Citizens For Trump – CPAC Goes TPAC! – JMT #407

Welcome to John Martin Talk where we battle ignorance and apathy the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you had a great weekend man. I had a fabulous one The weather down here in Florida was spectacular over the weekend. I went on one of my fishing trips and I gotta tell you I had one had in a long time. I don’t have any pictures to share with over the week, but I enjoyed it very much and apparently. Was good weather for Cpac. We’re gonna talk all things Cpac here in just a moment but uh Cpac had a spectacular event. The first time I believe it’s ever been outside of the DC area. You know it was held in Florida this year, mainly due to all the covid restrictions, but I would not surprised if they didn’t decide to keep it in Florida as well as apparently, this one went so we’re gonna talk about how Cpac turned into TP. It was a truck pack event and then I’m gonna show you a video. we’ll have to make time for if I have to about Joe Biden and literally he had an event in Texas and he, he literally said on camera. What am I doing here and we’ll play that man. It’s a scary thought but before we go any further, I always have to talk about our sponsors. Big daddy unlimited, otherwise known as Btu, You know, I tell you all the time ladies and gentlemen, not everybody can. A fighter, but everybody can support those of us in the fight and big daddy Unlimited is not only a fighter your Second Amendment headquarters, but they uh they really give us a lot of encouragement help and support here so they are uh fighting with us and we’re glad to be standing side by side with them to see where our sponsors are to get a link to them. look above the video no matter when or where you’re watching it and you’ll see a description to the show. Down on it and you’ll see links to our sponsors. 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There are fulfillment center that means they can design a shirt. take your order They can help direct uh the proceeds to whatever charity of your choice and all of that kind of stuff. so check out uh Patriot and then recoil TV they uh they have a YouTube channel Recoil TV on YouTube. Of course, we have our own Youtube YouTube channel John Martin talks. Check it out but recoil archives our show on there, we have a channel with. Their channel and they’re all about the second amendment as well when it comes to videos product promotions demonstrations all those kind of things check out recoil TV. Alright let’s get into this to the show here that we’re using a New York Times template they came away with about a half a dozen takeaways of the event, so we’re kinda using their uh paper as a template and we’re gonna get into uh speakers there and certainly a lot of Donald Trump, his first major event. Since uh leaving the White House and I just as I keep continue to tell me, I tell you guys, I it does my heart. No good to say that, but I got a state the facts as they are Cpac takeaways Trump Christy Ron DeSantis Can’t cancel culture, according to the New York Times Now, there’s mister Trump and all of his glory yesterday. now he was about an hour and a half I wanna say late in giving his speech and then it lasted about an hour and a. But people seem to uh be uh thrilled to just be in the same room with him. I know I was thrilled to watch it I uh II. Of course I was out fishing, so I missed most of Cpac except I watched Donald Trump’s speech live. I did record a lot of it and watch some of the key speeches and listen to some of the coverages. so I feel pretty comfortable and talking about the event as a whole here we go any lingering belief that Donald J Trump would fade from the political scene like he, there was any belief he. Like other past presidents cuz he didn’t like any past present or former or maybe future president evaporated fully on Sunday as he spoke for more than 90 minutes in a grievance field. That’s what they’re calling it and self promoting address that sought to polish up his presidential legacy. take aim at his enemies and tease his political future. Well, he did all of that and more. I mean it was uh there it didn’t matter love it. Hate Trump somewhere in between Don’t care there was something in it for everybody there. It was an all-encompassing speech, but before we go any further, I wanna make a comment about a group of people. And that is a group of of the of people, The You know what Joe Biden calls a mostly bad people that kind of thing you drags you deplorables, especially those of you who go the extra mile. I got a friend of mine. Let’s show his picture right now. His name is Cliff and I’ve talked about him on the show quite a bit, but he’s one of those type people. There are people like cliff all over the country and uh you can’t see it. Good there, but that flag is I believe they call it The Betsy Ross with the thirteen colonies that flag is very, very special, not only for what it represents to to all of us but personally to him that flag has been in his family for a long time and he told me that the last time it was unfolded uh or folded was for his father’s funeral. I think about a decade ago, don’t hold me to that, but he he brought it back out. Make sure it was okay and took the flag from uh basically the. Soda area where he lives across the state to Orlando and he’s you can’t really tell it. maybe unless you know what you’re looking