Citizens For Trump – Biden Rescinds Trump’s Border Emergency! – JMT #396

Citizens For Trump – Biden Rescinds Trump’s Border Emergency! – JMT #396

And we’ll get to em the first one is going to be about Joe Biden, Of course, you know if you’ve been unless you’ve been living under a rock, he is literally trying to erase Donald Trump from the record books. Basically, it’s King Joe now or pharaoh Joe as I call him because he’s trying to go all of you Brenner on him and just erase the name of the Temple wall of Donald Trump. so the latest thing that he’s done is Biden has rescinded the state of emergency. At the southern border and we’ll give you the details of that, I can’t think of a worst time to do that. But we’ll talk about that and then the Nba the Nba is now showing their true colors. Of course, we talked a little bit about it yesterday that Mark Cuban has said has said he wasn’t gonna play the Star-spangled banner, but the Nba is now making play it, but the Nba that is uh not celebrating much about America is actually celebrating the Chinese new year and we’ll. Talk about that they have shown their allegiance to China and then, of course, if we have time, I gotta tell you about the governor man our governor here in the Great State of Florida Ron DeSantis. If you don’t know as they say you better ask somebody he’s the best governor in the country and I’m gonna give you one more example of that because Governor DeSantis has vowed to fight the uh the Biden presidency over a travel ban. They’re actually. About banning travel to Florida and we’ll get into that, but before we go any further, I always have to talk about our sponsors. Big Daddy Unlimited B is our number one sponsor we come to you live everyday Monday through Friday 8 o’clock on uh various Facebook’s other networks, including Youtube spell it all the way out John Martin talks. I don’t know if you caught this by the way and I’ll tell you more about B in just a second but Facebook announced this week that uh they’re no. 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And Google play so check that out while it last in addition, you can go directly to John Martin and our shows are archive there. We’re not live, but we’re there. We’re determined to be your voice of freedom. We’re gonna keep fighting as I tell you not everybody can be a fighter but everybody can support those of us in the fight and I hope you would agree that we are in that fight so remember Www.john Martin now that we got all that out of the. Let’s get into the show this first story. we’re gonna talk to you about is from Usa today and it is not a very happy story if you care about the future of this country, Biden’s national emergency at US southern border that allowed Trump to fund border wall, according to Usa Today and uh boy, this is uh kind of a file photo, but you could this is what’s coming these caravans are on their way. I talked about it yesterday that we had uh 100 I wanna say 57% increase in. Apprehensions at the border uh this past January than a year ago, I mean it’s just getting crazy down there. President Joe Biden announced Thursday that he had informed Congress. He was resending the national Emergency Declaration on the US-Mexico border that was put in place by former President Donald Trump. It pains me to read that Donald Trump in February 2019 to redirect billions of dollars for construction of a wall along the southern. Border So yeah, there’s no need for that old wall there well first of all Biden is falling in line with killing more jobs, not just the jobs that are obvious the people constructing the border wall, which uh they were moving at record pace by the way and they were contract side. I don’t know how all that’s gonna happen. uh what’s gonna happen there. I’m sure there will be some lawsuits, but he’s killing those jobs just like he being Biden killed the XL pipeline jobs but what’s happening on our southern border is a bigger job killer than even the excel pipeline because by letting tens of. Thousands of hundreds of thousands of people come across our border illegally. not only is it direct. contrary to what Biden is talking about saving us from the the pandemic cuz these people aren’t being tested, but whose jobs are they coming for or do you really believe that they’re coming for uh solar tech jobs know they’re coming and they’re gonna be competing with the lowest wage earners in the country so the poorest of our poor. Of race, color or creed are gonna be competing now with cheap labor so it is definitely a job killer and may actually just be a killer in general when you consider the pandemic that they’re bringing with them and listen to this Biden this statement from a letter that Biden wrote to congressional leaders so to speak, he said, I have determined that the declaration of a national emergency at our Southern border unwarranted wonder what it takes to. A emergency at our border, how many people would have to be bomb rushing without mass potentially