Citizens For Trump – DC Under Permanent National Guard? – JMT #383

Citizens For Trump – DC Under Permanent National Guard? – JMT #383

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you have yourself a great weekend. I know I did I finally got to go fishing for the first time in 21, it was beautiful out there considering it was the middle of January and I did really well so uh if you had. Good a time as me than you are happy to be alive and free in the good old us safe, but I don’t know how much longer I don’t know how much longer we’re gonna be free. ladies and gentlemen, We got a story today for you that is sad and scary kinda breaks your heart makes you realize the direction we’re heading in and it is well. I just I don’t know how to put put it is is a bit troubling and that is that DC talking about Washington, DC is right now. Under permanent military guard, we’re under armed military guard in our nation’s capital and it’s uh it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. In fact, there are indications that they’re gonna keep them there until March and we’ll get into some of the reasons why in just a moment but big daddy Unlimited gotta talk about big daddy unlimited otherwise known as B our sponsor. we’re tremendously grateful for them as I tell you. Time Not everybody can be a fighter, but you can support those of us in the fight and big daddy Unlimited is both a fighter and a supporter of those of us in the fight to get to them. All you gotta do is look at our the top of our show, no matter when or where you’re watching it look above the video. Scroll down on our description, you’ll see the link to big daddy Unlimited your Second Amendment headquarters. I call him that because you get factory direct pricing on guns and ammunition. 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This is a political article and it’s really interesting coming from Politico, which is clearly a leftist publication, a liberal leftist publication, but even they in this article bring out some facts about our troops that are in DC that are a bit troubling. Here’s the title impeachment trial to keep national guard troops at the Capitol, former president that picture right there is actually national guard. Currently stationed in DC and you can literally see them patrolling with arms. Did you really think we would get to the point we would have armed troops in DC armed troops right now, there’s like 25000, they’re talking about reducing that down to, but still keeping like 5000 let’s get into a former President Donald Trump’s upcoming Senate impeachment trial poses a security concern that federal law enforcement officials told lawmakers last. Requires as many as 5000 national guard troops to remain in Washington through mid March, according to four people familiar with the matter. So do you smell that? can you smell what’s happening right now If you smell uh a little bit of smoke in the air, it’s our constitution on fireman our constitution is not just being shredded and ignored. it is literally being burned and that’s what’s happening. Washington DC has not seen anything like this since the real civil war when we had real interaction not to wanna be interaction we have now, I’m not saying that uh you know that I’m not condoning any violence to happen in the capital and the death that happened. There are very sad and people should be prosecuted but to act like the what the left is calling and even some Republicans are basically calling this an insurrection and akin to Pearl Harbor is throwing gas. On that constitutional fire and I’m just gonna tell it like it is holding an let me just put it this way, Ladies and gentlemen cuz I I’m trying to get what’s really happening here so we’re about to an unconstitutional trial in the United States Senate and and say it’s unconstitutional. you know why cuz it’s simply is there’s just really no other way to look at it any any even a cursory. read the Constitution shows that impeachment is to have people removed from. Office Donald Trump no longer holds an office. Please tell me what office Donald Trump holds just like there’s no Office of President elect like Biden was president-elect for like months when even he wasn’t there is no office for Ex-president. There is no office for defeated President. There’s no office period for anybody who is not currently serving. There’s no such thing you can’t impeach someone who is not a current office holder. The Constitution is very clear on this, You know what else is very clear on you Cannot hold a trial in the Senate on a United States citizen that is not holding office. There is a section of the of the Constitution. It’s called attainment and it deals directly with not having trials of citizens in Congress because guess what our founding fathers and I I’m still saying the word fathers and mothers and everything else here our founding father. New From experience with the with the Parliament in England at the time that they were having trials in parliament outside of their court system of everyday citizens for political purpose and the founding father saw that and the danger of it and they specifically forbidden in the constitution and these Yahoo up in Washington, you think they would know this to me you know talking about what’s Donald Trump’s defense well? Of