Citizens For Trump – AOC, New GOP Congress Members Are White Supremacists! – JMT #387

Citizens For Trump – AOC, New GOP Congress Members Are White Supremacists! – JMT #387

Welcome to John Martin talks where we battle ignorance and apathy daily that growing ignorance of just how special this experiment we call the United States of America is and the apathy that we can’t or won’t do anything and everything to save her well ladies and gentlemen, you’ve made it to the weekend. Good news. It is Friday here on GMT and yes soon as this show is over, I am going fishing so all is well with the world. Well, let me tell you we got a great show for. Today, I wanna talk a little bit about some paranoia There is paranoia striking deep in the heart of DC and Ocasio Cortez Alexandria Ocasio Cortez seems to think that everybody is out to get her and literally she is in fear of her life and we’re gonna talk about that And if we have time we’re gonna get into the craziness that is California crazy. San Francisco crazy They are. Dropping the names of 44 goals out there historical figures like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln They’re scrubbing the history of California and we’re gonna talk about some of the names that they’re erasing from from history there and you won’t believe some of it is just amazing. but before we go any further, we always have to talk about our sponsor. Big daddy unlimited, otherwise known as B check out above the video no matter when or where you’re watching it. Scroll down on the. 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Ocasio Cortez says there there are legitimate white supremacy sympathizers in the core of the house go so she is saying and say I love that meme right there man because in that pretty much, she is the the of the jackasses man she is literally saying that in the go members of the House of Representatives that there are essentially white supremacist in the halls of Congress. Now, I’m not saying there’s not there could very well be but she presents no evidence other than just feeling and we’ll we’ll get into that. Alexandria Ocasio set on Msnbc’s. Be MS DC right, They’re pretty much Democratic Party acts all in. That’s the name of the show that the core of the Republican caucus in the House House of Representatives, there are legitimate white supremacist sympathizers legitimate white supremacist sympathizers now what exactly does. And when I heard this my first thought was what they always said about Donald Trump, Donald Trump could say the sun is coming up tomorrow and the news would say without evidence you know every time, he said Anything well, they never say that to these liberals so here you got ocasio Cortez, who has a big megaphone on social media, basically saying that the go is full of white supremacists in the house of representatives. But what is the evidence? It so you never without evidence if true, Where’s the evidence? What are you? What are you basing that on, she said, I actually sent a profound difference between the Republican caucus of last term and 115th Congress and Republican caucus of this time. Well, I sent some differences too ma’am and you know the G. She’s not the only one calling the go all kind of things everything but. Of God, you may recall this I wanna give uh Sean Hannity a little credit on this. I believe we’re gonna play a video from his show, but one of Biden’s second in command one of his chief staffers. Let’s just play it and you’ll see what she said about the Republicans in Congress. Check it out. For example, Biden’s pick for deputy chief of staff recently told Glamour magazine quote in the primary people would mock Biden like you think he can work with Republicans. I’m not saying they’re not a bunch of beep. beep beep beep beep, but and Mitch McConnell is terrible. Oh so much for unity uh togetherness and openness, But of course that’s sort of never an extreme of Michigan. so the I’ve always told you this if you knew the show you may not have heard this. But of course, if I say it bears repeating you hear this all the time. There’s a double standard in Washington and I’m here to tell you there is no double standard. He might go well. What are you talking about sure that no there is a standard for anybody who is conservative anybody who supports Donald Trump Donald Trump himself shows like ours? GT there’s a standard for us, but you tell me what standard is the left to these progressive Democrats. What standard can you imagine if anybody that was work? For Trump, if one of his staffers actually said, Oh those Democrats are a bunch of efforts can you imagine what would happen if that was it? But you know? Biden’s person can say that no problem Ocasio Cortez Uh you know she can literally get they talk about insurrection right so taking over any part of the capital is insurrection and I’m not necessarily saying it’s not but people tend to forget that the Democrats have taken over the cap. On multiple times, including Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez took over Speaker Nancy Pelosi Pelosi’s office shortly after she was elected in 2016. Check it out. Here’s the video evidence. I just wanna let you all know how proud I am of each and every single one of you for putting yourselves and your body and everything on