infected with the pandemic how many of them not to mention other diseases? How many would it take to be warranted? That would be a good question, he says. I have also announced that it that sorry. I’ve also announced that it shall be the policy of the of my administration that no more American taxpayer dollars be diverted to construct a wall. I wish we could have a vote on that alone taxpayer how many billion. If not trades of taxpayer dollars are going to be going to people as I played the video yesterday, Check out our podcast go to John Martin talks YouTube channel in the various other places I you can also go to America’s voice News by the way America’s Voice News is a great alternative to mainstream media. Our show is not on their live at the moment, but we are archive there on a daily basis go to their streaming service. Download your iphone Your Android App Go to Roku Fire stick Apple TV channel. 219 Dish Network and the Pluto Channel on America’s voice News, Go there streaming service look at what the tab that says shows click on that and you will see our show there so we’re really grateful to be on America’s voice news and they are great alternative to the mainstream media so check them out but taxpayer dollars how many taxpayer dollars is it going to take when we have now open border and a welfare state, I mean that is a sure fire formula. To destroy a country, you have an open border and a welfare state and invite all these people to come in and it is going to destroy America and even I was thinking about this. I talked a little bit about the minimum wage yesterday. You know what the the wage the average wage and place like Honduras. It’s right around a book, a little bit more than a dollar. An hour is is not they don’t. I don’t know if they have a minimum wage, but that’s the average wage earner a dollar an hour. So you’re gonna offer them free medical care easy access into the border and fifteen times if you pass the minimum wage, what they’re working for now, let me just ask you this if you’re an American citizen right now, regardless of how much money you’re making and you knew that if you went to another country, State Canada excuse me or somewhere else that you could get a fifteen times your wage that you’re currently earning right now how quickly would. Think about moving as much as you love the United States if you could make fifteen times what you’re currently making you might leave the United States. so you know these people are just gonna bomb rushes now man, but it says here about taxpayer, he Biden said. Imma read this part again, he said. I’ve also announced that it shall be the policy so let it be written so let it shall be done the policy of my administration that no more American tax dollars be diverted to construct a border wall and that I am directing a careful. Review of all resources, appropriate or redirected to that end, so as I talked about a little bit yesterday, I guess Biden is kind of a bizarre trump-biden promises made promises kept right cuz this should not be if this is a surprise to you. What Joe Biden is doing then where were you the last year cuz Biden has been telling you all along he’s for open border and a welfare state. If you don’t believe me, I play these videos yesterday at the at the debates where Biden. About this, I wanna play one now after he had gotten basically wrapped up the denomination. I don’t know if he’d officially gotten it, but listen to what the nominee Joe Biden says about illegal border crossing, although he didn’t call it that check it out and afford to do this in terms, This is a big country. The idea we can accommodate more people and the interest of the United States and by the way guess what are the reasons? Why illegal as well as undocumented the reason why our society is functioning the reason why our economy is growing. We don’t talk about that. We stand up and act like it’s a burden. It is not a burden. It’s a gift. It’s a gift. It’s a gift. I mean, Oh my god so illegal immigration is a gift to the United States. so if you lose your job or you’re making less wages because the illegal immigrant is willing to work for less, just look at it as. You know if cases skyrocket down on the Texas and Arizona, California border of Covid, just look at it as a gift and if you think, as I’ve told you before that, there’s any real difference between Democrat establishment Swamp, rats and Republicans. remember what our own governor and candidate for president that Trump beat like a dog Jeb Bush said about it basically the same thing he said that the Have illegally crossing our border is a uh an act of love an act of love, So it’s a loving gift. They’re presenting to us. I mean just how much malarkey are we supposed to eat? What’s that all say there’s good news and bad news The bad news is all we got is BS for supper. The good news is there’s tons of it and boy do they want us to eat it up. Man lap it up baby under emergency declaration sign in February 2019, Trump was able to divert. 