Citizens For Trump – Be More Like President Trump! – John Martin Talks #367

Citizens For Trump – Be More Like President Trump! – John Martin Talks #367

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily the growing Igor of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t give anything or do anything and everything to save her ladies and gentlemen. Well we got basically a week left in twenty 2020 is rapidly closing on us and uh you know some of us are like, say good rid. To that, but there’s some interesting stories out there that I chose to pick today and this is kind of about moving forward. Where do we go from here and it’s not really about necessarily President Trump winning or losing We all know that he won this election. uh at least it’s my opinion me back up. It’s my opinion, mister algorithm. my opinion. I’m not stating fact, although it’s an opinionated fact nonetheless, but certainly. Donald Trump still has an uphill battle to go before he can actually claim victory in the presidential race. It’s just is what it is, but what I wanna talk about is where do we go no matter what happens with Donald Trump and the presidency, Where does the agenda go? Where does make America great again? go? So I’m gonna be talking about that in the coming days and weeks because it’s important, no matter what happens with the presidency. As I’ve been telling you now for several weeks and I hope you understand the spirit that I’m saying this in that if the agenda if America first was solely dependent on one man, no matter how great that man is in Donald J Trump then it was always doomed to fail because presidents come and go now their legacy and their impact that I believe no matter what happens Donald Trump’s legacy and impact is only going to grow over time whether Gets a second term now are in twenty-four or whatever if he only gets the one term Donald Trump’s legacy is going to grow and grow and grow, and that is what we’re gonna talk about here. What is our responsibility as Patriots to make sure that actually happens so that’s kinda gonna be an in and out theme if you will over the coming days and weeks here at John Martin talks cuz I believe it’s very important. So with that in mind, we got a couple. Great stories for you today. One of them is a new Ras mu pole that’s come out and it essentially says that the vast majority of Republican has 72% of Republicans and conservatives as want legislators to be more like President Trump. What they’re talking about is members of Congress and we’ll get into the details in just a minute and believe me as giddy as the Democrats appear to be that Joe Biden might actually. President God help us they are still nervous, especially when you look at what happened in the house. What we hope will happen in Georgia and you know they’re already looking at twenty-four because if Joe Biden is I’d say, I always got a kind of preferences, God help us become president. He definitely not gonna be a two-term president. He’s pretty much, said that already so they’re already looking towards 2024 and certainly towards twenty-two. When they’re scared to death that they’re gonna lose, they be in the progressive Democrats gonna lose the house to Republicans so they they fear the populous movement and that populous movement. guess what is you So before we get any further? I always have to mention our sponsor Big Daddy unlimited otherwise known as BB Big Daddy Unlimited. We come to you live everyday Monday through Friday 8 O’clock eastern, or as close as we can get to it on Facebook on. Spell it out John Martin talks on various other social media platforms and we are coming to you from Gainesville, Florida and Big Daddy Unlimited studios. They are our main sponsor to check them out no matter when or where you’re watching the show look above the video and you will see a description of the show. Scroll down you’ll see a sponsorship link. 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Another grief you’re into the second amendment at all if you’re in the guns man you gotta check out Recoil TV on YouTube cuz they highlight product they demonstrate they show you how to use the products you’re purchasing or hope to purchase and that kind of thing and now. We’re honored to have our own YouTube channel our own channel on recall TV. Check it out. Alright, let’s get into the stories. This is a bright Bart story. Rasmus 72% of Republicans see Trump as model for Parties Future model for party’s future and I can tell you that 72% of Republicans are talking about. they’re not talking about Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham, or you know McCarthy the. Minority leader in this in the house, that’s not who they’re talking about. they’re talking about you. They’re talking about you, the rank and file members you hat wearing sons of guns You drag society you basket full of deplorables. What else uh mostly bad people that kind of stuff that those people that’s who they’re talking about cuz I’m telling you right now and I’ve said this before. but if I say it bears repeating there is one person in this world that the main. Media The hardcore progressive leftist that have taken over the Democratic Party and the never Trumpers. There’s one person they fear more than that guy on the poster right there that they fear more than Donald Trump. you know who that is, It’s you? It’s you the American people that put President Trump in office that gave him the highest vote total of any sitting president in president in the history this nation. Yeah, that’s what happened and they say we still lost give me a break man. But