the line and make sure that you save our planet our generation and our future. It is so incredibly important I’ve you know I’ve shared with you all and I shared my story that um that my journey here started standing rock and started with everyday people. Exactly what you all were doing are you standing for standing with allies standing with indigenous tribes because we don’t have a choice We do not have a choice We have to get to 100% renewable energy in 10 years. There is no other option The IC let us know that and I what I hope we all show is that this moment and this without being it’s not just. About confrontation, but in a way it’s about real meaningful unity behind our goals That’s what yes. Whoo hoo. That’s good enough, she says. Put your body your person yourself on the line and be all in and she talks about it. It’s not just about confrontation, she said. More in that to incite people, then Donald Trump. His entire speech on January 6 now to be fair, I’m not saying that the people rushing the capital were justified. That’s not what I’m saying, but we have seen takeovers of the capital The Senate office buildings all of that by people on the left multiple times. Keep in mind that uh back about a decade ago in Wisconsin, Wisconsin, the teachers union primarily took over the state capitol in. Wisconsin and held it for 3 days and when they got out there was over $7000000 worth of damage to it now was that in I mean you tell me what is the standard that Ocasio Cortez is held to I can’t find one but she went on to say Miss Cortez said. And that difference talking about the difference between when they were just trumpets versus white supremacist. I guess he’s saying that Congress is worse now without Trump in office. I don’t know that’s what it seems to me. She said, and that difference was that it really felt that last term the Republican caucus was one of extreme filthy to Donald Trump well that would be due since they didn’t help him that much. there were some the house was much better than the Senate. That’s true. There were some that were true believers. I guess they believed in Donald Trump others that simply remain quiet out of cowardice and out of fear of the president’s retribution. this time they are leg. White supremacy sympathizers that sit at the heart and at the core of the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives evidence, please what are you basing this on now, she’s saying that she’s in fear for her life on the house floor and she talks about in another interview that I saw with Chris Cuomo about you know the idea that members of the house are trying to bring guns into the cap and everything else, she told. Actual Congress people and there are there are some who are standing up for that, but let me remind you of this and some people may take this as as not a fair comparison, but I can tell you that it is uh I’m trying to think of her now not not any Cyrus if you never heard of her, she is uh was Iranian by birth escape from her father selling her into uh basically slavery and has been the United States. I interviewed her a few a couple of years. Right when Ocasio Cortez and arrested the Twitter twat as I call him came on the scene and uh Elon Omar and she gave us a great interview. go back on our YouTube channel. Scroll back far enough and you can find the Annie Cyrus She’s terrific need to get her back on the show, but she said that for a Muslim woman like herself that to have Elon Omar go on the House of Representatives where the jab was it was more than. Just a slap in a face, it was a threat to Muslim women all over the nation. Now, this is a Muslim woman, saying that not me and if you remember, they gave special exception to Elon Omar with thee the ha represents oppression to women at every level, but this is not new for the Democrats right now. We just talked about a couple of days ago, Joe Biden signed an executive order allowing women to. Compete directly in men’s sports biological, I’m sorry the opposite biological men my psychic side kick here. Billy Bob tells me it is straight boy. He’s he. I’m some of us are sicker than others and I’m a fish whisper. He has a Twitter handle by the way it’s at Billy Bob Bass, One and mine is at John Martin talks to say we’re determined to stay on the public Square but Joe Biden signed an executive order that to me is just destructive of women’s rights. Because it allows biological men to actually compete with women in women’s sports, which in general they’re gonna win every single time. It is absolutely anti woman Well, this is anti woman, but I don’t see Ocasio Cortez speaking out about that about Islamic supremacist because believe me Rashida Talib two of the three members of the this The Twitter Twas and Rashida. She literally when she her first thing in office was to obliterate Israel on the map. You may recall that so you got Elon Omar, some people did some somewhere talking about when they brought the twin towers down. I don’t see Ocasio Cortez talking about that and these people are admitted terrorist sympathizers, but she just likely says that the go is white supremacist. I don’t see her present any evidence. I haven’t heard any evidence she went on to say when you. Someone like the House minority leader of the Republican Party, she’s