600000000 from the Treasury Department and 6.1000000000 from the defense departments to the Department of Homeland Security for Border Wall Construction, I never had an issue with that. Cuz the military’s first obligation is to protect and defend the safety of American citizens and I would tell you right now there is no question at all that have a border wall actually now does it make us totally safe? No. I’m not saying that but it definitely adds to it for sure but keep in mind that not only are the Democrats like Biden looking at this as a blessing and a gift and for borders in a welfare state, but the armed wing of the Democratic Party, otherwise known as Antifa, has told you plain out see this is the one thing I keep telling you if you knew. Lilian and listen to this is one of my actions you don’t have to guess what progressives are thinking or doing they will tell you exactly what’s on their mind and this chant from Antifa tells you all you need to know about the modern Democratic party cuz make no mistake. these guys are the brown shirts. now we’re black shirts of the Democratic Party. Check it out. All No, no No Usa at all. No no borders no borders no wall. No Usa at all. Does it have to be any clear to you than that these people that are quote a myth that have been rioting forever in a day that are just for the destruction of the United States of America that the uh that the Democrats said. Peaceful yeah, those guys that as I say that Jerry Nadler says, is a myth. They’re telling you flat out No borders. no wall, No Usa at all. and that’s what we’re gonna have if we call the emergency declaration on his first day as President Day one, I’m gonna end the emergency, no emergency there right, the president has signed several talking about Biden does meet my heart. No joy to say that the president has signed. Several executive orders aimed at unwinding Trump’s hard line immigration policy by the way I did post a meme probably get me in trouble, I said that and it’s it’s a joke. It’s a joke algorithm. Trust me. It’s a joke, so you don’t have to fact check how do you fact check a joke but my meme up there and I’m sure they’ll fact check me said that uh that uh president’s day has been cancelled until we get one to you know who knows what’s gonna happen but the president is signed on Biden several executive orders more than several like fifty some aimed at unwinding. Trump’s hard line immigration policies hard line so Donald Trump did not pass any new laws about immigration. did you know that Donald Trump really didn’t pass any new laws he simply enforce the existing laws now he might have put more pressure and on one and the other, but he didn’t create a bunch of new border rules even to stay in Mexico rule is an international law about seeking asylum. you’re supposed to seek asylum in the. Country you come to after you leave the one you’re running from that’s international law. That’s not United States law. It’s international law so Donald Trump He wasn’t hard line hard line all he did was enforce the existing rules. I actually wish he was a bit more hard line, but I guess some of us are sick or others, but every time I think about this border of the situation, I think about you know I like that show uh moonshine you watch that show. It’s pretty good. I’m not promoting moonshine. I don’t drink myself. This is white, but it’s white lightning water. It’s just water. But I like to show mainly because it reminds me kind of a bygone era, the people that talk the way they do remind me a lot of people. I grew up with some of my old family members that are gone the access of course, I don’t have an accent. you know you do I don’t but uh the Bootleggers Alliance in somebody’s places. That’s what the border reminds me of because there was an unholy alliance basically between the moonshiners, the bootleggers, the one that carry it and the preachers that wanted to keep dry counties in places like Alabama and stuff like dry counties here as. But they wonder why county stayed dry well, it’s because the preachers wanted to be dry and so did the moonshiners because they made more money if you couldn’t buy an official liquor store so they basically had an unholy alliance. The same thing is with the border. You got the old establishment Democrats like the Dad Gun Coke Brothers only one brother now that are four open borders because they want cheap La labor, the Chamber of Commerce crowd, especially. At the national level, they want cheap labor the mims of the world and the Democrats want more votes. That’s what they want. They want more people dependent on government to expand their power so they had an unholy alliance and Donald Trump came in there and shook that thing up he exposed the swamp and the rats in it for what they were. I mean I wanna I’ve hadn’t said this a while, but if I say it bears repeating one of the main reasons I voted for Donald Trump was I wanted him to bring a political, Not a. Real