Citizens For Trump – Congress Certifies Biden Electoral Win. – John Martin Talks #373

Citizens For Trump – Congress Certifies Biden Electoral Win. – John Martin Talks #373

He says what have you already did it on itself? and then you don’t think? okay. I just got to that. We’re we’re going live with the uh the first day um. And I don’t do anything for you to correct. Again, I don’t do anything for you you to start correct. Yeah, we don’t have to do anything. okay now. I’m just gonna push the next scene at uh at 8 o’clock and we’re good to go. I just pushed the scene at 8 o’clock and we’re good to go at 8 o’clock right. Okay, five on both, then you go on the next three. Do you wanna start early or do you wanna no when you start today? Yeah, we’re gonna we’re gonna hold off till late. Thank you. I think we got it set up. That’s Thanks. alright. Bye. Yeah, I try to be consistent on that. it’s sometimes a struggle. We had the like 14000 views on our Facebook yesterday uh What are the numbers normally? well? that’s hard to say because of prior to about 2 weeks before the election are about a month actually Facebook came out with a statement not directed at us, but basically to everybody, said that they were going to throttle down political speech 2 weeks prior to the election. I say that to say before that announcement we had several that actually shows it. Over 200000 views on Facebook, wow and we were pushing about twenty on average leading up the last 2 weeks we got down to where we were only had about 1200 views and we’d we’d fluctuate between like 1200 to 7000 after the election, it slowly been we normally have at least 10000 views of it now the one the other day. We didn’t go but over the one Facebook network we only ended up with about a thousand I did share it to the others, but it’s not the same. you know people are ready to watch it and we get most of our face the majority of our Facebook views over America’s voice News, YouTube and we’ve had the biggest videos so far and I haven’t gone way back and look cuz sometime it came with it. We have one one over 2000 views on YouTube itself. Most of them were averaging. Thirty to 100, I really don’t know what’s happening with recall TV cuz I really haven’t gotten into the metrics of that and America’s voice news streams us rebroadcast us over there streaming service and I’ve never really been able to get a straight forward answer from them as to how we’re doing. Yeah, we must be doing okay because they’ve kept this on now for a couple of years and they we. They were showing us like late at night like 2 o’clock in the morning, according to their listing now and this just I just noticed this week we’re supposedly being showed at 1 o’clock eastern time in in the in the I don’t know if we are and we’ve had some trouble over the last couple of weeks between some technical issues and of course, Gabe travelling and all this kind of stuff getting the show uploaded to that because what has what happens is we go over? Facebook but to go over their streaming service, there’s a specific upload that we have to do and Gabe has to do that and I don’t think he was able to do it last night because he said the internet connection where they were wasn’t good enough. Yeah, but he struggles with that to kinda cuz he gets gets sidetracked. Yeah got other responsibilities. And so we’ve little inconsistent with that, which is the biggest struggle for me and with all this cuz. We’ve we’ve not in order to grow an audience. We have. there’s a lot of things out of our control but being consistent is not one of them and that’s the biggest challenge that I see and um I’m probably patting myself on the back but I am the most consistent. no words. I’m here everyday ready to go. Yeah. That’s not always the case on the other end some of it’s technical stuff that happens because of the way it’s. I mean we’ve had internet issues off on don’t seem to be now they seem to be resolved, but of course, Gabe right now is kinda distracted. Yeah and I’ve totally understand that yeah. Yeah, he’s got it on but uh. I mean it is what it is. And I it’s hard for me to really complain. I talk about it a little bit, but you know everybody. um yeah, I’ve realized that I am a small fish in a bigger pond and much ways, but you know we’ve never really been promote. America’s voice news really hasn’t even promoted us um and uh I’m hoping that would change but all I can ultimately response before is I got to stay consistent myself? See what happens. And obviously, if Gabe decides to ultimately do something different than that opens up a whole new you. can of worms and trying to get you know cuz and this is not like a knock on you in any way I very much appreciate you being here, but we don’t really have someone who is uh at the moment ready to step in and take that and take that I mean like we can’t do any assets right now. I’m not knocking on you but I mean. I’m yeah. II. have no idea what I’m doing and I’m not gonna right and I don’t want you to because the main thing is to get the show out and all that, but it definitely uh you know people have come to expect a certain level and between myself and certainly Gabe we’ve achieved a certain level of that makes the show more entertaining, but if he were to leave tomorrow, I don’t know where we would be, you know so I don’t know Tony and she um we. Oh, I have no doubt but would it take a week? Yeah, you know what and that goes back to the consistency thing you know cuz the people out there watching it. They don’t give a shit about that. Yeah. they just wanna be able to watch it when they wanna watch it and expect a certain thing they don’t as long as I’m around, I can do what I can do, but that’s about all I can offer Oh and and none of this is a criticism. It’s just you know. it’s just the way it is. And it’s the biggest struggle that we’ve had. I think is just maintaining a consistent you know being all I mean like and I’m not trying to compare myself, you know to like Tucker crossing but Tucker across and you know that when you tune in at 8 o’clock on Fox, he’s gonna be there and the show is gonna be right there, you know and that’s what people expect and if you don’t to whatever extent you can’t do that you pamper your ability to build an audience. Yeah. Alright. I’m. When you are when it’s ready, I am gonna wait until eight and I’m gonna push and you’ll see it. Alright, I’ve got a on my computer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean. I got 759 okay. go when you’re ready. Alright ready. Yup. I’m gone. Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well boy ladies and gentlemen does our country need saving right now? I mean we are going through it. I’m not saying that we’re having a challenge any worse today than uh than than past generations and certainly who knows what future generations, but we are definitely. Going through some challenging times, we got a great show for you today. I hope at least I feel like we do. It’s a somber show. I’m gonna tell you like it is I struggled I just gotta tell you flat out I uh you know II get titles from the articles themselves and II put the title on the show description myself and I sometimes struggle most of the time I come up with a pretty catchy title, but this particular one I had a. Had trouble trying to figure out what title to put on it to kinda encapsulate everything that happened yesterday and basically what’s happened up to this point in the Trump presidency, because that’s really where we’re at and so I just decided to be straight forward with it. Congress certifies Biden electoral win He gives me no pleasure to say that whatsoever and uh we’re gonna get into it. I don’t I don’t really know how else I can’t sugar coat it I can’t um. Try to explain it, I’m gonna try to talk about what it means for us The movement what it means for America but it is no other way than to just stated I decided to just state it matter of fact, Congress certifies Biden electoral win before we go any further, though I have to mention our sponsor Big Daddy Unlimited, otherwise known as B. They are your Second Amendment headquarters and I’ll explain that a second but if you wanna check out our sponsors, all you have to do is no matter when or where you’re watching the video look above it you. Show description. Scroll on that and you’ll see a link to our sponsor Big Daddy Unlimited. They’re your Second Amendment headquarters you can get factory direct pricing as I said, Factory direct pricing to your doorstep delivered right to you on anything Second Amendment Guns Ammunition swag tactical gear literally thousands of items and product delivered to you at factory direct pricing Big Daddy Unlimited. Check em out. 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We really need more subscribers and views there. We’re growing everyday. Thank you very much, but we now have a channel on the YouTube channel Recoil TV Recoil TV is also a go-to destination for Second amendment, especially if you’re interested in any updates on the newest product. How to use them some of the issues we actually have a channel on Recoil TV and we are excited to tell you that and they have now archived pretty much all of our shows on there as well. so check it out TV. Alright we’re gonna use a political article essentially as a template and I’m gonna cover a broad spectrum here from uh Trump presidency to God help us and I hate to say this but. I’d help these are my words before we get the article. Joe Biden is now going to be the forty-sixth president of the United States. There’s just no other way to say it even President Trump has acknowledged this now he is not officially conceded. I don’t expect him to conceding the election doesn’t mean anything anyway has no legal standing and Donald Trump firmly believes as I do as many of you do that he won the election and that it was taken from him. That is my opinion. I believe it’s based on facts. we’ll talk about that some of that, but uh you know. Algorithm on Facebook and Twitter and everything else we have a Twitter handle by the way it’s at John Martin talks my Psychic sidekick here. Billy Bob Bass has one it’s called it’s at Billy Bass one and and and I’m determined to stay in the public square of course, Donald Trump has had both his Facebook as of this talking this morning and his Twitter account suspended or blocked and we will get in to some of that. but we. Need to stay in the public Square but at the same time I am going to speak the truth and Joe Biden is going to be unless something happens between now and then and I’m not predicting it will not necessarily hoping it. I certainly I’m not opening any negative thing, but Donald Trump has now come out and said himself that there will be a smooth transition from his administration to the Biden administration. Now, I don’t know if President Trump will actually attend the inauguration. um I personally and I was gonna talk about this later, but I might as well. get it off my chest. now I think he should I don’t think he needs to, but of course at inauguration, the former president does the outgoing president doesn’t say anything anyway, but I do think it is important for the country. It’s important for the Maga agenda. It’s important for President Trump’s legacy now to be. In my opinion, some of you may not like that, I understand that I don’t like it. I don’t like it either you know, but I just telling you as it is. I think it is in the country’s best interest it is in Donald Trump’s best interest and it is in the movement’s best interest for him there. I don’t know whether he will be or not he had talked about uh holding a uh an opposite rally in Florida. For instance, we will see I’m just giving you the facts. Let’s get into this article a believer Congress finalized President elect Joe Biden’s victory early Thursday morning, capping a day of riots that turned deadly and briefly ground the nation’s most powerful institutions to a stand still now let me just get something else off my chest because one phrase you don’t hear you won’t hear in this article and I haven’t heard anywhere. anyone say this and I’m not even saying they should say it, but what was the term we could. To hear when there were protests that they were mostly peaceful right, I haven’t heard that the reality is as bad and we’re gonna get into the capital breach and all that in just a moment and and it was It’s tragic it will go down as one of us as a dark day in general in the history of United States to actually breach the cap. Okay, it will it just will there’s just no other way to put it, but you never hear the word mostly peaceful protest and the reality is. By every count that the vast majority I’d say 99.9. 