Citizens For Trump – Dem’s Make Case Against Citizen Trump! – JMT #389

Citizens For Trump – Dem’s Make Case Against Citizen Trump! – JMT #389

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing anger of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, We got a great show for you today. Impeachment is right around the corner, the actual second trial of Donald Trump now President Trump was President Trump Trump is coming. Next week and the Democrats from the house have presented their eighty page case so to speak they’re they’re filing for what they they intend to during the impeachment trial and President Trump’s lawyers have responded accordingly, so we’re gonna talk about that because the Democrats are making a case against citizen Trump and we’ll get into the specifics of that. and then hopefully we’ll have time to get into one of my growing heroes. And I am so proud to call Florida Governor Ron DeSantis my governor, I’ll put our governor. I think he’s the best governor in the United States of America right now and he is taking on big tech in a big way and we’ll get into that. But before we go any further, we gotta talk about our sponsors. Big Daddy Unlimited BD ladies and gentlemen, like I tell you on a daily basis. Not everyone can be a fighter but everyone can support those of us. The fight and big Daddy Unlimited is in the fight and supporting this fighter. John Martin John Martin talks and I greatly appreciate it. They are your Second Amendment headquarters to find our sponsors in this case. Big Daddy Unlimited look at the video above the video no matter whether you’re watching it live this morning and on Facebook Good morning, Heidi. How are you guys? Are you watching it uh a taped version of it at a later time. Look above the video. Scroll down on that show description and you’ll see a link to big daddy Unlimited Second Amendment headquarters where you will get factory direct pricing guns and ammunition. 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They do videos on new products all products anything to do with how to use firearms and ammunition tactical gear there the go-to place. They also have a recoil uh magazine as well. Check it out, but we’re we’re determined to be your voice of freedom. Here and we’re gonna stay in the public square. They’re gonna have to run us out on a rail ladies and gentlemen, but one place that our show is archive that you can always go to is uh our uh our www. write this down. Www.john Martin You can always catch our show there not live at the moment. we’re working on that, but you can get it archive on a daily basis. Alright so let’s get into that just these old head. Here a minute I get taped up sometime and get these headphones and pull em, but apparently it came loose impeachment case. This is a New York Times Article impeachment case argues Trump was singly responsible for capital riots so the impeachment trial is about to happen right now. It’s projected to start on Tuesday and as I said the house managers have laid out their case now, let’s get into it, The House impeachment managers on Tuesday laid out their case against Donald J Trump, asserting that he was sing. Responsible for the deadly assault on capital last month must be convicted and barred from holding public office. so I like how the New York Times here says right off the bat the case against Donald J Trump notice they don’t say President Donald Trump throughout this article and I’ve started noticing this pattern They don’t refer they rarely even refer to former President Trump. It’s like you know Donald Trump mister Trump that kind. Think they don’t wanna give him any acknowledgement that he once was president of the United States, even though it was only a few weeks ago that he left office and that that is for a reason they’re trying to downplay they wanna Donald Trump and they don’t want him to be a part of us like they wanna Photoshop. You know you got that family album picture, and you wanna get rid of uncle Joe so to speak our cousin in this case, Donald Trump you just gotta either tear him out out or him out. That’s basically what the mainstream media. And Republicans, as well and Democrats are trying to do they’re trying to go Donald Trump and they don’t wanna talk about in this article. don’t wanna refer to him even as impeaching President Trump and and really, if you think about it, that’s very important because now they’re impeaching Trump, is totally unconstitutional. We’ll talk more about that in a minute in an eighty page brief filed on Tuesday, the managers outlined the They plan to make when the Senate opens mister Trump’s trial next week could that the former president that’s about as far as he’ll go whipped his supporters into a frenzy as part of a concerted campaign to cling to power well, first of all ladies and gentlemen the attack on the capital, whatever you wanna label it the breach the in interaction the frenzy. they’re talking about here the attack on the capital began before