Citizens For Trump – Biden Vows, Monumental Change To Energy Policy! – JMT #386

Citizens For Trump – Biden Vows, Monumental Change To Energy Policy! – JMT #386

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to to save her and I tell you what she’s under the gun she being the great United States of America more than ever right. Now, We got a great show for you today. Biden the first story we’re gonna do is about Joe Biden vs monumental change to energy policy and I don’t think it’s gonna. Be too good for us, but we’ll get into that in just a moment but before we go any further, I always have to mention our sponsors. Big daddy Unlimited. We come to you live everyday Monday through Friday or as close as we can at 8 o’clock Eastern time and we’re coming to you from big daddy unlimited, otherwise known as B Studios in Gainesville, Florida. Big Daddy Unlimited is your Second Amendment headquarters and a sponsor of our show that. 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In addition, you can go directly to John Martin to see all of our shows there. archive there. We’re not currently live on that but you but we are archive in there. We are determined to be your voice of freedom and so remember Www.john Martin Alright, let’s get into this. Imma do a Washington Post story here and it is about all of these executive orders, but principally it is about. Joe Biden’s assault on the fossil fuel in industry and our energy independence that we achieved under Donald Trump forty-five President Trump got US energy independent just about for the first time in my lifetime, but certainly in the last several decades and Joe Biden is rapidly doing away with that much to our apparel and cost potentially me as a job. So let’s get into that. This is a Washington post. As Biden vows monumental action on climate change, a fight with the fossil fuel industry has only begun so the fossil fuel industry is getting back. I put this meme up there because Joe Biden is already lying uh he’s either lying now or he was lying before when he was candidate Biden or maybe he just lying Biden period, but he definitely is Pinocchio. Joe. There is no doubt about that and I’ll prove it to you in just a minute. Joe Biden had long. To become the climate president, he also said he was elected he was gonna be the most progressive president in the history of America and I take I took him at his word when he said that so maybe that’s what you wanted. those of you who voted for Joe Biden, but that is dead. I’m sure what you’re getting Joe Biden long promised to become the climate president and on Wednesday he detailed far ranging plans to shift the US away from fossil fuels. create millions of jobs in renewable energy. Good luck on that and conserve vast of public land. Well, let me just tell you ladies and gentlemen. I mean I got a question for you who is Ashley and chime in you can chime in on Facebook. I can’t respond to you quite yet that by the way is a picture of a lithium mine in China, but they lift your mind similar to that right here in United States literally all over the world. so this idea that renewable energy cuz lithium keep in mind is the main thing you need to. Build solar panels batteries that type of thing that will actually hold a charge. one of the things that they never talk about in solar energy is the is the battery capacity that is the big issue, two issues and solar one is the efficiency of the panels and two is the the story of the which you need lithium right now to do that. So if you think for a second that uh that solar is totally environmentally friendly, then you just don’t know what. Talking about I don’t know what else to say it, but who is opposed to renewable energy. Could you tell me if you’re opposed to renewable energy? Tell me who you are and why I’m not opposed to renewable energy. In fact, I’m 100% in favor of renewable energy. I’m 100% in favor of alternatives to fossil fuels. I really am, but we don’t really have legitimate alternative what I’m not in in favor of is false I don’t mind spending. Research I don’t mind funding certain universities and things and even what the uh the petroleum industry is doing on their own in research to try to find alternatives to fossil fuels. I’m not opposed to that. I don’t really know anyone who is opposed to that, but what I’m opposed opposed to is what I false economies and the solar industry is right at the top of that and windmill you know think about remember that term some. Was uh basically a fraud and we can say fraud when it comes to that I guess when it comes to elections stuff, I can’t say the f word I gotta say you know something different cuz we can’t say voter f word. We just can’t say that but when it comes to solar energy, there’s been a lot of fraud perpetuated on this is a prime example of that under the Obama and Obama Biden by the way administration they gave like half a billion. To and they basically went out of business inside of a uh a year and believe it or not they kick back about $10000000 to Obama’s reelection campaign so your taxpayer dollars essentially went to reelect President Obama. But of course that’s another story but renewable energy. I don’t know anybody, especially conservatives that are opposed to renewable energy and opposed to any kind of environmental. I’ve been time and said this in a while, but it certainly if I say that bears repeating but I’ve been telling you all along that we need to lessen our footprint on this planet period across the board. I don’t think it’s just climate change in general we need to be better stewards of the earth and one of the greatest examples of how poor steward we are actually are was when that flight, I think it was 370 went off the radar screen and they thought it was down in the N. Not which I’m not saying it was or what but one of the problems they had in search of 40s. There were so much trash floating down there that they couldn’t separate potential records from just plain old garbage. You know I’m going fishing this weekend and I’m you know a fish whisper. This is my psychic sidekick by the way Billy Bob bass. He got a Twitter handle. It’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks. That’s another place you can see our show archive donor make fishing as I have here great again. I’m. About the environment UH II love the environment I wanna I uh I used to make my living as a commercial fisherman and was very dependent on the environment. My life at that time time was dependent on only my livelihood, but I had to watch the weather and everything else. so I’m not in favor of bigger storms and all of that kind of stuff who the heck is so conservatives that I know of are you know much more inclined to be out in the great outdoors. A lot of these people that. Uh win lose, however, you wanna put it and pick it or no mud