all he shouldn’t even have to have a defense cuz they’re impeaching him on bogus things that they didn’t even have witnesses to they didn’t even do any investigation and if you see anybody can watch the video of Donald Trump on January 6th and he said peaceful protest but on top of all of that they are impeaching him when it’s not legal. It’s not legal to do so. it’s just crazy. so they’re an unconstitutional trial of a US citizen. And they feel so good about what they’re doing that they’re gonna surround the situation with Bob Wire and armed federal troops, and I’m not knocking our troops by the way just to get that uh cuz some of them as you’ll see aren’t too happy about it themselves and they’ll probably need to be programmed. Have you been reprogrammed yet the platform? maybe I don’t know about the program yet the contingency force will help protect the capital from what was described as impeachment security. Concerned Well, you know one reason one way to have no concerns don’t hold in the illegal trial. I mean at some point it keep talking about unity. how you gonna have unity and what do you expect from people at some point that are already pissed off. Let’s face it now. you could say there was no Mo and you say what are you talking about? Well? We can’t say the F word here on the show anymore because our language is being restricted. so we can’t say the f word so we can’t say there was voter and you fill in the blank. So we’re just say it’s. So since there was no voter, but there are people who are upset that actually think and this is I’m not stating it as a fact I’m simply saying this is a fact there are millions of Americans right now that feel like there was voter Mod and they’re not gonna accept what’s happening and then on top of that, you tell them that the president that they love that they literally chanted. We love you. I’ve never seen a president. get that done. I probably should have played that video. We’ve played it before. it’s easy to search out. But uh you know Donald Trump was his loved by millions of Americans. contrary to what the mainstream media there are millions of Americans and they’re not traders and they’re not Isis fighters and everything else and they’re not Japanese. You know suicide bombers or whatever else they’re just everyday working people that happen to love. President Trump but they believe that the election was uh you know something that might rhyme with a pig squeal. I’m not gonna say that s word either so they. There was voter Mod and so you’re gonna assure them and and get them to peacefully accept what happened by by having unconstitutional trial of an American citizen cuz that’s what Donald Trump is. He’s not an office holder of any kind. He’s an American citizen. so you’re gonna hold him and you feel so good about it that you’re gonna have armed forces in the capital to make sure there is no unrest. why would why would there possibly be? Unrest when you’re doing everything outside of the constitution it just you know, let’s go on it. just you can tell I’m a little bit riled up this morning and said, including the possibility of mass demonstrations, coinciding with the Senate trial, which is slated to begin the week of February 8 The impeachment trial of Citizen Donald Trump, You know Biden keeps calling for unity. What was his themes on his inauguration, Something like America Unified or Unified America, something like that. Let me tell you there’s a simple way that Joe Biden God help us. Yes. he is apparently the president of the United States, but if he truly wants unity, there’s one thing he could do right now that would go a long way towards bringing people at least calming them down at send the federal troops home he could simply come out as a leader and say you know I don’t care what happened before we won Donald Trump is. Now and we’re not gonna impeach it and I’m calling on the house to withdraw the articles. They’re supposed to turn them in today by the way it’s one article to withdraw that article and to shut this thing down and let’s move on and move forward with the business of of making better. He don’t have to say great again or whatever but better build back better. Okay Joe if we’re gonna build back better, then how about stopping this illegal trial in its tracks? Remember what? President-elect and then president Trump said about Hillary Clinton. Remember there was a huge push by people who were very loyal to the president citizens, saying they wanted to lock her up lock her up right by Hillary Clinton. What did Donald Trump do, he said Hillary has suffered enough. That’s exactly what he said and and it we’re gonna prosecute Hillary Clinton. now he probably if he knew all he knows that he probably would have, but he didn’t. And he’s trying to heal. of course, they never accepted that but we’re supposed to just accept everything while you’re while you’re holding illegal unconstitutional trial of an American citizen that literally millions of people dearly love not even just support, but absolutely love man despite the threat the citizen soldiers on the ground say they have been given little information about the extension and wonder why they are being forced to endure combat light conditions. Think about that our troops are in the nation’s capital. To endure conditions like they