“Check your privilege!!!” – IOTW Report

I am so sick and tired of people saying “check your privilege, particularly when it makes absolutely no sense contextually. It’s just a phrase that is programmed into their weak soy boy brains and makes them feel as if they are superior, by being inferior.

No, I’m not checking my privilege. If I’m better than you, more important than you, stronger than you, more influential than you, smarter than you, then FUCK YOU. Sorry, pal.

Why am I posting a poker video? Because I saw this years ago and had it tucked away in my brain.

William Kassouf is a British player who is known primarily as a guy who utilizes “speech play” to mess with his opponents. It’s fun to watch (but must be like hell to play with.)

He is arrogant, not as funny as he thinks he is, and is a bit annoying. But oddly entertaining.

In this clip he goes up against pocket aces to his pocket kings. He thinks he is in the driver’s seat, and he’s toying with his opponent, trying to get the guy to call him when he goes “all-in.” But it’s Kassouf about to get stacked.

Bear with me with this post. I’m posting this because his opponent made me want to vomit, and if you like to torture yourself by watching punchable faces, this is the video for you.

The guy is the epitome of a soy boy. His rant about being “verbally abused” will make you lose testosterone.

When he retreats to his rail, to get massages from his equally fem friends, you will be rooting hard for a king to river just to see this poofter dissolve into a pool of broken dreams.

(I love when Kassouf says to the guy “I’ll show you verbal abuse.” Meaning, look in the mirror pal.)

Here is the full hand –

Here is the video at the point when the poofter starts his “check your privilege” rant.

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