Citizens For Trump – Dem’s Have Backup Plan If Impeachment Fails! – JMT #393

Citizens For Trump – Dem’s Have Backup Plan If Impeachment Fails! – JMT #393

Welcome to John Martins, where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the throwing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save our relationship. We got a great show for you today I guess instead of like Taco Tuesday today is impeachment Tuesday because the impeachment trial the second one of citizen Trump, not President Trump. but President Trump is scheduled to begin in just a few hours basically. What is supposed to happen today is that each side the uh the house managers as they call it. the prosecutors of the case get 4 hours to present why they believe this is a constitutional thing to do that the impeachment of a citizen, not a president, but a citizen is okay and then the Trump’s legal team gets 4 hours to basically say this is total ridiculous as the president, says Bs and then the. The Senate votes to move forward are not and if they move forward, then the actual trial itself of citizen Trump will start noon on Wednesday, but never fear the Democrats already have a plan B. They have a backup plan for what they think is inevitable, the equivalent of Donald Trump. now I’m not saying it’s inevitable because I don’t trust any of the wags out there on either side of the island, we’ll get into that, but the Democrats. Already have another plan to stop Donald Trump or running for reelection in 24 because really in late ladies and gentlemen, whether he does or doesnt. That’s what this is all about. That’s really what it’s all about. so we’ll get into that in depth in just a moment But before we go any further, I always have to mention our sponsors because I tell you all the time not everybody can be a fighter but everybody can support those of us in the fight and if you wanna see. Shows seriously entertaining shows like ours, We need your help now more than ever you’re gonna have to become an active participant in order cuz believe me we are under attack. I just came out of Facebook jail yesterday for the first time in like 45 days, and I still don’t even know what I did wrong other than uh you know cuz I haven’t said the F word in a long time. We don’t say the f word here we say election not voter uh f word. Say so I haven’t done that I haven’t talked much about covid yet I was locked up, but I’m free now. we’ll see how long it last but our sponsors are key to us staying on the air and especially BD otherwise known as big daddy Unlimited your Second Amendment headquarters where you can locate all of our sponsors. Just no matter when or where you’re watching the show look above the video you will see uh some descriptions of what we’re talking about and in that description it will. 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TV app Recoil TV app found in the same links I was telling you about a minute ago and they’re at the Apple Store and Google play so you can check them out and you can also always see our show archive at John Martin John Martin We’re your Voice of freedom where where archive as well on America’s voice News. America’s voice News is your alternative to the mainstream media They have free apps as well on uh Android and. They get they stream on Roku Fire stick Apple TV channel 219 Dish network and uh Pluto channel You can see our show archive but remember www.john Martin Alright, let’s get into this is a Malay story is a very liberal publication out of California I do believe that has been around for quite some time. I hear there in a little bit of financial trouble, but that’s a whole as all media really is. Especially now that they don’t have Donald Trump to kick around as they say, but uh it’s a pretty good source. If you wanna know what the Liberals are thinking about so I’m using them on this article Democrats have a backup plan in case the Senate doesn’t convict Trump on impeachment now the jackasses on Jackass party is in prime right now, and we’re seeing through bids. I think fifty-two isn’t that right Billy Bob Fifty-two executive orders. Of course he may have written one since the show came on here. so you never know I mean he is writing them on a minute to minute. Basis, but I said a long time ago that the Democratic Party could be renamed to the jackasses on Jackass party because all of those in that twenty field were all including the president and I don’t like saying that anymore. Do you do we gotta deal with reality as it is not as we wish it was Joe Biden’s in the White House and uh he said that he was four green new deal and he’s obviously putting that out there so to me back in the Democratic primary, My first question would be how many of you are for the green new deal of course, all along with this and the second. Question would be how did you get here cuz if you didn’t come on the back of a jackass if you drove in a car, a plane, a bus or a slow boat or something then you’re disingenuous jackasses on jackass. It’s alright, let’s get into this allison’s Senate Democrats may push ahead this week with essential resolution to bar That’s a keyword former president. They’re impeaching a citizen, not a President. Donald Trump from holding future office over his role in the. The US capital riot what role did he actually have none that I could see anticipating acquit in the Senate impeachment trial ladies and gentlemen if you ever doubted. That Tds is real Trump Derangement syndrome. You just need to look no further than what is happening starting today, Trump Derangement syndrome is real. They are afraid of Donald Trump. They don’t want him to run again. They wanna