talking about McCarthy respond to white supremacist with Vial coming from his own members, not with like they did with Representative Steve King of Iowa, which uh they definitely knocked him back a time or two, not with you know being stripped of committees, not with any consequence you have to wonder who actually has that power. so how many times have the Democrats been stripped? You got people denying that things are actually happening when you got somebody like Jerry Nadler, who is the head of Judiciary Committee when asked about the rioting and yes murders that happen out in Seattle and Portland by Antifa members. he goes. Oh, that’s a myth. That’s a myth yet they never ask that dude to resign. You know, I mean it’s just crazy but but she said in the Kevin McCarthy answers to these members. This is what ocasio Cortez said. Members of Congress not. Other way around well, I can I could give you multiple exam of examples of Democratic members of Congress inciting violence, one of them that you may or may not have seen but this was back during the Trump administration. This is mad Maxine Waters, who is the head of I think what is it the finance committee, something that affects she’s a committee head and she literally is telling you to attack people. Who are members of Trump’s administration? check it out? Now we’re going to insist on it if you take me while now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. You have members of your cabinet uh that are being booed out of restaurants. That’s just taking up at that house. He’s Netflix Netflix. No sleep and guess what we’re gonna win this battle because while you try and take the Bible, Jeff Sessions and others, you really don’t know the Bible God is on our side. On the side of the children. Side of what’s right on the side of what to honorable on the side of understanding that if we can’t protect the children, we can’t protect anybody. Let’s say the let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up and if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant in a department store at a gasoline station, you get out and you create. Anymore anywhere. Ladies and gentlemen shouldn’t that person there be impeached if you go by the house standards, I mean they’re accusing Donald Trump of inciting violence here you have Maxine Waters talking about going into restaurants and running people out going to their house their actual residence where they have their families and children and harassing them saying if you see them anywhere, let them know they’re not welcome to confront them at a gas station and let me tell every time I see that. Wanna make sure I like to try to help people let me tell you please don’t take her up on that, especially down here where I live if you see some old dude like me and I’m not talking about me per se, but you see some old dude like me everything I drive has a Trump sticker on it and you see an old dude in a pickup truck with a Trump sticker on it. Don’t go confront that guy cuz it might not end too well for you. I’m not threatening. I’m just trying to give you a piece of advice but Maxine Waters is inciting violence. How about the current? Majority Chuck Schumer do you remember when he was on the steps of the Supreme Court yelling at the top of his lungs that Neil Gorsuch and uh and Kavanaugh were gonna reap the whirlwind. You’re not gonna know what hit you We’re coming for you now to me that is much more excitement of I could go on and on how about Corey Booker when he was running for President, I played this video quite a few times not gonna play. Today, but he said, hey when you leave here go to the capitol and get up in a Congress person’s face get up in their face. I mean to me you talk about double standard. There is no double standard. There’s a standard for people on the right patriotic Americans. There is no standard for those on the left. I’d love to hear you and another thing that Maxine Waters is talking about in that video. She’s talking about the Mexican children being plucked from their. The wisdom of their moms and all which really didn’t happen, but that’s a whole another story but they never talk about the children that are getting shot on a daily basis in places like Chicago and New York. just like a couple of days ago, a toddler was in his in the in this child’s seat in a car with his father in New York and they rode by and shot multiple times into the car and killed the toddler in the car seat. But I don’t see Maxine Waters or Ocasio Cortez that it might have been in her district certainly was in New York City, saying a dead gum word about it. so you know I really don’t wanna hear about about all white supremacist give me some evidence please cuz I know for a fact there were white supremacist in Congress that your party idolized Robert Byrd God rest his soul that that the gave the eulogy at his funeral was the imperial. Wizard of the Clue Cluck clan yet he got elected day after day year after year in West Virginia and the Democrats never said a dead gum word. I don’t hear anything but miss Cortez not to be outdone, She added. There are no consequences in the Republican caucus for violence if you what Republicans have committed violence if anything, it’s been the left that committed violence against the Republicans. Steve