at but that is like uh uh Alaskan Cod pole fishing rod that he’s got it tied to there. We’re we met fishing as you can imagine. I’m I’m the old salty dog. They sometimes call me make fish and great again. He by the way is the guy that gave me this hat sometime ago. so uh I appreciate but people like my friend cliff who literally I mean I. Going to Trump rallies in 2016, you know 2015 when he was running for election and I met people who were like uh like groupies for the rolling stones or like the grateful dead in the old days that literally had been to every Trump rally everywhere in the country, and sometimes they drove 1012 hours to go from one to the next one. now those that type of loyalty I have never seen before for a president and my friend, Cliff said that there were tens of thousands of people down there around the. Event outside of it and everything else he tell me, he told me there was uh a black Lives matter demonstration across from where they were standing about thirty people and a young woman had uh like uh a shirt on and said something about hands off or something like that, and he actually walked up to her. and this is what I tell people all the time we need to be Warriors but cheerful Warriors and my friend Cliff is certainly that he walked up to her and told her that he was glad that she was there and she’s. Well, you know flabbergasted by that statement, and he said, Yeah, we’re here so that you can be here and what he means by that I think is that uh you know standing up for your constitutional rights like freedom of speech, which the left doesn’t seem to believe anymore is the reason why you can have black lives matter groups standing there across from uh Trump supporters and we can all have our day in the sun so to speak, say our opinions without violence. Don’t have to beat each other up because we have differences of opinions and all of that, really the left used to champion those kind of things, but not so much but uh I applaud all of you cliffs out there and cliffs or whatever you know because the men and women that uh they give my make me wanna show up every morning. It’s people like cliff. It’s people like you out there that are showing up on a daily basis showing up to our show. We really appreciate it, but I just wanna give you like you know a tip of the hat so to speak for for being persistent and. Consistent Patriots I appreciate it more than I can ever let you know, but uh here are some of the takeaways, according to the New York Times from the first major public gathering of post Trump era I don’t know is is there a post-trump era because uh you know, I don’t know that the Trump era whether he runs for president. We’re talking about that more in just a minute or not, I think the Trump era as he said, is just getting started really cuz II expect Donald Trump to be a major. Political force for a long time don’t expect Donald Trump to just ride off to the rants like some of these other presidents, too. Of course they they criticize Donald Trump for this sometimes, but really, if you look at Obama, he’s done the same thing but in a slight sneaky way, he’s still he’s still got his finger on the strings and the buttons and the sly away at least Donald Trump is just out front forward with it. There’s no fault. so there’s no pretending with Donald Trump. He is who he is and he is there and I’m much. For even if I didn’t like Donald Trump, but you know, II got a man crush on him. I admit that even but even if I didn’t like Donald Trump, I would respect how he does it much more than say Obama does it now people like George Bush junior who essentially have stayed out of it and uh you know hanging out at the ranch. I don’t have a problem with that either, but don’t be phony about it and I think that’s what Obama is. he’s phony. Trump is still out there and I expect him to whether he runs or not I expect him to. Be a major force for a long time, but but according to the times here, it says this is one of their first takeaways. Trump has almost total dominance, no joke wherever Donald Trump is he dominates the thing he is literally a textbook. Alpha male. Now I know that’s not supposed to be popular. I was talking to a good friend of mine who uh another fishing buddy of mine. Damian. I don’t know if you listen to the show, but he lives up in Atlanta and we always chat back and forth about this. Trips and when I was coming back, I called him and told him about the trip and we got to talking about how and he’s he’s. I just to tell you he’s a black man. I’m guessing about thirty-five and you know we’re supposed to be polar opposites right, but we actually uh are pretty much alike, especially when our passion for Fisher, but we were talking about how there’s no men anymore. Where have the men gone. There are no real men left out there. I mean he tells me up Atlanta. You wouldn’t believe it man the feminism of men out there, he said. Of his friends now are like they got these bags and he asked me are you wearing a purse that kind of thing? but it’s true man. They’re just aren’t many Alpha males out there right now, but Donald Trump is definitely one of those, but this is what one of the big things that mister Trump said at the event, he said. I’m not starting a new party mixing rumors that he’d been and he went into the reasons why he said, basically what I’ve been saying we need to take over the Republican Party from the