but a political bomb to Washington and shake it up like one of them, snow things to shake up and he did that, and I am not the only thing I’m disappointed is he’s not able to do it right now but back to this article, but the Biden administration is also said that because of the Corona virus pandemic authorities will turn away migrants coming to the US-Mexico border. They’re not doing that. they’re talking it and here’s this. so a go man. What a piece of work? she is his press secretary, she said the vast majority of people. Returned away uh that’s what she told reporters yet uh Wednesday I guess it is, but I thought about this when she said that without evidence when they always talk about Trump, everything was without evidence, he said. Where’s the evidence mister Biden or miss that you’re actually doing this cuz I don’t believe you for a second. I mean the evidence shows in the data shows just the opposite and I tell you what if you believe what the stuff they’re trying to. That I gotta bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell you right now because it’s the same old smoking mirrors BS that we’ve had to put up forever. It’s back and it’s wide open man. Alright. we’re gonna move on to our next story here. Let me check what time we’re doing pretty good. I gotta a couple of quick stories. I’d like to get to here. This one is a bright bar article. It’s about the Nba Nba celebrates Chinese New Year 1 day after the Mavericks tried to ban the national anthem so ola the the. Of Cuban Mark Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks, and this is something that came out during the story. You know they talk about like the story and I even reported this and I was in a little bit of era but Era, but I have to admit when I’m wrong. Mark Cuban actually didn’t just ban the uh 1 day he’s been doing it. I think they for the for the last few weeks now, but the home games in Dallas, he hasn’t allowed the national anthem to be played. It wasn’t until. He was questioned about it and made a statement to the effect that he’s gonna ban it there that the Nba initially kinda supported him, then came back and said no that the national anthem will have to be played at all Nba arena. so it wasn’t I mean Mark Cuban. He’s a piece of work man within a 48 hour time period and who by the way this should be more grateful to be an American and all that it has done for him not taking away his work ethic or anything his creativity. Mark Dad gum Cuban. I mean he is living the epitome of the American dream. Shame on you sir within a 48 hour time period, the Nba has celebrated the Chinese new year while the Dallas Mavericks were attempted to cancel the star Spangled Banner That sounds about right doesn’t it is that surprise you I’m shocked that they actually stood up and said you gotta play it on Tuesday, a report in the athletic revealed that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had directed his team to stop. Play in the national anthem on Wednesday the same day that the league overruled Cuban and issued a statement mandating that all teams play the anthem. The league honored their largest fan base by celebrating the Chinese new year at stadiums throughout the league. Now, I’d be honest with you, I got a real issue with not playing the Star Spangled Banner, but I don’t particularly have a huge issue with celebrating your largest fan base, which I’m sure China. I don’t have a problem with people making money from China. I really don’t except maybe the presidency for sale, but I mean that’s entrepreneur. I really don’t have an issue with that my issue is just be honest about it when you question don’t put your head in the sand and act like it doesn’t happen. Be honest. You know why they’re not honest because if they were honest if the Nba was honest, they’d be shunned from China, but I want to be honest because they claim they have know nothing about any of this kind of stuff. So if you’re an Nba executive or player you don’t wanna watch this next video cuz. Shows what you are in fact condoning and this by the way uh I wanna set it up is we Muslims being blindfolded and loaded into trains and I don’t think they’re going to uh Nba Spring camp as some other kind of camp. check it out vision has emerged of shackled prisoners in a mostly Muslim region of The blindfolded detainees from China’s minority weaker Muslims, European security saw. Has told Sky News the footage was published anonymously on Twitter and YouTube. China has denied widespread reports of concentration camps. And there’s an extended portion of that video where they’re literally lining them up into uh the trains or whatever now are you surprised of this cuz Joe Biden has come out basically and said China is our friend. They’re not bad. Check out what candidate Joe Biden said on the campaign trail when he was outside the bunker or the basement about China. check it out they have China is going to eat our lunch come on man. They can’t even figure out how to