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Billionaire banker's daughter Taylor Swift sings “Fuck the Patriarchy!”, leaving some baffled

Billionaire Taylor Swift, whose career was launched with the help of her wealthy banker father, sang “fuck the patriarchy!” at her concert, leaving some to wonder how the parents who had spent exorbitant amounts on tickets for their daughters felt.

The line is taken from the extended version of Swift All too good theme, which was reissued in 2021 with the “fuck the patriarchy!” line added to the letter.

It was sung with gusto at one of Swift's recent “Eras” tour concerts, which the media has been treating with as much adoration as if Jesus Christ himself were on a world tour.

Some accused the billionaire of being 'out of touch', while another wondered aloud: 'Just thinking about all those parents who scrimped and saved to get expensive tickets from the sales for their teenage daughters , not to mention the hotel, the travel costs, the stupid outfits. etc, a lot of them actually go with their kids and sit in front of the bloody thing.”

“Then having to hear those words from someone old enough to know better.”

“Who does he think pays for all these girls to go to his concert?” asked another respondent.

Ticket prices for the tour start around $49, but can go up to $500.

“Funny how her dad has been her financial advisor since the start of her career and made her a multi-millionaire through his work. But ok Taylor,” commented another.

While there are men who attend Taylor Swift concerts, they seem to come from a more specific demographic.

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl risked condemnation from the mob when he hinted that Swift's act doesn't actually include much that's performed live.

“We like to call our tour the Errors Tour […] because we really play live,” he joked.

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