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Chaos erupts in New York as YouTuber’s sweepstakes draws thousands

An announcement of a PlayStation 5 raffle turned into chaos in New York’s Union Square Park. Approximately 2,000 people gathered at the park hoping to get their hands on gaming consoles offered by popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat.

As excitement grew, the crowd became uncontrollable, with some individuals throwing fireworks, bottles and knocking down barricades. Subway trains were even forced to skip the Union Square stop due to the tumultuous situation. The New York Police Department had to mobilize about 1,000 officers to manage the scene and urged people to stay away from the area.

Kai Cenat, who has more than 10 million followers and subscribers on social media, was among those arrested and could face charges of incitement to riot. His announcement had drawn hundreds of people to the site, leading to a mass gathering and ensuing unrest.

During a live broadcast as the chaos unfolded, Mr. Cenat mentioned that tear gas was being used and warned spectators to stay safe. He was eventually arrested by the police and the crowd dispersed after about an hour.

The act did not have the proper permits, and the collaboration between Mr. Cenat and another YouTube star, Fanum, had not received official clearance. The situation escalated to a dangerous level, with people disregarding police orders and even using construction tools like shovels and axes.

Mr. Cenat had previously hit the headlines for breaking Twitch’s subscriber record, showing his immense popularity online. However, this time, the unplanned gift event in New York City led to chaos and a major police intervention.

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