Citizens For Trump – Biden Team Tells Caravan, “Wait Till We Get Control”! – JMT #380

Citizens For Trump – Biden Team Tells Caravan, “Wait Till We Get Control”! – JMT #380

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, We got a great show for you today. I hope you had a great weekend I know I did uh I spent yesterday I guess Christmas for me now is officially over. I spent all day yesterday. Taking down all of our Christmas decorations and packing them away for the year. Of course, I’ve had them turned off for basically uh about a week and a half, but uh we do it. We do it right out in Hawthorne, Florida and we decorate big time and uh I finally took em all down. so it’s kinda sad. but Christmas is really over. Alright. We got a great show. We’re gonna talk about Joe Biden of all people. I can’t imagine why we would talk about him, but we’re gonna talk about him his team. Tells the caravan If you’re not aware of this, there’s a brand new caravan coming up from like Hondas in Guatemala through Mexico in the one estimate was sixty uh 6500 to one. I look at look more like 10000, but who knows but uh the Biden team has basically sent out a message to him, saying you know you need the guys need to wait a little while wait til we get in control here we get power before you bum rush the border because not only is. Still your president, but uh it’ll take us a while basically to get rid of all the good things that he did down on the border and then we gotta hear from Carl Rove. He’s come out now and essentially said that if Trump talks about what I call Mod, so I can’t say there’s there’s there’s a couple of f word you can’t say and one of them rhymes with Mod now, so there’s no voter but uh if uh if Donald Trump speaks about the Mod that happened. In the election that could lead to his ultimate conviction in the Senate. 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We’re now part of the recoil family so to speak, we have a channel on recall and I’ll tell you how to get on that. we have a YouTube channel by the way it’s uh John Martin talk spell it all the way out might be the best way to watch it why you still can who knows what YouTube may do, but uh you can’t you can you can put stuff out on Facebook but I can’t respond to it right now you can. Free John Martin They need to have that in it anyway if you wanna make a comment like thousands of you sometimes do I need you to uh actually go to some place like YouTube and put your comments there and I will respond to them. I can read your comments so keep em coming but I can’t respond to him on Facebook. just yet I gotta read this statement that uh we came up with because as you probably know and if you don’t you must have been living under a rock but any. Talk right now is hammered. 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I’m not gonna talk too much about it, but I’ve been wondering about m and the dream and all is the dream did is the dream Did you know? And I think we got a meme to put up there. Yeah talking about you know, judging you by the content of your character versus the color your skin if the dream is not dead, it is certainly on life support cuz it seems like the progressive left the Democratic Party has made in the mainstream media has made everything about race these days. Everything is there anything that doesn’t have to do with with color uh the pandemic virus the pandemic virus to vaccinations and any help you might be getting from stimulus and all is driven by color. It’s crazy man it just I don’t I don’t know I can’t. I can’t imagine that Doctor King would really appreciate what’s happening to uh to the idea of judging you by the content of your character versus the color of your skin. Alright, let’s get into the show. We got a couple stories actually from bright bar here they were gonna use them today. They’ve been right on top of things here lately and pretty much all the time Report Biden team to migrant caravan. Don’t come you won’t get in slash yet you won’t get in yet so I don’t know if you’ve seen this is an actual picture. I think we have it of uh of this caravan that is heading this way. We’re gonna show you a video pretty soon here that uh actually shows this migrant caravan crashing through the. Down South Nbc News reports that a senior Biden transition team member warned the newest caravan of Honduran migrants not to come to the US. There’s an actual picture of the of the migrant coming this way the illegal immigrants, what they’re doing migrants to come to us at this time, the official reportedly advised. and this is, according to Ms, I mean to Nbc so it’s gotta be true right, The official report advised that if they come, they will not be allowed to enter the US slash for now. well, there’s a couple of reasons for that one is that right now. Like it or not snowflakes Donald Trump is still your president at least for a few more days. God help us it looks like Joe Biden is gonna be inaugurated. I believe Wednesday of this week but uh for right now, Donald Trump is still your president and on top of that the administration admits that all starting day one they’re gonna try to dismantle everything that Donald Trump did, including no more border wall. They can’t do it overnight and so. And some so many agreements we have with Mexico are still are still that Donald Trump initiators still in place. It’s gonna take him time to dismantle the Trump legacy, but why the rush now why the rush to crash the border right now well, obviously it’s because they believe in promises made promises kept right now they they stayed away because the promises