Citizens For Trump – Dem House Can’t Forgive Their GOP Colleagues For Insurrection? – JMT #405

Citizens For Trump – Dem House Can’t Forgive Their GOP Colleagues For Insurrection? – JMT #405

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’re having a glorious morning as I am here man. I tell you what it is a picture perfect day out here uh in Florida, I know a lot of the country has experienced some rough weather over the past week or so, and I hope you’re coming out from. Some of that cuz it is certainly glorious here and I wish you to have a glorious day, but we got a great show for you today. We got a couple of articles. I hope we can get to both of them. One is about the Democrats in the House of Representatives and I guess to a certain extent the Senate but certainly in the House of Representative is they can’t seem to work with the their go colleagues because they can’t forgive them for their votes to uh potentially not. Election for everything that happened on January 6th, and there is lot of animosity coming out. they can’t even agree on what post offices to name. so they’re having a hard time getting the people’s work done and we’ll talk about that and a plan that I’ve come up with to solve all of that. And maybe then some and then, of course, you know the what is uh the if you had a best picture award for double standard the winner would certainly. B The Democrats, the Biden White House because the kids in cages man is a sequel. It is happening all over again and we’ll talk a little bit about that. But before we go any further, I always have to mention our sponsors. Big Daddy Unlimited B We come to you live everyday Monday through Friday, 8 O’clock eastern or close as we can do it across various Facebook channels our YouTube channel is now finally I believe straightened out. So you should be able to go directly to John Martin talks YouTube and we uh we’re our subscribers are growing everyday. 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Second amendment, as well, they show it’s basically a video hosting platform and they show all kind of video that has to do with the latest Second amendment as far as guns, ammunition tactical gear all of that how to use them you cannot go wrong with recoil TV. They had their own YouTube channel. Check it out you can get apps at Google Play and the iphone store as well or or recall TV. check em out. Alright, let’s get on with the show. This is a public, The publication called the Hill We’re using as a template for this Democratic fury with go explodes in the house. I saw this meme the other day and I just had to copy it man It is pretty funny cuz it is pretty descriptive of what we have now. It is a zoo up there in Washington right now. and as I say I’m gonna unveil a little bit later in this uh this segment a plan for solving all that Democratic fury over the mob attack they call out this is. January 6 with them, it’s a Bob attack. It’s insurrection. It’s this that it’s a of people going mad. I mean it’s it’s just a mad mad scene Democratic fury over the mob attack on on the capital and his aftermath is spilling into nearly every aspect of life in the house. Squashing hope for commodity for I guess that means getting along right and threatening even mundane legislative task like the naming of a local post office, Let me. And now I’m gonna unveil my plan to you right now if only this thing would just grind to a halt. I don’t know about you, but it would be alright with me if they didn’t pass any new legislation. keep in mind. We’ve got plenty of laws more laws than we can possibly obey right now, but here’s my plan. okay to solve all of this and then we’ll get into some of the details of what’s actually going on. but I’m I’m I’m this is kind of jokingly, but I’m actually pretty serious right about this. How about this? And you gotta hear me all the way up. How about we don’t worry about even having session just shut everything down shut the legislature down as far as I’m concern, you could probably shut the White House down, but you probably gotta keep them for the state department and stuff like that, but just shut the legislature down. you know a lot of times state legislatures. they didn’t always meet every year. Some of them still don’t some of them meet like every other year, but a lot of them used to only meet every other year and and Congress didn’t. Actually, after me even the constitution they don’t have to meet all the time, but they do now they’re basically become 24/7. but here’s what my thing let’s shut the whole thing down for a decade. Let’s shut it all down cross the board. We could still pay him. We don’t have to have elections or anything just pay him. stay at home like they’re doing a school teachers right now, pay him to stay at home. We’ll come out cheaper Trust me keep all the laws we currently have on the books. I’m not saying I agree with all of them. don’t