Trump Calls on GOP to Win America Back

President Trump made headlines after emphasizing the GOP must re-take the House, Senate, and White House, during his speech Saturday at the North Carolina GOP State Convention in Greenville, N.C. “We have no choice, we have to get it done,” said Trump. “We are going to lay the groundwork for making sure Republicans once again […]

12-year-old Child Suffers Horrific Side Effects Following Covid Vaccine Trial

Social media personality WhatsHerFace breaks down the story of 12-year-old Maddie, who suffered severe side effects after being subjected to Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials. “Covid vaccine trials have begun on children,” reads the video’s description. “This is the story of Maddie and the horrors she has endured and continues to endure following her inoculation. Please […]

Crisis and Cries on the Southern Border!

MotoVisionXUnfolding migrant crisis events on the Southern Border of the USA, has compelled the team to take a trip there to check it out. While on this trip, it was disclosed about how this could be the largest migration of slaves in history and how human traffickers and the cartels are profiting on human misery. […]

Angry Bicyclist Assaults Activist Warning of Covid Psy-Op

Angry Bicyclist Assaults Activist Warning of Covid Psy-Op

A camera was rolling when an activist attempting to warn the public about the Covid-19 psy-op was assaulted by an angry bicyclist. In the video, activist Alexander Lasarev is being driven around the streets of Vancouver, British Columbia, bull-horning passersby when an irate cyclist approaches the vehicle and attempts to grab the amplification device. “Isolate […]

SHOCKING VIDEO: Registered Nashville nurse gets Bells Palsy after COVID-19 Vaccine

What You Need To Know About Bells PalsyBells Palsy, which is also referred to as Bellstrophy, is a rare but fatal facial nerve disorder. It is caused when the nerves that control the eyelids are compressed or damaged due to a virus or another disease. This results in the eyelids swinging uncontrollably. The disease can […]