Citizens For Trump – Border Being Overrun Under Biden! – JMT #395

Citizens For Trump – Border Being Overrun Under Biden! – JMT #395

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, We got a great show for you today. We got a couple of topics. We’re gonna try to cover here one being that the border is being overrun. now we have record numbers of people illegally crossing the border apprehended, but of course. Now under Joe Biden, we’ve got catch and release so uh you know I guess if you dangle enough sugar out there to the uh that they’re gonna swarm around it and that’s what’s happening at our border and we’re gonna talk about all the ramifications of that as we go forward and then Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, the Great State of Louisiana. You know he uh switched his position and voted the other day along with the five that had previously senators on. Abide in the impeachment trial that had voted to move forward when they uh killed Rand Paul’s bill well when they had their opening of the impeachment trial against Donald Trump. they those same five Republicans and we talked a lot about it uh yesterday. check out our podcast but Cassidy has joined them to make it six Republicans that in essence have voted to impeach Donald Trump now whether they will ultimately vote to impeach him, obviously remains to be seen but are so is con. But they certainly voted to continue the impeachment trial of Donald Trump Trump uh Cassidy is coming under a great bit of heat from that from the uh Republicans back in Louisiana. So we’re gonna talk about that and we’ll talk a little bit about the impeachment trial and the highlights or low lights if you will, but before we go any further, we gotta talk about big daddy Unlimited B our sponsor they are they make it all happen and I greatly. 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Conservative free speech we’ll be moving John Martin talks to a new secure platform so that we can continue to broadcast and by that doesn’t mean we’re not gonna stay on the ones we’re on now and expand, but we wanna assure that you that we can’t be censored basically so please download the Recoil TV app found in the same link I was talking about before uh right now it’s available in Apple Store Google Play Store In addition you can go directly to John Martin See our all of our show archive there. We’re not doing it live on air right now, but we may in the near future but check it out. We’re determined to stay in the public square and be your voice of freedom. so remember Www.john Martin Alright, let’s get into the show This is from a bright bar article January border apprehensions jump 150. 150% over last year as Biden takes office now what this means. Is the actual number of people that are caught and of course, now we have we’re back to catch and release that doesn’t mean that the crossings themselves are 150%. I would assume they’re probably even higher because you know even though the border patrol and ice and everybody homeland security, I believe that rank and file members of all that want to protect our borders, They certainly appreciated Donald Trump. let’s face it when your boss. Boss, which is Joe Biden, God help us. I don’t like saying it, but he is when he ultimately tells you basically that uh you know, we’re not gonna force our laws. It’s got to set their morale so I would just assume that not only statistically like we’re seeing here. we’ll get into the numbers in just a moment that border crossings as far as being apprehended or up but board illegal border crossings in general are probably way up the number of migrant. Apprehended by Border Patrol agents in January after illegally crossing the border from Mexico jumped by 150. 157% over January 20 so a year ago, uh the massive jump comes amidst the New Biden administration policies on border security and immigration enforcement. Now, essentially Joe Biden has signed executive orders over fifty to buy so or he has king job, but uh he’s basically stopped everything that Donald Trump not the least of which is building the wall. He stopped all wall construction but beyond that he’s destroying our up ending the whole uh stay in Mexico policy, which is actually follows international law because a lot of people don’t. This but international law says that when you are seeking asylum, if you’re a refugee from one country and you’re seeking asylum, the first place you have to seek asylum is the next country you come in contact with so all these people coming from Central and South America are to seek asylum in Mexico first or if they’re crossing from South America end some place like Honduras, they’re supposed to seek it there first wherever you cross the border, according to international. You’re supposed to seek asylum there first so Donald Trump had worked out an agreement with the Mexican government to keep all asylum seekers inside Mexico and that was working great because what happened before Donald Trump and what is happening now is that people come across the They may be apprehended like they say right here 157% increase, but they are released to their own recognition and we know what happened. There and of course, Biden has come out now, excuse me and even said that uh prosecuting criminals, you know and we’re gonna talk about just crossing the border being criminal in just a minute, but if you, he said he he is to literally said he doesn’t consider a felony. Dui a felony, even though I have interviewed in the past Angel Moms who literally have lost children to drunk