Christian Woman, L.A. Times Debate Transgender Display in Women’s Spas – IOTW Report


Men have a clear legal right to display their “male-appearing genitalia” at children and women in health spas, as long as the men say they are transgender women, and especially when objectors are “bigots,” according to a condescending editorial in the Los Angeles Times.

The July 6 editorial in favor of transgender display said:

As complicated as the opposing beliefs might be, it is clear where the rights in this matter land. Everyone — transgender customers, members of every faith and women who are upset by the sight of penises — all have the right to use the spa and other public accommodations.”

The statement by the paper’s editorial board was intended to denounce widespread criticism of a man who claimed transgender status while displaying his male genitals in a Korean-style spa for women and girls in Los Angeles.

The June 26 dispute went viral when a black Christian woman disregarded the elites’ intense pressure for silence and subservience. She used her Twitter account to slam the man, the spa’s management, and the state’s anti-privacy law. The woman later held a July 7 press conference at her church, which received minimal publicity from pro-transgender reporters and editors: more here

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