grassroots to ground up. We need to do that and I. Actually attended, I didn’t talk about it Friday but Thursday night, I attended our local Republican executive committee meeting and uh I am a representative now for my precinct. I used to be on the board of directors, but now now I’m just a representative of my precinct and uh you know there. There’s definitely a little bit of a tug of war. It’s not really anti Trump per se but there is a tug of war going on and I’m assuming this is going all over the country about. Whether or not we should basically embrace the populous the populism of Donald Trump or go back to some type of more establishment Republican party and I gotta tell you I uh III spoke out, I said. You know this idea cuz we had it and I let them remain anonymous, but there was a gentleman that represented uh some legislative people there and he spoke about uh how uh Republicans need to be working with moderate Democrats and I. II raised my hand and got recognized that I I’d like to know who are moderate Democrats. I don’t think any moderate Democrats exist. There’s probably moderate Republicans, but I told him you need to go back and tell your people that least in my area, The only thing you find in the middle of the road is dead skunks and possums and does your representative wanna be that cuz I firmly believe that we need to take our lead from the two best presidents in my lifetime, Donald Trump and of course, Ronald Reagan, who told us not to paint and pastel colors but to paint in. Colors now if there ever was a time now is the time to be bold. so I implore you deplorables out there to take over fully the Republican Party. take what Donald Trump said seriously yesterday take over the Republican party cuz we don’t need to uh to have a third party cuz I’ve been telling you my goal and it sounds like President Trump’s goal is the same way same thing my only goal politically right now is to stop. The progressive takeover of this country and I don’t care if you’re running for the White House, the out house or somewhere in between whether it’s fair or not. I’m gonna judge you based on that one criteria is your candidacy are your ideas helping to stop the the take over the progressives of this country. Great country of ours are not and II hate to say it, but that’s all I care about. That’s where I’m at right now. I don’t know where you are chime in on Facebook or YouTube spell it out John Martin talks on Youtube. Me know how you feel and I’ll respond to you as quickly as possible and I do you agree with me or not that our goal right now is to stop the progressive takeover of this country cuz if we don’t nothing else really matters right and uh back to the New York Times Arctic and why would he be when he talks about forming the third? But Donald Trump came out against the third party? Mister Trump remains the most influential Republican politician in the nation, and there’s not a close second, really not at all the 3 day. Cpac gathering in Orlando showed how fully the Republican party has been remade in his image in the 5 years since he boycotted the conference in 2016 and route to capturing the party’s nomination. but one of the things that Trump pointed out. I think he’s absolutely right about this is there’s no real war going on in the Republican Party between the rank and file because the rank and file is primarily the Trump party. Now it really is the that he said that. A few uh political hacks in DC that are the real issue, and I think he’s absolutely right about that. and he went there. We’re gonna talk about detail of him, name and names here in just a moment, but the Republican party they need to make a decision that they want to represent America as a whole, do they want to be the party of working people a big tent party cuz Donald Trump this gets lost in in the fact that he whether whether we don’t say uh fraud here. You don’t say that f word I just said uh uh I’m not accusing anybody we call it. Mod here. We don’t say the f word we don’t say the S word we call it squealing and not something else that rhymes with that, but uh the fact that Donald Trump for whatever reason maybe he didn’t get he didn’t get enough ballots. I suppose is not the president they they they they forget and President Trump actually did a very good job appointing this out they forget how big the uh the victory. Was in general for Republicans when you stop and look at it, Republicans gained numerous house seats They uh almost held the Senate and if it wasn’t for uh the what I is unconstitutional balloting with the uh with the absentee ballots to to vote by mail, which unconstitutional the way they did it, then they would have held on to the uh to the to the Senate seats even in Georgia cuz if you look at it with that uh. But with Stacey Abrams and the administration of Secretary of State there in Georgia it allowed ballots to be counted that never would have counted before keep in mind that in 2016 to give you an example the rejection rate on mail in ballots was about 6% and they didn’t have near the number of ballots they had in 2020, but the rejection rate under this consent decree was like a third of a percent so you don’t even have to. To all the Dominion deal and all of that kind of stuff to to come up with the votes that would have elected Donald Trump and they had their normal rate of rejection. Think about this Donald Trump cuz there was a