punish anybody who supported him, let alone actually work for him and his administration, But as I’ve been telling you for a while now and it is more true than ever, and I think this shows you cuz this impeachment trial is not about President Trump obviously. There is no President Trump. unfortunately, it’s not about uh you know the office of former president cuz there isn’t one It’s about citizen Trump but really, it’s not even about any of that is about the one person that they fear more than Donald Trump cuz there is one person out there that they fear more than Donald Trump. It’s not me, but uh you know they should, but they fear you. They fear you the American people that voted you. Wags you sons of guns, you mug a hat wearing sons of guns you basket full of des you drags of society or as God help us President Joe Biden said. You know you mostly bad people that guy. Yeah, you guys that supported Donald Trump. They are terrified of you cuz if it weren’t for you they would either totally impeach Donald Trump or they might even forget about it, but they can’t because they’re scared. They’re scared. I say if you’re scared, say you’re scared where they’re scared of you the establishment on both sides of the aisle is scared of you and the only reason that they don’t have seventeen votes assuming they don’t to convict Donald Trump is because the Republican party is terrified that you might actually discover the wimps that they truly are. I should say the rats that they truly are. I gotta tell you ladies and gentlemen, I don’t say this with any relish whatsoever about had. With Republican, I’m a Republican, I switched I made to became a Republican by choice about a decade or so ago and uh don’t regret that decision by any stretch and I’ve never said Republicans have all the answers, but there are a few that at least are asking the right questions over the years cuz the Democratic Party, they’re soulless. they’re gone the Democratic Party of Jfk is over. It’s done. I don’t think it’s ever coming back now. I tell Democrats all the time take your party back cuz they. Been taken over by hardcore progressive leftist and Joe Biden and his bunch are the epitome of that. So you know, I tell you all the time take your party back, but I have no hope in the Democratic Party and my hope with the Republican Party is fading fast and I’ll expand on that in just a few minutes, but uh it does my heart. No good to say that I am fed. I’m not. I’m not discounting America’s ability to make a comeback. No, I keep hope alive is a. But the Republicans uh without Donald Trump, I don’t know the effort to draft the resolution that would invoke this is what the uh Democrats are proposing with to help behind the scenes of some Republicans they wanna draft this proposal to use the Fourteenth Amendment this uh clause that was put in there this amendment to prevent the Confederacy from rising again. That’s what it’s really about, but they’re gonna use it apparently if they. They can get away with it on Donald Trump. let’s so let’s get into it effort to draft the resolution that would invoke a provision of the Fourteenth Amendment began quietly in January and gain momentum over this past weekend as Democratic Senator Tim Kane, you know Hillary Clinton’s running mate of Virginia and Republican Senator Susan Collins so bipartisanship right of main gauge whether the measure could attract bipartisan support. Well, let me. About bipartisan support if you’re new to the show, first of all how how are you welcome? We’re glad to have you know by the way since I’m out of Facebook jail now, I will start commenting on your comments so you can put them there. You can put them on YouTube. I’m getting literally uh in the past before I went on Facebook jail, I was getting about a thousand comments today. I tried to respond to all of them sometime it takes me a little while, but you you have my to do it. I’m eager to get back into it, but if you’re new to show you. May not have heard this, but this is one of my axs if you bipartisanship, you know what it means now, I know what the textbook says it means, but let me tell you what it actually means it means Republicans. That’s what it means. it doesn’t mean they work together and it means Republicans because you can. I just ask you this question to chime in and tell me where I’m wrong. I haven’t had anybody answer this challenge yet I can name you dozens of times when Republican when Democrats for something and Republicans were at least. Slightly against it, but how to change your heart and came over full board and supported the Democrats. I can’t name you one time when the reverse is true when Republicans were for Democrats were adamantly opposed to it and the Democrats had a change of heart. I’ve not seen that maybe exist. Please Please show but bipartisan support means Republicans and their subject to cave now their subject to cave. now, let me ask you this cuz I told you who they fear the most. they fear you if it wasn’t for the fear. Of you and abandoning the Republican Party. how many of the other current Republicans in the house and Senate do you actually think would vote to censor President Trump. I think it’s scary the number would be. I think it would be enough to do exactly that, and they still might the only reason that they don’t is because of you the fear of you, the American people, the reception has been lukewarm so far from Democrats who would prefer to see it’s not because they don’t want AC. They won’t they want to get they want. Ghost Donald Trump. That’s the goal right now to basically, as I said yesterday, check out our podcast You can go to uh www.john Martin, YouTube