Citizens For Trump – Biden, Next Up, How Do We Get The Guns! – JMT #404

Quiet on the set. Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily a growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, we got a great show for you today. We’re gonna mainly talk about Joe Biden and how he’s going after the guns. basically the Democratic Party the leftist. That control it or after your guns, there’s just no doubt about it. They are literally trying to make the second Amendment a mute point that we’re gonna talk about that because Biden is being pressured to either do some executive actions or some legislative actions and we’re gonna get into all of that in just a moment But before we go any further, I always have to talk about our sponsors. our number one sponsor B, otherwise known as Big Daddy Unlimited. Yes, big daddy. Is your go-to Second Amendment headquarters? 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Recoil TV They have free they have apps in the app store Google Play and all of that type of stuff. so check Amazon as well. Check it out. Recall TV. Alright let’s get into this. This is a political story. Biden regulating ghost guns other executive actions to curb gun violence. We got to curb gun violence. Now I guess gun violence is determined as any violence committed with a gun and we’re gonna get into some details about that. But before we go any further in case you don’t understand where Joe Biden is coming from. I’m gonna play you two videos back to back from the 2020 Democratic primary. One of them is Beto O’Rourke at the 2020 debates when there were still like 100 people in it, but I think maybe twenty actually be honest. We wanna be honest. We don’t wanna give misinformation but Beto. Telling you in no uncertain terms that there he’s ready to get your guns and and listen to the applause, then we’re gonna play after that a second video with Joe Biden basically telling Beto that you’re gonna be my guy on the gun issue and we’ll we’ll come back and discuss each of those separately. so we’ll start out with Beethoven and then El presidente It doesn’t do my heart good to say that but it is the fact that the moment we’re dealing. With Joe Biden so let’s play the first video Beto O’Rourke, check him out. Hell. Yes, we’re gonna take your AR fifteen your AK forty-seven. Use his fellow Americans anymore. Hell, Yes, I mean he’s excited when asked that question about taking the guns man, he meant words. I guess I respect him at least for that. he did. he’s not trying to sugar coat things. He’s telling you hell, Yes. I’m coming yippee Kanye buddy. I’m coming for your guns. that’s old Paco. I call him that because he he reminds me. This is a guy named Robert Francis O’rourke and he calls himself. Beto he’s ashamed of the name his mama gave him. I mean, give me a break here, but Beto says Hell, yes, keep at that. We’re coming for your guns and then a few months later when Biden actually uh was on the essentially got the nomination won the primaries. Beto was endorsing him and listen to what Biden says to the hell. Yes, God I’m coming for your guns. Listen to what Biden says in his own words, Check it out. I’m gonna guarantee you this in my last year. see this guy you’re gonna just take care of the gun problem with me. you’re gonna be the one who needs this effort. Need you badly the state needs you the country and need you to thank you. We need Beto Beto is safe, You know whatever happened to Paco man. Where’s Beto now how come he’s not up for a cabinet position? Well, I can tell you exactly why it’s not because he wasn’t loyal enough to Biden. It’s not because because he wasn’t on the right side of the gun grab issue. Obviously he was it’s because he didn’t check enough boxes or he checks the wrong boxes. Think about it Beto As far as I know is a white dude. He’s not Hispanic. He’s apparently straight. he’s married. I think with kids and uh you know he’s like I say he’s got the the the the white skin he checks all the wrong boxes in order to be in uh in the cabinet, you gotta be a one. maybe he should just say, Hey, I’m a woman today and maybe he get in. but Beto is not in because he checks not the right boxes but the wrong boxes you tell me where I’m wrong on that. Alright, let’s get into the meat of this story The White House is weighing a number of gun safety proposals unsafe proposals. As it looks to deliver on President Joe Biden’s campaign promises, but some activists are upset almost always if they’re a Democrat activist. They’re always pissed off right are upset that after 1 month in office, the administration is yet to set a firm timeline to provide specifics about its overarching plan so the activists are upset. they’re upset because they hadn’t grabbed your guns in in the in the in a month that Biden’s been up there. You know the first on day. We should they should have the the gun confiscation units out right, but how the couch these words man gun safety proposal other than that sound nice, who could be against gun safety proposals. I mean I’ve I’ve told you this before, but if I say it bears repeating that I mean, I’d remember more and I had to take a gun safety course when I was about thirteen or 14 years old, some I’ve been hunting, I had my own gun. My daddy gave my own gun when I was like 8 years old, go out squirrel