Donald Trump got 10000000 more votes in twenty than 2016. That alone just shows you how much fraud was out there just my opinion mister algorithm man. I’m telling you he is the most uh he’s the toughest one out there and I hadn’t said this in a while, but I’m gonna say it again. We’re gonna we’re determined to stay on platforms like YouTube and Facebook and everything else cuz we’re not going to give up the public square, but it is difficult to walk a tight rope on there because they are watching us. They’re still crushing down our numbers to what we need is for you guys to uplift us. I can tell you prior to the election, but you know they made that announcement that they were gonna kinda squelch speech a little bit. we had shows that we’re getting over 200000 views, not just one or two, but three or four and we were routinely getting over 20000 views on Facebook. They knocked us back down to almost nothing right up to the election. Now we’re starting to creep back up and we owe all of that to you. so we really appreciate it. hang in there with us If there are other platforms, you want us to be on. We’re already on rumble bit shoot a few others. Check us out. We’re by. We’re on America’s voice news, not only in the mornings on Facebook Live good morning. How are are you guys? but rebroadcast as a late night show on their streaming service. Roku Fire stick Apple TV, Get a free app on your Android or your iPhone. Download it now on Channel 219 Dish Network and the Pluto Channel. Check out America’s voice News. They are an excellent alternative to the mainstream media. check them out, but as I’ve been telling you there’s. One person that they are more afraid of than Donald Trump and that is you the American people the movement ter all the mainstream media the progressive leftist and the never Trumpers and fill in the blank. It definitely terrifies them cuz Donald Trump You know 1 day he’ll be off the scene. It’s just the way it is, but you the American people can keep coming keep going keep going keep going and that’s what they fear more than anything else back to the article, three or four. Go supporters three of four. I’m sorry, 72% are saying of go supporters want their legislators, their congressman and women to be more like President Donald Trump in 2021, according to a survey of likely voters. So what they’re saying is regardless of what happens with the presidency, The Republicans, the rank and file you guys out there they want you guys want the state legislatures Congress, for instance that members of the house and I would assume the Senate as well to be more Trumpian to. More like Donald Trump and less swamp, they didn’t say that, but I’m gonna say that’s what it is and let me just tell you we want it right now. we don’t wanna wait till 2021. We want you to vote the right way today we want you to exercise your rights on January 6 and let’s turn this election the way it’s supposed to go now. am I holding out a lot of hope that they will do that No. I’m not. I know Donald Trump is gonna fight to the very end and I’m gonna fight right there with him, but do I trust the? In the legislature, no, I don’t there’s only three people that I trust in Washington, DC, right now. One of them is very obvious I trust Donald J Trump. I trust him I absolutely do and I trust two Democrats. you know who they are. I pretty much trust all of them in this this sense, but I Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and you mean what do you if you knew the show? First of all? how are you about to the truth? Is my good buddy from Patriot Thread. Says starts now, but I. Them because I believe they’re gonna do exactly what they say they’re gonna do. I believe that Chuck Schumer when he says, you know first, we take Georgia and then we change America. I believe and when Nancy Pelosi says that they’re gonna get rid of the high Amendment like we talked about a little bit yesterday and that taxpayer money is gonna go directly to funding abortions. I believe them I trust that they’re gonna do exactly what they say they’re gonna do now. I don’t like anything that they say they’re gonna do. But I trust them when they say it and I trust Donald Trump and what did he tell us about Georgia get out there and vote in Georgia. I can’t emphasize that enough. We only got a week left to vote in Georgia and they’re voting today you can early vote in Georgia today and tomorrow I believe and then after that, I think it’s curtailed but don’t just take my word for it. Check your local uh you know your local um supervised elections. contact your local Republican party and find out how you can help even if you’re. Outside of Georgia, how you can help how you can make phone calls cuz we literally have a week before our faith could be in the hands of the Democratic Party and that is a scary thought man. Alright, let’s keep on going the poll of 1000 likely voters was taken in December 20 through the 21st to the 22nd as go legislators debate how to counter or cooperate with President elect Joe Biden. Unfortunately, he is. President elect Joe Biden, according to all the rules and regulation, does that mean he will be President God help us. I hope not, but let’s face it. It’s getting harder and harder. I just heard I was listening to us uh a radio show on the way in and they were talking about Georgia and just to show you how up against it. The president is he’s got a court case directly in Georgia right now suing over various uh election fraud issues in Georgia and they can’t even get. Judge to take it let alone dismiss it, but even can’t even get a judge assigned to the case. right