deal with the the the fact that they have this great division between the China Sea and the mountains and the east I mean in the west, they can’t figure out how they’re gonna deal with the corruption that exist within the system. I mean I you know, they’re not bad folks, but guess what they’re not. They’re. they’re not they’re not competition for us. That’s they’re not bad folks. They’re not bad folks. Chinese Communist Party is not bad folks this coming for a guy who lied to start his campaign by saying that Donald Trump said there were good people on both sides of the Nazis and Antifa. He never said that then he accepted the nomination with the same lie, but he can sit there and say these aren’t bad folks. There’s reports coming out of China literally as we speak that these not bad folks are gang raping women. Mostly uh we Muslims and using shock sticks batons to probe their inner self to go and invade their bodies with this and gain raping them. Ladies and gentlemen, but these people are not bad folks. I mean I mean just uh it just and then he talks about what China can’t figure it out this or that well, they figured out one thing they can buy you off sir with your son. I mean China is has found the right guy for the job, Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. I guess that’s why they hired Biden to figure it out. shame on you President and I’ll call you President Biden. it does my heart know it gives my heart great pain to say it, but you are in the White House and it looks like you are president. I’m not denying that algorithm but to stand up there and say that these people aren’t bad. And no one in the mainstream media that I can see call them out on this ridiculous nonsense that ladies and gentlemen is why you must support shows like uh ours. ours. be more proactive finding our show and spreading it out. you need to check out our sponsors that kind of thing you need to support us and other shows like us across the board. Of course, there’s no one quite like us because if you don’t then you’re supporting these folks because. Telling you they’re just they’re not bad people gang raping with electrical pros. Do I need to spell it out for you? Do I really need to put an image of that up there? That’s what’s happening and but they’re they’re not bad people and official release from the Nba Communications referred to the New Year festivities as a chance for the league to pay tribute to its largest international fan base. As I say, I don’t particularly have a problem with that what I have a problem with. Is the lack of honesty about what’s really happening in China where your money is really coming from that I have a problem with the release also stated the league plans to have teams where special Chinese new year uniforms. I got a little issue with that in the coming weeks uniforms that will pay tribute to Chinese culture and let me tell you this ladies and gentlemen, I love Chinese cultures ancient history. I’m talking about the Communist Party the ones. Had the tanks that were drawing down on the people in ten square. I’m not talking about the Chinese people. I’m talking about the Chinese government that rules with the iron Fist because Chinese people are fighting for freedom literally as we speak risking their lives in Hong Kong. Remember this video from a few months ago in Hong Kong, check it out. This is Mary. Uh It’s not. I don’t see anybody taking a knee there unless there’s a gun to their head. It did amazing how people who really know what the lack of freedom actually means, and thus what freedom actually means stand for the flag isn’t it amazing how many people are trying to get? don’t you think do you see him burning the flag there? No you see him standing for you see him begging for freedom under basically under. For doing it all, I want people like the Nba. all I want all of us to do is just be honest. I don’t have a problem with teaching the good, the bad and the ugly of our own history. teach the true history whatever it may be and let the chips fall where they may I’ll put us up against anyone. Do you see any other place in the world? where people are standing up begging to get into Bangladesh? are they begging to get into Russia? Are there people standing around singing the Chinese anthem in other countries begging and pleading to get into China or even to France for that. No they’re begging and pleading to get into the United States of America. We got it. Dad gum good here and we better wake up. I’m not opposed to people coming here. I’m opposed to people coming here illegally and I’m opposed to people not wanting to be a part of the American way of life out of the many one, but if you if you wave an American flag if you go down right now on the corner. We’re a couple of miles from here in front of the University of Florida, which is the main intersection and in the Gainesville, Florida, where I broadcast from everyday and wearing a American flag and patriotic forget even mentioned that