hunting son, you know but uh. Remember the NA put it on and the reason why we had to attend it is because the state of Florida and many other states I think at the same time had passed some type of law that in order to get a hunting license, you had to go through a gun safety course and I remember like I say all this is in Hawthorne, Florida man. This is a place where when I was going to high school, everybody had a gun in their truck during hunting season, usually prominent display in the parking lot at the school and I can remember people taking their guns out in the parking lot and showing like what they’ve got for Christmas or whatever that. The Thing II think five times have definitely changed, but I remember us in that gun safety class. We’re all looking around like why are we here? I don’t really understand it cuz if you needed to show first of all howdy, how are you in the right place? Now? I’m not that politically correct. I don’t think so if you’re looking for that you’re in the wrong place, but hang around you might actually learn something we battle ignorance and apathy daily, but I was telling some people just the other day this again, you know when I was growing up, we never even thought of the second Amendment in that sense because guns were just a way of life. They were just a tool, believe it or not like a shove. I mean we knew what guns would do. We’d all shot a watermelon too, and we’d all most of us had hunted and say, so we knew what guns were about, but we never gave it a second thought about our second Amendment rights. It was just we’re in America. We’re in the south. We’re in a small town guns baby. I mean, II never really gave it a second thought, but now you better be if you if you’re someone who believes in the second Amendment, it better be one of your first thoughts just saying. I’m the executive actions under consideration by the administration is one that require buyers of so called ghost guns or make shift firearms that lack serial numbers are undergo background checks, according to three people who have spoken to the White House about their plans now is this a huge issue I have to admit. I don’t know a lot about the so called category of Ghost guns. I do know people that you can purchase basically the. For like an AK, 47 and literally assemble them at home, you can do that and the people are into that. I’m not sure if that’s exactly what they’re talking about some of you guys that are uh you know more as a quote gun enthusiast. Let me know about that. But then they’re also talking about uh uh the so called ghost are make shift firearms. now, I know you can even threed print firearms now right a plastic gun. so I’m not sure exactly what all they’re talking about. They’re. My big question first of all what would be the bottom line is this really a problem? Is there a big problem with ghost guns? However, you wanna categorize them are people committing a bunch of crime. I have not. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but I have yet to hear a story or a cover story where someone used a quote, ghost gun and a crime. so I don’t know about that. I don’t know is that uh is that a real problem, but I know a guy who is a problem. We talked a great deal about this dude the other day and a different story. Richard Bloom and now this is the stolen valor dude man, so I gotta tell you right off the bat anything, he says, is like to me has zero credibility, but I’m II give him credit on this. I am sure that this combat veteran not wants to get your gun so I’ll take him at his word on that but senator, who spoke to the White House in the last week, said he recommended the administration take executive actions to close the so called. Austin loophole and we’re gonna come back and expand on that second Charleston loophole that allows a gun to be transferred from licensed gun dealers before a completed background. Check. Whoo man the way they write that it sounds like oh that Charleston lupo, so they’re giving people guns that haven’t even had a background. check. Oh, that’s gotta be sinister right but not really if you actually know what’s happening. basically what the Charleston loophole is so they call it is and I’m not sure exactly. They call it that name. That’s a sign, but I know what it means essentially right now if you are a person that is going to walk into and and every place a little bit different but if you go into a federally licensed arms a gunshot and you wanna purchase a gun you have to wait for a background. check right, I mean most places were like that so the deal is with the Charleston quote loophole. essentially you have to. 3 days and if your background check is not finished or nothing pops up. that says you can’t own it like you’re a convicted felon or something then after 3 days, you can get the gun and that sounds like okay. Well. that’s why not a week well that might sound reasonable, but one thing I have learned about progressive regardless of the issue. Second Amendment just happens to be the one we’re talking about today. You can’t give these progressives an inch cuz they will take a mile so if it if you were to. Okay, a 3 days is not long enough to do a check. We need five or we need 2 weeks whatever that might actually be reasonable, but you cannot have a reasonable conversation with these