99.99 as high as you can get to almost 100% of people in Washington that will had Trump memorabilia on that were Trump supporters were peaceful as they could be. In fact, I’ve got a couple of friends out there um if they’re on their way back right now, literally as we speak and I’m praying for their safe return, They’re in the air. I think as we speak and I’m planning to have. Interview with them for tomorrow’s show if we can put the logistics together so stay tuned for that, you’re gonna get a first hand recount our producer was up there filming uh the uh people that uh Tony McKnight, the McKnight Tony and Sherry McKnight, who are just extraordinary people. They are they own big daddy unlimited. They were up there and uh and I’m planning to interview them if we can put it all together but let me just tell you they told me flat out that it was one of the most incredible events that they had ever. And these are people that have been for Trump from day one have worked for him literally run aspects of his campaign in the state of Florida. We’re at the inauguration have been to many Trump rallies, including Vip things with the president himself that kind of thing and these people said that it was an extraordinary event. Most of what happened yesterday and they were caught off guard when uh when the they were actually leaving the area when they heard all the sirens that. Turned out to be the uh the of the capital the breach of the capital and I can tell you this I have not heard any person any person that I know of that is condone the violence, not one certainly all the pundits on the right if you wanna divide it into the left and right have come out and some of them probably too much too defensive and uh condemn the violence. I condemn the violence without question it should never happen. On the left, of course, they’re uniformly condemning the violence, but they they haven’t been about condemning the violence at at all. Chris Cuomo the CN announcer that basically said a few months ago at the height of some of the city’s burning and the black lives matter in the Antifa protest, he said something to the effect of when should and and by the way the reason you don’t see a lot of videos right now is our producers out and my good friend. Matt is. A great job filling in, but there are some technical issues we will return to that in the not too too distant future, but Chris Cuomo came out on Cnn’s months ago and said, Tell me where it says in the constitution or whatever that uh that Pete that protest need to be peaceful. Well, it actually is in the first amendment if you actually read it that the right to a peaceful assembly, but he actually questioned that now you don’t hear. On right, you don’t hear people on Fox News Love em hate em whatever you don’t hear people on America’s voice news. You haven’t heard me on John Martin. Don’t you haven’t heard people on news max and all that come out and defend the violence in any way shape or form. I haven’t if you have let me know I’d like to see it, you know, send me a link or something on Facebook on YouTube. I will respond to your questions and comments as soon as I possibly can, but uh let me know. And this is not condoning it in any way. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of the left, but this term let’s get back to this article cuz I’m feeling uh a lot of different emotions today as I’m sure a lot of you are. But they said that the capital was believed so I uh I looked up the word believe to see if I understand it and there’s two, you know a primary and secondary definition the uh primary definition is laid lay seeds to lay seeds Two and the secondary is beset with difficulties. so they’re saying that Congress was believe laid seeds to and the set with difficulties. true. There’s no there’s no way to sugar coat it what happened at at the Capitol is inexcusable now. Whether or not it was led by Trump supporters is questionable and we’ll talk about some of that in just a moment, but no matter what it is inexcusable and there were definitely some Trump supporters that were involved and I don’t think there’s any way shape or form now do I believe that there’s a strong possibility likelihood and maybe even outright fact that Antifa and people like that uh led this thing. Yeah, I do believe that there’s ample evidence of that and I’m hoping it will come out but uh it. Be led, Let me read this definition again lay seeds to be set with different you know who has been legal for four dad gum years when you talk about, especially as primary definition, lace seeds to it’s been Donald J Trump his presidency has been led from he actually before he even ran before he even actually got the nomination and won his presidency was led if you look at the definition of. S to the Democrats, the progressive left the never Trumpers the mainstream media have laid seeds to Donald Trump’s presidency from before he even walked up the steps You know this question question of whether be the inauguration of bidding, God help us it looks like he’s gonna be president Uh I told you what I feel about it, but what really gripes me Taps me as they say, is this idea of Obama. He attended it, You know and he. Dignity and grace Now we know that behind the scenes Obama why he may look to all presidential and charming and whatever that behind the scenes, including President elect Joe Biden as vice president, we’re