he came with an inch of losing his life from a fanatic Bernie Sanders supporter that shot him at a baseball game or softball game. You know does anybody blame Bernie for that? so if nut jobs jump through the capital as every Republican to be stained with that, I mean they just don’t have a stand and what about this video of Kamala Harris before she actually. God help us became the vice president and maybe the defacto president when she said on Stephen Colbert show about the violence about the rioting that was happening that it needed to continue to happen. Remember this check it out. I know that there are folks are still happening in major cities across the United States. I just not seeing the reporting on it that I that I that’s right for the fierce few weeks um but they’re not they’re not gonna stop and that’s they’re not. this is a movement. I’m telling you they’re not gonna stop and everyone beware because they’re not gonna stop it is. They’re not gonna stop before Election day in November and they’re not gonna stop after Election day and that should be everyone should take note of that on both levels that this isn’t they’re not gonna let up and they should not and we should not clear we notice that we so she’s a part of it. Here’s a person in Kamala Harris that raised money to bail out people who had committed crimes in Wisconsin and maybe other places who would actually attacked police officers who were accused of. Racial assault and she helped bail them out, and she says that they’re not gonna stop they shouldn’t stop before during and after the election and guess what they haven’t stopped, they’re still riding out in Portland and in Seattle literally as we speak on a nightly basis, take these progressives at their word. I had no doubt they weren’t gonna stop they may have taken a little break so they could get secured the presidency and then they’re back on again. Not what. To show me miss Ocasio Cortez Why shouldn’t she be impeached right now? Why shouldn’t she be forced to resign cuz she ocasio Cortez is calling for like Josh Holly and Ted Cruz. She’s kinda going in a in a Twitter war with Ted Cruz right now that he should resign based on what show me where Ted Cruz any violence whatsoever anywhere close to what uh Kamala Harris just said that that we should use the word we that we. Shouldn’t stop, It’s not gonna stop and we shouldn’t stop I mean I don’t know you show me where there’s a double standard cuz I don’t see a double standard. I see one standard for people on the right patriotic Americans let alone Trump supporters. I don’t see any standard that the left is held to they certainly don’t hold themselves to one she went on to say there’s no consequence for racism. No for misogyny, no consequences for insurrection, No consequence means that they condone it means that the. My insurrection did you remember this past week? Chuck Schumer was trying to say the word insurrection and he said erection he actually said erection on the Senate floor and guess what happened The video was doctored by I think it was Nbc and taken that word out and inserted insurrection in there. so they’re I mean they literally are protecting them from stem to stern if you get my drift. but she said, there’s no consequences means that they condone it. So she’s saying that. The uh Republicans are condoning violence condoning white supremacist are are condoning racism misogyny all that, she said. It means that silence is acceptance and they want it because they know that it that it is a animating political energy for them. I mean you won’t here. There’s so many examples of hypocrisy or whatever standard. listen to ocasio Cortez in her own words about the death of Ruth. Ginsburg and what people on the left her followers should do now that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died What should they do? Check it out this moment? Radicalize you let this moment. Really put everything into stark focus because this election has always been about the fight of and for our lives and if anything tonight is making that more clear to more people than ever before and I’m gonna tell you it’s gonna get more and more and more clear to up until election day. Things are gonna happen. Ask you, I mean think about what she’s saying there She’s saying that this is the fight of your life. You talk about uh hyper ball. I mean this go back. We played it yesterday. We’re back when you first got elected, she said the world’s gonna end in like 12 years right so you’re she literally says right there they’re in the fight of their lives, she said that climate control a few years ago was the World War two of her generation. so when you start. Now rhetoric that your life is literally on the line isn’t that excitement to some kind of violence cuz if you believe that you’re that you’re virtually your life is literally at stake. What would you do to save the life of your family and your friends and your own life? What would you do? I know what I do, I would do I would do whatever was necessary to save my My grandchildren, my wife, I mean I would do whatever. Is this if I truly thought that someone was threatening to hurt? let alone kill my family or my person myself. I would do whatever I could to save my family to save myself that luckily I’m in Florida