Donald Trump finished his speech. Began so there’s no way that he inside it, plus he simply said that we need to go down there and peacefully and patriotically protest right and I wanna say something right now that might be a bit controversial and I don’t mean to you know I’m a big fan of the men and women in blue, the thin blue line and I’m not opposed to the laying in state or lying in state phrases of the police officer, the capital police officer at the Capitol. That was killed during the uh the assault on the capital. However, you wanna label, but I’m not opposed to him being there, but make no mistake about this ladies and gentlemen him lying in state is purely political. It is a way to keep the uh the insurrection Donald Trump’s involved trust me on this, they’re not doing it out of respect for that officer and as I say I have no issue with it I. Have nothing but total respect and sympathy for our men and women in blue and probably have more of them lying in state there, but it’s interesting that you know police officers that were killed in these riots are like the ex police officer in Kansas City. That was a hero that literally was face shown on Facebook bleeding out so to speak you what do you think would happen if Donald Trump cuz he had his wife speak at the convention? What if Donald Trump had requested? somehow, I don’t know. The president has that authority that gentleman Lions state I guarantee you the media would have just been all over it and the Democrats would essentially said it is all political theater and but yet what is happening today in the capital Trust me, it is all political theater and I’m not necessarily opposed to it, but I do know what time it is and I do know it has nothing to do with respect to that fallen officer. I can I can tell you that but spending a vivid. Narrative of a hiring day talking about January 6, when lawmakers were forced to flee, Alright, ladies and gentlemen, all headphones are tugging on me pretty hard. I gotta fix it give me a moment. The dangers of live TV. Pulling out of my let’s see if I can get that right. Alright, Hopefully I got it right spin a vivid narrative of a horror day when lawmakers were forced to flee as violent pro-Trump mob breached the capital and we talked about yesterday that there’s been some investigation even by CM, which is a bit shocking. Check out our podcast from yesterday, you can do that by going to our YouTube channel John Martin talks is a great way to do it. John Martin also, and we’re still being archived at America’s Voice News. Network and we’re glad to be on there. We’re not live right now, but you can go on there uh on their sites and click on the show tab and you can see John Martin talks and their archive there hopefully on a daily basis, America’s voice news, you can download a free app on your Android your iPhone They’re on Roku Fire stick Apple TV channel 219 Dish Network and the Pluto channel so check that out but in our podcast yesterday we talk. About how there’s been some investigation of like 180 people that were arrested for uh breaching the cap and there’s a pretty significant portion of them that did not vote in 2020. It’s hard for me as I said yesterday and we got in-depth on it yesterday that it’s hard for me to believe that someone could be a supporter of Donald Trump and actually not vote in 2020. It’s kinda interesting and on a side note. Just heard this coming in this morning, the Atlanta Constitutional Journal has published a report about the Georgia Senate runoff elections that the Democrats won and they’ve put out that 700. 750000 people that voted in the general election did not vote in the runoff Now, it’s not all Trump supporters, but a good chunk of them were because uh a good chunk of that 750000 you can look at the article yourself. Learn a constitutional journal or white and rule. Voters they didn’t vote so I think it’s safe to assume that a majority of that white rule voters were probably Trump supporters for for whatever they didn’t turn out to vote. Now you could talk about election. We don’t say the f word here on on John Mark talks. We have to be careful now. We’re not allowed to say the f word. so we say Mod, you can say there was election in Georgia and I don’t have any doubt that there that there, what wasn’t but when 750000 people the majority of them. Speculate Trump’s supporters based on the on the demographics I just gave didn’t show up to vote and uh you know they took Georgia as Schumer said. And now they’re gonna change America but uh spending a vivid initiative of a hiring day when lawmakers were forced to flee as violent pro-Trump breed the prosecutors also reached back centuries to this is the house members right most of their case invoking George Washington. So they wanna eliminate let me get this straight. The Democrats wanna take down the statues of George Washington. We talked about this a couple last week. Check out our podcast on this as well out in the uh in California, San Francisco