had to do at and I mean seriously. That’s what they’re saying. This is not me saying it’s political and our troops actually say being forced to endure combat conditions in the nation’s capital without a clear mission. That’s very scary. Think about that. We have armed troops in that don’t really know why they’re even there. imagine that scary but the mission is clear they have a clear mission now, I’m not saying our troops wanna do this, but the mission is very clear to me. it is punished Trump supporters It is punished anything related to Donald Trump, his family, the man himself. It’s a good thing he didn’t actually have a dog in the White House cuz they’d be wanting to euthanize that dog right now. He’s a rabbit doll. We gotta shoot him down. I mean we got A.. Pitching his dog probably it’s just crazy but unify they want us to unify they wanna punish Trump supporters. You know that there is a love fest going on right now between the Washington and establishment the swamp rats of all of them, The military industrial uh military industrial complex because it’s like party like it’s 1999 because they’re back in the saddle again. They’re loving it man. They’re living large in DC right now cuz the party is on and you’re paying the price for it, but I wanna play something. It’s about a two or 3 minute video, but it’s it’s it’s a ocasio Cortez. You know the leader of the Twitter twat as I call em uh she is talking about what needs to happen to bring to basically to pacify us. that she’s not really looking for unity. She’s looking to pacify us probably reprogram us, but listen to this about 2 minute long video of all the things she says that need to be done to kinda bring us to heal. Check it out. That’s what we gotta do, we gotta organize and I think what we saw in Georgia is a really good example with black women leading the way with multi racial and multicultural organizations leading the way. Um we they proved that Southern states are not red states They are suppressed states, which means the only way that our country is going to heal is through the actual liberation of southern states. the actual liberation of the poor, the actual liberation of working people from economic social and racial oppression. That’s the only. Way that’s the only way. We just gotta keep pushing but tonight the votes that happened were to urge Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th and then tomorrow we vote on impeachment, we will be impeaching the president of the United States tomorrow. And so I wanna be clear to Senator Ted Cruz. You do not belong in the United States Senate I wanna be clear to Senator Josh Holly You do not belong in the United States Senate. You do not belong in any democratically elected when you don’t when you do not believe that election was even legitimate, according to your self serving claims. so get out. If they had any shred of integrity any shred of integrity about their claims their lies really, but their claims about this election, they would take off their their pen and turn it in. but this isn’t about the truth to them This is about if they wanna be president in 24, Let me give you a sneak peek. you will never be president. You will never command the respect of this country ever. And you should resign. that’s good enough so should every member of that vote. I wanna return the results of our election. I wanna give credit to the blaze for putting that video together that was actually ocasio Cortez I think probably on her Instagram account or whatever, but she says it, I mean it’s a lot to break down there, she says, first of all the southern states need to be liberated. Program liberated Pac Reconstruction Check it out snowflakes That wasn’t a very good time in our country, but she’s talking about that The Trump supporters she goes on to just go on and on about the ill legitimacy of elected senators from Texas and Ted Cruz do the elected senator of Josh Holly from the Great State of Missouri that they need to resign today right now. They could never be president because they question the legitimacy of the election. so I’m just gonna you know we talk about standards, double standard as I’ve been telling you there is no double standard. There’s only one standard and people like me are put in jail and hell to a standard Donald Trump is to a standard that he’s gonna be unconstitutionally tried because he dared to be president of the United States is only real crime. Is that he actually gave a damn? I mean that’s really it and they don’t like it and he might and he inspired millions of people. Donald Trump got the most votes in the history of any sitting president period ever now Joe Biden, whether it was through election, We can’t say the f word or whatever he one at least. that’s what they’re telling us that he’s sworn in and at the end of the day he’s in the White House and all the rest of us. In the house or the dog house right, but if we’re gonna use so I say there is no double standard. There is one standard and people like me are held to it. What standard is Ocasio Cortez and what is she? what is she held to and she talks about if you question the legitimacy of a dually elected president, then you should resign, There’s only one little trouble with that on this show we try to hold people to the same standard period so. I’m