drivers that were illegal alien. And shouldn’t have been here in the first place. It’s just it’s breaks your heart, but thanks to Joe Biden, we have returned to that ridiculous policy so be but beyond just what he’s doing as far as his pen deal and giving away our country so to speak. Remember what he supported and the Democrats as a whole cuz everybody running for president basically supported the same thing. Imma show you two quick videos you’ve probably seen snippets of these, but these were at the. Democratic debate one is about whether or not it should be illegal, the first one to even cross our border whether that should be remain an a crime or not and the other is to just give away free stuff so we’re gonna play him kinda back to back. We’ll play the first one talk about it. then we’ll play we’ll talk about and play the second one. here is the Democratic Convention. I mean I’m sorry Democratic uh debate that included in both of these Joe Biden and Watch. He supports along with everyone else the idea that crossing our border illegally is no longer back. Check it out the the stage last night on topic of decriminalization of the border. If you be so kind, raise your hand if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime across the border without documentation. can we keep the hands up so we could see them. And let’s remember that’s not just theoretical exercise is that we’re gonna hear from Pete but here I’ve already heard I hadn’t thought much about but yet lately have I mean I’m sorry, Billy Bob says. I pronounce I have trouble with that name. It’s but I don’t know but it sounds about right to me, but now that he is the Secretary of transportation. I think he’s been confirmed I do believe but he will be if he hadn’t. There’s not really no doubt about that. he has come. Now and said when it comes to covid now you need need to pay attention to even you snowflakes out there this should troubling but yet has said that we may have to have restrictions from American citizens not illegals, not dreamers, not American citizens when they cross from state to state, they may need to have documentations of either vaccines or a. Covid so if you’re wanting to come to Florida, are you wanting to get out of Florida? Whatever doesn’t matter you’re gonna be restricted if this actually happens in, but get said it that it was uh a uh a certain possibility depending on how the virus goes from here that you may be restricted to travel within your own country, but these illegals can just come in and go anywhere they want to. I mean. Is absolutely ludicrous think about that and they’re not even being tested at the southern border. I mean, even the ones that are being apprehended, they said. They’re gonna leave the testing up to the local authorities who everybody admits or overwhelmed to a certain extent. so illegal aliens who could be infected with the disease are allowed to just come in and set free and return on their own recognition under the Biden administration. Yet you the American citizen may. Be restricted to your travel within your own country. Are you okay with that? I mean I know most of my listeners are not. but Imma ask you even if you’re a Biden supporter. Are you really okay with that? I mean really, but but here we have open border decriminalization. Alright, so I told you about the second video this is back to the debates so keep in mind, They’ve already said there for decriminalizing basically having an open border on top of that. they’re all for. Giving away free medical care that they don’t give away to every citizen United states to all of these illegal immigrants and let me say before I play this, I don’t blame the people for trying to come here if I was living in some of those places, I’d be trying to come here as well and on top of that. Biden is also doing away with the agreements that that that Trump hammered out with like places like Guatemala Honduras to try to keep their people there. so they’re taking our money. Millions of dollars and given us the very people that the money is supposed to help so wonder what they’re doing with anyway, but let’s play this video. Keep in mind this is on top of open borders now they’re saying they’re going to give away free health care. Check it out to raise your hand if government if your government plan would provide for undocumented immigrants. Let me Joe Biden. let’s just call I mean the language is important undocumented immigrants. that’s not what they are. they’re illegal immigrants and I know that might get me banned from whatever uh you know, but that’s just the way it is so you got those two videos show that Biden and basically the entire leadership of the Democratic Party is for a total open border and a welfare state. Let me tell you if there’s ever a recipe for destruction of a nation that is it open. Water and give away welfare two people that aren’t even American citizens that given them things that you don’t even give American citizens and like I say, but has now said that we might have to restrict travel by American citizens within the United States. but there’s no restriction on the illegals coming here, not even any testing. Where does that make any sense whatsoever? It makes none now I guess. Really what this amounts to is a different version of Donald Trump’s, like what is that on Seinfeld episode of Bizarre World, where everything exactly the opposite. Remember Donald Trump was famous or promises made promises kept well. I guess Joe Biden in a bizarre world way is promises made promises kept he basically campaigned on the open border and a welfare policy, And that’s exactly what they’re doing so in a. A bizarre way I guess Joe Biden is keeping his promises do you like them? I think they’re gonna be destruction in the United States, but that’s just my opinion you need fat and nonetheless back to the article Border Patrol agents arrested 75001. 