They’re stripping George Washington’s name off of schools out there, but now they wanna invoke this to George Washington, the one of the probably the greatest founding father that is, if is if there was one single person that deserves. For a United States of America and I’m not saying one single person, but if there were one, it would be George Washington and uh there now they’re quoting him uh out of the constitutional convention. so I like how they say a vivid narrative cuz that’s what this really is. It’s a show trial, It is not based on anything. I mean the term you always used to hear when Donald Trump and God I miss that guy already man. Yeah, I miss Him. II saw a show last night where they had his son Eric on and he asked if people gonna miss President Trump pretty quick and I can tell you he’s right cuz I missed him the day he left to let alone now, but this narrative cuz it’s a show trial. They’re about to happen is all about the narrative, but when Donald Trump would speak, they would also like. Said before he said, well, I predict that the sun’s coming up tomorrow, they’d say without evidence you never hear that when a Democrat spewing all their ridiculous as president, Trump says Bs they never talk about without evidence, but uh they voted to they be in the House of representatives voted to impeach the president at that time. Now, he’s citizen Trump with no testimony whatsoever given no evidence at all presented in fact, congressman math. A great congressman from the state of Florida actually ask that question during those proceedings and was met with crickets man crickets. They had evidence they didn’t question anyone who actually breached the capital as to what their motivation was yet they are impeaching President Trump now or it is absolutely crazy. the framers of the Constitution feared a president who would corrupt his office is what the article say by sparing no efforts, or means whatever to get himself, Reelected wrote the nine House Democrats. This is the uh. By their Jamie Raskin man keep in mind you talk about like uh insurrection and foreign interference and all that kind of stuff and enemies of the state one of the house managers is none other than the dude from California man that is sleeping literally sleeping with the enemy with the Chinese spot. Yeah, that guy that is sleeping with uh what is the collar of or Fong or whatever he is actually one of. Managers in the uh in the trial so China has a representative up there. It’s crazy man but spirit so they quote here uh George Washington it says sparing no efforts or means whatever to get himself, Reelected wrote the nine Houser led by Representative Jamie Raskin, Maryland, quoting directly from the 1787 debate in Philadelphia and Jamie Raskin goes on to say this if provoking an insurrection riot against a joint session. Of Congress after losing an election is not an impeachable offense, it’s hard to imagine what would be so I’m saying right now, please show evidence cuz they don’t plan to show really any evidence, According to this they plan to show videos of the riot of course and in videos of sayings that President Trump, I bet they won’t play the video where he says actually that uh that uh you know, go down there and peacefully and patriotically protest. I doubt they will actually play that now, Trump’s people may play that. Gonna you know pick and choose man but provoking directional riot and let me just tell you ladies and gentlemen, I’ve said this before, but if I say it bears repeating feelings, no matter what they may be aren’t facts You can’t go and testify. So will I feel this way you know it’s got to be about facts The Democrats always put feelings above facts man in mister Trump’s own. This is back to this article and this is crazy right here in mister Trump’s own. Filing spec with typos so they have to mention that there’s typos in this. do you think if there were typos and I’m not saying the word it weren’t in the eighty page document, which I would be willing to bet that they’re probably are they’re never gonna mention that they’re never good, but it would Trump they try to knit pick everything they’re trying to be little the man they’re trying to go the dude and uh it’s I don’t know how effective it’s gonna be. I guarantee you a good chunk of the 75000000 people that voted for Donald Trump, They know he. Around and they still love you mean you don’t get people literally chanting We love you like they did to President Trump whatever president has ever had that, but they expect us just to go away and we’ll talk more about that in a minute and mister Trump’s own short of filing with typos and stripped of the former president’s usual bombast is lawyers flatly denied that he is inside the attack and repeatedly argued that the Senate lacks jurisdiction to try a former president. Absolutely true. Repeatedly urge an immediate dismissal of the single charge against him in sight of insurrection this the thing should not even happen They