now, I don’t know all the details of why that is I just kinda heard it on the news, but that just shows you man up, They can’t even get a judge. a sign you think that they’re dragging their feet in a republican-led state for God’s sakes. So let’s face reality Donald Trump as much as he deserves to be there is up against it. does that mean he can’t prevail. No does that mean he. Prevail I don’t know I know what I want, but we gotta deal with realities here on the ground and the Georgia election is critical and the president himself has said that on multiple occasions and is going there the night before the election to push the vote again. So I trust Donald Trump and if I was in Georgia, I’d be voting no matter how skeptical I am no matter how bitter I might be or whatever disappointed cuz I trust the president. I’m gonna do what he tells me to do in that case. so Georgia are you listening? please? But the poll of a thousand likely voters was taken December 21st as go legislators debate how to counter or cooperate with President elect Joe Biden and how to regain the House majority in 22. You know that you know, they’re still counting votes in places to determine the house. I mean it could come down to uh Nancy Pelosi if she even has a majority is only one or two so they were close to taking the house but basically what they’re saying in this paragraph is whether or not the the Republicans are gonna bipartisanship. Well, let me answer that for you. First of all, let me give you my definition of bipartisanship. Now I I know what the dictionary says Bipartisanship and that not necessarily bad thing, but let me tell you the reality of bipartisanship. It means at least for the last couple decades and I can see bipartisanship means that Republicans cave period in the story Republic. When you hear the term, Oh, it was a bipartisan bill, a bipartisan bill that means Republican. Cave name me, I put this challenge out there not saying it doesn’t exist, but no one’s lived up to the challenge yet name me one bill one issue where Republicans were adamantly for it. Democrats were adamantly opposed to it and the Democrats said. you know the old Republican efforts like that and abided minute so called by the administration, said those Republicans uh we’re gonna go with them. It never happens but you could I could do. Laundry list should be like you know the Dead Sea scrolls out here pulling out the ties of Republicans were oh, we’re never gonna give to this and gave in every time so bipartisanship always means Republicans and to be to be honest with there have been times when President Trump done bipartisanship where he literally cave to the republic. I mean to the Democrats he has and I’m a die-hard supporter of President Trump, but truth is truth. And there have been times and you some people. I talked to a very dear friend of mine that is an artist at Trump supporter and he called me yesterday wondering why did the president? Sign these bills this omni bus funding bill and the Corona relief package, he said. And I just let him remain anonymous. He said he actually was fighting the feeling of being betrayed and I told him I understood where he was coming from and we talked a little bit in depth about uh you know why President Trump might have done what he did, but I don’t particularly like it. Either, But what are we gonna do? That’s why I tell you and this is not a criticism this part right here. President Trump is just a political reality. That’s why we have to hold all of their feet to the fire. That’s why we the American citizens and that’s kind of the theme. I’m gonna go into the new year with it’s up to us. It’s not up to Donald Trump by himself, no matter how great he is. It’s not up to Republicans, it is up to us the American people to take our country back. I started here and I talked about. This one I used to have a radio show about the Obama administration where they talk about taped our country back and I told people it’s not Obama that we need to take our country back from. It’s our own ignorance and apathy our our country back back from our own ignorance and the ignorance of just how special this experiment as I say every morning that the American, the United States is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her. It’s not up to Donald Trump. Not it never has been totally up to Donald Trump. It is up us and if we don’t accept that responsibility and everything that comes with it, then we are doom to fail. It’s cuz these progressives guess what they ain’t giving up no matter what happens in Georgia. They’re not gonna give up They’re gonna act as if they control everything and Republicans are gonna cave bipartisanship is going to happen, meaning Republicans can if. We don’t stand up if not us, then who’s it gonna be because it’s not gonna be these politicians on either side of the aisle. they are gonna go and do whatever keeps them in power and they’re gonna take as much rope as they can from us and we’re the ones that dog back. you know we gotta have that thing was thing where you let your dog run a little bit and you push the button button and wheel in. That’s what we got to do. We got to put a leash on all of them and run them back. In cuz it ain’t they’re not gonna do it on their own, but the poll ask as the Republican party reorganize itself next year. Should it be more like President Trump are more like the average go member of Congress, but I can’t believe it’s only 72%. That’s a no-brainer. I can tell you it may not be a no brainer for the Marco Rubio’s of the world. You know like here in Florida who really is a never