and all that uh past versions of our show. But I said yesterday, it’s kinda like the old scenes from like uh Brenner and the Ted Commandments as uh as uh the pharaoh where they wanna wipe out the previous pharaoh they like scrub their face off the wall. kind of thing. That’s what they wanna do with Donald Trump and of course they have the pharaoh in the White House now because Joe Biden don’t give a. Everybody in the Democratic Congress basically Joe Biden is a pharaoh. He’s just like you when I love that line when he went so let it be written so let it be done That is exactly what Joe Biden is doing 5250 dead gun two more than the last three or four presidents combined Fifty-two executive orders in man He is something else, but it says reception has been. So far from Democrats who would prefer to see the former president, the former president and President Trump convicted in the impeachment trial and from Republicans who fear political consequences and barring Trump from office, let me just tell you flat out there is no future for the Republican party without Trump supporters without basically the support of Donald Trump. Now that doesn’t mean he has to run for office again, he could do whatever he wants, but that. Donald Trump actively supporting the Republican Party, let alone battle against it. There is no future for the Republican Party. How in the not in the in the in the near future. for sure, let me just tell you as I said earlier, I’m about played out with the Republican Party. I mean they’ve been sending me cuz I give money directly to the Republican Party. I give money directly to candidates and of course they’ve been hitting me with emails and uh I’m not giving them a uh you can do whatever you want to. I’m not giving I’m not saying I never will, but I’m not giving the Republican Party a dime until I see how all. This uh this uh chef show is whatever this fiasco this unconstitutional trial concludes, including whether it happens or not cuz I’m not. I’m not doing and the only reason that I’m not really totally just saying the heck with it and less form a third party or whatever even though President Trump as I think rightfully come out against that for now because it doesn’t meet my goal, A third party doesn’t meet my goal cuz my goal is beyond the Republican. Democratic Party and they’re cuz they’re all when I say beyond because there are progressive leftist now in both parties and you tell me how Mitt Romney is not a This is a much a leftist as a Bernie Sanders is in my opinion, but I think it’s an opinion of fact nonetheless. so my goal ladies and gentlemen is to stop at the very least slow down but ultimately to stop the progressive socialist leftist from totally destroying this nation and taking over our country. They’re they’re right on the. Less of it now it maybe too late it maybe too late. I don’t believe it is, but it’s possible but I have not figured out and you can help me chime in like I said on wherever you’re chiming and we’re on mewe too by the way uh you can chime in there but uh I I’m trying to figure out how a third party helps me achieve my goal. I’m not saying supporting the Republican Party is either, but it’s got a shot. I don’t see how a third party is it give up on the Democrats They just need progressive. Not be reason with this is one of my actions they can’t be dealt with they can’t be negotiated with they can only be defeated period. That’s it. there’s no other rhyme or reason so my goal is to stop the progressive leftist takeover of the nation and the destruction of this God country the country we love that is my goal so anything that doesn’t get me there is in my way and it could end up being a Republican party. I don’t know some Democratic lawyers warn the strategy could backfire have taken to court and provide Trump with a. To run again for president in 24, that’s all this is about. that’s all it’s about while others see it as the last best chance to hold him accountable for attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential results and disrupt Congress’s certification of his loss. so everything that Donald Trump I’ve been telling you this for a while is extraordinary, You know he he if uh and and and they never give him credit for anything, I’ve said many times that if Donald Trump was seen walking on the reflection pool there at the Washington Monument, the headline New York Times be Donald. Can’t swim so he can’t win no matter what in that sense only with your support, which as I say they’re terrified of but uh Donald Trump, what you know what he did and what the senators like Josh Holly and Ted Cruz did we’ve never been done before right? No one has ever challenged a presidential election. No one on the January 6th Day when the when the results are to be certified has ever done this before this never happened right? Billy Bob says that. Might not exactly be true, and he says he’s got evidence of it. Let’s play this video of this time when it actually happened before check it out. Mister President the certificate of the electoral vote of the well known and Great State of Ohio, seems to be regular and form and authentic. It appears there from that George W Bush of the state of Texas received twenty votes for President Dick Cheney for the state of Wyoming receive twenty votes for Vice president or what purpose does the member from Ohio rise? To the left, As a senator signed the injection an objection presented in writing and signed by both a representative and a senator complies with the law chapter one of title three United States code The clerk will report the injection. We a member of the House of Representatives and