hundreds of thousands more mail-in ballots than before and if they were at 6%, that would have been enough right there to turn the election for Trump in Georgia and the Senate would have remained in the in the uh Republican hands. So there’s a lot to there’s. Lot of victories that were had in 2020 and Donald Trump just got out ballot, but the Republican party needs to decide whether they wanna wants to do what basically President Trump did in Florida and the help of Ron DeSantis and we’ll talk about him and the Republican Party in general, The RPR PF in Florida did a great job in 2020 and I’m not just talking about the fact that Donald Trump won I’m talking about the coalition that was built around the the winning. With Donald Trump, that’s what needs to be modeled across America and if that happens, then conservatives can actually take back the uh the White House all the way down to the out house. if we want to it’s really up to us but mister Trump named every Republican man he named names remind me that Seinfeld episode you name and names. Donald Trump love him hate him whatever he don’t he foot around man He just called a spade of spade. He named that every Republican that needs to be primary to ten that voted against him and he talked about how he’s coming for them and he talked about the senators that voted to uh to uh impeach him and all that he put it out there. You don’t have to wonder where Donald Trump think thinks that think thanks to Donald Trump. Of course, you don’t have to wonder what he. Thinks he’s gonna tell you sometimes his own detriment, but Donald Trump will tell you and also thanks to him the left will tell you where they are too because they suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome and I can only imagine I haven’t had time to really look at the reaction from the left, but I can only imagine what they had to say after some of the things, he said at uh at the Cpac meeting, mister Trump and as I say say named every Republican who voted for his impeachment, he said, get rid of them. All yes, sir. absolutely I’ll do my part, He said that he predicted a Republican would win the White House in 2024 and then he goes who who who will that be. I wonder I wonder now he talked about. he’s forming this pack go to what it was a Donald I think it was uh I hope that’s right and he’s forming a pack to do all kind of things, but a lot of it is to aim at these uh these different congressional races and get rid of some of these people and I’m with him on that. But he named names and uh one of the people that spoke there. Was Mike Lindell remember him the my pillow guy. You gotta love that dude man. I mean if you if you’re conservative, I don’t see how you can’t love to Mike Lindell. So Mike Show me some love you know, contact us and uh you know I’ll be happy to put some of my pillows. My wife actually has a couple and she loves them very much. but who will it be who will it be now? Mike talked about at the thing he talked about his uh uh exposure this book this movie he’s made that has been banned already like YouTube and everything about the. Merely about the Dominion software and all that and the the company that makes the Dominion software is threatening a liable suit against him and he called him out, he said. Sue me come on bring it on because that’ll give me a chance to put the discovery out there so one thing for sure and Donald Trump spoke about this, we’ve got to clean up the election process. Forget Donald Trump for a minute for any conservative to win nationwide in the White House. We’ve got to get our houses in order in these states and basically we’ve got to show up this a vote-by-mail deal and everything else cuz think about this. If we if we had not if we had gone, let me let me back up if we’d stayed with the original system, even with the Dominion stuff and everything else from the mail in voting and how it’s done and how it’s counted and all these kind of things from Pennsylvania to Georgia to all the states, including several that weren’t sued by Texas if that had just reverted back to the original way, it was supposed to be. I think Donald Trump being in the White House now despite any kind of Mod in other places are dead. Voting but here I got he’s saying who will it be what I said this here a couple months ago, Of course, if I say it bears repeating I got away cuz Mike Lindell was saying that once all the stuff comes out about the Dominion stuff, it’ll show the fraud and Donald Trump will be back in the White House you know and and and before long, I don’t know if I if if I believe II get what he’s saying, I’m encouraging him to look for the Mod wherever it may be and wherever the squealing went on. uh I absolutely I’m with you. Mike go for that. but there’s a quicker. That Donald Trump could actually become president first of all, let’s take back the House of Representatives, then once we take back the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives and pick, according to the US Constitution, they can pick anybody to be the speaker of the house don’t have to be a member of the house, so we take back the House of Representatives Donald Trump becomes speaker of the house, which puts him third in line for the presidency and then we impeach a Biden and Kamala Harris. We gotta throw her in the boot man we we put on Kamala. We put the Biden here. There you go, I mean that’s probably that cartoon