They’re trying to make what happened in 2020 with the changes like uh you know, extending voting times basically the uh the mail in ballots going out to everybody in mass mailing all of those things they’re trying to make it not only are they trying to make it nationalized but they’re trying to restrict states from doing their constitutional duty and their constitution. Right to actually have things like voter ID laws, integrity issues and we’re getting on alright, let’s get on with the story the turbulent debate over the nation’s elections Reach Congress doorstep this week when House Democrats poised to pass sweeping nationwide standards. They’re not really supposed to be nationwide stand. They’re supposed to be state standards for voter access Wednesday, just as Republican lawmakers in dozens of states move to restrict polling access after Donald Trump’s November loss. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that when they say mood to restrict polling access that is what they always accused the Republicans, no matter what as restricting voting. That is a lie. What the Republicans are trying to do is make sure we have the primary thing they want in most places is voter identification and if you think about it, I mean it’s ridiculous. It’s I tried to look up this video that I actually saw a few years ago. I couldn’t seem to find it. Probably cuz it’s you know has the wrong narrative for the current times I went into Detroit. I remember it well and they interviewed black Americans in Detroit and they asked them how hard was it for you to get an ID and they said it’s simple. You know there’s various ways that they can get Ids motor. You know the uh from the the division of motor vehicles or driver’s license and stuff like here in Florida, you can get a state a driver’s license that kind of thing and many states have the same thing and they basically said it was no problem whatsoever and they eat neighborhoods and people are saying this. Thing I believe ladies and gentlemen, I was racist to me to insinuate that based on someone’s skin color, they’re not able to get an identification card. You can’t do anything in this country without identification card. You can’t even exercise, say food stamps without an identification card. You can’t get your baby out of the hospital without an identification card. so it’s absolutely insane and I think I can make. A strong case that it’s racist to intend to insinuate that any group has more trouble getting a uh identification based on their skin color. It’s just ridiculous man, but it is a lie to say that Republicans are restricting access now they are talking about shortening of the two major things that the three major things that Republicans want one they won’t voter to shorten the time of early to get more back to uh today of voting early voting. Is probably already left is like the horse left the barn there’s going to be early voting now, I can tell you that early voting cuz you know Democrats are even in this bill. they’re talking about trying to take the money out of politics. Let me just tell you in this sense early voting and this is absolute fact cost a lot more money but sales have to spend a lot more money in early voting because basically the way campaigns used to work and I’ve worked. Many of them and the way they used to and it doesn’t matter what state you’re in, They work. essentially this way you raise money and you spend most of your money in the last 30 days up to the election before that you’re mainly just a mass of money use things for infrastructure you use stuff for signs that kind of thing, but the advertisement of TV and direct mailing is the most expensive thing in radio as well uh to advertise for or for for. An election for a candidate the earlier you have voting the more they have to spend when that starts it used to be that they would do an absentee ballot chase every state has slightly different rules, but essentially they had people would have absentee ballots would go out they would have a day when they would start coming in and people would spend money directly on chasing what they call absentee ballots, Then they would start day just to give you an example like mail in like uh mail uh mail pieces. Or is probably still even to this day, one of the most effective ways to reach voters directly cuz even if they pick it up, throw it in the trash so personally and professionally the first piece is basically an issues usually don’t want more than one or two that you think are driving force. This is the reason why I’m running so first. Hi, I’m running. Secondly, here’s the main. It’s time to vote well if you extend that over a month period, it means you gotta do four or five pieces or. Got to do chopped up pieces it cost a lot more money so anyone who tells you that they’re for taking money out of politics early voting and expanding mail-in voting either. Don’t know what they’re talking about or they’re just lying back to the article. Both parties have mobilized for the fight in unprecedented ways, reflecting the immense public attention on election issues. I hope that’s true. I hope the public is paying attention to election issues. We