the United States Senator Object to the counting of the electoral votes of the state of Ohio on the ground that they were not under all of the known circumstances regularly given signed Stephanie Tubbs Jones State of Ohio Barbara Boxer State of California. The two houses will withdraw from the joint session each house will deliberate separately on the pending objection and report its decision back to the joint session. The Senate will now retire to its chamber. So, what did we just hear? Did we not hear that Congresswoman Tubs and Senator Barbara Boxer from the Great State of California? did what did this paragraph say? let me read this again, it says here uh that that hold him talking about President Trump accountable for attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential results and disrupt Congress’s certification of the laws. I think that’s what we just saw. Congress’s disrupt Congress’s certification of the loss to and the win of President George W Bush. I mean the reality is ladies and gentlemen. This happens all the time what Donald Trump proposed and what Ted Cruz and Josh Holly did and uh the different ones I think the congressman I can’t his name escapes the moments from Alabama started the process. thank him for his service that uh. It happens all the time what they did was routine by the Democrats. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m right about this. The Democrats have challenged in this manner the last three Republicans that won the White House. They do it every time they would have done it. this time. can you imagine what would have happened if there had been and I’m not saying there was any Mod. We don’t say the f word here but if there were Mod in the election and somehow. Donald Trump actually won what would be happening right what would have happened during this past? Do you think the Democrats would just say well we paddle on the back good job man. We ran. We fought a hard race, but you won sir there would have been blood in the streets. man I mean it’s just unbelievable. Can you imagine what would happen? but the Democrats do this on a routine basis? It’s just way the way they operate so this idea. What Donald Trump and Senators Republican senators and House and Mo Brooks by the way? Thank you Billy Bob. That’s the guy from Alabama that did and we got news coming out about. but we’ll talk about that just a second but uh what they did was extraordinary never been done before the Democrats do it on a routine basis. You just never hear about it. Oh and Shelby. That’s the news out of Alabama Shelby after seven terms, I think think has decided not to run for reelection. He’s pushing 90s like eighty-six I love Alabama. My mom’s from Alabama got a lot of good people from Alabama. I gotta tell you I’m glad that Shelby he’s in a safe seat, so the next person that win runs up there and replace him probably gonna be a Republican and hopefully a conservative But Shelby is a part of the problem. Now he’s a swamp rat. There’s just no question about. I don’t know that you can help, but I’m not necessarily blame when you’re in Washington for like forty I wanna say he’s been up there for 46 years, something like that. Joe Biden’s been up there for like 47 years, you can’t help but be AS. You know if you drink so much swamp water, you probably gonna change into something so I don’t know how he was 46 years ago, but Shelby is a swamp rat and uh I’m actually glad that he’s retiring and I don’t wish him any ill by any stretch, but uh he’s an example on both sides of Iowa why we need term limits to me. I’ve come a full circle on that ten Republican Congress men joined the House Democrats last month to impeach Trump for a second time over in excitement of on January 6th. When a violent mob of Trump supporters is always Trump supporters, it’s all of if you ever wore have you ever even picked up one or this is make fishing great again but uh I’m a fish whisperer by the way. I’m anything check it out, but if you wore a hat or even thought about wearing one or you didn’t like turn to the cross of a vampire if you saw one and run the other way, then you’re probably guilty of being an interaction. I’m just saying that mean that the term is like broadening out all the time, but let’s start this little paragraph over here there ten Republican. Congressman and at least one woman Liz Cheney. Join House House last month to impeach Trump for a second time over excitement of interaction on January 6 when a violent mob of Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol building and interrupted Congress’s certification procedure. So I showed you that happens all the time not the storming part the other ten Republican congressman as I say, women gotta be politically correct and I wanna make sure that miss gets full credit. He gets full credit. But you know I thought about this. that’s a reason people like Liz Cheney out in Wyoming. It’s a good reason to stay in the Democratic Party is to primary these sons of guns out I don’t know I have to do a little research. I mean in Florida, I know of our current congresswoman here my district at com uh did not vote that way, but any of any of those ten need to be primary out period. I don’t care I don’t care. They end up losing to a to a Democrat cuz I’d rather have someone coming at me that I know that I need to die is that someone coming up from behind with a shift cuz that’s what these ten Republicans are they’re like someone in prison. That’s what they did to. In my opinion. I’m just saying, but it’s a reason to stay if you need a reason to stay in the Democrat, I mean the Republican Party. that’s a good one right there