is probably a whole lot truer than you might think, but we get rid of we put Donald Trump as speaker of the house, get rid of them too. And then he becomes the uh the speaker third in line. Hey, I’m just saying if anybody could do it, it would be JT The speech came right after Mister Trump won a Cpac 2024 presidential straw poll finishing with 55% of the vote more than double the percentage of his closest runners up, but they point out here. That is a mixed message I would agree, it says, but that victory was dampened by the fact that only 68% of the attendees at the conference said they wanted him to run again. I actually think that’s still a huge number. Can you imagine a any other person any other Republican ever or any on the radar screen if they actually got defeated at the ballot box, However, you wanna label it that they would actually have a shot to run again that. 70% of the Republicans will say I want you to run again I don’t think that could possibly happen to anybody, but Donald Trump and then when you put on top of all the crap that they’ve piled on Trump from him, the lack of support in the the upper echelons of Republican party, The never Trumpers and all that to the fact that uh he was impeached twice and the mainstream media has essentially called him everything but a child of God and uh. That he that he’s pulling it all above zero is amazing, but basically 70% and keep in mind that that uh that they had a couple of straw poles that were released that showed that that his approval rating among people was in the I-90 percentile. So uh you know I think I think actually it’s his numbers are very strong and the 68% is amazingly strong to me. And it’s probably even higher a second straw pole without mister Trump was carried by Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida who received 43% of it in his home turf That doesn’t necessarily mean that much cuz a lot of the attendees came from other places. So it’s not I get what I’m saying is wasn’t just the fact that it was in Florida. I think Desantis is a rising superstar but followed by Governor Christie, No another rising superstar South Dakota with 11%. Let me just tell you man do we. The best governors Republican governors Desantis and Christy No, I mean they are amazing people. I mean, can you name one Democrat governor that even could hold a candle to either one of them let alone both of them. Now we got a few crap governors as well as Republicans like uh the Hogan in Maryland and of course camp now in Georgia, who’s probably the biggest disappointment to me. but man do we have some governors and think about this ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna play a video from last year. I gotta give uh uh. Uh Tucker cross and sorry about I’m having a Biden moment there for a minute, Tucker cross and credit for this, but this is New Jersey Governor Murphy when Tucker cross and famously asked him what gave him the right to basically shut churches down and businesses and circumvent the bill of rights. I want I wanna play this and while you’re watching it, I want you to think about the other democratic governors that could basically say the same thing compared to governor’s. Ron DeSantis and Christy No. check it out. So um you made that decision and as I noted before fifteen congregants at a synagogue in New Jersey were arrested and charged for being in a synagogue together now the bill of rights as you well know protects Americans right and shrines their right to practice their religion as they see fit and to congregate together to assemble peacefully by what authority did you nullify the bill of rights in issuing this order? How do you have the power that we were? That’s above my pay grade Tucker so I wasn’t uh I wasn’t thinking of the bill of rights. when we did this, We went to all first of all we looked at the day and it says I can tell like Hecker says it. I think about that ladies and gentlemen how frightening really if you were you can don’t even have to like Donald Trump say you don’t like Donald Trump if you care about this country if I don’t care what party or no party, whatever if you are a patriot and you care about the. And you believe that this experiment we call the United States of America is the greatest thing that’s happened and that we live under a constitution that is set up. people don’t realize this a lot of people cuz we don’t teach it anymore but the constitution is not designed to empower government. No. it’s not it’s not to help set up the government and empower government. It is to protect the people and their god-given inalienable rights. It is to protect the people from the overreach of a powerful government just the opposite of what the Democrats are pushing. Least the democratic leaders by the way the progressive leftist that have taken over this country right now, and that’s my only goal is to stop them, but think about that ladies and gentlemen that governor in New Jersey basically speaks for all these from whitmer all the way to Newsome and everybody else wolf in Pennsylvania, I can name them all that shut this country down what gave them the constitutional right to shut us down and to shut us out of church and and Ted Cruz. A great line and we’ll get to in just a minute about that he he had a great speech uh at Cpac as well but what gave them the right to be these basically Napoleon dictators nothing they created. they pulled