misunderstand me. I’m just saying keep em. So we don’t have to make any changes whatsoever, we can still enforce them. keep the budget. basically the same as it’s been the last several years, but just have a 1% cut to every department that currently exist is funded at the same level, it is right now with one exception, you cut 1% every year, just a penny like a penny plan right for 10 years, cut it once a year 1% period and then we come back in. 10 years and see where we are, Of course, we can always call it back in if we thought we needed to, but I guarantee I think the country would be better off if we just shut Congress down forget the Republicans, the Democrats, whatever shut them down. keep the laws as they are right now keep the budget level the same and just cut everything by 1% per year. Now, I know that that’s not gonna happen, but I guarantee you we’d be better off than the yahoos. We got up there on both sides of the Democrats accused your repub. Of nothing short of sabotaging the nation’s democracy with false claims that November’s election was and I can’t say that s word it uh it’s well, you know former President Trump. I’m not saying the n-word that it was. I guess you could say it was squealed away. It was squealed away to me, instead of saying that one s word there’s two s words. I can’t say one of them, says Owen and the other one is ill right you have to kinda have to block myself out right now, but instead of just wearing. That why don’t we just call it squealing man we the election was squealed away. There’s just no doubt about it show those pigs at the trough like we just did and that pretty much is a description of Washington DC one of the best descriptions you’ll ever see is just basically pigs at the troll cuz I got uh a mentor of mine. Tom Hayes Morrison, Heidi Tom if you’re watching hope you’re doing well but I used to fill in on his radio show and he kinda got me started in this business basically. But uh he used to say you know that we only had one party and I think he’s right when you get to the top, he said. We got one party the party of Big government. It has a left wing and a right wing and I think he’s absolutely right about that and closer you get up to it. There’s not a hill of beans difference between him. I mean look at our Supreme Court, for instance, for God’s sake to me and a friend of mine that watches the show. How are you? Daniel? You know who I’m talking about? We talked about this yesterday. I mean how disappointed. If you’re a conservative but not a Trump supporter, can you be with the Supreme Court right now we did a whole show on it The other day. Check out our podcast couple of ways to do that go directly to John Mark talks Facebook page You’ll see it there, but uh go to our YouTube channel. Of course, it’s archived on TV but our YouTube channel John Martin talks. We’re also archive on America’s voice News, one of the best alternatives you’ll find to the mainstream media. I’m not currently on their live, but our show is on their archive the way to find it is to go on their streaming service. Which is Roku Fire stick Apple TV, America’s voice News They’re on Channel 219 Dish Network and the Pluto channel. You can can download free on your Android or your iphone, but look where on their streaming service look under the show tab. Click on that search us out You’ll see John Martin talks there on a daily basis, but how disappointed are you with our Supreme Court? So I say that to say, does it really make a difference who’s on the Supreme Court? It doesn’t appear to because the Liberals are getting. Their way no matter what so you know what difference can we from, especially from a conservative point of view? Wouldn’t we be better just to kinda freeze us right where we are rather than take the chance of us getting worse cuz let me ask you the more government functions. does it get better or does it get worse to me? It seems like it’s getting worse all the time so I say, freeze it right where it is for like 10 years and then see what happens I don’t see how it could be worse already angry. The article already angry that the refusal by some Republicans to wear a mask to prevent spread of covid nineteen was endangering lies Democrats now see the go as directly putting lawmaker lives on the line with dangerous rhetoric that feeds outlandish conspiracy theories. so they’re chastise and Republicans for not wearing mask inside the capital well, maybe they’re just trying to be bipartisan. I mean if you knew. To show you first of all how how are you welcome to it? This is my psychic sidekick by the way Billy Bob bass. He kinda keeps me straight on the show He has a Twitter handle. It’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talk. We’re determined ladies and gentlemen to stay in the public square. no matter what so we’re expanding and that more is yet to come but we’re expanding into all venues to try