gonna hold ocasio. I’m gonna use ocasio Cortez Standard on somebody you might recognize check this out. He’s an illegitimate president in my mind. That’s it II think all the talk about impeachment and what the Democrats should do. That’s fine. It’s theoretical at this point, let let them let them subpoena. let them go to the Supreme Court. He’s illegitimate and my biggest fear is that he’s gonna do it again with the help of lad his best pal and we’re gonna be stuck for six more years of this guy and that is terrifying. it’s terrifying. Would you be my vice president? Folks look I absolutely agree one of the things we have to do here. He’s an illegitimate president in my mind. He’s did you recognize that guy by any chance that happens to be God help us the current occupant of the White House. Joe Biden say agreeing that Donald was an illegitimate president by Ocasio Cortez, a standard if there was a double standard shouldn’t. Mister Biden resigned immediately because he questioned the legitimate election of President Donald Trump. That’s just one time that he did it. He did it multiple times many people and pretty much the entire democratic leadership actually question the legitimacy of Donald Trump They started trying in pizza dude before he even took office for God’s sakes. Can we now maybe is it too? To impeach 46, Could I say could I get with Congress and say you need to file impeachment because the Donald Trump’s out of office? but Joe Biden is in office right, so therefore he could legally be impeached now shouldn’t he be impeached. I mean I got a meme up that will show you you that shouldn’t he be impeached because he questioned, according to uh Ocasio Cortez, his own words shouldn’t we impeach bid? Is it too soon or should we let him totally destroy the country and this let me back up to did you hear that part where she talked about that we need to stand up for the American worker really and the poor. What is Joe Biden just done in his first few days in office, he’s made more poor folks My son actually published a thing on Facebook. I couldn’t respond to it cuz I’m in jail where he said you know higher gas prices higher all energy prices actually make more people poor and he’s and he got. Boy. He’s got a lot of liberal friends I appreciate his courage. people came out and support him too, and he also talked about how the uh and I’ve talked about this. The pipeline is the most environmentally friendly way to deliver the oil and that oil is going to be produced in the oil sands of Canada whether we do the pipeline or not, it’s either gonna go by ship to China or it’s gonna go by rail and truck to here period. They’re not gonna stop. Canada’s already said that right but Joe Biden put. 11000 people out of work on day one boom and at least 60000 in peripheral jobs now fuel prices are already going up in anticipation of that. Who do you think is hurt more by by higher gas Jeffrey Bezos are the guy working at the convenient store. I mean good lord man. It’s just crazy that we can’t see this stuff man. It’s just unbelievable are a little technical difficulty on my side dangers of live TV, but let’s get back. The story around 7000 troops of the 25000 are still there will continue to provide riot security. What riots there’s been no riots riots security to the through the beginning of February, with that number decreasing slightly to 5000 by the time that Trump’s impeachment trial begins, I mentioned march There’s actually reports that they wanna keep troops at least through March because there’s some and I don’t and I gotta tell you I don’t know much about Q and I’m not making a statement about him one way or another, but apparently there’s some. A theory out there that Donald Trump’s gonna come back, I wanna say on March 4th and be present again. I don’t really think about it, but apparently Biden and his bunch do because they’re wanting to keep the troops through March, You know the most popular president in the history of the world needs troops 24/7, you know much of the time here but around 7000 troops will continue to provide riot security. Let me just ask you this ladies and gentlemen what would what would? Happening in DC right now if Donald Trump had become president of United States, regardless of how he got there where there was uh you know voter or lack thereof or they actually did or or the Supreme Court actually imagine that did its job in the Texas case. I mean just for the sake of conversation. What if Donald Trump had won the presidency? What do you think would be happening? Well, we already know right there that picture looks like the war of eighteen. Doesn’t it that is actually a real photograph an aerial shot of DC during the Floyd uh protest when he was killed and that’s tragic. They’re very tra. You know the thing about unity, we could have people were unified about that, but the left would not allow right they had to nobody. I know actually said that was the right thing to do but here’s DC on fire. We didn’t call out the national guard for that to me that’s more of an insurrection right there that anything that happened on January 6 and I’m not condoning it in any way, shape or form, but here keep in mind. This is a political story It’s not you know a far right if there is any, it’s not just my opinion. It’s polis right