trying to secretly hamstring President Trump while they’re sitting there, shaking his hand and grinning like to Chester cat they actually were hamstring President Trump’s presidency. so when you talk about a peaceful. How peaceful is it to be in you in the back the whole time they’re shaking your hands in front of the TV to me, I’d rather have somebody come up and slap me across the face and let me know where I stand with them than to be sneaking behind my back and Obama and Biden and their their uh administration are sneaky and you could make could make a case to a criminal. I don’t even think that will ever happen. So let me just say this I’m going. Over the map, but I got a lot, I gotta get out of my head and my heart and my chest so to speak if you’re waiting on the dad gum like Durham, I’m investigating I heard we were talking about that again the other day on the radio it I hope I’m wrong, but it’s not gonna happen. It’s not gonna happen and if it does it’ll be pushed aside pretty easily that kind of thing and the reason ladies and gentlemen and you’re gonna see the swamp is already filling back up. It’s already been filling up for the last couple of months. Refilling and replenishing and and the are swarming like never before, and I’m gonna tell you what they’re gonna try to do here in just a moment but the reason why the Durham deal won’t ever really see the light today or to be brushed off is because the rats wanna convict the rats the establishment of both parties. Yes, I’m talking about the go and the Democrats they sit back and they they they’re just waiting for their turn at the trough. That’s all it is and they’ve always hoped and. Prayed that Donald Trump would be a one off that no matter whether he served the second term or not that once he was done, did he be done and Washington would return to normal and you would just go home and uh you know, take your toys and go home. That’s what they have a Donald Trump has been led from day one back to this article. It was the last step in affirming bids election ahead of 20th inauguration Don’t let the vote in Congress last night. it happened about 330 in the morning but one marred by violence viewed by the sitting president. Fueled by the sitting President Donald Trump who urges followers to march on the capital of pressure lawmakers to overturn the result, is that really true is Donald Trump responsible for what happened at the capitol? I don’t see it. I don’t see it at all. Donald Trump. they’re gonna try to blame him for this, they are going to try. That’s my words they are gonna try to blame Trump for this who and and so you might ask well who is they conspirator? Let me tell you who they. Basically, every son of a gun up there, you know, except for a small handful and we’ll get into some of that in just a moment, but essentially the establishment of both parties don’t want Donald Trump. They are now don’t misunderstand me. Nobody is happy that you know four people apparently died up there, the lady that was shot in the capital. I mean our prayers to her and her family for her family and apparently there were three other people that died up there for various things that’s still a bit sketchy as to what happened they may have had a heart attack for all I know but uh. The powers that be up there are going to use this. I’m not saying they were for it. I’m not saying that they’re happy it happened, but you can believe that they’re going to use this tragedy if you will of of uh be breaching the capital they’re going to use this to try to destroy Donald Trump’s legacy make no mistake about it. They’re gonna try to do that. they’re gonna make it very hard for people to support. Donald Trump I have been attacked in the last 1224 hours like you wouldn’t believe by even some family members that out of the blue just hit me cuz they’ve they know what I do. They know that I love Donald Trump and that I’m a strong Trump supporter and they have literally been me unsolicited by text and everything else. I’m sure this is happening to other people troll on if you will, but I’m telling you right now. I love my family. I love my friends I have never judge. You based on that type of stuff, but if you wanna judge me on that, bring it on bring it on because I now is the time to stand and I’m not condoning the violence. I’m not even taking some you know I don’t think Donald Trump is to blame for it. I will give him some capability if I think so I need to I will speak the truth to you but ladies and gentlemen, I am not planning to go anywhere now who knows what’s gonna happen both with life with Facebook? Twitter all this kind of stuff whether I’m not even. They’re saying, I’m gonna have a show 10 minutes from now you never ever know, but I will tell you this as long as I have this red, white and blue microphone in front of me as long as I have breath in my lungs, blood flowing through me. Thank you Lord for that today as long as I have the opportunity to speak to you, I’m gonna speak to you from my heart and the truth is I best I possibly can so who is they? It’s everybody up there in Washington. That is part of the go establishment The never Trumpers the radical left that is totally taken over the uh the republic. I mean the uh they’ve taken over Republican party too, but taken over the Democratic Party, I mean it’s it’s the mainstream media even Fox News for what I can see has pretty much uh cut ties with Donald Trump and they’re not even faking it anymore, but uh let’s talk a little bit about Mike Pence, it says your vice president. Mike Pence formally uh um ascertain Biden’s win as the clock struck 3:32 AM Thursday morning, so basically Biden in all aspects became the next president at 3:32 AM Thursday morning now Mike Pence It’s complicated. Okay, First of all. Let me tell you that I have met Mike Pence I would he wouldn’t know me from Adam necessarily if I had the pleasure to meet Mike Pence during the campaign back in 2016. And uh I have nothing negative up to now to say about Mike Pence. I think he’s been a