people. It’s not possible because it as I say if you give me, they’re gonna take twenty miles basically the reason why you have the Charleston loophole is to make sure that the Fbi just don’t buy by the take away your gun rights because think about. If they had an open-ended amount of time to do the background, check well uh you know when would they do it uh 8 o’clock it might be 6 months, it might be 6 years before they do a background check on you. So if you don’t put some type of time constraint on them to get these background checks done you would never be able to buy a gun, which is the reason why they want to change that it is not because they want an extended period of reasonable time. Days even a month 2 weeks, whatever might be reasonable, they don’t they don’t want to eliminate or they want to eliminate the the uh what I wanna make sure I say it right the uh Charleston loophole because they wanna make sure you never get a gun. That’s what this is all about gun control from a liberal’s perspective does not mean controlling guns. It means determining who can have them. You can have them if you’re guarding Nancy Pelosi at the Capitol, but if you’re guarding your home. Like the McCloskey did out in Saint Louis uh uh you can’t have a gun so gun control is not about who manufactures guns. It’s not about any of that stuff it is about controlling who can actually own a gun and believe me if you’re listening to this show and you’re just an average Joe Six pack citizen. you’re not in that category. Trust me on that. so let’s move along Instead, the White House is likely to stick with its campaign promises like they showed with beet. Get your guns promises to support legislation Close The Charleston loophole one of the reasons why they’re pushing them just so you know to be executive order and bypass the legislature is because they know that there’s not enough votes in the US Senate right now to do much gun control legis legislation, but as well as measures designed to keep guns away from people believe to be a danger to themselves or others and to establish safety storage standards for firearms, according to one of the people the plants a danger to. And uh to see all these flowery like who could be who could be opposed to uh you know restricting access to guns to someone who’s a danger to themselves and uh the red flag laws is what they call them and on paper they sound somewhat reasonable, but in reality the red flag laws man they better if you hear the term, red flag are danger to themselves. it better put up a red flag for you because you if you’d be the government. Determining who can actually own guns and think about this right now, what would be a red flag to some people How about a Trump bumper sticker? How about a Trump sign still in your yard? How about waving the Confederate flag are the American? you know? Here’s the thing the American flag if you wave the American flag right now, you might actually be an insist. have you thought about that? I mean people wave. You think about this if if right now right here where I where I’m at Gainesville, Florida if that man intersection by the university where they always have all kind of protest if a dude, especially a whole white dude like me if I got up there wearing what I’m wearing right now and started waving an American flag. Nothing else No signs. No. Trump hat no nothing just an American flag I guarantee you I’d be accused by people who were calling me a white supremist for waving in America. Flag right here right it does my heart. No good to say that, but it’s a fact. so when you hear these red flag laws and Republicans, including I do believe our two senators here from the Great State of Florida, Rubio and um and Rick Scott are actually pushing red flag laws. Uh it sounds reasonable, but it’s not caution you cannot give these people an inch I wish you could I would love to have a reasonable conversation a same conversation about gun laws. I got no issue with that. It’s not possible. I’m telling you. These progressives, I was gonna say this to the end. I’m sure I’ll repeat it. progressives. One thing I’ve learned about dealing with on a very personal level. You can’t reason with them. You can’t deal with them. You can’t negotiate with them. The only thing you can do is defeat them at the ballot box and they carry everything to an extreme. If you’re given an inch, they’ll take em off think about the abortion issue, it doesn’t matter what side of that issue you’re on it used to be like what under Clinton, it was supposed to be like safely. Rare, Where is it now? Where is where is the debate now? it’s a debate on well whether the late as the late rush Limbaugh God rest is soul, said. You know the fourth trimester remember Northam black face Northam and governor of Virginia, said. Well, we get the babies born we try to make him comfortable. then we have a little bit of conversation about what to do after the baby’s born and then possibly go off of their heads These progressives take everything to the extreme. you can’t give them an instrument I want. To listen to this next paragraph and this is from Senator Blumenthal, the stolen valor dude. Is still valid valor he’ll definitely steal your guns but Bloom and said this and believe me listen to this short statement, but it is very telling it