already know barring some kind of miracle new evidence, which I don’t think exist or they’ll try to contrave it out of thin air to do Abracadabra with it that uh this trial that Donald Trump is gonna be acquitted. There’s not enough, it takes two-thirds of the Senate to actually impeach a president to convict him in. But I like how they say typos man and I was talking to you about videos a minute ago. Let me tell you something I was talking about producer about this you. you know you talk about like uh censorship. There’s all kind of ways that this big text uh censors people and one of them is what videos are available or how hard it is to find them last night on uh Hannity, I wanna give him credit. I’m not gonna be able to play the video but last night on Hannity, he played this video of Donald I’m not sorry. Uncle Joe King Joe talking about. Corona virus and vaccinations and in this and I uh went back and looked at parts of it, but I could not get a clean vehicle if Donald Trump makes a mistake or made a mistake, you would find that video just you be Donald Trump just pop up and I bet you right now that a thousand years from now that Donald Trump videos are still pop up if they’re negative right, I have a way of going back in archive of things. I go back to just to give you an example of what I’m talking about. I go back to my. Emails cuz I send them, I showed my producer before I get here and I label certain videos and so I can go to my email and punch up that label and that video will appear. I can’t tell you how many of the links that I have to previous videos. I’m no longer available if it shows like Antifa of Black Lives Matter of violence on YouTube. It’s not available for they’ve eliminated but if it’s anything negative about Donald Trump and they have multiplied, it’s just crazy. but here’s what Biden and. Kinda just paraphrasing, but this is what Biden said Talk about typos that dude Joe Biden, Joe, is a walking typo cuz this is what said he said in talking about the Corona virus that he that the white that the federal government had ordered 300. 300000000000 with AB billion doses. 300000000000. I mean I think we’re gonna have that might be basketball. I think that’s why. More than the total population of the earth right 300000000000 do is no one, said anything and he corrected himself later. uh you know he didn’t admit his mistake, but he thought he was trying to say 300 men, then, he said, and check this out that we have enough to fascinate 300 people 300 people so they can’t even vaccinate, according to him the amount of people in my hometown so it’s at 300000000 that you ordered are just enough for three men, but you know by. Will never be questioned about that man. I mean if you watch him if you actually watch don’t watch the news coverage cuz they answer. But if you watch an actual live event with Joe Biden, speaking from the White House, it’s a disaster but they never say anything about it. Maybe they got Donald Trump. They actually had a new story on Donald Trump about two scoops of ice cream versus one really. That was like news for a long time you can probably still pull that video up. I guarantee it the lawyers uh Bruce Caster junior and David This is Donald Trump wrote their fourteen page response to the charge the Senate of the United States Black jurisdiction over the 45th president because he holds no public office from which he can be removed. There is no office of the ex-president rendering the article of impeachment and non. Just question and that’s true and it’s absolutely why they’re saying is true they shouldn’t have to write another word and they need to be fourteen pages. one paragraph this this thing is unconstitutional. and everybody knows it. Judge Chief Justice John Roberts, who is supposed to preside over the justice, is about to be presided over the first one and fan of John Roberts, but at least his credit, he refused to do it, he said. I’m not. Going out for and I don’t blame him and I’m wondering if this thing will end up before the Supreme Court at some point if they were actually convict Donald Trump, I don’t think that’s going to happen by the way. this is all about showman. It’s all about, but it’s just amazing and they only thing like I say the we we need that one paragraph is the total defense really they’ll do more the other the other broad argument talking about Donald Trump’s argument is the largest was that. Trump’s bars, they say mister Trump why why isn’t it President Trump cuz when they made this remark, he was President Trump tried to ghost man. I think they’re making a mistake because they he referred to him as president, I mean as mister Trump well if he mister Trump President Trump, he can’t be impeached. It’s against the constitution, but it’s all your sought to shroud his false claims of widespread voter and almost had me on this. I caught myself voter, I can’t. A word anymore, but what the article says something else, but I’m calling widespread voter Mod almost did it