it out of something thin air whatever you wanna call it, but if you go back and look at that video, he literally is smiling Governor Murphy in New Jersey. I didn’t even put my pre grade. I didn’t even think about the bill of rights, No joke and that is the problem right there I don. Care what political party you are for a governor to sit there and say I wouldn’t even thinking about the bill of rights should scare you to death even if you don’t like Donald Trump, it should terrify you that someone could be the highest office in the state, A governor of a state and say I wouldn’t even thinking about the bill of rights that that statement alone is enough to vote for Donald Trump again or whoever is the opposite of. Murphy is saying there cuz you should be thinking about if you’re willing to be a leader in this nation, I don’t care if you’re running for school Board or City commissioner all the way up to president of the United States, you’re the bill of rights should be in the front of your mind, not somewhere in the shadows cuz without our God given rights. What good is anything anyway if our rights aren’t gonna be protected our god-given inalienable rights protected then the Thing is for mood. It’s a mood point and and so it just it just burns me when I see that Alright Next thing here cancel culture, According to The New York Times is the new fake news and they make a good case about that, and I would agree with that statement. actually that wouldn’t what they were intended. They’re just compared to Donald Trump and his first presidential bid. Mister Trump adopted fake news as a rallying cry against the traditional news Well, the traditional news is the fake news media and then effectively and relentlessly deployed it to position himself as the sole arbiter of truth to. Supporters the sole arbiter of truth, alright, so they’re saying that that Donald Trump called out fake news to make himself look like the arbiter of truth, well, at least he cares about the truth at least he can spell the word and could put it in a coherent sentence. I mean the Democrats have outbound us and elected to the highest office of the land. Somebody who doesn’t know truth from fact or fiction or barber goof If you don’t believe me listen to Biden. In his own words when he was campaigning in Iowa last year, check it out we choose unity over division We choose science over fiction. we choose truth over facts and so folks if you’re interested, join me, I can you join me use the hell we choose truth over facts. I hate to break it to you. Joe but what is the truth versus? I mean it’s unbelievable man it reminds me of uh George Bush’s junior’s uh defense secretary when he got up there and when they ask you is there a Department of misinformation in the Pentagon and he looked right the cameras and said, I refer all about the Department of Disinformation to the of Disinformation. I mean these people that get appointed and elected to office and it is not always the best and the brightest. Let me tell you this right back to the story here. A lineup of Cpac speakers over the weekend showed how thoroughly a new pair of catch phrases cancel culture and the woke mob. I mean to me does that not describe exactly what is happening in our country right now are animating a Republican party that beyond supporting mister Trump appears increasingly centered on defining itself in opposition to the left. Thank God. that’s where we need to go. We don’t need to be looking to work with moderate. I mean Democrats there aren’t any moderate Democrats name me one. Up there now they wanna say Joe Mansion. I don’t know I don’t trust that dude at all. I don’t trust any of them. I think we need to flush them all out. We need that kitty flush that I’ve shown you from time to time, but what would you call it? ladies and gentlemen, they’re criticizing the uh Republicans for coining the phrase cancer culture and woke mob. What would you call it? I mean, II think that adequately describe and accurately describes what is happening right now you’re being cancelled. No matter what I mean Facebook jail they put me in Facebook jail algorithm. I’m glad to be out mister al. So let me just tell you that I am. But what gets me is they never even told me why I violated some kind of community standard when I ask about it, but and then they refer me like the Department of Disinformation likes to You know, go to the Department of Disinformation for all the news disinformation if you have been in Facebook jail and you inquire, that’s basically what happens they refer you back their policy but Don’t tell you anything it didn’t tell you what you did wrong. You know how can I correct it? If I don’t know, I’m not saying I will because I’m not politically correct if you’re tuning in for the first time, first of all welcome Heidi. How are you where you’ve been? but you’re in the right place now, but if you’re looking for a political correctness, you made a wrong term but stay here and you might actually learn something. but it’s just amazing that uh they want to uh turn around and say that you know, cancer culture and and the woke mob are like not a. Whatever I don’t get it, but Senator Josh Holly of Missouri began his Cpac speech, he said, Didn’t anybody tell you you’re supposed to be cancelled and he ought to know he got his book deal, cancelled and everything else cuz he stood up patriotically and um in uh in on January 6, and he talked about that. if you might, he said, you might remember some of you might remember what happened, but I was telling you about Facebook. Let me give you another way it works and uh maybe I’m wrong about this. I know there. I got a lot of. All people that watch the show our numbers fluctuate a lot, but there’s a certain consistent bunch of you people that I was talking about earlier that show up on on Facebook all the time and I really really appreciate a loyal viewers that I have, but uh you know we picked a while back we had a few uh just to show you how Facebook can be we and I’m not trying to pick on them. It’s just where I have the best numbers, but we had multiple shows of ours go over 200000 views. 