where I can stand my ground by the way if you’re looking to stand your ground, you might wanna check out our sponsor. Big daddy unlimited all things Second amendment like I said. But I mean what what? What she’s saying there let she’s literally saying let this radicalize you can you imagine for just a moment if Donald Trump had made that part of his speech on January 6, they would have. I mean they would have stormed the White House you imagine if Donald Trump would say, let this moment radicalize you your life Our life depends on it We need to go right up to the Capitol now and get up in somebody’s face and if you see anybody who voted for Joe Biden. You you need to terrorize them at their home You need to go to their house. You need to find them at the gas station at the supermarket. Can you imagine if Donald Trump gave any combination of them if he literally with Chuck Schumer on him and said, uh you guys are gonna weep the world. We’re coming for you. Donald said. Let’s go down and protest peacefully and patriotically when’s the last time you heard a Democrat, say peaceful and Patriotically and you remember Chris Cuomo back during the riots of the summer, said. Where does it say that protests have to be peaceful? It says that in the first amendment you idiot, I mean there’s so many educated idiots. It’s unbelievable, but she goes on to say, Ocasio says said this is extremely dangerous and extremely dangerous threshold. We have crossed because we are now away from acting out of filthy to their president their president, not hers that they had any. Office and now we’re talking about filthy to white supremacist, Where is the evidence of this? They just let this stand out there. I still have not seen one shred of evidence of what she’s accusing dually elected officials in the house of Representative her colleague widespread organizations as a political tool for Republicans that are in that caucus that are unwilling to hold that accountable or to distance themselves from it. We really need to ask ourselves. What are they evolving into well? I? Republicans had as as much but I don’t want him support white supremacist, but I wish they had as much backbone and she seems to think they had cuz I ain’t seen it, She said. This is no longer a party about limited government. This is about something more nefarious. Well, I wish they were a party of limited government. I guess she’s talking about the tea party. now they all kind of stuff, but what was the last time Republicans were actually the party of limited government. really, I mean I. To say this, but even President Trump fell short of that, and I actually criticize him during his administration, One reason I don’t beat up on Donald Trump now I’ve called him out a time or two is because so many people pile on him and it just don’t seem fair but Donald Trump, one of the things that I was dissatisfied with to this day that he didn’t have any help but I thought he should have stood true to his word and said, basically, I’m not passing anymore These nonsense bill’s let the government shut down now. maybe I’m over. Stating that but I don’t see the let’s put it this way. I don’t see the Republican party as being the party of limited government. They talk about but I don’t where where’s the limit to to what government they’re I don’t see it but uh did you know uh and the Democratic Party let’s put it this way if the Republican Party is the party of limited government. What is the Democratic Party now under Ocasio Cortez, they are the are the of paranoia. They want you to. Scared to death Think about that they want you to be terrified man they don’t want schools to open none of that stuff and uh did you know you talk about paranoia? I didn’t even know this at the time cuz I didn’t pay that attention to the inauguration. I watched some of it. Some of the speeches did you know that Ocasio Cortez did not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration and this is the reason she said she didn’t check it out. Weren’t there explain it? Yeah, you know, I think we also had very real security concerns as well um as you mentioned earlier um we still don’t yet feel safe around other members of Congress. How many uh I switch from state farm because of the site they had me paying $163 a month for my new car and I got a rate for just $86 full. I think a very considerable amount um a lot of members do you really think that colleagues of yours in Congress may do you dirty? Yeah, Well, one just try to bring a gun on the floor of the house today. I believe it was a representative Andy Harris of Maryland. She literally is to Chris Cuomo there that she believes that Republicans are out to assassinate her on the house floor. I mean that’s what she’s saying right she say cuz Chris Cuomo ask her people talking about. Guns on the house for it could it be there trying to protect themselves and others for the very thing that happened happened on January and she dismissed that she literally believes that members of Congress are out to get her and that she didn’t feel safe enough to go to Joe Biden’s inauguration now keep in mind that they had 25000 armed troops in Washington for President binds inauguration that didn’t make her feel. What are they gotta have 50000 uh what about a million? maybe I don’t