to primary them out because I got no problem with spiked and I’m not a spiteful. Person but I’m feeling a bit spiteful right now, so I looked up the definition to make sure that I understood. I’m not inciting violence in any way, shape or form mister algorithm humble algorithm the most awful man on the planet is algorithm. I’m not inciting violence, but spite says the definition a desire to hurt annoy or offend someone. I don’t know if I hurt anybody but I’m definitely ready to annoy and offend someone I have a friend of mine that. Uh he put up all kind of different signs homemade while they were freshly made but uh attacking Biden and everything else and uh he knows who he is give me a shout out this morning. I let him I’ll remain anonymous. He lives down like in South Florida and one lady came by and said you know your sign offends me he looked at her and said Mission accomplished that you made my day you know if we can be Warriors and happy Warriors at the same time, but I got no problem with spike man I might stay with the Republicans just out of spite. That I can vote against any of these turn coats these rhinos uh maybe they are maybe you know I’ve been thinking about that term rhino a bit. I don’t know if it’s at adequate anymore cuz a lot of them are just establishment Republicans. They are Republicans. There is a wing of the Republican Party the country clubs that they hate Donald Trump because he exposed them for the rats. They are if Donald Trump love him hating whatever one of his greatest accomplishments as. And I and this is no small accomplishment was to expose the depth and the breath of the swamp and just how many rats there are up there. Thank you President Trump former President Trump. whatever thank you so much for that because I’m I’m truly woke now and if I stay in the Republican party, it might just be out of spite. just so I don’t wanna hurt anybody but I wouldn’t mind annoying and offending and a few of them as the likelihood of Trump’s. Has grown so to have caused the Democratic Caucus for an alternative path to prevent Trump from holding office again. That’s what this is all about They fear you how does it feel to be feared man and am I not respect you but they did come share fear you and they wanna put us in they wanna reprogram us reprogram us uh liberate us whatever man the plans for them are a bit scary Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She is definitely a Florida first raised the idea of a dual track process, so they might what they’re talking about is consider sensor at the same time as you as uh the uh impeachment so that they get no matter what coming or going do attract process that will reserve a second constitutional pathway can then began exploring the idea on the Senate side constitutional pathway. What kind of I mean these Democrats. They use the constitution when it suits them, They’re against the constitution period. I don’t see any sign that there is a single democratic leader in other words elected office holder that believes in the constitution they don’t believe in the bill of rights. That’s for sure name me one that they may believe in some segment of the Fourteenth Amendment, but when it comes to the first ten amendments not is the bill of rights free speech, the first one out gone. Second amendment and they ain’t even no reason to even discuss that one right they want a national registry so they can come get your guns you better cling to your bubbles and your guns you better take Obama at his word and cling to them things, but Joe Biden coming for man but constitutional pathway and oh remember like I say our sponsors and our partners so to speak big daddy unlimited and uh recoil TV. check them out because uh they are your Second Amendment defenders without a doubt but their attention. Has focused these that wanna use the fourteenth Amendment a focus on a section three of the Fourteenth Amendment a rarely cited civil war era provision which allows Congress to bar individuals from holding office if they have engaged in insurrection, the civil war a resolution to central Trump would require simple majority vote to pass the house and the Senate well, it’s basically believe me I don’t trust these people because think what we’. Been called those of us that support Donald Trump. We’re four-letter words and we’re equal to Isis. Another four letter words, So we’re equal to terrorists by the way. Did you see that uh the abiding administration in the in the name of protecting you from the number one scourge of the pandemic covid as barred people from even Americans coming back from Europe, they have to have proof of vaccination or at least that’s the proposal to come back to this country. Now that may or may not be a good thing but on the same at the same time, they’re barring people from flying in you can bomb rush the border feel free. They’ve lifted basically everything down at the border and they’re not checking these people for covid and if they are they’re relying on the locals, which are overwhelmed already to check for covid so people coming from hot spots in Central and South America, as well as Mexico. No check. but if you’re coming. Anywhere in Europe check, I’m just saying it don’t make much sense to me, but Marga and Isis. we know now are one the same. I I guess we’re new Confederate. We’re the new confederates. It’s interesting what people will accuse you of you know people tend to accuse you of things that they’re guilty of like you know, show somebody I don’t trust anybody that person right there. Cannot be trusted trust me on that, but when it comes to the confederates well, you know. Republicans I’ll defend