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BREAKING: Trump vows to institute death penalty for child traffickers after screening ‘Sound of Freedom’ | The Post Millennial

After watching the anti-human trafficking film Sound of Freedom earlier this week, President Trump has vowed to institute the death penalty for human traffickers if he wins a second term in the White House.

Trump celebrated the screening in Bedminster, New Jersey, and spoke with filmmaker Eduardo Verástegui and starring actor Jim Caviezel, who plays the federal agent. Tim Ballard who made it his mission to investigate human trafficking and rescue children.

Verástegui was appointed to President Trump’s Hispanic Prosperity Advisory Commission. He emphasized the importance of coming together as a society to tackle this pernicious evil and eradicate child trafficking. In an interview with Fox, Caviezel called President Trump “the new Moses” and said, “He has to be there because he’s going after the traffickers.”

When I return to the White House,” Trump said in a video Friday, “I will immediately end the Biden border nightmare that traffickers are using to explode vulnerable women and children. We will fully secure the border. I will wage war on the cartels just as I destroyed the ISIS caliphate, 100% gone, 100% destroyed. They will come back now because we have a weak administration.”

“I will use Title 42 to end the child trafficking crisis by returning all trafficked children to their families in their countries of origin and without delay, and I will urge Congress to ensure that anyone caught trafficking children across our border receives the death penalty immediately and that includes women as well, because women, as you know, are the number one traffickers. The kids are actually number two,” Trump continued.

Title 42 prevents illegal immigrants from waiting in the U.S. while they apply for asylum, making them wait in Mexico instead of filling up U.S. courts and shelters while they wait. When the Biden administration lifted that restriction, thousands of immigrants crossed over. Many were given court dates to appear years later. They can make new lives in the US and get work visas before their cases have been heard.

Trump has been vigilant against drug trafficking and cartels during his tenure as president, and has vowed to support those efforts if he wins in 2024. Biden’s porous border policies are a far cry from Trump’s border wall, a policy he campaigned on in 2016 and implemented once he took office.

“In one of my first acts in office, I signed an executive order targeting transnational criminal organizations that traffic and exploit innocent people. I signed the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Protection and Prevention Reauthorization Act, which authorized $430 million to combat sex and labor trafficking,” he said.


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