Trump. I’m trying to say but uh it’s it so these legislators of course. They’re they’re they don’t wanna be like Trump. They wanna you know they just want power. They want their checks to cash, but the American people I think they spoke pretty loudly on election day. I really do and millions upon millions of us want the Trump legacy to go way beyond his term in office, whether it’s in the now or four more years from now or whenever we want what we want and we’re not gonna stop until we get it. We’re not gonna burn it down. You know we didn’t get it burn it. Like the left says, but we’re gonna fight at least that’s what I hope we’re gonna do, but it’s a no brainer to me that we need that go to act more like Trump than the swamp rats they’ve been over the years. Republicans pick the more let me just back up and say this and I’m a Republican and I don’t say this with any joy whatsoever, but is there been any weaker bunch of people as a whole in Washington, DC than mainstream Republican? Really, I mean, don’t they cave every time? Donald Trump came along and gave him a set of truck balls for a truck nuts for a few minutes, but before that. They were always caving now, you gotta give the Democrats a little bit of credit because they’re a whole lot stronger when it comes to pulling the levers of power in Washington, DC and Republican has ever been Donald Trump gave the Republicans a backbone and uh they’re ready to you know, throw it off and what I can see so I don’t trust any I trust Donald Trump and I trust Schumer and Pelosi gonna do every evil thing they talk about doing Republicans pick the. Like President Trump option by 72% to 24% while conservatives split 67% to 28%, I would just wanna know what you 2428 percenters want you want more? Romney is that what you want cuz Romney I call him King uh Emperor King swamp rat, but guess what he is going to become He is going to mean Romney is tickled to dad gum death right now, man cuz he’s gonna be the go to person for the media. No matter what happens in Georgia cuz he’s gonna be like the swing vote He is eating it up Man and God help us Uh I love the state of Utah, but I don’t know what you were thinking when you gave us Romney make one term at best, you know, I know you can’t recall him cuz your constitution out loud. I wish it did, but II mean you did us no favor when you sent me Romney up there and you know one of the things that we keep hearing about President Trump is he needed to be more presidential. Maybe you’re 2428 percent, depending on which side of the pole you look at. maybe that’s what it is cuz we’re gonna talk about women here in just a minute you know President Trump supposedly has problem with women, but I hear this term all the time about old President Trump needs that he need to be more presidential. He needed to be less Twitter and we talk about that more in a minute, but I wanna play a video for you in just a moment now I gotta set this up cuz some of you might think it’s controversial. It’s it goes back to the Bush, admitted Bush junior administration and I’m not advocate. For what the video shows, I’m just saying I understand the feeling but how many times have you been watching before Trump got there and and and been want to say something throw something shoot something at the TV whatever and then Trump got there and said something it might have been on or whatever might have been unhinged. I’m waiting for Trump unleashes to what we need when he gets reelected, but how many times you said it’s about time somebody said that so I’m gonna play this video. Of an Iraqi you may, it’s the oldie, but a goody it’s goes back to the original I guess Iraq well not the desert storm but freedom desert freedom or something like that when Bush was in Iraq and uh somebody was a little bit fed up with him. I guess check it out. I don’t know if you caught that’s good enough, but that was that was a press conference, and I think it was a news media guy but uh he threw a shoe which apparently is a big insult and Iraq to throw a shoe through his shoes at Bush. Now, I said, I’m not advocating for it. I’m glad the president was not injured and it was a dangerous potential situation cuz it could have been throwing something else, but uh you have to admit at certain level. Do you not relate to that? dude? Have you not been sitting? There watching Obama or even the bushes, certainly the Clintons and just wanted to up something I mean nausea feeling and how I don’t like it, maybe I’m only speaking from myself. Let me know on Facebook or YouTube wherever you’re watching. I’ll respond to your comments as quickly as I possibly can I’m a little behind because of the holidays, but I promise I will catch up Billy Bob, who’s my Psychic Psychic, He says. You need to catch up boy. He’s got a Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks but how many times? You want to post something or maybe have a TV and when Donald Trump like I said, I might be speaking for myself, but Donald Trump to me was a breath of fresh air man. How many I can’t tell you how many times I watched Donald Trump over the last 4 years and said, like this finally, someone had the to say what I’ve been wanting to say on national TV for decades and Donald Trump just said it and so to me. You know, I love that about Donald Trump. I get how some of you don’t, but the overall poll of a thousand likely voters gave average member of Congress forty-five. 45% above the 40% for Trump. so that’s the overall poll that not just that the Republicans, the overall, the poll, said 14% were unsure so to me the fact that 40% of overall voters