encapsulates what we’re up against, he says. My view is the bigger and bolder the better on gun violence prevention because we have a unique window of opportunity The gun grab is real ladies and gentlemen they’re going to try to take your guns as quickly as possible because take em out their word. take this. I tell you their word all the time you don’t have to guess where they’re coming. I’m gonna read this to you again, Bloom and who is a US senator from Connecticut, says. My view is the bigger and bolder the better on gun violence prevention because we have a unique window of opportunity now is the time is what he’s saying, the White House has said has held several meetings on gun violence with prominent groups pushing for gun restrictions. community based groups asking for billions of dollars always want money of dollars in program fund. And survivors of gun violence, so these groups are asking for money. And they’re probably gonna get it. Remember what was it? Oh uh Bloomberg man he spends millions of dollars trying to elect people who office and he’s done a pretty good job of it other than himself obviously to uh to come and get the gun spending millions of dollars, but they talk about the n and other groups how much they spend. It’s a penance compared to what some of these gun grabbing groups, but I wanna read you some statistics here and I’d are you. I’m using the break the bratty organization. This is our Brady. I think it is the uh the Brady. Which was the gentleman that was shot at the same time he was in the uh administration of Reagan and he was shot paralyzed. I think he’s uh since succumbed and and died but uh they’re anti-gun. they hardly hardly a uh a right-wing organization and they’re later on quoted in this article, but I went to their organization just to pull up a few statistics some interesting stats on quote gun violence there. alright, let’s get into this and. You know you can add and then I know these numbers are pretty close to accurate because I’ve I’ve seen it in other groups as well. but according to who the Brady Organization 38000. 38800. 38826 people die from gun violence every year. That’s a problem. I think this was in 2019, but of that 38826 who die from gun violence twenty. 23000. 23400. 23437 die from gun suicide about 4000 actually try it and don’t or not that successful. I don’t know how you’re not. Commit suicide with gun you know but anyway, 38000 people die from gun violence 23000 well over 50% of those die from gun suicide, but you so to me uh maybe I’m wrong but if someone shoots themselves, I’m not advocating suicide to me, I’ve I’ve dealt with that. I’ve known I’ve had close uh people that committed suicide. It’s a terrible thing. III uh. It devastates the people that are left so you know what do they say suicide is a temporary a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It’s devastating, but I’m not even questioning that but to throw that in as gun violence, along with saying someone getting murdered to me is is just not fair Now. one death could be one too many, but we have to keep some perspective in this. We’re a country of 350000000 people. So if you do the math on this and you say that thirty-eight basically 39000 people die from gun violence, but let but over half of them are suicide gun violence is not the problem statistically now I know if it’s your loved one, it doesn’t matter what the stats are. I get it and I’m not saying it’s not a problem but it’s mostly a criminal problem, not a second amendment problem, but here’s uh here’s uh there’s a ton of statistics. I just wanna go over a couple more 500. 521 of the people who are. Quote and quote gun violence were killed by legal intervention legal intervention, which basically means law enforcement officers are someone using uh uh a firearm to defend themselves or their home in a legal fashion. so some type of legal so 521 people are killed by legal intervention. people who are murdered, which could be a broad category fourteen. 14060. 14062 are murdered to me. That’s the figure that really matters here. That’s the figure that matters and no amount of of gun control is really going to change that cuz the vast majority of murders are committed by people who obtain their guns illegally all these gun control issues if you think about them that have pretty much ever been proposed are to control access and how you use firearms and other related materials from law-abiding citizens. None of them address the actual. Issue of people being murdered cuz there’s very few people murdered by someone legally owning a gun. It happens. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but most often in those cases some type of domestic issue so you know, but listen to this next little paragraph the meetings these activist meetings are in the White House are being led by Susan Rice Director of Domestic Policy Council and Cedric Richmond, director of the. Of public engagement now, there’s no bias there right. Do you know anything about miss Rice. You is a big figure. Uh she’s the one that says you know about Benghazi told all those lies about Benghazi Susan Rice with Obama and Cedric Richmond was a huge supporter of Obama while he was in the in the legislature while he was a member of the house, so so there’s no bias in that group whatsoever right, I’d I’d probably rather have be than either one of them to. Oral Beto He can’t get around the fact that he’s a white dude, it’s straight and if you’re gonna be a white dude, you at least gotta be gay have any shot in the Democratic Party right, a White House official said that Biden is considering every tool at our disposal every tool except one important including executive actions. so he’s not gonna wait around and is looking at investing in a community violence program. Investing. What what exactly is a community violence program requiring background checks We already have background checks the this whole. This thing about background checks is essentially a big lie if you’re trying to buy a handgun, any kind of gun legally pretty much everywhere in the United States, you’re going through a background check now, but you know they try to drag it out. We talk about that banning assault weapons and oh by the way an AR fifteen is not an assault rifle. is too It’s who makes it man but banning weapons and high-capacity magazines and repealing gun manufacturers. Immunity from liability, This is something Biden is working on big time. I thought about it uh last week. Check out our podcast go to John Mark talks YouTube also recall TV all that kind of stuff. check it out. You can also catch us by the way on America’s voice News. We’re not on there live but America’s voice news is a great alternative to the mainstream media they uh they’re on Roku Fire stick Apple TV. We have free apps on Android iphone Channel 219 Dish network and Channel if you go to their streaming service, click on that look at the shows tab to your left. Click on that and you can see our show archived on America’s voice News. We’re grateful to be at but uh I wanna play a couple of videos here because first of all it says here every tool at our disposal or that gun or for gun violence, not gun control gun violence, but how about all those people over 14000 that were murdered? What is Joe Biden? Doing about that, but one thing he’s clearly not or is funding police departments because they had all this defund police and all that kind of stuff and I’m not for defunding the police where and what did Kamala Harris say I’m for reimagining. I’m for reimagining and and bidness for what you’ll see in this video for redirecting funds. Let me just tell me put in perspective that you maybe you can understand let’s say your boss. Call you in and says hey Joe. Hey, John, You know uh I’ve been paying you fifty grand for this position. Now we just hired Sally over here and so in order to hire Sally, I’m gonna have to reimagine your salary or redirect some of it over to Sally. Now I would think you would understand pretty quickly. That means you’re gonna be making less money right so whenever they talk about reimagining or redirecting, it means the police department. Are getting less money get these progresses and remember, Biden said if he was elected he’d be the most progressive president in history. take these guys at their word, he clearly says in this video that he is for redirecting. I guess that’s not defunding but you you you listen you listen to it. You tell me maybe I’m wrong. Check it out Aidan. They don’t know anybody to become the enemy. They’re supposed to be protecting these people so my generic point. Do we agree that we can redirect some of the funding? Yes, uh absolutely one of the things that we all absolutely absolutely we can redirect some funding so Biden is gonna redirect police funding. I guess guess a way of reimagining and then this idea let me get to this point cuz I haven’t talked about this much lately, but if I say that bears repeating it says here this is uh what the White House says they’re looking at banning banning assault, weapons and High-capacity magazines and repealing Gunn. Me let me say about that gun manufactured immunity real quick what they’re talking about is basically this let me put it in a way you might understand it, Let’s say that uh Ford Motor Company you buy an f 150. I’m not advertising for just saying and you’d drive that thing you’re drinking and driving and you run over somebody and kill them. Do you really think that Ford Motor Company is responsible for the fact that you were drinking and killed somebody in your truck and if it’s uh if it’s some kind of manufacturer default that’s different, but basically what. Saying with this gun manufacturers, they’re saying someone could commit a crime with a gun and then turn around and sue the gun company for making the gun that they committed the crime with it’s no different than you buying that f 150 driving drunk, killing somebody and then suing Ford Motor Company for selling you a truck is really no different scent and this other thing and I hadn’t played this video in a while, but it’s a good one to repeat this idea about these. Magazine a high capacity magazines what they’re talking about is basically people hunting and everything like that. We’re gonna come back and talk about if I don’t wanna play Governor Cuomo who’s under a lot of heat when he talked about well, you just listen to it and then we’ll come back and check it out. Okay with a passionate speech on gun violence and I say to you forget the extremists. It’s simple, No one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs. Ten bullets to kill