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China’s military exercises near Taiwan are causing tensions

More than 40 Chinese warplanes flew over Taiwan’s air defense zone in a move described as “irrational and provocative” by Taiwan as part of military exercises. Approximately 26 Chinese aircraft crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait, according to Taiwan’s defense ministry. Beijing’s actions were seen as an attempt to influence Taiwan’s upcoming elections.

China said the exercises were aimed at assessing the ability of its forces to operate in “combat conditions”. The People’s Liberation Army participated in joint air and sea patrols and military exercises, emphasizing its stance on Taiwan independence. The military spokesman said the drills sent a stern warning to those advocating “Taiwan independence” and provoking foreign elements.

Recent events, such as the U.S. visit to Taiwan’s vice president, ignited Chinese anger. Taiwan’s upcoming presidential election in January has also raised tensions, with leader William Lai visiting the US. China referred to Lai as a “troublemaker” and promised measures to safeguard its sovereignty.

Despite China’s claim, Taiwan is self-governing and condemned the military maneuvers as irrational and provocative. Taiwan declared its readiness to respond appropriately and control the situation through reconnaissance methods. Both sides exchanged statements, with Taiwan’s foreign minister claiming China was seeking to influence the election.

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