in this poll actually still said they. Wanted Congress to act more like Trump is still a pretty large number and the unsure people who the heck are you? That’s what I wanna know one thing about President Trump. He is a defining person. There’s no question about it. I don’t see how you’re unsure to me. It’s kinda like the old uh you know I guess it’s an old southern thing either for or a Guinness at this point in our history. How can you be unsure? I can see how you could be apathetic. I’m battling it on a daily basis, but I don’t see how you could be. Unsure about Donald Trump cuz he is a loving hating whatever he is a defining person. There is no question about that on this issue of women lean against a Trump future with just 35% picking the more like Trump option so too did the moderates between the Liberals and the Conservatives who are the moderates by the way and they’re not Democrats. I can tell you that there are no moderates in the Democratic Party and I’m gonna show you something about that in. In a in a little bit, there are no where do you find like you know middle of the road people. you know what you find in the middle of the road at least down here in the South Dead skunks possum. That’s what you find in the middle of the road where I live now, you might find you know what war of numbing uh what those uh beavers or whatever you got up north or you Yankees my foot down here I don’t know about you but in the middle of the road, dead, skunks and possums is what we find here. So if you’re if you’re a moderate. You’re probably a dead skunk apostle between levels of concern who picked Congress over Trump by 58% to 21%. So who are these women? I wanna know who are these women cuz I can tell you I got a lot of friends that support Donald Trump without question women love Donald Trump when you go to a Trump rally man, you wanna hang out with some hot babes go to a Trump rally. Then I mean if you’re looking at no other reason to go to a truck rally, you’re gonna see some great women. Strong women now that’s one one thing about women you better be cautious dudes cuz they’re strong and they opinionated and they don’t mind telling you so if you if you don’t want a strong woman that don’t go to a Trump rally, but if you’re looking to hang out with some strong women go to a Trump rally and by the way about strong women, how much stronger women could Trump surround himself with? I mean when you look at the people that he’s put in his administration when you look at his own family members like Ivanka and I don’t always agree with her. but man is she a strong. When you look at the wives, Trump is one thing about you know Trump. Yeah, He’s married to Melania right now and I hope they are happy and live happily ever after, but let’s face it. Donald Trump has had multiple why I haven’t really heard any of them come out and say anything negative about it matter of fact, just the opposite of what I can say, but one thing about all of those women and Melania really at the top of that list You talk about some strong women is there anybody strong? Smarter just everything positive than Melania Trump and the fact that Donald Trump was able to woo her because you know Melania was let’s just face it. I remember hearing about Melania, you know she was in some ways bigger than Trump not richer, but bigger than Trump so III don’t know why women don’t see that now I understand it could be some of the language maybe some of the language remember the whole was it Billy Bush tapes or whatever Donald Trump. It was doing locker room talk. he was he probably wouldn’t have said that had he known he was being tight. I’m not defending it. I’m just explaining but if you actually go back and listen to what the man said there was nothing untruthful in what he said that was vulgar. Yup. No question there was some vulgar part of it, but when he talked about braman, he didn’t say he did it, He said he could and if you know anything about rich and Men you would know that women out there in places like Hollywood, they’re they throw themselves like they have they they have a long time. There’s a reason why rock stars even eighty year-old rock stars are ready to get back out on the road you know and who’s to blame for that. Is it the man the woman, I’d say they’re equally comfortable in that sense, but so is it the language is it? Twitter? Is it a twitter? Why women please chime in if you’re a woman that likes Trump’s policies, but don’t like the man. Maybe you’re for what he was for, but you didn’t vote for him. I’d love to hear from you cuz I don’t totally understand it cuz to me you know and I’m only speaking for myself You know, let me just back up a minute. Let me tell you who was one of the finest people that is ever in my lifetime and maybe ever this ever held the office of President. No. It’s not Donald Trump. I’m talking about as a human being as a person. Donald Trump deserves more credit than. Yes, but to in my lifetime there has never been a better man at least from what I can see in the White House then Jimmy Carr Jimmy Carter by everything every measure of a man I can see was an outstanding person. A great family man A patriot served his country He uh is extremely bright. fellow honest Christian has been one of the. Ex presidents we’ve ever had. I mean the guy I mean habitat for men all these things Jimmy Carter by every measure I can see was a fantastic and it is a fantastic human being, but guess what he was lousy President. He was one of the worst presidents this nation has ever had great man lousy president They can be one in the same Donald Trump to me you