very servant to Donald Trump. I think he’s been an excellent vice president. I think if something would have happened and he had become president that he would be and that would have been a great president. I’m glad that he didn’t get that opportunity cuz I’m glad Donald Trump is serving out his term but Mike Pence was between a rock and a hard place. I understand where he’s coming from. This is where I would fault President Trump just a little. I think he did overplay the hand of what might actually happen yesterday January 6. Forget the riots for a minute if everything had gone uh by the book or whatever I don’t think that Donald Trump was going to win any challenge that would make him president of the United States for another term. I don’t think I think that ship in my opinion and I pretty much told you this at the time that once the. Otis refused to actually listen to the evidence in that Texas case that was signed on by twenty some other states, including the Great State of Florida. It was a long shot at best after that it just was because if wasn’t gonna take up and hear the actual evidence what choice do you think we had and that ladies and gentlemen is not condoning what happened yesterday, but I can tell you that if you get to a point where you cannot have your grievances addressed or reads. that’s how our nation was. Founded our nation was founded with violence, was it not. I’m not advocating for it. I’m just telling you the historical fact and it was when people were pushed to the brink where they felt like they had no choice but to declare their independence from England and they knew exactly those that signed the declaration of Independence knew exactly what they were doing and like Benjamin Franklin famously said at the time we either hang together or we’re gonna hang separately, they knew exactly what they were doing and they felt. They had no choice so when you push people to the brink where they feel like they have no choice, they may, in fact, choose a violent outcome and uh you know a lot of good came out of that right, United States of America but a lot of bad too people’s lives were destroyed. people were killed. people were harmed and and and so you know back to Mike Pence I I’ve got to kinda uh let this kind of stew in me for a while. I don’t know that he had any other choice and to do what he did, but uh you know, maybe he made some statements that I didn’t particularly agree with. we’ll see. I’m not ready to totally condemn Mike Pence do I think he hurt himself for a future presidential run if that’s what he aspired to which I think is logical that he would probably so I’d you know there gonna be a lot of passionate Trump supporter that are never gonna be able to get past this with. At least contemplate, give him the benefit of the doubt, but I do think that he was in an extremely difficult situation and ultimately probably had no choice he either had to act or just basically say I’m I don’t know you could disagree with me. Let me know though the outcome was never in doubt this to Trump fashion the by congressional session as a last stand of sorts pleading for weeks with supporters to descend on Washington to disrupt the ceremony, Electoral vote counting process. I don’t know that he really wanted to disrupt. I you know, I think they’re kinda mint and words here. I think it’s clear that Donald Trump wanted to show and put pressure on these congressional members that hey the army is behind me. I think that is absolutely true and I don’t really blame him at all about that. but I don’t know that he was trying to uh disrupt because that wouldn’t serve his purpose. Let’s face it. most people are at their core are going to at the end of the day. Do what they think is in in their interest and I don’t think Donald. Up is any different than anybody else when it comes, that’s human nature. How is how is uh what happened in ultimately in DC in and breaching the capital? How does that help Donald Trump in any way? Now, you could love Donald Trump. You could hate Donald Trump. You could not give two hoots about Donald Trump, but one thing if you’re honest, would have to say he’s a pretty sharp dude. He’s pretty smart. You may not like him. you may think he’s nuts at some level, but. I didn’t mean he’s not smart and calculating he would not have gotten where he was without being pretty sharp too man. He really is so if you accept that and I think you should then why would he be in the businessman? He is do anything that would harm his brand and yes, it is a brand. It’s a brand you don’t think Biden has a brand everybody had heck we all have a brand to a certain extent and most of us are. Intentionally going to harm that brand and Donald Trump is no different. in fact, he’s better at promoting his brand than most, which is one of the reasons why he’s risen so far right. He’s pretty good at it. so you know why would he promote something like this and I don’t think he did he promote trying to show a little bit and PT barham and have a last grand big stage. Yeah. absolutely he did and is he going to use. This in some way or former fashion to promote his brand even further but politically economically and everything else, most certainly he is I’d I would expect nothing less but as far as the outcome being in doubt as I said yesterday that vote that they were gonna take is going to be a defining moment now what happened with the if you wanna call it that the breach of the capital is a lot of an. And once again, I hate to keep caveat this stuff, I’m not saying anybody is glad it happened but one of the results of this is a the lot of people were let off the hook because they could come back and basically say cuz if I didn’t watch the proceedings late last night, but I read in depth about and I watched a little bit of the coverage of it early this morning that you you, they basically push this thing down the road and the side they got it done a much quicker. That I think they would have thousands of people, it says complied with their asserting here that Donald Trump was ordering people to bomb rush to capital. I don’t think that’s true I complied, Russian capital police and plunging the typical ceremonial proceedings into mayhem. Vice President Mike Pence, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other congressional were with to safety as a mob over took the capital and shut down proceedings for hours. That part is absolutely true. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I think there’s no way to predict this are to you know to actually go back, but I think that the proceedings that that saw that concluded it roughly 330 last night would have lasted for at least another day, maybe a couple days because I think they’d have been drawn out everybody would have wanted to give these grandiose speeches one way or another and all that kind of stuff and they would have drugged this thing out for several days. I don’t think there’s any. Doubt about that, if not for this breach, but this breach and I’m not necessarily saying I blame them because it was a breach and they needed to get the business done. I mean it just it is so that’s another reason why it wasn’t in Donald Trump’s benefit at all to have the capital breach and and Donald Trump, one of the things that he’s accused of right by the left and the never Trumpers is that he always does things to benefit him personally well if. Then how did having the capital breach yesterday benefit him personally, I’d love to hear some evidence. you have that shows that Donald Trump somehow benefited from what happened if anything Donald Trump now with his legacy has to overcome what happened yesterday. Uh I don’t think there’s any doubt and Trump supporters, individually and collectively we have to overcome that you know cuz we’re definitely gonna be labeled. I had one of my cousins and uh I know he was playful with me. He’s a Trump supporter, but he contacted me this morning. Say oh, you better lay low man. They gonna put you in uh in uh like fault control concentration camp. If you don’t I’ll come visit you and he was teasing me about it and I appreciate it but uh but his point is well taken but that ain’t me and he knew that he knew that’s not me. I’m not gonna be that I’m not gonna live in fear. I’m just not but but uh back to article what What unfolded at the capital was the culmination of months of Trump’s exportation to his. To overturn the results of twenty election based on baseless claims of fraud, well, ladies and gentlemen, right there that last statement is the problem. I’m not condoning what happened, but I’m explaining it to you. The fact that they say election based on baseless claims of fraud. that’s the real problem because they keep saying it’s baseless when it’s not the Texas case and I’m not gonna get into the dead people voting. We all know they’ve been joking about that for a long time the cheap by mail all of that stuff, Okay. and I think. It happened in Georgia, but we have to by the way it looks like that both those Senate races have been won by the Democrats, so they’re gonna be in control of the whole kitten caboodle so uh it it’s gonna be tough man. It’s gonna be tough but we got to keep fighting and don’t talk about that today and as the days move forward, but the fact that the Supreme Court refused to even see the evidence the evidence of what all of us who. Actually, I mean even people who hate Donald Trump if they’re honest about it and then you know they would have to admit that there was certainly grounds for a challenge that what happened in many states violated the US Constitution cuz the US constitution is very clear on the presidential election. It’s up to the states We have basically fifty separate elections, not one nationwide, you know. Dr. Every state has different rules and regulations, but the constitution is clear as to who sets those regulations and thus who can change them and it is the state legislature in every case that has the authority to do that. No one else other than the state legislature has the authority to change election law when it comes to the presidential election, No Secretary of state No governor No Supreme Court state Supreme Court cannot do that. So the Texas case was rock-solid whether or not it would have been proven out to be enough to overturn the election is what the Supreme Court should have decided on, but the mere fact that the ultimate Supreme Court would not even look at the evidence and turn away because they are cowards in my view. They didn’t wanna interfere. I get that, but they’re ultimately cowards cuz it was their responsibility to their cost. Constitutional duty They threw it aside they cast it aside and so if you are a passionate person and you believe in your heart that Donald Trump, the election was stolen from him and 83% in the latest polling I’ve seen of Republicans Republican. I’m not talking about Republicans in the House of Representatives or the Senate. I’m talking about our elected state legislatures. I’m talking about rank and file Republicans 83% of. Said they thought this election was fraudulent about 30% or more of independence thought the same thing and believe it or not there are millions of Democrats, according to the poll that felt the same way they may not they may be happy with the result, but they think that it was fraudulent. so if you have 83% if you have this just take the Trump voters if you have 74. 