know Washington DC is underarm guard as we say but paranoia ladies and gentlemen in justify just about anything. I’ll tell you ocasio Cortez. There is a paranoid anonymous you honor to check em out the problem is they won’t tell us where they they meet so you but paranoia is a is a crazy thing because paranoia can justify any actions. Out there and that’s what troubles me about her paranoid it’ll justify everything cuz remember what Fr said many moons ago when we were in much worse shape and facing much greater peril than maybe a rise in temperature when we’re facing in the rise of the Nazis, the real Nazis. This is what FDR said in the in the height of World War two and also. Great depression Check it out. The time to speak the truth, frankly and boldly no need we shrink from facing conditions in our country today this great nation will endure as it has endured will revive and will prosper so first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only. We have to fear is fear itself those days are gone. Are they not that Democratic party and that was the most progressive president up until maybe Joe Biden, but the Democrats want the entire nation to be in a constant state of and paranoia. They’re they’ve come out now the Department of Homeland Security under Biden has basically said the biggest threat of terrorism. United States is domestic terrorism. they don’t show any evidence. there’s no evidence presented of that, but it is and fpr for his greatness. If you know if you wanna consider him great, that’s a matter of opinion certainly, but in San Francisco and we’re gonna do that story right now they actually took his name or vote to take his name off of public school there. So I guess you know you have a lot to fear judgement by history and the paranoia of the modern Democratic Party. We’re gonna do another story here. From bright Bart, let’s move on to this one San Francisco school board removes forty-four names from schools among them, Abraham Lincoln, George, Washington and Thomas Jefferson. basically the obliterated Mount Rushmore believe me they love the dynamite. Mount Rushmore. We need to stop them from doing that and we need to put space for Donald Trump’s that would really put him out right but schools in San Francisco, California will be stripped of names honoring famous American leaders. Deemed unworthy because of connection to slavery or other unsavory ties unsavory ties including President George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson. Think about that they’re wanting to remove George. they have they voted to and now they haven’t done it yet, but they voted to do it will happen. It’s gonna cost them, They say somewhere between one and 75000000. $75000000 to actually rename all. These types of things now I would be betting on the 75000000 other than one man cuz nobody can waste money better than San Francisco Democrats man, but San Francisco School board voted to change the following school day before we get into that. think about all the problems they have in California right now and they want to spend time and energy changing the name of schools when they don’t even have the kids going to school and think about this California has the largest. Of illegal immigrants in the nation and growing on a daily basis, the largest I think I think la this we’re talking about San Francisco but I think la has their school district has the largest number of illegal immigrant children going to it anywhere else. I’m not knocking them for that. I’m just pointing out a fact that not only is it cost them tens of millions of dollars, but think about these kids are gonna come to California They already really don’t know. Much about America and we’re supposed to be the great melting pot, but we’re not even gonna teach these kids The true history see. I’m all for teaching the true history of the United States of America. The good, the bad and the ugly of it just put the truth out there. of course, Joe Biden signed an executive order because Donald Trump was trying to do that with his 1776 commission trying to teach the greatness of America and the true history of it did away with that probably. The second or third day, so this is no surprise. I’m gonna go through now there’s 44 schools that they’re that they voted to rename for various reasons. So I’m not if you wanna see the complete list go to bright, Bart and check out that article and it gives you the complete list. I’m just gonna go on a few of them that just jumped out at me. Abraham Lincoln Well first of all, let’s just talk about uh what we’ll go down this list. Abraham Lincoln High School now that’s obviously Abraham Lincoln the US president now here’s a guy that led the civil war as the commander in chief to free slaves to free the slaves yet what what is his crime? Why would you take away? Abraham Lincoln’s name it as far as I know, Abraham Lincoln never own slate was an evolutionist from day one gave what is. The Lincoln Davis debates when he in Congress and basically change the course of a nation, did he not yet they’re not gonna they’re gonna take away the name of Abraham Lincoln based on what cuz their criteria up here, let’s look at their criteria again school services will be strip of names honoring famous American leaders unworthy because of