made promises kept interesting how you have the uh different sides of the same coin. Donald Trump. His promises and did his best to secure the border in multiple ways and I think he would have done even more in a second term. Maybe he’ll get one. we don’t know if it’s now or 4 years from now, we’ll see. but he kept his promises and it kept the bomb Russian of our border at bay. now before I go any further, you know if you’re on the right you have to caveat things on the left. You know there is no double standard The left can say anything they want, but on the right we have to protect ourselves. Let me just say this. I don’t blame these migrants for coming here. I don’t blame them for trying to get here if I were a poor and living in Honduras and Guatemala, I’d probably be trying to get here myself, so I don’t blame them but we cannot have a country with an open border and a welfare policy and I’ll show you where Biden is going to do just that. but why now well like I said it’s about promises made promises kept Joe Biden made a promises during the campaign that he would open our border and free health care If you don’t believe me check. This out this first video is Joe Biden during the twenty campaign talk raising his hand saying that he decriminalize make it legal basically to illegally come to America. Check it out right on the topic of decriminalization of the border If you be so kind, raise your hand if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime across the border without documentation. can we keep the hands up so we could see them uh. Uh yeah, I got a question for you. so does that mean we have to sue these illegal immigrants. We can’t arrest them. We can’t detain and we can’t deport them. We gotta sue him. I guess cuz the civil, what do you do with a civil offense? you sue him right so right there you saw the entire field of twenty democratic candidates, including President elect Joe Biden. That’s what he he is love and hate. I don’t like saying it, but it’s the truth and we’re gonna speak the truth here at John Martin talks he. It’s painful sometimes but they all said they were for making it basically legal to illegally cross our border and then if you’re wondering what people are after obviously, they’re wanting jobs and that type of thing as I said if I were down there, I’d probably trying to come here but Joe Biden promises made most likely promises kept they basically promised you that if you get here illegal, we’re gonna reward you for it. Check this out. Raise your hand if if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. I love how they cheer for that. Whoo hoo. We’re gonna provide free stuff to people undocumented one thing about it. I’m just gonna speak the truth the other and what they are is illegal immigrants so we’re gonna make it legal to illegally cross our border under Joe Biden and we’re gonna give you free stuff that we don’t even give to American citizens free medical care across the board. No wonder their bum rush in the border cuz they believe they believe in Joe Biden. The unnamed transition official told NBC News. I like how they unnamed another word for anonymous unnamed. so it’s it’s your interest to go back. They were always anonymous when they were telling lies about Donald Trump they always nobody want to go on the record and tell the truth they would always be anonymous lies. but if you tell the truth about Biden, you have to be anonymous, It’s just interesting how things are changing so fast. This is what these unnamed transition team members said the situation at the border isn’t going to be transformed overnight. There’s help. On the way now help on the way doesn’t mean national guard coming down here to defend the border. that mean there’s help on the way of opening the border but now is not the time to make the journey so the translation to that is real simple. It’s gonna take us some time. First, we gotta get Joe Biden. God help us to be the actual president. then it’s gonna take us some time to undo all of the good works all the good promises made promises kept that uh mister Trump did when he was in there just to give you an example of. Just what Joe Biden has come out with and said Oh, I’m gonna do this in the first 100 days well, one of the things he’s they’ve announced is they’re gonna immediately on day one resend the Keystone pipeline agreement so that turns around and means that we’re gonna be we’re losing our energy independence because Donald Trump accomplished something that hadn’t been done in decades and that is that we were a net exporter of energy. In other words, we were energy, independent and making money off the rest of the world. Joe Biden’s gonna kill all. Leading with the uh the Keystone pipeline he’s in negotiations, apparently with the Iranians who just shot missiles towards our boat, but Joe Biden don’t let that stop you he’s in negotiations with the Iranians right now, Of course, we know through John Carey that they’ve always been undermining Trump all during his pre with the Iranians, but we’re about to rejoin the Iranian deal, which means they’re gonna get a nuclear weapon and who they gonna turn it to death to a. America and run the Israelis into the sea are obliterate them. I guess you have to run them into the sea. maybe just turn everybody into jello with a nuclear bomb and they just float out to sea. I guess, and we’re getting back in the Paris accords, which we’re already doing better than what under Trump administration that what the Paris accords we’re even asking us for. we were a lot of the media never reports this, but we were leading the