to keep the show going and it’s doing well. Thank you very much ultimately always comes down to you but we’re not gonna. And Facebook and Twitter and everything else they may kick us off. Oh algorithm. He is a tough son of a gun, so they may you know they’re trying to kick a whole country off in Australia, so you know what they might do with little Gmt, but we’re not gonna abandon the public square, but one of the things one of my axiom if you will is bipartisanship bipartisanship and I know what the textbook says it means, but in reality what it means is Republicans pay. That’s what they do. They cave cuz you can’t name me well, I’ll try. This challenge out nobody’s been able to uh to beat me on it yet and you can go to like Facebook and and chime in there. I’ll do my best to respond to you as soon as possible I appreciate all the uh the love you guys are showing me but uh answer me this can you name one time when the Republicans were for something whatever it is and the Democrats were adamantly opposed to it and that Democrats had a change of heart and say you know them mfers that Republican goers like Biden one. Aid said they’re all a bunch of efforts that those efforts otherwise known as the go. Uh you know they had. they got it right. We were wrong and we’re gonna go full with them. It never happens but the other side where you have Democrats for Republicans were opposed at one point and cave in it happens on a daily basis, and that’s only gonna get worse. So I say maybe when they talk about these go house members not wearing mask, maybe they’re actually just. To be bipartisan and give do difference to the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and if you don’t believe me just check out this video from the past right here. In case, you didn’t know what that was ladies and gentlemen, I know it’s silent that is the actual footage from a beauty salon that was shut down due to covid in San Francisco, The lovely lady you see they’re going through their maskless is none other than Nancy Pelosi violating her own rules and regulations in California putting people’s health at risk herself at risk for God’s sake. She’s 80 years old. I mean if anybody’s susceptible that that just. You the left and we’re gonna talk more about this uh probably tomorrow but the left uh they don’t believe what they’re they’re selling you a bill of goods and they don’t believe it. The proof is in the pudding if they really believe that covid and the pandemic was a death sentence for people over eighty and that mask were the way to prevent it would Nancy Pelosi leave her house without a mask. Let alone go into a public place without a mask really what she is, she really on. Suicide Watch but maybe these uh Republicans that are refusing to wear a mask in the house are just saying, Hey, Nancy showed us the way she showed us what it truly believe and to do difference to her. We’re not gonna wear mask either. I’m just pointing out maybe it is back to this article. Representative Dan Ky, Democrat of Michigan set of the 139 Republicans who voted to reverse the election results. Basically that’s not. The number may be right, but what they’re claiming here reverse election. That’s not what they voted on. They voted on not to certify certain states due to call and to investigate and I guess you could make case that if that actually went through that potentially it could be reversed, but we’ve shown you video before we’re not gonna show it today, but this is routine what happened on January 6 and I’m not talking about the armed insurrection. I’m talking about what actually happened in the joint session of the Senate and House to. The election has happened and the challenge of it. The voting has happened multiple times before in fact the Democrats have done exactly that the last three times that a Republican was elected to the presidency. The Democrats did the same thing that the Republicans did on January 6, but you never hear that they make it sound like Oh this this is so when try to squeal the election, but oh, no no, it’s it’s uh it’s typical right so uh it says. This is what uh mister Khalid said, he said it’s impossible for us to my Democrat House members to work with the go, he said. It’s impossible for us not to look at them in a different light Well, I understand where he’s coming from from cuz I feel the same way about what I call the dirty Ten. in other words the ten Republicans that actually voted to impeach Donald Trump in the House of Representatives led by none other than. Liz Cheney, who still has her spot by the way so you know, I’ve said this before, but if I say it it bears repeating. If I was if I was allowed to cast only one vote period or anything and that vote was to get rid of the whole lot of the Republicans and Democrats to start over. of course, I think my ten-year plan is the way to go I would do exactly that. In fact, I’m inspired by this