a connection to slavery. Abraham’s. Connection the slavery was doing away with slavery but uh our other unsavory ties. What are the uh I mean? Tell me please. I’m very confused here. What is the unsavory tie of Abraham Ted Gum Lincoln Now this next one of course, George Washington They wanna take away George Washington well, at least George Washington actually did own slaves, but George Washington We wouldn’t even have this great nation if it weren’t for George. People don’t really we don’t we don’t play up enough. George Washington’s contribution to this great nation. None of us would have the freedoms we enjoy today without George Washington because George Washington literally turned down the crown. he was literally offered to be the first King and he could have easily done that. and he said no. but check out. Here’s some other ones that get me about Mission High school mission, Dolores oldest mission in it’s it’s uh it. It’s named after Mission High School is named after Mission Dolores, the oldest existing continuous existing mission in the United States of America in California, a Spanish mission now to me, they’re not they’re not saying it now there may have may or may not been some issues with the church at that time. I’m not even getting into that, but the the building itself is the oldest continuous mission in the United States of America and they name that area. After it and they named the school after that, I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t you just use that to teach the real history? The good the bad the ugly. Of course, there were several key to doors and all that and I get that but just t history or she said Georgia. How about this one and some of these people I did not know about James Denham middle School. He was the founder of the first San Francisco School This guy created the first school in San Francisco. Think about that? what’s his issue? I don’t know if he owns slaves or not, but he created the first school in the history of San Francisco Bay area and they wanna take his name off. Listen to this one. Claire Lilian and she has two school two different sites named after her she was a San Francisco school board member. I’d looked up her history and listen to this. This is a person that I think should be honored, but they’re taken away clear up. Ly was appointed to the school board in 1957. now you gotta figure she’s probably pretty liberal in San Francisco right serving until 1979, No way she could have served that long without being pretty liberal and progressive. She was a school board president twice in 1961 in 1967 while on the board, Clara drafted a school’s plan that fostered fostered parent participation she pioneered basically what parent participating in her. Improved the structural programs and oh, here’s the reason why they must have cast her out and racial integration she improved school programs and and was a pioneer in improving racial integration into San Francisco public schools after Claire retired from the board, the Madison School was named in honor of her so here’s a woman who pioneered interaction between parents and the school. Key in racial integrating the public school system in San Francisco yet yet deemed unworthy. I mean, please let me know we’ve got a few minutes left. Here’s a couple more to two more that jumped out at me. How about Paul Revere kindergarten through Eighth-grade American revolutionary Patriot, You know the British are coming to Paul Revere they they’re taking his name off of Uh I don’t it’s just unbelievable man. Diane Feinstein Yeah. they’re taking Feinstein Elementary thought it was maybe because she hug. Graham after the uh the Amy Coney Barrett hearings, but it turns out that when she was mayor of San Francisco, they had a big storm at the school and I guess they had a rebel flag flying in some kind of flag display and it got torn up in the storm and she had it replaced. So for that, she gotta go and listen to this last one and we’ll close up John Mueller Elementary this guy John Mueller, also known as John of the mountains and now this is in California and. Father of the national Parks in California created the national Parks was an influential Scottish American natural author Environmental philosopher zo global warming and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness in the United States of America He gotta go and of course, Francis Scott key that wrote the Star-Spangled banner. He’s gotta go to. Maybe they’ll rename that school Callen Kaepernick, but it’s just crazy. ladies and gentlemen what’s happening in our country? The paranoia we talked about in the first this wanting to erase history. It is absolutely insane, and it’s only just now really getting started. Imagine what we’ve seen out of Biden in the first week. Can you imagine the actual first 100 days? I hope you’ve enjoyed the show as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing it to you, please go directly to our YouTube channel John Martin talk Subscribe to that. I’ll pray for your family. You pray for mine, let’s all pray for this great nation cuz she deserves it and absolutely needs it but above all else like I say each and every day from my heart from my family to yours have a blessed day.

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