world in reduction of carbon emissions under the Trump administration. But you would think that we’re burning the world down under that, but we’re gonna get into the Paris accord. I guess the only good news coming out of potential first 100 days or day one of the Biden administration. God help us is we’re gonna you know revamp Detroit cuz they’re gonna have to have cars like this one right here is what we’re gonna need with Biden there you go. you wanna know what the car of the future is get your feet ready man. I don’t know you better get them moving. We’ll be a healthier. And I don’t know how far we’re gonna get. I hadn’t said this in a while, but if I say it bears repeating we are about to find out what the jackasses riding Jackasses party is because the Democrats are gonna put us back in the stone age are on the back of their symbol a jackass, which is one of the greatest uh you know symbols you could have to really in burdens or embodies the concept of the of the Democratic Party Now currently, there are multiple programs put in place by the Trump administration to prevent the caravan. Migrant that are now forcing their way into Guatemala from Honduras from entering the US if they make it this far so Trump administration administration has agreements would like Honduras Guatemala, I think even Nicaragua but certainly to keep their people there and then they have uh agreements with Mexico to make sure that people stay on that side of the border to seek asylum from Mexico before they come into the United States. This is something I. Ever here even talked about even on the conservative networks and by the way if I hadn’t mentioned another place to go see our show is America’s voice news. We brought we were on their Facebook, but we’re not at the moment because they’re not allowing anybody to live stream on their Facebook channel right now, we were getting tens of thousands of views on there and greatly appreciate that. so if you find it somewhere else and wonder why we’re not on America’s voice News Facebook, we’re not being punished by them. It’s just that they don’t want any people to get in trouble uh streaming live on the Facebook and Taken down so they’re kinda being cautious I suspect although I don’t know this for sure but after the inauguration, things might change, but we are being broadcast on America’s voice news. so if you’re watching us on there on your live streaming channel howdy, How are you can download While you can, I say cuz you never know cuz conservative you can download free app on your Android your iPhone for America’s voice News, also known as America’s Real voice and their own Roku Fire stick Apple TV channel 219 Dish Network and the Pluto channel and growing, and I think. Currently rebroadcast along their network at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Eastern Standard time so check it out. but the caravan of let’s see the migrants are are now way into Guatemala from OH, I got sidetracked Billy Bob here tells me to get back on it and I will right right now. He’s psychic sidekick. He’s got a Twitter handle. It’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks. Yes, I I’m a fish whisper. The old old salty got a lot of nicknames but uh it’s. As uh international law, that’s what I want to get to a lot of people don’t seem to know this, but it’s international law that if you’re crossing from one country seeking asylum in another country, you have to seek asylum, according to international law in the first country you cross over to, in other words if you come from Guatemala, Honduras and you come to Mexico. of course, I think you got a leap frog be one of those other countries before you get here, you’re supposed request asylum in that country. You’re not supposed to cross two or three countries come up the United States and request. So Mexico has agreed at least for now who knows what will happen under God help us at Joe Biden presidency, but they’re keeping a asylum seekers on the Mexico side of the border. Now I’ve been asking for a long time. Where’s do you in all this? I mean we our dues now you know. I’m with you on the UN is about is what they in the country say about useless as tits on a hog. so I get you. I’m with you on that and we have the UN. why don’t they why don’t? Why aren’t they on the southern border of Mexico itself dealing with these illegal immigrants coming here in the refugee crisis? Why because they don’t want they they wanted to come right straight to United United States of America, a lot of people don’t understand that but uh you know, I told you this ladies and gentlemen. I made some promises to you one of the things I’ve told you is that there are certain people I trust and I don’t I still trust Donald Trump. I absolutely trust Donald Trump for a lot of reasons many you could probably speculate yourself, but I trust enough. There’s several other people in Washington. I trust one of them is Chuck Schumer I trust Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi completely. and you say what the heck you mean, I trust that they’re gonna do exactly all the vile things to this country that they said they were gonna do and you remember. What Chuck Schumer said just about a month ago that he was going to do if a certain thing happened and the devil came down to Georgia. Let’s listen to Chuck Schumer in his own word. Now we take Georgia and we change the world. I’m sorry. Now we take Georgia and then we change America and they took Georgia and that’s exactly what they’re gonna do Change America They’re gonna fundamentally change America and one of the first steps is to do