that gave Joe Biden the presidency where urban dwellers that probably never get out of out into the environment. so I just don’t know chime in and tell me are you someone who is anti renewable energy and anti environment cuz I just don’t know who they are. I can tell you if you think that renewable energy like solar is totally environmentally friendly you need to as they say you better. check yourself cuz Imma give you a little story about that here in just a few minutes. Alright, let’s get on to this right here, Mister Biden said his son, he said that this is not a time for small measures maybe small minds but not small measure, Biden said at the White House, adding that the nation had already wasted precious years as it delayed and dealing with the climate crisis, precious years and they are precious indeed cuz we’re gonna bring back an oldie but a goody. This is a few years ago when a Casio Cortez, I can’t remember she actually. One or we’re still running. I think this is shortly after she won her first campaign. Check it out millennials and people have you know, Gen Z and all these folks that come after us are looking up and we’re like the world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change and your biggest issue is. Your your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it and like this is the war. This is our World War two and it I think for younger people we’re looking at this and we’re like how are we saying? let’s take it easy when 3000 Americans died last year. How are we saying? Let’s take it easy when the person has just died from. That’s good enough and unjust criminal justice system. How are we saying? First time I ever watched that I was thinking that dude and I don’t know anything about that dude. that was interviewed and I’m thinking he’s thinking you know, hey if uh if the world is gonna come in how about you know, give a brother a chance man. I know it cost you a Cortez. you ain’t hard to look at she’s hard to listen to, but she ain’t hard to look at but think about that if true Democrats are famous line from last year. If true, then you could say anything well if it’s true that we only got 12 years to live well. that was about four. Years ago, basically right cuz we wasted all of our lives during the Trump administration. right, I mean, that’s what they’re basically telling you and so now, Joe Biden, who probably won’t make it 8 years, let alone 4 years is gonna save our lives man think about it if we only got just assuming the 12 year cycle or years of Trump, the world was dying the whole time. now we have our blessed Savior Joe Biden coming to it 47 years he did. Douche but now he is the answer to our prayers. Of course, he’s got John Car. We’re gonna talk about that dude in a minute man is there anybody who has a lack of more uh face? I mean he’s got his face. He looks He looks like the end of the southbound mule as they’d say, but Joe Biden is gonna save us all. I know I hate to tell you ladies and gentlemen, I mean, do you really think about this snowflakes out here the world has been around for a day or two if you have any doubt about that, just just take one to the Grand Canyon and you’ll look at it and you will. They’re thinking you know something been happening here for a while. I mean that was my first. I’ve been there many times I highly recommended the Grand Canyon is unbelievable, but that was the first my first thought when I saw it as a kid, I was like wow. this thing has been going on for a while. how many billions or whatever really don’t matter, but it’s been happening for a while. and so we really believe that a human beings have 12 years to turn everything around now. I’m not so sure that he would. Are gonna survive on this planet? I hope we do. We’re part. We’re part of the ecosystem by the way we are here as far as I know unless the aliens and I’m not talking about the illegal aliens, but the ancient aliens just flopped us on here seated us as some have shows talk about but we’ve been here for a while And so I say all that to say this if we only got 12 years to turn this thing around and now 8 years under God help us Joe Biden as president, then we’re screwed. We’re already done man. It’s way too late and and I’m not don’t work on improving our environmental conditions as I said all the time I am all about renewable energy. I’m all about resting our footprint on this on this planet, but I’m also realistic that uh if we only got 12 years, it’s too late already, but as he detailed his plans to Biden the gas, oil and coal industries were already mobilizing on all fronts from an all from an. Patch in Alaska to state capitals to the halls of Congress, one of the things that I’ve been predicted to you. I don’t think we’re are we headed to a potential civil wars and all that it’s possible certainly possible. I think what is much more likely and you’re already seeing it with this issue. Texas is just sued on the immigration issue and they’re talking about suing and they’ve done it during the Obama administration about energy issues. Alaska did it during a. So, I say that to say what I think you’re going to see is economic separation and a bunch of Supreme Court cases of where states try to exercise their rights to be energy independent themselves to keep their industries alive to keep their economies open and everything else. I think you saw some of that when uh Texas had that case that never really got proper do uh during the presidential election on Supreme People are a bit upset. And suspicious, but I think you’re gonna see more cooperation between states of course, Ocasio courses as the southern States need to be liberated and we need to be reprogrammed all that kind of so what are they gonna put us in the gas chamber? I don’t know but uh from an oil patch in Alaska, the state state capitals in the halls Congress, the industries and their allies are aiming to slow Biden’s unprecedented push for climate action and keep profits from fossil fuels uh flowing. So did you see John Carey, I’m gonna play a little snippet. There’s uh this video. I’m gonna play is really about 5 minutes long but I’m gonna go play a minute or two of it. John Carey man he’s back on the scene before I actually play the fuck him on my mind after I did these notes on my way in you know John Carey is a is a big time Millionaire. right. I mean he was already quite wealthy when he married Hines era. so he’s you know uh tapped into the Hines gat fortune. He has his own private. A plane the flies all over the world he was was conducting negotiations with Iran during the uh the Trump administration not for us, but against us, I mean that I mean you could say that was traders. I’m not saying it is, but you could say that but John Carey, this is what I thought you know he’s one

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