again in free speech arguments Wow So there they’re saying that Donald Trump was complaining about the election being uh what is it stop the squeal? I can’t say that other word you gotta be careful what you say now right would be arrested. I’m still arrested right now and people and I tease about that, but there are people actually getting arrested now for their opinion. I mean that is where we come from a young guy about 30 years old got arrested for producing memes going back to the 2016 election. He’s been arrested for that and he’s facing like 10 years in prison if you want to but go of the devil distinct but this idea that something Donald Trump did is extraordinary and of course, Ted Cruz can be accused of attempted murder by a sitting congressman. Moment and there’s no random talking about the Cortez they literally accused Ted Cruz of attempted murder from the House floor nonetheless and verifications there like I tell you there’s no there’s only one standard Donald Trump’s help to it. People like me are held to conservatives are held to what standard is the left health. I can’t find one if you can show me the standard that the left is held to it’ll be the first. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist. I just can’t find it man but think about this you are. Talk about double standards then let’s play this clip from 2004 2005 on the Senate floor questioning voter bod in 2004 election, the very thing that they’re wanting to put through their behalf and Cruz and Josh Holly. We talked about that on the podcast a couple of boats out again for YouTube channels we jump on marks we need more subscribers and Used there by the way so please help us with that but uh there, Ted Cruz and Josh Holly are now being held in the under Senate ethics investigation, which is a secret by the way we talked about that in depth and say you know for for doing what they’re allowed to do constitutionally. But yeah and I’ll show you this video and of course, let me back up Donald Trump. I’ve said this many times as I say is Donald Trump everything. He does is supposed to be extraordinary. I’m not really extraordinary, never been done before a lot of it’s true, but when it comes to a negative, they make it sound like you know no one’s ever done one this no one’s ever challenged an election the last three Republicans and concluded Donald Trump that were elected to president got challenged during the day of the of the certification of the electoral votes in the joint session of Congress, three times. Pretty time the last three and this was in 2004 and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Check it out. Mister president their certificate of the electoral vote of the well known and Great State of Ohio, seems to be regular in form and authentic and appears there from that George W Bush of the State of Texas received twenty votes for President Dick Cheney for the state of Wyoming received twenty votes for Vice president or what purpose does the member from Ohio rise. As a senator signed the objection an objection presented in writing and signed by both a representative and a senator complies with the law chapter one of title three United States code The clerk will report the objection. A member of the House of Representatives and the United States Senator object to the counting of the electoral votes of the state of Ohio on the ground that they were not under all of the circumstances regularly given signed Stephanie Tubbs Jones State of Ohio Barbara Boxer State of California. That’s good enough. Do you do you understand that under the audio on that uh congresswoman there was a bit low, but what they’re doing there. Is you had the congresswoman from Ohio and Senator Barbara Boxer from California, which is what you need a house member and a Senate to sign objecting to certifying the electoral votes. In other words, I wanna toss out the votes of Ohio that just happen to go to George Bush, right and Dick Cheney presided over that he is the president of the Senate as vice president and he said he accepted him and they broke up and they went through the deal. Just like what happened on January 6, the insurrection, if you wanna call it that on January 6, you know who it hurt it hurt Donald Trump’s cause and those that were supporting him so if there were people who were Trump supporters that did that then they’re really foolish, I actually think that there’s a case being made and we may never hear. we may come out impeachment trial depending on how long it last that there was some other. Players that may have been involved in this that did not have President Trump’s best interest at heart. It certainly didn’t work out that way, but back to what I was saying about Donald Trump being extraordinary. so he challenges it and it’s like you know the worst sin that’s ever happened the greatest threat to a democracy that’s ever been to the Republic and the constitution, but Barbara boxer. And this senator, I think her name was tubs our