away with anything good bad or whatever that Donald Trump did and you know rushing the border is one of those things. They also include the administration’s administration’s remain in Mexico protocols. These are what they wanna do away with they’re gonna do away with it. The and the title, 42 Corona virus protection protocols put in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention These programs led to the expulsion of approximately 90% of the migrants illegally crossing the US Mexico border, according to uh Customs and Border Patrol officials previously told Bright Bart Texas So listen look at this again so protocols put a title 42 coronavirus. What is Biden been all about his whole campaign? Is.has been Donald. Trump is killing us and I’m gonna save the day right with the Corona virus, but now they’re gonna do away with the sinners for disease control protocols a mis sinister disease control aren’t they like to the right hand of God, according to Biden and now the protocols that they put in a place to keep Americans from getting infected by people who come here illegally the administration is going to lift those and think about this ladies and gentlemen while they’re gonna allow. The bomb Russian of the border they want here’s the thing they wanna make it legal to illegally cross our border. I just showed you that they wanna give free medical care to people coming here illegally. I just showed you that and now they’re wanting to undo not only everything that Donald Trump did, but the protocols set forward by this by the Centers for Disease Control at the same time, Biden has promised to absolutely and uh well, let’s just play it. I’ll let Biden. For buying, check it out. Good morning come January and we have Corona virus and the flu combining which many scientists have said is a real possibility. Would you be prepared to shut this country down again? I would be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus That is the fundamental flaw of this administration is thinking to begin with in order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing and people employed. You have to fix the virus you have to deal with the virus so if the scientists say shut it down, I would shut it down. I would listen to the scientist I would shut it down, but you listen to the scientist of the CC that put a protocol that try to prevent people from coming here illegally that may, in fact, have the virus. I just I don’t know if you’ve seen this story but in Florida right now we’re dealing with vaccination vacation people there are people literally coming from South America. Other places now that have the money to get here to spend the time to get the free. Vaccines in Florida and I saw an interview with the Gentleman and he flat, said. I don’t necessarily blame these people, he said in Mexico, right now, it is total chaos when it comes to the virus and he said it’s getting worse and worse there so he came to Florida to get the shot. so if it’s going to hell in a hand basket in Mexico and South America and we’re gonna hear from the president of one of those countries here just a minute if it’s going that bad. Then what and Joe Biden is gonna shut us down gonna shut Americans down allow the board think about this ladies and gentlemen abide this promise basically to shut us down in the United States at the same time, they’re gonna let tens of thousands of people come here illegally who may or may not be carrying the virus and they’re gonna lift the protocols from the scientist he talked about listening scientist at the at the CC. That’s saying we don’t need money. We make this stuff up. It is a nightmare scenario, but it’s one we’re about to be living through. Last week, President elect Joe Biden is their words not mine and the vice president-elect Kamala Harris will wonder what shoes she’s wearing and everybody’s worried about her shoes and she kinda had to wear some real high heels to walk through all the BS. they’re I let him Kamala Harris met with potential cabinet members and told them is day one plans. This is Joe Biden’s Day one plans to introduce immigration reform, which means basically do away with anything Donald Trump the legislation and Daca recipients who are here illegally by the way Bright bars John Binder reported The plans also include the remain in me policy and the title 42. We just talked about Binder said. But I guess the good news is there is some good news in all this by allowing them to just bomb rush the border. We don’t have to worry about chain migration. Remember that was a big concern under the uh under the Trump administration, the concept of chain migration, which basically meant you could. Invite all your family and friends to come along with so we don’t have to worry about chain migration anymore because guess what we’re gonna have. It’s choo-choo train the Biden train migration if you don’t think if you think I’m being over dramatic look at this video, this is actual footage of video of these people who are bomb rushing the place trying to get here. Check it out. What’s up? I think you get the picture that is Honduran migrants crashing the border of Guatemala to get into go across Guatemala, then they’re gonna crash the border of Mexico and then they’re gonna come in here by the time they get here Most likely God help us Joe Biden will be president and you really believe he’s gonna try to stop them at the border. I don’t but currently thousands Honduran migrants are attempting to make their way through you just saw it not attempting they do it. do it. They’re doing it Guatemala after forcing your way