75198 migrants illegal immigrants who illegally crossed the border into the US between ports of entry in January, according to the January southwest border Migration report released by US Customs and Border Protection Wednesday night. This is up from 29000. 29205 a year before what do you think is going? What’s the trend line? Baby ain’t good the apprehensions mark the highest January total excuse me since 2006, when agents took more than 100. 101000 migrants into custody, You know what’s interesting to me about this. It’s interesting the numbers that are going up under Joe Biden, I mean first of all you got uh unemployment. the numbers are up under joined by there are more people seeking jobs the economy. Numbers are going down the unemployment numbers are going up gas prices have you seen gas prices lately? They’ve gone up basically about a dollar a gallon since Donald Trump uh since left office really, I mean it’s it’s crazy. What do you think they’re heading? Remember the last time Joe Biden was in the White House as vice president where they were out in California, they were almost six bucks a gallon. They’re heading back that way. There’s no question about it. All these numbers are up troops in the capital that number is up gonna cost us $500000000. I think it’s actually gonna be a heck of a lot more than that, but the numbers are just crazy up. I started to talk about for instance this whole thing about minimum wage. Let me just talk briefly about cuz that’s going up to they wanna do a fifteen-dollar across the board minimum wage for United States of America now to me that is ludicrous. I mean I could do two shows on it, but I’m not I’m gonna go about a minute or two here. First of all I don’t believe in. I’m not a big proponent of minimum wage period, but a federal minimum wage, especially one that’s across the board makes sense whatsoever and I can I give you a quick example how much does it cost to live in La or New York or Chicago? How much does it cost to live there? To say, Hawthorne, Florida, where I live population 1500 I guarantee you it cost four or five times if not more to live in New York that does to live where I live. If you had, I got a house that’s about 7000 square feet with a swimming pool. I’m truly blessed how much you think that house would be in California so the media idea that you have a minimum wage across the board across the country is stupid. It makes no whatsoever cuz it’s gonna maybe work out well in rural Kansas, but in downtown la you’ll be on the street with a sign even if you’re making fifteen bucks an hour, It’s just crazy and the other thing about the minimum wage is it’s competition and kills jobs even the Congressional budget Office, which is no uh conservative think tank came out and said that uh if they raise the minimum w. To fifteen bucks, it’s gonna cost over a million jobs. It only makes sense and let me just say this and I’ll shut up about the minimum weight minimum wage has never because I show you can’t raise a family on minimum wage. duh you never were supposed to be able to you’re never gonna be able to rate to raise a family on minimum wage if you if they raise it to fifty Bucks. What do you think is gonna happen? Are you gonna have to pay everybody else more money and minimum wage will always be just that minimum wage and I’ve worked for minimum wage many times working for minimum wage sucks and it’s always going to suck you’re never going to legislate. We’re working for the lowest wage possible isn’t going to suck It’s supposed to suck. It’s supposed to suck to the point that you do something different. you educate yourself you have new skills you increase your value so that you’re making more money. It’s never intended. Be a stopping point, It’s a starting point, but anyway, let’s move along here but uh man it is just getting crazy under Joe Biden and all this impeachment stuff is only it’s a big show and part of the show is to keep you from looking somewhere else cuz magicians think about this one of the things about magic is the truly great magician can get you to look over here while he’s doing the trick over here. That’s how it works. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening right now. They got all this looking over here. Donald Trump impeachment while they’re stealing the country out from under over here and they want you to be tired. They want you to have Donald Trump fatigue turn off politics Go home rest on your whatever and uh get on your knees back on your butt, whatever and while they steal the country that’s exactly forgets stealing the election. I’m not even talking about voter. they’re trying to steal the whole. Gum country but uh let’s move along here. Alright, we got a political story here. Let me check what time we’re doing pretty good. Hope I got enough material. Sometimes I you know I might run out of something to say I doubt it because that’s why they call it. John Martins cuz that’s exactly what he does. Alright. This is a political story. Cassidy This is about Bill Cassidy senator from Louisiana Republican Cassidy Backlash shows exile Trump still haunts go. That’s why they want a ghost. Donald Trump he’s outing the Donald Trump’s out there