could debate his. Moral fiber and everything Else III grant you that, but he’s one of the greatest if not the greatest president certainly in my lifetime and maybe we’ve ever had and I think actually history will be much kinder to Trump than the current press is, but if you wanna hit him on his moral grounds, I understand that see I guess cuz I grew up under Nixon, I started becoming a political age with Nixon, Vietnam era. You know the first president I ever voted for was Ronald Reagan. I mean that was the first one I was. Qualified to vote for and I voted for Ronald Reagan so that probably tells you where I was at that time and I was a Democrat young, you know eighteen. I think at the time I could vote might have been nineteen by the time I failed a boat but uh I’m not look. I say that and say I’ve not been one of those people that look to the president. I’m not talking about an individual but the office president has some kind of spiritual leader. I just have it’s not they’ve not been my role model and I’m not. They shouldn’t be I’m not saying that we shouldn’t aspire to have that kind of person in the office say Jimmy Carter was someone to aspire to as a person, but he was a lousy president. I look for my parents, my dad the people I grew up with you know my pastors, those kind of my football coaches and teachers. They were my mentors, You know to what extent I have good care tries to. I am a character I suppose but III look at people closer to me as my role model. That’s just me. I’m kinda like like Charles when it comes to that I don’t look for athletes to be my role model. I don’t look for presidents to be my role model now one thing I do look at President Trump as a role model is his work ethic. man. No one works harder and President Trump, but I don’t look at I look at getting the job done cuz I don’t necessarily see as I say I know some people. Aren’t gonna appreciate this but it’s aspirational to think we need a spiritual giant as president, I don’t know that we’ve ever had one. we’ve had some incredible people be president but as I say and Jimmy Carter might have been the most spiritual person I’ve ever seen in the office like he was a lousy president, so I don’t know you know at clearly, Trump has some issues with some women and I don’t totally get it. So are you looking for someone that uh is just you know presidential cuz Barack Obama was about as presidential as you could get and look what he the country is still reeling from the destruction he myself. so uh please explain it to me. I’d love to hear from you. As I don’t get it 24% of blacks favor a Trump like party likely because his pro American immigration policies help now growing working class wages prior post suggest Trump support among blacks is concentrated among blue collar and justice. Sorry about that. Dangers Live TV Trump’s support among blacks is concentrated among blue collar men and his lowest among female graduates Well, I can tell you this many black Americans and I’d I got attacked by a couple of them this past week couple couple of mine and I don’t know if you’ve experienced this and it’s not coming from just black Americans to let me qualify that but I’ve been an outward open supporter of Donald Trump big secret right, but I’ve had. Now that he looks like he’s on his way out. That’s how I enter that somehow feel free rain to go you know or attack me, but they quickly find out that I defend or attack back with facts. They’re just all about emotion and they just wanna throw it in my face. It’s not easy, sometimes to be an open Trump supporter tell me you know what I’m talking about but the problem with a lot of black Americans and I don’t. Necessarily blame them for this cuz you know what a global say in Germany and if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, basically, it becomes the truth. but Black America is being duped on a daily basis by the media by a lot of their leaders within their own, You know ethnic group the big lie cuz like I’m I’m a huge fan, historically speaking of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglas, You know, spoke with Abraham Lincoln. Made him at the White House that kind of thing Frederick Douglas look at that. he tells you the truth about Republicans, the Republican Party contrary to what the media is, and I’m not defending all Republicans, but the Republican party was founded to abolish slavery. literally the Democratic Party is the party of slavery. They are. It’s a big lie that Republicans are anti black, just the opposite. Just like it’s a big lie that the NA is somehow anti black part of people don’t realize. But the NA was partially founded to make sure that African-Americans former slaves got to exercise their second Amendment rights. There is so much lying out there that it and you wanna get truly woke period. That’s one reason I do the show, but if you’re a black American have the courage don’t just attack somebody like me have the courage to actually look up what I’m saying, be careful cuz as I say googles of the devil, you might wanna try duck duck go or something like something like that. Frederick Douglass. A an amazing American, a true Patriot, a Republican and like that means, says that’s the party of freedom and guess what the left did during this last cycle they tore Frederick Douglass statue. He wasn’t a supporter of the Confederacy just the opposite cuz the Democrats were the Confederacy whether you like it or not is the truth and they tore down. Frederick Douglass statue and I think it was. Intentional because they don’t want black Americans to feel any sense of pride in this