through border crossings over the weekend. so if. Don’t care about the laws of their own country would say they can’t do this. They don’t care about the laws of the neighboring countries. What makes you think they’re gonna care much about our laws? What the heck will be a nation of lawlessness, so really don’t really matter but listen this is one of uh Nbc was interviewing some people and and this is one of the migrants said. As I say, I don’t blame them for trying to get here but listen to what they said here we are trusting in God to open our path. Biden is supposed to. Give us work opportunities to those who were there on American soil? so they’re coming to this country for work at the same time, Joe Biden is talking about shutting us down when our biggest states in the country like California and New York are completely shut down even Governor Cuomo has had a ray of I guess some kind of inspiration and said, you know, maybe closing the closing our economy down what the right way to go. We need to open it up. Yeah, little late but uh hopefully you’re you’re gonna come to thank God for Governor Ron DeSantis man and did you see where Ocasio court that governor dissatisfied way as our great Governor State of Florida? Did you see? we’re ocasio Cortez came out over the weekend and said that we’re talking about the southern states that voted for uh and not enough of them. I guess, but that voted for Donald Trump how they needed to be liberated the southern state. Need to be liberated sounds kinda like reconstruction. doesn’t it check out if you’re if you if you don’t know what I’m talking about. check out the term a crazier and crazier out there and they talk about our side if you wanna choose size talking about civil war, but they’re talking about putting people in camps, they’re talking about liberating Texas and the state of Florida. What the what in the world does that mean for your guns? Oh by the way if you’re not truly woke on this, you may be too late, but you better. Get well, That’s why you need to go to places like big daddy unlimited our sponsor and check it out because they are your Second Amendment headquarters you see where the NA has now filed Chapter eleven and is moving to Texas from New York. I don’t know why the heck they were in New York all this time anyway, but they’re coming after your second Amendment rights period They got to stop what do they call it the uh the violence or the virus of gun violence or something that effect. I don’t know. I’m just telling you ladies. You can be for whoever you wanna be for president obviously, but if you voted for Joe Biden, And there were me forget voter. There were millions of people that actually voted for Joe Biden legally squarely for sure maybe enough to win the election. I don’t know we may never know cuz they don’t want us to even talk about it, but assuming that there was no Mod as I can’t say the f word there was no Mo and Joe Biden won the election, Fair and Square. then that means millions of people who own guns by the way cuz record a number of people buying handgun. Shotguns rifles and everything can’t get ammunition. Check out BX the way but uh millions of people voted to take away the very things that they bought it just makes no sense, believe me they are coming for the guns. They really are man, but it’s interesting what Biden Biden draw some really. When he was actually campaigning the greatest president in the history of greatest presidential campaigner in the history of the president, the most popular thing about this if he really got all those votes got 10000000 more votes than Obama got more votes than anybody in the history of the presidency that he must be one heck of a popular dude right. I mean really think about it. He gotta be popular but now there’s estimates between 25 and I’ve seen as many as 35000 of our troops are. National Guard all armed by the way in Washington DC for the inauguration that no one is supposed to attend now so the only crowd in DC is going to be the national Guard and the army basically so Biden is drawing that and did you see that this is to me is shameful. They are actually vetting our soldiers before they allow them to go and DC. Have you seen this report? I mean our people. Are already vetted when they join they’re basically vetted right the people for the most popular president in the history of the world they have to vet so they’re they’re gonna be a moment where they you know, marching along and oh, by the way you know, not advocating for that by any means just so you know, but it’s just interesting to me that Biden, who is not drawing us to any crowd even online. He can’t draw a crowd even. He just did some kind of video just the other day and about a thousand people. I got more people watching my video right now than Biden probably had during his entire campaign It’s just absolutely crazy but 35000 troops maybe twenty-five seen a couple of different numbers and then, of course these fans are his are doing. Here’s some more Biden. We’re gonna show you these are Biden people fans rushing to get to see I guess the inaugural they wanna make it in time for the inauguration. Check em out. Hope we can play it again. Awkward pop Well, I had a joke set up there, but sometime there we go here we go. Here’s Biden supporters coming again there. They are they’re. Are coming around the outside coming around the turn and they’re trying to get to the mall in Washington that Billy Bob tells me that’s not actually Biden supporters. That’s the mob coming this way from Central and South America, but they’re trying to come to see Joe Biden, you