going. I mean, I wonder if Darling think about that a picture of Donald Trump as he got me, he’s pretty close. There’s a lot of Haitian folks that live down in South Florida as he got little voodoo. I mean he got one like Bill Cassie he goes in there if he does Romney man. I’m sure would uh would be up for that the second term senator talking about Bill Cassidy shocked his colleagues and Louisiana Republicans by voting to move forward with President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. As he trash Trump’s legal team for doing a terrible job in his opening argument, a terrible job a friend of mine posted something on Facebook the other day that I really agreed with you know cuz II don’t have a problem with criticizing Trump’s legal team, but basically what my friend posted and I hope I get this straight. I didn’t write it down and I’m doing it from memory. Basically, he said. If if you take unconstitutional unconstitutional argument and present it really well it’s still. An unconstitutional argument, but if you take a constitutional argument and present it really bad, it’s still a constitutional argument and that’s very true cuz in my view what the Democrats are doing and the six Republicans, including mister Cassidy here that are helping them is unconstitutional. so I don’t care how slick a Hollywood production the Democrats put put up there still an unconstitutional trial that is being raised and I don’t care if. Uh if Trump’s lawyers are the worst ever as I said the other day, I don’t know that Donald Trump even really needs to put up a defense other other than it’s unconstitutional and I’m a citizen, go pound sand and let the Democrats and the rhino Republicans push forward whatever they want go ahead. Impeach Donald Trump convict the man make it where he can’t run again. You know what’s I get on these rants sometimes so I’m gonna get on one right now. Rant warning. What gets me is they talk about Donald Trump being like a cult leader right he’s supposed to be Hitler all this kind of stuff not see. I mean everything but a child of God right, but he’s a cult follower and all of us that like Donald Trump that actually wore red hat or whatever Trump sign in your yard, which I still do by the way I’m hanging on uh that uh and I’m not talking about. I’m not saying we’re not would you say the f word on here. The more election is about as close as we come to it, but they want to. Donald Trump out a cult leader and all of his followers as basically big uh you know drinking the Kool aid and being caught followers right. That’s what they want. That’s what they say well if true to use the Democrats term if true, that’s one thing that came out of twenty that I really like the if true cuz what you say is true, then you could say anything right. I mean, that’s what the Democrats do. I don’t know if they’ll give me that same privilege but if true that Donald Trump is. Leader and all you hat wearing sons of guns drugs, society basket of deplorables, mostly bad people if all of you are just followers like Isis then what the heck are they doing to Donald Trump, They’re making him a martyr. They’re making Donald Trump a sympathetic character. I mean think about this, I guarantee you Trump supporters now they feel Donald Trump’s being abused, but they don’t look at Donald Trump as a martyr. They look at him as a hero. That’s able to overcome it. I’ve never heard any Trump support to go poor Donald Trump. You know they bashed media as being fake news and all that kind of stuff, but I’ve never heard of Trump’s supporter actually have pity for Donald Trump. they have admiration that in spite of all the crap he’s taken, he stands time and time and time and time again and he’s gonna keep standing right now. I don’t feel sorry for Donald Trump. I feel sorry for. Of his family members and stuff like that have to go through it needless but Donald Trump I have I don’t think I don’t doubt it for a moment’s notice that Donald Trump is going to be just fine, no matter what he decides to do. He’s gonna be fine The rest of us and the country. I’m not so sure about but Donald Trump I don’t worry about him in the least bit. I worry about some of the people trying to hurt the man that kind of thing, But what is the world are the Republicans decline? To uh you know we need to move past Donald are the Democrats who basically want who say Donald Trump’s, a leader, They’re making him just that right? I mean, if you think about it, they’re making Donald Trump, a martyr, a sympathetic character. It’s just unbelievable. I don’t know is it intentional so it’s misguided. and if not, it’s just foolish but uh anyway, let’s get along with this saying uh while few of his colleagues. Criticize Cassidy talking about the Senators Republican senators I assume directly the Louisiana go immediately said it was profoundly disappointed. That’s pretty mild in him and praise his colleagues. Senator John Kennedy, which I like that Guy Republic, Louisiana for making the right decision so he trashed Trump’s legal team. Well, I’ve told you what Donald Trump’s legal to me Donald Trump’s legal defense really only needs to be well, let’s hear it from the president himself. This needs to be his legal defense. Check it out the Democrats have to now decide whether they will continue to fraud the public with ridiculous bullshit. I mean what else do you need for defense? cuz that’s what it is They’re defrauding the American public, not or the d before the FI can say that defrauding the. People with ridiculous bullshit could it be