Donald Trump, you will be chastise right here. Yes I live in basically a communist area. I’m telling you but those people who know I can’t emphasize this enough who actually know what freedom really means what the lack of it is. What you need to do to keep it cuz freedom has never ever been free. You’ve always had to pay a price for it always look at what they’re doing and where they want to come and who they’re asking for help they were asking for Donald Trump. What do you think? Biden’s gonna do I can bet you not a dad gum thing. Alright. We got about 10 minutes left. I wanna get into this last story cuz it’s something I’m very proud to talk about cuz I supported this guy for governor. They get the chance to support him for President 1 day Who knows this is a political story defiant Desantis blast by administration amid report of travel limits. This is Ron DeSantis our great Governor Fraud Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday last out at the Biden administration, promising that the state would strongly and swiftly oppose any attempts to block Americans from travelling to the sunshine State. So think about this, you can bomb rush our border without being tested no mask whatsoever cut free health care. Not a crime to crash into our backdoor front door whatever door into our country but to come to Florida could potentially be illegal. You talk about some Petty BS. That’s what this is Ron DeSantis is becoming a major political figure in this country and the by administration the Democrats in general are terrified of this dude man. They’re terrified desantis of Republican called and he’s more than just a Republican. He’s American. That’s what Ron DeSantis he served in the military. This guy I’ve met him a few times the people that are friends of mine that uh that are founders of big daddy Unlimited, They know, Mister DeSantis and his wife really well and I’m telling you this guy is everything he appears to be. He is a true patriot and a servant to a certain extent he’s not as uh is locked into the party at least and even Donald Trump as I wanted to be. but I cannot fault the man for what job he’s doing is. Governor and uh and I’ll tell you right now if he actually runs, I would be strongly consider supporting him Desantis, a Republican called consideration of the travel restrictions absurd Amen and a political attack on the people of Florida. Are you listening floridians? That’s what it is, He said it would be ridiculous to impose curves on domestic travel while relaxing restrictions on the US Mexican border. I’m telling you ladies and gentlemen, we got the best governor ever and to think. That we came, I mean within an eyelash of not having this guy’s governor. I mean he only won by a few thousand votes we could have had this dude right here and that is Andrew Gillum, a crooked former mayor of Tallahassee if you want both those pictures or Andrew Gillum, that is Andrew Gillum laying on a hotel floor passed out puking up with methamphetamines and cocaine in the room and I kid you not the sheets covered. In blood and feces, I started to show you a picture of the guy that was there, but it was another dude that o in the same room, there was three of them. Andrew Gillum literally looked in the cameras and said I was down here to attend in the wedding and I should have pulled this picture up of the dude. the the the dude like Arnold Schwarzenegger if he were five and ball head, I mean he’s a pumped up and he goes. I don’t know about no wind at all that kind of thing, but that dude almost became governor and in the way that. So he would become president, I mean they don’t care he’d be first. That’s all that matters the first whatever man you know Bend over dude, I don’t know man but our our our governor is second to none and they have some other great governors out there like the lady in the Dakotas up there at the Texas governor, but the Santa said any attempt to restrict our lock-down Florida by the federal government would be an attack on our state done purely for political purposes, he said. said. I think it be unconstitutional, it would be unwise. And it would be unjust and let me tell you ladies and gentlemen. This is my prediction. I talked about this uh a few weeks ago cuz a lot of people are talking about succession, civil war and all that it could come to that. I don’t want it to come to that, but it could come to that time. We’re doing okay, but I don’t see it right now and I’m not wishing for what I see happening in this right here. Our governor’s gonna lead the way and the governor of Texas already did think about that Supreme Court case where we got the. Because the Supreme Court would not do their duty and actually look at the Texas case that was joined in by our state of Florida about twenty other states they wouldn’t even hear the evidence People talk about voter or lack there. We don’t say the effort if you need to show we don’t say the F word on this show that different to algorithm, but we