a deer the governor tried and failed, no one needs ten bullets to kill a deer. Well, let me tell you mister Cuomo The Second amendment is there’s Jack Doodle about hunting The Second amendment is not about hunting. Can we put that on the table? please no one ever talks about this. The Second Amendment has zero to do with hunting and then. Matter by killing a deer, you know it really does the Second amendment is about protecting your rights from being overreach by government and other people who would come for you personally and are your property and your family That is what the second amendment now people may not like this. I’m just telling you the fact the Second Amendment has always been about defending your human person from another human. Period It’s never been about hunting. It’s not about hunting now they try to make it about hunting, but it’s not it is about defending yourself from government tyranny and someone attacking you and all your family and your property. That is what the second amendment is about. It’s not about hunting never has been and got of course how they try to make it so they never will be but not as long. Like you know, people like me are willing to speak speak out and you here’s the thing. ladies and gentlemen you need to speak out about this and defend the second amendment even if you’re not a person who owns a firearm cuz if they can take away our second amendment, they can dad gum sure take away all the risk and that is what they’re trying to do and the first amendment. I think some of these are in order the first Amendment guarantees your right to freedom of speech, assembly and and religious freedom. But what. Ends that against EY of government it be your Second amendment Think about what uh the uh that famous general in Japan said about trying to attack United States after Pearl Harbor, he said that wouldn’t be possible to invade the United States based on paraphrasing because there would be an American behind every tree with a rifle. That’s basically what he said but Biden still lacks a Senate confirmed attorney general and director of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who will pay keep play key role in. Branch. Action on guns Now, we’re only gonna talk briefly about this. that’s Merrick Garland the Obama nominee for the Supreme Court. that is now he’s gonna be the next attorney General. I mean, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that, but he’s up there right now and you can throw all these cabinet positions even though I mean these guys are professional at not answering the question you know, I mean you ask these guys. what time it is and they tell you how to build a watch they will never address the question straight up. He’s not going to anyway and and let me say a couple of things about these cabinet positions. This blanket statement. I never even worry about that. now, I know they have great power in the attorney. I’m not saying it doesn’t matter, but basically it’s a foregone conclusion Most presidents get who they pick the real deal is elections have consequences and the consequences we’re probably gonna have merit Garland at Garland as a next attorney general period those questions to me don’t matter. And they asked him about the Durham report the other day. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about the Durham report. You know why I never really talk about all these possibilities from Ben Graham when he was chaired a committee, you know we’re gonna get to the bottom of this. Let me just tell you ladies and gentlemen, I wanna see the walk I wanna see the shirt over there. I wanna see the hands behind the back as bad as anyone, but it ain’t gonna happen It never happens It never happens. man. you know why cuz the rats don’t like to. VC the rats and Washington, DC, is full of rats on both sides of the aisle period and so it to me it doesn’t matter who did the you know? Biden’s picky is what matters is the fact that Biden and the Democrats have taken over the White House and all the way down to the out house and that’s where we are. That’s all that really matter so you don’t hear me talk but believe me I’d love to have a show 2 weeks from now 6 months or a year from now or you know, I was wrong man that Durham report came out and indicted these people and they they locked her up. I’d love to say that I’d be willing to take the bet that it ain’t gonna happen. White House spokesman Mike Gwen said during the campaign, the president told about Biden God help us laid out an ambitious plan to keep our community safe and he remains committed to that agenda. Keep our community safe as Ben Franklin told us like it is man. That’s why I’m battling ignorance and daily if we’re gonna trade safety, which is. Another word security for freedom, We’re not gonna end up with either one of them. We’re gonna be a police state man. I mean you can’t defend your home but have you seen they’re basically building a fort around the capital right now cuz they’re worried about you, Maga hat wearing sons of guns they discussions come as gun sales have skyrocketed. Remember big daddy unlimited. That’s where you need to go skyrocket a year of pandemic quarantines a summer. Of racial unrest and binds victory in the presidential election after promising an aggressive push to reduce gun