stated any planner than that? I mean to me that right there is would be Donald Trump’s uh legal defense right there and cuz they gonna do what they gonna do The Republicans in general have been talking about this, but if I say it bears repeating and I’m painting with a broad brush. I’m sure there are many comes to mind maybe Ted Cruz, Josh Holly and I believe some out for sure but in general the Republicans out there they would go. Trump in a second man they would vote to prosecute him and impeach him and censor him or whatever to keep him from running for office cuz they’re not more than five or six out there that want Donald Trump to ever be on the political scene again period Certainly Mitch McConnell hopes he never has to see Donald Trump ever again they would get rid of Trump, except as I’ve been telling you there is one person out there that they fear more than. Trump and it’s not Donald Trump junior and and it’s Rudolph Giuliani. It’s you the American people that use sons of guns you drags of society that put Donald Trump in the White House to start with that is who they fear and as long as we hang together cuz remember if we don’t hang together like Benny, Franklin said, We gonna hang separately as long as you the Trump supporters hang together whether Donald Trump runs again or not, is it, you know who knows but his? Is the American people that the dead gum basket full of deplorables stay together and support President Trump. He’s okay because of the Republicans are terrified of you and the minute they think they can get keep your support. Donald Trump will be ghosted man. I mean they’ll probably turn him over to what was that guy that was down there in the same area that uh used to kill people and dump them in the ocean. I can’t remember that show’s name. it’ll come to me in a minute man, but uh it was that’s. Pretty good show uh on uh I think it was on Showtime. I don’t a Dexter Dexter. They were Dexter Donald Trump man in a New York second if they if they think, for instance, you’re not looking not long after the local party in his hometown on my ass and the Gop there of Baton Rouge, a great place, said Cassidy’s vote was a betrayal of the people of Louisiana and a rebuke to those who supported President Trump it censored pass. And holds him out as an object of shame, one Louisiana Republican official expected more such condemnation that God I wonder if they gonna do him like game of Thrones how they go shame. I don’t. I’m not. I don’t know if you’ve seen, I think we showed a picture of Bill Cassidy, I want him to keep his clothes on, but I don’t have the problem with Shane thing but uh here’s the thing about that ladies and gentlemen the local party is the one that step forward and I’ve been bashing the Republican Party the last few days cuz I told you about fed up with him. I’m not ready to leave it. Yet but the local party is the answer I hear everybody talking about third party. Did you hear for instance? these never Trumpers now are saying, Oh, we’re gonna form a third party. We’re gonna form a third party that has truly constitutionally conservative like that’s gonna work. Not all I do is help the Democrats who would join that party of the never Trumpers I could man what a dull bunch that would be man. That’s one thing about it. man. I hadn’t talked about this before much lately, but if you go people have asked me uh like where did the Democrat party meet where the Republican party meet if you go into a room and they’re just yelling at each other and everybody’s pissed off at somebody you’re at the Democrat party right there cuz that’s what they are. You go into place where people are joy and laughing cracking jokes and everything before the meeting you’re probably in the local Republican party cuz there is no laughter in. Democratic Party man it is gone it is dead. it still exist some of the Republican party, which is a good enough reason, but if you haven’t tuned in to the show before you may not have heard this first of all where you’ve been welcome, Heidi, How are you can chime in on Facebook? Now I responded to everybody’s responses yesterday, I greatly appreciate you can still respond on our YouTube channel. Check it out spell it out. Don Martin talks. I think I covered everybody on those and we’re expanding all the time please. Out Share it with others. Email people Whatever you gotta do. that’s the only way we’re gonna expand because we’re pushing up against algorithm and algorithm is the most powerful person on the planet right now. Oh well, Imma get you some of them. chocolate covered cherries. I’m sure, but let me just tell you when it comes to like a third party or any of that in general, I wanna tell you what my goal is and it’s has nothing to do with President Trump my goal is to. The progressive takeover of this country and it maybe too late. uh God help us if it is, but my goal uh stay again is to stop the progressive takeover of this country. So when you’re talking about something like a third party or any particular candidate, I don’t care if it’s dog catcher, I tell people all the time what you really need to run for school board. That’s what we we need that we need to take our school boards back, let alone our Congress. we need to work from the ground. But if you start talking about any ideas, whether that be not voting for a third party, any of that kind of stuff you’re free to do that. but I would ask you how does that help me with my goal cuz my soul goal right now that I’m judging everybody from the White House to the outhouse is how