74000000 people which I remind you is. Than any sitting president has ever gotten, we put the they they sweep that under the rug like it means nothing that 74000000 people that voted for Donald Trump that at least 83% of them feel like this election was fraudulent and they have no recourse. They’ve been told that they’re idiots, they’re fools did not believe they’re lying eyes all that kind of stuff at some point. What do they do? what do they do? I don’t think violence is the answer, but it has been in the past our country was founded on violent conflict. It just was there’s no way that you can. you can ban me from whatever it’s just the truth and the truth is you know what needs to happen? Of course we are living in Orwellian times right now. could George Orwell I repeated quite often on the show. George Orwell famously said that the more a society drifts from the truth the more they will hate the people that speak it and I can tell you from friends and family. Hey, that is true man that is true. and here’s the thing that III chime back in on one of these family members that hit me, I tell em are you telling me are you actually telling me that the? Recourse I have is to agree with you know, I’ve never told anyone they have to agree with me. I think you’d be smart too, but I’m not telling you you have to. in fact I welcome opposite opinions. I tell people I even trolls that troll me all the time you know. I tell you all the time. Thank you for listening to show and uh please spread it and share it with others. I want as many people to listen and watch me as possible. I’m not trying to cut anybody out. You know, I’m just but I am an American and I believe I have the freedom to speak my opinion doesn’t make me right but you know I am most of the time I will tell you that and if I’m not tell tell me where I’m challenge me, let’s have a debate but don’t just challenge me with uh you know I mean I even had someone tell me that knows me personally knows my family that oh well, you’re a racist. I’m a racist I was. Literally holding my black grandchild in my arms when I got that text from somebody uh um uh it’s just if you know anything about me, you know that uh if uh if I’m the racist person in the room, then I sure have some pretty smart people that are have been totally buffalo pop me right and one. I’m married me. I don’t it’s just crazy anyway and these are people who knew me and said that right but uh. I’ve also seen this time I’ve been seeing this for a while the people on Facebook have chimed in and said that if Donald Trump doesn’t get his rightful do and get reelected here, they will never vote again. Never vote again and certainly you have the right to do that. I’m not saying you don’t. I think it’s a mistake. I think it’s mister. I understand your frustration. Heck about 90% I live in one of those blue places on the planet in the county, Florida, where you know, we’re that Blue Lake in the middle of a sea of red and. Central Florida I’ve lived in a blue wave, my whole life my whole life and I can tell you right now that about 90% of the people that I vote for never get elected, including myself, you know so I get your frustration. Trust me on that. you know, I absolutely do that but to me if you if you give in, then you’re giving them exactly what they want. I personally, I’m gonna keep hammering this point. I think we gotta educate ourselves and educate others. I think we gotta motivate ourselves and motivate others. I think we’ve got to get activated ourselves and activate others the solution to me is to if you’re angry and I’m angry and disappointed, I is I probably literally be emotional shedding tears you know on the sixth. I mean on the twentieth on the sixth, I did as well when Joe Biden God help us actually becomes president and it just looks like it’s going to be the truth and. I ain’t I don’t know if there’s anything I can do about. I’ve been working pretty hard about it, but uh you know take that anger take that disappointment and I’m not saying, don’t enjoy your family. Heck, I’m going I wish I was going fishing this weekend, but my trip got cancelled due to weather. It’s gonna be rough season. I was dying to go but ain’t nothing I can do about it. The weather is in God’s hands at least for now right but take all that anger and one thing you could do is actually take over. Republican party Yes, you can take it over the Democrat if you wanna take your party back over, let me tell you very quickly how simple it would be to take over the Republican Party. I’m not talking about the elected officials cuz they’re not the Republican Party, their representatives of it. They’re who we voted in good bad or whatever, but you could take over the Republican Party in a few months cuz all you gotta do is take over the local Republican party now every. A little bit different but essentially you have in the Democrats the same way you’re structured that you have local county parish whatever parties and most of them are especially Republicans. I can tell you, especially in places that aren’t heavily Republican are desperate for people to actually feel those seats. You can be a precinct committee man or woman. Check the rules you can literally be voted in if no one even runs for it, you’re automatically in basically, depending on what the rules and regulations say, and I say all that to say. It is the local parties that impact who the chair of the local party is that then in turn impact who represents at the state level and becomes the state chair. Okay and then the national chair and the National Committee is voted on from the bottom up not from the top down. It’s a little secret. They don’t necessarily want you to know so if you are angry if you are resentful if you are motivated, get motivated, get educated get active. Eva take over your local party and you will automatically if enough of us do it you will will take over the Party. You don’t do it from the top down. you do it from the bottom up and what does our constitution actually say, doesn’t it say something about we the people? it It doesn’t say Donald It doesn’t say the president of United States. It doesn’t say Mitt Romney or Chuck Schumer. it says we. People that’s you and me that’s every day ordinary American citizens and if we don’t do it, then it’s not gonna get done and yet things will go along and the Democrats are better at it than we are they just are but if we just give up is I’ll never vote again, then it’s over it’s over and I think we deserve better than that. I think we deserve better than that. I’m not giving up not today. talk to me tomorrow, but not today, let’s check for time had a few more minutes left lawmakers tweeted urgently