here. morale is low among the troops who describe having to stand guard for hours at a time in full gear with limited access. Food and water keep in mind, there’s no rioting happening in DC. the writing is actually happening out in Portland in Tacoma, Washington, right now Portland Oregon. That’s where of writing it, but we’re limited access to food and water waiting for hours to be transported to and from their hotels and very little sweet. These are our patriots up there protecting Biden and being treated like this is saying this many more. Check Listen to this is this is heartbreaking man. Many are washing socks and cold weather undergarments in hotel bathroom sinks because they do not have access to laundry facilities. Think about that. And what is Joe Biden always so God bless our troops. God bless our troops now wash your linens in the hotel, sink and behave yourself and I keep remind you this is a political art. Listen to this next paragraph some talking about our God bless our troops. Joe Biden people some of some have been forced to purchase their own food out of pocket to supplement the sparse meals They have been provided they’re having to pay for their own food up there, which do not provide enough. Calories and they can’t get enough to eat calorie to sustain the long days even meals ready to eat are hard to come by due to logistical and transportation issues. But Joe Biden says God bless our troops. I mean what are we gonna have to do are we gonna have to have these commercials? Come out and go you know and we’d show our soldiers would like flies flying around him and blow the belly for 19¢ a day you can support an armed federal troop in Washington, DC We can’t afford to feed. Own people our own troops, oh and back to this thing about the workers. I meant to say this, I didn’t finish my thought on that Billy Bob. He’s my psychic sidekick here. He’s got a Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin Talk. Yes. we’re on Twitter. That’s another place where you can see our show archive. It takes me a little bit of time to update it. remember the only place I can really respond is places like Twitter are spell out our YouTube channel John Martin talks I’ll respond to you as quickly as I can. We’re also archives on America’s voice News, A and America’s voice news. They have a download. Free app on your Android or your iPhone while supplies supplies last, I and they’re on Roku Fire stick Apple TV channel 219 Dish Network and the Pluto channel, but if you go to one streaming channels, you can see our show archived on there. We’re not currently on their live. We’re gonna get back to that, but God bless our troops man. That’s what Joe Biden says. But our truth are going hungry in the wow can’t make this stuff up the vast majority of. Members are not full-time soldiers. That’s why I think of all the time I see him every time. I say thank for your service so and also hold civilian jobs, Many oh and I’ve got sidetracked again. Let me I gotta make this point. I’m very sorry in Ocasio Cortez is language about the poor people and the and the working stiffs out there and how we got to protect them. Joe Biden in his first 2 days, let alone 100 days has already killed those jobs opened. I’ve mentioned that. But I forgot to talk about gonna open up the border away free medical care people rushing the border running from the pandemic to pandemic. Many of them are uh have the coveted already and they’re coming here and what jobs are they gonna compete for Americans jobs. So how does all this policy that the left is for Ocasio? Cortez is absolutely for that Joe Biden is already destroying everything. I mean they preached this garbage. But they’re destroying what they’re talking about the vast majority of guard members are not full-time soldiers and also hold civilian jobs. Many are law enforcement officers, firefighters and small business employees with families. I mean these people are heroes three or four times over struggles supporting of small families struggling to juggle bills and child care during the pandemic for many listen to this for many, the DC deployment means losing weeks of higher pay in their civilian jobs so their families are. Suffer for this, but God bless our truths as old Joe Biden say one of the guard members listen to this one of the guard members that this is political interviewing these people there were several of you can look at the article and I just didn’t have time to cover everyone in the comments, one one of the guard who has deployed to the Middle East in other words, has been overseas describe This is what he’s describing is happening in DC right now extremely conditions and compare the DC mission to invasion. Operations This is political printing invasion operations invasion operations, but yet we’re gonna unify miracle. I guess if you have the classification, police and the and the reprogramming and liberation and everything else, you know, maybe we’ll all pacify. I don’t know Unified what’s the difference between Unified and pacify scary in it, but listen to this. listen. this is again I can’t emphasize this is this is one of the troops here we essentially invaded occupied a city. The person said the one they were interviewing one of our troops. It was certainly an experience. I didn’t think I’d have an