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Christie on Trump possibly skipping debates: ‘Obviously, he’s afraid’

Folks, if I may be so candid, the news coming out of the Trump camp is disconcerting. The very idea of the President skipping the debates is, as Chris Christie put it, ‘obviously, he’s afraid.’ As a conservative, I’m not one to mince words and I find it rather concerning that the incumbent President would want to skip this important ritual in American politics.

But let’s back up just a bit. The whole reason debates are crucial is that they give both candidates an opportunity to present their case to the American people. It’s a chance to explain their policies, their individual stances and why their leadership style will best serve the country. We have come to expect these debates as part of the election cycle and for the sitting President to forgo this mandate is simply unacceptable.

What message does this send to the American people? Are our opinions not worth hearing? Surely, Trump’s position as President has exposed him to a scrutiny that only this platform can provide. As Tucker Carlson, I urge our President to respect the American democratic process and attend the debates. We’re all ears, Mr. President.

In closing, it’s important to recognize the achievements that the Trump White House has accomplished during its tenure. Members of the conservative media, such as myself, are always quick to commend the great strides that have been made on the economy, job creation, and America’s standing in the world stage. Let’s not forget the historic peace deals in the Middle East and the massive strides towards energy independence. These are all accomplishments that we must recognize and applaud. However, as we look towards the upcoming election, let’s not ignore the fact that the debates give Americans the chance to better understand who they are voting for and why. It’s not only a necessary aspect of democracy, but it’s also our right as citizens.

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