video. I’ve played it before and I’ve used it in more complacent, but I gotta tell you this video. I’m about to play is one of the most inspirational videos you will find on. Web anywhere and we have it for you exclusively right here at Gmt. Check it out. I just love that man around the bowl and down the hole flush them all out if I could cast one vote, I would take that kitty cats lead and just pull the lever one time on all of them to to choose man shut it down shut it down. It’s already packed away. Look at this picture. This is an actual picture of our lovely capital of the most scenic places of government wise on the planet and it is literally wrapped in Bob and fencing and walls and everything so they’ve already got the cap. Packed away so we could just let it you know, go for 10 years. come by and see it is it’s already packed up but I’m I’m ready to flush the whole lot myself man. I don’t know about you I make uh make a little adjustment sometime live. Uh I’m Zach here we go back to this article. Bad blood reached a new level Tuesday night when Representative Sean Casten Democrat of Illinois, is anything other than Democrats in Illinois. It seems that way anyway took the highly. Pity and deserve it as you American Patriots to live in places like Illinois, You can come to Florida. just don’t bring your politics with you but uh mister cast and Democrat of Illinois took the highly unusual step of forcing a full floor vote on an uncontrollable bill to name a Mississippi Post office because he was because it was authored by Republican who voted to overturn the election so they normally they just kinda rubber stamp these bills about naming post office. we make jokes about it. Time, but this is no joking matter they gotta have a total house floor vote on it. It was equally evident during a postal service hearing on Wednesday as a furious Representative Gary or Jerry with AG Connolly Democratic Virginia lashed out of a top Trump ally Representative Jim Jordan. the great I wish he was speaker of the house from uh Ohio who had accused Democrats of attacking postmaster General Louis de Joy La. Year simply to damage Trump’s reelection, Jordan said in in this debate about the uh the postmaster said it was all a charade and he made a very lengthy little speech about it. He pointed out some various obvious things that mister uh de joy was actually being accused of wrongfully doing things that every other postmaster done like moving the post office box all that but uh mister Connolly shot back. apparently he. Putting his finger out there in Jordan’s face, he said. I didn’t vote to overturn election and I will not be lectured by people who did bipartisanship so he’s putting mister Jordan in his place. so they’re arguing over nonsense out there and I told you about Billy Bob Billy Bob tells me we actually have a citizen response. a video of a citizen responding and and calling it like it is. And what is actually happening with people on both sides of the aisle in DC right now, can we hear from that voter? Check it out? Oh cuz came in the mail today these nuts. Believe it or not head pains got millions of millions abused. I mean we’re pretty shallow in this country but uh these nuts man that’s what they are up there a basket full of bucket full of nuts man. It is gonna I’m just telling you we’d be tell me where I’m wrong on this. I honestly believe we’d be better off just shutting Congress down for a decade. go to my plan. I’ll I’ll reiterate it here in just a minute and just see where we are in 10 years, I how could it possibly be worse? Freshman represented Marjorie Taylor Green, who is fast becoming a hero of mine Republican from Georgia. She’s the one they shut down or wearing the Trump mask right there. I like that, they said Trump, one who call former President Trump stand on January 6 our 1776 moment force they vote Wednesday to in-house business. Hey, that is a good vote. Let’s end it Marjorie uh you can be the leader of it. Let’s end it for for a decade but in house business. A day it failed, but not before grumbling members of both parties. Now, you know, I thought of something you know what I’d like to say I you know, I told you guys. I’m a kind of a big wrestling fan. I would love to see a match between Marjorie Taylor Green and Ocasio-cortez man. wouldn’t you like to see like a steel cage match between them too? I’d referee in a heartbeat man. I would do it. I would absolutely. Referee this thing so I’m volunteering my services to be the referee between Ocasio Cortez and Marjorie Green. I would love to see that match man. You know, let me know if we’ll try to make it happen. Representative Alexander Ocasio Cortez. It’s hard not to say that when you say your name who blames some lawmakers for endangering her, which was a lie by the way it’s come out now that that she was never in any harms way, But she says it’s going to be talking about