know that half. Americans don’t even pay attention to elections period. They don’t even vote. They don’t even register to vote and think about this. It’s a huge turnout if 85%, let’s say of people turn out that are eligible to vote turn out to vote, but keep in mind even that means that half the country over half vote at all, which is a shame thanks to Trump’s much long campaign of falsehoods. They say this is is what the article is saying and the subsequent attack on the capital as well as stake for. 2020 midterm elections, Let me tell you now when it comes to like the attack on the capital. I’m not condoning any aspect of it whatsoever, but the frustration that many people are course Trump supporters probably at the highest level of that feel about the elections is not because Donald Trump kept saying cuz we don’t say the f word or we don’t say the outright S word here we talk about voter Mod cuz we don’t wanna you know, algorithm and praise the algorithm. We we talk about stopping the squeal and you can figure out what that rhymes with, but it wasn’t Donald Trump’s excitement cuz he did just the opposite right, go down and peacefully and patriotically protest. It’s I blame if there’s anyone entity to blame I would blame the Supreme Court of the United States of America because they didn’t do their job now twice once back during the uh election when they should have taken up the case, the Texas. Now all these other things about Dominion software all of that. I’m not saying that’s not legitimate stuff. I’m not saying that vote, you know dead people voting people voting in other states like in Florida. It happens a lot. We got people for say New York vote, New York and here that kind of thing. I’m not not saying all of that isn’t a factor and I’m not even saying that the you know the gigantic vote by mail is some people call it cheap by mail wasn’t a factor, but the bottom line ladies and Is if the Texas case had been heard by the Supreme Court and keep in mind, most of these cases, they talk about old Trump lost this and that most of them never actually got to the point of hearing evidence and the Supreme Court is supposed to arbitration any uh conflicts between the states, according to the Constitution, and they wouldn’t even hear the evidence and they heard the evidence cuz the the thrust of the Texas case was what I was talking about it beginning a show the constitutionality of who can change election laws and it’s only the state. So any changes to election law, I don’t care if you feel like they were justified or not for the pandemic pandemic any changes that were done outside of the legislative process therefore unconstitutional and should not have counted now as I say all these other software stuff Dominion everything else cheating the big mailing if those votes had been tossed Donald Trump would be the duly elected president of. United States of America I don’t think there’s any really any doubt about that. so I blame the Supreme Court in two cases one they didn’t take up the Texas case and listen to the evidence, which was their duty and that frustrated and angered a lot of people cuz if you think about it if you’re trying to work the system and I’m not condoning violence. but if you’re saying, okay, I wanna work the system and you can’t even get your grievances addressed. I’m not saying they had to decide with them. I think they would have is why they didn’t wanna take. Up by the way cuz they lack the uh if you will, they cowards, they didn’t want to influence the election, which was their job to actually not influence the election, but follow the constitution. so you had had the frustration of not even getting your grievances addressed it has been compounded now by the Supreme Court. We did a show about this a week or so ago. Check it out. go to our our YouTube channel spell it out. John Martin talks You can see us there. Of course our Facebook page John Martin talks like it share it with others and and member. As I talked about recoil TV also we’re archived on America’s voice news. We’re not on there live anymore, but we’re on America’s voice News a great alternative to the mainstream media. They got a free app on your Android your iphone or on Roku Fire stick Apple TV channel 219 Dish Network and the Pluto channel go to their streaming service. Click on it. Look at the shows tab. Click on that and you will see our show archive there on a daily basis, but not only so back to the story not only take a quick sip here. get long winded right. Billy Bob says get on with it, he’s my Psychic sidekick by the way Billy Bob bass. Some of us are sicker than others, and that probably I’m a fish whisperer. but he has a Twitter handle. Let’s at Billy Bob Bass, one and mine at John Martin talks but so going back to the Texas case where for the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court would not see the evidence, which was their constitutional duty. so people were frustrated by that. then it was compounded just a couple of weeks ago, and this is where I was talking about my my podcast. Check it out. When the Supreme Court refused to take up the challenges of the various election laws that were violated