know what they really are to people like Joe Biden, You know a reason why the Democrats wanna open the borders and give away free stuff cuz they don’t see them as people and this is people can call me what they want. I’m just calling it like it is as I said, I don’t blame these folks for getting here and I don’t have any doubt. That most of the Hispanic people coming from there assuming they are Hispanic, are some of the most god fear and family oriented hardworking people on the planet and I don’t doubt that the vast majority of them are just trying to find a better way of life, but gonna have a devastating impact on many neighborhoods of color. Hispanic Black Lower income whites all that kind of stuff they’re gonna be competing for your. It’s gonna be disastrous for this country. so why. Why Joe Biden, Why are they so enamored with this? it’s not because they believe in freedom. That’s for sure cuz we’ve seen that they don’t believe in free speech they don’t believe in the bill of rights, which is the essence of our freedom They don’t believe in God given rights. I’d love to interview somebody like Biden and ask you. What are these amendments? Do you actually still believe in cuz from what I see they don’t believe in any of them. so it’s not about freedom. It’s about potential votes. They see everyone of those people rushing through those uh troops down. In Guatemala as potential Democratic voters, that’s what they see this crazy, Nbc reported the senior transition official who spoke who spoke condition of anonymity to tell truth about Biden. You gotta be anonymous, said those who have been waiting at the border along with other vulnerable populations will be a priority for processing an entry rather than those who have recently arrived so the ones that have been camped out there, the ones that are illegally in the country. Now, they’re gonna be the first. So I thought about it, he said vulnerable populations. So I thought I’d look up the definition of vulnerable of a person in need of special care support or protection because of age disability our risk of abuse or neglect That sounds like a lot of American citizens right now, what they’re going through. So I know this is a radical idea but before we take all these illegal immigrants into the country or make the ones already here legal. How about if we? We take care of our own citizens who by your own admission Democratic Party are suffering right now I mean, Biden says he don’t want any Americans to go hungry and all that kind of stuff and I’m with you on that. I don’t want that either, but how we gonna fulfill our mission to the American people if we’re bringing more people in that have low skill when there’s not jobs for it’s not like America’s won’t take the jobs there aren’t any jobs to take and then turn around and. You’re trying to prevent the spread of the disease when you’re violating the CDC protocols and letting people come in here that their own people are telling you have Corona virus. It’s just crazy man, the official said Migrants attempting to cross in the US to claim asylum in the first few weeks of the new administration need to understand they’re not going to be able to come to the United States immediately. Oh, yeah. I’ve you wanna bet on that The official also said that the Want proposals by the transition team OAR or and this is for undocumented immigrants already living in the US. That’s what they’d say, not those who are considering arriving now undocumented immigrants already living in the US that just means potential voters. And they want more potential voters so I’d I do really believe that the abiding administration is going to be turning people back. They’re gonna do just the opposite This. this let me check my time doing pretty good. Let’s listen to this right here. This will tell you if you all you really need to know about what is happening in the potential for what can happen in the United States. Guatemalan president Alejandro G. Now Now this is the of Guatemala called on Honduras. Authorities, which is the one you saw getting bum rush there to contain a mass exit of his inhabits nowhere his own citizens from Guatemala, Abc News report the government of of Guatemala. This is what president of Guatemala said. Listen to this the government of Guatemala regrets this violation of national sovereignty and calls on the government, the governments of Central America to take measures to avoid putting their inhabitants in over their citizens at risk amid to. Emergencies do to the pandemic so you got the president of Guatemala say warning his other these other countries, which I will soon would include United States Americas cuz that’s where they’re coming to be careful because these people are he’s apologizing for the threat they pose to the pandemic. I mean my god man you got the president of Guatemala Cares more. About American citizens, then Joe Biden, who wants to bomb rush the border open it up to everybody, You know, make it make it illegal to illegally cross the border. give away free medical care, which is if you have open border. Let me tell you snowflakes. If you’re listening to this out there you just need to understand it if you maybe you want America be destroyed you hate Donald Trump. all you want but here’s the this is just fact it’s not opinionated fact. It’s just fight you cannot have an open border and a wealth open. Welfare policy and expect to survive as a nation. It is not possible. There’s not enough gazillion out there to attack to have that happen and there’s their reports by the UN not me but by the UN that there are over 84, this is about 2 years ago, so I’m assuming the numbers going up 84000000 people in central and South America that if they could would come to the United States right now if they could get here. 84. 