at the president to call off his supporters and describe in real time the violence and destructions they were witness. I bet they were scared. I would be too some immediately called Trump’s conduct impeachable he what did he do He didn’t? he actually told people to go on right while other Republicans and Democrats described it as a co attempt and insurrection add someone tweet me. Oh, you’re an insurrection is a cool attempt. What would you call impeachment of the president for nothing? Absolutely nothing for starting the impeachment process against him literally before he actually got sworn to me. That’s when Mitch McConnell and by the way, why is he even up there and I’m not picking on Kentucky cuz you can say the same thing about you know multiple people you I mean Utah met Romney us with Marco Rubio and all that kind of stuff. Why are they still there? See this is what you’re Republican a Democrat to talk. Sometimes you gotta hold your nose and vote cuz you know you may not get what you want out of a Republican, but you know what these crazy Democrats are gonna do. I get that but the power of the party is in your hands in the primaries. Mitch McConnell should have been primary. I know he was he should not win and whoever took his place would have won in the state of Kentucky. Would they not that’s where we got to get educated motivated and activated at the local level We got to throw these bombs out and put other people. Up there, yes, it might cost a seat or two, but if we’re actually educated motivated and activated, we can’t eliminate some of these people and that’s what it’s about man cuz remember, Mitch McConnell. I got, he said he was chastise for saying he wanted to make when Obama came president his mission was to make Obama a one-term president Now he’s like one of the leaders of Republican party. That’s what he is supposed to do right, but he never. Said he wasn’t gonna give the man at least a term The Democrats and a lot of never Trumpers have never actually given Donald Trump, the ability to even be president. It is amazing and I agree with what President Trump said in his about the peaceful transition that he had the best first term in the history. Uh I’m I can’t argue with that. I think he did and when you look at what Donald Trump was able to do despite of all the things he had to go through. it is more use this historians everything. They’re gonna use what happened in the capital yesterday to tarnish Donald Trump’s legacy and if you care about Donald Trump we need to help with that and packing our toys and going home are just being pissed off and being up in people’s faces and all that is not going to help. We know but Warriors nonetheless, Imma say that again we need to be happy Warriors but nonetheless, you know but uh me when they now. I’m not condoning what happened yesterday is you could title that. But what really gets me is how you know some types of rioting are okay. so if you’re actually up there for truly in if you believe that the government needs to be knocked down, that’s terrible right, I mean our country was founded on intersection by the way but uh that’s terrible. but if you’re just going to grab a Gucci, that’s okay, man you’re justified justified sanctified in the end cuz you’re getting preparations or whatever I. It’s just amazing to me violence against other Americans and American interest. our institution, you mean, you can burn a courthouse now it every day for 100 days in Portland and it’s just a myth, according to Jerry Nadler. Right, you know none of this is meant to condone what happened, but that’s part of the reason if you condone violence, then that’s what you’re gonna get political violence always. Other political violence so if anyone is to blame it is both sides of the aisle if they let violence go on just because it serves their purpose and I think the Democrats you know any honest deal would have to admit that um okay, I only got about 1 minute left and I wanna read this part right here. This is Lindsey Graham enough is enough, declared Lindsay Graham, who had until Wednesday night, encourage Trump to. Pursuing legal challenges to his defeat even after it became clear names of fraud. Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen what is gonna happen now you’re going to see and I’m sad you’re going to see that the go and I’m not talking about the rank and file members. I’m talking about the people up there to Mitch McConnell’s of the world. they are not going to have them being a minority party. They’re well suited for it. They actually thrive as being a minority party. You know why cuz they can spout out stuff and not have to do anything do I need to say? Other than Obamacare remember how the Republicans were Oh when we get the power we gonna do away with this man. It is God off on everything and when they had the power they did squad douche Okay. So I’m not worried about the minority status of the go cuz their dead gum good at it. What I am concerned about is American people and what we’re going to do I could go on and on, but I’m out of time. basically what I’m trying to tell you ladies and gentlemen is the fight has. Just begun and we have to have the challenge and the courage of our time to face it cuz if we don’t they’re gonna win even more so and we’re gonna lose even if we’re home, you know, spouting stuff off, I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. please go to record of John Martin talks Facebook page like it and share it with others Hopefully tomorrow’s show we will have an interview with some great people who were up there in Washington they. Back as we speak and I pray for their safe return should be very interesting. so tune in I’ll pray for your family. you pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great nation and our president because I think they both deserve it because it just because but as I say each and every day, ladies and gentlemen from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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