on a state-by-state basis, there were half a dozen cases and they blindly refused to even look at them. So if you think about frustration if you go those two cases on the one hand, your grievance was not addressed leading up to the election and now your grievance is are not only not addressed but the problem that everybody really that has any knowledge of the constitution would a is a problem. The Supreme Court refused to even address that which wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the election. I think they were worried about it might change the unity but how we gonna unify if we don’t have our grievances addressed and then we don’t have any solutions to the obvious problems. It’s just crazy. so I blame the Supreme Court lawmakers are barreling ahead with major rollbacks back to the article of early voting mail and other state provisions that Trump and Republicans opposed while a Supreme court’s elections, the federal government is not supposed to be policing elections. They are state run and it said here I may or may not agree with the changes, but if the state of Georgia wants to change their election laws and go the way of Stacey Abrams, I would oppose it 100% but that would be their right if they follow through with the state legislatures elections have consequences you know. Democrats are always talking about trying to save democracy, but they don’t believe in the democracy at the state level cuz if they did they’d be on the same side as the Republicans and me, but you’re never gonna see and uh this is an excellent example, You’re never gonna see bipartisanship the way you think it should be bipartisanship. I understand what the textbook says you know, Republicans and Democrats work together but reality, bipartisanship means. Republicans cave now they may ultimately cave to this God. I hope not cuz if they do, it’s all over and I’ll talk about that more in just a second, but the Democrats are never gonna bipartisan support free and fair elections and uh that the uh Republicans want because you can name a bunch of times when Democrats were adamantly for something Republicans were opposed to it and Republicans went the other way and cave to the Democrats. I can’t think of one time when the Democrats Democrats, I said. I didn’t mean it slip of the tongue there Democrats were actually opposed to something the Republicans before and how to change your heart. so you know the efforts and the Republicans they’re actually right and went that way you tell me I still hadn’t seen it but state lawmakers are barreling ahead at saying here actually what state lawmakers are trying to do is follow the constitution. Now there’s a radical idea The opposing efforts have created a remarkable split screen between the hurry Gop drive under the state Capitals and the significant Democratic push in Washington. well the Democratic. In Washington is basically anti constitutional cuz keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen. This is something people just don’t they don’t teach this That’s why battling ignorance and apathy on a daily basis here because the constitution was not designed to empower the federal government. Let me say that again the constitution was never designed to empower the federal government if anything is just the opposite, the constitution was formula. To protect protect the god-given inalienable rights of the individual, the rugged individualist from being taken away by an overreach of the federal government is an overreach and it’s unconstitutional, and they just don’t wanna face that. but uh says here with both parties seeing election laws as a crucial factor in determining outcomes and as a motivating issue for their base of support. So what exactly is the base of support for the Democratic Party? Well, I’m gonna play you a series of videos here a couple of em that will show you two different democratic leaders that were both being mentioned as actually running for president and in place of uh of Biden and may end up doing it in the future. although one of them play is probably too damaged, we’ll get into that moment, but here’s her base of support. First. I’m gonna play Michelle Obama. After mister Obama, Barack Obama actually secured the nomination for the Democratic Party when he won enough uh uh elector or our delegates to secure denomination. This is what she said on that great evening when we had the first black nominee for president by any major party, check it out. I don’t think we’ve we’ve seen that. but what we’ve learned over. Year is that hope is making a comeback It is making a comeback and let me tell you something for the first time in my adult lifetime. I’m really proud of my country and not just because first time barrack is done well. think about that. Here’s a woman and I’m not knocking her. I’m just pointing out the facts she has risen to the top of her professional field. She’s uh I guess a highly respected lawyer at that time her. Her husband were on the verge of taking the presidency becoming the next the first lady her in the White House. yet this is the first time now she’s raised a couple of kids. you know they were well on their way and the