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Bragg’s Trump case dilemma: Prosecution faces possible collapse

Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan district attorney who has been in the news for his pursuit of criminal charges against former President Donald Trump, now appears to be grappling with the possible consequences of his actions. The district attorney’s office has come under scrutiny from conservatives who see its investigation into Trump as politically motivated, and signs are emerging that Bragg may be starting to sweat.

Bragg’s office recently charged Trump’s company, The Trump Organization, and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, with tax-related crimes. However, despite the media spectacle surrounding the indictment, the charges themselves have been seen by many as trivial and unlikely to hold up in court.

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Now, as the case unfolds, it appears that Bragg may be realizing the potential for this case to backfire. The charges, which are largely based on fringe interpretations of tax law and financial advantages, are not of the “smoking gun” variety that Trump’s critics might have hoped for.

The realization that his high-profile indictment may sink in court appears to be fueling desperation in the district attorney’s office. They have reportedly tried to pressure Weisselberg to confront Trump, offering him leniency in exchange for dirt on the former president. But so far, these attempts have been unsuccessful.

Conservatives have long argued that the case against Trump is an example of politically motivated prosecutorial overreach. The lack of concrete evidence and the reliance on a possible Weisselberg turn is further proof of this argument. If Weisselberg does not cooperate or the case collapses in court, Bragg will be left with a high-profile failure that many will see as an embarrassment and confirmation of the politically motivated nature of the indictment.

This latest development only amplifies the argument that this case has been more about scoring political points than defending justice. The apparent desperation coming from Bragg’s office serves as a warning about the dangers of politicizing our justice system, as it not only undermines public trust but can also be spectacularly counterproductive. As things stand, Bragg may be learning that lesson the hard way.

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