84000000 I don’t that number, maybe that was couple years ago if you cannot survive as a nation, which maybe your goal but go ahead and tell us it is if it is cuz you cannot survive as a nation. This has nothing to do with Donald Trump you cannot survive as a nation with the open border and and an open welfare policy. It’s not possible so the president of Guatemala is concerned about his neighboring countries, including the United States of America that the people coming from his country might bring with them. Infection and yet we’re supposed to be Joe Biden and his crew supposed to save us. all right. I mean, is it too late or I mean too early, Hopefully never too late. Is it too early to go within impeach Biden. Now I mean uh I want they want. They want us to be Unified and I told you this last week and I’m gonna make this statement again in the spirit of unity cuz what aides uh theme his theme is uh Unify America, something like that is inaugural theme. so in keeping with that. I will make you a solemn promise to all you liberals out there all you Biden supporters all you haters of Trump lovers. Imma make you a solemn promise I promise and I mean this that I will give Joe Biden at least the same opportunity that the Democratic Party gave Donald Trump I will support Joe Biden in just the same fashion. That you supported Donald Trump so help me God but uh so impeach Biden is it if there’s no Mod that we can’t say the f word here then understand this if if Joe Biden actually and I’m not, I’m not saying there was Mo. but if there is no voter Mod, then that means that Joe Biden got the most votes in the history of the presidency right to if that’s true if true, like the Democrats said, then you. For them to basically take your guns away, you voted for them to have an open border and a welfare policy, which I told you regardless of whatever is not possible to survive, you’ve voted for them to bomb rush the border with the possible. Do you talk about a super spreader, the president of Guatemala nonetheless is warning other countries and apologizing to them, including the United States that if these people allowed to come from his country. They are in fact a mega super spreader. It’s not just the bugs that are super spreaders. These are the mega and remember this ladies and gentlemen, this is who you voted for I’ve been telling you this for a while. This meme right here, says it all you can vote your way into socialism, but you always gotta shoot your way out assuming you have any guns left to do it with who knows. Alright, We got a few minutes left in the show. I wanna uh 2 minutes. basically, I guess let me just say this really quickly call Roe. Check you need to read this bright Bart article uh the title if Trump continues to claim election MO I’m not gonna say it there will be bipartisan. Conviction in the uh in the Senate, so this is what Rose said, and we’ll we’ll conclude the show. Check it out yourself. Republican strategist car set on his We broadcast of Fox News Sunday that that President Donald Trump will be convicted in the Senate with Republicans voting for impeachment if his defense is there was widespread voter Mod can’t say the F word in 2020 presidential election George Carlin ladies and gentlemen turns out to. Be a prophet George Collin is the prophet man. He’s telling you there are words you know they want us to basically be game of Thrones. I mean not game of Thrones. uh I get the movies but a hunger games. They want us to be just shut up and put up with it man but uh the swamp is filling up the you can the rats are dancing around and keep this in mind cuz robe said this normally we say not much chance about him being. Trump I think leader McConnell statement is a sign that every Republican senator needs to take this seriously. I think it’s all going to boil down to what the president’s defense and he talks about Rudy Giuliani, he said that um that uh if President Trump in the morning papers when he suggested that the argument was going to be there couldn’t have been insight because because of all charges of widespread voter Mod are true. And then he goes on to say that they’re not true car. And it just reminds me and I’ll show this last or well. Meme I’ve showed this before, but this is what we’re up against right here this meme if we can get it up there about oh well that basically says the more a society drifts from the truth, the more they will hate those that speak the truth. That is what is happening to people like me, They’re hating on us. Not you my listeners but a lot of trolls that they’re trying to shut us down. That is why you ladies and gentlemen must. Those of us in the fight must support sponsors of our show must turn around. find our show no matter whether where it is go to www.john Martin share it with others, You gotta fight for those that are in the fight cuz not all of us can be fighters, but everyone can support those those of us in the because we’re speaking the truth and they’re hating on us for hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you go to our YouTube channel John Martin. Spell it all the way out. Check it out. I’ll pray for your family You pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great country and our and our President Trump while we still can cuz they both deserve it and above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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