Obama’s appeared to be pretty good parents and all that kind of stuff, but and I’m not even talking about their politics. but here is Obama Barack Obama has risen from relative obscurity all the way to being a state senator, then a us. Then a keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention, which the uh Clinton’s put him forward on that and then on the verge of being the first African-American nominated by a major party for president and she says this is the first time that she’s been proud of her country. Are you really gonna say that considering all that has been accomplished even in your own family? I mean my god her husband is. Look at what he had accomplished. I don’t say you have to like Obama, but he’s what he had accomplished is pretty amazing. considered he came from a broken home and everything else. I mean it’s unbelievable yet. this is the first time they’ve been proud so only if they win do are they proud of their country and then I wanna play another one. This is a video of Mario I mean Andrew. I’m sorry not Mario Andrew Cuomo, who’s certainly and we talked a lot about him yesterday. Check out our podcast as I told you various ways to do that. Remember our. Andrew Cuomo and and when I want you to hear what he say in this speech, I’m gonna play about a minute of it and think about as he’s saying this his family history is one of immigrants coming here with essentially nothing and rising to the top to where his father was governor He’s governor his father was almost the Democratic nominee for president and his brother Chris is like one of. Top political pundits, one of the most highly paid people on TV on Cnn. I’m not saying you have to like him, but I would say that the Cuomo story is a story of the American dream. I don’t see how you could possibly say it different, but listen to what Ma I mean. Andrew Cuomo Morrow is probably ashamed of this God rest his soul, but listen to what Andrew Cuomo said about America’s greatness. Check it out. We’re not gonna make America great again, It was never that great, It was never that great. That’s enough. We think about that as I just said there the the Cuomo story shows how great America is just the Michelle Obama said the first time she’s ever been proud Her story is the American dream. Cuomo is the American dream yet they’re saying that uh you know they got to play to their base. Well, what is your base when you have people? Have accomplished so much and still don’t think America was ever great ever great now not great again but ever great and it’s the first time you’ve ever been proud of uh I don’t know but that’s hard. That’s one of the reasons by the way that I left the Democratic Party over a decade ago, I used to be a Democrat, Southern Democrat first person I ever voted for President, though, was Ronald Reagan so that probably tells you where I was, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I could not take the insanity of the Democratic. I’m not saying that Republicans have all the answers, but at least there are handful of people willing to ask tough questions. House leaders anticipate near unanimous democratic support. I would agree with that, maybe not in the Senate and zero Republican backing for their bill known as HR One are the four the People Act for the People Act. Yeah, that would overhaul elections campaign finance and government ethics law Some liberal lawmakers are pushing. Ditch the filibuster rules to pass it into law without Republican support for the People Act. It’s uh it’s AF word, but we’re not gonna say it act but government ethics government ethics well. so let me ask you this Where do you turn for your ethics? Uh I’d be willing to bet you you don’t turn the political figures on either side of the aisle for your ethics. If you are you are but I wanna make sure that I was understanding the ethics the way I think it means so I look. Up the definition ethics moral principle principles that govern a person’s behavior are the conduct conducting of an activity Do you really look to Congress? I don’t care what party you’re in or no part. Do you actually look to Congress for your ethical guidelines? Maybe maybe to say well that ain’t right, I can understand keep in mind that Congress both Democrats and Republicans actually have a slush fund in Congress your taxpayer dollar. To pay off people for sexual assaults, sexual harassment, suits and everything else they have AA slush fund of your money and these people are gonna talk about ethics. I’m sorry man I don’t look at political figures as uh as a place to get my ethics. so they’re not part of that Man Speaker Nancy Pelosi and boy she the Queen of ethics. I mean, she said, she said this is what she said, and when you think of ethics, don’t you think. She’s like the queen of it, she said. What we wanna do is clear the air clear the air of that big dark money clear the air of political gerrymandering and clear the air air of voter suppression that is out there they she’s talking about Republicans. They know that their issues are losers with the American people. They know that big money and voter suppression is there. This is Nancy Pelosi their path to victory and that’s