violence, but I can tell you one way to reduce gun violence. How about we open up the economy put kids back in school so people aren’t so depressed that they go. You know like that that would reduce gun violence by about half right there wouldn’t it. I mean, but they don’t even wanna talk about that The year 2020 saw saw a record number of gun homicides in the United States. Yeah wonder why. Why are people at least they’re honest about why people are buying guns and they’re not buying guns because they’re worried about white supremacist. Let’s put it that way they might be one or two people out there worried about that. Let me ask you if you’ve recently purchased a gun. Are you know someone do you know anyone anyone that made a gun purchase because they’re worried about the clocks really of the Nazis or any of that? I don’t I don’t know anymore. I’m I see people I saw people lined up around the block. Looking at guns at Big daddy’s grand opening in Ocala BD and big daddy guns, or you know are the same entity, but I didn’t see anybody there that looked to me like there was people there were people of all colors, Creed, creed and colors and sexes and lack of sex or I didn’t see anybody there that I thought was there because they were looking over the shoulder for the white hoods to come. I just don’t believe that I believe they’re worried about their own safety and the good. Grabbing of um of Joe Biden, but it could be maybe uh maybe I’m maybe I’m way off base it could be because they’re worried about mostly peaceful protest. Check this out. clearing how I characterize this. This is the mostly a protest uh it is not uh it is not generally speaking unruly but fires have been started and and there’s a crowd that I’m sorry but fires have been started like there’s little campfire. You know people are like what roasted weenies or whatever the place is burning, then there’s multiple videos like this. The place is burning to the ground, but it’s mostly sweet peas. Oh, by the way some fires have been started You talk about misinformation man they’re worried about uh you know that one American news network or Fox or JM here. they’re worried about that when you have Msnbc guy out there as the place is burning down. Oh some fires were started. I’m gonna make some marshmallow. To be going or something man, maybe a just I’m. I’m just saying this maybe it’s possible that people are lining up to buy guns because they’re they know what the truth is not all the ridiculous BS that people like that are putting out, but said Christian High. I guess I didn’t say man vice president of policy for Brett. He’s left this group so long uh uh Brady Group, which we talked about earlier which supports increased firearm restrictions. This is what he said we have changed state legislatures. We have passed voter referendum, They never stop these progressives. We have seen the first time in in my time in this movement, a Democratic primary where every single candidate was trying to outdo themselves how much they care about this issue, we do anticipate the momentum will continue to build until we get to change that we desperately need the translation is the time is right to erase the second amendment. That is what they are absolutely. Saying now it erase the second amendment that who is the real president, is it Joe Biden cuz I’ve been hearing from the background that actually Obama is calling the shots. It’s not Kamala Harris. it’s actually of an Obama and uh you know think about who is appointed to this committee. We talked about earlier this uh activist group Susan Rice. He played a big role in Obama. Listen. I wanna play this video. You don’t hear too much about this, but this is Barack. Obama when he was still president talking about the very type of people that we need to worry about listen to what he said. People have been beaten down so they feel so betrayed by God. My face. Get to Take a picture with people who want like that and explain their frustrations a way to explain their frustration. He’s like you know he’s talking about. he’s talking about Trump supporters before they even were Trump supporter. He’s talking about roughly the 75000000 people who voted for Donald Trump even though he didn’t know that’s who was talking about. He’s talking about what Joe Biden said are the 15%. Americans are just bad people he’s talking about like I said earlier about the American flag man, I mean think about this under the progressive leadership of Obama now to Biden. Care about the US Constitution then you’re the problem if you have a different view period about any issue, then whatever they want you to be locked up with you’re a problem if you’re waving any flag other than the flag of surrender, you’re the problem Seventy-five. 75000000 Plus you know there’s a lot more that to believe in what uh what President Trump pushed for you see where Romney came out and said if Trump runs again, he’s gonna win, I don’t trust him. I agree with him, but it’s Trump’s supporters that what Obama’s talking about their cling to your bibles and you if you believe in the second Amendment, you’re the problem if you believe if you have a religious belief that isn’t anti-american death to America you are. I mean it’s just unbelievable activists are urging the administration to begin dispersing money to forty