Congresswoman tubs. They do it and it’s no big deal. You know. it’s cool. I mean there is no double standard ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing there’s one standard or conservatives and done for the left, Tell me where they are back to the article they effectively argue talking about Donald Trump’s lawyers that mister Trump believed he won won by a landslide. I wonder what gave him that idea you know that. Got 10000000 more votes the most votes 10000000 more than 2016 the most votes in the of an incumbent president, and he’s still lost. I’m just saying that no mud, no modern and therefore was within his first Amendment rights so the president now President Trump express his belief that the election results were suspect. Wow. His claims could not be disproved. That’s what the lawyers wrote, they added, because there was insufficient. Evidence insufficient evidence so so I looked up the insufficient and make sure I understood the context not enough inadequate. I don’t know if there was insufficient evidence and one thing we know for sure there was insufficient investigation of the voter Mod for sure and I always go back. You know all these other cases that I never really talk that much about them because the one that just upsets me and disheartened me about the future of our country is the Texas case and I. Showing that because Texas had to to actually step forward, they sued saying that the votes cast in many states unconstitutional and they were they were and Florida. The Great State of Florida signed off on as well as about twenty others, twenty some other states and the Supreme Court. This is what they would not take up the case they would not they took the case case up. They wouldn’t evidence and they dismissed the one place where we had a chance. To uncover this fraud or I’m sorry back up, I don’t say the f word it is can we edit that out? Was you know your last last your last to take your grievances didn’t even take up the case, which is their constitutional duty to do so cuz basically what the Texas case said. And they’re absolutely correct. No one could tell me they weren’t. please make a case for me Chime in where I’m wrong on this because the constitution clearly says that the state the only entity within state. That can change election law in a in this presidential election is the state legislature not Stacey, Abrams and Cassette degrees in Georgia. Not uh you know violated the Constitution of Wisconsin. None of that kind of stuff it that is unconstitutional and they all know it, but they would not take up the case man. so we thank God for Texas the impeachment files provided the clearest preview yet. Legal strategies that are likely to shape politically fraud impeachment trial of mister Trump again mister Trump his second in just over year that is scheduled to begin in earnest on Tuesday. Now how long is this trial gonna last that it should only last it shouldn’t happen, but it shouldn’t last a day or two, but that’s totally up to the Democrats They are in charge of that man and I think it’s gonna be basically show versus dough. how much how much. Do they wanna put up there it versus how much how quickly they wanna get to spend your money like this Corona virus agreement or whatever they’re trying to hammer out. That’s basically 2000000000001.9. That’s like gas being a dollar ninety-nine. We never see that again 2.9. I mean 1.9 it’s 2000000000000. I mean, let’s just tell it like it is man so how long they wanna keep this show versus how quick they wanna get to spending your money. It really comes down to which monarch. That we wanna support here are the Democrats won’t that they want King Joe to get his way cuz all his appointments confirmations are on hold until after this Senate trial is over with and they’re not gonna get the Corona virus Agreement one way or another until after it. So is it King Joe that holds sue or is it Queen Pelosi because Queen Pelosi, You know this puts her in a big-time spotlight cuz she’s getting it to Trump. She’s putting it in him, You know even after. Left uh the office, so is it king or Queen Pelosi that may have a lot to do with how long this trial those sins have yet to agree to a final set of rules to govern proceeding. Both parties appear to share an interest in an exceedingly swift trial. We’ll see without new witnesses are in fact finding uh Republicans it says. Here are eager to turn the page on a divisive. They’re talking about why it might be quicker, but Republicans are eager to turn a page on divisive, former president president Democrats are impatient to turn to advancing the agenda of. Current One divisive former president now that’s the New York Times language not mine, but let me just tell you ladies and gentlemen the rats are circling right now and I don’t trust any of the there’s you look at the different colors. there’s Republican Rats Democrat Rats independent Rat rats in DC lobbyist rats. They are circling because they want to advance the agenda