why they’re engaged in this. The Democratic Party is the party of billionaires all the top billionaires are all behind the Democratic Party. I mean they’re the party of the poor and they’re the party of the billionaires by the way if you’re the party of the poor, What do you need more of poor people? so keep that in mind? but but uh it’s unbelievable that the the audacity of these people have ethics No audacity, yes, among the dozens of state legislatures considering sweeping new laws that. Voter options actually, if you look at it all they’re trying to do in a place cuz they talk about Georgia has gotten the most attention all they’re trying to do is return to the original laws they had before the pandemic panicked everybody. It’s not they’re not trying to make radical changes. they’re trying to shore up the integrity of the election. Georgia has gone an outside attention in part because of the state’s leading role in the 2020 election. Trump fixated on. Narrow loss there and while state Republican leaders rebut accusations that the fraud that I can’t say the F word in the article, the Mod we call it. We don’t say the f word here and played a role in the outcome. Gop lawmakers said their proposals are needed to restore faith in the election process among Trump supporters well, ladies and gentlemen. Let me just tell you it’s real tempting to focus on the Mod, let’s say of dead people voting are the Mod if there is some of these uh machines, Dominion machines and I’m not downplaying any of that. but the fact is in Georgia. let’s use Georgia as the example, the fact is that if Georgia had simply followed the election laws of the state, Donald Trump would have won that going away and so would have Purdue and Lawler in the Senate and I can give you one. Cut example of that as I say to have anything change election laws outside of the legislative process, not the Secretary of State with Stacey Abrams and a consent agreement or the governor, None of that the only constitutional way to change election is in the state Legislature and clearly Georgia didn’t do that right so Dominion dead people voting the the the whole uh cheat by mail all of that if the. Election laws of Georgia were followed out and Imma give you the proof in just a second Donald Trump would have won going away and so would Purdue and Lawler and here’s the only thing you really need to see that and before they did this consent decree with Stacey Abrams the average rate of rejection of an absentee a mail in vote due to conflicting signatures are not filled out correctly or not mailed in on time the average. Toss out rate was 6% so in a normal year they toss out 6% in Georgia consistently of mail-in voting. Do you know what the when they when this year in 2020? I mean when they had hundreds of thousands of votes by mail that they’ve never had before from this consent decree, it wasn’t it was unconstitutional. What was the rejection rate? then so 6% normally? A Georgia election with Mail-in voting 6% the rejection rate when they had hundreds of thousands more was a third of a percent not even 1%. So I think it’s pretty clear that if they had had the election laws followed in the state of Georgia as they were constitutionally supposed to do done and they maintain that 6%. Let’s say they cut it down two or 3% like five or 4%. Donald Trump would have been or would have certainly won Georgia. I don’t think there’s any question about voting issues dominated the annual conservative Cpac they’re about this past week in Orlando, where presenter actor presenter unsubstantiated and in some cases, disprove claims that widespread Mod, I don’t say the F word occurred in November, but unsubstantiated the reason they’re unsubstantiated because the various courts, including as I said the Supreme Court didn’t actually. Follow the constitution and even hear the evidence. It’s hard to say evidence is substantiated or not if you don’t actually hear it. It’s just crazy man and no one really talks about that, but it such as car loads of illegal ballots. This is some of the accusations they say people may being dumped at counting facilities. Well, let me tell you ladies and gentlemen. I just told you about the uh the election laws and how they would have earned the election if they’ve been followed in Georgia. I wanna play you want just one video that shows you all you need to know about whether or not there was shenanigans. Let’s put it that in elections this is from Detroit, Michigan when they were counting the ballots and they were supposed to have the public be able to see it, especially the uh particular the poll watchers from the various parties look at what they did in Detroit to keep people from watching what they were doing. Check it out. It is a blue wave is no no, no that’s not the right one. It’s white. It’s the no. It’s the one that says boarding up Michigan vote count. I don’t. I put it on. Alright, we’ll come back to that if we can, but uh in Michigan here we go this is it. Now you see what’s happening there that big room is where they’re counting the ballots and the people are trying to watch what is happening and they boarded it up. