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“BREAKING NEWS: Another congressman literally traded bank stocks again. Lois Frankel sold $FRC on March 16, preventing the remaining 80% from falling. THEN BUYED $JPM, the bank that bought FRC on March 22”. – The Donald – America First

Small and small pockets of spoiled heirs begin in a boardroom here, a committee there in the midst of a healthy society that believes in the natural law and order of things, in the elbow grease, in the celebration of the excellence

Year after year, if left unchecked, these little pockets grow, liars and do-nothings take up a little more space, have a little more influence.

Then they hit critical mass and BOOM. Damn world of clowns. No one is working hard, everyone is blowing smoke up their ass. Talented and ethical people no longer exist. Things are deconstructed into arbitrary concepts. I BELIEVE IN SCIENCE! EVERYONE ELSE IS RACIST!

Truth dies, meritocracy dies, only the mafia remains, at all levels, with all the money, with all the power. A hive mindless horde of NPC smarm fucks, all backscratching, all bloodsucking from our society that others pour their blood, sweat and tears into.

Who suffers more these days? Hard-working, principled Americans trying to live up to the ideals they were taught in a better time.

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