them on this, they don’t hold a candle to the Democratic Party. I’m gonna show you a meme. I gotta set this up before my there. We go ahead. Put it up there. This is the actual campaign piece from Clinton Gore. It is real. you can check it out yourself they actually use this in literature in places like Arkansas and Mississippi and others to promote their candidacy. But these are the people that are worried about Trump supporters. And confederates, I’m just saying man. It’s just crazy and I wanna play a video for you here. We go any further because these people never get questioned at all right. They’re the armed wing of the Democratic Party, otherwise known as Antifa, I want you to hear what they’re saying because to me what they’re saying right now when you look at what Biden is doing down on our southern border when you look at what’s been happening over the past year violence in our country there, I tell you. All the time you you don’t have to guess where these progresses are coming take them at their word now they’re talking about Trump supporters chanting these people are chanting and listen to what they’re saying because I absolutely believe that this is what the Democrats under Joe Biden are trying to do. check it out. Usa at all No. No Usa at all. Usa, At all, Did you hear that no borders we don’t have a border now under Biden, no wall. They stop that No Usa at all. That’s the goal right there. The last word No Usa at all cuz if you have no border, you have no walls, you have a welfare thing. they’re actually debating right now whether to give stimulus checks to illegal aliens Now, they’ve already said they’re not gonna prosecute illegal aliens that commit crime. As robbery, such as dui’s, such as fraud, I mean the list is long. they’re not even gonna go after em. They’re just releasing them. They’re not checking them for covid, which is supposed to be discourage of this pandemic. We’re having but yet it’s it’s all good. It’s all good and Biden campaigned on that. you can’t say you’re surprised because I’ve been telling you take em out their word and I told you back in in 2020 early on that whoever came out of that crazy field of Democrats was going to be the most. Presidential candidate and God help us now president in the history of the country and Biden field. I said it didn’t matter who it was. I didn’t think Joe Biden would ever be president for. I admit I was wrong there, but no borders no walls, No Usa at all. That’s what all of this is ultimately about take them at their word. You don’t have to guess constitutional scholars, including Michael Gerhart, Lawrence Tribe. He’s a piece of work. Bruce Ackerman, too, Don’t know who that is have advised lawmakers. The plan they fall into this category cuz their constitutional scholars, but they actually think that impeaching the a citizen who I don’t see how they could possibly come to that conclusion unless they’re educated idiots, which a lot of them are just cuz you got alphabets behind your name doesn’t mean you’re very smart. It just means you’ve got a lot of education look at our education system. Now, it means less day, which is why by the way I’m battling, Nigger and apathy daily here because there’s a. Educated idiots that arise to power idiocracy hadn’t seen that movie check it out is upon us is upon us but they’re either idiots are their worst than that. They know they’re wrong, but they’re pushing an agenda cuz they fear you never forget that they fear you. but this one professor Ackerman this attorney, he said The decisive press the decisive president was established talking about this in the Fourteenth Amendment by the congressman eight. Sixty-nine when it implemented section three through a joint resolution to to disqualify all Confederate officials from service now understand ladies and gentlemen, this was after a civil war, a bloody civil war that literally to the fabric of the nation apart it was, but it was after 1869 several years after the civil war, maybe understandable, but then again been a civil war. They’re worried about a civil war right well, maybe this. From Ocasio Cortez the new leader really shows exactly why they’re doing this check it out. Game for investigation, but we also need to move quite quickly because we’re talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 elections and so this is not just about something that has occurred. This is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year. Congresswoman Alexandria, right there so future crime. This was her comments on the first impeachment of Donald Trump that they were doing it for what might happen. In other words he might get reelected in twenty and now they’re doing it. They’re they’re implementing. An article in the Constitution that deals with an actual civil war before anything actually happens to prevent Donald Trump from running again, which would be criminal. They fear you unbelievably ladies and gentlemen, we’re getting close to running out of time. I’m gonna skip ahead just a minute this Steve Cohen of Tennessee. I wanna read something now. this guy is a piece of work You may remember him from the Kentucky Fried chicken thing he did when they were gonna be talking to attorney General Barr at the time, he said. I’ve been working on it independently talking about the. Proceeding for a long time we’ve done research. We’ve talked to some scholars on how it could be used so they’ve been doing this for a long time way before January 6 and insurrection they keep throwing out this term in I wanna get to this a violent uprising against an authority or a government. I wanna play a quick snippet of something that happened outside