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that you board up something if you don’t want people to see what you’re doing and so I’m sure that there was some shenanigans going on there because people don’t you see what you’re doing when you’re doing the right thing do that. I mean that. Alone to me, explains a lot alright, let’s keep going the Republican National Committee, meanwhile, has started a committee on election integrity time. We got a couple of minutes left meeting in recent weeks and we’ll act as a clearing house for suggestions to state Gop committees on how to change us election law. I got a radical idea. Why don’t we just follow the actual constitution? There’s your solution right there. Follow the constitution. You don’t need to make. Kind of different changes Follow the constitution and let me just kinda uh scroll down here a little bit cuz we’re kinda running out of time I wanna get down to this um talking about Donald Trump when he was at Cpac, it says Sunday his much anticipated talking about President Trump returned to political stage. uh he said that this bill he’s talking about this bill would be a disaster Republicans and highlighted provisions such as elimination of voter ID requirements implementation of automatic voter restriction and Mandated non-partisan redistricting I wanna cover that very quickly cuz the states by the state Legislature once again pretty much in every state they decide where the congressional districts now Congress they are federal level depending on population, you can win more seats like representative seats are less depending on shifts and population, Florida is about to get more congressional seats in places like New York and maybe California that their population is falling are going to lose seats So. State legislatures in South Florida I used to use Florida’s example, are the ones that determine what those seats are going to look like and there are some restrictions and and those things, but generally speaking, they can determine that now these Democrats are constantly saying that uh oh they they wanna save democracy. Save democracy well keep in mind that in spite of all that happened, Donald Trump not getting enough ballots to to be in the White House. No Mod there not saying that but in spite of. That that no single legislative Republican legislature was flipped. They all that were and even gained a few that were so in other words, the state legislatures that were in Republican’s hands are still in Republican’s hands so that gives them the constitutional right to district or redistrict or draw the maps as they see fit elections have consequences. So what this bill is trying to do is. Federally something that the local people at he didn’t get much more local than electing your local state legislator they are trying to overturn the will of the people in their states and we cannot let this happen, he said to mister president said uh mister Trump said that the monster must be stopped it cannot be allowed to pass. Let me check my time got a few minutes left this ladies and gentlemen is coming down to what I’ve been telling you for months now for the last year, it is. Freedom versus tyranny. That’s what this is and this push by the Democrats is to make sure that they codify a state of tyranny and you cannot let it happen and uh people are always asking me. What are the Democrats really want? And I’m always telling you to take them at their word, take them at their word and that is, for instance, listen to what the armed wing of the Democratic Party. Antifa is about whether or not we should have borders or walls. No Usa at all, Let’s play that. As I tell you all the time take these progressives at their word, they’re chanting there are no borders No walls, No Usa at all. and that’s exactly what we’re gonna have No Usa at all if these Democrats get their way and people are always asking me about succession whether we should succeed or not and I’ve been saying all along. I’m not forced to success. I don’t think it’s gotten to that point by any stretch, but I can tell you that I understand the frustration and I think you’re. See states exercise their regional uh join up regional like Florida and Texas and all that my golf alliance as I call it, but if this bill passes and becomes the law of the land, I think you could actually see people moving towards the succession because you if you’re conservative, you would have literally no voice in America at all period uh and alright we’re gonna move on. We only got a few minutes left. I gotta show you this uh next story It comes from Usa Today. It is a tragedy. I wanna say that flat out first of all. The loss of life here is horrendous and it is a tragedy and you know I pray for the families the victims and the people that are still in the hospital trying to recover completely, but I think that you could lay this on the feet of the Democrats. Listen to this. This is Usa Today’s story very sad at least thirteen people dead after truck slams in the Suv carrying twenty-five near US-Mexico border is down and there’s the scene of the crash right there. In California, at least thirteen people died after an SUV packed with dozens of passengers