of the current one right Joe Biden, which is all about the swamp that gurgling sound you. That smell that just kinda in the air, it is the swamp filling up and Refilling and the rats could not be happier. One thing that the Democrats and the Republicans and I’m not all Republicans but the majority of the Mitch McConnell’s of the world they especially the senators. they just want business as usual. they wanna go along. Get along. Hey, you know Pat themselves on the back cuz they want the cash to flow and the wars to go and I mean go as in going on and on and on and on, did you see where Biden has? Now Reed on the promises Donald Trump made to uh I think it’s the United Arab Emirates part of that uh the uh Abraham accords. He’s not gonna give him the jets that we promise to isn’t this something now that not only do they wanna go Donald Trump and wipe him away, but they wanna return they and Joe Biden and the Democrat Republicans seem to be right ready to go along with him They wanna get back in the good graces of Iran Iran. I’m not. You know, I mean my God man the people that literally wake up in the morning when you ask them. Hey good morning. Get to America those people that Biden wants to get back and let Iran the major player now, I’m not necessarily saying that uh that Saudi Arabia should be the mayor, but that’s the two risk right there, but I’d if I had given a choice, I think I’d be better off with the Saudis than the Iranians. I know our great friend and ally Israel would rather deal with. Than the Iranians, but uh you know King Joe man that war machine gotta keep going Man war. What is it good for absolutely man? That’s what it’s good for but uh here’s here’s the question I’ve I post what are we gonna do about this ridiculous? BS? What are we gonna do now? I’m not advocating that we do any kind of violent and I’m not even protest but I’ve been telling you about the frog in the pot and most of you know. Story where you know if you put a frog in a pot and uh a boiling water, they jump right out, but if you put it on simmer, they’ll sit there and cook like a sauna. well, Donald Trump cuz I I always thought I was I wouldn’t I didn’t think I was in the pot but Donald Trump, who his 4 years as president and even candidate Trump as that let me know that I was in the pot in certain ways and I’m totally out of the pot now. I’m out of the pot not and I’m not getting back in it and so I ask you the Patriots out there. That care about this country that don’t wanna give it over to monarch, King and Queen Pelosi that actually care about this nation that really believe in George Washington, not just when it’s convenient and the constitution. What are we gonna do because if we just get mad and and and just go back and be fat and happy uh enjoying ourselves, which is what I usually like to do then we’re gonna lose this nation. I’m not saying we’re gonna be. I’m not even telling you we’re gonna be able to save it, but I can tell you this. If we don’t man the political parts if we we don’t stay if we don’t push and I still believe take over the Republican party and get into that another day, but if we don’t man the political parts, we’re either gonna lose this nation or we’re gonna have to demand real ones again. and I don’t wanna see that happen because that price has already been paid. We shouldn’t have to pay it again, but we might if we wanna save this country and II hate to see that. Alright, we only got a few minutes left, but it’s just enough time I think to get in to my governor to governor man Ron DeSantis. I’m telling you if you don’t know about Ron DeSantis, you better ask someone cuz this dude is not only the greatest governor maybe we’ve ever had, but in Florida, but certainly the greatest governor out there and I like some other governors like Texas and uh you know the Dakotas and all that kind of stuff I mean there’s other governors. I like but Ron DeSantis man he has risen to the top this guy could be President 1 day and I can tell you. I will support him when that time comes if it’s not Donald Trump or you know like this, but this is from a bright. Bart article, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis launches ambitious crackdown on big broad Governor Ron DeSantis announced a major push to curb big tax political bias and censorship. it says today it was yesterday with measures including a ban on censorship of political candidates and mandatory opt outs of content filters for citizens. The sunshine State so basically what he’s saying is in Florida. there’s a new sheriff in town and let me just tell you I love this. I put my governor man. I’ll put my governor up against yours any day cuz Ron he has something up still man this dude has truck nuts. Let me just say it. He is out there man and I am with him but uh he’s got the bigger the bigger of the of any of I put that looks more like a rod. Desantis versus like Gavin Newsom uh Andrew Cuomo, right, Could God help us, but one of the things he’s doing here is