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Brief take: quality vs. equality

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God Speed! by Edmund Blair Leighton, 1900

The key difference between the left and the right is that the left believes in equality while the right believes in quality.

This sounds like a Glib joke until you remember the ancient meaning of “Quality”…Men of quality, nobility, distinction, excellence, achievement…you can read stories of knights in works like Le Morte De Arthur turning – to each other. after a duel in which they were both injured but survived, and praised each other’s “Quality” by promising to sing of each other’s distinction, so that all future challengers would know their quality before meet them In this Malory continued a tradition of noble friendship and respect that even in his time was 3,500 years old, dating back to Gilgamesh, and the duel between that first hero and Enkidu, the wild man who had become the ‘Gilgamesh’s dearest friend. Although Malory couldn’t tell how old her inspirations were…

How deeply this love of quality itself is embedded in the first primordial dawns of Western civilization.

This quality the right values ​​can be the inherent quality that maintains a hereditary nobility, a living cultural tradition, functional institutions, a system of government… but not always. There are some hereditary elites that are purely corrupt and are “noble” in name only, there are some traditions that are totally degenerate, some institutions that are purely parasitic, and some systems of government that are totally broken.

What defines the right is not Tradition or “conservatism” Often there is something worth preserving, but often there is not… What traditions and institutions are there to preserve after a communist collapse?

There is a whole history of right-wing revolutionary movements that aim to overthrow corrupt egalitarian states in the name of restoration or build entirely new regimes of Quality. Napoleon, Augustus or Alexander, it can be argued that they succeeded.

What unites and distinguishes the right, is not prudence, nor timidity, nor “conservatism”, nor even religiosity, or loyalty… but a conviction and belief in quality. That some things are better than others, that excellence is worth striving for, whether in fitness, business, martial arts, religious belief, or home gardening. Ownership of results and belief in distinction…from the humblest of domestic endeavors to the grandest of economic and political…this is what distinguishes the right, and this is where intra-right conflicts originate: ideal quality rivals…

Believers in exceptional industry, exceptional socio-cultural engagements, exceptional stewardship of the land, and exceptional faith often come into conflict…

But you will notice that before 1791, and certainly before 1642… Every regime and faction of every nation in every time would be considered “right wing”.

Whether Alexandrian Panhellenism, Spartan military isolationism, Carthaginian mercantile slavery, Akkadian supremacism, Aztec theocratic blood ritualism, Germanic tribal tradition, French feudalism or Chinese imperial divinity… All regimes prior to the emergence of the left are “right wing”. -ala” In fact, many of them have been called “fascists”, and certainly anyone defending any of them would be denounced as a fascist.

This is because leftism is an incredibly specific and artificial ideology. The Greeks had no conception of equality, nor the Romans, nor the Aztecs. Indeed, the metaphysics of almost every regime in human history would prevent it, whether it be the most intoxicating ideal of Plato’s forms, and the greater or lesser conformity of any individual to that ideal, or the more straightforward metaphysics of the unspeakable pagan, Shinto, and Animist regimes which hold that the Gods have at various times mated with men and women, and various lineages are more or less divine.

The idea “All men are created equal” was not only a legal fiction disproved in reality by the first observation of the mass of humanity and its wild differentiation…it was metaphysically, obviously, impossible.


And yet, partly due to historical accident, and partly due to radical Protestant dissident sects, this strange, unobserved and immediately rejected ideal was not only accepted but sacrosanct within Western political discourse.

A belief that had once been a radical Protestant metaphysical claim about the egalitarian nature of the human soul, never directly observed…Transmogrified into a political and biological claim about the egalitarian nature of humanity in general. Something we observe every day and can see is obviously not the same in any way.

The travesty that the event of this metaphysical claim becoming a sacrosanct unassailable political orthodoxy is called “The Age of Reason” or “The Enlightenment” or now 200 years later “Science” is the ultimate insult to any sensibility or reason that ever existed. .

Indeed, reason, enlightenment, and science must be constantly suspended to avoid acknowledging the 10,000 new metrics and observed realities that clearly show that no man is equal.

And yet in a world where 50% are below average and closer to 70-80% are below any absolute average (given that much of life is a Pareto distribution) , the absurdity that is Left and Equality has never been without avid political adherents. to plunder what they can by dragging others down to their level.

The left’s greatest political project, its essential project, has been its continued attempt to ban the mere ascertainment of quality.

Tell me: if you recruited a mechanic friend to help you buy a vehicle, or if you recruited an antique dealer to help you identify some artifact you discovered in your estate’s holdings, or maybe you recruit skilled men for an expedition dangerous and they trusted a veteran adventurer to judge them…

Don’t you wish these men had a discriminating eye? As the expert jeweler has for gems…

Of course, as soon as this most admirable trait is contracted, which in everything else denotes experience and ability to distinguish the subtler qualities, it is considered malicious.

We can praise the antiquarian or collector who can immediately discriminate the quality and desirability of an old document or an early Nintendo cartridge…but HOW DARE you try to praise a man for judging employees and people so accurately… HOW DARE Try to use the same criteria when choosing a lover! their BMI, skin, intelligence and genital sex are not for you. Mustache!

After all, judging rare coins and Pokemon cards is important! Hundreds of dollars and fond memories are at stake. But how dare you apply such a critical eye to people when we are only talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars and a marginal increase in the risk of catastrophic air crashes!?


This is the most important aspect of the political right, this is its essence, and this is what unites all right-wing movements dating back to the revolution in France… not “conservatism”, not “tradition cautious’, not ‘romanticism’. ‘, not ‘markets’, not even loyalty, reason, religion, liberty, honor or morality itself… although obviously almost everyone on the right values ​​at least some of these and most highly rate most of them…

But what unites them, the reason right-wingers value these axioms, what every right-winger shares, what makes them right-wing and causes them to form coalitions with people who might disagree on such fundamental issues as morality or the religion…

It’s that all those on the right value Quality above Equality.

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