cities across the country plagued by gun violence through discretionary agency are by declaring a national emergency. It’s unbelievable. so there’s no emergency at the border. Is there none at all, but it’s a national emergency in these forty cities how many of these cities are run by Democrats? Would you be willing to bet? I’d say Ninety-nine point. If not 100%, I’m just saying that uh plague by violence. What what what we gotta do to correct the violence in our cities is to control legal ownership law abiding citizens from having the right to defend themselves. I wanna play this video cuz I can’t get enough of Sheriff Judd man here in Florida where he tells you he’s got the right solution to gun violence. Check him out. The information and social media that some of the criminals were going to take their criminal conduct into the neighborhoods I would tell them if you value your you probably shouldn’t do that in Polk County because the people of Polk County like guns they have guns I encourage them to own guns and they’re gonna be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded and if you try to break into their homes to steal to set fire. I’m highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with your guns. So leave the community alone. Do we need it? There’s how you wanna control gun violence right there have an armed citizenry trained on how to defend themselves and I guarantee you gun violence will drop dramatically. you can take that to the bank. We’re about out of time here I wanna I wanna quote somebody here. I gotta read a little bit from his name is Eddie out of these. some of these names are difficult for me. He’s a senior director of Progressive Heart Alliance and he’s out of Chicago. Chapter. He said he was happy with the audience he received at the White House, but he still expressed frustration with White L gun control group. Everything is I mean good Lord man. maybe that’s why I’m wearing this camouflage. I’m trying to hide my white. I’m trying to be less white like the Coca Cola wants you to be but think about this ladies and gentlemen, I’ve said this before but the n the people don’t that’s why battle ignorance and the n was actually in part for. To give to make sure that former slaves who were then American citizens were able to obtain their second Amendment rights did you know that it’s true. Look it up. Y’all. Take my word for it. Look it up, but they were white lid. I guess, but this uh Boca said uh that when it comes to Biden cuz he invest a lot of time and energy and like I said, I wanna see my return on that investment. So you know he knows the truth that bidness I tell him well if you if you. Wanna see a return investment, maybe should’ve got under maybe maybe that’s what you need to be negotiate with. but let me just tell you this ladies and gentlemen if you care about any if you care about the constitution, let alone the second amendment you better get truly woke you better wake up. I hear so many people, I told you guns were I mean I didn’t even think about the second amendment when I was a kid growing up, it was just part of life. I’ve gotten more into people who own and actively you know, shoot guns and I never went to a shooting event. Really I mean a shooting event for us was going hunting or a turkey shoot or just. Tonight before, but I’ve come in contact with a lot of you, people out there that are what call gun enthusiast, but people that love things like big daddy unlimited and and all that and I’m with you but one of the things that amazed me when I got involved at that level was how many people that are quote gun enthusiast big defenders of the Second Amendment say they don’t wanna talk politics. They don’t want they’re not interested in government and I tell them all the time well you better be you may not be interested in government, but you better be because government is interested. You and if you don’t think that they’re trying to come after your guns, remember Paco Beto, he said it right. Hell. Yeah, take them at their word. I tell you this ladies and gentlemen, aggressive cannot be reason with and not be dealt with and not be negotiated with they can only be defeated and there is one person out there in this world in this great United States of America that they they’re scared of more than Donald Trump or the NA. Or big daddy Unlimited, who is now your Second Amendment headquarters. There’s one person they fear more than any of that, and it’s you the American people, but if you don’t wake up and realize that the entire constitution is under attack, first second, whatever amendments you wanna look at the constitution itself is under attack If you don’t realize that we need to demand the political Ram parts because if we don’t, we’re gonna have to demand the real ones again, then you better wake up. And that’s why battle ignorance and apathy daily. I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. please go directly to John Martin talks Facebook page and others like it share Remember our sponsors. Check them out. I’ll pray for your family You pray for mine. Let’s pray for this great United States of America cuz she needs it and deserves it more than ever, but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours. Have a blessed.

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