he’s putting big tack on notice He’s and it’s pretty complex, but I’m just gonna give you some of the highlights. He’s basically saying that they gotta give you notice before they censor you. They can’t censor a candidate running for office and they can’t use their algorithms on you without your permission. That’s what the opt out of filters mean and we know algorithm man. He is the most powerful and let me just say it cuz I’m talking about Facebook and I’m on Facebook algorithm is the most powerful person on the planet and I am definitely gonna get you some of them. chocolate covered cherries 1 day but uh man I love our governor in a 45 minute speech. The governor identified big tech companies as the leading threat to American democracy and the republic I would put on and freedom of expression today and pledge that Florida Republicans will take action. And I tell you man DeSantis he is on the road cuz. Remember what he did about the right, you know we didn’t have a lot of rioting in Florida that was over the course of the summer. You know a lot of they tried it in Miami, it got squirts pretty good cuz Ron DeSantis man he laid down the law brother. I mean he went all the while. Bill Hancock on him or whatever he basically said, Look if you are bashing somebody’s business, he extended that stand your ground that day you can be shot if you’re out blocked. You can get run over. hey if people have a right to have their own business, protect their families and their business in Florida and that we have a right to drive down the streets that we paid for as bumpy as they may be, especially where I live, but uh Ron DeSantis man and now he’s showing this man now. so no wonder if you ever wonder why President Trump is moving to Florida and he owns properties all over he’s moving to Florida cuz he’s bringing that with him, he said. You know Paul knows ball. Trump is moving to Florida because he probably feels like a lot of people that the sunshine State is the Bastian of freedom and man. I can’t give enough kudos to Ronda. It’s only got a few minutes left. I’m gonna go over a a few of these that are that he’s proposing if you wanna see the full laundry list of go to this bright, Bart article and they go in depth about it. I talked about the mandatory opt-out from big big tax That’s the algorithm and and bright, Bart said. They’ve been advocating for that for several years now a private right of. For for for Floridian citizens against companies that violate this condition, so do you have a means to sue them believe me when the lawyers get involved so that gives people’s attention man and see this could have ramifications across the country and literally around the world if he is successful at doing this a fines of 100000 per day levied on tech companies that suspend candidates for elected office from Florida from their platforms. But you can’t do that daily fines for any. Tech company that uses their content and user related algorithms to suppress prioritize the access of any content related to a political candidate or cause on the ballot that ladies and gentlemen is huge. It’s huge cuz that’s basically what they did uh like Facebook did and uh YouTube and Google and everything else about Twitter, especially about the uh The Washington Post. not to watch the post in New York. They never censored to watch the New York Post Publishing a legit story A fact-based story on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s connection to selling out influence to China and Ukraine and other places and they were censored from that. so big tech actually influence the election in a big way. It wasn’t just the voter. It was also intentional manipulation of the American public opinion, and that’s what he’s talking about. Greater transparency requirements here I only got about a minute left anyway. We’ll just close with that. Check out this article this uh several of bright Bart listen to uh search out Ron DeSantis press conference from yesterday If you can find it cuz they’ll probably try to squelch that it’s very interesting. I’m proud to be a Floridian. I’m proud of our Governor, Florida is on the the move. You certainly come here. Don’t bring your politics with you spend a bunch of cash. We can meet it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing. To you, please go directly to our YouTube channel. Check it out, especially if you want comments John Martin talks and you know uh support our sponsors those that are back in fighters like me look at our top of our show above the video, and it tells you again how to check that out. I’ll pray for your family you pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great United States of America cuz we don’t need any kings and queens We got rid of them a few centuries ago and they won’t need to become back but she deserves. Liberty and the United States of America deserves our prayers but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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