collided with a semi truck. It was the the uh the suv’s fault they pulled out in front of the truck near the US-Mexico border Tuesday, according to California Highway Patrol officials, California Highway Patrol division Chief Omar Watson said the crash involved a big rig hauling two trailers so a tandem truck and a Ford expedition, which is basically a big Suv carrying. Twenty-five people now this thing is supposed to hold six people. it was carried twenty-five people. The seats were all removed out of except the driver and the passenger seat twenty-five people can you imagine being packed up in that vehicle? It wasn’t immediately clear whether the Suv was carrying migrants ten miles from the border. They’re pretty much all Mexican all Hispanic, who crossed the border. The driver was the only one who really been identified Fairing farm workers to fields or was being used for some other purpose. It seems pretty clear to me. You know it walks like a duck right, a preliminary report of the crash released late Tuesday by the Highway Patrol, said the Suv driven by 28 year old resident of Mexico, entered the direction right in front of the the truck. Twelve people died at the scene, including the Suv driver, Another one died at the hospital. Listen to this the ages of those involved in a crash range from fifteen to 53, so there were quite a few minors in this. I don’t know how many of the breakdown to the Democrats don’t care. I’m just gonna put it to you. I’m just gonna speak you look for political correctness you’re in the wrong. The Democrats don’t care think about this. I think it’s fair to assume that the vast majority of people in that vehicle here illegally. I don’t think that’s a big shot. The driver of that truck was an American citizen, apparently driving his big. All of those people shouldn’t have even been here. I always hear where you know there’s no evidence of crime illegal immigrants do this if you’re here illegally and you commit a crime, Then that crime is certainly preventable because you’re here illegally. you shouldn’t be here in the first place I feel sorry for all of the victims that is I feel sorry for the truck driver. I pray that he said. I pray they all survived that are still a living but think about that truck driver He’s just doing his job and now he not only has he got to recover from serious injuries. Hopefully he will, but he’s got to live with. That even though it wasn’t his fault the image of him killing fifth like fifteen people, It’s absolutely crazy. man. People don’t think about that you have to live with that if you’re Biden once said that he don’t believe felony Dui is a felony well if your loved one was killed by someone here illegally that was driving a vehicle while drunk you got to live with that. it’s crazy man, but I like how they say ten of the victims were Mexicans confirmed Roberto Velasco, director of North American affairs from Mexico’s Formula Relations Department. There’s no emergency situation at the border right none. You got twenty-five, but think about this how desperate and I’ve told you many times if I was living in Guatemala and I had a shot to come to United States. I would do it too, so I don’t blame them but how desperate do you have to be to stack up twenty-five people and get in that vehicle to get in that vehicle? How desperate do you have to be these are desperate people and I don’t blame them for being they’re desperate. I don’t blame them. I blame Joe Biden and the Democrats who believe in open borders in a welfare state and they’re attracting these people in record numbers. That’s who I blame man. It’s a heavy price to pay, but I blame them. Let me check my time here. We’re pretty much out of time. Let me just say this one thing and then we’ll uh we’ll end but right here. Diane Feinstein says. My thoughts are with the families of all those involved she announced on Twitter. My office is closely monitoring the situation as we learn more about the horrific. Crash and she goes on to say all this, there’s a couple of others. they quote here. Democrats talking about how horrified they are. These are the same people that mock Republicans mock conservatives when they stand up and say they’re praying for victims of shooting and gun violence and everything else they mocked them for that yet here they are praying and they say, and I’m not saying they’re not. I’m not mocking them for praying. I’m just pointing out hypocrisy praying for these people these people. Shouldn’t even be here The Democrats absolutely don’t care they’re only interested in political power. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. Please go directly to John Martin talks Facebook page like it share it with others. Remember our YouTube channel spell it all the way out. John Martin talks please patronize our sponsors. Look above the video you’ll see links to those but like I say each and every day ladies and gentlemen, I’ll pray for your family you. For mine, let’s all pray for this great nation cuz she deserves it and needs it now more than ever, but above all else from my heart from my family to yours have a blessed day.

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