nation and let me tell you black Americans There is if you really study the history of this country, the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m not I’m not opposed to talking about. you know think we fall short of the glory. There’s a book out there that talks about that we ought to get back into that a little bit just food for thought, but we fall short of the glory in America is not perfect cuz it was founded by human beings and human. Bins are far from that, but if you look at an honest assessment of our history, there is a lot to be proud of for all Americans. Black Americans included and the left fears that very much. That’s why they tell that lie. I’m gonna play a video that you many of you. if you watch my show of seen but unfortunately, I would be willing to bet kinda like the whole Hunter Biden thing that a lot of Democratic voters a lot of black voters still haven’t seen this video and you need to share it. Is a video of Joe Biden, you could argue his cognizant ability. all you want. He was as cognizant now cuz there’s a 1994 as he ever was and this is about the crime bill that Donald Trump is actually trying to undo some of the damage from this very crime bill The Clinton Biden bill that Joe Biden was the sponsor of he wrote the dad gum bill as he likes to say, and in this video, he tells you that when it comes. To black young people, he doesn’t care listen to it. He’s right out front with it. He doesn’t care what causes it. He just wants to lock him up. Check it out. Back to the streets, it doesn’t matter whether or not the person that is a costing your son or daughter or my son or daughter my wife, your husband my mother, your parents, it doesn’t matter whether or they were deprived as a youth, it doesn’t matter or not whether or not they had no background that enable them to have to uh become a social become socialized into the fabric of society. It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re the victims of society. The end result is they’re about to knock my mother on the head with a lead pipe shoot. My sister beat up my wife take on my sons so I don’t wanna ask what made them do this, They must be taken off the street. That’s number one. There’s a consensus on that unless we do something about that cadre of young people tens of thousands of them born out of. Without parents without supervision without any structure without any conscience developing because they literally, I yield myself three more minutes because they literally have not been socialized they literally have not had an opportunity We should focus on them if we don’t they will or a portion of them will become the Predators 15 years from now. Good enough and Madam president we do you catch there towards the end of that, he said. We should focus on them now young black people mostly black men. He’s talking about right there, He didn’t care why they got where they are and when he says, focus listen, go back and listen to that again. We’re not gonna play it again, but you can check it out. He’s talking about it the focus on getting them off the street not on focusing on the problems and how to. Them Joe Biden, God helps him become present, has been out there for 50 years and yes, I’m talking directly to black Americans cuz you’ve been do you don’t have to like Donald Trump. I’m not even saying you had to vote for him. You don’t even have to vote if you’re in Georgia, I hope you wake up and get woke and do vote for the right people here, but at least be a to the fact that the demand that you’ve put in the White House, God help us if it becomes true, said it doesn’t. He’s had 47 years to solve these problems and when it comes to black America take him out his word, he says it doesn’t matter what caused the problems that just need to be dealt with Donald Trump just made news again, the other day didn’t get a lot of publicity, but he’s trying criminal justice reform trying to let some people who have seen the light a day and turn their life around to get out of prison. Some of these people were put. In prison because of the bill that Biden that you’re putting in office put up there, I’m just trying to wake you up about it. Man. Here’s the bottom line. Ladies and gentlemen. we’re gonna move on this other article but this is gonna be something you’re gonna hear from me probably nausea. but what we Patriots have to do is have the courage to educate people talk tell the truth even if you’re attacked for it educate people motivate people. To do something and then activate them, give them a way to get involved. That’s what we gotta do across the nation. That’s our assignment, no matter what happens to President Trump if we’re gonna be true citizens not subjects of the realm but true citizens of this great nation. That’s what we have to do we have to educate motivate and actively and I give my good friend Sherry with a you. he knows who she is with the coming up that spoken. Years ago, I’m stealing it and I’m using it in the right way. Alright. We got a few minutes left. We’re gonna get into another bright bark story. This is by a guy named Neil Monroe works for bright Bart. I’ve I’ve heard him on the radio a few times. It’s he’s talking about a Washington Post Article. Washington Post Washington Post Democrats gloomy about populous go in 24 I got a meme up there. I posted I’ll I’ll post it independently. It’s pretty cool it it it claims to be the Trump motto now, I’m not saying he said this just for fact checking, but it’s a pretty good. Pretty good thing there check it out. Democrats got Joe Biden into the White House but are alarmed at the