of the White House when President Trump was there, he had to go into the bunker. you could debate where they should or not, but check out this video an attack. Outside of the White House and keep in mind, they breached the White House wall during this and there were secret service service agents that had exchange gunfire, but listen to this check it out password started, he said peacefully earlier today at what you’re looking at live now there uh in with the uh view of the White House is a totally different story tonight as the looming 11 PM curfew uh is coming uh Kevin Let’s check in and see what uh your take is on whether that’s actually gonna happen tonight. Unfortunately, Shannon seeing uh a terrible scene fires burning here along 8 street. We do smell Oh boy. Oh boy. we’re getting tear gas and uh unfortunately I can add uh just a moment ago. It does appear that Saint John’s Church is on fire the parish office uh we went downstairs and it is on fire. I’m gonna walk this way and uh this is awful. We saw graffiti once the door was broken. We saw something similar happened earlier and as you can see uh there’s definitely a fire here. This is the parish office here. Come on back Come on back Come on back up. That’s good so they’re trying to clear the area. Shannon with uh with the pepper spray and with the tear gas to try to clear people, I think we do get out. No. I don’t know that there’s anything we can do to put that out. I didn’t see an extinguisher uh we’re back out here on 8 Street is. As you can imagine as I there’s a lot more to that video, but we’re running out of time that was happening and literally if you’ve never been to DC, it’s literally on the Lafayette Park is on the doorstep basically of the White House. That’s where President Trump walked over with his bible and stood in front of that church. Did you see the graffiti? I’m not even gonna repeat it. I don’t say the f word any kind here, but they painted that on the side of the church. I mean it is sad. It is heartbreaking. Luckily that church was. Damage too awful, but but it was on the verge of being burnt down. It’s just unbelievable, but that’s not in preaching the White House having the president of the United States have to go in the bunker having shots exchange from uh secret service officer. None of that. that’s okay, though they were justified, they mostly peaceful. They burn a church and painting the f word on the side of one of the most historic churches in our country it. An attack on every single person regardless of their religion when they do that man, but these yahoos I wanna read you. Imma skip all the way down a little bit here and say something else that this Cohen fella. Oh, God man. He is a piece of work. Tennessee. Please get rid of this dude. He is a threat to everything he indecent doesn’t even describe it, but here’s what he said, he said. I know there was some concern about it being a bill of retainer. This is having to do with the trying of a citizen. Is unconstitutional, Listen to what he said the bill of retainer, which is the provision supposedly prevents that from happening, he said. I know there was some concern about it being a bill of retainer, but I’m not concerned about that. He’s not concerned about the constitution. He’s telling take him out their word, he said, because what he did talking about the president was the most horrific thing that a president of the United States has ever done it to this country and I’d say he’s telling you he’s not concerned about the. The Constitution the constitution is on fire for them. I wanna play this video you’ve seen it probably before I played it before cuz this is nothing new. they don’t Democrats at every level don’t care about the constitution. Remember when the New Jersey governor said this on Tucker cross show just a few months ago about the ability to shut down churches, let alone burn them down and places of worship places of business and everything else. Check out this New Jersey Governor Murphy man. Was the right decision to make so um you made that decision and as I noted before fifteen congregate in a synagogue, New Jersey were arrested and charged for being in a synagogue together now the bill of rights as you well know protects Americans right and shrines their right to practice their religion as they see fit and to congregate together to assemble peacefully by what authority did you nullify the bill of rights in issuing this order? How do you have the power? That’s above my pay grade Tucker so I wasn’t uh I wasn’t thinking of the bill Wright when we did this, we went to all of there you go take em out the word ladies and gentlemen, he wasn’t thinking about the bill of rights. so you got the governor of New Jersey They don’t care about the constitutional bill of my laughing about it laughing about you got this Cohen fella out of Tennessee going Oh, I know about the retainer, but this is bigger than that so getting rid of Trump ghosting Donald Trump. Because they fear you is bigger than the constitution, it doesn’t matter then they sight the constitution. It just gives me I gotta end the show in somewhat of a positive note. I think Donald Trump sums it up best with all this fiasco, the censorship talk the impeachment trial the illegal one that is probably gonna start today and tomorrow. Donald Trump pretty well sums it up. Check him out Democrats have to now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public. With ridiculous bullshit, Amen, I can’t say it any better than the president man God. I miss that man already, but what do we do? Let’s end the show with this?

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