does it stop the progressive takeover of my beloved United States of America? That’s what matters to me politically right now and. Don’t see how a third party does that am I saying The Republicans are all that in a bag of chips e double hockey six. No. I’m not saying that, but we know that the Democrats are a lost cause if you still have the courage to take your party back, please do but the Republicans there is at least a chance We did it with Donald Trump. we could do it again. We gotta hang together. Are we gonna hang separate right? That’s my goal Republican back to this article. Mister Cassidy went on to say Republican voters realize this is not healing. It’s not unifying. Oh, I’m sorry back up. This is Ron Johnson Republican from Wisconsin. And a big support of the President Republican voters is what he said Republican voters realize this is not healing. It’s not unifying. it’s and divisive and they prefer we move on, he said. Cassidy’s move surprised him that his decision and that’s his decision and he has to Eva evaluate what he’s doing so I wanna break down what mister Johnson said. Is III like Ron Johnson. but uh Talked about let’s read this sentence a good card again, he said. It’s that uh voters realize how about the impeachment that it is not healing. It is not unifying is the vindictive and divisive not healing, not unifying, vindictive and device. Let me just tell you this and I hope you take this the right way. I don’t wanna hear yeah. I’m hurt. Yeah. I feel like I’ve got an open wound and I’m not even talking about trying to put Donald Trump like over Joe Biden back into the White House. I’m not talking about stopping the big squeal or whatever I’m not talking about voter Mod or any of that stuff It hurts me personally that Donald Trump is not in the White House. It hurts me and I think it hurts the United States of America that he’s not in there. I’m not saying that he we need any revolution. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m just telling you how I feel not saying it’s a fact. it’s a feeling but I don’t wanna. Heal there’s nothing to heal from right now are no way. there’s no there’s no for this and they talk about unity. It’s not unified well. what the heck are we supposed to unify on. We didn’t even get our day in court so they want us to just go. Oh yeah. Hey Oh my and all that and I’m not even saying Joe Biden is not my president cuz I gotta deal with reality whoever’s in there and Joe Biden is calling the shots right now. At least he appears to be I. Is probably Obama in the background, but that’s another story, but what is there to unify? I can’t unify into bum rush in the border. What difference does it make if we get to fifteen-dollar hour minimum wage if our own people can’t work and find jobs, you know that what this idea because the Democratic Party says they’re the party of the poor. so what do they need more poor people? I guarantee you if they raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour and have all of this. Flood in from our southern border, the American people are gonna get a whole lot poor now whether or not they go Democrats in the store, but they definitely gonna get a lot more. They’re in no doubt about it and the rich will get richer. They always have I mean the rich have always gotten richer. remember when we all used to strive to be one now, what are we striving for? I don’t know it’s hard to say but nothing to you. so I’m gonna unify on an open border in the welfare and in a welfare state. Is that what we’re gonna unify are we gonna unify behind making the baby comfortable and then having a little conversation and then whack off with his head is that what we’re gonna unify behind Are we gonna unify behind restricted travel of me into my own country? Why you’re letting people bomb rush the rush the border no testing whatsoever is that what we’re supposed to unify behind are we supposed to unify behind the Flintstone car that I wanna pedal that old Flintstone car instead of driving the car. Choice Are we gonna unify behind gas prices going to six $7 a gallon? What in the world? exactly are we supposed to unify if you’re out there and you’re calling for unity, Please tell me what you wanna unify you wanna unify behind We no longer have free speech that I can literally be censored for having a different opinion than you that I can be taken off the air simply because I don’t comply that resistance is futile that we’re becoming. Of the board, I mean what am I supposed to unify behind the Unified that I don’t have the right to defend my family that I don’t have a right to the second Amendment to defend my family my home and my property that you can bash it in with the brick and set it on fire, but I can’t even open it that I can’t go to church but yet you can you know do whatever I mean what are exactly are we supposed to unify? I don’t know so I don’t wanna heal. I don’t II don’t see anything to unify behind and and far as vindictive and divisive, I don’t see that in all for me, the Democrats are the vindictive and divisive bunch. That’s how they operate. That’s how they gain power the Democratic Party for the last few decades, basically gets people that may not agree or would never associate with each other, get them all pissed off, get them all vindictive and divisive and then unify behind. Behind the common Boogie man, usually the Republican party, but Donald Trump was the best one. that’s what they do. So. I’m not sure that I agree with Mister Johnson as much as I’m a fan of his our time out, we’re gonna