American city much less the capital. Invaded and occupied the capital of the United States of America yet they’re talking about Trump supporters and to me think about this, they’re calling what happened at the Capitol and it was terrible as it was in. but holding a trial on a citizen an impeachment trial and nonetheless for someone who no longer has office who is. Unconstitutional to impeach to not only impeach as someone who doesn’t have office but to hold a trial of a US citizen, and that’s what Donald Trump hating whatever he is President Trump once again, he’s not the commander in chief. I wish the heck he was, but he’s not he’s citizen Trump so they’re gonna hold an impeachment trial for someone who’s no longer in office and a trial in the US Senate, which which clearly unconstitutional and they know it and to. All that they’re gonna have on guards around it because because they feel so about what they’re doing. They’re invading. I mean what are we becoming even if you hate Donald Trump does this not concern you can you? please? I’m I’m begging you cuz I really wanna know how can you justify this And if you wanna say, Oh, we wanna make sure you don’t run again. Think about that again. Think about that. so you want do you really want the Senate to actually. Determine who is qualified to run for president of the United States, where is that gonna take us? Why don’t you just have people say? Okay. You know what if when the Republicans let’s put it this way when that they would have never done it cuz it’s wrong and even if they don’t have the to do it when he had twenty some odd a Democrats running for office. Why not just hold a trial on all of them and declare them unfit and elegant and eligible to run for office. I mean ladies. Jim, This is some scary stuff if you don’t uh if this does not scare you then we got a real problem. That’s why I’m battling ignorance and apathy on a daily basis cuz that is just ignorant and apathy and worse, it may be you know on purpose but my god ladies and gentlemen look what we’re doing because we hate Donald Trump. I mean, is it is your hatred for Donald Trump so great that you’re willing to just burn it down cuz that’s what you’re. It’s just crazy, Trump is not committed P commented publicly since leaving office. How would he he can’t go in? He can’t do anything Trump He’s based on house arrest right. He can’t. I mean that’s just crazy. Trump is not commented publicly since leaving Office 4 days ago, but he has been assembling his defense team for the upcoming trial. What Donald Trump what I predict is gonna happen unless Donald Trump just wants to make a major point, which he might, you know he is a showman he might he might want the cameras on him, but I don’t I think. This trial and I’ve heard him say this over the weekend he could tie this up in the courts and if I got the Supreme Court, you never know about Supreme Court these days right but anybody worth their salt see that this is unconstitutional and throw the whole thing out, but Trump is not coming to publicly since leaving Office 4 days 4 days ago, he has been assembling his defense team for the upcoming trial if the former president, the former president, not the president that the former president urges his supporters to. Protest on his behalf it could seriously strain law enforcement resources already officials set up a perimeter around the capital using ten-foot barricades with razor wire ten-foot barricades with razor wire gonna keep 7000 troops there for this Joe Biden man, This is on you brother. It’s on you. Joe Stop the madness end it right now. Have you seen these billboards? I ran into two of these, I didn’t literally, but I saw him in Tampa, Florida this weekend when I was travelling through my fishing trip, these are literally FB billboards now I started saying I don’t really have AI do have a problem and I think it’s ridiculous but uh clearly I guess I shouldn’t have a problem cuz surely they’re the bill similar billboards were put up when uh when this happened right here, let’s play this video. Wait a minute that’s not the one that actually is the courthouse important. We can stop that is the courthouse in Portland. Keep in mind when that video was shot. This was a few months ago there were actually federal officers inside that courthouse when they were setting it on fire setting it on fire, but I don’t see any FB billboards up saying. Did you have any witnesses that didn’t even arrest the people for the most part and let me tell you. Is something I found out I’ve been noticing this, but it really hit true today The I had I used to play this video of them when they actually broke into the courthouse but in Portland and just ran this is what we do and burn it down on. you know you can’t hardly find this YouTube is taking down videos of actually what happened wonder. I mean wonder why what do you think and what you know? but Billy Bob tells me that uh that wasn’t an. You know that there was no FB billboards, my sidekick here. well it sure there must have been some billboards when this happened they got this video an attack on the actual White House. And maybe him there we go. Ladies and gentlemen, that right there is literally across the street in Lafayette Park from the white. That’s actual video They’re throwing Molotov cocktails at