200000 view. In a twenty-four-hour period and this is before they announced on uh Facebook made an announcement not directed necessarily me, but they made an announcement that uh they were gonna cut they were gonna curtail uh political talk about 2 weeks before the election, so we were consistently getting 3040 thousand views. I can say we had a few shows that went over 200000 all of a sudden 2 weeks before the election, they went down to a thousand just boom, you know and uh it’s been slowly but surely returning, but they say they’re not promoting. Politically anymore, So that’s why I tell you as a listener out there and this is not just about Facebook. You have to be proactive. you have to search us out people like us and be proactive support. sponsors like we have a big daddy unlimited support people that are fighters gonna say not everybody can be a fighter, but everybody can support those of us in the fight and you gotta seek out what we’re doing. I’ll give you a quick example of it. I was flipping through the dials cuz uh yesterday waiting on the president and. Cnn was all about attacking Trump and what he may or may not say right before he came on stage, but the second that he came on stage they cut away and then never went back to it. so they didn’t show at all you had to seek it out. You know Fox. I think Carrie I know America’s voice News by the way if you haven’t ever tuned in to them. America’s voice news is a terrific alternative to the mainstream media they stream on Roku Fire stick Apple TV You can download free uh uh. apps on your Android or your iphone They’re on Channel 219 dish network and they’re on the. Channel We have a show on there, but it’s not carried live at the moment, but you can go to there look at their streaming channel and check out the shows tab. Click on that and you’ll see our shows archived on there, but they’re an excellent uh excellent way to get around the blackout if you will of the mainstream media, but we’re under attack and what I’m saying is ladies and gentlemen if you want to see programming like ours, you’re going to have to be more proactive support our. Search us out and invite people send out emails whatever you gotta do invite people to look at the show cuz I’m battling ignorance and apathy daily and uh we need more support so appreciate that the crowd cheered as cancer culture uh uh served throughout the weekend as a short hand for the bashing the news media railing against the tech industry in particular, Twitter and Facebook’s decision to bar Trump from their platforms and Fear about the decline of conservatives and religious values in American pop culture, so they’re acting like there’s no uh. Consequences for uh you know the cancel culture and the loss. so what do they say here, conservative and religious values in American pop culture? Well, I’m gonna play another governor. I’m gonna go kick right now. This is a democratic governor of the Great State of Virginia. If you want to know, I tell you all the time progressives take everything to an extreme and I’ve used abortion example under Clinton’s, it was supposed to be safe, legal and rare. Where is it now? What are they discussing now? So if you want to see what happens with the absence of conservatism and pop culture and uh religion in our institutions in our culture, all you gotta do is listen to old black face Ralph Northam himself when he describes about abortion and what extreme he’s willing to take it. Check it out public and delegate about whether her bill permit an abortion, even as a woman is essentially dilating ready to give birth and she answered that it would. Permit an abortion at that stage of labor do you support her measure and and explain her answer? Yeah. And you know I wasn’t there uh Julie and uh I certainly can’t speak for uh delegate Tran but um I would tell you one uh first thing I would say is this is why decisions such as this should be made by providers uh physicians uh and uh the uh mothers and fathers that that are involved um there are. When we talk about third abortions, these are done uh with the consent of obviously the the mother with the consent uh of the physicians more than one physician by the way um and it’s done in cases where there may be severe deformities there maybe uh uh a fetus that’s non viable so in this particular example, uh if a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly uh what would happen um the infant would be delivered uh the infant would be kept comfortable. The would be resuscitated if if that’s what the uh mother and the family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. So so I think this was really blown out of proportion. think about it