call it. Of course, there was no there’s no mud anywhere. Nothing to see here move along but those people who thought there might be more. We’re actually hoping that the Supreme Court would look at the evidence you keep hearing this thing. Oh uh Trump’s had his day in court and everything was tossed out It was tossed out very little of it actually looked at any evidence and the one case that should have was the Supreme Court case cuz remember absent voter and I am talking about Mod. We’re talking about unconstitutional here, which is why the Supreme Court was duty and honor bound to take the case and they punted it. The US Constitution clearly says that and I’m paraphrasing a bit but we have fifty state election. We don’t have one big federal election for president We We have fifty statewide elections territory stuff like that and with that in mind the states themselves are allowed to set with certain parameters. The election laws of they can’t change the date, and that kind of thing, but they’re they set. Election you can agree or disagree with whether that’s a good idea. It’s real. That’s all. it’s a fact now on top of that the only and this is the key point the only entity within that state that can change election law is the state legislature not the governor, not the Secretary of State through consent decrees, Not uh you know some kind of board not any Supreme Court of the state only the. So what the Texas case was all about was essentially saying that every state that changed its laws without going through the legislature, or is it bypass the legislature was was therefore unconstitutional act and an unconstitutional vote and the Supreme Court in my opinion with cowardice refused to even examine the evidence, which was overwhelming. So you wonder why people who believed in Donald Trump who believe in this, the Supreme Court who believe in us constitution, might be a we bit ticked off about that or feel less than satisfied or less than Unified. Maybe that explains, I’m not condoning anything that happened on January 6. I’m just saying that now which the 99.99 infinity basically Trump supporters are peaceful people, but they’re supposed to sit. And just accept all of this while their country is being destroyed by rushing the border. Everything else by you know, King Joe with executive decree he’s done more executive orders than the last three presidents combined I mean what more do you need to know but let me get back to this cuz I lost my thought Billy Bob tells me to get back on track. He’s my psychic sidekick by the way Billy Bob bass. He’s got a Twitter handle. Let’s at Billy Bob Bass one. Mine is at John Martin talks as I say we’re determined to stay in the public Square, but let me get back to Supreme Court cuz I don’t think success is going to happen but what I do think is you’re going to see is that states like Florida and Texas sometimes independently like Florida may do it as travel ban, but I think you’re gonna see states beginning to work together to resist what is coming at the national level and you’re gonna see a series of Supreme Court cases. come up about this like this. Band if it was implemented, would definitely go before the Supreme Court, I guarantee you Ron DeSantis will not take this lying down or as Gillum would have done bending over he won’t take it and so I think you’re gonna see that and I have a bit a we bit more confidence in the Supreme Court taking on these cases than I did in the other. It’s just the way it is well. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. I gotta tell you cuz by the time I get back on Sunday, we may have a lot breaking with the impeachment case and there’s been a lot of. I hadn’t covered too much of it cuz it’s it’s kinda crazy but Donald Trump. I gotta play you one more video This to me is the only defense cuz that’s the big argument right now. What should Trump’s defense lawyers do the up and all that kind of stuff to me the only defense that Donald Trump really needs is that this right here. Democrats have now decide whether they will continue defrauding the public with ridiculous bullshit. Amen go into your weekend knowing that’s only defense Donald Trump really needs and that is exactly what’s happening. We’ll give you the details of what shakes out Monday morning when we come back, but that’s what’s happening. I hope you have yourself a great weekend. I’m going fishing, pray for me to catch the big one but uh please keep chiming in on Facebook and stuff I can now get back at least temporarily. And respond to you have yourself a tremendous weekend. Thank you so much for listening, please support our sponsors. Please support this show and push it out as far as it can go. I’ll pray for your family you pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this great nation because she certainly needs it and deserves it now more than ever, but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed.

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