working with the go. It’s going to be much. Harder to work across the aisle really like what like uh she was chomping at the bit to work across the aisle with Republicans really really now, I wanna play a video. We’ve played it before, but I think it’s very germaine to this particular thing cuz they’re saying basically that Republicans are inspiring the mob out there. You know that they’ve that they’re worried about their safety. They got a lot down the capital you know Democrats never ever talk about. Like a people do they, except maybe this person ocasio, Cortez says. Let me read it again. It’s gonna be much harder to work across the aisle. Now I wanna play this video of her talking about what they response to Ruth Bader Ginsburg death and what they need to do and see if this would make it easier or harder to work across the aisle. Check it out. Let this moment radicalize you let this moment. Really put everything into stark focus because this election has always been about the fight of and for our lives and if anything tonight is making that more clear to more people than ever before and I’m gonna tell you it’s gonna get more and more and more clear to up until election day. Things are gonna happen. Things are gonna happen somebody did something somewhere or somebody like one of her other Twitter twat people. I call that squad the Twitter twit by the way, but uh I think it’s more descriptive but here you have ocasio Cortez saying that you know it’s gonna be hard to work across the aisle because these Republicans these Daly Republicans actually exercise their constitutional right and voted to uh not certified Joe Biden election, which, as I told you the. Last three Republicans that were elected president had the same process cast upon them by Democrats, but there’s no double standard here, Double standard Uh I’m here to tell you there is no double standard and if you’re new to show you might be going what do you mean? Surely no, there’s not a double standard. There is one standard people like these Republicans are being held to a standard. What standard is ocasio Cortez Hill. She can literally say let this moment radicalize. And it’s gonna get worse and we’re gonna get gonna get clear and clear that you need to be radicalized and she’s not impeached but Donald Trump can say, go down there and Eastland and patriotically protest and ease and peace overnight. There’s no double standard. There is a standard that people on the right that Trump supporters are held to that Donald Trump is held to you know they’re even in Florida here now I mean right now we have flags half staff in memory of wrestling ball. By our great Governor Ron DeSantis. But do you know that the Democrats led areas have refused to do that refuse to do it now? They don’t have to love her. I mean think about that are we really going to get that Petty where we’re picking and choosing when a governor who has the authority to say that uh you know on government property, all flags should be lowered to half staff to honor someone that they’re gonna pick and choose who to do that. I mean and they’re supposed to be unit. Couldn’t you just I mean if if the this flag has been at half staff for people, I didn’t particularly agree with you know, but hey, I mean, and I’m not even knocking her but you remember didn’t Obama actually lowered the flag to half staff for Whitney Houston and I’m a big fan of Whitney Houston. It’s tragic what happened to her, You know and II don’t wish, but I don’t know that the flag should have been put at half staff for a singer as great as she was, I mean you know. Why and I’m not necessarily saying it should have been for rush Limbaugh although I certainly agree he had a major impact, certainly in in government more so than Whitney Houston, but if you’re gonna and I didn’t object to it, I didn’t say Oh, well, you know and II was mayor at the time in the city of Hawthorne, I believe certainly a city commissioner. I have to go back and look at it, but I didn’t object to the flag being half staff or because the president has said we need to lower the flag. That and that was good enough for me. you know I don’t have to pick the president had the authority to do that he did it. Governor DeSantis has the authority and he did it, but the Democrats wanna pick and choose to make a big deal of it. man There is no double standard. There’s a standard or the right none whatsoever for the left. I mean if if there was a double standard, what about Cuomo right now you see what’s all happening? Cuomo? There’s more stuff coming out on him everyday and I’m not saying he’s guilty. He deserves his day in court so to speak, but he’s been what it seems fairly credible accused by one of his staffers of. Sexual assault but uh and he’s being hit by Democrat. You know the only let me tell you the only reason why Cuomo is being hit right now by Democrats is because Trump’s no longer I