blown out of proportion blown out of proportion. The baby is born. No. we’re not aborted but born and then they look look at it and they can resuscitate if necessary or not, but if the baby. Living in they so they resuscitate it bring it back to life and then they have a discussion about whether or not to cut its head off. Basically, I mean my god ladies and gentlemen if you needed, I don’t care what side of the abortion issue you’re on if you needed a clear example of where our culture is going absent conservatism and religious faith and belief. I mean there you go, you know off with his head after we discussed it man. I gotta read this one from. Uh a quote from uh Ted Cruz cuz he kind of addresses the same issue about culture religion, he says. You can French kiss the guy next to you yelling abolish the police and no one will get infected talking about the covid he mocked. but if you go to church and say it say amazing grace everyone is gonna die. I mean that’s a good one man and President Trump made them all go crazy, especially on the left. I did look at this part when he talked about the attack on women anti women talking about you know the men compete against women and everything else. Left just went all ballistic about that he talked about. you know the uh the stop in the the uh as I call it, squeal and the voter Mod and everything else. I didn’t think he went is what let us down when they wouldn’t take on the cases. so he’s talked about cleaning it up state by state and that’s what we need to do. We’re almost out of time. so I uh I have to uh I have to scroll. I’m gonna scroll all the way down here to something that uh that uh Ron DeSantis said. He said cuz he opened the event and he he was terrific, He said. We consider cuz they they did one of the things This article debates is whether or not Cpac used to be all about policy and right now, it’s all about uh kinda ideals if you will and uh I just we can sit around and have academic debates about conservative policy. We can do that, he said. But the question is when the cleave, which is basically stage lights. I’m under lights right now get hot when the left comes for. Will you stay strong or will you fold right there? DeSantis is absolutely right and he’s proven when the lord the brightest he’s the strongest and people like Mitch Mcconnell when they put the light on him, he’s like a turtle head. he goes, but we need more. Ron DeSantis and less Mitch Mcconnell’s. I can tell you that and Christy no, and we just got to have but I wanna close it out with this. Let me check my time I got about two or 3 minutes left just enough time. so we’re gonna go down and close. Out this part and we’re gonna play you a video here that is just unbelievable so Donald Trump junior he jokingly called gathering tpac like Trump pack instead of according to the times. It’s what it feels like guys. This is what the um DJ junior said. it felt less like an awkward joke and more statement of 2021. Don Junior is absolutely on a role uh I uh I’ve been impressed with him from time to time and I tell you what he is rising and and the whole thing about Cpac. I’ll conclude it with this it basically. It kinda picked up on the theme, and of course I’ve been telling the president he can use my little slogan Make America first again feel free to use that I think it’s the right way but Cpac in general man it picks up on my you know my goal is to stop the progressive take over this country and here’s the goal of my show basically is to educate people educate yourself and others motivate people yourself and others and activate. In others, in other words, do something and as Donald Trump and names when you have to eliminate some folks out there, I’m talking about at the voting booth so uh as I always say about enjoying the show, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. But I got to play you one video from mister Joe Biden at the same time in Texas basically that Donald Trump was given his great speech in uh in. Orlando This is the current occupy occupant of the White House, doing his best. I suppose check it out. Uh I think he’s getting on a plane, he told me he came in to see me last event and representatives uh Shirley Jackson Lee al Green Sylvia Garcia, Lizzy spinelli uh excuse me fie and uh what am I doing here? I’m gonna lose track. That’s a very good question sir. What am I doing here? I mean that is what every American should be asking. What is he doing here? How did the heck did we get here? We gotta do whatever we can ladies and gentlemen to protect ourselves from the idiocracy that is taken over this great nation, but Joe Biden said to yourself what am I doing here? God help us. I don’t have the answer to that anyway. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. please go directly to. Martin talks Facebook page like it share it with others. Remember our YouTube channel John Martin talks especially remember our sponsors. look above the show no matter when or where you’re watching it. click on our sponsors cuz we we need you to support those of us in the fight. I’ll pray for your family You pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great nation cuz I’ve been showing that last video she needs it and deserves it more than ever, but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart. From my family to yours have a blessed day.

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