the White House. That’s good enough. We can take it down the uh the billboards for that they literally breached they talk about they breaching the capital they breached the House perimeter nobody’s talking about that anymore, but the White House perimeter. Was breached at secret Service had to open fire on people and the news media mocked it because they put Donald Trump down the President. Donald Trump down in the bunker for a little while I don’t care why I mean to me, it was stupid to mock that anyway, What do you think I mean they elected a guy and Joe Biden that never came out of the bunker. He’s probably living in the bunker right now and maybe Kamala is occupying the residency. I don’t know but think about that they had to put the president of the United States in the bunker, the White House perimeter. Was breached, but that’s not no billboards up about that man. I mean it just reminds me of this meme about oh well. I’ve put it up many times, but it is becoming frighteningly true The more the society drifts from the truth the more they hate those that speak it. That’s why people like me are under. I’m on. I’m in Facebook jail right now for speaking the truth, I have to watch what. Say just mainly cuz you know what I’m not scared, but I wanna keep the show going so you you can actually watch That’s one of the reasons I joke about voter Mod, but I’m serious about this. I’m trying to make sure that I walk this razor’s edge cuz I want you to hear the truth is my friend at Patriot says one of our sponsors the truth starts now and we need the truth, but God bless our troops. Listen to this right here the renewed security concerns come amid intensifying. Tensions between the capital police and the National Guard this is so sad last week Capital police officer Let me remind you know who controls the capital police the speaker of the house and who’s the speaker of the House Ocasio, not right now exploit last week, Capital police officers forced troops to vacate congressional office buildings where they were taking rest breaks during their shifts that often last twelve to 14 hours so our troops were hanging out in a parking garage trying to get out of. Elements and the political report approximately 5000 troops were packed into a parking garage on the Senate side of the Capitol with temperatures dropping as the sun went down and they got ran out of there Our troops God bless our troops Queen Pelosi is in charge of the capital Police force and our federal troops our best our brightest. our true heroes are being tossed out into the cold barely fed. And have to wash their own clothes in a sink in the bathroom and it’s just absolutely atrocious. Well, we’re almost over the show is almost over. I wanna play this one vid the last video so I wanna give my producer who’s doing a great job by the way down to the very last video and I wanna play this because this ladies and gentlemen is really a truly what we’re up against because they’re looking for people they’re looking for anybody. Supports Trump but this action right here is not only condoned, but it is given a blessing as being the new patriotism This ladies and gentlemen is the new patriotism. Check it out. Do Alright, I know what this fucking flag. Everybody raise your fist raise your fist right now. Raise your fist 1234. 1567 America was never great. America was never great. America was never great. 1234 To the side and more. 7856 America What’s up America? I’ve seen enough I apologize for the language in that and it actually that video gets even worse, but we’re out of time and I think you get the point and I’m not you know. I’m not a big like beat up people cuz they’re burning the flag kind of thing I’d I don’t like it. II uh it it bothers me troubles me to my heart, but that’s why I’m battling ignorance and apathy daily if you actually believe that America. The den of Satan basically, and I’m not not saying we have a history. We don’t cuz there’s a book out there somewhere we might have to get back to reading that says we’ll fall short of the glory. I’m not saying that America is all that in a bag of chips as far as perfection. It’s not because it’s it was created by people but ladies and gentlemen is there any place you’d rather be than right here in the good old Usa. If there is then maybe and I’m not love it or leave it. but if you think that America is that bad, then whatever. You even here for because clearly you’re not even supporting Joe Biden in that sense cuz what he he all about the flag and his inauguration. It is absolutely insanity. I pray for our troops in DC, they need to go home. We’re in good. a good hot meal. Come on down to Hawthorne. I’ll feed you guys as long as I can anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you, please go directly to uh our Facebook page. I can’t like em you can like em but check out our sponsors. Remember. Big Daddy Unlimited and Patriot threads and uh recall TV go to YouTube while we’re still out there. John Martin talks I can comment on there to you, but above all else like I say each and every day, let me back up. pray for this country because she deserves it and needs it more than ever. I’ll pray for your family. you pray for mine but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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