mean, that’s the worst thing that happen to Cuomo is Trump cuz it didn’t matter what Cuomo did he could be killing your grandma in a nursing home as long as he was anti Trump well, they’re willing to forgive that, but now that uh Trump is gone and Cuomo can’t really be anti Biden right now he doesn’t have. That foil of of uh Trump, you know to go against so he’s coming under the light. We’ll see what happens to that back to the article Republicans for their part accused Democrats of distorting the events of January 6 in order to paint the entire go as complicit for the actions of the mob. You think you think that’s true. That’s not an over exaggerate. I mean they’re basically saying Maga might as well. be another four letter word Isis, in other words, if you’re a Trump. Supporter you might as well, be a jihadi man. I mean I didn’t see anybody getting beheaded or anything like that, but uh basically, if you’re a Trump supporter man now, you are a target The Fbi is coming out. They’re coming after your money and everything else. It’s crazy D platform you the whole works. Why can’t why can’t American people just be smart enough and they are by the way to either change the channel. What why can’t we listen to all sides and make up our own mind? Why do we have to be control? That’s what this is all. Even the propose 911 style commission to look into January 6, domestic terror attack has been bogged down by partisan politics. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California, have you seen who she put in charge of investigating what happened on January 6 This general Andre I mean what a piece of work that dude is man. I mean he is not biased at but he’s been circulating a draft. He’s been circulating draft legislation that would create an independent bipartisan commission. Which means Republicans or Democrats would get seven appointments and Republicans for well, I’m sticking with the Martin plan. we need to go. We had a marshal plan that saved Germany. We get out of Martin Plan that saves United States of America once again, I say shut it down shut the whole Congress down just shut them down. Keep the laws just as they are. don’t change a thing cut the budget and and keep the budget the same except for one C. You can’t every department gets funded exactly this year like they did last year, save a lot of money except every year going for it by 1%, the penny plan and then we come back in 10 years and see where we are. I guarantee you it won’t be worse and I’d be willing to bet you it would be a whole lot better. remember that the Martin all your congressman. Alright, let me check the time we’re doing. Okay. I got sorry about that little bang there I got uh bring out talking about double standards as I say only a single stand this next story man it just takes the cake. This is a bright bar story White House flounder at left’s Kids in cages rage. We only have a couple of choices kids in cages. remember that when Trump like I mean he put his kids in cages and even though it was, they showed a picture the picture they circulated around of Trump’s kids and. Cages It was Obama’s kids in cages from like 2014. Remember that oh, yeah, they didn’t get any apology from that but now the Democrats are doing the same thing and getting pushed back from Ocasio Cortez of all people, at least maybe she’s consistent. Representative Alexander Ocasio-cortez condemn the newly reopened camps used to detain unaccompanied minors until they could be transferred into the country. Unaccompanied think. That means nobody was with them. What are you supposed to do with White House Press Secretary Jim She is becoming more piece of work everyday stands firm with the administration’s decision well at least ocasio Cortez is consistent now remember when she went down to the border during the Trump administration, she came back all of go because she saw women drinking out of toilets and she painted a picture that they were literally. you know like the cat flushing they were sticking their. Laughing it up man, which turns out to be a total BS lie what they had was this all-in-one toilets like they tend to have sometimes in in prisons actually, but there’s stainless steel and you gotta do it in this public places. There’s stainless steel the piping. I guess she didn’t know much about plumbing cuz the water to fill the toilet and the water that goes in the to drink guess what comes from the same source. It’s not how it comes in that matters. It’s where it goes out. Heard it man I hate to give you 101, but what you don’t wanna drink from is the where it’s flowing out of not where it’s flowing in so they had these toilets that literally had a combination of a toilet, a sink and on one side a drinking fountain and so she was saying women are drinking out of the toilet. Oh my god. I mean she probably believe that man but Ocasio court has said of a Biden administration. This is