keep going Cassidy explained his thing and my bills I on his rant. I can’t help him as he explained his thinking on Wednesday as his position came under scrutiny, he said it is it is constitution and country over party for some they. And others aren’t quite so sure. That’s a mouthful. Let me calm down. Let me talk directly to you mister I am quite sure that what you’re doing is unconstitutional. I am quite sure of that I’m not the only thing I’m not sure is what your true motivations are and I know for a fact because I’m gonna read some stuff here in just a minute that proves my point that you sir are a back stabber of the worst kind. I’m quite sure of that, he says. Here I don’t. Usually do a poll before I take my vote The vote I took is the conservative constitutional position conservative constitutional position. I gotta say this, I mean, I’m all riled up about this stuff not since Ronald Reagan, who is the first person I ever voted for president even though I was a Democrat at the time I cast my vote for Ronald Reagan proudly twice I voted for Donald Trump three times I. Yes, cuz I voted for him in four times, I voted for him in two primaries to say one one and I voted for him for president twice. so I voted for him four times but not in my lifetime with the exception maybe a wrong way has there been a president that was more conservative with what they actually did. I’m not cuz they’re always beaten up Donald Trump about what he says, tweets or whatever what the man actually does cuz people routinely. People want to be judged by their intentions and let me just a side note if you’re out there and you’re trying to change your life. I’ve talked about that my own personal struggles be careful because you want people want people to judge them by their intentions when the world will always judge you by your actions. only your mama will judge you by your intentions. Everybody else judges you by your actions and if you wanna and to put that standard on Donald Trump, I don’t give a who what he tweets or. I judging by his action, has there been someone who has implemented conservative policy more than Donald J Trump? Maybe Reagan and as far as the constitution has there been anyone? He’s not a perfect man. We’re not ready for perfection like my dad said. There’s only one perfect person We crucified him. so we’re not ready for perfection, but has there been any president since Ronald Reagan and I as much as I love Ronald Reagan, I can make a case that Trump is even above. You know that may pissing people off, I don’t know. I’m just giving you my opinion, but is there been a president? I don’t care what he says, does tweets or whatever be is that has been more conservative and constitutional by their actual actions than Donald Trump. I know one thing for certain one thing. I’m quite sure on mister Cassidy is the dude that’s in the White House now it don’t he can’t even spell constitution time. we’re. At a time, we’re gonna keep moving along, he was subsequently talking about um uh mister Cassidy praised by guess who a Democrat Mary Landry Democrat from Louisiana former Senator Mary Landry many people, she said in Louisiana are proud of him. They must be the drunk ones I don’t know but Cassidy experience this week is a sign of what’s to come for Republicans who to convict the president in the coming days as I told you the other day I am ready. To vote on spike man, I looked up the word out of spite, you know, I told you what my goal was really stop the progressive takeover of this nation, but despite desire to hurt, don’t really have that but to annoy or offend someone I take that as a badge of courage, but let me tell you he joined these other six. They are rats at the trough these six people that voted against President Trump. these Republicans are none other than rats at the I wanna skip all the way down here because I said this. And we’ll close the show with this. I I said mister Cassidy was a back stabber. This is what Donald Trump tweeted out when he can still endorsing Cassidy back when he was running for Senate Mister Trump said. You were doing an outstanding job representing the people of Louisiana and the Usa. You have my complete and total endorsement, The senator, one reelection by forty points so people ask me all that Billy Bob tells me this people ask me all the time. What are we supposed to do What’s President Trump gonna do well? Billy Bob tells me he’s. Psychic side you got a Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks, but he tells me that President Trump has hired a professional consultant to help him with all of these swamp. rats rhinos, Whatever you wanna people that voted against them every people who don’t tow the America first agenda, regardless of how they feel about Trump. Apparently he has hired a professional that is known worldwide to help him with exactly what needs to be. With all Democrats, all never Trumpers all rhinos Billy Bob assures me that Donald Trump has hired the best person to show him exactly what to do and we’re gonna play that video now. There you go from the professional professional flush em down the proverbial drain baby. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. Please go directly to all our sites like and share them with others. Remember that I’ll pray for your family you pray for mine but above all else like I say each and every day of course we need to pray for this great nation. She deserves it, but what I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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