political power of President Donald Trump’s populous economic platform, admits the pro Democrat Washington Post. This is the post saying this in bright, Bart repeating party strategist now speak privately with a sense of gloom and publicly with a tone of concern as the election results become clear, said the December 27th that the Washington Post report. By political writer Michael Sheer now he’s absolutely right about this. There was no blue wave ladies and gentlemen I’ve showed this before, but it needs to be shown there was no blue weight if you look at that, it shows that by far the majority of the country without any question voted or Donald Trump over even out in California, the numbers of people that actually voted for Donald Trump are staggering me. It’s it’s unbelievable. And when you look at what’s happening in Congress, they owe you know talk about becoming champions, they owe their office to Donald Trump back to this article, They worry talking about the Democrats in the Washington Post. they worry about the potential emergence of a mostly male and increasingly interracial Working-class Coalition for Republicans that will cut into the demographic advantages. Democrats had long counted on well The Democrats tell you flat out. they’re the party of the poor right. What do they need more of poor people? It’s amazing the demographics now of the of the modern Democratic Party, the billionaires and the force of the poor coalition. That’s what it seems to be like and they have something in common They want to keep poor people poor poverty sucks Man Imma tell you right now. there’s this whole thing poverty absolutely sucks, but let me just break a little myth for you. There are black people aren’t the only ones that are poor in America seventy. I think of white of poor people in the country are actually white and contrary to what uh mister Bernie Sanders says about this back to this article, they speculate that to tremendous democratic gains in the suburbs during the Trump years might fade when he leaves office and they fret talking about the Democrats that their inability to make in roads and more rural areas rural places like where I live the backbone of the nation could stall anything but the most. Narrow Senate majority in the future Well, that’s why we gotta speak the truth. That’s why we got to educate motivate and activate. That’s why we need some old country logic like I’m putting up here. That’s what we got to do so if you’re a Trump supporter your assignment, no matter what happens with Donald Trump is don’t take your toys and go home. Georgia. Are you listening? speak the truth We got to educate motivate activate people, said Bradley. be the president of American Bridge, which ran 62000000. $62000000 in ad campaign. The hurt Trump and the white among white working-class voters listen to what this person said, and this will let you know where you stand if you’re a Trump support if you’re an American, if you’re one of those people in the gray. In that map out there, we just showed and listen to what this person said We just need to acknowledge that Trump’s poison was deeper in the bloodstream of the American electorate than we thought poison poison. so the marga make America great again Make up Put America first is poison George Orwell I mean what he said decades ago is ringing true today than ever. Check this out about the truth. Ladies and gentlemen this meme I put it up before but boy it is frighteningly real right now. Hope I got it anyway if I don’t it’s uh it’s about or well. He basically said that the more a society drifts away from the truth there. It is the more society drifts away from the truth. the more that they will hate people who speak it to be prepared if you’re educating motivating and activating people you’re gonna be hated on man but do not. I’ve refreshed just a little bit, doesn’t it talk about it if you walk a certain path basically gonna cast stones at if I’m paraphrasing a little bit, I need to study a bit more but if you speak the truth in today’s society, you’re gonna be hammered. You’re gonna be censored. You’re gonna be putting Facebook jail. Please don’t do that algorithm. That’s what’s happening The Washington examiners Michael Barone spotlighted the gap and that’s the writer of the of the Washington Washington Post Office. Sure the gap and Article This is what mister Barone said some large and apparently increasing number of non-white voters apparently share Trump’s view that heavy and often illegal low skill immigration is held down wages of people like them are they were convinced of that as immigration levels and low credential workers. No. unskilled illegal immigrants wages incomes increased in 2017, 2018 2019, and the first 2 months of. Twenty so under Donald Trump’s immigration policies wages, it went up what do you think it’s only gonna get worse if God help us if Biden gets there, we’re pretty much out of time. I was gonna play these two videos, but we’ll just say for another time. basically the Democratic Party is for open borders and free everything. It’s only gonna get worse anyway. Stay tuned. Remember that we need to educate motivate. Activate people that is our charge in this coming year. 2021 Hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you. Please go directly to John Mark talks Facebook page like it and share it with others. I’ll pray for your family you pray for mine. Let’s all pray for this nation and our President Donald Trump. but like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours, have a blessed day.

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