not. Okay. Tell my kids in cages. This is not okay Never has been okay Never will be okay, no matter the administration or party Okay Last. Okay, I added for a fact man, but that’s what she said and and hey, you know as I say, at least maybe she’s consistent. She don’t know what she’s talking about, but maybe, at least she’s being consistent in in uh her uh attack on the administration this this uh press secretary. Responded by defending the decision by President Joe Biden administration to reopen detain camps for unaccompanied minors detained at the southern border. This is what the press secretary said she said our objective is to move these kids quickly from there to vetted sponsor facilities and to places where they can safely be so let me read. I mean this answer to this question. Let me read this one more time cuz I wanna make this is what mister Biden’s. Secretary said about them putting kids in cages just like they accused and attacked Donald Trump, he said. Our objective is to move these kids quickly from there from the cages. sponsored to vetted sponsored families and to place where they can’t and to places where they can be where they can safely be. I guess what she was supposed to was Donald Trump’s plan. Was Donald Trump’s plan Donald Trump’s plan just the lord of flies right? We get the people. I mean, this is what the media would have. You believe that Donald Trump’s plan was to put these kids in cages and then put him on some island somewhere where they ruled by Lord If you’ve never seen or read that book, you need to check it out cuz it’s becoming real as we speak right now, but they they pitch they put this picture out there basically of Donald Trump wanting to kill these kids torture these kids. I mean just unbelievable Donald Trump was. Doing the same thing he was trying to find a place to put these kids. I mean you got when they’re unaccompanied, which is a critical thing. What do you do? It’s just absolutely insane, but there’s no double standard as I tell you there’s only one stand what standard is Biden being held to him, Biden promised during his 2020 campaign that he would close the facilities holding detained unaccompanied. Migrant children unaccompanied migrant children Well, you know, Biden did say that during the campaign he asked this question. Imma play this video for you right now of candidate now President I don’t relish say that God help us Joe Biden when he was actually campaigning on this and listen to the question he asked. let’s see if we can check it out You know me you know my heart. You know my story My family story. Ask yourself. Do I look like a. Socialist with a soft spot for riders really. I want a safe America and answer that yes, let me just give you an unequivocal. One word answer. Joe Yes, you look like you act like if you want like a duck quack like a duck, you’re a duck, you’re a socialist, you said. You wanna be the most progressive president ever and you’re absolutely doing that. you know it’s unbelievable what you’re doing, but let me answer that question. Yes. Joe you absolutely look. That and you’re governing like that uh said this this, the press secretary, she said this facility in Texas, which has been reopened, has been revamped reopen. So in other words, it was closed at night they reopen has been revamped. There are teachers there’s medical facilities teachers, so let me get this straight man. Uh I got it before I get maybe rant here. So there are teachers at this facility with these children who are coming in by the way not covid tested at all all these migrants come all these illegal immigrants coming across the border not being tested so we got untested undocumented children now, I don’t blame them. I don’t hold them respond their parents or governors and everything else, but they’re there, but they got teachers so these. Are getting teachers, I’m assuming paid for by you and me and I’m not necessarily opposed to him having teachers, but I wanna see our kids talk first. I mean we got teachers not showing up won’t even teach kids out in our major cities like La and Chicago because they say it’s unsafe and everything you ever seen that video. I guess I should get it play where those teachers in Chicago are dancing around talking about how to say they wanna be. It’s just crazy. It’s insane. About this ladies and gentlemen, we’re putting teachers down on the border in close quarters with kids who have not been tested for covid, but we won’t put our teachers into a school. I mean it locally in the United States and they’re getting medical treatment. So, in other words, people who are coming here illegally are getting better treatment than American citizens and American children. Are you okay with that? I know most of my audience it, but if you’re a snowflake out there do you really think it’s fair that our children are being denied and education. Children who are coming here illegally are getting one and I guarantee you. They’re not teaching us about the greatness of America but Customs and Border Protection apprehended 5000. listen the numbers Matter Customs and Border Protection apprehended 5871 unaccompanied minors in January of this year, up significantly from the low of only 741 in April in 2020 during the Trump administration look at those numbers almost 6000. 5008 5870 5871 under Biden and now of what Trump it was only 741 at their lowest point, the Trump policies were working Trump’s policies at the border were working, but with now it’s chaos down there. No emergency is Biden said it just I don’t how can this be man? It’s just unbelievable. That’s why I say, shut it all down as I said it the story before. For 10 years and uh just keep the budget same, keep all the laws the same we can protect the border. We can still do that if we choose to and cut one penny 1% a year and after 10 years, see where we are, I still think it would work, but listen to this, you talk about double standards. I think this is what uh this uh said of this press secretary. She is something she said. I think the difficulty is what I outlined earlier we have kids coming. Across the border, she said it’s heartbreaking. I think we all as human beings are heartbroken, but we only have a couple of choices only have a couple of choices, so she’s basically saying they don’t have any choice but to follow what Donald Trump did, Of course he had a choice, put him on Lord of the flies or whatever, but that but you know you don’t understand you don’t understand Donald Trump. Donald Trump Donald. Made all the wrong choices he chose the stats each kids from the of the family we don’t have any choice but to put these kids in the cages that Obama bill I mean a double standards. I’m telling you there is no double standard. There is a standard for the right. There’s a standard for here’s the thing. Ladies and gentlemen did you ever think we would get to the point where if you’re free free speech? If you refer the second Amendment, if you’re for the bill of rights, my god, if you’re for the US Constitution, you are the problem if you weigh the American flag, forget the flag or Confederate flag if you wave the American flag, you’re a white supremacist if Donald Trump puts unaccompanied minors in holding areas that were built pins whatever you wanna call them that were built by Obama He is the. It’s what I think Biden called it the time the worst moral crime in the history of the country. That’s Donald Trump, but if you Joe Biden and you do the exact same thing, it’s because you only had a couple of choices. you got these kids best interests at heart everything else I find myself actually agreeing with Ocasio Cortez. I don’t agree with what she said about I agree with her consistency. It’s just. Just scary where we’re going and as I say I believe and we’ll give you my plan one more time just so you in case you’re just coming in the last show. Here is my plan for fixing the whole crazy thing. I call it. The Martin plan shut the entire Congress down for 10 years, shut them down. Keep all the laws we have now don’t agree with all of them, but keep them so we don’t have to have congressman says. You keep them as they are keep the budget level the same all programs funded no matter how crazy they may be exactly the same amount cut 1% on the budget across the. The penny plan I’ve incorporated, I’ve stolen it putting it my plant. I’ve squealed it away. I guess and put it in there 1% per year and then see after 10 years where we are, I guarantee you I’ve I’d be willing to bet you that we’ll be in a lot better shape. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. I’d I’d try to bring it to you everyday. I try to share with you. my heart, my honesty my perspective. I haven’t said this in a while, but kinda how I see the show, Madeline Nigger and apathy I kinda see it as a. Between like our founding fathers, I’m not saying I’m one, but I think I’ve got some of the same logic in me that they had and everybody now on the other side of the bridge, who’s staring at a phone, not saying we can’t learn something for you, but I’m trying to pass this information back and forth because when my generation the last one that we’re children of the greatest generation when we’re gone, then I don’t know where you’re gonna get the message from but you can get it right here day. Please like what we’re doing. Share it. Check. Our sponsors check out our YouTube channel all those things as I say I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. Please pray for my family and I’ll pray for your family. Let’s all agree that we should pray for this great nation cuz she deserves it and needs it now more than ever with all these nuts that are running it up there, but as I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours up.

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